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Barbara Brim

Barbara Brim

Barbara Kay Brim
53 YOA
Webster City
Hamilton County, IA
April 25, 2001

On Wednesday afternoon, April 25, 2001, Barbara Kay Brim, 53, was shot in her rural Hamilton County, Iowa home. Brim’s husband, Larry Brim, told officials he found his wife at the bottom of the basement stairs in their home near Webster City after spending the afternoon moving farm equipment. He said his wife was fine when the two had shared lunch just hours earlier. Brim died the following day.



2 Responses to Hamilton County

  1. Larry Brim says:

    Your information is not entirely correct. Lose enough that it doesn’t matter.. If only someone had any information, maybe they don’t feel its relevant but anything helps.
    Our family is still in pain although we have tried to move on with our lives as she would have wanted. There is still a $30000 car reward to info leading to conviction. We have tried to keep our name out of the news for the younger members of family but contact sheriff. Thank You to whoever posted this, it is much kinder than the last person with all the false info.

  2. Erin Furman-York says:

    Any new information in this case? I remember this day, my parent’s names are Larry and Barb and when the new first came out, of course I thought it was my parents. Living in a small community, our hearts broke for Barb.

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