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  1. Matt Drury says:

    I have been told twice,
    that jeffrey bond was the killer via his daughter and friend, Bond died last year. I dont believe anyone jokes about stuff like that.

  2. Kim says:

    Travis Jamieson, the Monticello man who was arrested and acquitted at trial in Cathy-Jo’s murder, has recently passed away. I’m not finding a case page other than this one for Cathy-Jo on the ICC site (I may not be looking in the right spot), but I wanted to share that information. Here is a link to an older story about the case:

  3. Lisa says:

    Very sorry I tried to delete the comment it ouldnt let me

  4. Lisa Nieto says:

    My father went to his grave thinking it was a woman that killed her and her name was Chris kiburtz at the time as I was on a bowling team with her and right after that she had hurt her wrist in a “volleyball game” at the bernedes center in Monticello and when she came to bowling she was constantly looking out the door saying they are coming to get her and we said who and she said the people whatever that meant she was very fidgety at the time and shortly after that she moved to Chicago

    • Christine Vlasek Schejbal says:

      Hello Lisa, I actually have no idea who you are and you obviously don’t know me very well! Nothing you just said is true other than the fact that I did bowl (not with you) and I did play volleyball. I am responding to this because good friends of mine in Monticello saw this and are very angry with you for the slander and defamation of character! I’m not happy about it either, but those who know me know that this is nothing I would, or could, ever do! Cathy was my friend and I was very close to her brother as well. When I got the news of her death it was unbelievably heartbreaking!! I had been in Chicago for Christmas and when I pulled into the driveway the following day , my neighbor (Cathy’s cousin) informed me of everything. I did everything I could to help police find who did it. I moved back to Chicago 4 months later because my divorce and just become final and this is where I am from. All my Family is here, so naturally I moved back. I do and always have come back to Monticello every year to see my very close friends that I made while living there. You can think what you want, but you could not be further from the truth! Christine Schejbal (Kiburz)

    • Cheri Reed says:

      Lisa, Please see the comment policy for this page and make your comments civilized and constructive! No personal attacks please. Be respectful of others!

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