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  1. Adrian says:

    A friend of mine did and Ouija board and she said they contacted a girl named Penney Watson. They asked her age too and she said she was 18. They then asked if she was good or evil and the board said neither.then it started making circles which means the spirit is trying to escape. They said bye and headed home ( they were in the middle of nowhere) my friend told me her dream and it creeped me out. She said that she was getting ready for school that she didnt recognize. She walked down the hallway and at the end there was a African american girl. She finished her classes and a black SUV picked her up. She said all she remembers was a bag going over her head. She doesn’t remember who the people were that picked her up. She continued to say that she was still dead, there was a bag over her head and they were undressing her. They then dumped her to the side of the curb of a white house. My friend woke up and she couldn’t breathe. When she told me this my brother had a panic attack and was breathing heavily. My knees felt weak and I had trouble breathing. This was just yesterday

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