Mitchell County in Iowa

Mitchell County in Iowa

Cold Cases in Mitchell County, Iowa



Gary Lack

Gary Lack

Gary Lack
58 YOA
1475 325th Street
Nora Springs, IA
(Section 11, T-97-N, R-18-W)
in Mitchell County
January 14, 2004

Gary Lack, who’d developed hormone feeding tumors that spread to his colon and liver due to point source polluting plumes from upstream Mitchell County, Iowa, farmers, died January 14, 2004 after a Hospice nurse associated with Mitchell County officials overdosed him with an unprescribed medication the nurse stole from one of her other recently deceased patients.


Adam Lack

Adam Lack

Adam Michael Lack
33 YOA
Resided at 1475 325th St.
Nora Springs, IA
Killed on Hwy 9
Mitchell County, IA
July 13, 2008

Adam Michael Lack, a 33-year-old Ivy league graduate from Brown University, was repeatedly tortured and then crushed to death on Sunday, July 13, 2008, after being lured away from his Nora Springs home by upstream landowners involved in a longtime illegal point source pollution plume. He became his family’s second casualty in their fight for Iowans’ and animals’ health and clean water.

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  1. Veronica Lack says:

    My Husband Gary and my son Adam were tortured and killed to cover up Proud Boy Republican politicians (Branstad/Kleckner/Grassley/others) on-going Point Source Contamination of 1/2 million Iowans Tap Water or drinking water.

  2. Veronica M. Lack says:

    Read my, 2019 Iowa Supreme Appeal #17-1933 of my case CVCV046761 it is a public record at Iowa’s Supreme Court. Branstad and Kleckner’s on-going Point Source Pollution Plume mapped out by IDNR’s Russ Tell in 2008 has taken out at least 3 public wells for Cedar Falls, at least one for Waterloo and 100’s of private wells in Russ Tell’s mapped out “Plume” in the Cedar Valley Group Aquifers. The State of Iowa and the Iowa DNR continue to cover-up their profiting from their on-going 30-year former Republican governors’ and former Head of Farm Bureau’s profiting from their promoting on-going PFAS Nitrite AG chemical point source contamination of the Tap Water of our “left” side or “Bloom” side of Iowa Source Water our drinking water. Branstad’s 2017 staff attorney C. Smith agreed in 2017 the illegal channeling of 50,000 acres of Flood Water from parts of Worth, Cerro Gordo, and Mitchell Counties Flood water to be illegally drained down the Aquifer Recharge Area Sinkholes in Cedar (W) Township, Mitchell County Iowa’s 1991 Designated National Wetland’s Aquifer Recharge Area (Sinkholes). Branstad’s profits included the damage or costs to 1/2 million Iowans health in at least parts of 8 Iowa counties.

    IDNR’s Russ Tell had mapped out the growing on-going contaminated “Plume” in the Cedar Valley Group Aquifers from Mitchell County Iowa’s 1991 Designated National Wetland’s Aquifer Recharge Area in Cedar (W) Township in 2008.

  3. Layla Dorine says:

    nora springs is not in Mitchell County, it is in Floyd Co. well half is, the other half is in cerro gordo

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Layla, you are right and I hadn’t clarified (on this particular page) the city/county relationships in Adam’s homicide. I’ve updated it to reflect that he “lived” in Nora Springs (Floyd County) but was “killed” in Mitchell County. Thanks for the sharp eye!

    • Layla,

      The address of our home and Mitchell County farm was 1475-325th Street, Nora Springs, IA 50458, but even though it had a Nora Springs address, we lived and farmed in Mitchell County, Cedar (W) Township. And we voted in Mitchell County.

      If you have GPS on a cell phone, put the address in and look at the changes to my farm since I was forced to do a 1031 exchange for a farm by Waverly further down in the on-going pollution Plume from Cedar (W) Township.

