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12 Responses to Homicides

  1. Dan Dewit says:

    There was a lady named Marry Green that was murdered in the 1970s Or 1980s. At Spring creek moble home park in Oskaloosa iowa, was the case ever solved? I beleave she is related to some of my family members. I am not sure if I spelled her last name right. I was a kid when this happened, please e mail me a follow up Dan Dewit

  2. Diane McKenzie-Grant says:


    In the mid to late 1960’s, a Des Moines teenager was murdered in a Fleur Drive shop where she was a clerk. The murder weapon, a golf club, was found atop the ceiling tiles.

    Was this murder ever solved?

    • Nancy Holm says:

      I thought I was the only one who recalled this! Thought I dreamed it. Not sure of the year. She was in her teens & I heard at the time-her father was a DSM policeman.I can’t find anything on this at all.Also, it was a dry cleaning shop & in the old Dahls strip. The name of the shop was was either Jack Nicolas or Arnold Palmer. And they had a golfer mannequin in the window with a golf club! Either Arnold or Jack had in-laws who were the dry cleaning business. Now does that sound like a dream or not? But I swear that’s how I recall it. Never heard another word about it after the first report.

  3. kelly l weeks says:

    There was a young women named Mary Ann Scoval who was murdred in Des Moines in the 1970s. Was her murder ever solved?

  4. John Burke says:

    Homicide in 1973 – Sarah Ann Ottens. Myself & a 3rd cousin are very interested in this case. How can we find more details, was an autopsy taken. John Burke 817-776-7250

  5. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I find it interesting that the authorities collected DNA evidence in this case back in the 1970’s. Maybe, we need to rethink that since DNA, did not come along until the early 1980’s, and was still not as advanced as it is now. I assume they may have collected blod evidence from the crime scene of Sarah’s murder.

    I hope they still have the evidence and it should be sent for updated forensic testing. Who knows what they might find. Maybe a link to another suspect.

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