Benjamin Roseland

Benjamin Roseland (Courtesy Iowa Department of Public Safety)

Benjamin Melvin Roseland

Missing Person

Name: Benjamin Melvin Roseland
Age at Report:
November 24, 1988
175 lbs.
5′ 11″
Missing From: Clinton, IA
Clinton County
Case #
NamUs MP #
Missing Since:
February 9, 2008


Case summary compiled by Jody Ewing

Around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, February 9, 2008, Benjamin “Ben” Roseland left a friend’s house in the 400 block of 10th Avenue South, Clinton, Iowa, to walk a few blocks to a Hy-Vee grocery store located in the 900 block of South 4th Street.

The 19-year-old never made it to the store.

Clinton County in Iowa
Clinton County in Iowa
Clinton in Clinton CountyClinton in Clinton County

He was last seen wearing a short-sleeved brown polo shirt, blue jeans, camouflage bib coveralls, white socks and brown camouflage-print sneakers. He took none of his personal belongings.

A large group of volunteers searched the area east and south near where Ben disappeared. A shoe was located in a vacant yard at the corner of 13th Avenue South and 3rd Street, and a short time later, its mate found sitting on top a snow bank on the street’s east side. Ben’s mother indicated Benjamin wore a pair of shoes similar to the make, style, color and shoe size of those found.

This information launched a more intensive search in the area east of 13th Avenue South and 3rd Street, and involved officers from the Clinton Police Department, the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, the Iowa State Patrol and the Clinton Fire Department.

In addition, the Eko-Sar K-9 Search and Rescue team was activated to assist in the search, and ADM security also assisted in the search of their property. The MED FORCE aero medical helicopter pilot — assisted by a Clinton police officer as spotter — flew over the area where Benjamin was last seen, and though the Clinton Fire Department attempted to put a rescue boat in the water, the venture proved unsuccessful due to surface conditions at the 5th Street boat ramp.

Ben Roseland with cat

Courtesy photo Roseland family

No additional items were found in the area.

There has been no activity on Roseland’s cell phone or bank account, and his friends have stated they have no knowledge of his whereabouts.

At the time he went missing, Roseland was a Clinton Community College student and resided with his parents in the 1900 block of Pershing Boulevard.

The previous winter, Roseland sustained a fractured skull in a car accident that left him with a vertical scar extending from his lower lip to his chin, a scar on the right side of his mouth, a scar on the left side of his nose and a scar on his chest’s upper left side. He had missed some school as a result of his injuries.

Another person had been injured in the winter accident, and Roseland was charged with driving on a suspended license and failure to stop within a safe distance. The case was still pending when Roseland went missing.

Benjamin Roseland age-progressed to 26 years. (Courtesy NCMC)

Benjamin Roseland age-progressed to 26 years. (Courtesy NCMC)

The teen’s loved ones stated he was remorseful over his role in the accident and would not have fled to avoid charges against him. He didn’t own a car, but left behind a significant amount of money in his bank account. He’d been saving since age eight and hoped to put a down payment on a house, but already had paid $5,000 to an attorney for representation.

Roseland’s family said it was uncharacteristic of him to leave without warning.

Photos in a moving YouTube video (see below) illuminate a close-knit family devastated by the young man’s disappearance. And in a June 2008 Clinton Herald article, the teen’s younger sister Helen describes how their cat, Felix, lies on her brother Ben’s bed, still missing him.

Ben Roseland’s whereabouts and his case remain unsolved.

Information Needed

Anyone with information regarding Benjamin Roseland’s unsolved disappearance is encouraged to contact Sgt. Richard Mojeiko at the Clinton Police Department at (563) 243-1457 or send an email to

You may also contact the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse / Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation at 1-800-346-5507 or Crime Stoppers (anonymously) at 1-888-883-8015.

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56 Responses to Benjamin Roseland

  1. patrick says:

    Israel Keyes maybe his timeline fits the crime same mo

  2. Timothy Wood says:

    has anyone heard anything lately on this case?

    • Nobody says:

      Tim, I have information on the disappearance of ben.

