Corey Wieneke

Corey WienekeCourtesy photo Winks Bar & Grill, Facebook
Corey Lee Wieneke

Corey Lee Wieneke

Homicide — SOLVED

Corey Lee Wieneke
22 YOA
Route 1
West Liberty, IA
Muscatine County
Case # 92-08083
Crime Date: October 13, 1992
Arrest Made: May 31, 2018
Trial Date: March 4, 2019
Mistrial Declared: March 12, 2019
New Trial Scheduled for: Sept. 9, 2019 in Muscatine
Verdict: Reached Sept. 19, 2019 — Guilty of second-degree murder



Update: Annette Cahill found guilty of second-degree murder

Sept. 19, 2019 | by Meredith Roemerman, The Muscatine Journal

MUSCATINE — After 16 total hours of deliberations, a jury found the defendant in a local cold case homicide guilty of second-degree murder more than 25 years later.

Corey Lee Wieneke was found beaten to death Oct. 13, 1992 in his West Liberty home. A jury of nine women and three men began deliberations Tuesday afternoon after spending six days hearing testimony and arguments in court, to find Annette Cahill, now 56, guilty of killing him.

Around 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, the jury was deadlocked and could not reach a verdict. The jury foreperson confirmed for presiding judge Patrick McElyea that more time would not yield a verdict. McElyea ordered the jury to resume deliberations Thursday morning and around 2 p.m., they had reached a unanimous verdict.

Full Story at The Muscatine Journal

2nd trial scheduled for woman accused of 1992 slaying

March 26, 2019 | Associated Press and The Courier

MUSCATINE, Iowa (AP) — A Tipton woman accused of killing her former boyfriend in 1992 is scheduled for another trial.

The first trial of 56-year-old Annette Cahill ended in a mistrial March 12 because of a hung jury. Her second trial in Muscatine is scheduled to begin Sept. 9.

Mistrial for Iowa woman charged in ex-boyfriend’s 1992 death

March 12, 2019 | by Meredith Roemerman, The Muscatine Journal

MUSCATINE (AP) — A hung jury has led to a mistrial in the murder trial of an Iowa woman accused in the 1992 beating death of her former boyfriend.

A judge declared the mistrial Tuesday afternoon when the jury of five women and seven men declared they could not reach a verdict. The jury began deliberating Monday in the trial of 56-year-old Annette Cahill, of Tipton.

1992 murder case being tried this week in Muscatine

March 6, 2019 | by Meredith Roemerman, The Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

MUSCATINE — More than 25 years ago, a man was found beaten to death in his rural home near West Liberty. The case went cold until 2017. Now a woman in her 50s stands trial for his murder.

“Actions and consequences, that’s what this case is about,” Iowa Assistant Attorney General Coleman McAllister said Tuesday to a Muscatine County jury.

A first-degree murder charge in the Oct. 13, 1992, death of Corey Lee Wieneke was brought last May against Annette D. Cahill, 56, of Tipton. McAllister laid out the state’s case in a roughly 16-minute opening statement. Wieneke and Cahill had a sexual relationship, according to the criminal complaint, and the two allegedly argued about his involvement with another woman the morning he was killed.

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UPDATE — Iowa cold case: Arrest made in 1992 West Liberty homicide, authorities say

From The Des Moines Register | June 4, 2018

A Cedar County woman has been charged in the 1992 bludgeoning death of a 22-year-old man in rural West Liberty, authorities said.

Annette CahillPhoto: Special to the Register
Annette Dee Cahill is scheduled to stand trial March 4, 2019.

Annette Dee Cahill, 55, of Tipton, was arrested Thursday [May 31, 2018] and charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Corey Wieneke, whose fiancée found him dead on his bedroom floor Oct. 13, 1992, in his Muscatine County home, police said.

A witness went to authorities last year and told them that a few weeks after the killing, Cahill made comments that she was responsible for the homicide, according to a criminal complaint. She told another person Wieneke had been killed with a baseball bat before that was public knowledge or the weapon had been recovered, officials said.

