Jesse NimajaPol

Jesse G. NimajaPol (Courtesy Denison Police Department)

Jesse Govani NimajaPol

Missing Person


NAME: Jesse G. NimajaPol
NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Juan Carlos Simay Nimaja; Darryl Jamal Brown; Reynaldo Alterio Colon; Adexe-Nau-Giovanni Nimaja-Pol; Adexe Nimaja Pol
WEIGHT: 110 – 135 lbs
HEIGHT: 5’05”
RACE / ETHNICITY: Hispanic / Latino
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
SEX: Male
INCIDENT TYPE: Involuntary disappearance
Crawford County
INVESTIGATING AGENCY: Denison Police Department
LAST SEEN ALIVE: July 14, 2017

The Denison Police Department is asking for the public’s help in finding 18-year-old Jesse Govani NimajaPol, of Denison, who was last seen on July 14, 2017, and reported missing to the Denison Police Department.

Crawford County in Iowa
Crawford County in Iowa
Denison in Crawford CountyDenison in Crawford County

Complicating matters is the number of aliases the individual has used in previous and/or current relationships, including variations of his first name, along with hyphens and other slight but different spellings of his first and/or middle as well as last name. 

Nicknames and/or aliases used in the past include, according to the Denison Police Department,, the Iowa Department of Public Safety Missing Person Information Clearinghouse, and an Iowa Cold Cases reader, include:

  • Jesse G. Nimajapol (the official name listed with the Denison Police Department and Iowa Department of Public Safety’s (IDPS) Missing Person Information Clearinghouse (MPIC)
  • Jesse Govani NimajaPol (from
  • Juan Carlos Simay Nimaja (NamUs)
  • Darryl Jamal Brown (NamUs)
  • Reynaldo Alterio Colon (NamUs)
  • Adexe-Nau-Giovanni Nimaja-Pol (from a third-party website)
  • Adexe Nimaja Pol (from an Iowa Cold Cases reader; see comments below)

Despite the aliases, this individual’s disappearance is classified as ‘Involuntary’ — meaning a person of any age who is missing under circumstances indicating that the disappearance was not voluntary — i.e., an abduction or kidnapping.

Though the MPIC site lists the young man’s race as white, NamUs identifies his race/ethnicity as Hispanic/Latino.

Jesse/Adexe is described as a 5-foot-5 Hispanic/Latino male with brown eyes, black hair, and weighing (depending on the citing source) anywhere from 110 to 135 pounds.

Pictures of the missing person — some appear to be “selfies” along with split-screen images of young males, which could possibly be Nimaja Pol at an earlier age — and some individual photos of NimajaPol and/or other individuals are listed on a third-party website and were allegedly posted by Nimaja-Pol in August 2016. 

Note: Iowa Cold Cases is not including the third-party images on this website as we have not yet determined whether the minor-age boys in the split-screen photos are Nimaja-Pol at an early age or a separate unidentified male child.

Information Needed

Anyone who has information concerning Nimaja-Pol’s whereabouts should contact the Denison Police Department at 712-263-3195 and ask to speak with Sgt. Anthony Trejo or Officer Yovan Cardenas.


21 Responses to Jesse NimajaPol

  1. anon says:

    This is the newest video on his Youtube account that has had the name changed.

    Anyway, if you go in to 57 seconds, there is a written statement:
    “Jesse Nimaja y Abel Efebo unidos por siempre tiene un relacion.” This means Jesse Nimaja and Abel Efebo are united forever and have a relationship.

    Seems to me like Jesse might be a child predator.

  2. anon says:

    One of his aliases is “Juan Carlos Simay Nimaja.” The “Simay” is likely “Simaj.” Here is a facebook for someone with that purported name:

    If you save his photo and do a google image search, it’s actually a photo of a Spanish rapper named Porta.