    • Nobody says:

      helma and melvin cronk are responable for the disapperace of benjamin melvin roseland.

      • Connie says:

        Have you shared your knowledge with law enforcement? If not, why?????

      • Helen Roseland says:

        Helma cronk was my elementary school teacher, what makes you think that? It was parked down the street was it not?

        • Tim says:

          Helen I don’t know if this person is trying to start trouble or if he is telling the truth but I wish if he has info he take it to the proper authorities

      • Laura says:


        • If a phone call to authorities do nothing, then GO to the station and demand they listen. I agree with Laura, if you are afraid for yourself, CONTACT THE AGENCY CALLED “QUE” and leave information privately . Please do what you can to help!!!

  3. Timothy Wood says:

    hey nobody I will do some research but how do you know those two people are involved. is he dead, alive, or are you just trying to start trouble. this shouldn’t be taken lightly if it is true.

  4. Timothy Wood says:

    I presume he is probably deceased due to inactivity with accounts, phones, etc. has the family been contacted by anyone with any info. also with the comment Nobody made about the two individuals they claim were involved, I noticed they live real close to each other. also who was involved in the car accident the profile speaks of. too many questions that the general public doesn’t know and maybe for good reason. this case is sketchy to say the least.

    • Nobody says:

      Tin this is no joke. The gold cross ben is wearing in the photo, I have a picture of it hanging from their cars review mirror. They have since removed it. ive seen the man wear the camouflaged coveralls. I also saw the brown two button polo shirt. I’m terrified of these two people.

      • Timothy Wood says:

        I am not doubting if you saw the necklace hanging in the rear view mirror or the brown coveralls and shirt. I do want to ask you or tell you that’s pretty weak evidence unless you can link them back to ben. I know a lot of people that have crosses hanging from their mirrors and remember you live in Iowa so there will be a lot of overalls being worn especially in winter. I can probably safely say you live in the Pershing area since you have observed this and that is where these two live also. please elaborate if you have more evidence to back up your claim and you really should go to the police detectives if you have good evidence to back up your claim. we all want justice for Ben.

        • Nobody says:

          well I know the man is a pediphile, non registered and the lady bullies little kids. I guess the two crosses are an exact match, but sure mass production. I’m done talking. Ive been at this for six months quit my job over it. I found out a lot but of course three items relating to him is in their possession and they have a cabin in the grandmound area is truly lack of evidence.

        • Nobody says:

          Tim last october I had a nightmare so horrific I called them people 563 242 9038 and said I know what you did, ect. The next day the cross pendant was off their car mirror. what do you make of that?

      • somebody says:

        @nobody seems like the most you have done for this case is tip someone off that could be involved with it and harassed an old couple(sure they sound like they deserve it). oh, and before you try and go ridiculing that father, try to keep in mind that you could never understand what he is going through unless the same thing happens in your life, i hope nothing in your life ever comes close to that, just don’t expect people to respond in the most pleasant way when something like this is sprung up like this out of the blue. what you did was done with good intentions but you really need to think about how you go about these things and what will be the result of your actions.

    • Nobody says:

      And I did call the law I told them I had a photo of the cross I asked for a fax# or a cell phone# to send them this info. They said they had no number they could not help me and hung up. also I did go to the parents house and I showed them the photo they looked at it and the dad verified it was bens crossnecklace. They just shut the door.

  5. Donna says:

    Please don’t give up, if what you know if truthful people will listen. Ben is my cousin and we want honest answers

  6. Angie says:

    If anyone has any information regarding Bens disappearance please contact the police department. Thank you!

  7. Erica says:

    Please if anyone had any information, contact the proper enforcement! Benny has been gone far to long, and his family and friends need answers.

