Mills County in Iowa
Mills County in Iowa
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Cold Cases in Glenwood, Iowa


Brianne Smith

Brianne Smith

Brianne Smith
25 YOA
Disappeared from Omaha, NE
Body found in roadside ditch
Glenwood, IA
Mills County
June 10, 2006

Brianne Smith, 25, disappeared from Omaha, Neb., in April 2006. Her body was discovered in a Mills County, Iowa, roadside ditch west of Glenwood on June 10, 2006. She had been dead for three to 10 weeks. Authorities believe her death is connected to that of Debra Ann Barajas, also of Omaha.

Debra Barajas

Debra Ann Barajas
44 YOA
Disappeared from: Omaha, NE
Date Went Missing: May 25, 2006
Remains found in 54300 block of 195th Street
Pacific Junction near Glenwood, IA
Mills County (jurisdiction)
Remains Found: November 14, 2006

Debra (Debbie) Ann Barajas was last seen the afternoon of May 25, 2006, heading to the Omaha vicinity of Park Avenue and Leavenworth in Omaha, Neb. Her remains were found six months later in a Mills County farm field near Pacific Junction and Glenwood, Iowa.


2 Responses to Glenwood

  1. shelley ulch says:

    would like to know if cold case detectives are still actively working this case

    • Geri Wyldes says:

      You would think that this case would be important since she’s not the only girl that was found in the same Vicinity.. But you know their lives don’t matter as much because of their lifestyle… Sickening because this woman was an amazing person

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