Crystal Sue Hunt

Crystal Sue Hunt (Courtesy Iowa Department of Public Safety)

Crystal Sue Hunt

Missing Person

Age at Report: 21 YOA
DOB: February 18, 1977
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 140-142 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Incident Type: Endangered / physical
Missing From: Corydon, IA (Wayne County)
Last Reported Seen: Centerville, IA (Appanoose County)
Agency: Wayne County Sheriff’s Department
Case # 98-03225
NCIC Number: M-102855411
NamUs MP # 17037
Missing Since: February 24, 1998


Crystal Sue Hunt was reported missing to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office in Corydon, Iowa, on Feb. 24, 1998.

Corydon in Wayne County

Corydon in Wayne County

Crystal, who’d celebrated her 21st birthday just six days earlier and was pregnant, was last seen leaving her parents’ residence in Centerville on Feb. 24, 1998, with her boyfriend. He said they argued and she got out of the car.

Crystal has not been seen nor heard from since.

She is described as 5-foot-9 , 140-142 pounds, with blue eyes and blonde hair.

She was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, white sweatshirt, black and white checked stirrup pants and Nike tennis shoes with blue spots on the tops. 

She has a scar on her left leg from the ankle to below the knee. She also has a scar from her wrist to her elbow, a scar under her chin and three scar holes on each side of her pelvic area. She also has a scar on her right shoulder and walks with a slight limp.

In a March 13, 1998 brief published in the Daily Iowegian, Sheriff D. Keith Davis of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said Hunt was 5-1/2 months pregnant.  

Three months after she went missing, the Wayne County Coalition Against Domestic Violence offered a $500 reward to anyone with information leading to her whereabouts.

Centerville in Appanoose County

Centerville in Appanoose County

‘Her kin was drunk on sorrow’

In an Ottumwa Evening Post story dated Dec. 4, 2013, staff writer Doug Potter recalled the day — about a year after Crystal’s disappearance — when eight of Crystal’s relatives came to the Ottumwa Courier where he worked as a reporter. He said they’d asked him to write an article in hopes of jarring law enforcement from their chairs.

The family, he said, blamed the boyfriend.

Potter said he’d contacted the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, the Appanoose County Sheriff’s Department and the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation the following day. The case belonged to Wayne County, and the sheriff said there were no new leads. Potter wrote of the three conversations:

One agency said she’d probably never be found. Another jurisdiction said she is probably in a well or buried in Missouri where no one will find her. The DCI said that small sheriff’s departments like those in Wayne and Appanoose counties do not have the money or employees to maintain the search for Crystal.

Potter said he talked to several people from Corydon in 1999, and then approached the Courier’s editor about writing a story about Crystal’s unsolved disappearance. Wrote Potter:

The Courier’s editor said an article wouldn’t be of interest to readers because Crystal was from Wayne County. I wrote it anyway. And I’ve written others because I promised Crystal’s family that I would.

Read Doug’s full story

When the Iowa DCI established a Cold Case Unit in 2009, Crystal Hunt’s case was one of approximately 150 cases listed on the Cold Case Unit’s new website as those the DCI hoped to solve using latest advancements in DNA technology.

Although federal grant funding for the DCI Cold Case Unit was exhausted in December 2011, the DCI continues to assign agents to investigate cold cases as new leads develop or as technological advances allow for additional forensic testing of original evidence.

The DCI remains committed to resolving Iowa’s cold cases and will continue to work diligently with local law enforcement partners to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice for the victims and their families.

A DNA sample has been submitted and tests are complete.

Information Needed

If you have any information about Crystal Hunt’s unsolved disappearance or her whereabouts, please contact Sheriff D. Keith Davis at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office at (641) 872-1566.



30 Responses to Crystal Sue Hunt

  1. LakeLife says:

    She’s 7 months pregnant, gets into a fight with her bf & he says she gets out & chooses to walk the rest of the way at 7 months pregnant?
    I have a hard time buying this.
    I feel like he didn’t want the responsibility & that’s what they were fighting about.
    I feel like it gout out of hand & she ended up dead.
    Praying this is resolved.

