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What is a guest blogger? It is someone who writes a blog post for publication on someone else’s blog. On some blogs, a guest blogger may be an authority in his or her field or know the blog’s primary subject intimately; for instance, master quilter and bestselling novelist Jennifer Chiaverini would make a great guest blogger on blogs focusing on quilting or writing.

Here at Iowa Cold Cases, you are the experts. While we may write “we remember” types of posts on victims’ anniversary dates, no one is better equipped to describe a loved one and that which made him or her special than family members and close friends. We invite you to share your thoughts and memories with us and with our readers.

A guest blog post may be whatever length you feel necessary to convey your story. You may also choose your own topic.

If you need a jump-start, consider one of the following topics or subjects:

  • How you are feeling on this 5th or 10th or 40th or other anniversary of your loved one’s death?
  • Another birthday missed: a past birthday or celebration you recall with fondness, and/or what you think your loved one might be doing today were he or she still here.
  • Favorite childhood memories or stories you’ll never forget — how you met in grade school, the project you completed together in high school, or even the impact and difference he or she made in your career.
  • Qualities that made your loved one unique: Was he passionate about dogs or fishing? Did she make all her own clothing? Bake and then pass out the same Halloween treats every year? Give you his undivided attention when you most needed it? What made Hank the Hankster? What made Julie Julie?
Julie Benning with boulder-sized rock
Pictures are worth a thousand words. Julie Benning (Courtesy Carol Kean)

Photos help tell stories, and there are countless stories behind every picture. Full-size scanned photos (the larger the better) and other digital images may be e-mailed to us along with your blog post.

With your submission, please indicate if you have a preference for its publication date and how you’d like your closing signature to appear. (i.e. Kathy Jones, Mary Smith’s sister; Kathy Jones, Cedar Rapids, IA; Kathy Jones, Mary Smith’s former co-worker, etc.) The byline (preceding the story at the top) will always include your full name, though if you’d like to provide additional information (your current city, state, e-mail address, etc.), it will appear in a separate closing signature.

Below are a few examples of guest blogs we’ve published in the past:

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