Iowa cold cases in the news, stories and tributes, and the WHO-TV  “Iowa Cold Case” series. The Channel 13/ICC series videos are most often embedded within a victim’s case summary page. Many other videos below link to YouTube.


The story behind an arrest in Iowa cold case: Mary Jayne Jones
3:04 | November 14, 2012
From KCCI Channel 8 Des Moines
Robert Pilcher held on 1 Million Dollar Bond


Police look for mystery man in basement skeleton case: Mark Koster
2:20 | November 9, 2012
From KCCI Channel 8 Des Moines


Will new reward crack Iowa cold case?
1:55 | August 23, 2012
From KCCI Channel 8: FBI say solving Tammy Zywicki’s murder remains a priority.


Iowa Cold Case: Evelyn Miller, 7 years later
2:25 | July 1, 2012
KWWL TV Channel 7 reports on the 7-year anniversary of 5-year-old Evelyn Miller’s unsolved murder.


One Year Later: Dexter Meeks
2:58 | June 26, 2012
KCRG-TV Channel 9 reports on the one-year anniversary of Dexter Meek’s unsolved homicide.


Villisca Ax Murders, 100 Years Later
3:56 | June 10, 2012
KCRG TV-9 reports on the century-old crime that claimed 8 Iowans, including 6 children.


Villisca Ax Murder House Tour — 100th Anniversary
10:21 | June 10, 2012
KCRG TV-9 reports on the 100th anniversary of 8 Iowans slain in Villisca.


Breiton Ackerman: Father Talks About Son’s Disappearance
2:46 | May 21, 2012
Brad Ackerman talks to the Sioux City Journal about his missing son.


Iowa Cold Cases Land in Spotlight
2:46 | May 10, 2012
KWWL Channel 7 Waterloo reports on the number of Iowa cold cases landing in the spotlight after one man’s confession.


Man Confesses to 31-year-old Double Homicide
1:25 | May 10, 2012
From KCRG TV-9: Jack Pursel confesses to 1981 Waterloo double slaying of Robert and Goldie Huntbach.


Ashley Okland Murder Investigation
2:53 | April 2012
ABC5News reports on the one-year anniversary of West Des Moines real estate agent Ashley Okland’s murder.


Human Remains Found West of Mount Pleasant, IA
1:53 | March 19, 2012
KCRG TV-9 Cedar Rapids reports on the human remains found west of Mount Pleasant in March 2012.


Iowa Family Wants Closure In Son’s Murder Case
2:29 | January 27, 2012
KETV Channel 7 reports on the unsolved March 2007 murder of Bob Hatcher.


UNSOLVED MURDER: Family offers $25,000 reward for 2003 cold case
2:28 | November 3, 2011
From WHO-TV Channel 13 Des Moines


10 Years Later: Police and Family Continue Search for Crystal Arensdorf
3:26 | June 29, 2011

From KCRG-TV News Channel 9 in Cedar Rapids.


A Mother Talks About Her Daughter
9:57 | June 29, 2011

KCRG-TV’s full interview with Crystal Arensdorf’s mom, Barb Beam.


A Sister Talks About Her Sister
16:11 | June 29, 2011
KCRG-TV’s full interview with Crystal Arensdorf’s sister, Jen Puetsch.


Dexter Lashun Meeks Shot and Killed
2:21 | June 27, 2011
KCRG TV-9 Cedar Rapids report on the shooting death of Dexter “Big Ham” Meeks.


Aubrey Young Unsolved Murder — Three Years Cold
0:55 | June 15, 2011
KCRG-TV Channel 9 in Cedar Rapids reports on the third anniversary of Aubrey Young’s unsolved homicide.


Cold Case Arrest in Angela Hennes Murder Case
2:03 | June 8, 2011
Authorities announced they have charged Chad Michael Lee Welsh, 33, with Angela Hennes’ murder.


Parents Want Answers in 2-Year-Old Murder Case
2:30 | May 11, 2011
KCCI’s Angie Hunt reports on the two-year anniversary of Jared Parks’ unsolved murder.


Melisa Gregory and Steven Fisher
4:51 | May 6, 2011

Channel 13′s Aaron Brilbeck reports on the unsolved Copper Dollar Ranch double homicide.


