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  1. Shanda says:

    The Cops, facts, Dateline got it right. The fantasies and admissions of Annette Cahill’s were quite Delousional of what & who she was & meant to a bartender. It so Clear she was trying to catch & trap someone for a financial future. She wasn’t at home with her kids, but trying to trap & catch someone who was 7 yrs younger, by often getting drunk & asking for a ride. Realistic Annette was just a convenient side piece and that’s all. Annette’s claims of love was lust, and her claim they were going to go look for bars and start a life!? What a fantasy! Annette is a coward, liar, a murderer. And unfortunately She wasn’t nailed & arrested & jailed 25 years sooner.

  2. Night Sonny Jim says:

    My wife and I have seen literally thousands of true crime docs and this one ranks up there in the top 3 of weakest cases ever! The other 2 were Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. One girl has the memory, the other girl does not remember it – they cancel each other out. Was it a planted memory by a mother with a vendetta? A dream? And I’ve never heard of someone committing a perfect murder with the exception that they went home and started confessing out loud to the victim. Makes no sense. The drug addict’s story makes no sense. Why would a murderer take the bloody clothes out of the bag in plain site of others and then burn them? Wouldn’t she just throw the paper bag with the clothes still in it into the fire and burn everything at once? And why didn’t he say this 25 years earlier when questioned? He can’t be trusted. Why weren’t the hairs tested? And the judge should have allowed this to be a hung jury. It’s obvious there was no evidence. This was a guilty until proven innocent case. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but it sounds like this guy’s suspect list could have been longer than the Nile. This is one of those cases that leaves you thinking if she could be convicted of murder with no evidence, then anybody could.

    • Mike Z says:

      The DATELINE episode should bring about another look at this case. Why are her appeals being denied? Unfortunately Cahill had a weak lawyer and that should be a consideration for a re-trial. The judge should be recalled. I intend to keep following this case.

  3. Mike Z says:

    I just saw Dateline on 6/18/2022 and was stunned at the conviction. When Cahill said at her arrest “you don’t know how wrong you are” something rang true to me. I looked at the facts and there was no case for a conviction. A questionable 25-year-old memory from a 9 year old girl and a drug addict saying he saw the defendant burning bloody clothes – how are these considered evidence? And neither of those testimonies were offered during the 1992 investigation. Worst of all is the second judge not accepting a hung jury for the second time, and instructing the jury to come back the next day with a different verdict. I am blown away how this guilty verdict was railroaded by the judge, the detectives and the Weineke family’s desire for a conviction. It’s possible Cahill is guilty, but this trial certainly didn’t prove that.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I also watched the Dateline episode and read everything I could on the alleged “evidence.” I normally don’t question law enforcement’s decision to indict, but this case left me with a “you’ve got to be kidding me sick feeling deep in my gut.

      There are cases on this site that contain — in my opinion — more than ample evidence to charge a suspect and ensure a conviction, and yet years go by with no arrests. If someone wrote up this story as a novel, any agent would find it ludicrous and tell them not to quit the day job. Mike Z. is correct in that the possibility exists that Cahill is guilty, but I saw no credible evidence whatsoever to support even an indictment, let alone a guilty verdict at trial.

      If anything, the Dateline episode illuminated the nonsensical rationale for Cahill’s arrest.

  4. Diane McIntyre says:

    Can you say…”Salem witch trial?” Watch out Justice. And the softball bat, how many ounces was it – because to swing a bat and make perfect contact to cause unconsciousness you need skill and strength- try it out on a tree- frickin impossible unless you’re built like a weightlifter and play for the MLB- Any male suspects or just a mother of 2 kids that has the time to kill during a weekday? Oh no- somebody of this 8 billion person world, who might have a repressed memory slightly askew, and you’re going to jail for 50 years!!

  5. Kris says:

    I just saw an episode of Dateline about this case. It was mentioned that there were hair samples found in the victim’s hand and they were never tested with current technology..why not?

