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  1. Johnny Gosch says:

    The truth is very different than the Government Abduction Coverup’s narrative that we are expertly given by the likes of Noreen and the M.S.M. so much so that the truth is difficult to understand even if told by the abductee.
    Suppressed facts.
    Ted Gunderson found me in South Texas where I was being used to further the New World Orders agenda and Ted was made to work with the cover up by pointing at another person in Washington DC in order to draw the attention away.
    Noreen told the news and it aired locally before the coverup regained control of the narrative.
    Noreen and I were used as monarch slaves using trauma based mind control. T started awakening from my enslavement 15 years ago.
    I was made to visit Noreen with a 2 person mind control programming team to hypnotically access Noreen in order to manipulate her memories of Ted finding me.
    25% of the hundreds of people I’ve spoken with about this in the Des Moines area remember when it was on the local news here.
    This is just one of thousands of memories that Adam has become Consciously aware of. We are in the process of integrating my Johnny and Adam personalities as we become aware of each others memories.
    The technology used in these secret government programs are advanced and often extremely abusive.

  2. Ron Murphy says:

    The question is, who benefited the most financially from the alleged abduction?

    • Spooky says:

      Who and where were all the major drug dealer and hustlers in town ? No body knows anything ? Come on people, spit it out already ?

  3. Omaha PaperBoy says:

    Three person of interest that should be looked at.

    #1: Jerry Wintz: Jerry was part of the 5 guys that went to prison for the child sex ring. He was Chatsworth The Reindeer at Merle Hay May and lived at 6114 Rollins Avenue ( 8 minutes from where Johnny was kidnapped ). What interesting about Jerry is if you look at the profile of the Omaha Paperboys the FBI said the killer would be a loner and would take jobs that would interact with children and most likely be a soccer coach or scoutmaster which John J. Joubert was a scout leader. Jerry is involved in the Boy Scouts Sexual Cases. https://boyscoutssexualabuse.com/wp-content/uploads/iv_files/bsa_jerry-d-wintz.pdf. He doesn’t look like the person in the sketch and was 235lbs, but depending on his sex ring he may be involved in some way. Jerry worked at the Iowa State Fair – I find it odd that Johnny left for his paper route without his dad because he was going to go to the Iowa State Fair and Eugene article mentioned the Iowa State Fair – IS there a connection to the Iowa State Fair back in those days like Peony Park’s Sprite Night was in Omaha?

    #2: Sam Soda: Sam was the private investigator who involved himself in the case and supposedly told Noreen that an “informant” told they knew when the next paperboy would go missing. Sam ran for City Council in which he was caught in a lie stating he received some war medals. In the article that mentions Sam running for city Council it list his home address as 14th and Emma. Marc Allen went missing from 10th & Emma and Eugene went missing from SW 14th & Highview. Both of these locations are roughly like 5 minutes apart of each other. Sam also lived in Martindale, Iowa at some point would would put him in the Warren County area ( The license plate was warren county ). Sam wewnt to Dowling High School and would be familiar with the location Johnny went missing. Sam also travelled lived in Buffalo, NY and Kansas City and travelled a lot when he worked for Robert Bosch company – It’s mentioned that Sam as a private investigator would drive around at night and possible he may have shown the boys some type of badge to make them feel comfortable in talking with him. Sam was also a Polk County Deputy according in one of the articles and Noreen said Johnny was talking to some type of cop under the bleachers at her other son’s. Sam is also a dead ringer for the sketch that was taken and his family came from Italy that might make him look more latin as the description indicates. Does Noreen seem more crazy in here theories because of Sam’s involvement?

    #3: John J. Joubert: The Omaha paperboy killer actually killed an 11 year old boy 14 days before Johnny Gosch went missing in Maine. The thing is in the 14 days there is no real information on the whereabouts of John J. Joubert. He at some point had to report to Bellvue, Nebraska Offuett Air Force Base. John Joubert fits the weight and height of the sketch and in most of his pictures he really looks like three different types of people. John Joubert was driving a tan Nova Sedan which looks similiar to the Ford Fairmont. The main difference with John Joubert is all his victims were found and Johnny has never been discoved and he was arrested before Eugene Martin and Marc Allen went missing.

    Wilbur Millhouse would be another potential player, but yellowbag who says he was approached by someone knew who Wilbur was, but did see they guy who approached him with Wilbur at a some type of Des Moines Register event. Wilbur had 2200 peoples names in a book and said he was trying to recruit paperboys. Was Johnny and Eugene’s name in this book?

    • Tri State Girl says:


      Jerry was busted with the other men mentioned in the article. Maybe they look like the sketch?

    • Yellow Bag says:

      The man who tried to abduct me in 1982 was driving a Ford Fairmont, not a Chevy Nova. I remember the two rectangular headlights, which was I see online was standard for the Fairmont Futura that came out in 1978. The car was covered with snow, but I remember it as white, or maybe two-tone white and grey. Funny thing–I went out East for college in 1986, and had a girlfriend who drove an old Fairmont. It creeped me out every time I saw her car coming because I remembered the evil dude who tried to get me into that same kind of car four years earlier.

      It’s hard to remember a lot of details 40 years after the fact, but I don’t think Joubert would have been old enough to be the man who tried to abduct me. I’m guessing the abductor was at least 25 years old. The thing I remember the most is his orange and blue reflective jacket, and the way he kept looking in his rearview mirror to see if anyone saw him talking to me. He did not look like the photo of Wintz at all, or John Rossi’s sketch of the guy at 42nd and Ashworth the morning Johnny was kidnapped. Dark hair, angry dark eyes, well-trimmed mustache, Caucasian, and accent like he was from somewhere out East.

      I actually met Sam Soda through the Faded Out podcast and had lunch with him. Anyone who thinks Sam was involved is barking up the wrong tree. Yes, Sam could brag and tell some stories, but he came across to me as a guy with a big heart. Sam thought the kidnapper was a total lone wolf (if he partnered with anyone someone would have ratted him out for reward).

      • Dave says:

        Yellow Bag,
        I’ve been following your story through this post, and I find your story regarding the Gosch disappearance to be the most truthful, and logical.
        Are you at liberty to expound on your conversation with Sam Soda?
        You have made prior mention to Wilbur Mihouse, and his strange behavior and comments regarding Johnny, do you feel that Milhouse was physically present on the morning of 9/5/1982? If, yes? Did someone assist Milhouse?
        Or, do you believe that another party is responsible?
        Thank you Yellow Bag for your honesty, and candor.

        • Yellow Bag says:

          Sam talked to criminals, pedophiles, and even Mafia types. He came up with exactly nothing. His final thoughts were that only one man kidnapped Johnny, not a group of men. If it were a group, someone would have talked by now. Sam also believed the man was probably connected with the Des Moines Register.
          I do not know if Millhouse was physically present. He was, though, repeatedly claiming to know who took Johnny and why from the day Johnny was kidnapped. Millhouse became angry and visibly agitated every time he talked about Johnny. I have no doubt he was involved, but I have never figured out to what extent. Millhouse probably had dozens of victims (he received a 30 year sentence for sexually abusing 6 teens), and I still think the key to solving Johnny’s disappearance is for one of those victims to reveal the identity of the Fairmont man. Someone who knew Millhouse knows who that man is.

          • Cody says:

            Yellow Bag, don’t you have a photo of the man who tried to get you into his Fairmont?

          • Dave says:

            Yellow Bag, thank you for sharing this valuable piece of information. Did Sam have any thoughts about the Martin and/or Allen abductions? Sam made a comment in an interview that the Gosch and Martin abductions were slightly different. Did he make any comments as to how or why the abductions may have differed? Sam also made mention about how both Martin and Allen were taken within a short radius of Sam’s home.

          • Tri State Girl says:

            The victims of Frank Sykora, and his brother James Sykora, might also know something. Those kids would be men in their 50’s and 60’s now. At least some of them must still be alive. All three men worked at the paper. They could have been in the same pedophile circle together.

          • smith john says:

            Have you heard of a man by the name of Raul Saca Ancer? Rumor has it he was the abductor of Eugene Martin.

      • anon says:

        Yellow Bag, are any of these people the one who tried to kidnap you?

      • Doublecomfy says:

        Yellow bag. Are you aware of Ken Newell? He attempted to kidnap a wdm paper boy in 78. Was a scout leader and school janitor. Should have been around 32 years old at the time of your encounter. Dark hair and mustasch.

  4. Justice says:

    Has anyone ever looked into Reza Kargarzadeh? He is a wealthy business man in West Des Moines with a private jet. He has plastic manufacturing plants throughout the country and family ties to Colorado. He looks like the suspect composite.

    • Rattus says:

      If he is that wealthy, he probably would not have been driving a cheap Ford Fairmont.

      • Justice says:

        He wasn’t wealthy only middle class the year Johnny was abducted. In Persian and Afgan culture it is common for a thing called boy play where its a status symbol to have boys for sex slaves and pleasure. “Straight” men do this as part of the Islamic culture all the time and as disgusting as it is even the women accept it.

      • Justice says:

        I know that he has been involved in lots of illegal activity including recording sex tapes to pass around. He is known for providing favors, jobs, etc. He is a master at grooming young moms with children. The locations of his plastic plants should be aligned with other cases as he is known to frequently travel using a private jet to his business location where I am sure he does other activities.

        • Justice says:

          Here are the locations of his manufacturing. Interestingly one is in Mexico. He has family ties in Colorado, California and Florida. He has also been known to travel internationally to places like Iran.

          EPC plastic manufacturing is the name of the business. EPC, Inc. plants span across the following US locations:
          Alabama: Bessemer and Leeds
          Indiana: Scottsburg
          Iowa: Corporate Office, Grinnell and Kalona
          Kentucky: Lebanon
          Mexico: Reynosa
          Michigan: Saint Clair (Christian Haas Dr. and Range Rd.)
          Missouri: Columbia North Carolina: Siler City
          Ohio: Bellevue and Lebanon
          South Carolina: Anderson
          Wisconsin: East Troy and Osceola

          As well as our Mexico location: Reynosa

  5. justicebaby says:

    Has anyone ever looked into Reza Kargarzadeh? Is is a wealthy business man in West Des Moines known to be above the law and excellent at grooming women with children. He looks like the photo and fits the description only he is not latin but Persian.

    He has a private jet with manufacturing plants all over the country. He has signifcant family ties to Colorado. Strangely although in different neighborhoods (still very close by) he lives on the same street as Johnny Gosch. I have more information that I would love to share but it would reveal my identity.

    He is no doubt in operation with human trafficking even if he is not part of this abduction. I have more details but I cannot share here or would reveal my identity.

    • Brad says:

      Justice- is there any way you can provide more detail as to how you know these things without revealing your identity? Have you had an encounter with him before?

  6. Johnny Gosch says:

    I have new recovered memeries involving this satanic political cult manipulating this web site to delete my testimony from this web site about 5 to 10 years ago I had put several post on this site that contained most of the results of my investagation at that time. Shortly thereafter
    Mdybe 5 to 10 years ago all my post on this site were caused to be removed by the satanic political cult. I assume Jody Ewing would have a record of this. And be a honest witness. She has not responded to my email. Can somebody find when why how and what evedince was retained to prove this act of the cover-up?

    • Johnny Gosch says:

      My mistake, they were not deleted but are under the Johnny Gosch photos.
      This recovered memory still needs corroborated. It’s a memory of me being subjected to one of programming hypnotism sections , always by force and unable to remember afterwards, where the perpitrators were trying to sirpress my testimony. There was a phone call made to this website and the conversation involved the removal of the post. The person s[oken to was a lady IDK who and they s[oke to me briefly and to the lead programmer who was working for the CIA. He spoke for some time explaining other actions he wou;d take to have the post removed. This memory is most likely not fully emerged and has other memory fragments that will further emerge. I do not try and force them but each time I think of them there’s a chance that they have expanded where others disassociated memory fragments have reconnected to there original memory. I have decided to include this to help the reader have a better understand of how my memories have been e, erhing these past 14 years and how I have always tried to be open about them. My memory of this conversation between this web site and the perpitrrater still needs to be looked into. And should demonstrate the danger that me continuing to be outspoken about this is effecting me and how my creditabilty is damaged each time they make me forget or attempt to alter mine or Noreen’s memories.

    • Brad says:

      Johnny; it was 40 years ago yesterday that you disappeared. You have not been forgotten.

  7. Johnny Gosch says:

    The Government Cover-up narritive is primarily promoted by members of “THIS” Satanic political cult. Most members are NOT consciously aware that they are in the cult, like Noreen and most of our related families. The people I refer to as perpitrators are the conscious member who starting at about puberty consciously aware they are in the cult and are further trained to become monarch programmers in a 30 year menter protosai relationship who work in together. They drug and hypnotis us monarchs to control our actions. They alter our memories and place post hyp otic suggestion that we have been further programed using trauma, to create amnesic barriers and binding that I’ve been told changes a [pst hypnotic suggestion I to a personality traits. The government uses monarchs as school shooter and many other thing. They are used by most of the large organization to gather Intelligence because thier memries can be downloaded easily and they can’t keep secrets from thier handlers. This is a widely known secret and is vibable in the midea around us. TV Programming edigecational programming monarch programming that was even tattooed on many of is children which is the rocking X tattoo, which is the image on the top side of a monarch butterfly’s wings.
    The act of awakening is directly tied to this.
    It is the power of the human mind to believe something just because it was told to them. And the human ability to not consciously process our decision before taking action. That makes this technology so dangerous. And therefore valuable to the leadership and power.
    This technology is information based and it is access to this information that can trigger the awakening process to begain in somebody . Even just by reading what I just wrote. This more complex than just this but it is the ba of the hidden knowledge that is house at the Vatican. And many old books. Spells = hypnotism & pottions = drugs the government’s have just taken this to the point where they want a NWO. It is this underling features of the control system that is being changed now. Earth entering the information age triggered the great awakening cause the masses to awaken fast than TPTB can do the maintenance on thier amnesic barrier’s allowing people to awaken from a state of sleep similar to an mild hypnotic trance that further allow control of people subconscious.
    I am no expert but I nut know how it has effected me. My research is in complete and I’m about 80% correct so don’t through it out just because you find a mistake, this is just the nature of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I have tried to be completely honest and why I have chosen to not candy coat my testimony. I further want to express that I have no memories that point to ether one of my moms being perpitrators. And you need to leave my family’s alone, you will just cause some to be hurt or killed for something they know nothing about.

    • Rattus says:

      Both of Johnny’s parents have confirmed that you are NOT their son. Your delusions may seem real to you, but you have to accept they are just delusions. You can’t remember being Johnny Gosch because you are NOT Johnny Gosch. There is plenty of evil in the world, but your stories of CIA mind control, satanic murders, a million people singing Johnny Gosch songs…it’s all in your sick mind. Take your medications and leave Johnny’s family alone.

  8. None says:

    Isn’t it funny how everyone who is all aboard the “Faded Out”
    podcast starts to not believe the factual evidence gathered in the Netflix
    Johnny Gosch story, which involved America’s
    Most Wanted and Paul Bonnacci? Or Conspiracy of Silence? Then start viciously attacking Noreen, in particular “Tri State Girl”? Sounds quite personal for them so assume some of their family or locality may have been implicated. Somehow they “all know” he is dead…

    • Tri State Girl says:

      I’m not attacking anyone. I just follow facts. I feel bad for Noreen, and the families of the other boys. No one should lose their child this way. I just can’t believe how many people ignored obvious suspects, and then made up the current more well known story. A lot of people who “helped” Noreen ended up being weirdos. Faded Out is the only serious source to cover local suspects. There had been discussions on this site before about local people, and a little bit on Reddit, but nothing solid. There’s been coverage on other podcasts and YouTube after Faded Out, and it’s all the same old stuff again. The Netflix documentary showed a lack of investigation, and has been proven wrong. You have your beliefs though, and I have mine.

      • None says:

        I think you didn’t realize you got played by interviewing and perhaps taking the side of Johnny’s father who is definitelu
        not up to snuff. A lot of midwestern people
        might come off as unassuming and innocent, but doesn’t mean they don’t have some sick secrets. Look at JonBenet’s mother… she took her secret to the grave and how did that end up helping her other child? Would have been better to clear the air when confronted, then to face the afterlife with a guilty conscience hidden away.

        • Tri State Girl says:

          I didn’t interview anyone. Faded Out isn’t my podcast. I’m just a fan. I don’t understand why so many people don’t want to believe it was someone local. Faded Out isn’t perfect, but at least it looked into a realistic timeline.

          • Johnny Gosch says:

            There were 2 possibly 3 locals and more from a few other states that I can identify. I am begining to think about half of the people or AI BOT that frequent this page are here to prevent justice from accuring. If you can protect me from our government so I don’t end up like Edward Showden or worse like Julian Assange. Everybody needs to wake up, this is not the republic that was originally created in the late 1700’s. This new government is trying to legalize what they have already been doing. Crimes against children are unforgivable. Why are so many people refusing to accept the fact that the government did it and are continuing to do the same to other children.
            Look at the PHYCHICAL EVEDINCE that surports my finding. And don’t let these cult members influence you to not look at ALL possibilities.

  9. Anon says:

    In 1974, Frank Sykora had a 10YO boy staying overnight at his house to help him with his paper route the next day. Frank’s brother James S. Sykora molested the child and was arrested the next day. Another potential suspect.

  10. Johnny Gosch says:

    My brother Adam and I were born as conjoined twins who were both drafted into the CI*’s monarch program. The phychic research branch of thier phycological (mind control) research MK-U;tra.
    Because of the extensive use of hypnotism used to, manipulate my memories, my narritive needs nongovernmential investagative resources to help with the finel draft.
    Conjoined twin are known to be born with a phychic ability that allows them to know what each other is thinking. This This telepathic connectedness was the target of thier phychic research. The truth will be known.

    • Rattus says:

      Definition of delusion: “an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.”

      • Johnny Gosch says:

        That black and white photo of the guy Noreen says partisapated in the abduction is my other dad. The lower part of his ear lobe has been amputated, he’s blowing his cheeks out, there’s a 3.5oz gold Cuban link chain around his neck. The photo was taken by members of the, anti pedo alliance who kednapped him to exact information and evedince from him. The photos delivered to Noreen were his personal collection of political blackmail photos that have links to other child rape photos. The photos and thier agreement to allow me to fully awaken were exchanged for his freedom. They were partially photo shoped by the lead programmer responsible for my programming and then left on Noreen’s porch for my use and protection aftered I was allowed to fully awaken.
        Attacking my creditability and egnoring the evedince is not going to keep the current cover-up narritive in place.
        They have repeated that narritive so many times that it has become a false truth.
        My nongovernment and evedince based investagation is continuing on my site where we can prevent the large satanic political cult who operate in the shadows of our government from manipulating us with there many tactics like Rattus and others are using against me.
        Just because it sounds crazy, doesn’t mean its not true.

