Welcome to Iowa Cold Cases

Welcome to the Iowa Cold Cases (ICC) website, the U.S.’s first public database to document all known unsolved murders and suspicious missing persons cases on a statewide basis.

The project that led to Iowa Cold CasesCourtesy Weekender
A Weekender series on Sioux City’s unsolved murders and missing persons cases served as the genesis for the Iowa Cold Cases (ICC) website. The first in the series ran in May 2004, and the ICC website launched in December 2005.

This project would not have been possible without the help of Capt. Lisa Claeys of the Sioux City Police Department and then-Weekender editor Thomas Ritchie, whose tremendous passion and commitment to telling these victims’ stories laid the groundwork to giving voice to those silenced.

The site includes victim case summaries cross-referenced by name, the victim’s city or county, the year the crime occurred or by decade. It also includes a list of cases solved since ICC launched in December 2005. Our Rewards page profiles cases where either law enforcement/Crime Stoppers and/or other agencies or individuals have offered cash rewards for information leading to an arrest or conviction.

In April 2010, ICC incorporated as an Iowa nonprofit organization, and though we are not affiliated with any local, state, or federal law enforcement agency, we do work as a liaison with all three agencies.

If you believe you have information that might help solve a case, we strongly urge you to contact the appropriate agency or investigator, which you’ll find listed on every victim’s case summary page.

Thank you for taking time from your day to visit our site.

We Remember: Upcoming Cold Case Anniversaries

Charles Sanders
Charles Sanders
67 YOA
Court Ave. Bridge
Des Moines, IA
Case # 1954-33401
April 15, 1954
Corinne Perry
Corinne Elaine Perry
17 YOA
Creston, IA
Union County
Case # 83-02161
April 17, 1983
Michael Reed
Michael W. Reed
19 YOA
Cedar Rapids, IA
Linn County
April 17, 1998
Judy Corbin
Judy Ann Corbin
17 YOA
Hotel Chamberlain
Des Moines, IA
Polk County
April 19, 1967
John Albert Rose
John Albert Rose
35 YOA
Vinton, IA
Benton County
Case # 78-02418
April 21, 1978
Ramona Jean Cox
Ramona Jean Cox
24 YOA
1526 Woodland Ave.
Des Moines, IA
Case # 62-00508
April 22, 1962
Kenneth Bouzard
Kenneth M. Bouzard
53 YOA
Dubuque, IA
Dubuque County
Case # 71-00481
April 23, 1971
Barbara Brim
Barbara K. Brim
53 YOA
Rural Route
Webster City
Hamilton County
April 25, 2001
Ruth Kingery Pohlmeier
Ruthie Pohlmeier
37 YOA
3839 E. 14th
Des Moines, IA
Case # 04-14785
April 25, 2004
David Redowl
David Redowl
27 YOA
610 West 3rd St.
Sioux City, IA
Woodbury County
April 26, 1997
Michael Booth
Michael J. Booth
45 YOA
510 15th #21
Des Moines, IA
Case # 1997-17132
April 26, 1997
Kristine Mitchell
27 YOA
100 Forest
Des Moines, IA
Case # 1986-17433
April 27, 1986

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