  6. Carrie Khaddour says:

    Becomes cause for concern,when personal vendetta.s whether real or imagined matters by individuals making statements known and proven False, yet lay false claims by social media and talk among themselves leading us the readers to see there are individuals determined to to see the woman accused be prosecuted and judged for a crime that of which she suffers for apparently no more reason than simply knowing the deceased.
    As I read this Case let me say this You can call everyone among the deceased family .school mates community .work place just as suspect because they also knew the deceased,find record of high school students that he had altercation with accuse them as well,I read he worked at a Bar/Grill,Those who frequented Well Knew him too. Murder is a tragedy ,to accuse someone for nothing more than knowing the deceased is a grave matter,i read that false statements submitted to authorities have been stricken from admissible in this case due to being proven false shall we say[a.k.a lie?] and other statements with nothing to support them apart from hearsay or persons that likely have clouded judgement because of their proximity to the deceased_I can understand these people wanting Justice for a deceased relative ,but I am left questioning why would these be so adamant in wanting the defendant Cahill be convicted _that they lay proven false statements to her guilty yet NO EVIDENCE Supports their claims what-so-ever except that she knew Weineke. as a former girlfriend however I read a fiance is listed ,obviously also knowing him,As a former Bartender myself I can tell you very few bartenders ever can say they are without some enemies and grudges held against them, after Bartending,nor can they say they did not witness some things in their careers that have throughout time, been the very same things that that got persons killed,In these environments you have all manner of things possible contributing to alter peoples minds thoughts and cloud their perspectives whether you know it for a fact or not _it is not pleasant to hear but threats fly at bartenders who any other day may call these same friends_Threats are common For reasons often unbeknownst to any one other than the barred patrons or jealous wives husbands who feel the bartender is aiding and abetting .known or suspected cheating spouses even accusing bartenders of contributing to the destruction of their relatives by merely serving them, or adding to the problems they experience in the home because of an alcoholic patron who becomes inebriated then goes home and abuses his or her family ,then there are passers thru unknown to locals who are treated hostile or become hostile.even local altercations where threats to life and limb are frequently overheard or encountered and sworn to be carried out by hostility for a 100 different reasons in any given event..Every Bartender has known of fights that cost injury that may or may not be life threatening to the parties involved, When the Bartender must break up these or phone local law enforcement and it is not un common to result in Jail time or Charges filed on the party or parties involved-fights break out and threats fly its relatively normal that these can and do happen guns are pulled -fights and threats over money owed You name it, can and will continually be a given in this environment ,any bartender can recount of deaths either by murder ,injury or accidental and involve violence by beating -stabbing and shootings which can occur beginning in the bar and later outside or follow up to individual homes at a later time-Bars have Drive gunfire resulting in bullets put into them or property vehicles its all happened and every bartender knows of a time/times or multiple events that could be attributed to bar life and frequenting or working in these places.where you know the parties or knew of the ones involved as well as those who died _measures are taken to minimize these occasions but they still happen! If one could be accused tried and convicted of homicide for simply having known a person even dated or hated a person and then prosecuted with nothing more to prove guilt by having known that person or persons_Well I do not need to say further how empty the streets would be today!
    I am more than a little Questioning how one can find someone guilty with NO HARD EVIDENCE Much less NO EVIDENCE to PROVE GUILT.I also read that the matter rests heavily on a childs testimony obviously confused by the divorce of her parents -her dads questionable habits .her moms grief and unhappiness and the entrants of other women into her life .What Kid would not wish to blame all of these parties for what she is living amidst as a result of all this,But that is not grounds to prosecute them of Murder!
    Fact is Murder happens in these scenarios more frequently than most of us care to think.