        • Geo says:

          Come clean tell everyone your true name is Adam Bevington and you have trying to pass yourself off as Johnny for over 10 years. A couple years ago in a phone conversation when Noreen asked you why your doing this I remember telling her she wasn’t going to live forever and you want a share of any inheritance? In our meeting Friday 4/26/24 we again explained to you you’re not Johnny Gosch. I I hope you also remembering Noreen saying no way are we going to open a non-profit for you to go around the country telling your story and if you try to tie a non-profit with Noreen’s name , initials or Johnnys name there will be consequences. Adam is clear you were a child victim of human trafficking were put though some form of mind control, drugs, tortured and other horrific acts. It’s sad that there are no help centers out there for you and the thousand other victims like you. You didn’t ask for this to happen to you. Of the victims like you that have crawled out of the rabbit hole and made a life for themselves it was extremely hard for them but they did it. Perhaps it will be easier for you to pull yourself Adam Bevington up than trying to be someone your not

    • Phil says:

      You are Sick! How can you actually come on this page under Johnny Gosch and protray and present yourself as something you’re not.
      Please Stop. Johnny’s Family and Friends visit here.

  11. Julia says:

    Why did you never see your mom if you are really Johnny Gosch?

    I am very interested, can you please tell me information about your childhood that the public does not know about, that only your parents would know about?

    Do you see a therapist to talk about what happened to you?

  12. Matt L says:

    Has Kenneth Scholz ever come up as a suspect? He murdered my uncle (who was also 13) in Crete, IL in 1951. He moved to Des Moines to be with his mother, Elsie Scholz, after he got out of jail in the 70s I think, and they are in the Des Moines phone book in 82. Kenneth would have been 49 in 82. How many people living in Des Moines at that time had that kind of backstory? Here are some articles about my uncle and the trial. https://mylifeofcrime.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/billy-rodenburg-murder-1171951-crete-il-17-year-old-kenneth-scholz-confesses-to-killing-13-year-old-billy-rodenburg/

    • Jenni says:

      That is a name that I haven’t heard before. Thank you for sharing this story. I’m sorry about your uncle.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Matt, thanks for sharing that information. It introduces a new name of a possible person of interest into the disappearance of Johnny. However, the body of Billy was found. A big if in relation to Kenneth Scholz, would be if he kidnapped Johnny, where he hidden him or his remains all these years.

      Also, one of the articles refers to Kenneth as a Iowa youth. But, it did not mention where in Iowa he was from. Also, you have him moving to Des Moines, after his release from prison.

      • Matt L says:

        I have Elsie Scholz’s address in an old Des Moines phone book from 1985. 1079 22nd St, Des Moines, IA. He lived 5 to 7 miles from each abduction site. That house is still there. Is there a way to find out if he or his mom owned a Ford Fairmont?

      • Jenni says:

        Kenneth Sholz was born in Crete, IL. He moved to Des Moines to be with his mother after he got out of jail. He died in 2004. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/121330632/kenneth-carl-scholz

        • Tri State Girl says:

          I see they have a photo of when he was caught. He was young then and wearing glasses. Does anyone know what he looked like in the 80’s? Maybe he looked like the sketch of the man in the car in Johnny’s case, or the man Eugene was seen talking to. Maybe someone who grew up with Marc might recognize him from just walking around or something. Maybe he was at Des Moines Register parties with Wilbur Millhouse or Frank Sykora. Maybe he went around the mall where Fred Sayre went after kids. Most of the adults are gone, but maybe a former paper boy from that time would remember.

    • Tri State Girl says:

      There’s a podcast called Faded Out that follows the theory of someone at the Register doing it. Maybe Kenneth was friends with Millhouse. What kind of job did Kenneth have in Des Moines? Did he work for the Register? Did he work at the mall? Did he work at the bookstore?

      Maybe Millhouse took Johnny, and Kenneth took Eugene and Marc. Or any other kind of combination of that scenario. I know the towns are close, but it’s definitely a possibility that different men took each kid. Or maybe Kenneth worked with local pedophiles, Millhouse included. There was a pedophile ring with other pedophiles busted in 1986. If Kenneth was left behind that would explain why there were kidnapping attempts from 1986 to 1989. Then it all stops. Maybe the group fell apart and Kenneth wasn’t as good.

      This post also shows us just how many bad people can be around you at any time. This is why children can’t be out alone.

      • Matt L says:

        If Kenneth did this I bet he did it alone. I don’t think the theories about a ring in Who Took Johnny added up to much.

        • Tri State Girl says:

          I don’t believe the documentary either. The people I listed were covered in Faded Out. Local pedophiles who could have come in contact with Johnny. Millhouse specifically.

          In Faded Out, and on this site, Yellow Bag talks about how Millhouse said Johnny was taken because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. The Paper really messed up. Letting two pedophiles work with kids.

          Millhouse had already been charged, while working at the paper in the 70’s. Sykora had been in the same home his brother molested kids in during the 70’s as well. Then Sykora was busted in the 80’s as a pedophile himself.

          There was also a pedophile ring in Des Moines that was busted in the 80’s. Other men, that as far as I know, weren’t attached to the Register, but maybe they knew Kenneth. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/26108166/mar-15-1986-reg-man-who-had-been/

          There were also the attempted kidnappings from 1986 until 1989. I don’t know what to make of those because Millhouse, a prime suspect, was already in jail. Maybe Kenneth was having his go at it. A lot of this is lost in time since all of these men are dead now.

    • Johnny Gosch says:

      Nobody has ever asked me what happened. Never. My truth can not overcome the false truth created by repeating the narrative above. It was not a physical kidnapping. It was an inslavement of the mind using trauma based mind control.

      • Tri State Girl says:

        You are not Johnny, and you have a lot of nerve. I really don’t get how some people can be this heartless. His family misses him everyday, and a lot of people know he is dead. Get help.

        • Johnny Gosch says:

          The way TRI State Girl attacks the truth because it doesn’t fit with the cover up narritive shows everybody here that she is working to keep the cover up in place. Using tactics taken out of the government\ CI*’s play book.
          Don’t address the evedince only attack the creditability of the truth speaker. The evedince so overwhelmingly supports my truth that nobody is even allowed to think outside that narritive.
          I’m here after the truth and this conversation involves me.
          I was there. I have the answers to many questions that the people have a right to know. I refuse to candy coat what happened to me. They manipulated my memories because memory control is mind control. But the evedince is physical. 100’s of physical prices of evedince.
          I will answer some questions if three of you are able to maintain an open mind and are willing to learn about the tactics used that made this possible. The truth is so different than the current narritive and that the cover up is so compartialmentialized that few of the individual parts can stand alone but become more understandable as it relates to each other parts. I’m telling you that
          This was done by the people who also operated the MK ultra programs and other government mind control programs.

          • Brad Grindle says:

            Johnny; if this is you, please know there are others out there that know your pain. I was a victim of a sexual predator when I was very young. I did not go through what you did, but I can understand the pain it leaves you with. I wish I could help you.

          • Intrigued says:

            Prove it

            • Intrigued says:

              Sorry not you

            • Johnny Gosch says:

              I have the evedince. I want everybody to help Protect me from our government who has been manipulating me since birth. I realize how crazy this sounds but I refuse to candy coat what happened which would only hurt my creditability more. To also understand that the CIA never does anything without taking a detour through the land of deniability or crazy land. That’s just how they do thing. I know because they trained my subconscious using trauma based mind control that allowed them to control my subconscious mind which had overwhelmingly influence of my conscious mind. Basically they compartialmentialized my mind into different personalities and personality parts who were completely unaware of each other. Although my individual programming dramatically Changed after Anton killed my formerly conjoined twin brother. Which caused the fake kednapping so I could be moved to Adam’s family. when I was I had already spent about half my life, 6 years living as Adam who was one of my well established personalities. Think of it like there were two Adam’s and two Johnmys but never activated at the same time who switched places with each other every 6 months in order to keep us as identical as possible. Both mom’s wrteneber aware of the experiment but victems of memory manipulation as I was. Memory control is mind control. This was done as part of thier mind control research that was also researching the connectedness that allowes conjoined twin to know what thier siblings are thinking, a telepathic ability used in prayer but much stronger which also gave Adam and I a strong connection to the sprit world which is the source of the power that is used by the elites to dominate the masses. The reason for the cover up of the research projects is it classified as hidden knowledge. The same knowledge that has been systematically hidden from the masses for thousands of years that is hidden the Vatican. This powers makes it possible for the, elites to dominate the masses. Allowing them amunity from prosecution so many became addicted to sex with children creating the elite pedo problem. I am God’s Messenger and I want everybody to know about this knowledge to eliminate the unfare advantage and the abuse of the children.

              • Intrigued says:

                What is hard to wrap my brain around is ..If you have an identical twin Adam ..no one ever saw him in all those years …? Where is He now ? Where is this other family?

                • Johnny Gosch says:

                  I have one recovered memory of being on the kednappers bed where they say “Adam died why don’t we ,ale him Adam ” and when the who done it question came up the answer was always Anton.

          • Intrigued says:

            If you are really who you say you are prove it

      • Julia says:

        Why did you never see your mom if you are really Johnny Gosch?

        I am very interested, can you please tell me information about your childhood that the public does not know about, that only your parents would know about?

      • Julia says:

        What happened to you? I would love to hear what you have to say! I have a very open mind!

        • Johnny Gosch says:

          Contact me on my website where we can arrange to speak by phone


          • Julia says:

            My apologies, I do not feel comfortable sharing my phone-number with you because I am 13 years old. I cannot help you. I am sorry about this.

            • Julia says:

              This was just supposed to be for an extra credit assignment for summer school because I got a bad grade in Social Studies last year. I was only going to put information from you that I got on this forum.

              • Tri State Girl says:

                There’s a podcast called Faded Out that covers this case. I think their more realistic approach would help you with your project. It’s on various platforms. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/263-faded-out-29268528/

                Episode 13 of season 1 is when it starts to get really good. Season 1 covers Johnny’s case. Season 2 is about an unrelated case in Connecticut.

                Also, I’m glad you didn’t give out your personal information to that weirdo. This guy pretending to be Johnny is clearly very disturbed.

              • George K says:

                If you listen to Faded Out as Tri State Girl recommends, I would be very cautious. The podcast has a very flagrant agenda to discredit Noreen Gosch and Paul Bonacci no matter what the evidence actually says. It uncritically accepted anti-Noreen and anti-Bonacci statements from the likes of Chris Birge, Johnny’s father, and Sam Soda, even though all three witnesses’ statements had seriously credibility issues. Chris’s witness statements of that morning were contradicted by all other witnesses; I’ve written about it before here: https://www.reddit.com/r/JohnnyGosch/comments/e948gx/chris_birge_and_the_sighting_of_a_van/ Johnny’s dad Leonard John Gosch repeatedly contradicted his own prior statements along with other verifiable evidence; I’ve written about that before here: http://cavdef.org/w/index.php?title=Johnny_Gosch_abduction#ljgliesSam Soda was a prime suspect of the Gosches who lied on the podcast about many things, including a claim that the Gosches hired him when in fact he tried soliciting them. He also tried to dissuade the podcast host from believing that Johnny’s abduction was premeditated and tried to convince her that Eugene Martin (whose abduction Sam knew about before it happened, according to Noreen) was unconnected to Johnny’s. Gee, I sure wonder why this prime suspect would do that.

                Faded Out is so egregious that even when they receive evidence contradicting their star witnesses, they either ignore the evidence or somehow claim that the evidence actually proves their witnesses are truthful. At one point, Sam claimed that while he was interviewing Des Moines Register pedophile Frank Sykora, another journalist named Mary Bock was in the room with him the whole time. He used this to guard against claims that he had in any way coerced Sykora during the interview as there would have been an independent witness. Faded Out interviewed Mary Bock, who stated that she may have been in the adjacent room (i.e. not the same room as Sam) but she was actually pretty sure she wasn’t with Sam at all that night and only got his tape of the interview the next day. Somehow, even though Bock entirely contradicted Sam’s account, Faded Out presented it as if she had confirmed it.

                There probably isn’t anyone out there with a truly objective view of the Johnny Gosch case. What you should do is read the arguments for and against various theories, then dive into the evidence to see how closely the different theories match it. I have my own website with the page http://cavdef.org/w/index.php?title=Johnny_Gosch_abduction which is a summary of the case that has extensive footnotes to sources that can be checked. Whether someone agrees or disagrees with my presentation of the case facts, they all follow from specific pieces of evidence that you can verify.

                • Jason Kramer says:

                  Your information is interesting. I have one question. If Johnny went alone to deliver newspapers, why didn’t at least one of his parents hear him pull the wagon out of the garage and/or hear the dog bark? The garage is right below the master bedroom. Both parents got up routinely at dawn for work and family responsibilities. Yet, supposedly, both parnets didn’t wake up until more than an hour after Johnny allegedly left the house.

      • Julia says:

        I think if you are really Johnny, you should see your mom. She will be open to hearing you. She loves you very much.

        • Rattus says:

          This is not Johnny Gosch. Everyone fake Johnny has taken his story to (including a friend of mine) has come to the conclusion he is a sick young man with serious mental issues. He looks absolutely nothing like the real Johnny Gosch.

    • Brad Grindle says:

      Hey, does anybody know if ‘YELLOBAG’ is still around?

      • Tri State Girl says:

        He is still alive, but I don’t know if he still goes on this site. If he wanted to add something I think he would. I don’t know if there is anything else to add though.

    • Steve J says:


      Let me know if you would be willing to discuss more about Ken Scholz.I can figure out a way to get my contact info to you. Thank you.

      • Matt L. says:

        Just saw this, how do I send you a private message?

        • WDMNative says:

          Also let me know if you need or want to share more information about Ken Scholz. He may have been in Pontiac prison at the same as John David Norman. He also lived right behind another Cold Case victim, Diane Schofield.

          • Patrick Kerrigan says:

            You bring up an interesting name John David Norman, who along with a Paul R Paske ran a major pedophile ring out of Chicago in the 1970’s.

            They were supposedly sending childten around the United States and the wotld. Supposedly John Wayne Gacy claimed that Paske was dangerous.

            Paske supposedly murdered three boys in vfc 1977. One of them was supposed to testify against Norman.

  13. Eddie says:

    “Dachshunds were bred to be hunting dogs, and like all hunting dogs, they tend to bark. Their bark can be loud, especially considering their small size. Many Dachshunds are sensitive to changes in their environments, which increases the likelihood of excessive barking.”

    So, the first mute daschund in history miraculously finds its way back to the Gosch household without waking up the neighbors with an incessant bark. This breed is known for barking, and barking loudly. Yet, the daschund Johnny supposedly took on his route the morning of September 5, 1982, did not make a sound.

    Must have been heavily sedated or the entire story is BS.

    This case is all about Gretchen, the daschund, that never barked on its way home to sit outside for more than an hour at the Gosch home without barking.

    And there is a Santa Claus.

  14. anon says:

    And now I see that former Des Moines register staff writer Frank Santiago passed away last year. So any institutional memory that he might have is long gone also. https://www.desmoinesregister.com/obituaries/dmr117504

  15. MikeD says:

    Anyone who takes an advanced interest in this cold case eventually comes to realize that one of the loudest voices has a history of spreading disinformation and fabricated stories in an attempt to keep Johnny’s name out there. If you publicly discuss the case in any form of media, and don’t follow this person’s narrative, they will attempt to discredit you. It has to be exhausting maintain their narrative, and I wish this person would clear the air. It’s probably the best thing they could do for the cold case at this point.

    • John W says:

      This is confusing and disturbing at the same time. I wish the known evidence and facts were the focus on this “documentary” and not the conspiracy theories. Do not get me wrong, I believe in some conspiracies and I think like everything else; there is a time and a place for such but not here.

      The photos that were left at Noreen’s door in 2006 look to be Johnny and some other boys, just by looking at the photos they appear to have been taken not too long after he was abducted.
      I am not sure what to make of him “visiting her in 1997”, that does not make any sense. We do not know if he is even alive after all these years and if he is alive, where is he?

      • Truth Bomb
        I was a totally controlled Monarch slave when I wäs made to visit her in 97. The purpose of the visit was to hypnotically access her and erase her memories of Ted Gunderson finding me in S. Texas as carried by most
        of the local news. And to make her react favorablly to the other guy who Ted pointed to in DC after Ted started working with the cover up. Many of you probably remember when they found me. I live in Lamoni, Iowa now and will continue pursuing the political cult who harmed me and continues to harm other children as you read this. And FYI I’m not a pedo as she says Paul says

    • Tom J. says:

      Mike, why don’t you just man up and say what you really think. Rather, you are just an annoying troll adding nothing to this conversation. Please just go away.

      • Eddie says:

        You added nothing as well. Do the same and go away, troll.

        You and I know Mike is referring to Noreen, and he is 100% correct.

      • MikeD says:

        I did though. I think the person that I’m talking about has been spreading harmful disinformation for the right reasons. I don’t think they are a bad person, but I think they’ll do anything to keep Johnny’s name out there. Unfortunately opportunistic people, pranksters, cons, and trolls take advantage of that person. This person backed themselves into a corner where I think they face legal action if they change their story.

        Anyway… just look at all the comments here. It’s sad how many people pretend to be Johnny or know exactly what happened to him. One of those people pretending I think is the person I’m talking about. Sad.

        • None says:

          The FBI refused to answer some simple questions in the documentary Who Took Johnny, and seeing how unhinged they are now, it isn’t hard to imagine how badly they have used their powers to destroy many lived and refuse to prosecute the guilty- or worse, if they were useful idiots to advancing an agenda.
          Johnny’s father was super weird in the documentary. the fact that he backs this faded out podcast tells me all i need to know about any “facts” presented in it.
          this Johnny guy was probably a victim of similar trauma and he probably believes he is Johnny because the real one also had severe trauma. If Jeff Gannon or Jeff Guckert wasnt the real JG then he too came off as very weird and controlled and the correct age. If the guy who claimed he was JG who died in Iowa a few years back, he too probably was screwed up. There was some sick stuff in the 70s and 80s going on because blackmail was even easier to do without the Internet and supposed deep fakes to deflect.
          I don’t know if JG is still alive, but he was alive for a long time after imo. Too many sightings with handlers to deny they wanted to use him. Paul Bonacci took AMW producers to the house of the prison guard. The children’s names were written under the house where they kept them.
          And a detective in Florida thinks some old dude taking bondage pics of young boys is just a joke? What bc the boys went along with it? In Conspiracy of Silence some producers had interviewed teenage boy prostitutes in Texas from the 80s. They didn’t think to help that boy? Just interview him? And, oh by the way, he was killed before the show was published as the interviewers casually states.
          This stuff was even stuff people watched and considered it entertainment. Think about The Sopranoes… so it’s okay a girl who is barely an adult is being used and hit on the show?