America’s Missing: Johnny Gosch, 12
March 2, 2011
CNN’s Nancy Grace: America’s Missing features the case of missing Des Moines paperboy Johnny Gosch.


Jodi Huisentruit: Nancy Grace – America’s Missing
February 22, 2011
CNN’s Nancy Grace features the case of missing Mason City anchorwoman Jodi Huisentruit.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Cecil Gaddy
4:29 | February 4, 2011
Channel 13′s Aaron Brilbeck reports on the mystery – and the questions – that surround Cecil Gaddy’s death.


Bobbie Crawford: WHO-TV reportWHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Bobbi Crawford
4:19 | January 27, 2011
Roberta “Bobbi” Crawford was a fireball. The single mom raised her son, loved racquetball, skydiving, being a grandmother.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Kimberly Ratliff
3:01 | January 6, 2011
Parents have no answers after their daughter was killed 12 years ago.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Unidentified White Male
2:28 | December 9, 2010
An unidentified body found in 2005 in the Des Moines River leaves police baffled.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Thaddeus Mitchell
4:06 | December 2, 2010
Aaron Brilbeck reports on the Roaring 20s and the unsolved December 7, 1922 murder of Thaddeus Mitchell.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Marc James Warren Allen
3:44 | November 25, 2010
Aaron Brilbeck reports on the third Des Moines paperboy to go missing.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Hazel Reimann
3:27 | November 18, 2010
Eighty-seven-year-old Hazel Reimann broke six fingers trying to fight off her attacker.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Johnny Gosch
The Des Moines Paperboy’s 41st Birthday
6:30 | November 11, 2010
Aaron Brilbeck talks with Noreen Gosch about her son.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Unidentified White Male
3:16 | November 4, 2010
Officials hope to identify a man by his many tattoos. Aaron Brilbeck reports.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Marvin Brandland
4:19 | October 29, 2010
Cold Case: 28 Years After Trick or Treat Murder, Killer is Still Free


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Paul Knockel
3:53 | October 7, 2010
A man — and his car — vanish along Highway 151. More than two decades later, both are still missing.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: John Wayne Jeffery
3:25 | September 23, 2010
A Des Moines man is gunned down while sitting in his car in a parking lot of an east side bar. His family wants answers.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Maureen Brubaker Farley
4:30 | September 16, 2010
It’s been four decades since a young bride moved from Sioux City to Cedar Rapids and was later found in a wooded ravine.


KCRG-TV Ch. 9: Rodricus Echols Jones
2:10 | September 13, 2010
A fatal shooting in Waterloo is prompting people to speak out about what they call dangerous establishments.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Martha “Marty” Erickson
3:34 | September 9, 2010
She was a protected baby sister and one whom recovering drug addicts leaned on for help. Aaron Brilbeck reports.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Greg Howell
4:30 | September 2, 2010
No arrests and no suspects in the 2005 disappearance and suspected death of a Fort Dodge man.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Phil Terrell
3:53 | August 26, 2010
A family’s pain has lasted for years as the murder of their father remains unsolved.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Julie Bell Davis
3:03 | August 19, 2010
A 33-year-old wife and mother of two brutally slain inside the office building where she worked.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: “Big Earl” Hamilton
3:20 | August 5, 2010
14 years worth of unanswered questions in the death of a popular nightclub owner.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Earl Thelander
5:00 | July 29, 2010
Copper thieves claimed a good man’s life over less than $20 worth of metal stolen to sell for scrap.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Frank Goff
3:25 | July 22, 2010
A father of two is killed after walking through the door of his parents’ home. Was his own brother responsible?


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Lisa McCuddin
4:41 | July 15, 2010
A young mother of two is shot while riding in a vehicle headed toward a Fort Dodge motel.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Eugene Martin
5:26 | July 8, 2010
Two years after Johnny Gosch disappears, a second Des Moines paperboy disappears without a trace.


WHOtv Iowa Cold Case: Evelyn Miller
3:37 | July 1, 2010
The five-year anniversary of 5-year-old Evelyn Miller’s murder passes without an arrest.


