Cold Case Endings from the CBS Series “Cold Case”

Yes, it was a fictitious series. Stories about cold cases. Cases being solved within a one-hour time slot every week. And though there can never truly be a “happy ending” to any murder — solved or not — these are endings to some of my favorite episodes. They make one feel “hopeful.” If you’ve seen the show, you know why I got hooked.

They are listed below in order of the Season and Episode number. My personal favorites: “Honour” (S3E08); “The Red & the Blue” (S4E11); “Frank’s Best” (S3E10); “Ghost of my Child” (S5E18); “The Promise” (S3E02); “Maternal Instincts” (S1E21); and “Discretion” (S2E10) … with one of the best endings captured toward the very end in a split-second expression on a young man’s face. Watch for it. Enjoy.


“Fly Away” — Cold Case End — S1E08
(DJ Sammy, Yanou & Do: Heaven)

“Glued” — Cold Case End — S1E12
(Genesis: Follow You Follow Me)

“Resolutions” — Cold Case End — S1E18
(Jewel: Hands)

“Maternal Instincts” — Cold Case End — S1E21
(The Bangles: Etneral Flame) 
— Could not find copy without captions.

“The Plan” — Cold Case End — S1E22
(Aimee Mann: Wise Up)

“Daniela” — Cold Case End — S2E03
(David Gates: Goodbye Girl)

“The Sleepover” — Cold Case End — S2E06
(Edie Brickell: Circle)

“It’s Raining Men” — Cold Case End — S2E07
(Sheriff: When I’m With You)

“Discretion” — Cold Case End — S2E10
(Travis: Why Does it Always Rain on Me)

“Ravaged” — Cold Case End — S2E18
(Bruce Springsteen: Secret Garden)

“Best Friends” — Cold Case End — S2E22
Music by Michael A. Levine, Composer

“The Promise” — Cold Case End — S3E02
(Sarah McLachlan: Fallen)

“Bad Night” — Cold Case End — S3E03
(Aerosmith: Dream On)

“Honour” — Cold Case End — S3E08
(Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind)

“Frank’s Best” — Cold Case End — S3E10
(The Calling: Wherever You Will Go)

“One Night” — Cold Case End — S3E16
(Lifehouse: You and Me)

“Joseph” — Cold Case End — S3E23
(Howie Day: Collide)

“Saving Sammy” — Cold Case End — S4E05
(Coldplay: In My Place)

“Static” — Cold Case End — S4E06
(Alexa: Scarlet Rose)

“The Key” — Cold Case End — S4E07
(Anne Murray: Broken Hearted Me)

“Lonely Hearts” — Cold Case End — S4E09
(Heart: Alone)

“Forever Blue” — Cold Case End — S4E10
(The Byrds: My Back Pages)

“The Red & the Blue” — Cold Case End — S4E11
(Tim McGraw: I’ve Got Friends That Do)

“Knuckle Up” — Cold Case End — S4E12
(The Fray: How to Save a Life)

“Blackout” — Cold Case End — S4E13
(Goo Goo Dolls: Name)

“Shuffle, Ball Change” — Cold Case End — S4E17
(Foreigner: I Want to Know What Love Is)

“A Dollar a Dream” — Cold Case End — S4E18
(Sarah McLachlan: Angel)

“The Good Death” — Cold Case End — S4E23
(Paul Westerberg: Good Day)

“Ghost of my Child” — Cold Case End — S5E18
(Nickelback: Far Away)

“Shore Leave” — Cold Case End — S6E05
(The O’Neill Brothers: Taps)

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  1. Linda Miller says:

    This was wonderful. I wish I could get the full shows and watch tyem all!

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