Cold Case Arrests and Pending Trials

NOTE: We make every effort to keep this list current, but trials are often continued for a number of reasons. If you’re aware of changes in a trial date, please email us at Thank you in advance.

Tait Otis Purk

Tait Otis Purk

Tait Purk, 51, is scheduled to stand trial again on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, in Tama County District Court in Toledo, Iowa.

Purk was indicted by a Tama County Grand Jury in December 2016 on a charge of first-degree murder. He is accused of killing and disposing of the body of his fiancée, Cora Ann Okonski, then age 23, in the year 2000. Her body has never been found.

Judge Ian K. Thornhill will hear the case.

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