Michael J. Anderson

Michael James Anderson


Scott County in Iowa
Scott County in Iowa
Davenport in Scott CountyDavenport in Scott County
Michael James Anderson
29 YOA
200 block of Warren
Davenport, IA
Scott County
Case Number: 87-12046
Crime Date: November 30, 1987
Date of Death: December 1, 1987

Michael James Anderson, 29, was found in the 200 block of Warren in Davenport on Monday, November 30, 1987.

He died of his injuries the following day and his case ruled a homicide.

michael-j-anderson-headstone-findagraveCourtesy photo Dale Andrew Wishop
Michael Anderson is buried at Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Davenport, Iowa.
About Michael Anderson

Michael James Anderson was born August 22, 1958. At the time of his death his resided at 827 W. 3rd St. in Davenport.

Visitation was held 5-7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 3, 1987 at McGinnis Funeral Home.

Services were held at 11 a.m. Friday, Dec. 4, at the funeral home, with burial at the Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Davenport.

Survivors included daughters, Maryann and Crystal Anderson, and a son, Michael, all of Davenport; sisters, Tamara Anderson, Davenport, and Patricia Anderson, Moline; a brother, Robert, Davenport, and a stepbrother, Jerry Shelton, Moline. 

His 9-year-old daughter, Crystal, died Nov. 9, 1993, nearly six years after her father’s death. 

Information Needed

Anyone with information about Michael Anderson’s unsolved murder is asked to contact the Davenport Police Department at (563) 326-7979.



One Response to Michael Anderson

  1. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    This case is frustrating. Mr. Anderson is found injured on November 30, 1987, and dies the next day. There are no details, on how he was injured. I guess he purposely walked real fast into a brick wall, and the medical examiner could not figure out how he died.

    So, the police department keeps it a secret to protect the investigation. So But wants the public’s help to them figure out how he was injured. So, I guess providing a few tidbits, such as was he shot, stabbed, beaten, thrown off a tall building.

    So, he has been dead over 30 some years and the Davenport Police are still protecting the investigation. Maybe they don’t want the public to know that they mishandled something in the investigation.

    Here in Chicago, two girls ages 17cand 13 were found murdered in September 1972, in Washington Park. They were shot with a .32 caliber firearm, also their bodies were positioned in the shape of the letter VEE. Their murder has not been solved, but we know the cause of death and the caliber of firearm used.

    I later learned from someone, that the 17 year old girl, worked at the restaurant and motel for truckers. However, the place was owned by a member of the Chicago Mob, who worked for some senior mob leaders in the Bridgeport section of Chicago.

    I recently came across a book about unsolved murder in Canaryvill section of Chicago. Canaryville borders Bridgeport. A high school senior was shot in a drive by in the same time frame. The shooting was witnessed and they went to the police. However, the offender was the son of a local mob guy, so he was protected by his dear old dad, and the senior leadership of the Chicago Police Department, and the mayor.

    The offender later shot and killed his girlfriend with a .32 caliber firearm. Again he was protected by fear old dad.

    But, at least we have some details to work with. So, maybe someday the Davenport Police will admit to some details before a certain place freezes over.

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