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Photos related to the September 5, 1982 disappearance of 12-year-old West Des Moines paperboy Johnny Gosch.

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18 Responses to Johnny Gosch Photos

  1. Raychel says:

    Jeff Gannon is Johnny.. changed his name few times but always keeps the initials the poor soul here thinking he’s Jonny needs help .. noreen has personally met jeff now and they’re keeping that private . You must understand that Jeff is in a very special situation and only those privy to that information know. Noreen and Jeff are in contact and that is all I will say so please respect their privacy and to that man who thinks he’s Johnny . It’s very sad that you are experiencing this . Please get help and for the missing memories in you’re life please don’t add other people’s memories to suit you I’m sure you will find the truth eventually. I’d like to add this even though it’s all very sad , noreen is full welll in the knowledge regarding what happened to Johnny and has some sort of peace of mind now and will not be looking further on the quest to find Johnny as she doesn’t have to now . Make if it what you will but please like we asked leave the family alone and Thankyou fir all of you’re concern over the years .

  2. Advocate Dee says:

    Hello Johnny Gosch,… Please email me we have talked before my friend

  3. Anonymous555 says:

    the black and white pic of the older guy above looks like Charlie Kerr (google “Charlie Kerr Iowa” for mor pics)

  4. Nathan Hoffman says:

    I lived in Adel

  5. Nathan Hoffman says:

    I was born in 1974, this scared my parents and all my friends

  6. Carole Kelderman says:

    I follow everything, in fact my sister taught at your elementary school. I can’t put all my thoughts here, they would fill a book. But I have cried for you and Paul and the others many times. I met your mother and of course read WJCC. This is a bit of something that has always bothered me. Where can I add a photo of a car?

  7. Ali Kazemi says:

    Was the abduction done by CIA?do tou think the FBI didnt do anything for johnny gosch?do U.S government supports pedophilia ring?is jeff gannon johnny gosch?do child sex trade exists in USA anymore?is paul bonacci still alive?do cia and fbi still help children abusing?why it was no justice for johnny gosch?why the FBI didnt interviwed paul bonacci?is usa safe to live?was the emilio worked in the cia?why the court didnt charged larry king?was johnnys father involved in the abduction(was john gosch sold johnny to the ring?)was michael aquino(the colonel)charged with any cime?how much did you spend on private investigation?what did the FBI do for you?is jeff gannon johnny gosch?who supports child sex trade in the america?was the illuminati or freemasons involved the crime?

  8. Cassandra says:

    Could you guys even get the mothers dna and put it in the system and check to see if johnny is alove and has possibly been put in the system possibly by another name….?!? Probably wouldnt hurt to try. Iv losten to the series and investigators in thos case are so lazy it’s saddening. Its like they think its ok someones child has been miss for so long woth noone helping find him but only the mother. What if it was the cops/investigators child. Guaranteed they wouldnt give up the first day like they have in this case.

    • Johnny Gosch says:

      The CIA/Deep state kidnapped me and the Department of homeland security is running the cover up for them and threatening to place me in one of there secret prisons if I continue to speak out.

      • Yellow Bag says:

        Johnny Gosch is dead. No one, except Johnny’s kidnapper, saw him alive after September 5, 1982. Johnny has never “spoken out” about anything. Please get help for your mental illness.

        • Johnny Gosch says:

          Your violation of the comment policy only demonstrates your need to do the research required to uave a better understanding of the facts. PLEASE Read my Twitter profile to view the necessary photos of me and my birthmarks. The police don’t have ” Johnny’s” fingerprints because I’m walking around with them.

          • Yellow Bag says:

            So, where is this Twitter profile? You linked a private WordPress page no one can access. I recently heard about a mental patient falsely claiming to be Johnny. Do you realize how hurtful that is to Johnny’s family?

            • Johnny Gosch says:

              There is only one Johnny Gosch profile on twitter that has any tweets. I’m not a sheepherder so you will have to find it on your own.

            • Yellow Bag says:

              Sorry dude, but your birthmark 1) does not look like South America, and, 2) is nowhere close to where Johnny’s birthmark was. I know one of Johnny’s close relatives, and I know EXACTLY where the birthmark was. You don’t remember growing up as Johnny Gosch because you are NOT Johnny Gosch. Please choose another delusion.

              • Johnny Gosch says:

                You are just trying to ad more propaganda to the cover up by casting doubt at me. That is what trolls do. If they cast an overwhelming amount of doubt, all the doubts over shadow the Facts. Noreen has said hundreds of times that it was on johnny’s left chest. All anybody has to do is google Johnny Gosch birthmarks South American This will produce 6200 results of which there must be over 500 that describe Johnny’s birthmark as a large birthmark shaped like South America on his left chest. You need to stop adding more lies to the abduction narrative. You completely ignored the right side birthmark which is 80% the same as would be expected because birthmarks change over time. This is a fact that anybody can easily see in less than 10 minutes. Yellow Bags is just casting doubt in an effort to get the rest of you from doing your own independent research. Do not believe his propaganda. Johnny is not dead ether.

            • Yellow Bag says:

              So, you saw on Google that Johnny had a birthmark, and you have a birthmark in a completely different place, so that proves you are Johnny Gosch. The CIA must have used their memory eraser machine on you and surgically moved your birthmark 8 inches. Happens all the time :)

    • Johnny Gosch says:

      Yellow Bags trolled me on my other post and I will not entertain him any more. He is what people call troll, they work for people that don,t want the truth to be reviled.
      Johnny Gosch memories started emerging in me almost 9 years ago. Although I did not know this until about 3 years ago.
      This is way bigger than just the abduction.
      The truth about what happened to me has been elusive. I was subjected to a lot of mind control programming that involved a lot of hypnotism that was used to manipulate my memories. Memory control is mind control, we are all the sum of our memories. I have had to investigate my recovered memories in order to corroborate them in there truthfulness. The following is about 80% correct most more and some less. with help this can be improved. My memories point to a CIA mind control experiment where TWO children were programmed with similar personalities that did not know each other. Then they had them unknowingly switch places with each other where only the father knew the truth because both were active members of and help run some of the ninth circle child sex rings. Something went wrong and they ended the experiment with a semi fake abduction. OR the two johnny narrative is just part of my transition back to Johnny being my front personality. where he can play a more active role.Only time will till. I am only after the truth and the FBI and the CIA only want to hide me. I have a right to know what they did to me and why. WHY?

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