Cahill and Wieneke were in a sexual relationship, authorities said. In the early hours that morning, when investigators believe Wieneke died, Cahill got into a “heated argument” about his involvement with another woman, according to the complaint.

Read the Full Story at The Register

Case summary compiled by Jody Ewing

Corey Wieneke, 22, was found bludgeoned to death on the bedroom floor of his rural West Liberty home on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1992. Wieneke’s fiancée, Jody Hotz, also of West Liberty, said she last saw him alive around 8:15 a.m. that morning and discovered his beaten body in his bedroom at 6 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Muscatine County in Iowa
Muscatine County in Iowa
West Liberty in Muscatine CountyWest Liberty in Muscatine County

West Liberty Police, the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Department and the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation investigated the crime.

Larry Goepel of the DCI said Wieneke had been killed sometime during the day Tuesday. He encouraged anyone with information to call the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Department.

An autopsy determined Wieneke died from blunt trauma to the body. A blood-stained aluminum softball bat found one mile from Wieneke’s home was taken to the Department of Criminal Investigation’s laboratory for testing, and later confirmed as being the murder weapon.

Wieneke was an employee at Wink’s Tap, a downtown West Liberty tavern owned by his grandmother, Betty Wieneke. Corey Wieneke worked as the late shift bartender.

Courtesy The Daily Iowan, Oct. 15, 1992

Courtesy Daily Iowan, Oct. 15, 1992

Muscatine County sheriff’s deputies cordoned off the area around Wieneke’s home while DCI personnel processed the murder scene, located about three miles west of West Liberty.

KCRG-TV Channel 9 news reporter Mike Wagner discovered the softball bat when he couldn’t get his vehicle started so decided to walk up the gravel road to Wieneke’s one-story house. About a mile away, he saw the metal bat on the road’s north edge.

Wagner informed law officers, who hurried from the murder scene to see the bat. DCI investigators took photographs and measurements before removing the bat from the scene.

The bat had white tape around the handle and a blue barrel with Power Flite Heavyweight in white lettering on it. The white lettering appeared to have blood stains on it. The bat also had the bar code still affixed and the corners weren’t worn, which indicated it may have been recently purchased.

In a Cedar Rapids Gazette article dated Oct. 23, 1992, Sgt. Greg Orr, an investigator for the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Department, confirmed that the bat was bought at a Wal-Mart, but didn’t indicate which one. Orr also said bats with that kind of blue color were last shipped to the area a year prior to the murder. He stated the bat could have been left over from the previous year’s inventory.

Inspecting baseball batCourtesy photo Chris Stewart/Cedar Rapids Gazette
Oct. 15, 1992 — Muscatine County Sheriff Ron Hazen bends down to get a closer look at a bat lifted by Iowa DCI criminologist Robert Harvey. Authorities believe the blood-stained bat, found Wednesday morning, Oct. 14, 1992 along rural West Liberty’s 120th Street, may be the weapon used to kill Corey Wieneke sometime Tuesday.

The Power Flite Heavyweight bat had been relatively inexpensive; the murder weapon had a $15 retail price and was bought on sale for $13.

Authorities believed Wieneke knew his killer and said there was no evidence to suggest it was a random killing, and that they believed the person responsible was not from West Liberty but possibly from Iowa City.

Investigators also said they did not believe the murder was drug-related, and that it could be connected to a relationship Wieneke had with a woman. Wieneke was returning home from Iowa City around 7 a.m. the day of the murder.

‘Somebody out there knows something…’

Investigators interviewed more than 400 individuals in the months following Wieneke’s death, but in an Associated Press story dated 10 years after the murder, Sgt. Mark Kopf of the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office said no motive had been developed and no one identified as a suspect.

“We just have to get some good information,” Kopf said. “Somebody out there knows something about this case and they need to come forward.”

Susan Wieneke said not knowing why her son died was the hardest thing to cope with.

“I can’t imagine that somebody had something as awful against him,” Susan Wieneke said in the AP story published at Oct. 20, 2002. “We didn’t know he had any enemies at all.”