  8. Wish this mystery could be solved. Any news on Joshua Snyder?

  9. Sarah Rushton, I don’t have any recent updates on Josh Snyder’s disappearance. Still hoping he will be found safe!

  10. Connie says:

    Has anyone contacted Ben’s parents and ask them if anyone has ever approached them in regards to “Nobody’s” statements?? (the necklace). I can’t imagine that if they were shown a necklace exactly like the one their son was wearing when he disappeared – that they would simple shut the door.
    If the answer is no , why not? Instead of waiting for “Nobody” to post more information – which may be a huge waste of time or it may not -It is yet to be determined.
    The information that has been provided by “Nobody” can easily be verified by simply asking the right people.
    If, what “Nobody” says is true – I hope that they know or remember this person – because from what this person is stating and all of the emotions he/she has expressed on this site /having recent nightmares/terrified of the Cronks/ quit their job over what happened to Ben, it would not surprise me if this person is directly involved in someway with his disappearance. I would urge anyone who knows Ben’s parents to ask them about the comments made here by “Nobody”.
    And “Nobody” I am sure you are on this site daily – probably several times a day..watching to see what is being said..and if there is any truth to what you have stated..please come forward..If you are unable too – for any reason. Please let me know and I will help you. You can’t leave these type of messages and then just disappear.
    That would be very sick and cruel; to do to that to this young man’s family/friends.

    • Sally says:

      I am not lying to anyone. I saw the man in the camouflage bibs and shoes . I saw the neckklace which I still have the photo, and the brown polo shirt went to to city dump in sept of 15. I called the sheriff’s dept they had no number to assist me. I dialed 563 243 1455 and left my no with Jenifer no call back on 2 9 16. I am not starting shit and I have no involvement. I also now know their cabin is in lost nation under the name of David Cronk. Never been there. Helma servers me soup one day on the job. A week later she said it had a special ingredient. I’m on bens side can any say I believe you only then can we move forward. I did go to Ben parents I did

      • Sally says:

        I’m not sick and cruel they are. I’m in for ben

      • Connie says:

        Text me 319 290 9060

      • rebecca says:

        My mother Susan ebensberger left those statements true I do believe so she has been on drugs committed and also hates her parents my grandpa recently passed but was my rock in many situations I grew up and worked with Ben when he disappeared I pray for u all but in regards to statements nobody made it is ridiculous

    • BigSister says:

      Nobody came to my parents home and upset the greatly. The police have been notified and we have yet to hear any results.

      • mcbrainder says:

        If what Nobody says is true, why did your father turn her away? It seems to me that what Nobody is saying sounds like it’s worth listening to and following up on. How the family would shut the door on someone who supposedly has what sounds like good evidence is beyond me. Do they just not want this solved?

        • Connie says:

          I agree, the information provided by “Nobody/Sally/he/she” needs to be investigated.If it was my family member, I would not be waiting for someone to contact the authorities. I would do it myself. I would contact every number offered; Crime Stoppers, Missing Person, Clinton PD, Ia Division of Criminal Investigations, until I found someone who would listen to me and fully investigate the information that has been provided on this site. I would be very interested in finding this “Nobody/Sally/he/she.” I would especially be interested in knowing how “Nobody/Sally/he/she” knows that Ben’s shirt was disposed of in Sept/2015 -“and the brown polo shirt went to to city dump in sept of 15.” Seven years after he went missing.

          • mcbrainder says:

            Most interesting thing about their claims are that if you look at a map of the area: Where the Cronks live isn’t far from where he lived. From where he left and where he disappeared, it was only a matter of a few blocks, but his shoes were found south, which was off the path, so it seemed someone saw him, recognized him, and from there, who knows what? But this kid lived north from where he was found and the Cronks live only blocks away. This person seemingly has something valid. If a case is cold from 8+ years, I would think the family would actually be receptive to this information.

        • Concerned family member says:

          I believe that the father was in shock and doesn’t know what to believe. This is not the first person to claim that they know what happened to Ben. There have been lots of leads. All different. The police don’t act on hear say which is what happens when the family go to the authorities with second hand information. This is why it is important for the people who know to go to them. It is easy to judge the father, when you’ve never felt what he has in his heart…

          • mcbrainder says:

            I don’t mean to be insensitive toward the father Concerned. I just think this person sounds like they may have something valid. It sounds like they even have some evidence. I don’t know how the father was approached before but I think there needs to be some correspondence somehow. Maybe an email so that Nobody can explain what they know and if he dismisses it then, then there’s probably a good reason. My impression of Nobody is that they’re telling the truth. Why no one is listening is strange. Why bother having cold cases listed if no one is interested in actually solving them?