  3. Jen says:

    Another alias to add: Junior Giovanni Pol
    Beware, this site has actual child porn pictures on it. Someone should report this one and get it taken down:

  4. andreadole2 says:

    Someone at least claiming to be him has a new youtube channel and has recently posted a bunch of new videos.
    This is different than his old youtube channel.

    • Moon says:

      I clicked on one video and only watched it for a couple seconds. Disturbing doesn’t cover it. I flagged the channel but am wondering if I should have left it alone for investigating his case. It takes a bunch of reports to get a channel banned.

    • anon says:

      The Youtube channel has changed its name to “poxito chingon.”

  5. andreadole2 says:

    Look at the middle boy in this photo from the facebook page of the guy named Mario Nimaja who lives in Denison. Is this a younger version of the boy that Jesse has in various photos on the internet? I’m not so good with faces, or aging between years.

  6. andreadole2 says:

    This person is another “nimaja” from Denison…

  7. andreadole2 says:

    It gets weirder. Check this out. He definitely seems somehow related to that Pedro Nimaja Pol who is the sex offender.

  8. andreadole2 says:

    Please look at this LinkedIn Profile for Adexe Nau Giovanni Nimaja Pol located here:

    It says: “soy niño mis padres me mantiene en ninguna y canté y bailarín” which I believe means “I’m a child; my parents don’t support me, and I sing and dance.”

  9. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Jen, thanks for the information you provided. I rebooked at those childhood images and afree with Moon’s comment, that they are disturbing. It makes me wonder, if he was being abused.

  10. Jen says:

    The videos all over the internet with this young man’s name attached are extremely disturbing.There is another man of the same last name in Texas whose resemblance is too striking for this to not be a relative, possibly father or older brother, and this man was arrested for uploading child porn to the internet.
    Unfortunately, I am afraid that there may be some very sad history associated with this young missing man.

  11. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Andrea, thanks for the information. It then begs the question of his ethnic background. Also, might that led to his disappearance.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Patrick and andreadole2, I have updated what other little information I could find for this missing person. The Iowa Department of Public Safety’s “Missing Person Information Clearinghouse” page lists the basic known facts about each individual’s disappearance, and slightly more information is shared with for the listing on that respective website.

      Here at the Iowa Cold Cases website (an Iowa nonprofit organization), our goal is to provide names of homicide victims whose cases have not yet been solved, as well as provide information about persons who went missing under suspicious or mysterious circumstances. The data we provide in each case summary is based on a number of factors, including that which law enforcement agencies have chosen to make public, information shared with us by victims’ family members via emails or phone conversations, and any other additional details we find through published news stories and/or news archives.

      We find comments like those from andreadole2 quite helpful, and are appreciative that they took the time to help us add to the person’s story. We want our readers to get to know the person behind the name because people care about those with whom they can identify. It’s a fluid process and it takes time. Information comes from unexpected places at unexpected times, and it’s far more productive when it focuses on the victim’s background and/or the reader’s knowledge or shared experiences with them.

      So often, we’re asked questions we can’t possibly answer. There is often a reason investigators “must” hold specific and/or critical details close to the vest; seasoned detectives fully understand this concept and how it might compromise an ongoing investigation. Other times, they simply don’t know b/c witnesses fear retaliation if they speak out. It’s an unfortunate but ongoing conundrum.

      We do the best we can with whatever information is provided to us, and we never purposely write case summaries to include as little info as possible.

      Jody at ICC

  12. andreadole2 says:

    Also, his real name is Adexe, not Jesse.

  13. andreadole2 says:

    The police and state don’t take good notes and seem to be unable to reason. This man’s surname is Nimaja Pol, not Nimagajapol.

  14. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    There are not a lot of details on his disappearance. It makes me wonder how the police determined that it was involuntary disappearance. If they have more details, they should share them, so that it might generate some leads.

    When and where was he last seen? Does he gave have any medical or mental health issues? Does he drive or have access to a vehicle.

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