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Douglas “DJ” Shondel

Douglas James “D.J.” Shondel II
21 YOA
1000 N. 16th St.
Fairfield, Iowa
Jefferson County
March 11, 2001

Douglas “D.J.” Shondel II, 21, of Fairfield, Iowa, died Sunday, March 11, 2001 after sustaining a broken neck and head trauma injuries under suspicious circumstances. His pregnant girlfriend, Crystal Knight, and “friends” spent approximately two hours cleaning up the crime scene before contacting EMTs.

5 Responses to Fairfield

  1. My phone says:

    They were probably using drugs and that is why they were cleaning the scene . They did not want anyone to no they was getting messed up with a pregnant woman..

  2. Darlene Olshansky says:

    Well the girlfriend obviously knows something. She is either directly involved or covering for someone. How many friends were there that night? Female? Male? Were they questioned? Something is missing from the above information because it is too black and white.

  3. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    This is real nice. His pregnant girlfriend and “friends”, cleaned up the crime scene for two hours before calling EMT’s. I guess they wanted to make sure that authorities did find proof that they killed him. I hope someone was charged with obstruction. It might be an udea if they dumped his body.

    I hope she can explain to his child that mommy killed daddy.

    • Nobody was charged. And police said not any evidence to charge anyone .And the skank murdered his unborn child too and got away with that also. The police dept in fairfield iowa is lazy..and corrupt. Police letting the ho get away with murder while their other officers are eating pain pills they steal from the vet clinic. Another officer with domestic abuse charges but can carry weapon while on duty is now been moved up as a Sheriff’s deputy..and he beat on a woman after handcuffing her and charging her for domestic while she was bruised and bleeding from her old man at the time and his nephew investigated the report she made on him and of course found no reason to charge him with a crime. Something needs to be done with this police dept ..There is way too many illegal things going on. Too many crimes not being investigated right. Murder left unsolved cause they dont wanna do their jobs right .

    • Sheila Schaffer says:

      She lost the baby

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