Fredrick Workman (Courtesy National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

Fredrick Workman (Courtesy National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

Fredrick James Workman

Missing Person

NAME: Fredrick James Workman
AKA: Fred Shields
DOB: May 4, 1998
SEX: Male
RACE: White
HAIR: Blond
HEIGHT: 5’3″ – 5’7″
WEIGHT: 126 – 145 lbs.
CASE NUMBER: 13-0168
NAMUS MP NO: 25671
DATE LAST SEEN: August 2, 2013
DENTAL: Dental Information / Charting is available and entered through NamUs
DNA: Sample submitted, Tests complete


Fredrick Workman age-progressed to 23 years.
(Courtesy NCMEC)

Fredrick “Fred” James Workman, 15, of Fairfield, Iowa, was living at a youth facility in Des Moines when he went missing August 2, 2013. The facility reported his disappearance to the Des Moines Police Department that same day.

Workman’s probation officer told the teen he needed to complete his program before he’d be able to go home, and it may possibly have triggered the youth to take off.

Neither his family nor friends have seen or heard from him since.


Fredrick Workman (Courtesy National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

He is described as a 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-7 white male weighing about 145 pounds. He has short strawberry/blond hair, blue eyes, and a small scar under his chin.

He was last seen wearing an orange T-shirt with gold writing, skinny jeans, and black and blue Nike high top sneakers.

Fredrick Workman

Fredrick Workman, age- progressed to 18 years.
(Courtesy NCMEC)

He may be using the alias last name Shields.

Workman suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and requires medication.

It is possible he may have gone to the Newton, Iowa, area.

Information Needed

If you have any information about Fredrick Workman’s whereabouts or believe you have spotted him somewhere, please do not take any action yourself.

Get as much information as possible (e.g. license plate number of a vehicle, exact location of sighting, activities individual involved in) and then call Det. Brian Mathis of the Des Moines Police Department’s Investigations Division at (515) 283-4811.


46 Responses to Fredrick Workman

  1. Chris workman says:

    Freddy it’s your brother Chris and u are still missing it’s been obver 9 years just wanted to let you know I’m a dad I have three kids and three step kids all girls hopefully u will be able to meet them someday I really miss u and I am hurting all the time because I miss u so much and love u so much I can’t wait to find u brother please contact me 6415755609 please call me Freddy I miss u and need u around u are my brother and my closest friend there will always be a hole in my heart a spot only u can fill so please call I really need u it is killing me inside not knowing where or what happened to u please come home I love u always and forever ur brother Chris

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Chris, thanks so much for sharing this on your brother’s page, and I’m so sorry you and your family are still without answers after 9 long years. I can’t begin to imagine not knowing what happened to one of my siblings. It’s true that somebody out there always knows something, and I hope that person will one day soon slip up or follow his or her conscience and come forward with details that will provide some type of resolution. All my very best to you and your family. Jody @ ICC

  2. ashley says:

    this is fredricks sister ashley we are all worried sick about him and would like help to find him people lets all work together to find out stuff and if anyone knows anything please come forward with imfortmation i would like to know what happend and we need closer we arent asking for much

  3. This morning a photo tip and information was submitted via email to the detective listed above, Det. Brian Mathis, with the Des Moines, IA Police Department. This information was shared with admins from the FB page dedicated to helping move this investigation forward through help from the public, as well as another FB group working to give exposure to the many missing persons in northwest Missouri and surrounding areas.
    We hope Detective Mathis will give this information review and investigation if it has not been previously submitted.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      I hope this information pans out. I am surprised that no lawyer would take on the State of Iowa, and their handling of his case and care.

      Here in Cook County, we have a Public Guardian, one of the toughest one finally became a judge. But, he and the current one did not hesitate to take on local and private facilities for their improper care and treatment.

      In fact the Public Guardian recently filed suit in federal court against a facility in the Chicago area. So it can be done.

  4. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Audrey, thanks for your help. The more people involved in his case, will lead to his being found or accounted for.

    • Anna M Shields says:

      Well Fredrick James Workman in just 2 months he will be gone for 7 yrs.still not anything if u see this son u need to know that I will never give up on u this has been to long and getting really hard to deal with not knowing what happened to u..I been talking to a lawyer about a law suit but haven’t hot much answers..I don’t what eles I can do for u or this case..But I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON U OR THIS CASE..I hope I can get something done soon.We keep doing things for ur yrs u been gone and ur birthday and we will keep it going every yr..we love and miss u so much Fredman…

    • Killina baker says:

      I’m curious to know if there are any sightings of this young man since he disappeared? I would like to help this family get the word out on this case by using social media/ YouTube. Let’s get this case out and open again!!!! Please email me at

  5. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    He may have been hospitalized somewhere, but because of HIPPA, this information is restricted. The family should contact the Salvation Army. They have a Missing Person’s Bureau. They can be contacted online or by calling an 800 number. They have some sort of form, to fill out and submit. The person has to be missing for at least 6 months. Freddy, meets this requirement.

