RainbowAs the 7-year anniversary approaches for the tragic April 5 fire and unsolved death of Jay Grahlman, 38, and his 6-year-old daughter, Jaymie, I asked Jaymie’s family members if they’d like to contribute a guest blog in Jaymie’s remembrance. The following was submitted by Jaymie’s aunt and uncle, Steve and Lori Salmons. ——————————

Jaymie Grahlman

Jaymie Grahlman

“Uncle Steve and Aunt Lori” Remember Jaymie Jaymie, oh Jaymie, how you were and will forever be: Full of hugs, kisses, and ‘I Love You So Much’s,’ with big bright eyes to go along with your big bright smile. A child with a big smile, hug, and hello to all, no one was a stranger to this little angel. Always laughing, singing, snuggling with us. Playing with and protecting all the creepy crawlies (insects and bugs) that most girls and your brothers would run and scream from. Oh, how Uncle Steve & Aunt Lori would laugh! Yet, giving you, our Jaymie, big hugs & kisses for being braver than Jarrod & Jesse.

Jaymie has always been our little girl that was always full of surprises, not ever afraid to do new things as long as we were there to watch her new accomplishment. Yet when she accomplished things while with her Daddy (Jay), Jaymie would show the whole family ‘what I can do now!’ Oh, what the little helper Jaymie was to us! No matter if it was cleaning, cooking, working on the car or some other project, she was right there lending her little helping hands.

Jaymie had a love for any animal no matter how big or small. She always wanted to nurse injured animals back to health, or bury the ones that had already gone to animal heaven. In the rainy season, Jaymie was always looking for rainbows — not once trying to find the pot o’ gold — but just wanting to see the beautiful colors God put in them.

Speaking of beautiful colors that God created…Jaymie loved to look at the sunrises and sunsets of pink and purple. Jaymie was and forever will be Uncle Steve’s Angel and Aunt Lori’s LoveBug. We will always & forever remember our time spent with Jaymie and We Thank God for those years. Even to the tragic end of our Angel Lovebug, we thank God that we were close enough to be at the hospital with Jaymie throughout her last day on earth and with us.

Uncle Steve and Aunt Lori
Steve and Lori Salmons

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