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We currently have no cases listed for Howard County, Iowa. If you know of a case that should be listed here, please fill out our Contact form.

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  1. James says:

    My thoughts are the sheriff and the pd in cresco and Howard county are lazy they take everything face value they don’t investigate I know first hand they call murders suicide there u got my opinion and as for cold cases I. Howard county they have a lot of cold cases cause they don’t investigate nothing

  2. wendy bennett says:

    What happened to the info on connie craft?

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Wendy, I’ve been in contact with the Howard County Sheriff’s Office, and Sheriff Mike Miner and former County Sheriff Mark Grinhaug have confirmed that Connie Craft’s death is not considered a cold case. Mark Grinhaug said the official cause of death was “drowning,” and no evidence of foul play was evident. He said if someone has valid information about her death, that the current sheriff would be receptive to verifying it.

      I’ve passed along all the tips I’ve received to both Grinhaug and Miner, and if any of the information “is” found valid, I’ll go from there and work with the sheriff’s office in determining whether or not Connie’s case should be on the website.

      Thanks so much for your interest in the case!
      Jody at ICC

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