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    • Cody says:

      Sheriff Howe said he is now more optimistic. Is that because they just now obtained the phone? It seems there are two mysteries involving this case. 1, the murder, & 2, the investigation! We are definitely in the dark here. I understand why, but it just seems like they are being extra extra vague with evidence and details. How was this story leaked, & what prompted it? The phone? We still don’t know when they “found” the phone. I sure hope the FBI and/or NSA are working on that phone. Seems to me that a likely scenario was that whatever these people were doing in that car, Alicia wasn’t supposed to see (possible rape?) & poor Alicia was killed for it. Purse found with cash still in it tells me they were in a big hurry, & that timeline sure is narrow! I’ve never seen these snap chat photos. Such a peaceful looking day yet such a dark cloud of evilness…

    • Cody says:

      Something else seems troubling. There was a 15 minute window between the time she sent her last text, and her body being discovered? Seems to me that the Game Fish & Parks officer would have had to see the vehicle in question! Wasn’t there just the one road leading to and from Myron Grove? Seems like he had to see something.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      I am glad they admitted to having the cellphone. I am frustrated with the various little tidbits they have not released. We have to many cold cases with agencies holding back little details to supposedly protect the investigation. This includes cause of death, weapon used, caliber of firearms used, etc. We have too many cold cases that have not been solved for over 20, 30, 40 years. Yet, the agencies are still holding back these basic details, that might have jogged someone memories.

      Alicia was murdered 6 years ago. Yet, we know that she purchased a fishing license at a Walmart. Also, that a couple was making whoopee in a car. So, no one else was at the fishing spot. Yet, she was murdered within 15 minutes of her sending her last text. Now, we hear that they have her cellphone. They won’t tell us if they had it since day one or just found it.

      Maybe, someone overheard where she was going fishing at the Walmart, and followed her there.

      In Chicago, Illinois in 1972, we had two teenage girls murdered. They were shot in the head with a .32 caliber firearm, and they were posed with their legs in a shape of the letter V, in Washington Park. The park is located on the south east side of Chicago. There was no sexual assault of the victims.

      Their murder is a cold case. An individual claims that their murder may have been ordered by Chicago Mob figures from the Bridgeport Section of Chicago. It appears the older girl (17), worked at a waitress at a restaurant connected to a motel for truckers on the Southwest side of Chicago.

      The motel was operated by Chicago Mob connected individuals. Supposedly senior mob guys hung out there and the older girl may have overheard something she should not have heard. The senior leadership of the Chicago Mob, should have educated them about keeping their mouth shut.

      However, we have all those details from a 1972 murder. Plus where they were last seen. We even know the older girl attended Gage Park High School, until she dropped out of school.

      Also, just for general information a Frederick R. Burke, aka “Killer Burke”, who was part of the Rat Pack out of St. Louis, Missouri. He also was involved in the St. Valentine Massacre in Chicago.. He was captured based on suspicions by a civilian, who was into True Crime. He even wrote to the Justice Department in Washington, for a description of Killer Burke.

      Killer Burke was taken into custody, and transferred back to St. Joseph, Michigan, where he faced charges for the murder of a policeman.

  1. Cody says:

    It almost seems like a case of her seeing something she shouldn’t have and getting murdered for it. Evidence could be on the phone. Could be why no one has come forward, because their the perp & why phone is gone. This case has always bothered me. Such a tragedy..Evilness is everywhere

  2. Roberta Kost says:

    Were was her husband during this time ? I didn’t see were they questioned him.

    • Stay Strong says:

      Police confirmed that her husband was out of town with many family members validating that fact. Of course it’s possible he hired to have it done but law enforcement do not think he was involved per the articles I’ve read.

      Seems to me she “was in the wrong place, at the wrong time”.

      • Brenda says:

        I have some thoughts on this myself. Sometimes people establish a solid alibi for themselves. That doesn’t mean they are necessarily innocent.

      • Stay Strong says:


        We’re definitely aligned in that it’s very possible that her husband (or anybody for that matter) could establish an irrefutable alibi and still be responsible by having a proxy do the criminal act. I said as much in my post.

        The husband moving away could be a function of guilt (as suggested) or him/her being inappropriately labeled within the community.

        If he was responsible, he should spend the rest of his life in prison.

    • Linda Boyd says:

      Why would a young seemingly healthy woman go out to a remote location alone.? That is just playing out her luck. I would be scared of a pindrop out there.

      • Ms612 says:

        She went fishing at a lake. She texted her friends and posted while there. She even said she saw people having sex in a car while there. I don’t think people should be afraid of going to a public dock during the daytime to go fishing. I’m more curious on why no one has came forward and admitted to being out there since she did see other ppl there. That’s what seems weird. Either a set up from her soon to be ex hubby or just random act of violence.

  3. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I wonder, if she was having any problems with someone at work. I am surprised that all her supposed friends did not want to go fishing with her. Did one of them know something was going to happen.

    Also, her phone is missing, which is interesting. But their should be records of all the phone calls she made. It could be that the offender’s picture might be on there. Also, where was she staying while on her fishing trip.

  4. Mlb says:

    they didn’t find her phone either.

  5. Cody says:

    The “person” or “persons” responsible need to be hunted much more aggressively. We lost a good one that day.

  6. Nancy Malsom says:

    Someone knows something. Help this family gain closure.

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