142 Responses to Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins

  1. Sherri Desmarais says:

    Hello, Please look into uncle on Elizabeth’s side.

  2. Ms. Woodruff says:

    I’d look into everyone who has commented on public media with insensitive rude remarks or even comments that seem to mock the incident, poking light onto details of the case ,see if there are connections between those people and suvs as well as living proximities. I wouldn’t put it past a killer who is sick and twisted enough to do this to children, to be some way want to still be connected to them one way or another.

    • MikeD says:

      With the nature of the internet this would be a needle in the haystack method of solving the case. Unfortunately anonymity + public forum = insensitive and rude comments. Internet 101.

  3. Bryguy says:

    Is anyone aware of why Michael Klutner has been cleared for these murders? The timing of things couldn’t be more suspicious. Im concerned the white van is a red hearing.

    • MikeD says:

      I remember reading that they had a dedicated team to heavily investigate Michael Klunder in relation to this case. They were able to confirm a bunch of things that show he wasn’t in the Evansdale area at the time. He wasn’t even familiar with the area, and where the girls were found at Seven Bridges Wildlife Area is the kind of place where only locals who grew up in the area go to. Michael Klunder did his crimes in places he lived and worked. My thought is that it was a local man who one of the girls knew. Probably a family friend who grew up in the area and had a hunting or fishing license at one point.

      • Megan says:

        From my understanding, Michael Klunders first crimes did in fact happen in the Waverly area. Which would mean he was somewhat familiar with the area. And the crimes he committed there and in Dayton seem to be somewhat similar. I also often wonder how they were able to rule him out.

  4. Kim says:

    All this week KCRG is airing stories about Elizabeth and Lyric’s abductions and murders.
    Fingers crossed that their case gets solved soon!

  5. Jim says:

    I always pull up google maps when reviewing these cases. I don’t know why but it tends to give be a better perspective of what happened and how.
    The girls’ bikes were found on the trail in the South East corner of the park. This is the most obscure area in the park and is next to I-350. It is obvious why everyone jumped to the conclusion it might have been a trucker.
    What I want to know it the address the grandmother lived at when this occured. I would like to try and track the path they took TO the park as I feel someone watched them and followed them in there, waiting til they got to this remoter area.

    • MikeD says:

      People jumped on to the idea that it might have been a trucker, but there is a large fence between the park and the interstate. I don’t want to give the exact address, but the grandma’s house was on Brovan Blvd Evansdale, Iowa. It’s a small street and if you look at street view from 2012 you can’t miss it. The park where the girls were found is very remote and only the kind of place locals who grew up in the area ever visit. Not the kind of place and random trucker would know about or be able to drive their truck easily into.

  6. Constance Combs says:

    So surely law enforcement has asked for cell phone pings at the Lake when the girls were there and then tracked those pings to actual owners of those cell phones. Then did they also look to see if any of those cell phones also ping in the 7 Bridges area between tge time tge girls were mussed and the time the bidies were found. Secondly, there are commercial satelites that periodically cover the area where the girl’s bodies were discovered. If the lication where the bodies were discovered, couldn’t law enforcement pinpoint when the bodies first appeared in that location. Then couldn’t cameras on private property identify vehicles en route to the seven bridges area pror to the time the bodies appeared?

    • Sean Weston says:

      very good questions.I believe that the site where they were found was a known meth lab dump site.In the heart of the park.definitely someone local!!!

  7. Gramma says:

    Does seven bridges have a target shooting area? If so, gun enthusiasts should be looked at, in addition to hunters

    • MikeD says:

      It doesn’t have a dedicated area for target shooting, but it’s of note that the girls were discovered on the first day of deer hunting season. Seven Bridges is basically just a road that loops around the forrest nexts to a river. It’s not really a destination or a place anyone knows about except for locals.

  8. Shawn Harmon says:

    My father Dennis Ross Harmon was the killer of the Delphi girls give me a call at 502-965-3372 Dennis Ross Harmon was his name and my younger son Dylan

  9. Mike says:

    Look into James Brian Chadwell the II from Lafayette area. He loved the woods and bridges, fishing and was a semi driver. He is now suspect for Delphi murders.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Mike, he sounds like a good candidate. However, investigators would have to be able to place him the area. Also, would he have knowledge of the area. Everyone thinks all they need is DNA. But, it is one piece of the pie

      • Tom Neulieb says:

        A friend gave me this. They sent it to the cops: No response.
        This is regarding the disappearance of Lyric and Elizabeth, the victims of a double homicide in Evansdale, Iowa. I know you have a wealth of information regarding the case, so I will not be redundant. I know you have interviewed “all the usual suspects,” including those named in the Dephi murders, etc. You may have interviewed the gentleman I am addressing here. However, I hope you will revisit your information about him, even though he is deceased, because a lot of evidence points to him.
        Many of my friends and I often engage in conversations about local crimes, cold cases, and unsolved murders. One of my friends is from Evansdale and knew the two missing girls. She spoke of them often. She has a large family in that area and they spend a lot of time in bars, fraternal organization, and so forth. As in all small towns, everyone knows everyone and the girls and their families, and the murders were the topic of conversations for some time in all the places she hung out. They do mingle in the same places as the girl’s families and are personally acquainted with some of the family members, as well as with law enforcement officers. My friend’s ex husband has a number of employees, he once had a public works position in XXXXXXXX and most of her family now works at XXXXXXXX.
        They all remain in the Evansdale/Independence area. Through the years she has often suggested we take a tour of Evansdale so she could show me Meyer’s Lake, Angel’s Park, and where the girls lived and so forth.
        Some of this is simple speculation, but I hope you understand why I am drawing some inferences that I draw. We always talk about local creeps and crimes and she began the “tour” by pointing out a house where an awful person lived, not the suspect, but inferences could be drawn by some psychologists, sociologists, and criminologists if they are related because they have the same name. Many years ago the man that lived there kidnapped and killed a small child. The whole town was looking for her, yet she was already deceased in his attic. He told the creepy stories about how she “liked sitting on his lap” and that she “wanted him.” “She was really cute,” he told the reporter. “I loved her probably as much as her parents did.”
        The 1974 Courier article goes on to say that R. Fitz, the creepy perp, had actually joked with the child’s father about abducting the girl. “She’s so cute; I’d like to kidnap her,” the article quotes R. Fitz as saying. He was 27, she was 2.
        As XXXXX is telling me this story, she burst into tears. This perpetrator just died in prison and she and her family were discussing his obituary. He was 71, so he had been in prison for approximately 44 years. My friend said that her grown daughter came over and burst into tears and shared that R. Fitz had tried to molest her when she was a child. My friend’s family lived near the Fitz’s and several times he had tried to get her children to come over or go for rides, etc. Her daughter is still very naïve and even now doesn’t grasp the ramifications of some of these acts. Her daughter said R. Fitz attempted to get her to “kiss his …..,” but more alarming, his wife was there and she laughed and said, “Russell, put that thing away” and made some comment that he needed to quit doing that stuff.
        Here is where you may feel I am off track or speculating. I have been unable to find out if my suspect, Chad Fitz is related to Russell Fitz. But in my experience, families may share some behaviors, learned or otherwise. Here are just a couple of charges Chad Fitz has had in the past. If they are related, a lot of this occurs in the same families as a learned behavior. Both are deceased now, but Chad should be considered a suspect anyway. DNA could still be obtained from all involved as well as using genetic genealogy DNA.

        Chad was convicted with:


        To the investigators: I am sure you must know these things, but you should talk to XXXXXX. She showed me where Chad Fitz’s mom or grandma lived, right by Meyer’s Lake. Within yards! That’s where he stayed or lived with his mom or grandmother and the girls rode their bikes right past his house on Gilbert Street and all around there. XXXXX told me about his car being crushed (I found he had a white PU at the time, maybe his, maybe the person’s he lived with, he/they may have others, but this was at least one of them.) So now he leaves that Evansdale house after the murders and moves in with grandma (or mom) AGAIN, now in Readlyn, near the reserve! A straight shot as it were, across the county. The woman he lived with was first in Evansdale, the moves out to Readlyn. The address there is very close to the wildlife area. In my opinion, if you follow criminal profiling, I don’t see he could possibility be eliminated!!! Look at those two charges! Here are bits of my conversations with XXXXX. Just have her take you on a tour and talk with her and her family and keep it confidential. Talk to the car crusher. They said the car/truck stunk when they got it. XXXXX and her relatives know all these people personally and no one ever asked them anything,
        You sent December 7, 2020 to XXXXXXX.
        Chad Fitz has a huge record yet no obit anywhere online… just a short death notice in Waterloo Courier. Died at U of I Hospital? Hardly anything about him. That would be the two house addresses. One is on Gilbert in Evansdale and one on a farm or house in Readlyn. This creep has an old kidnappings charge and a charge with LASCIVIOUS ACTS W/CHILD-INFLICT PAIN OR DISCOMFORT (FELD) and KIDNAPPING 1ST DEGREE – 1978 (FELA). Seems so logical that he could be involved. He loved the outdoors too and spent time right there at the reserve. He has lots of meth charges too. Don’t say anything to anyone except find out what he drove from those people, if it really stunk, why they didn’t call the PD, if they really crushed it, etc. Locals in a bar/club who knew the girls and their families talked about this and never did anything??????? WTH?

