Fallen OfficerJacob Neibert


Muscatine County
Muscatine County in Iowa
Muscatine, IA Muscatine in Muscatine County

Officer Jacob Neibert
55 YOA
Muscatine, IA
Muscatine County
June 13, 1896

Muscatine Police Officer Jacob Neibert was shot and killed on Saturday, June 13, 1896, after arresting two hobos for vagrancy. The two men overpowered and shot him.

Neibert was able to give other officers a description of the two men before succumbing to his wounds.

Two suspects were arrested but later released when officials determined they had nothing to do with the murder.

The killers were never identified.

Officer Neibert was a Civil War veteran, having served with the 35th Iowa Infantry.

He was buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Muscatine.


14 Responses to Jacob Neibert

  1. So sorry. God bless his soul.

  2. Sean Gray says:

    That’s odd. He would have been 10 when the civil war started. RIP officer.

  3. Sean Gray says:

    118 years ago today. Not 108. That makes more sense.

  4. Sean Gray I agree. R.I.P. Officer

  5. So sad he’ll never get justice :/ May he RIP <3

  6. Sean Gray, the age does seem strange, but this is what’s listed on the Officer Down Memorial Page. http://www.odmp.org/officer/17150-police-officer-jacob-neibert (And also is listed on the IA Dept. of Public Safety’s Peace Officer Memorial page at

  7. Dixie Cain says:

    It is possible he served while he was 10 years old. Drummers were all very young boys, water runners (gophers) whatever you want to call them. I agree that is sad that his family never received the justice he deserved.

  8. Dan Hofer says:

    The civil was from 1861 to 1865. So by my math he would’ve be 21 :)

  9. Thanks for catching the math error, Sean Gray. I’ve corrected it to reflect the 118 years ago rather than 108 years. Can’t believe I missed that earlier. :-)

  10. Is there a wall for victim’s of police shootings that anyone knows of. I’d really love for one to be set up.

  11. Good question, Frank. I’m not sure if there’s something like that out there or not. A Google search would probably provide some answers.

  12. I was trying to come up with a description of Jacob Neibert and came up with brown hair blue eyes approx. 179 lb and 6 ft. Would that be anywhere close?

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