Welcome to Iowa Cold Cases.

This website — launched Dec. 14, 2005 and incorporated as an Iowa nonprofit April 26, 2010 — includes Iowa’s unsolved homicides and persons who went missing under suspicious circumstances.

Our goal is to create public awareness about these cold cases and encourage those with information or knowledge about any of these crimes to contact the respective law enforcement agency or area Crime Stoppers.

Website updates are ongoing, and the site cross-references cases by:

  • The victim’s name
  • The city where the crime occurred
  • The corresponding county
  • The decade
  • Cases where rewards are offered for information
  • Recent arrests and trials making their way through the criminal justice system, and
  • The growing list of arrests and closed cases.

ICC commends local law enforcement agencies who utilize the assistance from other jurisdictions and divisions within the Iowa Department of Public Safety (IDPS), most notably the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. The IDPS has resources not available at the local level, and teamwork boosts prospects of solving crimes.

We Remember: Upcoming Cold Case Anniversaries

We remember upcoming cold case anniversaries and birthdays the victims would have celebrated.

Sheila Collins Sheila Jean Collins, 18
ISU Coed
Last seen in Ames
Found in Story County
Case # 68-00287
January 26, 1968
Angel Herrera
17 YOA
1300 blk of Warren
Davenport, Iowa
Scott County
January 26, 2018
Jeremy Spencer Jeremy J. Spencer
27 YOA
2335 Hickman
Des Moines, IA
Case # 04-03548
January 28, 2004
Cecil Gaddy Cecil Travis Gaddy
19 YOA
315 E. Shaw St.
Osceola, IA
Clarke County
January 31, 2004
Timothy C. Earney
29 YOA
Albia, IA
Monroe County
Case # 84-00561
February 2, 1984
Guy Heckle Guy Heckle
Age at Report: 11
Reported Missing to:
Linn County SO
February 3, 1973
Norma Maynard Norma M. Maynard
Age at Report: 61
Missing From:
Boone, IA
Case # 9002361
February 3, 1979
Bill Douglas William Douglas, Sr.
Age at Report: 63
Clarke County, IA
Case # 04-01918
February 4, 2004
Louis Chambers Louis Chambers, Jr.
32 YOA
1400 Blk 5th Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, IA
Linn County
February 7, 1994
Frances Rafferty Francis J. Rafferty
58 YOA
Dubuque, IA
Dubuque County
Case # 64-00326
February 8, 1964
Alfred Allen Alfred W. Allen
73 YOA
200 blk of Warren
Scott County
Davenport, IA
February 8, 1988
Dennison Stookesberry Dennison Stookesberry
56 YOA
Reported Missing to:
Wapello County SO
Last Seen Alive:
February 8, 1999