          • Connie says:

            Has any family members contacted law enforcement and asked them to read what is posted on here? I think it would be worth their time to make contact with “Nobody”….

  11. another mother fucker says:

    Do the cronks have the same vehicles that they had 8yrs. Ago? There has to be evidence in the vehicle. Wouldn’t be very hard for a police officer to go to the dmv because he now has probable cause see what vehicles they had registered back then if they have them run a forensics search through them. Whether a struggle was in the vehicle idk. But transportation was involved at some point. Who knows maybe they are sick people and he’s alive locked up in their home. Doubtful but you never know.

  12. another mother fucker says:

    This cronk guy passed away 2/26/16. Could explain why his clothes are going to the dump. The man would have been 70 you think a 70 year old could restrain a 19 year old? If he lost his shoe he put up a fight and a 70 year old man wouldn’t have been able to cut it I’m sorry. I think “nobody” knows more than what’s being said he/she is trying to cover his/her tracks in the involvement. Keep having nightmares.

    • Lukester says:

      @another mother fucker . I just read all of these comments…I have been following up on Ben since 2008 when he went missing . I apologize for my year late comment but this Nobody or who ever this person is seems very shady to me . I really hope that the Clinton police has had this nobody person investigated by now and questioned .

  13. Chanel Farson says:

    I just came acrossed this. It gave me chills. I pray he really is okay and someday the family will know what happened for sure. I know what it’s like to lose people you care about very much. I lost my mom, dad, grandmas, grandpas, fiance, friends, animals, ect…I think it would be even harder not knowing where, how, who, ect.. I can’t imagine. My love goes out to these people!!

    • Melissa Bentley says:

      Every lead should be investigated.. Nobody gave u a lead and u wanna ridicule. What if thats the one lead that u needed? Now as the average public i can see why poor ben hasnt been found. U quit trying.

  14. Curious says:

    Did the police ever look into Chelsey Tinderholts family? The other person in the accident that was hurt. Her family was extremely pissed about the accident. So who knows…. just curious..

  15. Amanda P says:

    I have recently shared about this case on reddit on the Unresolved Mysteries page to hopefully bring some more attention to his case. My family and I were talking about him this morning. Continue to pray for him and his family and hope one day there will be answers.

  16. Mr. X says:

    Whoever “nobody” is, or anyone who knows or saw anything, please go to the Clinton Iowa police department or call them here: 563-243-1457

    Amanda P. I read your thread on reddit thank you for making that thread and I hope Ben and the other missing men and their families find out what happened.

  17. Lukas says:

    What i want to know is why the hell weren’t his shoes tested for fingerprints???

    • The Owl says:

      From what I have gathered from articles is that they do not know if they are his shoes. It’s possible they could be someone else’s shoes and if you look at the finger prints it’s possible that persons finger prints aren’t even in the system. I grew up in Clinton Iowa. I was a child when this happened. Growing up there were 4 places I thought were creepy places also places where someone could find a dead body. 1.The park in Fulton (the forest area) 2. Forest area around the bike path. 3. The thick forest area by the old Lyons Middle school (up the hill from Miller ridge) 4. Under the South bridge. I really hope they find him alive.

  18. Molly says:

    Often times a criminal will return to the scene of the crime to relive it. Sometimes I read these cases and the comments and wonder if this site isn’t providing a reliving the crime type of experience for the offenders. They can get on here, read about how the family is suffering, try to throw off the investigation…
    I know it’s a stretch, and I may be overstepping my bounds, but I think it’s entirely possible that on occasion people commenting may have been involved. This is one of those that makes me wonder. I imagine everybody who comments can be traced. I think it would be worth it to investigate people who are commenting.

  19. Will says:

    8 months after ben went missing andy cole killed marburger from sabula. Keep in mind these were both on the 400 block of 10th Avenue south. This just seems odd to me

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