    It cause me considerable thought that the deceased persons family would single out Cahill and want her charged when it just as obvious that their was happenings going on that would implicate a fair amount of other likely suspects with considerably more motive and these are not tried for the same due to lack of evidence -I also Find it hard to comprehend cahill able to bludgeon a man Weinekes size as he appears in the photo and he put up no resistance that likely would have left visible signs of the incident on the perpetrator and certainly fingerprints and other evidence at the scene_This Case Bothers me From reading what is known _I cannot find anything in the facts surrounding the case that indicates any thing other than the deceased families obvious determination to blame cahill for their relatives death It even shows necessity and revenge In these scenarios it is easy to speculate what all is not being said and that’s where the hidden Truth Lies in my opinion of course a persons relatives would omit other known occasions .we know by reading they happened given what is presented,another thing that fails to surface in this is Weinekes daughter if such despite is still held against cahill -Why? even More what was the Child witnessing in her fathers behavior what was she hearing in her mothers distress over an affair and what was she hearing at her grandmothers house ,That so clearly shows a families need to cast the entire distress of the family by the events occurring Yet Not even Remotely lays blame to the childs Father for causing nor contributing to their grief -the Mother understandable favors her son but he clearly was a Large part of his familys distress -What was he telling his family that was fueling their animosity upon her to leave consideration of other suspects out of the Question. Makes me wonder who is being left out of this equation that carried out a threat- I find it hard to believe given the Known facts surrounding Mr Weinekes death that his behavior was not making quite a few enemies ,and I believe the parties who would file erroneous statements and claims that would later be determined false was hearing the same in a ongoing way We Know in a childs mind would not be discriminating as to discerning the whole truth what she was hearing,but would be accepting as fact what her relatives were saying among themselves ,We Know memories Change and given the Stress and grief of her dads death would we be hearing her family discuss and blame ,this same childwould not have reason to question what she was hearing in a judicial way -causing her memories to be more based on her understanding of what other members of her family were saying_We cannot come to a time where courts can Execute the tenets of Law on this Clearly obvious Bias-which then becomes the sole element by which to sentence a person to life with out parole and call this JUSTICE! I am Seeing Some Similarities in other cases that should be cause for everyones concern , not to mention what appears on social media to seed the public in a way we can best coin Covert manipulation,knowing full well the desired effect one who does this would be wanting to attain by using this method of poisoning the pot shall we say detracting from the Integrity of the defense in a way that clearly shows the similarity between the submission of statements that were proven false in an earlier hearing, Our Hopes and Prayers are Solely For Justice & Truth Based upon what we know so far _ Any Court that could hand down a judgement with no EVIDENCE Whatsoever to Substantiate the GUILT of the defendant in this case with the added erroneous statements made to the court -in lieu of their proven falseness! Should be cause for EVERYONES CONCERN! Personally I do understand the Deceased.s family their need for closure and they wish to see their relatives killer or killer’s brought to Justice !The Fact is 2 wrongs do not make a right nor does that in anyway resemble JUSTICE_to even consider that the lack of EVIDENCE is not COINCIDENTAL when you are accusing the wrong individual is it_IF the COURT hears the Evidence that likely still remains if the Guilty party was being tried -this also would most Likely bring new Evidence to light with guilty parties known associates. I only Pray That A grief does not cause a serious INJUSTICE before the Eyes of GOD Closure can never happen in this way And it by no means can be called JUST!

  7. Beth Jargo says:

    Happy Angel Birthday Corey! Your memory will always be alive with WLHS Class of ’88!! I pray one day your case will be solved so peace may be granted to you and your family and friends. Thinking of you today and always!

  8. motive is to scare others…mistaken identity..

  9. Wasn’t this the one where a reporter found the baseball bat during a live broadcast, and some people thought it was all staged? (No, the reporter was not a suspect.)

  10. i think I remeber hearing about this case.

  11. Are there any suspects?

  12. Mark Becker says:

    Sounds like it was over a girl

  13. Diana Wilson says:

    Hope this gets solved!

  14. Corey was a great friend, neighbor and classmate of mine. … RIP, you will never be forgotten. I keep the hope alive that someday this will be solved. Miss you friend!

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