Richard Neil Forsyth

Missing Person:

Richard Forsyth (Courtesy IA Dept. of Public Safety)

Richard Forsyth (Courtesy Iowa Department of Public Safety)

Richard Neil Forsyth
Age at Report: 41
DOB: August 11, 1952
Weight: 185 lbs.
Height: 6′ 00″
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Incident Type: Involuntary disappearance
Missing From: Waterloo, IA
Black Hawk County
Case Number: W78-850
NCIC Number: M-702302308
NamUs MP # 17087
Missing Since: January 13, 1994
Case summary compiled by Jody Ewing
Black Hawk County in Iowa
Black Hawk County in Iowa
Waterloo in Black Hawk CountyWaterloo in Black Hawk County

Richard N. Forsyth, 41, was reported missing to the Waterloo Police Department on January 13, 1994.

Forsyth first disappeared around the same time another Waterloo man, 22-year-old Steven Kirchhoff, vanished January 24, 1978. One report stated Forsyth was last seen leaving his Waterloo apartment October 18, 1979, carrying something wrapped in a rug.

According to a Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier article published April 30, 2001, the Kirchhoff family tracked Forsyth to an uncle’s home in Arizona, but Forsyth allegedly got wind of the search from police and fled, Steven Kirchhoff’s mother Marga Kirchhoff told the Courier.

Steven Kirchhoff

Forsyth paid cash for a Cadillac shortly before Kirchhoff disappeared.

Today, both Forsyth and Kirchhoff remain missing persons cases.

Forsyth’s fingerprint information has been entered and is available at the Waterloo Police Department.

Nothing has been uncovered to officially link the two cases.

Information Needed

If you have any information about Richard Forsyth’s unsolved disappearance, please contact Sgt. Michael Rasmussen at the Waterloo Police Department at 319-291-4339 or Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers at 1-855-300-TIPS (8477). There may be a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case.

Anonymous tips may also be sent through the Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers Confidential Web Tip Information System.



14 Responses to Richard Forsyth

  1. MikeD says:

    One thing I would like to know is if Richard Forsyth has any family around and still living. There hasn’t been any outcry and any family effort to locate him as far as I can tell. The dates are kind of confusing, why wasn’t he reported missing until 1994?

    • doofy says:

      he was tracked to arizona after he disappeared the first time, as far as the second time who knows exactly when he went missing,

  2. Lisa kirchhoff says:

    I am a member of Steve Kirchhoff’s family and encourage you to come like a Facebook page, Steven Kirchhoff Missing Person, that we have created about his disappearance. We are obviously interested in ANY rumors or leads about not only Steve but Richard Forsyth too because of the possible relationship in the cases. Thank you

  3. Rumor has it, he’s still alive and well and running from a murder charge.

  4. rumor has it that Steven is burrried by the flag pole in front of perkins .

  5. I’m not online for the winter, so please pardon any one that tries to reply or friend, I’m not at my desk. Thank You. Jennifer Bland

  6. The F.B.I. Government ought to put a TEAM of cold cases togehter and take all these WE’VE SO HARD WORKED AND GOTTEN, and give to them, and PUT THE CASES UNDER SOME HEAT! Jennifer Bland

  7. Maybe if we sat aside cold cases from Iowa, and put on one side of the chalk board DNA and the other NO DNA, we could devise a organizational chart to begin to process these cases into to some SENSE. I’m going to work on that, I’ve got a COLD so keep warm, ringing ears, runny nose, sneezing, and puffy eyes, with antibotics and probiotics, every thing seems to be looking like FUZZ. Jennifer

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