  2. Don Hanson says:

    I am Patty’s first cousin, her father and my mother are brother and sister. I just learned about this today, decided to do some research. Don’t know anything about who is who either. Have never heard any talk of any kind, Patty died in 2014

  3. Brittany Marie says:

    I have so many questions. The only reason I came upon this was because u googled unsolved murders in Appanoose County. It brought up this woman and the Deteach man murdered at his home. I don’t know how often this page is updated but there is nothing about the Ty Husted case. And I find it very disturbing is agencies say she’ll never be found, she’s either in a well or buried in Missouri…very odd, a friend of mine said someone had said the same thing about Ty. I find it absurd that Appanoose County law enforcement has so many cop cars sitting in their parking lot but do not have funds to even attempt to find missing people, whuch don’t mind the new jail being built here. I understand with Crystal happened in Wayne County but counties don’t work together nor was the Ty case ever brought to public attention. I feel Appanoose County should shift their focus on important matters other than “drug busts” that never change. Same people in and out of jail. But what do I know….

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      If these departments don’t have the resources, then the Iowa DCI should take it over. They have the resources to work this case.

    • Don Hanson says:

      I am sure like most cases if if was one of their own it would have been solved by now, just saying,

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      I searched Sebastian Husted’s case again. One thing that bothers me is that he disappeared from a hog farm, where he had been working for a few weeks. I assume this hog farm has a formal name, unless it’s a unauthorized farm.

      Also, I assume that Sebastian was an employee of this hog farm.
      So, it bothers me, that they should have been concerned about one of their employees who disappeared.

      Yet, we hear nothing from them. Their should be some comment from them, showing their concern, oroffering a reward. This sort of makes me wonder, about some suspicious activity going on there.

      Also, could he been seriously injured, and did not want OSHA, coming in and finding out they violated federal safety regulations. In my time enforcing federal pollution regulations with the U.S. Coast Guard, many facilities had issues with OSHA inspector’s, who assume you are guilty, and not innocent until proven innocent.

      Also, his brother gets some text’s supposedly from Sebastian. The text’s asked him to come and get him. Yet, his family has no clue where he is working at. Also, the text’s seem to claim that his co-worker, also unidentified is supposedly getting aggressive. I wonder if this text was actually sent by him. Yet, his family is unaware of any previous problems with any co-workers.

      There is no explanation of what the co-worker was doing. Also, pictures of Sebastian mention his tattoos, which gave me the impression that he was a gang banger. Which might explain his disappearance, as revenge for possibly leaving the gang, or his refusal to do something illegal.

  4. Charles Langgin says:

    Why does her dad say she is in Omaha NE

  5. Thoughts says:

    This family seems to have been fully denied justice. There has historically been a great deal of discrimination in how cases are treated based on personal and law enforcement biases, including how the victim is portrayed by the press and potentally even people involved in the disappearance.

  6. Jenny Galvan says:

    They need to talk
    .interrogate the boyfriend

    • Taylor, Spokeo is a search website that aggregates data from online and offline sources, and as long as someone is still missing, they’ll continue to show the age “progressing” and show last known address info. In 2012 they were fined $800,000 by the Federal Trade Commission for FCRA and FTC violations, and ordered to submit compliance reports to the FTC for the next 20 years. They’re just one of the many aggregate “trash collectors” in the Deep Internet.

      • Johanna says:

        Just a question, if her last know address when she came up missing was Centerville, IA, then why does this place Spoko that Taylor post have it as Eldon, IA. Centerville and Eldon are two different towns. Just a confused friend of the family.

        • Katy Lee says:

          There certainly is a crystal s. Hunt on Facebook. She is blonde. Looks possibly the same age,however I don’t see much resemblance otherwise. Maybe it’s possible there are 2 crystal s.hunts??

    • Thelma Moore says:

      Found who

  7. I’d say the boyfriend knows quite a bit more than he is saying.

  8. She’s 7 months pregnant and they fight (so far 100% believable). Did she get out of the car though? Just from my experience with missing people I’d say the boyfriend knows more than what he’s saying.

  9. Prayers that she is found and safe. Prayers to the families and friends.

  10. Diana Wilson says:

    Why would he ever let her get out alone? Sounds fishy!!!!

  11. Rick Ledesma says:

    I googled Crystal once and there was a Crystal S, Hunt living in Eldon,ia . Hopefully shes found some day

  12. Keep trying.never give up.she’s out there somewhere.Will keep you in my prayers.

  13. Sarah Laumeyer says:

    The links for the Ottumwa Evening Post don’t take you an article. And I can’t find anything when I searched for it. ???

  14. Tina Carroll says:

    sounds to me like that boyfriend killed her…

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