    Also, if he has gotten medical treatment, he might have a Medicare or other medical coverage. It might be something for law enforcement to check with Social Security, who knows he might be getting SSI for his condition.

    • Chris workman says:

      It’s been about almost 6 years around that since u been gone brother I know I don’t show my feelings but now I am I am hurting inside really bad my heart is broken I miss u so much I cry all the time brother Freddy this is Chris ur bRotherham I miss u so much it hurts a lot I am crying right now cuz ur still gone and no one has heard anything from u if ur still out there I hope u are please try to get a hold of someone wherever ur at brother I hope u are safe and I love u so much Freddy please come home I am so hurt without my brother Freddy I wish u were still here I love u

      • Audrey P says:

        Chris I am sorry you are hurting I just came on here to say I am currently researching your brothers case and have been following it since the “sighting” of him in Davenport that turned out no to be him a couple years ago. He is not forgotten, best wishes to you and yours

    • Sherrie M brown says:

      Hello I have called the police in every single state and have called everyone in the Homeless shelters across the USA I have filled out every paper work in the USA every State and Country so far nothing has came up .I have sent flyers every where if you or anyone else know what happened to Freddie please call me I’m Sherrie Brown I’m Anna’s sister 813-313-8777

      • Sherrie brown says:

        Still no word on Fredrick Workman i have never stopped looking for him,i would like to put his picture up on missing persons again in hopes it jogs some body memory ..i have a new phone number in case someone wants to talk about my nephew or have possibly saw him 8134394982 I will continue to pray 🙏 and look for him Freddy you are loved

  6. Sherrie M brown says:

    How about a physic I can read it

  7. Angela Marie Dowd says:

    Coming up in less then 2 months it will be five years that my little brother Freddy has been away from our family… Freddy this is ur big sister Angela Marie Dowd I have recently changed my last name I wanted to update u just in case u want to reach out or if anyone has any information my new phone number is 6414525917 so if anyone has any information please let me know and Freddy if u do ever see this we miss and love u so much…

    • Angela Marie Dowd says:

      Sorry my number was entered wrong it’s 6414515917…

      • Charlie says:

        Dear family and friends of Freddy. You have my hope and faith that soon you can all be reunited. My name is Charlie and I know I’m a complete stranger but I felt the need to comment. I suffer from short term memory loss and PDSD from a coma I put myself in a couple years ago. Since then I found faith and strangely have random shocking events (that shock me) at least, so before I forget this event I wanted to share my my view. Been up all night due to insomnia and a random movie came on Hulu that I ended up watching that ended maybe 30 minutes ago and it intrigued me to look up missing people around my area. The movie is called Kidnap. It’s an extremely moving film that I encourage anyone to watch. After watching it and curiously looking up missing people around me, I scrolled over around maybe 30 missing people and decided to click on Freddy first. Once I began to read I noticed the date he went missing which strangely happened to be today. I got that random strange coincidence feeling I encounter from time to time and went wide eyed again. This could be a small coincidence to others but through my experiences since I woke up from my coma I find these random coincidences a bit more strong then others can see. I ask for you all not to ever give up hope on seeing your loved one Freddy again. Life is hell without hope. Before my mind separates and I forget this I wanted to give you my hope on a safe return of Freddy, and to say I’m here thinking of Freddy and praying for the best. If you’d like you should watch the movie. The strength and faith throughout the movie is something everyone needs. Stay positive. Sincerely,
        Charles L, Pond.
        Council Bluffs IA.

  8. Alexander Butterfield says:

    This kid has been seen in Davenport iowa by KFC and new China restraunt he was spotted there twice by a friend. We looked at his pictures above and confirmed that is him. Has been walking I don’t k is if he ran away or was taken but he claims he 19

    My name is Alex of you need more information I can be contacted at

    • Kathleen Kerstner says:

      I have notified his Mom of the latest reply, hopefully this pans out, and I pray, like many, he is OK, he’s aged out, he should contact a family member at least to stop all the worrying, especially his Mom.

      • Emma says:

        Did anything come of this lead? I pray he is found.

        • Emma, his Mom said she looked into it, and it wasn’t him, something fishy with this, No-one is helping Her with locating him.

