Welcome to the Iowa Cold Cases (ICC) website.

The site includes victim case summaries for unsolved homicides and missing persons cases where either foul play is suspected or urgent action needed.

Weekender cover May 20, 2004Courtesy Weekender
A Weekender series on Sioux City’s unsolved murders and missing persons cases served as the genesis for the Iowa Cold Cases (ICC) website. The first in the series ran in May 2004, and the ICC website launched in December 2005.

ICC also lists a number of cold cases solved in recent years.

By keeping these victims’ stories alive — some of them decades old — our hope is to shake loose a long-buried memory or piece of evidence officials need to further investigate and close a case.

The Iowa Cold Cases website launched in December 2005 and incorporated as an Iowa nonprofit in April 2010. Though we are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency, we often serve as a liaison between them and those who provide ICC with tips, leads, or other pertinent information on specific cases.

All official investigations are conducted solely by law enforcement agencies that may include a combination of local, state, and/or federal authorities.

Somebody knows something in every cold case. If you believe you have information that might help solve a case, we urge you to contact the investigating agency listed on each victim’s case summary page or the area’s respective Crime Stoppers chapter. Help these families get the answers and justice they’ve awaited for so long.

Thank you for taking time to visit our site, and stay safe.

We Remember: Upcoming Cold Case Anniversaries

We remember upcoming cold case anniversaries and birthdays the victims would have celebrated.

Dale Redman Dale Redman
57 YOA
La Porte City Dairy
La Porte City, IA
Black Hawk County
March 5, 1968
Double Homicide
Sherrie L. Martin, 8
Victoria L. Martin, 4

Dubuque, IA
Case # 65-00461
March 6, 1965
Judith Haecker Judith Haecker
18 YOA
202 E. 15th St.
Davenport, IA
Case # 1971-10031
March 6, 1971
Matthew Ferris Matthew John Ferris
Age at Report: 20
Reported Missing to:
Des Moines PD
March 7, 1991
Manuel Ramirez Manuel Ramirez
1417 Virginia St.
Sioux City, IA
Woodbury County
March 7, 2011
Andy Hatges Andrew Hatges
75 YOA
108 Virginia Ave. SE
Mason City, IA
Cerro Gordo County
March 8, 1968
Bob Hatcher Robert Hatcher
38 YOA
Iowa Riverfront Trail
Council Bluffs, IA
Pottawattamie County
March 8, 2007
Myrtle Cumpston Myrtle Z. Cumpston
60 YOA
C & K Aqualand
Dallas County, IA
Case # 65-00401
March 9, 1965
Henry Nurre John “Henry” Nurre
76 YOA
Sugar Creek/
Brown’s Station
Clinton County
March 11, 1890
Douglas J. Shondel II
21 YOA
1000 N. 16th St.
Fairfield, IA
Jefferson County
March 11, 2001
kathleen-holliday-165 Kathleen Holliday
37 YOA
From Grimes, IA
Saylorville Reservoir
Polk County
March 12, 1977
Ronald Westwick Ronald E. Westwick
Age at Report: 34
Missing From:
Ames, IA
Case # 79-1262
March 12, 1979

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