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Marengo in Iowa County

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Iowa County in Iowa

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Steven Babka

Steven Babka

Missing Person
Steven M. Babka
Age at Report: 58
Weight: 240 lbs.
Height: 5’09”
Race: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Incident Type: Other adult missing
Missing From: Marengo, Iowa County
Reported Missing: June 6, 2012
Last Seen Alive: May 25, 2012

Steven Babka, a 58-year-old homeless man who lived in a tent near the Iowa River on the outskirts of Marengo, Iowa, has not been seen since May 25, 2012. He was reported missing to the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office in Marengo on June 6, 2012. He has a tattoo on his upper right arm and a tattoo on his head. Mr. Babka has a scar near his right eye and a scar on his right forearm.

5 Responses to Marengo

  1. Arthur Capriotti says:

    I knew Steve when he lived in New Jersey. He worked for me for a couple of years. He would often talk about his two sisters and his grandmother back in Iowa. I hope they find out what happened to him.
    Art Capriotti

  2. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Chad, I wonder if your father was a veteran. I notice that was homeless when he disappeared. Many homeless are veterans dealing with various mental health or other issues related to military service.

    If he is a veteran, then the authorities should reach out to the Veterans Administration to see, if he has visited any VA Medical Centers since his disappearance. The VA can’t release any medical condition stuff.

  3. Krista Downs (Manos) says:

    I am Steve’s niece my name is Krista(Manos) Downs my mom Carol Manos if anyone has heard from him. We haven’t heard from him since his half brother Tom Manos passed is there any information?

    • Chad Babka says:

      Krista, this is Chad (Steves son). I had heard my dad had gone missing. I haven’t heard from him in 20yrs. I regret not trying harder to find him. I just saw this post, 2021.. I haven’t heard anything since 2016. If u have any info, or thoughts, or want to catch up and share any good stories u may have, please reach out again on Facebook. Im not really a user, but message me or my wife Tara Babka. I miss him and wish u could have met my family.

    • Arthur Capriotti says:

      Hi Krista, I knew Steve when he lived in New Jersey, he worked for me for a couple of years. He always talked about his two sisters and life back in Iowa. I hope they find him.

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