        12/7/20, 5:39 PM
        You sent December 7, 2020
        Check this out. “Best address match” on Been Verified is 2568 Independence Ave Evansdale, IA 50707. Dates seen March 2005. Other is “Higher Confidence” 2848 270th St Readlyn, IA 50668
        You sent December 7, 2020
        OMG he lived 16 minutes or 6 miles from the Seven Bridges park SIX MINUTES!!! SIX MILES!

        XXXXXXX sent December 7, 2020
        Also at the time the girls disappeared he lived on Gilbert Drive
        You sent December 7, 2020
        I know, that is what I have been asking you. You said it was his mom’s or grandma’s house. I thought it was the house we drove by right by the lake. I thought you said that was Gilbert Drive in Evansdale. That is why I need that address and if his grandma or mom lived there. Didn’t you say Gilbert in Evansdale? That is the only missing link. That and what kind of vehicle he had, where it went and why.
        You sent December 7, 2020
        What is Rydell? How do you know he bought it there? Where did it end up where you said it smelled?

        XXXXXXX sent December 7, 2020
        Gilbert Drive in Evansdale and it was his mom he lived with. I don’t know what model his car was just that it was at the crushers but someone smelled a rotten odor but it was cleared by fbi
        XXXXX sent December 7, 2020
        He was cleared
        XXXXXX sent December 7, 2020
        Now he is dead

        December 7, 2020
        I know but I am not convinced. Maybe the FBI didn’t have enough information. I see Rydell is a dealer in Waterloo where he got the car. Easy to get VIN, get crusher’s records, date, etc. I am driving to Evansdale to get the house numbers in that block because I cannot figure out his mom’s name. I am sure it’s not Fitz. So do you know the name of the crusher and how did he Fitz die? Do you recall where you learned all of this? I also wonder, since he had so many meth/drug busts if that is related? There is too much here for the FBI to clear him. They could not have known all of this.

        XXXXXX sent December 7, 2020
        I don’t know her name I will be in Evansdale Wednesday
        You sent December 7, 2020
        Ok, do you think you can catch that house number? I may drive up and look at all that other stuff next week.

        XXXX sent December 7, 2020
        I see it was on the news and in the paper back when Fitz just died this spring. They can get his mom’s DNA, grandma’s DNA, and from other relatives. They have the girl’s DNA I am sure and if the did a good investigation they kept personal items of the girls. His DNA can be on them and their bodies. They can exhume all three of them. And just what ARE they doing with any DNA they have?

  10. MikeD says:

    I know a lot of people focus on Lyric’s mother and father because of their drug history, but some people were focused more on where the girls were found: Seven Bridges Wildlife Area. It’s a niche sort of area that only has locals going to it for hunting, fishing, and seasonal morel mushroom hunting. It’s not the kind of place that many people even know about. Morel Mushroom season ends around the end of May. The girls went missing on July 13. Hardly anyone would be walking around that area much until the start of the deer hunting season. When does deer hunting usually start? December 5th. What day were the girls found? December 5th. Either it was someone who was naive to the idea that hunters would be in the area and would probably find the girls or it was someone who knew and wanted the girls to be found during hunting season.

  11. Debra says:

    I was just watching Dr.Oz and seen a story about a beautiful young girl in Ohio Siera that was murderd in 2016 they found the serial killer to me he looks as if he could fit the description of the guy on the tracks with these two little girls that one of the girls filmed. Please take a look at this Doctoroz.crimeHunters. It’s better to say something than nothing at all. Prayers for these families.

  12. gramma says:

    I don’t know why people think it would be hard to take two little girls. All someone would have to do is threaten them with a gun. I’m not from that area and wonder if the park is viewable from a passing thoroughfare road. My thinking is maybe someone saw them from a road and it was a crime of opportunity.

  13. LaDonna Pafford says:

    I follow Iowa Cold Cases on facebook. I saw the post about these two girls and wondered if there might have been an update. What I find is a lot of “evidence” of disrespect, allegations, and even some cruelty. No family deserves this to happen to their child. The responsible person might be someone that their families were acquainted with, but it could have been a stranger (doesn’t happen as often, but it does happen).

    If you think someone might be a suspect, contact the authorities rather than putting someone’s name on public forums. Make sure you have facts to support your suspicions. It is sad that we have turned into a society that tears other people down rather practice, “innocent until proven guilty”.

