Kathleen StithCourtesy photo Kathryn L. Wallace
Kathleen Violet Stith

Kathleen V. “Kathy” Stith


Kathleen V. “Kathy” Stith
47 YOA
966 E. 6th Avenue
Des Moines, IA
Polk County
Case # 1994-7200
February 24, 1994


Case Summary compiled by Jody Ewing

Kathleen V. “Kathy” Stith, 47, was found dead Thursday evening, February 24, 1994, in a Des Moines townhouse she shared with Scott Macy, her 32-year-old boyfriend of five years. Stith was found upstairs on a sofa, a blanket over her head.

Stith and Macy, who resided together at 966 E. Sixth Avenue, had been involved in an on-and-off tumultuous relationship over the years, and Macy had been arrested for domestic abuse on four separate occasions between 1986 and 1994.

Polk County in Iowa
Polk County in Iowa
Des Moines in Polk CountyDes Moines in Polk County

According to reports Macy provided to Des Moines police, four people had allegedly spent the night at the couple’s townhouse. Macy told officials he’d slept upstairs on a sofa, while Kathy slept in a first-floor bedroom. He said Kathy’s 16-year-old son, Denny Dellaca, and Denny’s friend, Chris Davis, had also slept downstairs.

Macy said that early Thursday morning, he’d loaded his tools into his truck and then gone back inside to leave cigarettes for Kathy. She was no longer in the downstairs bedroom, he said, and had moved upstairs to the sofa where he’d slept, where she lay with a blanket over her head.

Macy told police he put a pack of cigarettes next to her head and left the townhouse at approximately 8:30 a.m. He said he did not check to see if the two boys were still there but believed they were still sleeping.

The townhouse was unlocked when he arrived home from work at 5 p.m., Macy said, and the TV was on.

Upstairs, Macy said he found his girlfriend on the sofa where he’d last seen her, the blanket still over her head, and that it didn’t appear she’d touched the pack of cigarettes. It was then, he told investigators, he realized Stith was dead.

The couple had no telephone, and Macy said he left and went to a phone booth, where he telephoned the police department and then his mother.

Kathleen Stith gravestoneCourtesy photo Carl Nollen, findagrave.com
Kathleen “Kathy” Stith is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Des Moines.

An autopsy performed by Polk County Medical Examiner Dr. R.C. Wooters placed Stith’s time of death at approximately 8:30 a.m., the same time Macy reportedly left the townhouse for work.

Stith, Wooters believed, had been strangled.

Stith’s unsolved murder was included in a list sent to Iowa Cold Cases’ Jody Ewing on July 10, 2009, by Des Moines Police Lt. Camden Moran.

About Kathy Stith

Kathleen Violet “Kathy” (Rushing) Stith was born on June 27, 1946.

She passed away on February 24, 1994.

Kathleen is buried at the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Des Moines.

Information Needed

If you have information on the unsolved murder of Kathleen Stith, please contact the Des Moines Police Department at 515-283-4864.

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29 Responses to Kathleen Stith

  1. Kathy says:

    Was my neighbor and friend, I think he did it!

    • alisia says:

      I think he did it too but the police can’t figure out 21 years later murdered and there’s a killer on the loose, I bet my mom’s file have not even been opened for 21 years sickens me ,Karma – what goes around comes around ,who ever killed her will pay the price of life in he’ll where they belong piece of sh** on the bottom of my shoe you are u will pay one way or another

  2. alisia myers says:

    she is my mother and is loved and missed very much by her kids, please solve this case, it is just not fair

  3. Theresa says:

    It is really impossible to even speculate without autopsy results or coroner’s report. It is a silly sentence that Macy would say she wasn’t sick and never used drugs, yet her family “believed” she did without some sort of explanation as to why. If she took something because she didn’t feel well, then it would be accidental. However, there is no leading information as to what even went wrong. Depression can cause a person to feel physical pain, and it can be a substantial physical pain leading someone to search for serious medication.

    • alisia says:

      Are u stupid she was chocked to death this is her daughter Alisia call me befour u run your mouth on here – u don’t know sh** autopsy was done she was murdered 515-745-6072 is my number say another word about my mother u don’t know !!!!!

    • Kathy Wall says:

      They liked beer. I suppose If someone is hurting you ,you might medicate yourself. She spoke many times about her fear of him and that he was hurting her.