Mrs. Wieneke said she suspected that whoever killed her son knew him as well as her son’s dog, Casey.

“She was always very protective of him,” she said of her son’s golden Labrador retriever.


Suspect arrested 25 years after crime

May 31, 2018: Annette Dee Cahill, 55, of Tipton, was arrested Thursday, May 31, 2018, and charged with first-degree murder Corey Wieneke’s unsolved murder.

According to a Des Moines Register story published June 4, 2018, a criminal complaint stated that a witness went to authorities in 2017 and told them that a few weeks after Wieneke’s killing, Cahill made comments about being responsible for the murder.

The complaint stated the cause of death was blunt force trauma and that Cahill had told an individual, prior to investigators having recovered a murder weapon, that Wieneke had been killed by a baseball bat. [Authorities have since disavowed this information.]

Muscatine County Attorney Alan Ostergren said a witness came forward in 2017 with a news tip that helped bring the case together in the six months prior to the arrest.

According to the criminal complaint, Annette Cahill — then known as Annette Hazen — and Wieneke allegedly had a sexual relationship and were involved in a heated argument the morning of Wieneke’s death. Cahill admitted to going to his residence the day he died but denied ever seeing him and allegedly offered conflicting accounts of her whereabouts that morning.

October 3, 2018: Muscatine County District Court Judge Patrick McElyea ruled that Annette Cahill will be tried for first-degree murder on March 4, 2019, for Corey Wieneke’s 1992 killing, the Muscatine Journal reported Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018.

Cahill, 55, of Tipton, faces one count of first-degree murder and, if convicted, faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

A hearing is scheduled for Dec. 7, 2018, at the Muscatine County Courthouse.

March 6, 2019: The jury trial for Annette Cahill began on Monday, March 4, 2019, in Muscatine County. Jury selection began Monday and ended Tuesday, at which time the prosecution made its opening statements.

Actions and consequences, that’s what this case is about,” Iowa Assistant Attorney General Coleman McAllister said Tuesday to a Muscatine County jury. Full Story at

Tuesday, March 12, 2019: A deadlocked jury led to a mistrial Tuesday in the murder trial for Annette Cahill.

After nearly a full day of deliberations, a Muscatine County jury of five women and seven men could not reach a unanimous conclusion on the possible verdict — guilty of first-degree murder, guilty of a lesser charge of second-degree murder or not guilty.

March 26, 2019: A second trial for Annette Cahill, charged with killing her former boyfriend in 1992, is scheduled to begin Sept. 9, 2019, in Muscatine.

Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019: After 16 total hours of deliberations, a jury found Cahill guilty of second-degree murder in Corey Wieneke’s death more than 25 years later.

About Corey

Corey Lee Wieneke was born March 25, 1970 in Muscatine, Iowa, the son of James and Susan Winfield Wieneke. He was a 1988 graduate of West Liberty High School, where he played center on the football team that made it to the Class AA semifinals.

Corey Wieneke is buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery in West Liberty. (Photo courtesy MLC,

He worked as a bartender at Wink’s Tap in West Liberty for several years.

Friends gathered from 2 – 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 15, at the West Liberty Chapel of the Barker Funeral Home, where a Christian Wake service was held at 7:30 p.m.

A funeral Mass was held at 10 a.m. Friday morning at St. Joseph Catholic Church in West Liberty with the Rev. Tim Bernamann officiating. Wieneke was buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery in West Liberty.

Survivors included his parents, James and Susan Wieneke, West Liberty; his fiancée, Jody Hotz, West Liberty; a daughter, Megan Lee; grandparents, Betty Wieneke, and Edmund and Luetta Winfield, all of West Liberty; great-grandmother, Helen Janney, West Liberty; and great-grandmother Helen Crossett, Iowa City.

Information Needed

When the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation established a Cold Case Unit in 2009, Corey Wieneke’s murder was one of approximately 150 cases listed on the Cold Case Unit’s new website as those the DCI hoped to solve using latest advancements in DNA technology.