    You know what needs to be focused on? Factual evidence to find out who did this and helping this family find some kind of peace. No one in this world is perfect, so before you point out the “flaws” in these families, make sure you take a look at yourself, your family, and “flaws” that you have.

  14. M says:

    I remember this. I was a kid at the time, and I remember going to school the day they found their bodies. I didn’t know what was going on until a classmate told me: “The missing girls have been found.” Rest in peace.

  15. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Jody, I think the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation needs to look at Ricki C. Hess, 52, as of 2017. He supposedly had two previous arrests involving children. He has lived in Evansdale and other towns in that general area.

    He is also listed as a Missing Person from North Liberty, Iowa, according to the Iowa Dept. Of Public Safety. He is considered endangered/physical, for some unknown reason.

    I am not saying he was involved, but he has connections to the area.

  16. ashsanborn says:

    I think it would be great if people stopped attacking the family members for their mistakes and drug use. Did you see yesterday’s Des Moines Register? Lyric’s parents and Elizabeth’s father (Mr. Collins on this page – sorry for your losses, sir) went into detail about their mistakes, how they’ve paid for them, and what they’re doing now to make things better and honor their daughters’/nieces’ memory.

    Mr. Collins lost his daughter, his niece, his marriage, his peace of mind and much more. Why dig in deeper?

    Lots of people in Iowa are on meth. Most Iowa meth dealers I am aware of are small time losers who will be caught by LE long before they can do serious damage (in the form of murders and stuff, obviously they’re doing damage to addicts and their families).

    This was in no way set up as if to “send a message” as dealers and the mafia do. They would have been left in front of their homes, or photos would have been sent of them harmed before they died. Someone wanting money would keep them alive or the perception that they were alive in an effort to collect. Someone wanting money would threaten or harm the adults who actually owe them money (perhaps by threatening the children, yes).

    This seems more like one or more pedophiles or a thrill killing. :-(

    RIP Lyric and Elizabeth.

    • Roger says:

      Can’t believe you said that !? Really !, don’t dig deeper to find out who did this ??? Wow ?!

      Do you have any knowledge of the workings of a drug cartel ? The parents may not know the specific killer but they DO know why thoes beautiful little girls lives we taken !

      These drug cartel enforcer are animals but they are also magnificently smart. They know exactly where the focus would be and that is excatly what happened, the “child molester in a white van” theory. These murders were a direct result of the parents “bad habits”.

      I say keep digging til you hit China ! Thoes girls deserve it.

      • Kim says:

        FWIW, Dustin Honken and Angela Johnson, both “small time” meth dealers in the Mason City area, kidnapped and killed five people in 1993 order to send a message not to squeal. Three of their victims were an innocent woman and her two young daughters who happened to be dating one of Honken’s former dealers…they were considered collateral damage in Honken’s quest to shut his victims up. The victims were all shot and buried in shallow graves around the Mason City area. So it’s not impossible that a dealer would do something like that to someone’s child in order to ensure silence.

        • Roger says:

          Thank you Kim for looking outside the box.
          I lived in Dade county Florida (Miami) for 3 short years back in the 80s where a close relative worked with one of the early drug task force’s in the state. Some of the most disturbing drug related killings was that of drug dealers luring the children of lower level user’s and dealer’s that had stolen product from them or owed money for drugs used.

          They would kill the children and lay them face down with their arms folded under their heads as if they were sleeping. Not all mutilated like you would expect from such animals.
          They would also target “drop off” spots for their bodies where know abductions had taken place so the public would automatically think it was a child molester/killer.

          Now, is it clearer that this is realistic ?
          Again Thank you Kim.

  17. Roger says:

    It’s very obvious that this horrible tragic event took place because of the heavy drug use and selling of drugs within the families.
    This actually happens a lot within the world of illegal drug use and dealing of drugs.
    They either received drugs that couldn’t be paid for or they stole drugs from dealer.
    It is very common for revenge to be taken out on the loved ones in this fashion.

    Some think it was a botched kidnapping/ransom scenario that went wrong ?
    Why did the brother vanish so quickly after the girls were declared missing ?
    Either way, look deeper into the families connection with the drug world and you WILL find the killer/killer’s.