          • Jen says:

            So, according to you, the only “sane” people that are telling the truth are Noreen and Paul? The people that are talking about really elaborate conspiracies? Okay, then. This is exactly why the case won’t be solved. Too many people have decided conspiracies make more sense than using common sense when looking at this case.

  16. Euphemia says:

    What if Millhouse was the one late night calling the Gosch residents hoping Johnny would pick up the phone?

  17. JRM says:

    Does anyone believe Noreen’s account of Johnny visiting her in 1997?

  18. Jim F says:

    I find it very suspicious that LDS would block access to a TRAILER for their film on this website. A trailer is nothing more than an advertisement. In this case, FREE advertising for their product. So why block a potential sale? Somethings not right here.

    • Tri State Girl says:

      The film is a joke. It’s horrible journalism. They simply looked into conspiracy theories that sound fake anyways. When the film was made the Faded Out podcast didn’t exist, and Yellow Bag hadn’t made his comments on here yet. However, there were still articles from the 80’s about Millhouse, Sykora, that guy at the mall, and the pedophile ring in Des Moines that was busted. A real journalist would have followed those leads.

  19. Glenda Gottstine says:

    I have seen Johnny’s photo so many time and now to know the circumstances, I’m very interested in him being found.
    Please do not say hurtful things about his mom. No one can imagine what she’s been through unless you were in her shoes.
    For her sake, I will pray for answers.

    • Truth says:

      Noreen has viciously and falsely accused people of kidnapping Johnny just because they made her mad. That includes her ex, the police chief, a journalist, and even a private eye who all tried to help find Johnny. Sorry, but her victim card is wearing thin after all the crazy nastiness she has shown to others.

      • George K says:

        Pretty much all of those people who you mention made themselves a suspect in the kidnapping by their own actions:

        * Noreen’s ex-husband Leonard John Gosch lied about numerous aspects of the case and his own involvement, and was accused by several witnesses of involvement in the Franklin network: http://cavdef.org/w/index.php?title=Johnny_Gosch_abduction#Father.27s_involvement

        * The police chief Orval Cooney supervised an abysmal investigation that failed to even acknowledge Johnny had been kidnapped, was involved in prior misconduct such as police brutality and fixing an investigation for his son (https://www.newspapers.com/clip/19551322/speaking_out_p1/), and shoplifted “blank videotapes” and “screw hooks” (why?) from a Target store after his resignation as chief (https://www.newspapers.com/clip/27064185/orval_cooney_shoplifting/)

        * The “private eye” Sam Soda lied about the Gosches hiring him when he actually inserted himself into the investigation without their prompting. He had connections to the Mafia, and was able to both acquire and show child pornography in public yet face no consequences; Ron Wheeler, the first assistant Polk County attorney who let Sam off the hook, later went into private practice and defended Sam on charges of beating his teenage stepson (https://www.newspapers.com/clip/27525831/the_des_moines_register/). Sam told several lies on Faded Out, including the aforementioned falsehood about the Gosches hiring him and claiming Mary Bock was in the room with him during his Frank Sykora interrogation despite Bock herself telling Faded Out that she wasn’t; he also rather suspiciously tried to get Sarah to stop looking into Yellow Bag’s theory of Johnny being targeted by pedophiles at the Des Moines Register. And the Gosch family’s own suspicion of Sam was shared by both Noreen and LJG at the time (https://www.newspapers.com/clip/34484387/gosches_ltte_sam_soda/), despite what LJG tries to claim now.

        Not sure what “journalist” you’re referring to, but given that everyone else you mentioned was justifiably suspect in Noreen’s eyes, I have a feeling that they were as well.

      • None says:

        Another Des Moines good ol’ boys club member? It’s no wonder crimes of this nature go unsolved in those places- no one has the guts or open mind to see the plain truth because it is too scary for them to believe evil walks among us as mild mannered plain looking folks. Or they know the truth and don’t want it coming out.

    • Dan says:

      Well said. I dont know what i believe but i’d never say anything about a missing kid’s parent.

  20. Ron Munt says:

    does anyone know the address of wilbur millhouse?? (yes i know hes dead)

    • Roger says:

      Idk exact address but know exactly which one was his first house on the south side of maury past se23rd (I think it’s 23rd) drive by there often

    • JV says:

      His address was either 2553 or 2453 Maury St. in Des Moines at the time. I’ve seen it listed both ways in clippings, but I know the Maury St. part is correct.

  21. Melanie Wood says:

    Yes. Some of Noreen’s statements seem very far fetched. However the situation and the mental anguish and evil tricks played on her have pushed her over the edge. By no fault of her own. I have great sympathy for her. I can’t imagine the hell she has been througj.

    • George K says:

      I don’t think there’s any evidence that Noreen has been mentally unwell. Farfetched does not equal false, and what Noreen has said about Johnny’s case, as outlandish as it might seem to some people, is logically consistent and does check out. She has frequently explained the multitude of evidence backing up Paul Bonacci’s involvement in her son’s abduction, such as his knowledge of Johnny being photographed prior to the kidnapping, his awareness of a suspicious van being in the neighborhood that morning (which, funnily enough, Faded Out podcast witness Chris Birge inadvertently confirmed while trying to deny it; https://www.reddit.com/r/JohnnyGosch/comments/e948gx/chris_birge_and_the_sighting_of_a_van/ explains this more), and his identification of Sam Soda as a perpetrator when Sam had been suspected by the Gosches for years prior. More information about how much Noreen and Paul Bonacci’s versions of events actually check out can be found here: http://cavdef.org/w/index.php?title=Johnny_Gosch_abduction

      • Greg Caliper says:

        Then why hasn’t Bonacci been arrested. I read somewhere that he is doing well, has children.

        • George K says:

          That’s a question for the West Des Moines police to answer. With the volume of evidence backing up Paul Bonacci’s story, it’s inexcusable that they didn’t even interview him, instead deferring to perjury charges against him that the state of Nebraska *dropped*, and later relying on the recollection of unidentified family members a whole 10 years after the kidnapping to claim he couldn’t have been out-of-state when it happened. The WDM police hopped from excuse to excuse not to speak to Bonacci, as if they could afford to be picky in a case that had been cold for a decade.

          Were Bonacci’s story to finally be taken seriously by LE, though, it is unlikely he would be held as culpable, given his account that he was forced into assisting the kidnapping: both physically at gunpoint and mentally by being a victim of the Franklin ring nearly since birth.

  22. Greg Caliper says:

    I have not yet read or heard a peep from Johnny’s step brother or step sister. Why?

  23. anon says:

    Patrick D. Baird died in 2004.
    Jerry Wintz died in 1999.
    Stephen Woodcock died in 2007.
    David Graham died in 2014.
    Frank Sykora died last year.
    Wilbur Millhouse died in 2015.

  24. Tri State Girl says:

    Were there other missing kids before Johnny in the 80’s or even the late 70’s? I know Eugene Martin and Marc Allen were kidnapped after Johnny, and that from ’86 to ’89 there were other attempts, that thankfully failed. Were there possibly other attempts back around 1982 that people ignored? Or maybe kids felt they couldn’t report them?

  25. Constance Combs says:

    If Johnny Gosch was alive as Noreen Gosch has suggested, perhaps he now has children or grandchildren. Although it is a long shot, I think Johnny’s parents should submit DNA tests to Ancestry.com and 23 and Me with law enforcement serving as administrator of the dna results. When the results come back, the raw data should be uploaded for free to gedmatch, my heritage, and family tree. Then if there are close family matches with cms in the range of a parent child, grandparent to grandchild, or great grandparent to great grandchild relationship this would indicate he is alive. If no such results come in then he probably is not alive. This should be done before the death of Johnny’s parents. The cm relationships can be determined by using the free online DNA Painter and typing in the cm number of a dna match and tgen scrolling down to see the possible relationships.

  26. Missing says:

    It’s far from unheard of for a young kidnap victim to be corrupted, and as a result, behave in ways that make them complicit in their own disappearance at that point.

  27. Anna says:


  28. Charles Bailey says:

    Here’s an AP story that ran in 1986:

    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) _ The mother of missing paperboy Johnny Gosch said Tuesday that both she and police know who abducted her son four years ago and that police are ″doing everything within their legal boundaries″ to arrest them.

    Noreen Gosch said she has known the identities of three Des Moines men and a pedophile ″contact″ in Houston for six months, and that her knowledge has caused numerous threats against members of her family.

    She declined to identify the men. Lt. Lyle McKinney of the West Des Moines police, who has worked on the Gosch disappearance, said he was aware of Mrs. Gosch’s statements but would have no comment.

    ″The Johnny Gosch disappearance case is an active investigation,″ he said. ″We will act on any information furnished to us.″ He would not say if police know the identities of the abductors.

    Mrs. Gosch had vague answers to several questions, saying her news release had ″hidden messages″ that the abductors would understand. She said there was a risk that the kidnappers would try to flee but ″that would be revealing, too, wouldn’t it?″

    Gosch disappeared while preparing to deliver Sunday newspapers near his West Des Moines home Sept. 5, 1982.

    ″We now have evidence providing the identity (of the abductors),″ Mrs. Gosch said. ″The crime was organized. We know who these people are and where they are located. We have received very serious threats to members of the family concerning this aspect of the investigation. It is in our best interest to bring this information out to the public.″

    She said that the abductors know she knows who they are but may not know that she has also told police.

    The family, she said, has cancelled its offer of a $200,000 reward for information leading to Johnny’s whereabouts. Rewards from other sources still are available, she said.

    Mrs. Gosch has been strongly critical of police efforts to find her son in the past, but she said police are now cooperating. ″Police have been apprised of every development,″ she said.

    She wouldn’t say what is being done to apprehend the men, however. ″At this time, they are doing everything within their legal boundaries. We know who they are. I can’t comment on what’s happening legally.

    ″There’s a lot I can’t tell you,″ she said.

    • anon says:

      Holy buckets! In Houston? Houston is where Roger Matice lived before he went to prison. Roger Matice is the guy accused of assaulting the paper boy in Cedar Rapids.

      • Jeebz12 says:

        You guys stop with the whole Roger Dean Mattice thing. Good Lord!!!! Yes he was a pedo in the area but so were tons of other people in the area at the time probably thousands. Go listen to Sarah Dimeo’s Faded Out podcast to understand what happened in the case. Yellowbag thank you for all the work you have done with Sarah on the case.

    • JV says:

      If any of this were true, there would have been arrests and a resolution not long after… Unfortunately, I believe Noreen became susceptible to people putting ideas into her head, and as time went on and the case remained unsolved, she was more willing to accept that a grand conspiracy and cover-up was the only logical reason it hasn’t been solved. It’s very sad, and I feel horrible for her, but logically the stories she has told over the years don’t add up. Once Bonacci surfaced in 89, the whole case really went off the rails.

  29. Charles Bailey says:

    I have numerous questions regarding this case. Here are two: Did the eyewitnesses at Ashworth and 42nd see the Birge’s car make a left turn from Marcourt onto 42nd. What kind of car was Chris’ father driving that morning?

  30. Robert Dye says:

    This is a cold-case from Pittsburg County, OK, from 1995. The young man in the facial reconstruction is thought to have been in his early 20’s, which is the right age.

    Am I the only one who think this looks both like Johnny Gosch and also a bit like his father?


    • j r kennedy says:

      The Gosches also submitted dental and genetic records for johnny. Maybe OK couldnt do gene tests in 1995. They could do so now with the cadaver. Can you check? I have no background onOK case.

  31. Charles Bailey says:

    I’m writing a book about the case, with the emphasis on old newspaper accounts, as well as the developments that have unfolded over the past two years.

  32. Charles Bailey says:

    Hello Yellowbag. I know it’s been a long time, but do you remember how long it typically took you to pick up and assemble your Sunday papers? Also, how many stops were on your route and how long did it take to complete the route, from the moment you left the house to returning home.

    Johnny had 37 stops on his Sunday route. The Francrest Circle cul de sac has nine homes, all of which sit on small lots. It shouldn’t have taken Johnny any more than 10 minutes to drop each paper at the front door of each home. Ten minutes into his route, Johnny completed 25% of his stops. He should have completed his route in about an hour.

    Timing is critical in solving this case. According to reports, the first phone call received at the Gosch home arrived between 7:00 and 7:45 am. Johnny picked up his papers around 6 am. He should have completed the route around 7 am.

    • Yellow Bag says:

      It did not take long to assemble the Sunday newspapers. The advertisement inserts came separately, so it was just a matter of shoving one into each newspaper. If I remember correctly, the routes had around 40-50 newspapers each. An hour sounds about right for delivery time. There was a certain time (deadline) at which if papers were not delivered the Register would send a courier and fine the carrier for each missed delivery.

      Did Johnny get some of the papers out? If so, I wonder why he would have returned to Marcourt. The Sunday papers were so big back then that it was impossible to get more than 15 or so in a yellow bag. I remember riding out on my bike, and later moped, to “stage” assembled paper bundles so I could reload along my route. If John pulled a wagon, he should not have had any problem taking all 37 newspapers with him.

  33. Yellow Bag says:

    Wilbur Millhouse and Frank Sykora, two former Des Moines Register employees, were both convicted of sexually abusing teen boys in the 1980’s. Millhouse told me several times that he knew who took Johnny and why. Last fall, I found a photo of the man who approached me in a Ford Fairmont in 1982, and guess what–he was a Des Moines Register employee. I think the key to solving Johnny’s disappearance is to find former victims of Register employees and ask them exactly what they remember hearing around the time of Johnny’s disappearance. I know the odds are against it, but I’m wondering if any former victims read this website and would be willing to speak out? Millhouse and Sykora had at least seven victims they were charged with abusing, but there may have been dozens more who never said a word about what happened to them.

    • Bob says:

      I was Roosevelt area carrier .yellow bag ever
      go camping w/millhouse.I dont remember
      names cant help there but have alot (everything but the fairmont) in common.play softball?

      • Yellow Bag says:

        Hi Bob,
        I don’t remember Millhouse ever mentioning taking boys camping, but 37 years ago was a long time (I could have forgotten). I do remember Millhouse calling me multiple times trying to get me to meet him behind his house at night. I vaguely remember playing softball once with Millhouse. Were you abused by Millhouse? Did you ever hear anything about what happened to Johnny? My thought is: If Millhouse told me he knew what happened to Johnny, Millhouse may have told his victims much much more.

    • Charles Bailey says:

      Hello Yellow Bag. In an earlier post, you mentioned Sunday carriers prepared the papers at home before setting off for delivery. This makes the third different possible way Johnny started his day. A couple of witnesses had him at 42nd and Ashworth and Chris Birge said on the podcast Johnny came up Marcourt to 42nd Street. Did every carrier throughout the metro assemble Sunday papers at home? Thanks in advance.

      • Yellow Bag says:

        Hi Charles,
        It was entirely possible to assemble Sunday papers at the bundle drop, especially if the weather was nice. I assume Johnny did that at 42nd and Marcourt. I think it’s likely the kidnapper parked his car, walked up to Johnny, and throttled Johnny with Johnny’s own paper bag straps (the yellow bag has never been found). I talked to John Rossi, and he told me about seeing Johnny at 42nd and Ashworth before the kidnapping. John was there picking up paper bundles to take them home so his son could assemble the papers there. Some questions I still have: 1) Was the guy John saw even involved in Johnny’s kidnapping? 2) Why did Johnny walk to Ashworth if he picked his papers up on Marcourt? 3) How did Johnny’s dog get back in the house if Johnny took the dog with him?

        • Bob says:

          I was 17 in 1982 not much contact w/wilbur except softball team.I was more late 70s early 80s.the phone calls the 100$ bills the creepy “kids” all to familiar.Are you a TRHS area.I’m not a victim .I was approached by a large man on foot while delivering asking where the party at ,where can a guy get some action that sort of stuff.I can remember saying something like how would i know I’m only 13. I kept my distance as he.followed on foot for ahout a block at which point I dropped everything and ran like helll 2 blocks home. Today I still say i could’ve been johnny.
          True story

          • Yellow Bag says:

            I was an East High student when I met Millhouse. In 1982, when my family moved and I applied for a paper route in the Four Mile area, I got a creepy phone call from someone who knew the schools I had attended and described where items were located in my bedroom. There was a wooded vacant lot next to my house and he apparently had watched me there with binoculars. I am sure now that it was Millhouse. Did Millhouse ever say anything to you about Johnny Gosch? Do you know anyone that Millhouse hung out with? Do you know anyone Millhouse sexually abused? The DM Register rehired Wilbur Millhouse in 1978 AFTER he had been arrested for sexual abuse in 1975. As someone said, “They had to have known about Millhouse because his arrest was in their own damn paper.” If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend listening to the Faded Out Podcast, beginning with episode 13. Sarah Dimeo, a journalist from Connecticut, has done a great job looking into the likelihood that Johnny Gosch was kidnapped by a local person.

        • Charles Bailey says:

          Hello Yellow Bag. The questions to you answers are 1) No 2) He didn’t 3) The presence of the dog is highly questionable, as are many other facets of this case.

          • Yellow Bag says:

            I think you are right about #1. John Rossi told me the blue car at 42nd and Ashworth was probably a Mercury. John remembers the license plate hanging under the bumper, not above it. PJ Smith saw a silver Ford Fairmont at 42nd and Marcourt when Johnny was kidnapped. There is no reason to assume the two cars are connected in any way, other than John Rossi saw the Mercury driver talking to Johnny Gosch. I have to disagree with you on #2. John is an intelligent man and Johnny Gosch’s photo was all over the news. I just can’t believe that John would be mistaken about seeing Johnny talking to a man at 42nd and Ashworth. John still remembers it like it happened yesterday. I have walked that area a couple times, and it is not unreasonable to believe Johnny pulled his wagon through his back yard, went east on Ashworth, then north on 42nd to get to his paper drop at 42nd and Marcourt. It may have been a longer route, but perhaps less hilly. The stuff about flashing dome lights, a man coming out between two houses, chloroform, Johnny slumped over his wagon–none of that has ever been verified by anyone.

            • klh says:

              Why do you think it is 2 separate cars? A Mercury Zephr and Ford Fairmont are basically the same car. With it being around sunrise, it is possible that one person saw the car as two tone blue and other gray/black simply because one person saw the car before sunrise, the other person after sunrise.

              • Dave says:

                It was 45 minutes before sunrise and 15 mintues before dawn. It was dark as night. There is no way anyone saw anything at 6 am on the morning of September 5, 1982.

                You can’t see much from the corner of 42nd and Ashworth to the corner of 42nd and Marcourt during the middle of a sunny afternoon.

            • None says:

              You are assuming because you knew him or knew of him, that his dad would not have been complicit in his kidnapping. It might be harder to have an open mind to that possibility. However, many confirmed weirdos were able to put on a good public face, and even private face. Deception can run very deep the worse the perversion they engage in.

        • J R Kennedy says:

          The last reply was intended for yellow bag only. If anyone else sees it please disregard. However, if you do know yelllow bag or his email please send it so I can pass this message to him more expediently.