Although federal grant funding for the DCI Cold Case Unit was exhausted in December 2011, the DCI continues to assign agents to investigate cold cases as new leads develop or as technological advances allow for additional forensic testing of original evidence.

The DCI remains committed to resolving Iowa’s cold cases and will continue to work diligently with local law enforcement partners to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice for the victims and their families.

Information Needed

Anyone with additional information about Corey Wieneke’s murder is encouraged to call the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office at (563) 263-6055 or (800) 369-9635, or contact the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation at (515) 725-6010 or email



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  1. Happy Angel Birthday Corey! Your memory will always be alive with WLHS Class of ’88!! I pray one day your case will be solved so peace may be granted to you and your family and friends. Thinking of you today and always!

  2. Becomes cause for concern,when personal vendetta.s whether real or imagined matters by individuals making statements known and proven False, yet lay false claims by social media and talk among themselves leading us the readers to see there are individuals determined to to see the woman accused be prosecuted and judged for a crime that of which she suffers for apparently no more reason than simply knowing the deceased.
    As I read this Case let me say this You can call everyone among the deceased family .school mates community .work place just as suspect because they also knew the deceased,find record of high school students that he had altercation with accuse them as well,I read he worked at a Bar/Grill,Those who frequented Well Knew him too. Murder is a tragedy ,to accuse someone for nothing more than knowing the deceased is a grave matter,i read that false statements submitted to authorities have been stricken from admissible in this case due to being proven false shall we say[a.k.a lie?] and other statements with nothing to support them apart from hearsay or persons that likely have clouded judgement because of their proximity to the deceased_I can understand these people wanting Justice for a deceased relative ,but I am left questioning why would these be so adamant in wanting the defendant Cahill be convicted _that they lay proven false statements to her guilty yet NO EVIDENCE Supports their claims what-so-ever except that she knew Weineke. as a former girlfriend however I read a fiance is listed ,obviously also knowing him,As a former Bartender myself I can tell you very few bartenders ever can say they are without some enemies and grudges held against them, after Bartending,nor can they say they did not witness some things in their careers that have throughout time, been the very same things that that got persons killed,In these environments you have all manner of things possible contributing to alter peoples minds thoughts and cloud their perspectives whether you know it for a fact or not _it is not pleasant to hear but threats fly at bartenders who any other day may call these same friends_Threats are common For reasons often unbeknownst to any one other than the barred patrons or jealous wives husbands who feel the bartender is aiding and abetting .known or suspected cheating spouses even accusing bartenders of contributing to the destruction of their relatives by merely serving them, or adding to the problems they experience in the home because of an alcoholic patron who becomes inebriated then goes home and abuses his or her family ,then there are passers thru unknown to locals who are treated hostile or become hostile.even local altercations where threats to life and limb are frequently overheard or encountered and sworn to be carried out by hostility for a 100 different reasons in any given event..Every Bartender has known of fights that cost injury that may or may not be life threatening to the parties involved, When the Bartender must break up these or phone local law enforcement and it is not un common to result in Jail time or Charges filed on the party or parties involved-fights break out and threats fly its relatively normal that these can and do happen guns are pulled -fights and threats over money owed You name it, can and will continually be a given in this environment ,any bartender can recount of deaths either by murder ,injury or accidental and involve violence by beating -stabbing and shootings which can occur beginning in the bar and later outside or follow up to individual homes at a later time-Bars have Drive gunfire resulting in bullets put into them or property vehicles its all happened and every bartender knows of a time/times or multiple events that could be attributed to bar life and frequenting or working in these places.where you know the parties or knew of the ones involved as well as those who died _measures are taken to minimize these occasions but they still happen! If one could be accused tried and convicted of homicide for simply having known a person even dated or hated a person and then prosecuted with nothing more to prove guilt by having known that person or persons_Well I do not need to say further how empty the streets would be today!