  4. Sandy R says:

    Alisia..I am so sorry for your loss..and I cannot imagine the pain your famliy has gone through. However, I don’t think it’s necessary to use such foul language towards anyone who comments here. You can certainly get your point across in a better way. I’m not judging you, because as I have said..I have no idea what kind of pain you’ve experienced for years. But I really think you can be heard better without the language you use in your posts. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

    • Alisia Myers says:

      This my mom’s case please see your way out of this site period!!!!

      • Sandy R says:

        I believe this is an open forum, and I do not have to leave this site. Period!!

        • Alisia Myers says:

          Are you really bored or something you nothing else to do but comment on here , no it’s rude of you get a life lady!!!!

        • Alisia Myers says:

          I will report your posts on my dead mother’s cold case file as of now!

          • Jody Ewing says:

            Alisia, I’m sorry that the comments left here on your mother’s case have angered you. These are individuals who cared enough about your mother’s death to take time to stop what they were doing, read about her case, and comment on her unsolved murder.

            I’ve not seen any comments here that were inappropriate (people will always have opinions as to who was responsible, and even you provided a name as to who you thought was responsible), but please know the investigating agencies do read these comments and some of them could prove quite helpful in solving your mom’s case.

            This may be the page honoring “your” mother’s life and her unsolved death, but that does not mean others are not allowed to post comments. People post comments on stories that affect them because they care. I hope you can somehow see their concern through their words while coping with the anger at having lost someone so near and dear to you.

            For those of us who’ve lost a loved one and the killer has yet to be charged or held accountable, we all stand on those same grounds of anger. Hopefully, though, someone may come along and comment and provide that last missing puzzle piece investigators need to solve your mom’s murder. My heart truly goes out to you.

  5. Diana Wilson says:

    Hard to believe 4 people were in the house that night and no one was arrested!!!!

  6. Mystery addict says:

    I’m not claiming to have any affiliation at all. Most of the times, I read these stories and I have a gut instinct. I had a strange on this time. I feel that the boyfriend did not do it. I feel like someone else made advances on her and she went to him for protection, but her injuries were severe and she didn’t have the ability or wherewithal to actually summon help.
    Here is the thing about abusers. Abusers run with abusers. Abusers do not understand that they are abusers. The abused do not understand they are abusers. They also like to be in control. So as soon as the top dog is gone…. someone will challenge his place. Either by removing the abused or taking rank over the abused by exerting force (often sexually) physically or verbally. And with thier history noted…. it’s probable that that person would be coward enough to “finish the job” then summon help.

    • Kate says:

      What on earth is that all about? Twisted thought.

    • Alisia Myers says:

      Addict your opinion is way out there , Scott Macy did this and police just don’t have enough evidence to arrest his ass , so for your thought on my mother’s cold case file is not needed , unless u know him and have something to let me regarding this please don’t comment…

      • Alisia Myers says:

        People your comments are not wanted , this is my mother’s cold case do not want to see anyone comment about her on here , once again my number is listed feel free to call with any information..

  7. Bud says:

    Love you grandma. See you soon.

  8. Kathy says:

    Yes you would think. He’s in the neighborhood. Why do you think he did it?

  9. Kathy Wall says:

    Death Anniversary has come and gone. Of course I remember it like yesterday. You were my neighbor and friend. He lives across the way from me now and it’s a constant reminder. Miss you. I decorate your grave each year. So glad they finally added a photo here.

  10. Kat Wallace says:

    It would be nice of Mr Lester to share the photo he has of Kathy so we can see her face on here.

    • Alisia Myers says:

      Would not mind posting her picture on here except there is no where to post it , and they never put one there back in 1994.

    • Alisia Myers says:

      Thank you for posting the pictures , you must of had to contact them for posting them . Last I knew when I called them they were closing the cold case site for some reason but it is still available so they figured a way to keep this program going , thank god maybe someone will come forward there is still a reward leading to a arrest of her killer .

      • Kat Wallace says:

        Your welcome. I’m very happy they were able to upload Kathy’s Picture. Thank you to those who worked on getting picture’s on here so fast. Appreciated very much. Kathy never liked sleeping downstairs. Most of the time she chose to stay on the sofa. We spent a lot of time together in 1993-94. I on one end of the townhouse her on the other. She came to visit when he would leave, it’s the only time she could get away . According to her , he tried to keep her confined, not wanting her to have friends. She said she didn’t know how to go about getting away from him. No job, no where to go and did fear for her life.

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