Today we have a special blog post by guest Alicia Gaddy, sister to cold case victim Cecil Travis Gaddy. Cecil, paralyzed from the waist down, was killed at age 19 when someone set fire to his Osceola, Iowa home in January 2004.

Thank you, Alicia, for sharing your memories with us.

Remembering My Brother

By Alicia Gaddy

Cecil Gaddy with his nephew and niece

Cecil Gaddy with his nephew and niece

My name is Alicia Gaddy, and Friday, April 8th would have been my brother’s 27th Birthday. So, I wanted to do a special blog in memory of him.

Cecil passed away in a fire when he was just 19. We miss him so much and wish he could be here to celebrate his birthday.

I like to try and stay positive by thinking he isn’t suffering anymore and he’s in a much better place but we all know that we have those moments when these days are harder than others and I catch myself thinking of him being here more and more.

I’m always wondering what things would be like if he was here and I imagine him playing with my son William and his other nephews and niece. He was so much fun to be around and had the greatest sense of humor. He was always a very unselfish person, always making sure that his family and friends were ok. He was so outgoing and never judged anyone before getting to know them. He was one of a kind — and irreplaceable.

Cecil Gaddy

Cecil Gaddy

Cecil was such a wonderful young man. So funny, so trusting and he had the most beautiful smile that could brighten your day in a second. Cecil and I had always been close. We did pretty much everything together and stuck together as kids and young adults.

I’m so happy I got to spend some time with him a few days before his death but wish we had so much more time together. I hope that one day the truth will come out and my family can have a little piece of mind.

R.I.P., Cecil. We love and miss you so very much. Happy Birthday Bro!!!!




Alicia Gaddy

Alicia Gaddy

Alicia Gaddy lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Read more about Cecil Travis Gaddy and see the special report by WHO-TV Channel 13, Des Moines.

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