    • Kate says:

      I think people want to blame the alleged drug use of the families because, they can’t accept the real truth. Here it is, as I see it, and this site PROVES, children get abducted and murdered everywhere. Even in rural Iowa. I think it is easier to blame the families, so we can all feel a bit safer, and better about ourselves when we let our own kids ride bikes or play outside alone.
      Five blocks from my home a murdered woman’s body was dumped. I live in a town of 500. My family refused to tell me because they” didn’t want to scare me” … deluded and risky…
      Btw, only one set of parents was connected with drugs. Even if they were the meth dealers of the year, did they deserve this? No. Roger, Please don’t feel like I am attacking you directly, I’m just trying to shed light on this blind spot we Iowans seen to have regarding murder, and the reasons it occurs. Even if I am proven wrong by an arrest of a drug cartel member, other children and adults in this state have been spotted, stalked, killed, and dumped. Drew, if you’re out there you and your family are victims too! You deserved better, so did your little ones.

      • Roger says:

        In no way do i feel attacked by you making a comment, that’s why we are members of this site, to bring minds together.

        I’m not pushing this off on “Drugs” because it’s the path of least resistance, I’m stating known and proven facts. These were not not run of the mill “Druggies” that you see on tv sitting on a tore up couch in a 8’×25′ mobile home.

        They simply got in too deep with professional drug dealers and as i said before, very common practice to have the children kidnapped for ransom or as in this case, murdered.
        Believe me, sometimes the general public knows way more than law enforcement agencies will ever know and to me those people are just as guilty as the killers for keeping that information secret.

        I’m being a broken record here, but for a good reason…LOOK DEEPER INTO THE CONNECTIONS THE >FAMILIES< HAD IN THE DRUG WORLD…
        The killers are there !

    • Jennifer McDaniel says:

      Roger, How is it “obvious” that this tragic event took place because of the heavy drug use and selling of drugs within the families? So, you must know exactly who did it and why. Have you told any law enforcement that you know all these details?
      I can pass your name and info to them so they can contact you, since you know the facts…

  18. rozann mason says:

    I always thought it was someone working for the DOT. That section of hwy 20 was under construction for months. People on the crew could have seen them alone every day on those paths. Why not see who called in sick the day they disappeared?

  19. Cat Rightsell says:

    A very similar case just happened here: https://www.in.gov/isp/delphi.htm

  20. Misty Combs says:

    I was watching the ID Channel, and a episode came on about a prisoner named Kevin Sweat from OK state prison. A lot of similarities. 2 young girls, white truck. I’m not sure if this is in any way related, but the similarities struck me. His crime was in 2008.

  21. Emmeline says:

    I highly doubt the girls’ murders are related to drugs, or that the murder were perpetrated by drug-traffickers, or a gang of any kind. Even though Dan Morrissey was involved with meth, my guess would be that if the murders were related to drugs, we would absolutely know. For example, a rival meth dealer, or maybe an angry supplier, would leave clues, or a type of message that confirmed his or her involvement in the crime. Murders and crimes like such are committed for punishment, and the person being punished must be made aware of this fact.
    While stranger abductions are exceedingly rare, I also doubt that this crime was committed by someone very familiar to the girls. It might be a stranger, or a distant acquaintance, maybe someone the girls had casually seen once, but I doubt it was anyone very close to the girls or their family.
    Because the girls were presumably kidnapped in a fairly quiet, isolated area (the lake), I believe they were probably seen either in town, and followed to the abduction site, or someone at the lake happened to see them. This seems to be a chance encounter with an opportunistic predator, or someone who will acknowledge an opportunity that presents them with the chance to abuse a child.
    The children were moved from the abduction site and their bodies were dumped in a more remote area 25 miles away, so, like the police said, the abductor most likely lives in and knows the area. Moreover, if committed by someone close to Elizabeth and Lyric, their bodies would most likely have been left at the lake, or they would have been moved to a closer, more public area.
    I don’t believe these girls were killed by a juvenile offender or first-time offender, as the perpetrator took two victims at once, which is very risky. An unexperienced or young offender would most likely not take that risk. On the other hand, there might be more than one perpetrator. Most likely a team of two, but sexual predators, especially child sex offenders, tend to commit crimes alone.
    My guess is that Elizabeth and Lyric were taken by a stranger who happened to see them riding their bikes, without anyone else around, and decided to kidnap them. He (more than likely a he), then drove to a remote, fairly distant area to dispose of the bodies. My guess is that he never believed the remains would be found.

  22. I really hope they find the sick person behind this.

  23. Mark Becker says:

    Mexican drug gang…

  24. Cat Vogel says:

    I thought they were looking at that guy from Northwood IA for this. He is now deceased, but he had a habit of abducting two girls at a time for his perversions. He was still alive when these two girls were taken.

