2024 Preview of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week at DMACC

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, NCVRW for short, is run by the Office for Victims of Crime, and it aims to honor crime victims and survivors, and recognize professionals and volunteers who provide services to victims of crime. It also aims to raise awareness about acts of crime and their effects on victims, and what the community can do to provide help and hope for victims.

This year’s theme is “How would you help? Options, services, and hope for crime survivors.”

Speaker Special Deputy Anthony Kava, a digital forensics examiner and cyber-crime investigator with the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office, will present “The Cari Farver Homicide: A Cold Case in the Digital Age” from 12:50 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. on Monday, April 1, in the Building 5 conference room. This presentation outlines a 21st-century investigation and aims to address the dangers of the world and how law enforcement works with victims in a constantly changing atmosphere.

Read More about this year’s National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

We Remember … Upcoming Anniversaries

We remember cold case anniversaries and birthdays the victims would have celebrated.


Steven Gardner gravestone Steven Gardner
27 YOA
1037 23rd
Des Moines, IA
Case # 1978-11923
April 8, 1978
Willie Ann Rucker Willie Ann Rucker
Age at Report: 27
Missing From:
Waterloo, IA
Case # W79-3223
April 8, 1979
Cecil Gaddy Cecil Gaddy, 19
315 E. Shaw St.
Osceola, IA
Killed Jan. 31, 2004
Would have celebrated 40th birthday April 8
Ashley Okland Ashley Okland
27 YOA
558 Stone Creek Court
West Des Moines
Dallas County
April 8, 2011
Linda Mayfield Linda Mayfield
21 YOA
3320 West Broadway
Council Bluffs, IA
Case # D82-0713
April 9, 1982
Becky Lawless Becky Simpson Lawless
59 YOA
Washington St. & West Mullan Ave.
Waterloo, IA
April 9, 2012
Leo Smith headstone Leo Joseph Smith
56 YOA
Correctionville, IA
Woodbury County
Case # 69-00525
April 10, 1969
unid-bf-175-clinton-county Unidentified Black Female
12 – 23 YOA
10 weeks pregnant
Mississippi River
Clinton County
April 11, 1975
Naomi Wilson Naomi Wilson
Age at Report: 32
1618 13th Ave. SE
Cedar Rapids, IA
April 12, 1981
Juanita Lagrone Juanita Lagrone
56 YOA
2809 E. Douglas
Des Moines, IA
Case # 14-9857
April 13, 2014
mary-ann-scovel-ancestry-165px Mary Ann Scovel
18 YOA
661 17th St.
Des Moines, IA
Polk County
April 14, 1976
Felicitas Terrill Felicitas Terrill
74 YOA
Muscatine, IA
Muscatine County
Case # 86-01868
April 14, 1986

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