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  1. Dan Dewit says:

    There was a lady named Marry Green that was murdered in the 1970s Or 1980s. At Spring creek moble home park in Oskaloosa iowa, was the case ever solved? I beleave she is related to some of my family members. I am not sure if I spelled her last name right. I was a kid when this happened, please e mail me a follow up Dan Dewit

  2. Diane McKenzie-Grant says:


    In the mid to late 1960’s, a Des Moines teenager was murdered in a Fleur Drive shop where she was a clerk. The murder weapon, a golf club, was found atop the ceiling tiles.

    Was this murder ever solved?

  3. kelly l weeks says:

    There was a young women named Mary Ann Scoval who was murdred in Des Moines in the 1970s. Was her murder ever solved?

  4. Janet Wilson says:

    Organized Supremacists Group known as the family isolating Single Women family new homebuyers murdering anyone who poses a threat to the crime.Targeting Single Women newhomebuyers for Mortgage Fraud and Bank Fraud and attempted murder and murder. The family , an Organized;Supremacists Hate Motivated Supremacists Group with association with street gang in Shelby County Tn who have have the perfect illegal enterprise: isolation torture kidnapping drug dealers, bookmakers, and money launderers, drugs, and Mortgage fraud and Bank Fraud hate crime then hold the borrower Single Women family homebuyers intimidated threatening the victims holding them isolated, torture , aggravated criminal harassment to commit fraud and murder —knowing that since they were known for torture their victim, they and their families would likely never report the crime.The Supremacists Organizes Group members—known as the family_are organized, armed, and violent: They often tortured their victims with homicidal assault with grevious intent to cause and inflict serious bodily harm and injury maiming the victims Gwendolyn Kinchelow and family of Atlanta Georgia Charles and Yolanda Kinchelow 4711 Clinton Dr Indianapolis Indiana. Carpenter and wife daughter named April last known to reside in Los Angeles California John Moore and his wife Donna Moore and thier Children Bridgette Taylor and her husband and family of Memphis Tennessee Ronald Glenn Taylor and children Delores Marshall Vickie Marshall Carla Hill Marshall and her family Eric Marshall Barbara Kinchelow 5524 East 40th street asking and requesting consideration for life Federal in prison for thier particpation in this torture Joshua Austin and his wife Jaqueline Benard a dark complexion woman named Liz who were accessory to hate crime murders to African American men in Shelby County Memphis and Sylvia Campbell Joshua mothers , Don Smith deceased who he and members of the smith family who have lived double life for years formerly Religious leaders and pastors of a Church named Prospect Park Baptist Church located in Memphis Tn address of 1817 Oakwood drive Shelby County Tn 38116 along with a woman named Cynthia Williams and her daughter Toto and son Shane led and orchestrated by the Austin family Joshua Austin Brenda Campbell Joyce Austin her daughter Tutti and her son with a Criminal record Don Smith Sheila Smith Georgia Denton Shelby County Tn Charles Kinchelow Jr Indianapolis In each have criminal records in Orange Police Department Memphis Police Department and Santa Ana Ca Superior Court of California in Santa Ana Ca for this 2 decade conspiracies of Mortgage Fraud and Bank Fraud hate crime and attempted murder and accessory to murder in isolation and captive crime.This information may have link and information to other unsolved homicide and other crimes

  5. John Burke says:

    Homicide in 1973 – Sarah Ann Ottens. Myself & a 3rd cousin are very interested in this case. How can we find more details, was an autopsy taken. John Burke 817-776-7250

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