          • J R Kennedy says:

            The last reply was intended for yellow bag only. If anyone else sees it please disregard. However, if you do know yelllow bag or his email please send it so I can pass this message to him more expediently.
            Im at Jrobertkn@gmail.com

    • Lee says:

      Yellow Bag – how did you find a photo of the man who approached you in the Ford Fairmont? Can you provide the link? Have you told the police? Thanks

    • J R Kennedy says:

      I know 2 other abductors of JG that knew Millhouse. You may have seen them. Please send me your email and I will send you photos to ID them.

      • Yellow Bag says:

        Due to some threats I have received, I would prefer not to post my email address on this website. If you have any specific information on the Gosch or Martin kidnappings, it would probably be best to contact DMPD homicide. Detective Shannon has my contact information, and I have told him everything I remember about the guy who tried to abduct me in 1982. You could also forward the photos to Mark Hinshaw, a WDM attorney who knows how to contact me.

    • Anonymous555 says:

      can you reveal more about how you found the photo and post a link

    • JV says:

      Yellow Bag, who was the photograph of that you found who you believe was the Fairmont man? That would be a huge lead in this!

  34. Theodora Dellolio says:

    Eugene you make no sense, you just talk nonsense and hatred. Something is wrong with a person who acts the way you do. Grow up!

  35. CW says:

    Why is everyone bitching and complaining about what Noreen does to her website or what not? I know it’s been over 30 years but for Christ’s sake have some sympathy… having a child kidnapped and going through all the shit that she’s gone through cut her some slack…. have you ever had a child kidnapped or murdered and not knowing? Maybe that’s just the way she’s dealt with it all these years…… back the hell off… just let her be

    • Eugene Gosch says:

      She needs to back off. Her foundation no longer exists, yet she claims it does. Why don’t you educate yourself about what is really going on by reading and listening to the research performed by people outside of Noreen’s cult-like camp. She even accused her husband of burying Johnny in a crawl space at 1004 Marcourt. What a joke!

      Why don’t you back the hell off and start getting with the new information. She should have never made the documentary or went after Sarah DiMeo, who has done a great job revealing what really happened.

      Noreen has taken advantage of Johnny’s disappearance and I am not alone in thinking that.

      The truth shall set you free!

      • Eugene Gosch says:

        Here is a link that will give you an idea about where the Johnny Gosch Foundation (Help Find Johnny Gosch, Inc.) stands with the IRS. I talked to a few people that work in the West Tower on Valley West Drive where the Foundation leased an expensive to rent space for several years. Every one of the people I spoke with stated the non-profit simply “disappeared.”

        Now, get off your lethargic ass and do some frickin’ research.

      • George K says:

        Why don’t you stop lying? Yes, it’s true that the JG Foundation lost its tax-exempt status. But had you bothered to do any research, you would have seen that this happened in 2011 (https://i.imgur.com/jfsH8WT.png), meaning that the cessation of maintaining that status predated the documentary. Will you be retracting your claim that forms stopped being filed “after the documentary lines Noreen’s pockets”?

        Interesting that you should say “The truth shall set you free”, as that was your username on Franklin Files. And while there, you made some pretty startling insinuations if not outright murder accusations against both Noreen and her then-husband LJG.

        > […] Leonard has easy access to lime […]

        > […] Lime slows decomposition, which reduces the stench considerably. Just throwing that out there.
        > I forgot to mention the Register reported the day after the disappearance that Leonard found the vacated newspaper wagon and delivered the full load of 37 Sunday editions of the Des Moines Register, instead of going back home to call police. I find that odd. […]

        > […] The only conspiracy here is the one that involves both parents, regardless if they killed Johnny or simply conspired to make it happen. […]

        Back then, you were quite suspicious of LJG. But I guess that as soon as he validated your virulent hatred of Noreen, he became a credible guy in your book. It doesn’t matter, I suppose, how many discrepancies there are in LJG’s statements. Meanwhile, as you call Noreen crazy for accusing LJG of burying Johnny underneath his house (an allegation that rests solely on LJG’s dubious word), you accused Noreen of burying Johnny’s body underneath her house:

        > […] On Saturday October 20, 1982, Leonard leads a search team to search for Johnny in an area that resembles the psychic “perspective.” No body is found at the section of rural area between Hickman and University Avenue adjacent to Interstate 35/80.
        > But wait…I know of another area where all of the psychic predictions comes true. I lived here in 1982 and I am back again.
        > Care to venture where that area is, Noreen? Could it below the hill you live on in West Des Moines?

        • Eugene Gosch says:

          It is easy to distract you, George. While you attempt to place the blame on Leonard, you clearly miss the bigger picture.

          The resolution of the case might be near, and it does not assign guilt to either John Sr. or Noreen. I’ve known this for a long time. I lived here when it went down. You did not. You were not even alive.

          Just the facts. Johnny was taken by a local perp.

          Son, you are way too young to understand what was going on in Des Moines back in the early 70s and throughout most of the 80s. Let the adults sort this out.

          Now, back to your school books, lad.

          • George K says:

            Your attacks on my age are laughable. No matter who points it out, a lie is a lie and you’ve told some big ones.

            While I have highlighted many inconsistencies in LJG’s statements, I have never accused him of anything. The only one who has attempted to “place the blame on Leonard” is you, as anyone can tell by reading your statements posted on Franklin Files.

            If, as you now maintain, the resolution of the case “does not assign guilt to either John Sr. or Noreen”, would you care to explain your statements expressing the exact opposite view? My favorite one is “The only conspiracy here is the one that involves both parents, regardless if they killed Johnny or simply conspired to make it happen”.

            • Eugene Gosch says:

              Either they both were involved, or they were both not involved.

              It is a packages deal.

              Do you know how easy it is, George, to use the straps attached to a backpack, duffel bag, or, let’s say a paper carrier’s bag, to choke out someone?

              No ether, no Chloroform.

              Just a sturdy strap that explains it all.

              George, look into that.

            • Eugene Gosch says:

              Simply a diversion to capture your obviously naive mind. Do some work George. Working for Noreen is not a good thing.

            • Eugene Gosch says:

              The truth about this case is coming , George. It will be a revelation that will make Noreen wish she never made that con artist documentary.

              I do not hate Noreen, George, but if I did, I would.

              She is a lying POS.

              • Jazzykatt says:

                “I do not hate Noreen, George, but if I did, I would.” You do realize that your statement makes no sense at all. For you to call anyone else out on their theories or conclusions is complete bullshit. I don’t care if you grew up in the area, there really isn’t any concrete evidence with regards to this case and any theory is still plausible. As for Noreen, she’s either telling the truth, telling exaggerations or complete lies to keep the media and public interested, which I see no fault in, or is completely delusional and believes her own fabrications. Either way, she is the mother of a kidnapped child. I honestly don’t believe for one second that she or her ex-husband had anything to do with it. For the situation that she is in, you are a despicable person if you give her no grace.

              • Tom says:

                No, you are the lying POS. Keep your filth of this site and leave her alone. Have some decency. Troll.

    • Glenda Gottstine says:

      I agree

  36. upinomaha says:

    Eugene Gosch: Why not share what was said on this unavailable interview instead of eluding to it? You seem to be more anit-Noreen than you are pro-Johnny.rescue/search. Are you a relative? I have nothing to gain or lose by studying this case. Do you?

    • Eugene Gosch says:

      I’m not sure what interview you are talking about, but if you want to learn more about the case, spend some time reading the Des Moines Register articles on microfilm at the downtown branch of the Des Moines Library system.

      Like Sarah DiMeo said, the case will not be solved until someone confesses or the remains of Johnny are found. Confession is the only option, as no one will ever find his remains.

      As for Noreen, she has lied about the case since day one. Her version of events makes the Easter Bunny seem plausible, and I am not the only one who thinks this.

      • Eugene Gosch says:

        Sarah DiMeo, who has done a great job looking into Johnny’s case, is visiting the Des Moines area at the end of September. She plans to present at least three episodes from West Des Moines on Saturday September 23.

        Check out the podcast at https://fadedout.libsyn.com/, if you are interested in learning more about the case outside of the “official story” told by Noreen Gosch.

        • Eugene Gosch says:

          Sarah has dealt with Noreen making inaccurate statements on the Johnny Gosch Foundation website. The IRS has not received the proper paperwork for the past three years that validates the existence of the Johnny Gosch Foundation.

          Hence, there is no Johnny Gosch Foundation and Noreen’s post on the foundation’s website violates IRS code.

          Remove the post Noreen.

  37. Eugene Gosch says:

    Sarah DiMeo has done an outstanding job with the Faded Out podcast. Unfortunately, Noreen trolls have started posting the same old talking points that simply do not make sense. Monique Ventrano is especially annoying, as she or it spews lies after lies. For example, the Des Moines Register presented a story the day after Johnny went missing that no one heard the dog bark. Monique claims the entire neighborhood heard the dog bark. that is, if there was a dog

    The Noreen version of events should be dispelled and put to rest. she stopped searching for Johnny years ago and her foundation continued to rake in the cash. The jackpot was the so-called documentary produced by Rumor, which if you think about it, is an appropriate name for a Johnny Gosch documentary under written by Noreen. Shortly after the documentary lines Noreen’s pockets, the foundation stopped submitting the paperwork the IRS requires for organizations to maintain a non-profit status. The IRS gives non-profits three years to make amends and the Johnny Gosch Foundation simply disappeared.

    At one point, it became all about the money for Noreen and hence, the presentation of lies only a Hollywood writer could create.

    One more thing: there were two cars (three cars if you count the Birge’s car near the scene of the kidnapping on a day when the sky was overcast and you cannot see much on a clear morning at 6 am and much less when it is about to rain.

    • Jeebz12 says:

      She did help draft the Johnny Gosch bill but, other than that? Well, she wanted to be a movie star from way back and she kinda got her wish. The only ones still supporting her story are folks who have not done enough research into the case and have not looked at the source of claims from the story as told by her and the various con men that inserted themselves into the case from early on up until present times. I’m still trying to figure out what some of those con men got out of it other than sounding ridiculous. I guess some of them sold books, but the ones that didn’t should have chosen a different post retirement activity like golf or watercolors. The last investigator still believes that Gannon was Gosch and that he was simultaneously hiding on an Indian reservation. Ridiculous! The only facts that morning are those presented by the witnesses and those facts are very few. The rest is just a story and a story told by the “investigators” and con men and people the con men conned who were not there that morning and those who wanted to cash in on the case. The only people that know what happened to Johnny are either dead or aren’t about to come forward and have purposefully been laying low for years. Even though he didn’t probably come after Johnny on foot and emerge from the trees between two houses like the “story” suggests, I would bet my life that GPB, SS, and a few former Des Moines Register employees know exactly what happened to Gosch and Martin. Why was SS never arrested for impersonating a DCI officer or for obtaining and showing CP? The reason why is one of the things wrong with the case from the start. Boy if there’s one guy that I wish I knew what he knew it would be S. The fact that he moved from Omaha to Des Moines once things heated up and was straddling two cities and was part of local politics at the time just blows my mind. I am not saying he was the abductor at all. All I am saying is he at least knows who it was and there he was part of city council all that time that LE was so desperate to find information on Gosch or Martin. All that detectives had to do was talk to one of the guys on city council and then ask themselves how he could know or have access to something like that. There were several people around the case that should have been polygraphed and interrogated that weren’t. Too bad LE were probably all prevented in a certain manner by certain parties from doing any such interrogation or asking too many questions. After all “you saw it too and what would your wife think of that or the folks at church?” “You want your pension don’t you?” Ask too many questions and look forward to your next career bagging groceries instead! He was clever I’ll give him that.

      • Eugene Gosch says:

        I agree with what you wrote. Both Gosch and Martin were taken locally and dumped locally. I wonder how deep the cover up goes and why was Martin targeted. I get Gosch, because of the motive to eliminate a snitch to keep the pedos in business. No one, however, has linked Martin to any pedo activities.

        • Eugene Gosch says:

          Noreen Gosch is posting lies about Sarah DiMeo on her Facebook page. Noreen states Sarah is not part of the Johnny Gosch Foundation. Well, Noreen, your foundation went out of business, so you are not a part of it either. Right after the release of the untruthful documentary, your foundation stopped filing the proper forms with the IRS to continue operating as a non-profit.

          Let Sarah finish her work and tell your robotic groupies to stop promoting the fairy tale told by Bonacci the lying scumbag.

          You should have never made the documentary, Noreen. You opened the door for credible researchers to debunk the myth surrounding your son’s disappearance. I’m not sure when it became about the money, Noreen, but I think it happened before Johnny was kidnapped and most likely murdered.

          Say hello to Sam Soda for me in hell Noreen, when you see him.

          • Dan says:

            Hey Gene. You were physically abusive while you were married right? Why dont you stop bullying your Ex/wife and try doin that shit with me? Its a shame after all this time your still trying to intimidate her. Your a slimey dude Gene. I’d bet my life your behind your flesh and blood going missing that day. Pretty sure you’ll be the one in hell you pos. Go peddle your ever changing story of what happened that day somewhere else jerkoff. We know its just grandstanding. Ps if you were a man at all. Instead of an abuser you would meet me for a little chat. Don’t worry i won’t post anything i know about you after i pump your fuckin’ teeth down your throat. Enjoy the misery that is your life.

      • Shannon Garcia says:

        Sam Soda came from Omaha? I thought he had always been living in Des Moines and was a PI there. Was he maintaining residences in both cities at the same time?

        • Eugene Gosch says:

          Good question! People should ask more questions and not speculate.

        • Jeebz12 says:

          Yes Sam Soda came from Omaha. If you look at some early articles from Des Moines register staff writer Frank Santiago wrote , they say Sam Soda, Private investigator of Omaha, while later articles say Sam Soda private investigator of Des Moines. I have heard he was straddling two cities. Easy to create a double life that way and easy to reinvent yourself in one place when things go south in the other. There’s the old saying don’t piss in your own sandbox. There you go. I’ve heard from one source, not sure if it’s true but, that he was a manager at a bar in Omaha called the Stagedoor in downtown Omaha, close to the old market in the early days before all the PI stuff.

    • Dora Dell'olio says:

      Hello. I would like to leave a comment. As a point of information, I viewed the comments on the podcast. Referencing the one comment you mentioned above pertaining to the dog barking was not a certainty just a speculation. The comment does not read that the dog woke up the whole neighborhood instead it reads the dogs bark triggered the witnesses to pay attention to it resulting in one looking out his window and the other spotting a man walk out of the bushes. If the dog woke up the whole neighborhood it would of been better more witnesses may have seen what happened that morning.

      • Eugene Gosch says:

        The report of a man walking out of the bushes did not surface until years after Johnny’s disappearance. Not credible!

    • Monique Vetrano says:

      First of all, Troll is a silly word and I do not Spew lies. I was simply setting a possible scenario.. I never said the whole neighborhood heard Gretchen bark, I said Mike Seskis reported hearing the dog bark and it’s possible PJ Smith did as well, which led him to look out his bedroom window. Sorry you found me to be annoying, but I raised great points and tonight’s Podcast Episode 23 was excellent.

      • Eugene Gosch says:

        The September 6, 1982 edition of the Des Moines Register quotes Mike Seskis saying he did not hear the dog bark. Because the dog was not barking, Mike did not “sense immediate danger.”

        I do not find you annoying; I find you unwilling to entertain other possible scenarios besides the garbage spewed by lying Noreen. She is the reason the case became a mess. She criticized police, but when two psychics told her where Johnny’s body was buried, she did not bother to join the search.

        She stayed at home to devise more ways to milk the case for publicity and hence, money. She’s a freaking liar!

        I do not know if you live in Des Moines or were around when this went down, but you should know that many people that fit both descriptions think Noreen had something to do with it.

        • Monique Vetrano says:

          I’m not from Iowa. I never read that newspaper article I’m not a closed minded person. You’re entitled to your opinion. Unfortunately we’ve become a society that if they don’t agree with someone you’re the enemy that must be destroyed. Sad.

          • Eugene Gosch says:

            “Unfortunately we’ve become a society that if they don’t agree with someone you’re the enemy that must be destroyed.”

            You just wrote about a tactic found in the Noreen Gosch playbook. She has hammered innocent people for years. Very sad.

            Do the research and get back with me. Quoting unhinged Noreen is not research.

            • Monique Vetrano says:

              Sweetheart. Those are my words. Has nothing to do with anyone else.

            • Eugene Gosch says:

              Oh, but it has everything to do with someone else.

              Noreen’s version of events has run its course. Her harassment of Sarah DiMeo is a disgrace. The Johnny Gosch Foundation no longer exists, so referring to the former money machine applies to no one, especially Sarah. I hope Sarah puts the Patreon page back up.

              It is apparent Noreen became unhinged after the John Sr. interview. She is obviously trying to protect the Noreen Gosch brand, which she has done for more than 30 years.

              She has lied so much Noreen makes politicians look honest.

