Larry Murillo (Courtesy Council Bluffs Police Dept.)

Larry Murillo (Courtesy Council Bluffs Police Department)

Larry Ely Murillo Moncada

Missing Person — SOLVED

Name: Larry Ely Murillo Moncada
Aka: Marlon Murillo
Age at Report: 25 YOA
Date of Birth: August 22, 1984
Height: 6’
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Race: Hispanic/Latino
Missing From: 719 N. 14th St.
Council Bluffs, IA
Pottawattamie County
Agency: Council Bluffs Police Department
Incident Type: Endangered Missing
Case Number: 09-039818
NamUs MP # 27992
Last Seen: November 28, 2009
Remains Found: January 24, 2019 — No Frills Supermarket in Council Bluffs
Positively Identified as Murillo-Moncada: July 22, 2019



July 22, 2019: The remains found behind a former No Frills Supermarket cooler in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in January 2019 have been identified as those of Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada, a former employee who had been reported missing November 28, 2009. Investigators used his parents’ DNA to confirm the identity, and the clothes matched the description of his attire at the time he was reported missing, Council Bluffs Police Capt. Todd Weddum said.

Weddum said Murillo-Moncada’s parents reported their son missing after he became upset and ran out of their home. They told police at the time that he was acting irrationally, possibly because of a new anti-depressant medication he’d begun taking.

Officers contacted family members, other law enforcement agencies, nearby detention centers and even the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency — he had been deported to Honduras before making his way back to the United States — but received no information regarding his possible whereabouts, CNN reported July 22, 2019.

Investigators now believe Murillo-Moncada went to the supermarket and climbed on top of the coolers. The space was used as storage for merchandise, Weddum said, and employees would sometimes go there to hide when they wanted to take an unofficial break.

He is thought to have fallen into the 18-inch gap between the back of the cooler and a wall, where he became trapped. Noise from the coolers’ compressors may have concealed any attempts to call for help, according to Weddum.

An autopsy conducted on the remains found no signs of trauma, and the case has been closed and deemed an accidental death. 

Case summary compiled by Jody Ewing

Larry Murillo, 25, fled from his Council Bluffs, Iowa home on Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009 after beginning a new regiment of anti-depressants and having hallucinations. Despite the cold weather, he left the house with no shoes or coat, wearing only blue jeans and a blue long-sleeve shirt.

His mother reported him missing to the Council Bluffs Police Department later that night.

LarryElyMurilloMoncada2Courtesy photo Roy Phillips
Larry Ely Murillo Moncada was last seen leaving this Council Bluffs residence at 719 N. 14th Street on Nov. 28, 2009.

Murillo lived with his mother at 719 N. 14th Street, and was last seen on Saturday about 6:15 p.m. when he began experiencing hallucinations and fled the home in fear.

Ana Moncada described her son as a 6-foot Hispanic male with brown eyes, black hair, and weighing 140 pounds.

Had seemed disoriented

Mrs. Moncada said her son went to work on Thanksgiving night and when he returned home the morning of November 27, seemed disoriented. She took him to see a doctor, who prescribed an anti-depressant for anxiety.

Council Bluffs in Pottawattamie County, IA

Council Bluffs in Pottawattamie County

Pottawattamie County in Iowa

Pottawattamie County in Iowa

He continued to feel disoriented and began to hear voices, Mrs. Moncada said.

“He was hearing voices that said ‘eat sugar,’” said Maria Stockton, a friend who served as a translator for his mother. “He felt his heart was beating too hard and thought if he ate sugar, his heart would not beat so hard.”

Though Murillo did not eat very much sugar, she said, by Saturday he’d started having hallucinations.

larry-murillo-bedroomCourtesy photo Council Bluffs Police Department
Larry Murillo in his Council Bluffs bedroom shortly before he went missing.

“He said somebody was following him, and he was scared,” she said.

This fear apparently led Murillo to run out the door that evening without wearing any shoes, Stockton said.

The family has checked with acquaintances and posted flyers at businesses they frequent, but have heard nothing so far.

Larry left behind his wallet, medication and all personal property, and there has not been any activity on his accounts.

Information Needed

If you have any information concerning Larry Murillo Moncada’s unsolved disappearance, please contact Detective Amber Kennedy at the Council Bluffs Police Department at (712) 326-2508.



22 Responses to Larry Murillo

  1. Larry Roberts says:

    Psychological Analysis
    Trauma From “Shotgun wedding” using sonic attack weapon – hearing voices
    He was probably dumped by his (assumed) Catholic bait-and-switch girlfriend and he failed to marry the other unbeknowst girl. The reason that he went to work when he didn’t have to was he mistakenly thought the other girl was work, reasoning work and pregnancy (what pregnancy?) were synonymous. Thus, he was hypnotically induced to walk barefoot via sonic device to punish his “cold feet” for marriage. As further punishment he was induced to hide behind the coolers to be with the only labor he could conceive. The “other girl” was a total enigma to him and the real girl wanted to hide her relationship even though it was over. He would not find the other women even though his life depended upon it. Loose ends were left for the real girl which apparently was a desperate situation for her. She couldn’t get relationships tidied up quickly enough. Something hidden, but what?

    Possible relevance, merely a hunch: Pottawattomie Tribe Casino (Gun Lake Casino) near Grand Rapids, MI. (Names and places, work, loves are scrambled to hide something.)

  2. felis says:

    I read the article on two different sitea and no one mentions anything about the fact that.dead body smells like hell itself. How is it possible that no one noticed that something smelled terribly off in that place?

  3. Amy says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Larry, very sad, and I am praying for his family to be able to cope with their tragic loss. Actually it’s a loss for all of us. “No man is an island…”
    I too, am surprised that the store management and employees, and especially the detectives didn’t search there while looking for him, especially since it was an area employees used. Really odd actually – not a great job, we must do better to help people in distress! Were they too tired or too busy to look everywhere on the property? And the spot described was such a safety hazard, why did store management not fix it? OSHA should have been notified and slapped them with safety violations. I wonder if the family has any recourse for a negligence or other claim. Until money is involved, no changes will come or they will be made very slowly. There are so many young people like this that are suffering with mental health issues, and we still are not doing enough to help them before these tragedies occur.
    RIP Larry, you won’t be forgotten by us:)

    Houston, TX

  4. Tommy Shaw says:


  5. Donald Trump Sr. says:

    Throw his bones over the wall. Make America Great Again.

    • Ajanja says:

      America is a shithole. Ain’t nothing making it great given it never was. If anything white gold need to get the chuck out as it’s the natives that owned it alll

    • Iris cortez says:

      Throw your bones back to Europe with your ancestors came from and make our America great again

  6. Shurlock Holmes says:

    Just got done paroozing the site. Well done. This is a very sad case. Check out my blog if youre so inclined.

  7. Christina Bolton says:

    The article is out now and has confirmed his identity. Such a sad story!

    • Amy says:

      I didn’t know this family but am just so saddened by all of this. I hope his family is able to find peace now and they can finally properly lay him to rest. :(

  8. Nick Schaefer says:

    Hello, this case should be listed as closed now Council Bluffs Police located this party deceased inside a closed grocery store he used to work at. He went into the freezer and climbed into an area and died of possible hypothermia.

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