      The conservation measures that I was advised by the FSA and NRCS agents that I had to install to lessen the polluting from the illegal 2005 channel the polluters dug through my farm after Gary was killed have been dug away and some CRP seeding has been removed and my big Red Barn, Hog House and Machine shed and Milk house and a small garage are gone and in its place is a huge long confinement building that extends down to the former Designated National Wetland. The over $150,000.00 of Conservation Repairs I was forced by the USDA-NRCS’ Ray Frana and FSA’s Charlie Heiderscheit to stay in compliance with that Legal Drainage Agreement for that farm have been dug away. Yet the polluters are not made to keep in compliance with the 1995 Corps of Engineer’s Agreement for drainage that is recorded on that farm’s abstract.

      Under Governor Branstad and since 1995 the Corps has been stopped from protecting our Source Waters from polluting farmers and the IDNR’s enforcement funds were taken away. This means there are increasing numbers of farmers who choose illegal Point Source pollution, to solve their wetland and wet swale areas that hold up planting. If a young farmer stops in a USDA-NRCS Office, and asks what he could do about a wet swale area, the agent will tell him if you have no legal outlet just put in a “French Drain”. That can be just a tile tube straight down into our Source Water for our wells Downstream. Then he can get into the field faster and apply the most water soluble CAFO and Anhydrous Ammonia Nitrogen fertilizers before big spring rains.

      My home and farm is now delivering thousands of acres of farm run-off chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, Anhydrous Ammonia and CAFO Nitrogen fertilizers in floods to a line of Sinkholes in the Designated National Wetland. This growing Plume just took out one of the wells for the City of Waterloo.

    • Mark Gruben says:

      Not that it’s relevant to this case, but Nora Springs is entirely in Floyd County. The west city limits and the county line are the same,

      • Veronica Lack says:

        Mailing addresses are not set by the County lines but according to mail delivery routing, I think, as even before the 911 address changes our address on our Mitchell County farm was Box 181, Nora Springs, IA but our property taxes were paid to Mitchell County. Veronica Lack

        • Jody Ewing says:

          Thank you for trying to clarify this, Veronica. The whole “address not matching up with the county” thing is indeed confusing to a lot of people. I think all Iowa counties now enforce what’s called a “Road Identification and Address Numbering System,” which serves to assist emergency services agencies, law enforcement, the U.S. Postal Service, and the general public in the delivery of timely and efficient services. Since roads don’t always run north/south or east/west, exceptions have to be made for diagonal or irregular roads or those that don’t run along a section line.

          Wikipedia still describes Nora Springs as a “city that is partially in Cerro Gordo and Floyd counties,” even though (as in the Lack farm example), the property is assessed for tax purposes in Mitchell County. I’ve attached a plat map of the Lack’s referenced property. Click on the map for a larger view.
          Veronica Lack property

          • Sarah Elliott says:

            How and why should the county/farm address MATTER HERE?
            Bottom line here is: our state is now setup in such a way to encourage farmers to push profits over protection of humans!
            They dropped a CAFO on their mistake! Where’s your $120K refund???
            Repubecan voting practices have put us in this “sacrifice zone” and only our vote can oust these money hungry representatives and break up these corporate farmers!

            Adam was absolutely right, as are you Ronnie!
            I hope this gets resolved in our lifetime, but it’s not looking like it will.

            They’ve got one helluva mess on their hands and their response is to make it worse, force all rural residence into towns and plow up every inch of ground for profit! The local vet clinic told me, a hobby farmer, that “EVERYBODY wants hobby farms outta business!”
            Good luck with that!

            Land cannot be bought if it’s NOT FOR SALE!

            • Veronica Lack says:

              In 2005 and later, the then Koch Brothers, and Arab Orascom’s product Anhydrous Ammonia was testing so high in our Tap Water that we were burnt in our showers when we Chlorinated or shock Chlorinated our well’s source water in Cedar (W) Township. We were advised and told by Iowa’s DNR’s sanitarians and Russ Tell to chlorinate for the rising and very high test levels of E-Coli, Coliform, and Cyanobacteria when sinkholes were taking on more channeled CAFO liquid manure and Anhydrous Ammonia Nitrogen fertilizers. These two most water-soluble Nitrogen fertilizers produce the blue-green alga’s Cyanobacteria that when chlorinated released deadly and unfilterable Cyanotoxins into our Tap Water.

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