  25. rip little angel my heart aches that the world is so cruel to take you and your cousin

  26. This is very sad and heart breaking. I pray someone comes forward.

  27. Tamara DeNell says:

    I’m a 56 year old woman and have been following this case for some time. I myself have been sexually abused as a child. I’m sorry no child is safe. I remember my relatives spouses n friends on both sides of the family taking advantage of me at a very, very early adge. (No) one should b trusted or ruled out. Sorry for your loss. I will keep up on this until he, she or they get caught

  28. Mystery addict says:

    Please add the courier and kewl stories about the chief of police Kent smock being corrupt and being fired, then disappeared. Why was he fired…. for behaviors consistent with stalking. For misappropriation of law enforcement resources. I believe with all of my heart one of two theories as fact.
    The evansdale city or other law enforcement / first responder took them. Nothing adds up about thier stories and the behavior or the police department was either shady as a whole and Kent figured it out…. or…. Kent did it.
    While we were sitting on the lawn waiting for instructions on the search parties. …. he refused to let us go out at night and threatened to arrest anyone who did. Then another cop…. a rookie no longer on duty…. tried to deescalate the crowd by reassuring us that Kent smock was the man for the job! He had all kinds of experience with sex trafficking crimes…. computer crimes. Which sounds good in theory except for a few missing facts.
    – he hadn’t been on the job for more then a couple weeks, recently retiring from the jail as a deputy.
    – the police chief he replaced remains on duty but, stepped down from chief or even assistant chief to be a regular patrol officer. The police chief prior to Randy Weber was also fired under similar circumstances over a technical paper trail where he was cleared of all wrong doing, but, all the cops got together and fired him too. Prior to that it had been since before 1970 that a chief of police had been let go in evansdale.
    – shortly after this full time officer quits to go work for railroad. Sounds simple enough… but his families are also tied into the local drug trade.
    – the fbi and dci camped at the evansdale pd for months or years after this and were present during this time that Kent was fired.

    Motives…. could be anything. Fame. Notoriety. Mystery. But most likely drug money and prison time. But hey no one is a criminal until they get caught right….

  29. jerry carlberg says:

    Who has left the area,???about that time…

  30. Daniel King says:

    It is uncommon for stranger abductions to happen. I have a feeling that these 2 girls… knew their murderer.

  31. prolly a family member..they kill us to keep control of fear in the rest of us

    • Frita says:

      What is “prolly”????? Do you have an idea how ignorant you sound. The word is “probably” as in you probably did not make it past eigth grade.

      • Tamara DeNell says:

        Your ignorant fir calling someone that. Maybe illustrate. But tried to communicate. Good job Prolly

        • Jody Ewing says:

          This from ICC admin Jody Ewing: While we appreciate all comments and hope to foster discussion about this unsolved case (which includes both girls), I see no point in someone attacking another person’s spelling or grammar. Frita, even while criticizing someone’s use of the word “prolly,” your own comment contained three grammatical errors. Just to show you how ridiculous and insulting comments like this come across to others: 1) In your first sentence, the ending quotation mark should have been “outside” the five question marks. (i.e. What is “prolly?????”) 2) ‘Do you have an idea how ignorant you sound’ should have ended with a question mark, not a period, and it should have been “any” idea, not “an” idea. 3) In reference to your insults about the commenter’s lack of education, I believe you meant to say “eighth” grade rather than eigth grade.

          No one is ever 100% perfect with grammar and punctuation, but this site isn’t about grammar or punctuation; it’s about unsolved murders and missing persons cases. I would no more attack someone for writing FWIW (instead of For what it’s worth) than I would someone using the word “prolly” instead of “probably.”

          Did the writer clearly convey what he/she meant as it related to this cold case? Absolutely. They did so without attacking anyone else in the process.

          * The next time you want to attack A) their; B) they’re; C) there grammatical or spelling errors, you might want to first check your own and remember why this website exists.

          * Answer: A) their

          • Amber L says:

            I love this! Thank you! I can not stand when people down others for errors. I can read anything in the English Lang but do not ask me to spell or put it in correct grammar!

          • Drew Collins says:

            Don’t attack somebody for there grammar but it’s ok to attack the family of the girls

            • Melissa Vogt says:

              Drew Collins , I will Apologize To you Sir , For The Awful and rude Comments being made about you and your Family . I know you surely didnt ask for any of this, If you could turn back time just for 1 min maybe it would change something? I pray every day for you and Your family and Pray that today you will get Justice for Elizabeth , I share The information every day online in Hope’s it may help.
              People will always judge (not all people) but there judgements, views, or comments , are just speculation From what information is available in the media , which isn’t the most reliable source as of lately. .

