Their Faces, Their Names

On December 11, 2008, in Media, by Jody Ewing

It’s been a while — a long while, in fact — since I’ve posted to the blog, but that doesn’t mean I’ve neglected my cold case work; I’ve merely neglected to post updates here as originally intended.

In addition to research on many of these cases, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the vast amount of e-mails sent to me by victims’ family members and friends, while at the same time wrapping up my degree in liberal and criminal justice studies. (I graduate Dec. 20.) So, I must make a public apology to those of you still waiting to hear from me, and please know these cases are very important to me and I have not forgotten their importance to you.

One recent addition to this website, which I’m just adding today, is an ongoing slideshow with cold case victims’ faces and names. These are the loved ones we cannot — and will not — forget. The slideshow will also be available under the Videos link.

There are just over 150 unsolved homicides in Iowa (not counting missing persons presumed to be dead), and even though this site names many of them, there are several for whom I still don’t have a photo. That said, if you have any photos you’d like to share and have included here, please e-mail them to me or send by attachment through the Contact form.

Thanks to all of you for your patience, and I’ll be in touch again soon.

Yours in Hope,


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