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Newborn Infant


Newborn Infant
Rural Route
Story County
Case # 83-01277
March 13, 1983

Baby feetA newborn baby was discarded on a rural road in Story County, Iowa, on March 13, 1983.

Information Needed

If you have any information concerning this crime please contact the Story County Sheriff’s Office at 515-382-6566.

If you have any information you’d like to share with Iowa Cold Cases, please contact us.


5 Responses to Newborn Infant Story County 1983

  1. LakeLife says:

    Was the baby a boy or a girl?
    They can get a sample & use DNA to find out what happened.
    This poor little baby deserves justice & to just leave a baby is SICK.

  2. Melanie Wood says:

    Yeah. What are they doing to solve this?. DNA?. No mention of the sex or race of this baby. Not much to go on to get the peopke responsible. I’ll never understand going through all of the pregnancy to kill it and dump it. Stupid. They will pay.

  3. MikeD says:

    I wish there was more information available about this one. Story county is where Iowa State University is located and this infant was found right around the time that would have been spring break. You don’t have to drive very far outside of Ames to be in a rural area. It reminds of Unidentified Baby John Doe 1992 that was found during the holiday break near where the University of Iowa is.

    I also wonder if they happen to have a DNA sample and if not was the infant buried or cremated. More unidentified infants should be run through familial DNA databases.

  4. Bridgette Suzanne Ebersohl says:

    With the new technology they have using to solve murders …. Also the didn’t report if that precious baby was male or female and if it was found alive

  5. Lorrie Lane Murphy says:

    Can they still get DNA to see if they can find the parents ?

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