Welcome to Iowa Cold Cases

Welcome to the Iowa Cold Cases (ICC) website, the U.S.’s first public database to document unsolved murders and suspicious missing persons cases on a statewide basis.

Weekender cover May 20, 2004Courtesy Weekender
A Weekender series on Sioux City’s unsolved murders and missing persons cases served as the genesis for the Iowa Cold Cases (ICC) website. The first in the series ran in May 2004, and the ICC website launched in December 2005.

The site includes victim case summaries cross-referenced by name, the victim’s city or county, the year the crime occurred or by decade. It also includes a list of cases solved since ICC launched in December 2005.

Our goal is to create public awareness about unsolved homicides and missing persons cases and present information that might help solve a crime.

ICC incorporated as an Iowa nonprofit organization in April 2010. Though we are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency, we may at times serve as a liaison between them and individuals who provide ICC with tips, leads, or other information.

All official investigations are conducted solely by law enforcement agencies that may include a combination of local, state, and/or federal authorities.

Somebody knows something in every cold case. If you believe you have information that might help solve a case, we strongly encourage you to contact the investigating agency/agencies listed on each victim’s case summary page.

Thank you for taking time to visit our site.

We Remember: Upcoming Cold Case Anniversaries

Listed below are upcoming cold case anniversaries and, where noted, birthdays the victims would have celebrated.

Marlon BarberMarlon T. Barber, Jr.
15 YOA
2000 Blk Jackson St.
Dubuque, IA
October 20, 2012
Mary K. SenneMary K. Senne
21 YOA
4119 E. University
Des Moines, IA
Case # 1973-51704
October 22, 1973
Debbie LaubenthalDouble Homicide
Debbie Laubenthal

18 YOA
Roadway B-19 ditch
Palo Alto County
October 23, 1976
Raymond HenkinsDouble Homicide
Raymond Henkins

30 YOA
Roadway B-19 ditch
Palo Alto County
October 23, 1976
Corey PoffenbergerCorey Poffenberger
30 YOA
2211 East 37th St.
Des Moines, IA
Case # 2003-42059
October 24, 2003
Stanley GolinskyStanley “Mike” Golinsky
56 YOA
100 Blk Water St.
Des Moines, IA
Case # 12-33587
October 24, 2012
Fallen OfficerPitt McClellan Doxsie
34 YOA
Independence, IA
Buchanan County
October 26, 1897
Laura Van Wyhe
Laura Van Wyhe
21 YOA
Iowa City
Found along NE Missouri highway
October 26, 1996
Elaine Konecne gravestoneDoris Elaine Konecne
38 YOA
Ken-Lee Apartments
North Cherry St.
Creston, IA
October 27, 1973
News article
Lloyd J. Patrick, 85
Rural Route
Oskaloosa, IA
Mahaska County
Case # 82-05758
October 27, 1982
203-E-Lincoln-Way-James-Morris-ames-assessor-165James W. Morris
58 YOA
203 E. Lincoln Way
Ames, IA
Story County
October 27, 1991
1996-3-14-spencer-dr-hartkemeyer-165pxKarla Hartkemeyer
35 YOA
Rural Route
Warren County
Case # 96-03059
October 27, 1995

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