        • Dan says:

          Eugene your a dice bag wife beater

  38. Jeebz1 says:

    The Fred that Chris referred to in the FadedOut podcast is Fred Freelin Sayre. He was a known chester in the Des Moines area that worked at the piano store at the mall and died in 1994 from a gunshot wound once he relocated to Missouri. Not saying that this guy was the “Emilio,” just saying that he is one of many many people that could have been potential suspects and I’m sure at some point he was on the police’s radar. Just think of how many hundreds of people it could have been that are known chesters. Then think of the many chesters that are unknown or were unknown and have died since then. It’s literally impossible to tie anyone to Johnny Gosch’s kidnapping or Eugene Martin’s kidnapping without evidence and witness accounts that could positively ID a license plate or someone for certain or someone to lead them to the remains and then do DNA testing. Yes Johnny and Eugene were both paperboys and they were both kidnapped but then think of all the attempted kidnappings that almost happened but didn’t. For years I thought the cases were tied together and they very well could still be because there are many similarities. Both on a Sunday, both paperboys, both around the same age etc. But the more years go by on this case, the more I’m beginning to understand why law enforcement couldn’t tie the cases together. The only one saying Johnny and Eugene and then Marc Allen’s case were tied together was Noreen in her book. The whole Sam Soda alerting Noreen that there was going to be another abduction in 1984, then Eugene Martin was kidnapped- that whole thing was from Noreen. Noreen said in her book that Soda told her. Sam has denied it and there is absolutely no proof, no recorded phone call, nothing concrete that shows that Sam did alert Noreen before Eugene Martin’s kidnapping. If she could put a wave file or MP3 of that convo on her website, I’d believe it all day long and it could be true but I’m just saying there’s no proof. Linking the two cases together was probably done to keep the Johnny Gosch case in the spotlight and keep the leads coming in. Hell I probably would have done the same thing if it were one of my sons. A good way to keep your case alive is to tie it to other similar cases as the years go by. Notice that Patty Wetterling didn’t tie her sons disappearance to anyone else’s kidnapping or to Franklin or MKUltra or DeCamp or Gunderson or anyone else and neither did the Martin family. Think about that one for a minute. Just saying. This case cannot be solved by looking at all these far out conspiracy theories. The whole Franklin thing was a tragedy. I’m sure it really happened. I’m sure LE King had some skeletons in his closet but most politicians do and that doesn’t mean it’s tied to Johnny Gosch. This case could only be solved by looking at who the chester the molesters were at the time, and what witnesses saw. A lot of the folks that could have potentially been perps are long dead and there are only a few people living today that probably know what happened to him. Not saying they were the perps but I bet Sykora has a pretty good idea even if he just heard through the grapevine and I bet even more so Soda because of his involvement with the program he put on, S.C.A.R.E.D (Stolen Children are Reported Every Day), he has a pretty good idea of what happened also. Wilbur Millhouse probably knew for sure as well but he’s dead now and I doubt he was ever polygraphed at the time anyway. I’m saying we have no real idea who the perps were. I know the general consensus among many is to view the police as lazy and uncooperative in this case according to the many watered down documentaries, just remember the police really have no proof what happened to him. There are good cops and bad cops. Most cops are pretty good. Some good cops have a bad leader and they are stuck. The police also have limited resources and can’t stop everything they are doing to dump all their manpower and money into solving one case. The only thing that was tragic is that the police had to wait 72 hours before they started investigating it as a missing person’s case but that was the law at the time and thankfully Noreen did a wonderful thing to change that. That’s probably why they weren’t in a big hurry to get to her house that morning. If it was a murder, they would have been there faster but they had 72 hours to get there. That’s why it took them 45 minutes. I’m taking a wild guess that the police worked harder than anyone who wasn’t a member of the West Des Moines Police Dept at the time could ever know on this case. All the facts from this case can be found from the early days. Everything else is just a story. I urge everyone to use common sense when investigating this case and don’t get sucked into all the Gannon, MK Ultra, conspiracy stuff. Go to Netflix and watch a few episodes of Longmire and then tell me if you think a white person could just run away and go post up and work on an indian rez. Not a chance.

    • Yellow Bag says:

      At least 9 pedophiles were arrested in the Des Moines area after Johnny’s kidnapping. I found newspaper photographs of all but one of the men. None look like the man who approached me in the Ford Fairmont when I was delivering newspapers in 1982. I agree with you that Johnny and Eugene were probably dead within 72 hours of their kidnappings. If Johnny was kidnapped to make pornography, how come no one has ever reported seeing him in pornography? There are some real problems with the story of Johnny’s 2 AM homecoming (listen to Faded Out podcasts 6-8, and take careful note of Noreen’s account of that event in two separate interviews–one right after the Bonacci trial, and the other done later by Ted Gunderson). See if you notice what I noticed.

      One thing I have thought about lately: Wouldn’t it be counter-intuitive for a pedophile to kill his victim? These nine men apparently liked having sex with teen boys. Wouldn’t kidnapping and killing a boy put an end to what they enjoyed? So this kidnapper either took pleasure in killing, or Johnny was kidnapped (as Wilbur Millhouse told me) to shut him up. When the man in the Ford Fairmont insisted I get into his car on a snowy morning, I sensed rage, not sexual desire. I could see that man killing for pleasure.

      If Johnny was kidnapped to shut him up, that makes sense too. Millhouse was arrested for trying to sexually entice a teen boy in 1975. Millhouse spent 30 days in jail for that, but the Des Moines Register rehired him 3 years later to work with children. They had to have known about Millhouse’s arrest because that arrest was printed in the Register in 1975. Maybe Millhouse was calling Johnny and Johnny threatened to tell on him. With a second offense, Millhouse would have know he faced prison, getting his a__ kicked again by fellow inmates, and the loss of his dream job (working with and victimizing boys).

      I still don’t know what the connection was between Millhouse and the Fairmont guy. Someone out there does. When that person speaks up, there is hope this case will finally be solved.

      • Jeebz1 says:

        Yellow Bag- thank you for your responses. Yes I agree with you 1000%. The 2AM homecoming is bogus and if it did really occur it was probably someone who played a cruel prank on Noreen even if it really did happen. People do all kinds of crazy things for dares or even just to be a sicko.

        I have also heard that the composite police sketch of this “Emilio” character is bogus and was concocted as well as it didn’t assume the name “Emilio” until Paul Bonacci gave it that name in 89 or so. Also that sketch lists the man as in his 40s and if you go back and read newspaper articles, the age discrepancies are all over the place. Some articles list him as in his mid 20s to 30s, some in his early to mid 30s, some in his 40s. The only thing consistent with the descriptions in the articles are that they are inconsistent in his age range and that he had beady dark eyes, looked angry had dark hair and a darker complexion so possibly like Italian or Mexican or Puerto Rican or something but probably Italian is my guess. I would like to know the date of when this first composite sketch of “Emilio” came to light. One source clams November of 82, but I’m not sure it could have been much later. One thing I am sure of is it didn’t assume the name “Emilio” until Bonacci came along, which was many years later than the kidnapping itself, which could cast doubt of the person being named “Emilio” at all, even if just used as an alias.

        The only people that could solve the crimes are people who knew exactly who Wilbur Millhouse hung out with. You would think guys like Ron Sampson, who was president of the Johnny Gosch foundation and also worked for the Des Moines Register for years and a very good and respectable guy could probably at least remember Wilbur Millhouse and perhaps some names of who he hung out with at these register events, and also especially people like then Des Moines district circulation manager Lou Cooke probably knew Wilbur Millhouse very well since Wilbur worked there so long and Lou could also probably tell you who he hung out with at these register events like the one at the Old Skate East. I wish someone would interview Lou or some other old time Des Moines Register managers just to see what they remember of these shady characters. They have to remember some names of these guys even if they didn’t like them, didn’t condone their behavior or their presence at these events. These Des Moines Register managers probably knew “of” these guys.

  39. Yellow Bag says:

    I spent some time looking at all the sex abuse arrests reported in the Des Moines Register from 1980 to 1987. My hope is still to identify the “Fairmont guy” who tried to get me into his car when I was a 15 year old newspaper carrier in 1982. I know the Fairmont guy and Wilbur Millhouse, a Des Moines Register employee, were acquainted.

    It appears that the Des Moines Police were very aggressive in going after local pedophiles after Eugene Martin was kidnapped in 1984. There were multiple home searches and arrests, and it was alleged that there were three “child sex abuse rings” targeting teen boys in the Des Moines area. The arrested men all denied being part of a ring, but nearly all either pleaded guilty or were convicted of sexually abusing teen boys.

    Sam Soda’s investigation alleged 3 Des Moines Register employees:
    1. Frank Sykora (Register adult carrier, pleaded guilty)
    2. Unnamed, presumably Wilbur Millhouse (Register circulation manager, pleaded guilty)
    3. Unknown

    The Des Moines Police raided 3 homes in February of 1986:
    1. Steve Crawford (school volunteer of the year, pleaded guilty)
    2. Wilbur Millhouse (arrested 6 months later)
    3. Robert Robbins (young man, apparently not charged, died of AIDS in 2001)

    The Des Moines Police alleged a child sex ring centered around a local witches coven:
    1. Davis Graham (school teacher, leader of the coven, pleaded guilty)
    2. Jerry Wintz (income tax preparer, pleaded guilty)
    3. Patrick Baird (insurance clerk, partially deaf, pleaded guilty)
    4. Stephen Woodcock (school teacher, convicted)
    5. Larry Hoffman (declared mentally incompetent)

    Millhouse told me on several occasions that Johnny was kidnapped because, “He couldn’t keep his mouth shut.” I think the key to finding out what happened to Johnny is to find that person (maybe a cop, school teacher, childhood friend, Des Moines Register employee) who remembers what Johnny was saying back then and who he was accusing.

    Also, I found in my research that the Des Moines Register rehired Wilbur Millhouse in 1978 (he previously worked for them in 1969 and 1970). That was 3 years AFTER Millhouse was convicted of sexually harassing a teen boy by telephone. Millhouse was sentenced to jail time, forced to undergo a psych evaluation at Broadlawns, and the Register still hired him to work with children. Hmmm…

    • Truth Seeker says:

      YellowBag, have you thought about going on the Faded Out podcast to discuss your theories?

      • Yellow Bag says:

        I have been in regular email contact with Sarah, the creator of the Faded Out podcast. I may do an interview in the future. Sarah, by the way, is doing an outstanding job of analyzing the different Johnny Gosch theories, organizing them into easy-to-follow narratives, separating truth from fiction, and presenting the stories in an interesting way. I had my doubts that a young lady in Connecticut could make any difference in a 36 year old Iowa cold case, but Sarah has proved me wrong. I hear that Sarah uncovered some new information, and I am looking forward to her next podcast tomorrow night.

    • Jeebz1 says:

      Yellow Bag- Does the guy you remember that tried to kidnap you and that also you said knew Wilbur Millhouse, does the sketch of “Emilio” even resemble the guy you remember? How close is the sketch to the guy you remember?

      • Yellow Bag says:

        The Emilio sketch does not resemble the man I saw in the Fairmont. The man I saw in the Fairmont was only around 25 years old and he was not Hispanic. He had black hair, brown eyes, and a well-trimmed mustache. He was medium build, had a very angry look in his eyes, and he spoke with a slight accent (not a foreign accent, maybe east coast). The thing that stood out the most to me was his bright blue and orange jacket. When I called the West Des Moines Police after Johnny’s kidnapping, I told them I believed it was a paramedic jacket. If the Emilio sketch looks like anyone, it was Millhouse himself. But then again, Sarah DiMeo with the Faded Out Podcast found an eyewitness who is telling her that Johnny did not walk to Ashworth Road on the day of his kidnapping. That makes the Emilio sketch dubious.

    • Anon says:

      This is only tangentially related, but in 1967 Jerry Wintz was also put in the Boy Scouts list of ineligibles. He had a long history.

      • Yellow Bag says:

        I saw a photo of Jerry Wintz but he does not look like the guy who approached me in the Ford Fairmont. The guy who approached me was not heavy, like Wintz. I have seen photos of Frank Sykora, but not his brother. It looks like the Sykoras lived in the 1600 block of E. Capitol. That is really close to where I was approached–around E. 23rd and Grand. I would sure like to see a photo of James (?) Sykora.

        The man who approached me in February or March of 1982 seemed very alert, angry, and agitated for someone out and awake at 6 AM. It was also snowing very heavily at the time. After he asked me for directions, he told me I should sit in his car to get out of the snow. My thought was that the man was coming home from work, not going to work. He did not look like someone who just woke up in the morning. I guess it’s possible, too, that he was wound up because he was out hunting for a victim. I got nervous because he kept looking in his rearview mirror, like he was worried about someone seeing him talking to me.

        I still think the blue and orange paramedic jacket and East Coast accent are the keys to the man’s identity. If I remember right, it was Labor Day of 1982 when I called the WDM Police after hearing they were looking for a suspect in a Ford Fairmont. What are the chances there were two men trying to abduct paperboys who just happened to drive the same model and color car?

        I have not posted in a while, mostly because I have nothing to add. The only new think it that I was able to get into Millhouse’s house when it was for sale this spring. There was nothing in the crawl space from Millhouse’s day except some old paint cans. There was an old fireworks box in the attic. That is kind of interesting because I heard from a reliable source that Millhouse sold or gave away fireworks to try to get boys to come to his house so he could molest them. I still think the truth about what happened to Johnny Gosch will come out. The Fairmont man, if he is still alive, would only be in his 60s or 70s. Someone out there has the missing pieces of the puzzle.

        • Johnny Gosch says:

          I cou;d have answered the car and driver question years ago when we spoke but you were to busy attacking my creditabilty . FYI I moved here thinking people cared, but Iowa is just as mind controlled as California is.
          Are you aware that “they” socially programed one million Iowan incuraging them to sing JG songs and then say all those JG expression that act to keep the programming current. Thier plan was to gain conscious particapating control of me then use that population as my loyal base to rise me to political power. It is a political satanic cult.
          I have chosen the other path that will allow me to protect the children who are traumatized and curupted into willing participation in this cult because nobody else will.
          Those of you who are in the perpitratjng class act like you care but when confronted with the truth you resort to the same old tactics. Now I’m really here and you have no way to deal with me and can only try and silence me in ways that keep others from lessening to me. Those people I ask to start thinking about how damaging your actions are to the children who you profess to be seeking.

  40. jeebz1 says:

    Yellow Bag- You mentioned this character with the Ford Fairmont you thought he was wearing a blue and orange “paramedic” type jacket or maybe it was possibly a vest. Reflective high contrast safety vests or jackets are worn by folks in all kinds of professions. Baggage handlers at the airport, bus drivers, highway workers, railway workers etc. Tow truck drivers, long haul truckers and repo guys too.

    • Yellow Bag says:

      I suppose it’s possible. It was snowing like crazy that morning, so he could have had any job that required a reflective jacket. Since I saw the man later with Wilbur Millhouse, a DM Register circulation manager, I wonder now if any Register employees had jobs that required the wearing of blue and orange reflective vests. One other thing that puzzles me: the man had dark hair, brown eyes, a mustache, and an average build, just like the “Emilio” sketch associated with the article above, however, the man who tried to get me into his Ford Fairmont was only 25 to 30 years old. I don’t remember thinking the man was Hispanic, just a Caucasian guy with dark hair and a very angry countenance. I distinctly recall that the man had an accent–not a foreign accent, but I got the impression he was not originally from Iowa (maybe New York, New Jersey, Boston, or somewhere else on the East Coast). He stopped and watched me for a while, then rolled down his window and motioned for me to come to his car. He asked me for directions to Ankeny, but then insisted I get into his car so I could get warm and he could help me finish my paper route. Six months later, when I heard Johnny was kidnapped by a guy in a Ford Fairmont, I had no doubt it was the same man.

      • Cweez says:

        Yellow Bag, did you see the comment from a girl named Sarah that does a podcast about the Johnny Gosch case? I’d be interested in hearing your story further and answering a few questions if you were to do an interview with Sarah. Just wanted to mention it again to be sure her comment didn’t get buried.

  41. Don Potochny says:

    Thanks for the info Yellow Bag. Maybe Sykora took over while Millhouse recovered from the heart attack. The key to the case is motive and you have presented a compelling motive for Johnny’s disappearance and most likely murder. However, that begs the question, why was Martin killed? Did he or was he about to expose some of the same illicit behavior Johnny mentioned. Johnny had to talk about what he knew to at least one of his parents, or maybe law enforcement.

    Noreen book has an interesting story at the start talking about the events leading up to the disappearance. She discusses how Johnny left his seat at a Friday night Valley High School football game two times, and both times, Leonard Gosch found Johnny talking to a West Des Moines cop under the bleachers.

    There are so many things that make no sense on this case. I could go on for hours. One of the strangest is Johnny’s step siblings have never been interviewed by the media and frankly, I have no idea where they live. According to Noreen, both step-siblings were present at what she refers to as “The Last Supper.

    The fact that both boys went along to deliver newspapers for the first time the3 day they disappeared speaks volumes about what happened.

    • Yellow Bag says:

      Unfortunately, I do not have any first-hand information on the Martin kidnapping. In the summer of 1983, I started to get creeped out by Millhouse calling me every night trying to talk me into coming to his home. When I refused, I heard an anger and an evil in his voice I had never heard before. Also, as I posted before, three teens boys who were visiting a girl across the street saw Millhouse dropping me off at my house after buying me beer. The boys lived in West Des Moines and had delivered newspapers there. When Millhouse was gone, the boys warned me that Millhouse was a “faggot” and that I ought to stay away from him. I stopped answering my teen line phone, and I told my mother to tell Millhouse I was not home every time Millhouse called our home phone. Around that time, I also had a vivid nightmare that Millhouse tried to drag me into his car. I took that as a warning from God or my subconscious that I ought to stay away from Millhouse.

      I did not know this until recently, but I spoke with my mother about Millhouse, and she actually remembers him showing up at our house one night when I was not home, shedding crocodile tears because I quit talking to him. Around that time, Millhouse had his heart attack. I turned 16 and had a car, so that fall I was able to find a better job and leave the DM Register.

      Last night, I was able to confirm through online research that Millhouse died in 2015. He is buried in the Leavenworth National Cemetery with a military headstone that mentions his Vietnam service. In some ways, I am disappointed Millhouse is dead. I had hoped an investigator would get a chance to question Millhouse about what happened to the missing paperboys. It also steams me that Millhouse was buried with military honors. I am a combat vet myself. I don’t care if Millhouse killed 100 enemy soldiers of saved his Army platoon. After the war, Millhouse was a convicted pedophile and admitted accessory to a kidnapping at best, and possibly a serial killer at worst. That ought to negate any military service he had. His body should have been disposed of in a trash dumpster!

      My best guess is that Millhouse was the “brains” of the Register’s pedophile ring, and the Ford Fairmont guy the “muscle.” There were several other Register employees who hung around with Millhouse. One in particular I will just call Slimy Dufus Guy (I cannot remember his name). Since Johnny’s kidnapping happened 35 years ago, Fairmont guy should only be around 60, and Slimy Dufus Guy 55 years old. There must be multiple people out there who know exactly who Millhouse hung out with and what happened to Johnny and Eugene. Hopefully, one of them will read these posts and speak up.

      • Don Potochny says:

        Hey Yellow Bag,

        Thank you for your insight. I hope one or more people speak out after reading the posts left here.

        Here’s my email address:


        You have written about Millhouse and Sykora. Lou Cooke took Johnny for an airplane ride over the Des Moines area as the reward for winning a sales contest. Did you ever deal with Cooke or Charles Edwards Jr., who was the Circulation Director at the Register during the time when Johnny disappeared?

        • Sarah DiMeo says:

          Don Potochny and Yellow Bag, I don’t know if you saw my comment but I do a podcast called Faded Out, in which I’m following the Johnny Gosch case with the goal in mind to solve it. This is genuinely fascinating information that you’ve both brought forward. I’d really like to talk to each of you. My e-mail is fadedoutpodcast@gmail.com. Don, I see you put down your e-mail address, so I hope it’s okay if I send you a note this week.

          • Don Potochny says:

            Hello Sarah. I apologize for not responding to your message from May 3.. My tunnel vision made me miss your comment. I will check out your podcast for sure and feel free to email me at your convenience.

            Hopefully Yellow Bag will get in touch with you because he is the one who has made all of the contributions shedding new light (at least for me) on the case.

            I typically enter the Johnny rabbit hole at night, but not every night. If I do not respond to an email promptly, it is most likely because of my workload as a freelancer.

            Take care.

      • Bridgette says:

        Hello Yellow Bag.

        I have been independently researching the JG case for awhile now. I live in central Iowa, and have previously lived in Southside Des Moines. I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your knowledge on the case. If you are interested in speaking, please reach out to me. ouimetbridgettel@gmail.com

        Thank you!

