Cold Case Endings from the CBS Series “Cold Case”

Yes, it was a fictitious series, though many of the crimes featured were based on real-life cases, including the murder of Emmett Till, the Columbine school shooting, and Philadelphia’s real life “Boy in the Box” case, which as of 2021 remains unsolved.

These stories about cold cases aired on CBS over seven seasons from 2003–2010, with each one solved during a one-hour time slot every week. And though there never can truly be a “happy ending” to any murder — solved or not — these are endings to some of my favorite episodes. Each one comes to a close with a popular song befitting that episode, and they leave one feeling hopeful. If you’ve seen the show, you know why I got hooked.

They are listed below in order of the Season and Episode number. My personal favorites (in no particular order): “Honour” (S3E08); “The Red & the Blue” (S4E11); “Frank’s Best” (S3E10); “Ghost of my Child” (S5E18); “The Promise” (S3E02); and “Discretion” (S2E10) … with one of the best endings captured toward the very end in a split-second expression on a young man’s face. Watch for it. Enjoy.

All excerpts copyrighted by CBS.


“Fly Away” — Cold Case End — S1E08
(DJ Sammy, Yanou & Do: Heaven)


“Glued” — Cold Case End — S1E12
(Genesis: Follow You Follow Me)


“Resolutions” — Cold Case End — S1E18
(Jewel: Hands)


“The Plan” — Cold Case End — S1E22
(Aimee Mann: Wise Up)


“Daniela” — Cold Case End — S2E03
(David Gates: Goodbye Girl)


“The Sleepover” — Cold Case End — S2E06
(Edie Brickell: Circle)


“It’s Raining Men” — Cold Case End — S2E07
(Sheriff: When I’m With You)


“Discretion” — Cold Case End — S2E10
(Travis: Why Does it Always Rain on Me)


“Ravaged” — Cold Case End — S2E18
(Bruce Springsteen: Secret Garden)


“Best Friends” — Cold Case End — S2E22
Music by Michael A. Levine, Composer


“The Promise” — Cold Case End — S3E02
(Sarah McLachlan: Fallen)


“Bad Night” — Cold Case End — S3E03
(Aerosmith: Dream On)


“Honour” — Cold Case End — S3E08
(Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind)


“Frank’s Best” — Cold Case End — S3E10
(The Calling: Wherever You Will Go)


“One Night” — Cold Case End — S3E16
(Lifehouse: You and Me)


“Joseph” — Cold Case End — S3E23
(Howie Day: Collide)


“Saving Sammy” — Cold Case End — S4E05
(Coldplay: In My Place)


“Static” — Cold Case End — S4E06
(Alexa: Scarlet Rose)


“The Key” — Cold Case End — S4E07
(Anne Murray: Broken Hearted Me)


“Lonely Hearts” — Cold Case End — S4E09
(Heart: Alone)


“Forever Blue” — Cold Case End — S4E10
(The Byrds: My Back Pages)


“The Red & the Blue” — Cold Case End — S4E11
(Tim McGraw: I’ve Got Friends That Do)


“Knuckle Up” — Cold Case End — S4E12
(The Fray: How to Save a Life)


“Blackout” — Cold Case End — S4E13
(Goo Goo Dolls: Name)


“Shuffle, Ball Change” — Cold Case End — S4E17
(Foreigner: I Want to Know What Love Is)


“A Dollar a Dream” — Cold Case End — S4E18
(Sarah McLachlan: Angel)


“The Good Death” — Cold Case End — S4E23
(Paul Westerberg: Good Day)


“Ghost of my Child” — Cold Case End — S5E18
(Nickelback: Far Away)


“Shore Leave” — Cold Case End — S6E05
(The O’Neill Brothers: Taps)

3 Responses to Cold Case Endings from the CBS Series

  1. Linda Miller says:

    This was wonderful. I wish I could get the full shows and watch tyem all!

    • Janet Wrobleski Belrose says:

      Start TV, 2 Episodes daily… In original order!!

      • Jody Ewing says:

        Linda and Janet, every season and every episode of “Cold Case” is available now on HBO Max. I just happened to run across it not that long ago. To my knowledge, Start TV, Roku TV, and HBO Max are the only mediums airing the former series at this time, though there could be other venues of which I’m not aware.

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