          • Jaelen brown says:

            My mom Sherrie Brown was helping her to find Freddie but the family told her that they didn’t want her help so mom back off
            I’d like to reopen the case and see if I can find some things out or missing clues …I believe he’s gone it’s not fair to them what happened to Freddie if anyone knows what happened call me 813-550-8537 I’m Mr Jaelen Brown

    • Angela Marie Dowd says:

      When was this

  9. Kathleen Kerstner says:

    I am really confused. He was in custody of the State?, and they haven’t taken any steps to locate him…….They were responsible for taking care of him. He was 15 at the time, he would be an adult now, how would he survive? Where would he have gone with no money? This situation has lot’s of red flags……The family needs a PI, an investigative reporter, I am not local, how much tv coverage has this had?

    • Caitlin says:

      I’d like to know as well. And as Notelling said, maybe someone should make a public announcement, perhaps even on television, to let him know you’re still looking and he has aged out of the program.

      • Krista says:

        Someone knows something, and what have the cops and detectives done lately? On the ID channel they always say you have to keep on being the squeaky wheel or nothing will be done. Something about the story does not add up…..

        • Kathleen says:

          I’m not buying it, too many red flags for me, (from what I am reading), What about the boy he supposedly ran away with? Has anyone ever heard from him? Kids this age do not just vanish, unless foul play is involved imo, Someone needs to start digging into that facility, and the people who were there at the time this happened.

          • Anna M Shields says:

            I had the place under investigation and it took them a month in a half to find nothing…I can’t even get a lawyer to help put a lawyer suit on the Stae of Iowa or the placement so I am still at the same place I was almost 6yrs ago..nothing

  10. Sherry Cobb says:

    Praying for Fredricks safe return.

  11. Notelling says:

    As a child of the system and a mother of a son with odd and As he my heart is just crying for you right now. All of you.

    In my experience my son will absolutely refuse to talk to me simply because I want to talk to him. That’s odd.

    I feel like he is afraid of the “program” and maybe if someone was able to comment the details of it he might realize that he has for sure aged out. As an adult child of the system. Most of his information likely comes from whomever he is with and he trusts that person no matter how erroneous thier understanding is. So if someone who actually knows could post just that. Nothing else… that he has or hasn’t aged out of those consequences and will not be placed again, as an adult…. He will be more likely to make contact.

    I’m so sorry. The system is not designed for success. It’s designed to process. I don’t blame him for leaving or hiding… it’s all on the state… all of it. They don’t know what they are doing or have a system that works in the slightest. They inject themselves when they shouldn’t. And refuse to help when asked.

  12. So sad thinking of his family and friends

  13. Your page says he was last seen over 50 years ago. Might want to correct that

  14. Angela Shields says:

    Today has been exactly 3 years since my brother freddy has disappeared. No clues, no nothing just a bunch of false hope. Please if anyone can help us please do so. It would make this family be at ease if we have any clues they are better then nothing at all. The way I look at it no one at all is doing there job to help us. I have a lot to say but don’t know the right way to say it so please help us bring freddy home. Lots of love and we all miss u little brother even tho ur probly not so little anymore. Please bring some kind of hope to our family.

  15. Angela Shields says:

    This is my little brother in a week from today it will be 3 years that he has been missing. We deserve answer and we need everyone’s help to bring him home. Please if anyone knows where he is call me at 6412261295. He is now 18 and has two nephews and a little sister and a niece that will be born in August that he hadn’t met please if u have any information call me.

    • Anna says:

      This is his mom Anna Shields..please anyone has any information please contact me on fb or call 641 980 8529…we sure do miss him a lot so please if anything knows anything contact me any time day or night….this is hurtiny whole family…we need answers…it will be 3 years this Tuesday…thanks

  16. Aaron Conder says:

    I would love to find him before he turns 18. Freddy is my cousin. If anyone has any information please get sold of me on facebook or give me a call. I don’t care how far away he is I’d gladly go get him. He turns 18 in exactly a week from today. Aaron Conder. Pm me on facebook for my phone number. Please don’t mess with me on this I’d love to tell his family if he is found.

  17. Misty McClure says:

    His mom has been thought ugh pain So if you know where He is or what happen to him please have the decency To let this family know what

  18. Destiny Hull says:

    Somebody knows what you need to know what happened to freddy or where he is at and nobody has the guts to say what they know where he is or if anything happen to him

    • Anna M Shields says:

      Ok Fredrick is still missing his birthday is next month and he will be 21 yrs old and still haven’t heard anything on him so I am going to put mu number up here so if anyone has any information on him they can contact me..641-9199780 so I can get my son home…in about 3 months he will be gone 6yrs and I can’t get noone to help me put this to rest and the closure we please if anyone knows if anyone knows anything please get ahold of me…thanks…we miss and love my son..

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