    • anon says:

      Don Potochny, you say: “Noreen book has an interesting story at the start talking about the events leading up to the disappearance. She discusses how Johnny left his seat at a Friday night Valley High School football game two times, and both times, Leonard Gosch found Johnny talking to a West Des Moines cop under the bleachers.”

      Do you know of Leonard Gosch has ever backed this up?

  42. Don Potochny says:

    Hello Yellow Bag.

    Millhouse was about as tall as Johnny, but weighed around 10 pounds less than Johnny.

    I remember driving back to Des Moines from St. Louis several times and there was no development around Four Mile Creek. You are correct the perp had little time, but he did have 45 minutes before sunrise. On September 5, 1982, the sun rose of course, but thick clouds darkened the sun’s entrance into the day.

    I’m thinking more along the lines of a remote area back then that no one would walk through, such as what is now Four Mile Creek Park near Easton Boulevard or Strasser Woods State Preserve. The Bottoms works as well, since it is near the Des Moines River.

    The fact that both Johnny and Eugene Martin did not leave any evidence of a struggle tells me both boys got into a car driven by someone they knew.

    I have read about the Morris murder and read Millhouse’s Register quote.

    • Yellow Bag says:

      Hey Don,

      The reason I suspect the Bottoms is that Millhouse tried to get me to drive out there at night and meet him behind his house. I see, now, that there are some houses behind his house, but that may not have been the case back in the early 80’s. There has been a little bit of development in that area. I may drive out there sometime and take a look.

      One other thing that puzzles me is why Johnny and Eugene were both kidnapped on Sunday mornings. The Sunday morning newspaper routes were completely separate from the Register weekday routes. When I started delivering newspapers, the Des Moines Tribune came out in the afternoon, so there were actually 3 separate newspaper routes in each neighborhood: the Tribune, the weekday Register, and the Sunday Register. One carrier could take all 3 routes if he were ambitious, or it could have been 3 different carriers.

      I can only speculate, but the Sunday newspapers were very heavy. It was impossible to carry a full route of Sunday newspapers in our yellow bags. Unlike the weekday newspapers, the Sunday papers were dropped off in front of the carriers’ houses. We had to take them indoors and actually assemble the newspapers. Since the Sunday newspapers were so heavy, it was best to “stage” them along the route, then go back and deliver them. If the kidnappers were Register employees, which is what I believe, then they may have offered the carriers rides to help stage bundles of newspapers along the routes. During weekday routes there would be no reason to offer or accept a ride.

      Also, I wouldn’t rule out Marc Allen’s abduction just because he was not a newspaper carrier. Millhouse had a heart attack in 1983 and stopped working for the Register at that time. When Millhouse was arrested in 1986, he apparently was using some kind of telephone “chat line” to meet teenage boys. Losing his job with the Register changed Millhouse’s approach to his sexual crimes.

      I took the time this morning to read Eugene’s page on this website. The detective in the case questioned why no newspaper carriers were kidnapped between Johnny (1982) and Eugene (1984). Remember, Millhouse almost died from a heart attack in 1983. It took him a year to get back on his feet. Another pretty startling coincidence.

  43. Don Potochny says:

    A poster on another forum spent considerable time researching a timeline to the attempted abductions of Des Moines Register paperboys after Gosch and Martin. Millhouse went to prison and shortly thereafter, the attempted abductions stopped.

    Research I have performed indicates Noreen at one time believed the Register was protecting an employee who was considered a pedophile I wonder if the employee was Milhouse.

    • Yellow Bag says:

      Hi Don,

      From what I remember, Wilbur Millhouse was very angry about being transferred from West Des Moines to the Fourmile area of east Des Moines shortly before Johnny was kidnapped in 1982. Millhouse did not tell me why he was transferred, but he did tell me he had fallen out of favor with Register management and that his job was in jeopardy. Millhouse asked me to help him with a little scam in which Millhouse would pay me to gather names and addresses of Register non-customers, offer them the newspaper at no charge, record them as new customers to temporarily inflate Millhouse’s circulation numbers, then gradually cancel the new customers later. Millhouse paid for those newspapers out of his own pocket so he could keep his job.

      Millhouse told me that he was not Johnny’s direct supervisor, but that he knew Johnny because Johnny delivered newspapers in an adjacent district in West Des Moines. Millhouse told me on more than one occasion that Johnny was kidnapped “because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.” Millhouse became visibility agitated and angry when talking about Johnny Gosch.

      This is pure speculation on my part, but I wonder now if Millhouse’s transfer had something to do with the Register finding out that Millhouse was a pedophile. The Register may have been shuffling circulation managers in the 80’s the way the Catholic church shuffled abusive priests. Millhouse was a big money-maker for the Register; I Googled Millhouse’s name and found an old Register page from I believe 1979 or 1980 reporting that Millhouse was “circulation manager of the year.”

      It has never been publicized, but I suspect now that Johnny either told someone or planned to tell someone about Millhouse or one of Millhouse’s Register associates grooming or trying to sexually abuse him. Millhouse’s anger toward Johnny may have been due to the fact that Johnny got Millhouse transferred and nearly cost Millhouse his job. I was just a teenager then, but I would imagine that many of the Register employees from the 80’s are still alive and would be able to provide more information about Millhouse and the pedophile ring that existed within the Des Moines Register.

      • Yellow Bag says:

        Just for clarification, nearly all of the circulation managers I worked with as a Des Moines Register paperboy were good people. Millhouse, though, was a sexual predator who hung out with a very small group of creepy men. After 35 years, I can remember a couple of faces, but no names. I distinctly remember that Millhouse brought a couple young men (approximately 18 to 20 years old) with him to Register functions. Millhouse introduced them as former paperboys of his. I suspect now that they were involved with helping Millhouse in his evil deeds.

        • Don Potochny says:

          Hey Yellow Bag. Sorry for the delayed response. I checked back here a few times for about two weeks after I posted my message. Your reply was not there. Pretty weird.

          I want to ask you if you knew two Des Moines Register paperboys at the time you delivered Register newspaper.

          Shawn Williams and Brian Hikock. I have met Brian and he says he delivered Register papers near the route Johnny deliver Sunday Registers. I know about Shawn because I used to work for his mother at a Court Avenue restaurant between February 1983 and August 1984.

          Also, I have conducted research by reading the microfilm documentation of Des Moines Register newspapers starting the day after Johnny disappeared until about two months after that. There are plenty of discrepancies between the official story told by Noreen now and what she believed happened to Johnny back in the 1980s.

          She was quoted in a northern Iowa newspaper in the 1980s warning parents not to allow their kids to deliver Des Moines Register newspapers because she believed the perp in her son’s case worked at the Register.

          Thanks for the reply!

          • Yellow Bag says:

            Hi Don,

            The names of the two newspaper carriers don’t ring a bell. Then again, 35 years ago was a long, long time.

            I remember my manager’s name before my family moved and I went to work for Millhouse. She was a nice lady who went by “Bert,” I am guessing short for Roberta. She would have known Millhouse since they worked together. Millhouse’s boss was a pretty blond lady named Vicky. I worked for her after Millhouse had his heart attack in 1983. I Googled her name, and it looks like she still lives in the DM area. If you want her last name, please give me an email address and I will contact you directly.

            I try to check the ICC website a couple times a week to see if any new information has come up on the Johnny Gosch page. An investigator I spoke with was honest enough to admit the law enforcement investigation had serious flaws, and chances are police will never solve this crime. I feel like I have laid down the few pieces of the puzzle I have held for many years. Other people are adding pieces now. Maybe at some point, a writer or investigative reporter will put the pieces together and finally solve the mystery of Johnny’s disappearance (and probably Eugene and Marc’s too).

            I have never met Noreen. I left her a voice message and sent an email, but she never responded. My guess is that she was correct to initially suspect Register employees in Johnny’s disappearance, but later got duped by private investigators. From what I’ve read, it was common practice in the past for private investigators with no real leads to create elaborate conspiracy theories involving politicians and powerful people. That would justify years of investigation, explain their inability to get an indictment, and keep their paychecks coming the whole time.

            If I were working to solve Johnny’s disappearance, I would try to locate former Register carriers and employees (as you are doing). It might also be worthwhile to check Millhouse’s former property. Millhouse lived in the area people used to call “The Bottoms.” On multiple occasions, Millhouse tried to convince me to drive to his house late at night without telling my parents. Millhouse called me one night saying there was a cute female carrier there who was looking for a teen boy to have sex with. Millhouse another time said he had a rich gay friend who would pay $100 “just to look.” There were other times Millhouse said he had work for me to do there. His excuse for wanting me to come late at night is that he did not want to wake his elderly mother. I am glad I had sense enough to stay away from Millhouse’s home, but I wonder how many boys did go there. If you Google map Millhouse’s old address, there is a wooded area and a pond directly behind his old house. Hmmm….

            Also, the guy who drove the Fairmont was out in a blizzard and looking very wide awake when he tried to get me into his car around 6 AM. He looked like a guy who had worked the night shift and was just getting off work, not like a guy who just woke up. He was wearing a very distinctive blue and orange jacket, leading me to think he was a local paramedic or fire fighter. I don’t remember seeing any insignia. I suppose he could have been a Register employee, but why the jacket? It might be worthwhile to research if any employees of a local fire department or private ambulance service were ever convicted of sex crimes in the 80’s.

            I am certain Millhouse was involved in Johnny’s disappearance. Heck, was going around back then telling everyone why Johnny had to disappear. My mother is still alive, and she remembers Millhouse saying something strange about Johnny to her. What I don’t know, is if Millhouse was “ringleader” of the Register’s pedophile club, or if he was just the guy who rounded up boys for other men to abuse. I am optimistic, though, that someday the truth will be revealed and this huge mystery will be solved.

          • Yellow Bag says:

            There was another DM Register circulation manager, named Frank Sykora, who was convicted of sexually abusing carriers in 1984. Sykora was apparently cleared by polygraph in the Gosch and Martin disappearances. Whether Sykora and Millhouse had any connection, I do not know.

            • Don Potochny says:

              Thanks for getting back with me. The poster who uploaded a map of the attempted newspaper carrier abductions post Gosch and Martin has performed some amazing research. At this point, he is the leader of the movement to discover the truth.

              I will leave you an email address at a future date. Spend some time reading the Des Moines Register microfilm resource at the downtown branch of the Des Moines Public Library.

              I’ll check out the possible Sykora-Millhouse connection. I think there is something there, considering they worked for the register around the same time.

              Marc David Allen should not be connected with Gosch and Martin. His disappearance had nothing to do with a Sunday morning paper route. He disappeared in the middle of the afternoon.

              I find it strange both Johnny and Eugene disappeared on a morning when it was the first time either boy had an adult accompany him on a Sunday Register newspaper route.

            • Don Potochny says:

              Hello Yellow Bag,

              I have not forgot about sending you my email address. I am in the process of creating an author and writer site. Once I establish an email address for the site, I will forward it to you.

              You have provided helpful information and yes, I would like any names you can provide to perform research in addition to what I have done reading Des Moines Register microfiche stories of the case.

              One thing I have thought about the past couple of days. You mentioned Millhouse was transferred to the Flour Mile area of Des Moines, which is on the east side. Back in the day,Four Mile Creek ran through mostly undeveloped land and today-outside of Pleasant Hill-it still does.

              There has bee speculation for years the perp dumped Johnny’s body along either Walnut Creek or Jordan Creek. Heck, even Noreen claimed not one, but two psychics told her she could find Johnny’s body near a creek.

              Why not Four Mile Creek? You said Millhouse had it out for Johnny for at least exposing the actions of pedophiles who worked for the Register. It is possible that if you are correct, Millhouse and one or more of his sick buddies killed Johnny and buried him on the east side of Des Moines.

            • Yellow Bag says:

              Hi Don,

              I think that if Johnny was dumped along a creek, his body would have been found long ago. Those urban streams may look desolate in places, but there are mushroom hunters, hikers, kids catching tadpoles, walnut collectors, and even homeless people frequenting those creek beds.

              Millhouse lived on Maury Street, right next to Dean Lake, in the area people call the Bottoms. There was not much there in the 80’s other than swampy places, trees, junkyards, and slaughterhouses. In 1973, David Morris, a Jewish grocer who had a store directly across the street from Millhouse, was robbed and murdered. Morris was shot in the back of the head with a .32 caliber pistol. A neighbor named Robert Braather said that Morris was killed in the store two hours after it closed, and that Morris would only have unlocked that store door for someone in the neighborhood he knew quite well. Hmmm…

              Interestingly, the Des Moines Register also interviewed Millhouse, who would have been working for them at the time. Millhouse talked about how well-liked Morris was, and said of Morris, “When I was little, he used to give me candy.” Millhouse also revealed that he (Millhouse) had lived in that neighborhood since 1955. I have speculated enough about Millhouse on this website, so I am not going to type it, but you know exactly what I am thinking!

              If Johnny was killed to shut him up, which is what Millhouse was blabbing about right after Johnny disappeared, then it is likely the kidnapper already had a plan to dispose of Johnny’s body. The sun would have come up soon after Johnny’s disappearance, so the perp would have been in a big hurry to get Johnny out of West Des Moines and into a remote area (like the Bottoms) before daylight.

              Millhouse had a sexual interest in teen boys, not in younger ones. Millhouse’s last sex offender mugshot showed him at 5′ 7″ and 130 lbs. Johnny was actually bigger than Millhouse. Millhouse, though, was part of a small group of pedophiles, some of whom worked for the Des Moines Register. If Millhouse had help, possibly a gun, and maybe some previous experience with killing, well, you may find yourself writing a very interesting book.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi, this reply is for Don and Yellow Bag, and anyone else on this thread providing all this information. My name is Sarah DiMeo and I do a podcast called Faded Out, in an effort to solve the Johnny Gosch case. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, pretty much all avenues for podcasts, or the direct link fadedout.libsyn.com. I’ve been obsessed with Johnny’s case for well over a year now, and I started the podcast in February while I was a student at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. I would really really like to talk to each of you. Please give my podcast a listen so you can see the direction I’m aiming for, and please e-mail me at fadedoutpodcast@gmail.com.

  44. Robert Hudson says:

    Yellow Bag – I met Wilbur Millhouse around 1971 or 1972 and he was then an employee of the Des Moines Register.

    • Yellow Bag says:

      I had no idea Millhouse was with the Register that long. I guess that explains how he had the names and addresses of 2200 boys in his home. Just curious, what were your experiences with Millhouse?

  45. anon says:

    Roger Dean Matice, convicted in Texas of child pornography, and previously accused of molesting a paperboy in Iowa, has filed some sort of lawsuit in federal court in Iowa.


    This is despite the federal bureau of prisons saying he is in prison in Texas.

    I wonder what this is about…

    Of course, I don’t want to accuse Matice of being the perp. I merely point out that he #1 was previously accused of sexually molesting an Iowa paper boy and #2 bears a resemblance to the sketch of the suspect in the Johnny Gosch case.

  46. Dvg224 says:

    After watching the Forensic Files episode on John Joubert, I can’t help but feel there has to be a connection with this missing case. John kidnapped and killed a 13 year old newspaper boy in Bellevue, Nebraska on September 18, 1983. He also killed another boy ,12 years old, in the same area on December 2, 1983. Bellevue and West Des Moines, IA are connected by I-80. A witness in the Johnny Gosch mentioned a car with Nebraska license plates. He killed an 11 year old boy on August 22, 1982 in Portland Maine before he moved to Nebraska. He probably would have traveled through Des Moines on his move from Maine to Nebraska and felt somewhat comfortable with the area and its proximity to I-80. Another interesting connection is that (including Johnny) the dates all fall on a Sunday. The other one is on a Friday (December 2 1983) boy walking to school.
    Only thing is that John Joubert never traveled very far with his victims (3 to 4 miles). But if he was involved in the West Des Moines abduction he might have traveled a little longer and probably along I-80. Would be nice to be able to determine where John Joubert was when Johnny Gosch disappeared.

    • jeebz1 says:

      Joubert was ruled out by police in Johnny’s case because he was working at a paint company in Portland, Maine at the time. He didn’t move to Nebraska until July 15th, 1983, which was about ten months after Johnny even disappeared. In my mind, I’ve no doubt Joubert was definitely not responsible for Johnny’s disappearance.

  47. Rockybird says:

    Yellow Bag, if you are still around, can you take your info to Nancy Grace, or some tv show since the police do not seem interested. I found a link on google from the DMR stating that Wilbur Milhouse was arrested for sexual abuse of 6 teen age boys in 1987. The artical states he was 44, not 25 like you remember, but you were just a kid then and 25 and 44 might have been the same to you. If you search “Wilbur Milhouse sexual abuse” on google, you will find the article. I cannot access it as I dont have a subscription.

    • Yellow Bag says:

      I had a lengthy conversation with the detective investigating this case. He promised to follow up on that information, and I trust he will. At this point, I think I have done all I can do. My information about a local pedophile who knew Johnny and talked about why Johnny was kidnapped apparently does not interest some of the international conspiracy theory buffs. So be it, I told what I saw and heard. As for Millhouse, he was not the man in the Ford Fairmont, but I saw Millhouse with that man at a Register function. Millhouse was not a big man, he was really kind of a “sissy” with a childlike personality. I doubt if he could have personally kidnapped a healthy teenager. Millhouse’s younger buddy, however, was tough and had a look of pure evil in his eyes when he demanded that I get into his car. I still remember carrying a big hunting knife in my yellow newspaper bag from that point on, just in case the guy came back for me. For weeks, I would duck between houses any time I saw a Ford Fairmont coming down the street. The Register held frequent circulation drives, contests, and social events for newspaper carriers in the early 80’s. I often saw Millhouse hanging out with a small group of creepy men at those functions. I never knew who they were, I just assumed they were Register employees. The other district managers tended to avoid Millhouse and his buddies. I wonder now if they suspected the guys were pedophiles. I believe Millhouse was employed by the Register from around 1980 to 1983, but not arrested until the fall of 1986. Johnny Gosch was kidnapped in 1982, Eugene Martin in 1984, and Marc Allen in the spring of 1986. After Millhouse was arrested and sent to prison, the kidnappings stopped. Quite a coincidence, isn’t it?

      • Rockybird says:

        Yellow Bag – Thank you for replying. I think your right – there is not much more you can do. That must have been scarey times for you! It is hard not to believe that somehow Millhouse’s pedophile buddies did not have something to do with Johnny’s disappearance. Sorry I did not reply earlier…I was unable to log in.