Cold Cases: Gone But Not Forgotten, Part II
DNA Helps Uncover Cold Cases
4:08 | March 3, 2010
KCRG-TV 9, Cedar Rapids


Cold Cases: Gone But Not Forgotten, Part I
4:06 | March 2, 2010
A Visit with Iowa Cold Cases’ Ms. Bowers
KCRG-TV 9, Cedar Rapids


30 Years Later: Michelle Martinko Murder Still Unsolved
0:20 | December 20, 2009
KCRG-TV 9, Cedar Rapids
A report on the 30th anniversary of Michelle’s murder.


In Search of Kenny’s Killer
Kenny Joe Johnson
3:00 | September 15, 2009
Dubuque Telegraph Herald


Cedar Falls Police Taking Second Look at Cold Case
The Dennis Clougherty Unsolved Murder
0:30 | August 12, 2009
KCRG-TV Channel 9


Cold Case: Evelyn Miller
4:31 | July 22, 2009
Nancy Grace Producer Alexis Weed updates us on the 2005 murder case of 5-year-old Evelyn Miller


The Unsolved Evelyn Miller Murder Investigation:
4 Years Later

3:28 | July 1, 2009
KCRG-TV Channel 9, Cedar Rapids


Shooting Investigation: Dominique Mosby
2:02 | June 26, 2009
KCRG TV-9 Cedar Rapids reports on the shooting of 22-year-old Dominique Mosby.


Texas Slaying Victim From 1983 is Iowa Teen
0:28 | March 29, 2009
KCRG-TV Channel 9
Report on Bambi Lynn Dick


Benjamin Roseland — Missing from Clinton, IA
3:56 | October 24, 2008
A Plea from Ben’s Family
Courtesy YouTube


Channel 4 reports on the Iowa Cold Cases website
2:29 | June 9, 2008
KTIV-TV Channel 4, Sioux City
Founder adds own stepfather.


Remembering Earl Thelander
2:25 | May 10, 2008
KTIV-TV Channel 4 News, Sioux City
Family remembers father, grandfather.


Earl Thelander Family Offers Reward in Copper Theft Killing
2:50 | January 6, 2008
KTIV-TV News Channel 4, Sioux City
Case remains unsolved.


Copper Thieves Steal Lives — Before & After
Video Sent to Iowa Legislature in Support of HSB 660
3:32 | 2007
Compiled by Jody Ewing


Jodi Huisentruit
Unsolved Mysteries, Part I
Courtesy YouTube


Jodi Huisentruit
Unsolved Mysteries, Part II
Courtesy YouTube


Cold Case Victim’s Mom Has Renewed Hope
The Steven Fisher/Melisa Gregory Double Homicide
1:48 | January 20, 2007
KCCI-TV, Des Moines


“Villisca” on “Catherine Crier Live” on CourtTV
6:01 | November 21, 2006
Catherine Crier interviews “Villisca” director Kelly Rundle and historian Dr. Edgar Epperly.


Evelyn Miller — A Life too Short
A slideshow tribute by Evelyn’s paternal grandparents
Courtesy YouTube


Casey Frederiksen Speaks Out
The Evelyn Miller Murder Investigation
3:18 | September 15, 2005
KCRG-TV Channel 9, Cedar Rapids


MSNBC/CNN/CBS News/Mixed Media Clips
Is Jeff Gannon connected to missing paperboy Johnny Gosch?
13:25 | From 2005


Evelyn’s Birthday
Searching for a 5-year-old’s Killer
2:13 | August 22, 2005
KCRG-TV Channel 9, Cedar Rapids


The Search for Evelyn
A Floyd, IA, Girl is Missing
1:27 | July 3, 2005
KCRG-TV Channel 9, Cedar Rapids


The Story of Evelyn Miller
Courtesy YouTube
A tragic death.


Noreen Gosch Interview – Part 1 of 12
Noreen talks about her missing son, paperboy Johnny Gosch.
9:59 | Courtesy YouTube
More Noreen Gosch Interview videos here


Double Homicide: Robert & Goldie Huntbach, Waterloo, IA
1:06 | January 12, 1981
Original newscast by KCRG TV-9 reporting the Jan. 12, 1981 double murder of Robert Huntbach, 85, and his wife Goldie, 77.


Cold Case Endings
From the CBS Series “Cold Case”



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