              I truly hope and Pray for Justice for Elizabeth and Lyric

  32. Rip sweet angels…this is so sad. I remember this :’-(

  33. Megan Ashley says:

    I remember that was all over the local news for a long while

  34. Diana Wilson says:

    I don’t know how people can get away with murder.

    • John Parker says:

      No witnessnes, no evidence, nobody speaking up. It’s sad. How can someone live with themselves day to day?

    • Some people don’t have a conscious

      • Frita says:

        Everyone has a concious unless they are in a comma. Not everyone has a conscience

        • Tim says:

          I see that you have been correcting people’s grammar but don’t you mean coma instead of comma? There is other things to worry about especially finding the killer of these two girls and your acting like a grammar nazi. Get a life

    • Hopefully with time theyll fess up if they dont get busted first. Its happended before one guy fessed up after about 40 years turned himself in.

      • kathy says:

        Likely he did this to deflect suspicion on the other one involved. Jim Newton the Detective working that case then showed me the pictures that could not be used in evidence. There were two sets of footprints from Huntbachs rental to their house next door. It snowed and the perps walked over the new snow. The houses were next door. The police were so freaked out that they actuially stood on the prints and smoked before the detectives got there.

  35. There is more out there! They just aren’t releasing it! Not sure why? Maybe they want everyone involved?

  36. Jodi Frye says:

    Parents drug dealers did it. Keep investigating them!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one with that theory! Poor girls :(

    • Which Parents,, both sides have their share!!!!!

      • Drew Collins says:

        Shame on you bitch if I ever see you in public I will punch you in the face like you were a dude . Better believe it .you are a nasty person and have no class someday our paths will cross and I can’t wait you are a troll.drew Collins father of Elizabeth June Marie

        • Marianne Good says:

          Wow Drew,are you really threatening me on a public forum? Let me ask you this..Did you or Heather actually take a polygraph and pass? Misty and Dan did,and passed! And considering your past,maybe you can’t pass one.

          • Pauline says:

            I wrote this after the girls were found .Dec 2012 I’m just uneducated white trash but that don’t make me all bad. I may have missed a lot of the discussions and taken the wrong/right side or neither I dont know what goes on in the mind of others but I do know evil exists. I don’t know if there’s more bad then good in the world but I do know there is good. I struggle everyday with judging others and don’t like that in me but I do it just the same. I’m easily manipulated and often lied to but I try yo be honest as I can and not use others toward my own personal gains or demand to get my own beliefs and opinions forced on others. Im often wrong when I do and I find dont know what I’m talking about. All I know is how I feel and all I want(ed) here was to see a couple little girls home and home they are now. I want the vile sick and evil person(s) caught and removed from hurting g any other children forever. I want to lyric and Liz’s life and death have meaning and make the changes nessasry to protect and to allow other children their freedom to play again. I want sexual offenders against children to know we are not going to take our children being used and taken and slaughtered anymore. I want laws changed I want parents aware and deligent and I want the closed minded masses to think for theirselves to put the children first. There are alot of good intended people but none of us really know and God forbid we ever do know what its like to have one of our own children taken in such evil and cruel way. I don’t know lyric or Liz or their families personaly but they have changed me, and I will never forget them…… Please no grammar police. There not enough time.

    • Jodi Frye says:

      I would imagine same dealers?

      • Drew Collins says:

        Jodi I don’t have any drug dealers so I would appriciate if you might not talk about me like you know me . I have a clean record and have never been in trouble with the police since I was a young man I’m 45 years old and am not a druggy I own my own business and am home with my childeren every night . So please don’t act like you know anything about me . It makes me sick how people want to judge my family and they don’t know anything about my family . I am not dan or misty I am my own person I have nothing to do with meth or people who do . It must be nice living in judgement of others why don’t you look at yourself .karma is a bitch I’d watch out someday something tragic could happen to you and maybe while your going threw hell some asshole will talk shit about you online . Shame on you

        • Chris says:

          Drew- so sorry that on top of losing your daughter you have to deal with crap like this. Unreal!

          • Jon says:

            I think Jodi is right on the money ! This suspicion was brought to light shortly after the girls disappearance. This theory is actually world wide on different site’s. All fingers point right the immediate family.

            • Michael says:

              Me too,it’s 2020 and no investigating? I think maybe cops and family are all to blame,this should have been solved right after those girls were found,cops and family must have known right away who did it they just don’t want to hurt the parents,they hide behind lack of evidence,in any other state this would have been solved years ago,but not in rural Iowa where hardly any crime ever goes to trial because they plead everything down or if trial it’s 99% always a guilty verdict,so my opinion is nothing will ever happen,which is sad.

