Officials Probe Shooting Death

Courtesy The Gazette, Oct. 12, 1973

Alexander Torres Sauceda


Alexander Torres Sauceda
23 YOA
Duck Creek Plaza
852 Middle Road
Bettendorf, IA
Scott County
October 11, 1973

In the early morning hours on Friday, October 12, 1973, Bettendorf police responded to an anonymous call from a man who said he’d just shot someone. Upon their arrival at the Duck Creek Plaza parking lot located at 852 Middle Road, officers found 23-year-old Alexander Torres Sauceda slumped in his vehicle’s front seat.

Scott County in Iowa

Scott County in Iowa

Sauceda — a Vietnam veteran who’d served with the US Army — had been shot multiple times in the head. Four spent .22 caliber cartridges lay next to his body.

According to an article published April 3, 2010 by the Quad-Cities Dispatch-Argus, Mr. Sauceda’s sister, Yolanda Sauceda, said her brother received several phone calls that night before leaving their house about 11:45 p.m. Sauceda did not tell his sister where he was going or whom he planned to meet.

Alexander Sauceda gravestone

Alexander Sauceda was buried in the Rock Island National Cemetery in Moline, Ill. (Courtesy photo Trimble Funeral Homes,

About Alexander Sauceda

Alexander Sauceda was born in Texas July 17, 1950, to Eulojia Torres and Santos Sauceda.

He served as a US Army Specialist 4 based in Iowa, and also served during the Vietnam War.

He was buried with military rites at the Rock Island National Cemetery in Moline, Ill.

Information Needed

If you have any information about Alexander Sauceda’s unsolved murder please contact the Bettendorf Police Department at 563-344-4015.



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7 Responses to Alexander Sauceda

  1. Gwen Kubberness says:

    In searching newspaper articles I notice a pattern of killings from 1970- 1974 this could very well be a serial killer in that area, I will need to look further before I am 100% sure.

  2. Gwen Kubberness says:

    His Social Security states he was living in Iowa when he retained his Social Security Number, I am still search for addresses and places her was after he returned from service.

    Name: Alexander Sauceda
    Social Security Number: 483-66-7724
    Birth Date: 17 Jul 1950
    Issue Year: 1966
    Issue State: Iowa
    Death Date: Oct 1973

  3. I found him in a article for a traffic fine he got for $10 in Colorado Springs Newspaper in 1971.

    Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    04 May 1971, Tue • Page 25

  4. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Not a lot of details on his murder. There is no mention of what he was doing for a living after returning from Vietnam. Also, were there any shell casings found at the crime scene. If yes and hopefully they still have them they should be entered into the computerized ballistics system. Maybe the gun was used in another crime, or recovered by law enforcement.

    These cold cases should be revewed and details that were with held be released to seek information or investigative leads.

    • LakeLife says:

      I agree!
      They need to check the shell casings.
      I also find it very odd that the person who murdered him called it in!
      Praying they find the person who did this!

  5. Thank you, Brenda! We try!

  6. Don’t know anything about this case but this is an awesome site…goes way back!!!

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