    I am more than a little Questioning how one can find someone guilty with NO HARD EVIDENCE Much less NO EVIDENCE to PROVE GUILT.I also read that the matter rests heavily on a childs testimony obviously confused by the divorce of her parents -her dads questionable habits .her moms grief and unhappiness and the entrants of other women into her life .What Kid would not wish to blame all of these parties for what she is living amidst as a result of all this,But that is not grounds to prosecute them of Murder!
    Fact is Murder happens in these scenarios more frequently than most of us care to think.
    It cause me considerable thought that the deceased persons family would single out Cahill and want her charged when it just as obvious that their was happenings going on that would implicate a fair amount of other likely suspects with considerably more motive and these are not tried for the same due to lack of evidence -I also Find it hard to comprehend cahill able to bludgeon a man Weinekes size as he appears in the photo and he put up no resistance that likely would have left visible signs of the incident on the perpetrator and certainly fingerprints and other evidence at the scene_This Case Bothers me From reading what is known _I cannot find anything in the facts surrounding the case that indicates any thing other than the deceased families obvious determination to blame cahill for their relatives death It even shows necessity and revenge In these scenarios it is easy to speculate what all is not being said and that’s where the hidden Truth Lies in my opinion of course a persons relatives would omit other known occasions .we know by reading they happened given what is presented,another thing that fails to surface in this is Weinekes daughter if such despite is still held against cahill -Why? even More what was the Child witnessing in her fathers behavior what was she hearing in her mothers distress over an affair and what was she hearing at her grandmothers house ,That so clearly shows a families need to cast the entire distress of the family by the events occurring Yet Not even Remotely lays blame to the childs Father for causing nor contributing to their grief -the Mother understandable favors her son but he clearly was a Large part of his familys distress -What was he telling his family that was fueling their animosity upon her to leave consideration of other suspects out of the Question. Makes me wonder who is being left out of this equation that carried out a threat- I find it hard to believe given the Known facts surrounding Mr Weinekes death that his behavior was not making quite a few enemies ,and I believe the parties who would file erroneous statements and claims that would later be determined false was hearing the same in a ongoing way We Know in a childs mind would not be discriminating as to discerning the whole truth what she was hearing,but would be accepting as fact what her relatives were saying among themselves ,We Know memories Change and given the Stress and grief of her dads death would we be hearing her family discuss and blame ,this same childwould not have reason to question what she was hearing in a judicial way -causing her memories to be more based on her understanding of what other members of her family were saying_We cannot come to a time where courts can Execute the tenets of Law on this Clearly obvious Bias-which then becomes the sole element by which to sentence a person to life with out parole and call this JUSTICE! I am Seeing Some Similarities in other cases that should be cause for everyones concern , not to mention what appears on social media to seed the public in a way we can best coin Covert manipulation,knowing full well the desired effect one who does this would be wanting to attain by using this method of poisoning the pot shall we say detracting from the Integrity of the defense in a way that clearly shows the similarity between the submission of statements that were proven false in an earlier hearing, Our Hopes and Prayers are Solely For Justice & Truth Based upon what we know so far _ Any Court that could hand down a judgement with no EVIDENCE Whatsoever to Substantiate the GUILT of the defendant in this case with the added erroneous statements made to the court -in lieu of their proven falseness! Should be cause for EVERYONES CONCERN! Personally I do understand the Deceased.s family their need for closure and they wish to see their relatives killer or killer’s brought to Justice !The Fact is 2 wrongs do not make a right nor does that in anyway resemble JUSTICE_to even consider that the lack of EVIDENCE is not COINCIDENTAL when you are accusing the wrong individual is it_IF the COURT hears the Evidence that likely still remains if the Guilty party was being tried -this also would most Likely bring new Evidence to light with guilty parties known associates. I only Pray That A grief does not cause a serious INJUSTICE before the Eyes of GOD Closure can never happen in this way And it by no means can be called JUST!

  3. I just saw an episode of Dateline about this case. It was mentioned that there were hair samples found in the victim’s hand and they were never tested with current technology..why not?