  48. Mat Campbell says:

    Not sure where to start.. I wasn’t even born until 1986, but this case has become such a tragic intrigue and time consumer of mine. I really started getting into conspiracies and things in about 2004 after graduating high school/ early college years and really learning about how the real world actually works. I stumbled upon this one around that time, and it’s had a death grip on me ever since. Like most commenting on here, I don’t think there are many documents/videos that I haven’t seen. Such a feeling of helplessness takes over. I wish we could make some kind of unofficial timeline, using only verified accounts or something efficient to contribute more. There’s just so many theories and ways this branches out it’s so hard. Than accounts such as Yellow Bags come along! And it’s stuff like this we need to explore ASAP as all of the players in this aren’t getting any younger! Thoughts to all involved and strength for all in the community actively trying to piece this neglect of justice together <3

  49. Anne Hughes says:

    There is also a documentary on Netflix called “Where is Johnny”. Pretty interesting to say the least.

  50. Where Is Noreen says:

    I’ve never left something on such a forum but I feel compelled..I’m leaving this comment in February of 2017. I have searched everywhere for a current post anywhere at all on the internet by Noreen. Has anyone else noticed that she seems to have vanished? Even her Facebook hasn’t had anything current posted for YEARS. If I am mistaken please mention where she has been active (I hope I’m wrong), thank you.

  51. Anne E says:

    Coming from a reliable source, the Polk County Sheriff at the time believed that Johnny ran away to Texas like his older brother. So as he said he reported it but the police never got in contact with him.

    • Anne E: You have no idea of what your talking about because this case has been followed by private detectives for years.

    • SW says:

      According to Paul Bonacci’s letters , Michael Emillio would be the suspect in the drawing. I have read the letters to Paul from a fellow captive who also managed to escape. Michael Emillio is mentioned in
      these letters. He is also said to have died of AIDS in a hospital. There is a certain amount of code in the letters that the boys used among themselves. They seem to refer to their captors as porks. They also refer to a group known as REM6. Just a theory here. Take Micheal Emillio’s initials and reverse them. Add an R in front and add a 6 to the end. Perhaps the 6 meaning 6 people involved in the group. I have no clue as to the R.

      • njds1926 says:

        Perhaps the R is for a last name, like Rivera or Ramirez.

      • This is important to recognize the occult uses MK Ultra programming of their victims and code is how they erase their memory….At least temporarily. I don’t think any of this really destroys the mind premanently, but this is why they keep tabs on their victims. If anyone is good at breaking codes, it would be someone that was involved with Camelot for the occult. There has been many victims that have come forward about being in familes of occults and don’t actually remember a lot of details related to their childhood tells me that they were abducted like Johnny. Often, these children are placed in foster care homes where satanism is being pratices and the chain of events unfold for the abuse. Johnny was hand picked by someone for specific reasons….The newspaper and police must of been involved to the corruption and that is why it is a cove-up.

  52. Yellow Bag says:

    A quick correction and a little more information about what I saw and heard in the early 80’s. Thinking back (34 years ago was a long time), when the man in the Ford Fairmont tried to get me into his car, it must have been before, not after, Johnny was kidnapped. It was snowing that morning, so I am guessing it was February or March of 1982. The man stopped me and asked directions. He then suggested I get in his car since it was cold and snowing outside. I started to feel uncomfortable as he insisted I get into his car. I finally asked, “Where do you want directions to?” He answered, “Ankeny.” As I started to give directions, the man stopped me, and said, “I really don’t need directions, I just want to mess around with you.” Back in the 80’s, “mess around” meant have sex. I said “No” and started running away. I looked to see if I could get the license number on the Fairmont, but the plate was completely covered with snow. That September, when I heard Johnny was kidnapped and the police were looking for a man in a Ford Fairmont, I suspected it was the same person. I called the West Des Moines Police, and they told me an officer would come to my house to speak with me. No one ever showed up. I could have identified the man by photo or provided a good description to a sketch artist. Anyway, my family had moved around that time, and Wilbur Millhouse became my new district manager for the Register. Millhouse had just transferred from West Des Moines to the east side of Des Moines. He admitted he knew Johnny and he talked about him a lot. I thought Millhouse was a cool guy because he bought us paperboys beer and gave us money. One day, the Register had a party for its carriers at the old Skate East. It was there that I saw Millhouse with the guy who tried to get me into his car. I later discovered Millhouse was a pedophile (I will post more on that when I have time). Shortly after Johnny turned up missing, Millhouse said some strange things to me that convinced me he knew who took Johnny and why. I see on the internet that Millhouse was convicted in 1987 of sexually abusing boys. With the police not seeming too interested, and the Register probably wanting to hide the fact that a pedophile ring existed within its employ in the 1980’s, it’s no wonder this case has never been solved.

    • anonymous says:

      Yellow Bag, is this the guy? Imagine him with black or almost black hair and 35 years younger.

      • anonymous says:

        Or if you can access this page, have a look at the same guy when he was age 15. Is this your guy?

      • Yellow Bag says:

        The guy who tried to get me into his car was around 25 years old in 1982. That would only make him 60 or so now, quite a bit younger than the man in your link. I am sure it is not the same guy.

        • Monique Vetrano says:

          Yellowbag: I listened to your interview today on Fadedout. It was a very good interview shedding light on things. Thanks.

    • Heather says:

      Makes complete sense to me. James Guckert worked for the Des Moines Register at the time of Johnny’s disappearance, this happens to be one of the aliases used by Jeff Gannon (whom some believe is actually Johnny). This is the first time I have heard about Wilbur Millhouse, I need to do some more research. It all fits though. Thank you for your post.

    • CSJ says:

      All of this makes so much sense..Why have you waited so long to post this information? Have you contacted Johnny’s Mom? Wilbur Milhouse is now 73 yrs old and lives in Overland Park,KS..he was arrested in IA in 05 for not registering as a sex offender..but the charges were dropped.. I hope someone who has authority is reading your posts.

      • Heather says:

        Interesting enough you can find Wilbur being quoted in the Des Moines register on another Iowa cold case of David Morris. Wilbur said David was a good man, all the kids liked him and David use to give him candy when he was little.

      • Yellow Bag says:

        I really don’t know how to answer your question about why I waited. I didn’t want to think about it after it happened. I was afraid of Millhouse and his buddies back then. The police didn’t seem to want to listen when I tried to talk to them. I figured, how can the police not know about Millhouse, especially if he was convicted of sexually abusing boys in the 80’s? They must have known Millhouse worked for the Des Moines Register the same time Johnny came up missing. I left Iowa after high school and blocked the whole thing out of my mind. I recently saw news articles about the anniversary of this crime, and I guess it finally dawned on me that I might have some information worth sharing.

        • CSJ says:

          OK..if you are telling the truth why haven’t you gone to the Police or the FBI?? There is no excuse to have not told law enforcement ..you have nothing to be afraid of now and you are not a child..there way to many people that get on sites like this one with incredible stories that are completely made up.. I hope you are not one of those people. If you don’t live in IA..you can call any FBI agency…

          • Yellow Bag says:

            You are right about “no excuse.” I have asked Jody to forward my information to the appropriate authorities. I guess the worst thing that could happen is finding out Millhouse was just a perv who made up what he said about Johnny to further scare me into silence.

      • Yellow Bag says:

        I just found this on the internet: the November 18, 1986 Des Moines Register reported that Millhouse was arrested for sexual abuse and given a $72,000 bond. When the police searched Millhouse’s home, they found photos and addresses of 2200 boys. I am sure my name was in there somewhere. I discovered Millhouse was a pedophile when he started calling me daily trying to talk me into coming to his house. He said he had wealthy friends who would give me $100 for just dropping my pants and letting them look. One day in 1983, when Millhouse dropped me off at my house after buying me beer at a gas station, there were three teens across the street who knew Millhouse. He chatted with them a bit and drove off. After Millhouse was gone, they came to warn me about Millhouse. The boys lived in West Des Moines and had delivered newspapers there. They warned me that Millhouse was a pedophile. I am surprised to hear that Millhouse is still alive. He had a heart attack in 1983, the same time I realized he was a pedophile and quit delivering newspapers. I still thank God that I escaped the guy in the Fairmont and never got molested by Millhouse. Twice, I saw Millhouse become visibly angry when talking about Johnny Gosch. Both times, Millhouse said Johnny was kidnapped because he “couldn’t keep his mouth shut.” I don’t know if Millhouse was personally involved, but I have always been convinced that Millhouse at least knows who took Johnny and why. If any investigators want to talk with me, I will keep my eye on this forum. If Millhouse is still alive, I hope someone will travel to Kansas to ask him what happened to Johnny.

      • SW says:

        If Wilbur Milhouse currently lives in Kansas, he did not register as a sex offender. I cant find him on the kbi website.

      • He was a little boy when this all happened and years went by…This is really important for someone to look into Wilbur Millhouse. I noticed that you put double ‘ll’s. Also, Paul Bonacci was with this man who kidnapped Johnny. why isn’t someone really asking him this man’s name?

      • Linda says:

        I just did a White Pages search and it said he is 75 now and lives in Des Moines, IA and “used to live in Overland Park, KS”.

    • SW says:

      Im not debunking you but find it strange you cannot remember if your incident occured before or after Johnny’s abduction.

    • CoLLeeN says:

      Yellow bag, have you been in contact with anybody? Noreen?

      • Yellow Bag says:

        I left a voice message and sent an email to Noreen but heard nothing back. I shared my information with law enforcement, so I think I’ve done all I can do.

  53. Yellow Bag says:

    I was a newspaper carrier the same time Johnny was kidnapped. Just a short time after Johnny turned up missing, a young, dark haired man with a mustache tried to get me into his car. I was able to run away. The man was wearing an orange, paramedic type jacket and driving a white Ford Fairmont (the same car involved in Johnny’s disappearance). I called the West Des Moines police back then, but no one ever came to speak with me. Maybe a year later, I saw the same dark haired man with Wilbur Millhouse, a pedophile who worked as a newspaper carrier manager for the Des Moines Register. Millhouse was a manager in West Des Moines, but transferred to the east side shortly before Johnny turned up missing. On a couple occasions, I heard Millhouse say that “Nothing would have happened to Johnny if he would have just kept his mouth shut.” Millhouse practically bragged that he and his pedophile buddies were responsible for Johnny’s disappearance. I got the impression back in the 80’s, though, that no one really wanted to solve this case.

  54. Anne says:

    He was married with two teenagers, a son and a daughter and living in Wisconsin. We are more than sure it had to be him….it was all so strange to bring that question up after all these years to us immediately upon meeting them. He was the right age and when I looked at what he would look like today it was eerie.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Anne, I’m hoping you’ll see this, kind of a shot in the dark here. I’ve posted on here a couple times explaining that I do a podcast called Faded Out, where I’m following Johnny’s case. Could you e-mail me at fadedoutpodcast@gmail.com? I’d like to know more about this encounter you had. You can find Faded Out at http://fadedout.libsyn.com/ or iTunes and Spotify. Thanks!


      • None says:

        I find it very funny you do a podcast that Johnny Gosch’s father who found his son’s disappearance quite funny on the Netflix doc is defending you on here. How does it feel to be protected by a pedo who went to pedo parties in the 80s. Is it called “Faded Out” because you protect the secret sins of that father? Hmm… Don’t be part of the problem. Be the solution.

  55. Anne says:

    I was in Cancun two years ago with my boyfriend. We struck up a conversation with a guy and he asked where we were from and we said Iowa. He said he was from Iowa as a kid and then asked if we remembered the Johnny Gosch story……well of course we did. It was so odd. The next day we saw him and Mike called him Johnny and he got really angry and left which only made it weirder. I checked out what he would look like today and I’m pretty sure it was him, down to the reddish hair!

    • Seriously? You think it was Johnny?? Are there any other details about the guy and the conversation that you had with him that stand out and you can share with us?

    • Diane Lindsey says:

      That truly is very creepy. It would be odd to bring up the Gosch case just because you mentioned Iowa. I wonder too, why would he get angry because you called him Johnny? Doesn’t make sense. Any other details besides the life in Wisconsin? This case has always haunted me. Honestly though, I think unfortunately poor Johnny is probably deceased.

  56. Anonymous says:

    God help these poor people

  57. andrea says:

    Roger Matice (prior attack on a 12YO newspaper carrier in Cedar Rapids, plus also now in the federal pen for child porn) is a HAM radio operator. His webpage pertaining to that, with a biography, is located here at this link: https://www.qrz.com/db/K0KON

    In the event this link is taken down, I want to preserve here what he has to say about himself. Matice says:

    I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – the home of Collins Radio Co. It was hard not to know someone who was a ham! We probably had more hams per capita than any other city in the world.

    But my interest in shortwave radio started as a SWL at an earlier age of 9 or 10 because a family friend had a state-of-the-art Hallicrafters shortwave receiver. I loved tuning around the bands finding BBC, Radio Moscow, Voice of America, and Duetsche Welle.

    When one of my friends in Cedar Rapids showed me his dad’s ham radio shack with all those knobs and switches and meters and told me that his dad talked to other hams all over the world, I was hooked!

    I got my novice license around 1956 when I was 15. (Yes, I was born in 1941, that makes me 73years oldnow.) My call was KN0KON. I built my first transmitter – 25 watts, crystal controlled – in shop class. I got an “A” because it was such an unique project! I don’t remember what I had for a receiver – nothing special, I’m sure, because I didn’t have much money! And I suppose I had a simple wire antenna. Basic, but what great fun! I was talking to the world! A couple of my best friends in high school were also interested in ham radio. Together, we studied and got our Technician Class licenses.

    VHF and especially UHF were pretty experimental in the late 50’s and early 60’s and Collins Radio was at the forefront in the development of equipment at those high frequencies because of their involvement with the Air Force and the space program. Many of the engineers at Collins were hams and very active on 6 meters – one of the bands Technician Class hams could use A3 mode- AM at that! Does anyone remember the name of the 6-meter transceivers that the Civil Defense Agency provided to hams?

    One of the early memories I have is attending the first EME experiment at the Collins facility. It was a very exciting moment to hear those signals bouncing back from the moon!

    Other memories include visiting Arthur Collins’ (W0CXX) personal ham shack. Hardly a shack! Of course he had state-of-the-art equipment including two full-sized Log Periodic antennas on separate towers in the woods behind the house. Coax cables were enclosed in inert gas-filled pipes running out to the antennas! Collins was an interesting guy. The story was that he gotten bored during his first year at MIT and returned home to experiment and build radio equipment in his basement some of which was used by Adr. Byrd on his expedition to the Antarctic in 1934.

    Many considered Art to be a genius. I heard that he was always experimenting with new ideas and when one got stuck in his head, he would work ’round the clock. Apparently, many of his upper level employees were not always as enthusiastic and Art became known as somewhat of a tyrant! Sometimes his experimenting didn’t end well. Collins was a Mercedes-Benz fan because of their reputa- tion for engineering superiority. He took his 300SL (Gullwing) out on a winding, country road between Cedar Rapids and Mt. Vernon and wrapped the car around a tree at 120 mph. He wanted to find its “limits”!

    Another time the father of my best friend in high school accompanied Collins and a team of engineers aboard an experimental boat off the coast of California. The company had started experimenting with hull shapes constructed of fiberglass. As I recall it was the largest fiberglass hull ever build up until that time (70-ft. +/-). Collins wanted to see how it would handle in high seas and so ordered the boat out in gale force winds with all aboard. The boat survived, but was badly soiled by seasick passengers!

    Now, you might think that I studied electrical engineering in college. Wrong! I was a theater major – “all the world’s a stage…, etc.” I never became an actor, but because I had lots of courses in radio and television production I was offered a job at North German Broadcasting in Hamburg when I was living there in 1967. But that’s a whole other story for another time.

    After returning home from Germany, I went to work for Sears. In 1969 I was transferred to Chicago to work at their headquarters. I lived in a couple of apartment buildings that didn’t allow antennas, so ham radio took a back seat to a budding career. But in the late ‘70’s I moved into a high rise condo building along lake Michigan. My unit was on the 22nd floor of a 40 story building.

    I had seen a large 3-element Yagi on the top of a similarly tall condo building and that got me to thinking how great it would be to get back into ham radio and have an antenna up that high. I asked for permission to install an antenna on the roof of our building, but, of course, the request was denied. I offered all kinds of bonding, guarantees, and insurance, etc. to no avail. (The fact that I had gotten caught dropping a wire down from the roof after picking the lock to the access door probably didn’t help me much!)

    I ended up using a hydraulically operated mobile antenna designed for military and commercial use, mounting it out one of the windows. Having the window cracked even a little in the middle of winter in Chicago wasn’t a whole lot of fun! The tip end could be raised and lowered with a hydraulic pump to cover 10 through 80 meters. The big problem up 22 floors was getting a counterpoise positioned just right to achieve resonance. But over time I worked about 110 countries and had a lot of fun being back on the air.

    Having been lucky enough to travel all over the world for work and play, I’ve always been interested in DX operating. And like many DX’ers, I found the idea of being part of a DXpedition to be particularly exciting. Not having time or funds to be a part of a major DXpedtition, I decided to create my own (what is now called) “suitcase” adventure. Knowing the Caribbean fairly well, I did some research and came up with the island of Saba as my base of operation. A Dutch island just a few miles from St. Martin, the population of 1,000 persons and 5,000 goats included one ham who was not very active. Seemed liked a good spot!

    My plans included taking my Kenwood TS-930SAT, a partially assembled KLM V10-40, four band vertical with precut radials, MC-50 microphone, a paddle key and electronic keyer. I planned to take the radio on board and check the crate containing everything else. But when I got to the airport to check in to “Fly By Night International Airlines”, I was told that I could not carry the radio onboard because it was too large. I argued that I had measured the carton and it was within limits. They disagreed, but assured me that the radio would be stowed in a special compartment and would be handled with care. After a delay of five hours in leaving Chicago, we were informed that the flight could only get as far as Puerto Rico that night. So we finally took off, stopped in Miami, and arrived in San Juan around 11:00 pm. I impatiently waited for my luggage and the radio to come off the plane. Suitcase – no radio!It had been stolen.

    I arrived on Saba with my antenna and other paraphernalia, but no radio. Damn! So I sat on the top of the mountain for a week with very little to do but take pictures of fauna and flora – and goats! (By the way, the plane taking us from St. Martin to Saba was a “stall plane” flown by ex-Dutch Air Force pilots especially trained to land on the air strip built along the side of the mountain and aboutas long as an aircraft carrier ship! Exciting!)

    So now I am retired and after 22 years off air, and, again, enjoying a hobby that has been so interest-ing and so much fun for so many years. I am still using the replacement TS-930SAT that I bought in 1982when I returned from the disaster in Saba (fortunately paid for by my home owner’s insurance) and the same antenna that was never taken out of the crate until now. I live in a townhouse complex in Houston near the center of the city. The conditions for a ham radio station couldn’t be worse (even worse than the high rise in Chicago). The vertical is only 10 feet north of the building and 10 feet off the ground. On the other side of my fence is a massive power sub-station! For whatever reason, I’m getting signals in and out. Since getting back on the air March 18, I’ve had 1800 QSO’s and worked 119 countries!