    • I agree that the one set of parents owned money to a drug dealer and they weren’t paying so maybe they took the one and they couldn’t leave a witness so they took her to. Just saying I hope they arrest someone for these little girls to finally be in peace

    • Or those girls saw something they shouldn’t have.

    • Jodi Frye says:

      I just dnt knw. How did someone get two girls into a vehicle off a bike trail with no one seeing the struggle? Thats why i think the drug dealers have something to do with it. Those girls probably saw them in the house and was never told they are ‘bad people’. So one of them says ‘hey ur mom/dads in trouble come w us’ & they did. Thats my theory. Otherwise i dnt understand how no one saw two girls fighting adult/s trying to get them in a car. RIP angels I hope ur justice is one day found!

  37. Somebody knows something but they are keeping very quiet! These girls deserve justice!!!

  38. So sad. I really wish the woman of cold justice would look into this

  39. Pat Mcnamara says:

    Somebody in Evansdale knows something.

  40. I remember that, very sad.

  41. Logan Nelson says:

    1982 September 5th… Jonny Gosch was reported missing after he "disappeared" while delivering mail. This happened in Des Moines but just hang in there. He's wagon of mail was found a block away from his house. He was reportley being followed by a blue car.. The case remained could until 1977 when he allegedly visited his mother, she claimed her son told her that he had escaped from a child abuse ring by prominent Iowa businessmen and politicians .. This may be the same people yet I don't know why the would kill them but this could be a lead idk

  42. I’ve been thinking of them often latley as summer is now here and how heartbreaking it is that their family still does not have any more answers and that justice has not been brought.

  43. Bette Luck says:

    I am sad, so sad for these families. I hope and pray for information leading to an arrest. SOMEONE know a piece of information that would help break this case. Do it for those girls.

  44. Three years already. Does not seem like it.

  45. Heartbreaking..i hope they find.out who did this to them .

  46. Diana Wilson says:

    I like the updates. I’m surprised someone hasn’t let it slipped as to who did this. No closer for the family. So sad.

  47. Maybe call in a physic. Praying for justice.

  48. I pray for justice, for this little Angel. And for her family.

  49. This happened not far from where I grew up. I can’t believe something so heinous took place in a small town. This beautiful girls deserve justice. Somebody knows something. I hope they do the right thing.

  50. Now I’ve recently heard of a guy in Webster Co. that was trying to snatch children. I wonder if it’s the same guy.

  51. steve says:

    I would bet anything it had to do with the drugs n ratting ppl out….makes me sick to my stomach because I was down by the lake twice that day within that time frame..

    • stacy says:

      Steve, am sure you have done so did you see anything or remember anything? Talk to the police about it?

    • Shania Hunter says:

      get hypnotized. You saw the killer. You just don’t remember it. Hypnosis will bring it out and we can move on. Then there’s the reward………

  52. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone looked into the Oelwein mayor? He was just arrested for child sexual abuse and the victims were similar ages. I know Oelwein is 30+ miles away but you drive near that area when you go towards Oelwein.

  53. There is someone out there, other than the person(s) who committed this crime, that knows the identity – hoping someone gets a conscious and reveals who it is.

  54. I pray for someone to comes forward. My heart goes out to the family.

  55. I was following this case and was SO hoping they’d be found and that’s they’d be okay. I was so upset when they were found. May these little girls rest in peace

  56. I remember this very sad just wish they found out who did it… And may those girls rest in peace :(

  57. But there were hopes that this case could have been solved if the man responsible for that kidnapping was also responsible for this kidnapping. He’s now been ruled out. :-/

  58. Jordi Faber that is a totally different kidnapping unfortunately. That was a 15 year old girl Kathlynn Shepard and her 12 year old friend from another small town in Iowa.

  59. I pray they find who did this. Prayers to the family and friends. My thoughts are with all of you. God bless ! Very sad and heart breaking.

  60. I was shocked when I heard the girls were missing and followed the case on websleuths. I was hoping that they would be found alive. The little girls were around the same age as my son. I cant imagine what their families have gone through with thier disappearance and deaths.

  61. In memory of Lyric & Elizabeth!! <3

  62. Kris Starks says:

    This case was just a mess! Seems it was all botched or something from the get go. Someone out there knows something…you can bet on it.

  63. Don says:

    I think Klunder is probably the perpetrator of this crime. He seemed perfectly comfortable taking two victims at a time. Unfortunately,he took the cowards way out so as not to answer for the evil he did.

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