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Harland S. Shuey


Harland S. Shuey
78 YOA
3310 E. 42nd
Des Moines, IA
Polk County
Case # 2001-1532
January 11, 2001

On Thursday, January 11, 2001, Harland S. Shuey, 78, was killed at 3310 E. 42nd Street in Des Moines.

About Harland Shuey

Harland S. Shuey was born May 20, 1922 in Jasper, Indiana, to Gertrude and John Shuey. His siblings were Maxine, William, Jane, and John Shuey.

He married Vivian G. Reid on July 23, 1974, in Orange, Texas. Vivian passed away in 2003.

Information Needed

If you have any information about Harland Shuey’s unsolved murder please contact the Des Moines Police Department at (515) 283-4864.



4 Responses to Harland Shuey

  1. Theresa Jones says:

    Was he shot.It seems a lot of shotings going on in that time frame why not list cause of death in a lot of the cold cases Just curious why You dont.

  2. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I hate to ask the question. But how was Harlan killed. Was he stabbed, shot, strangled, run over by a car, truck, bus or train.

    It makes me wonder, are they sure he us dead. It appears from this small bit of information, that they never conducted an investigation.

    It appears they took someone’s word that he was dead and that someone killed him. Case closed.

    They want the public’s to do the job, that it appears didn,t do. I wonder how they determined he was slain. There is no mention of an autopsy, to back up the statement, he was slain.

    Is the work of a modern day police department in the State of Iowa. If this is the kind of work rhey do. I would ask for my tax money back.

    • Lobberecht, Casandra, Lynnette says:

      Can you please tell me where the article is that talks about the circumstances of his death. I notice you have more information than I am reading here. Thank you!

      • Sarah says:

        A story that’s available on newspapers.com said that he had an abdominal stab wound that did not correspond to anything found in his house.

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