    WOW! I can’t believe it!

    What great fun! What a great hobby!

    73’s Roger/K0KON

    • Jeebz1 says:

      Not really sure what you’re obsession with Roger Dean Matice is and why he’s mentioned so many times in this thread. Was he a convicted pedo? Yes. Does he have brown hair? Yes. Does he have connections to Iowa? Yes. But other than that, he’s just one of MANY MANY people that could have been this Emilio character. One search through Iowa’s sex offender registry, yields dozens and dozens of older white men in their 50s, 60s and 70s that are just as arbitrary and probably as this Roger Dean Matice. So if you’re going to call him out over and over and over, care to share with us any information as to why he would be more likely than anyone else to be a potential suspect in your opinion of the Johnny Gosch or Eugene Martin kidnapping other than he’s an older guy with dark hair, with connections to Iowa with a proclivity for paperboys?

    • Laura Knowles says:

      Do you remember a case of a missing boy scout named Guy Heckle from Cedar Rapids..1973? He is my first cousin. We are still looking into his case. If you have any information on the case or remember any details we’d like to hear about it. Thank you. Laura

  58. andrea says:

    So Roger Dean Matice who grew up in Cedar Rapids and who according to various old newspaper articles would visit various relatives in other areas in Iowa including less than an hour West of Des Moines, looks uncannily like the guy in the sketch composite associated with the Johnny Gosch abduction. He has dark brown eyes and when he was younger had black hair even though it is white and grey now.

    Have a look at Matic’s booking photo here and compare it to the sketch of the suspect in the Johnny Gosch abduction:

    Matice had a history of previously sexually assaulting a 12YO paper boy in Cedar Rapids in 1966, when Matice was a 24YO university student. Matice then stayed off of law enforcement’s radar until he was busted for child porn 2 years ago. He’s now doing time in the federal pen for distributing child porn.

    Matice was in his 40’s when Gosch, Martin and Allen disappeared, and that was the estimated age of the perp in the Gosch disappearance.

    Moreover, Matice is, according to his booking information, 5 feet 8 inches, only 1 inch shorter than the witnesses estimated Johnny Gosch’s abductor to be.

    Although Matice appears to have lived in Chicago at the time of the Gosch, Martin and Allen abductions, Matice’s parents still lived in Cedar Rapids and according to old news articles he had grandparents and other relatives less than an hour to the West of Des Moines. It isn’t unconceivable that he could have borrowed a relative’s car when visiting in-state, or that he could have put fake plates on his own car.

    When Matice was busted for child porn 2 years ago in Texas, the county prosecutor said to local media (before the case was transferred to the feds) that Matice had never been in trouble with the law before. I called the prosecutor up to disabuse him of this notion and also emailed him a scanned article in PDF format from Matice’s 1966 assault on the 12YO paperboy in Cedar Rapids. Somehow that was not in *any* computer system anywhere.

    It seems to me that Roger Matice probably therefore was not on anyone’s radar during the Gosch, Martin and Allen investigations.

    But given his physical appearance, ties to Iowa, and his prior assault on a 12YO newspaper boy (plus thte fact that Matice himself had been a newspaper boy when a kid) he needs to be looked at in the Gosch, Martin and Allen cases.

    What sort of car did Matice drive back then? What sort of cars did his relatives own?

    The Allen, Gosch, and Martin disappearances all occurred on a weekend, indicating that the perp probably had a weekday job, he would have had to do his abducting on a weekend. What sort of job did Matice have back then?

    Could the witnesses in the Gosch and Martin abductions who gave physical descriptions maybe look at photos of Roger Matice?

    • Dan Rizzi says:

      Hi Andrea, I’ve been fascinated with the Johnny Gosch case for decades after hearing about his kidnapping while in the military in the early 80s. I found your evidence totally credible and wonder if you tried contacting LE.

      I came across another paperboy in Wisconsin from 1966. This paperboy was murdered however so mo is different, but doesn’t mean this guy wasn’t involved. Wisconsin is very close to Iowa and it’s during the same time period. And guess what – June 19, 1966 fell on a Sunday. Also crime was never solved. His name was Michael Fisher and he was 14. The following is the link to the page where I found it:

      • I am quite familiar with the Michael Fisher case and in fact have just written a novel inspired by that case – completely fictional, but I did a lot of research on the Fisher Case. I also knew him, we attended the same church and school. He was a few years older than I. I was recently made aware of these cases in Iowa and I am wondering if anybody in the police departments has looked into a possible connection with the Fisher case and Johhny Gosch and Martin (don’t have the last name) who also disappeared delivering papers. That seems almost too odd to be a coincidence . . . all of them paper boys. It wouldn’t be unthinkable that Michael Fisher was the first victim and things went wrong. His cause of death was a crushing blow to the head – could have been fighting to get away. Or perhaps even the two Iowa boys were also killed and the killer learned how to better hide, dispose of bodies. There is an almost 20 year span between though. 1966 to early 80s.

      • andrea says:

        Hi Dan, I tried contacting LE. No response.

    • Look into Paul Bonacci for the details of knowing Johnny because he helped kidnap him on that day. Paul had details provided to Noreen Gosch that no one would of known about Johnn unless you were with him.

  59. andrea says:

    Here is a link to Matice now:

  60. andrea says:

    Where was Roger Dean Matice on the day Johnny Gosch disappeared? Back in about 1966 or so when Matice was age 24 he assaulted a paperboy in Cedar Rapids. Although Matice has whiteish grey hair now, when he was young, he had black hair. He’s now doing federal time for child pornography. If Matice assaulted one paper boy, who is to say he doesn’t have some sort of “thing” for that.

  61. Tammy Davis says:

    He would be 2yrs younger than me. I remember when it happened as well. Sad to go all these years without any type of evidence or clue of what or where he might be or even finding a body. Just vanished, makes people think they might of been kidnapped and sold in the childrens sex slave market.

  62. This still haunts me to this day! Hit home to me i was always afraid i would be kidnapped , i was afraid to go any Where!

  63. He is NEVER forgotten.

  64. I remember it like it was yesterday —

  65. His Mom claims to know what happened to him.

  66. Diana Wilson says:

    A family member went missing for awhile….a teen. I saw first hand how painful it can be. I never want to a family go through that again. I thank God it was only a run away and she was home again. Her dad even went looking in all the dumpsters all over town. Her mom just bawled her eyes out. Not knowing was the worse. I don’t know how these families get through this. God bless them.

  67. I too remember when all three boys went missing and as a kid it scared me, and as a parent it scares me. I pray that all three families get information that will lead to some sort of closure so they can have some peace .. Someone knows something. It’s time for these families to heal and know what happened to the boys. Let them bring them home..

  68. Yes, I wish for both mysterious cases to be solved….for closure.

  69. I can’t start to imagine what his parents have gone through not knowing! My heart and prayers go out to them. So wish this could be solved!

  70. I was only 7 when he disappeared. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was always scared after I heard about it. Still praying that Johnny comes home to his loved ones.

  71. Carrie Sue says:

    To imagine he’d be 45 years old….I can’t imagine losing my baby.

  72. I think about this everyday & wonder where he’s @, too. I hope we can find him soon. And lets keep this case open. And if there’s any possible way. Can somebody find a way to update his picture & try to find out what he might look like today? That would help us all out, too. Thanks.

  73. Marj Bensley says:

    This case has haunted me from day 1. I can’t imagine never knowing for sure what happened to your child. He and Eugene Martin will be forever etched in my memory…so very sad.

  74. Mel Henry says:

    I remember when this happened. It scarred me for life and made kidnapping a very real fear. This happened “at home” as opposed to “out there” in the world. I hope someday we find out what happened to Johnny Gosch.

  75. Lisa Kuzela says:

    Johnny Gosch’s parents were patients of “mine” when I worked as dental assistant. Only months after his disappearance, his dad came in for a cleaning. My boyfriend at the time was very abusive, and I had black eye and bruises. He asked about them and showed so much concern about them. I thought to myself – here his son is missing, and he’s so kind and caring about some stranger’s bruises. I have and will never forget that. He made me feel quite special – which at that time, I needed to.

  76. Tom Fine, yes, the other paperboy who disappeared was Eugene Martin. He went missing Aug. 12, 1984, almost two years after Johnny. Eugene’s page at https://iowacoldcases.org/case-summaries/eugene-martin/ shows the reward poster for both boys. The Des Moines Register pledged $25,000 of the $94,000 reward, which went unclaimed. Both cases are still unsolved.

    • Why isn’t your department working with Paul Bonacci for finding out the details of where these boys were housed and restrained? You should check into the Boy’s Town for staking out their affairs for someone watching how things are happening with children. I have done a lot of research about this case and this is a huge coverup.

      • Jody Ewing says:

        Expressa, I agree that all of this is a huge cover-up, but ICC is not an official law enforcement agency; we are an Iowa nonprofit dedicated to providing the public with up-to-date information about these cases in efforts to encourage those with info to contact the appropriate investigating agency. We do pass along all tips and leads we receive to the respective agencies, but we cannot officially pursue the investigation of any of these cases.

        For what it’s worth, I’ve seen the “Who Took Johnny” documentary (now on Netflix), and I believe Paul Bonacci is telling the truth. I don’t understand why, after he confessed to being the one who “snatched” Johnny and chloroformed him in the car’s back seat, that no law enforcement officials ever took time to interview him or get a statement from him. Then again, one must remember that back then, the general public (including those in LE) weren’t familiar with the word “pedophile.” After viewing the documentary, this is the one thing I remembered most. Nobody wanted to believe this sort of activity was actually taking place in Iowa, let alone our own back yards.

  77. Jon Himes says:

    Julie Jones Elizabeth Gregg

  78. Karla Cox says:

    It just makes you wonder?

  79. I remember when this happened. Heartbreaking.

  80. Google that very interesting case he is alive!!! Ask his mother the story..

  81. Tom Fine says:

    If I remember , was not there another paperboy that disappeared a year later in the same West Des Moines neighborhood?…seems like they may be connected

  82. I will never forget this! Still hope he is out there somewhere alive and well. Prayers to his family.

  83. I’ll never forget this.

  84. a parents worst nightmare..

  85. Molly Ochs says:

    Will never forget ;(

  86. Judy Midthun says:

    So sad….. Never forget him!

  87. Will never forget this! So sad!!

  88. Amanda Brown says:

    What websites Candi Rowe

  89. Eva Smith says:

    i recall when this happed but never heard the out come the hell these family’s must be going through not knowing what and where there love one’s are or who took there live’s

  90. Regarding Mark and Robert’s comments….please don’t confuse homosexuals with pedophiles.

  91. What I think it particularly horrible about this case is all of the fraudsters that have contacted poor Maureen. I think one man even claimed to be Johnny (maybe he’s still claiming it, I’m not sure)

  92. Jessie says:

    I am born an raised in des moines/west des moines, IA….and this is kind of like…a legend to me…I want to say that in the most respectul terms…I remember, when I left the house.on my bike.for the day (those were different.times from now)…but I honestly rekember my mom always saying….you remember what happened to Johnny Gosch, dont you?!? U dont want to end up like that poor lil boy!! We learned about him in school…he was sorta a constant in my life…and then I remember when those pictures surfaced…I was much older by then….but I have ALWAYS, honestly held a spot in my heart for this boy…this man he would be…or hopefully IS today…and…regardless of the turn out…wether it be his return, ir the find of his remains (of course, I’m hoping the prior situation) that his family and friends are FINALLY offered PEACE….I can’t Imagine the day to day living of NOT KNOWING :-/ love.to anyone who is out there, still caring and hoping…bc…I didnt even know him….and I still am!!

  93. I still think about him & Eugene Martin every time I hear about a child missing. I was only 8 when this happened, but still remember seeing his face on milk cartons! I’ve always prayed that they would find out what really happened!

  94. This child’s family and friends need closure. I pray to for them.

  95. I remember that case, very sad.

  96. I have just been looking at all the websites. I am SHOCKED I had NO idea this is what was thought to have become of these kids

  97. I was young when this happened and grew up with Eugene cousins and have some memories of Eugene personally from bday parties and my hope for there families sake someone comes clean and they find them

  98. Nissa Fox says:

    The very 1st face ever on a milk carton

  99. I think Mark is referring to the fact that the theory is that Johnny ended up in a sex slave/child prostitution ring that supplied young boys like him to Gay politicians, businessmen and the like and Mark may be implying that there could be an agenda on the part of the “gay lobby” to keep that a dirty little secret, even though court transcripts you can find on the site Johnny’s mother has on the web reveal that it very much has and is happening in the corridors of power in these United States and around the world.

  100. Mark Becker I don’t follow?

  101. I was 6 when this happened and i was not aloud to ever play out side by my self unless my grandma could see me from the window and its a name i grew up hearing and Eugene Martin we may never know what really happened but i hope one day for the families sake they find out

  102. This is so heart breaking. I pray for his family . God Bless.

  103. Mark Becker says:

    Thanks to the gay lobby we’ll never know….but they kinda know where Martin and him ended up. ..

  104. I don’t know if it’s even possible to forget something so scary and heart breaking! I was 7 when this happened and it always is the first to cross my mind when the news reports another missing child! Pray that this is solved someday soon!!

  105. Beth Jargo says:

    I have never forgotten Johnny and always followed this story. He is 8 days younger than me and I have felt a connection to him because we are so close in age. Since I live in Iowa, there have been a number of stories in the news over the years in the media. I pray that his family can get closure whatever it may be. God bless Johnny and his family!

  106. Lisa Andrews says:

    One that no one can ever forget. I’ve always followed the case. Johnny is one year younger than myself and I live one state away, in MN. I pray one day it will be solved.

  107. shelley says:

    I was reading online about a double murder that occurred in my town in 1978. The murderer, Bryan Barrett, left a journal in an Iowa City restaurant earlier that year detailing multiple murder scenarios and one of them was:

    “It describes plans for the kidnapping and murder of a Des Moines Register paper carrier,” the Iowa Supreme Court wrote years later. “These plans include planting false clues for the authorities indicating the crime was committed by some unidentified person other than defendant. They suggest that it is defendant’s intention to convince authorities that this person committed the crime in order that defendant might collect a reward.”

    Bryan Barrett was not convicted of the double homicide until 5 years after the crime so he may have been on the loose at the time of the Gosch kidnapping.

    Since this information was known to law enforcement, I’m sure this lead was checked, but didn’t think it would hurt to mention it.

  108. julie says:

    My son was a toddler and i was a teenage mom at the time of this very sad event because of this I became what some would describe as a overly protective mother this was and even more so today a crazy world and our children are our greatest gifts from God you can never be to çareful My prayer for his family and others suffering this same nightmare would be that someday they will be reunited may god bless you all with peace

  109. My husband grew up in Urbandale and we still live in the area. He remembers this well too-his mother made sure he and his four siblings weren’t alone. Sounds like a lot of you have those same sad and scanty memories. ~~Kerry at Iowa Cold Cases

  110. Johnny you will never be forgotten !

  111. I remember this…I was in 4th grade and Johnny Gosch and Eugene Martin were well talked about in our current events time. So sad.

  112. God bless the mom. My heart is with you.

  113. Yes you just have to wonder where he is and what happened to him. He must be dead cuz otherwise he would have surfaced when he got older. Unless he is imprisoned somewhere.

  114. me too! i was just a little younger than him when this happened and i remember being caught up with the articles in the paper along with the Eugene Martin case. As a kid it scared me to death! i wish this could be solved

  115. Beth Jargo says:

    Gosch and I are the same age, in fact I am only a few days older than he is. I remember when he went missing and it frightened me for a long time being so close to his same age. I think about him still and pray that someday his family will get closure. Please also pray for closure for the Eugene Martin family. He was also a teenager who went missing at age 13 from the DM area.

  116. Beth McFall says:

    yes Jacob Wetterling!!!

  117. He was taken from the sidewalk in front of my old employees home.

  118. Kris Starks says:

    Heartbreaking! He looks SO much like my brother did at that age. I pray one day for his momma to get some much needed answers. <3

  119. I was 11 & I can still remember that terrible day…

  120. Cyd Koehn says:

    God bless his MOM! She has never given up.

  121. I remember this like yesterday :( There are so many who have not been found, Jacob Wetterling in MN …

  122. andrea says:

    That Doe has an A with a circle around it (an “Anarchy” A) and the letters PIL which, in my experience, probably indicate he was a fan of Public Image Limited, which was Johnny Rotten’s band from 1978 to 1992.

  123. andrea says:

    Charles Ray Hatcher was arrested on August 5, 1982, a month before Johnny Gosch disappeared. Hatcher was arrested under the name Richard Martin Clark, but eventually his real name was ascertained.

  124. Robert Lucht says:

    Charles Ray Hatcher was in Iowa about this time he tried to kill a paper boy one time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Ray_Hatcher

    • Robert Lucht says:

      Charles Hatcher was a suspect in the homicides of Rose Burkert and Roger Atkison.It says the killer scrawled a message and obliterated the rest leaving the word ‘this’.It said that Charles Hatcher was in San Francisco in 1969. I would be willing to bet the rest of the message said “This is the Zodiac Speaking”.

  125. Jody Ewing says:

    Thanks so much for the link, Jeff! I remember hearing about this and am going now to watch the video.

  126. Jeff T Hileman says:

    John Joubert was a military man who killed two paper boys in Nebraska. Robert Ressler FBI profiler from Iowa worked the case.


    • maamu says:

      After all this time since this comment posted, I suppose what I have to say makes no difference. But contrary to what the documentary stated, the 2nd boy in Omaha was not a newspaper carrier. Danny Jo Eberle delivered newspapers and was abducted while on paper route. Christopher Walden was NOT a newspaper carrier and was abducted while walking to school. Just wanted to clear up some misinformation.

  127. Terri Lunn says:

    Picture of Johnny aged, by Noreen his mother.

    Picture of John Doe found in Colorado, never identified. This would represent the time after Noreen said she saw her son. The man was found in an area of Colorado that Noreen said Johnny was taken during his time held captive. There is an obvious resemblence, including the front teeth gap. The recreation was done of the deceased man, but he was found within 24 hours of his death.

    The link to this unsolved case is:


    This information was submitted to Noreen’s sight but no reply was received. It would be great to finally bring Johnny home, but I hope he is still living and in peace.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Thank you for the links, Terri! I hadn’t seen this Colorado case before, but you’re right about the resemblance. The Doe Network states that dental records and DNA are available, though I have no idea whether they’ve been compared to Johnny’s records. Thanks for passing this along, and hopefully someone else might have further insight. All best, Jody

    • Dan Rizzi says:

      Hi Terri, did you ever find out if the Doe Network ever moved forward with trying to connect this UID to Johnny Gosh? It certainly looks very credible.

    • Iowamom says:

      Noreen is aware of the John Doe in Colorado, dental records were not a match. The body was badly decomposed and NOT found within a day, the recreations varied from artist to artist.

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