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On May 8, 2017, in Miscellany, Resources, by Jody Ewing

The Iowa Cold Cases website needs your help. Our web hosting service — which runs on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) due to the volume of traffic on the site — was up for its annual renewal May 5. They have granted us a courtesy extension for two weeks.

In the last 12 months, our website has received 4.8 million page views (4,804,870 to be exact), and we average over 431,000 page views each month. This year alone, 568,015 visitors have taken time to explore pages on the site, with (for the techies out there) 375,940 of this year’s visitors being “unique visitors.”

Today we are asking for your help in keeping Iowa Cold Cases online by making a small donation toward the cost of our annual VPS server fee. Our web host (InMotion Hosting) is employee-owned and one of the few larger web hosts that hasn’t sold out to EIG (Endurance International Group).

Iowa Cold Cases (an Iowa nonprofit organization) doesn’t receive any federal funding or grant money.

Our primary goal has always been to ensure every cold case victim’s story is told and kept alive until those responsible are held accountable by the criminal justice system. Access to our statewide cold case summaries has always been free, though our time and the resources we provide here are not without cost.

If our site has been of any value to you, please consider making a small donation to help us keep our website online. Whether $20 or $10 or $5, every dollar helps. The “Donate” button below securely links to Iowa Cold Cases’ PayPal account where you may make a donation with or without a PayPal account.

Thank you in advance!

Jody Ewing
ICC Founder / Writer 


If you prefer to make a contribution by check, please make payable to
Iowa Cold Cases, Inc., and mail to:

Iowa Cold Cases, Inc.
1019 7th St.
Onawa, IA 51040

Thank you for your support!

Contributions are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.

2 Responses to Help Keep Iowa Cold Cases Online

  1. Linda K. Wicks Hemmen Turner (Divorced) says:


    I was a 7 year old daughter of my Mother who was secretary to the Ames Canning Company in 1948 when Henry Chavis was gunned down. I spent hours playing outside of the office. My best friend was Sherry Rhenbloom Semanka. Her Mother, Doris, and my Mother were on the Ames Bowling Team. Sherry and I and our Mothers took a 6 week trip to California at that time. It was also the year my Mother divorced my Dad. Mom & I moved to the 1st home she owned in Webster CIty, IA. At 76 years old in Santa Barbara, CA… I still have many questions.

    She changed my last name to Hemmen, and remarried Maurice Hemmen. Much more I can’t say…

    • Veronica Lack says:

      Linda, thank you for helping remind all of the family and friends of deceased Iowa Cold Cases, who have not had their deaths investigated or cases solved, and those that have been solved, after more information was gathered from information organized on our family’s case files, that Jody has many expenses that are not covered as most of us she works to help us, while existing on a limited income like we do. If Linda had not reminded me I might not have thought to pass on a small gift to Jody for the VPS Server Fees. Veronica Lack (Still hoping to find an Attorney to Represent my Iowa Supreme Court Appeal 17-1933 of the Halloween 2017 dismissal of Civil Rights case CVCV046761 in the Polk County Courthouse.)

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