Webster County in Iowa
Webster County in Iowa
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Bertha Mae Foy


Bertha Mae Foy
18 YOA
Fort Dodge, IA
Webster County
August 9, 1987


Bertha Mae Foy was killed in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on August 9, 1987. The young mother left behind three small children, ages 3, 2, and a 9-month-old baby.

Two men were questioned in Foy’s murder but no one was ever charged.

A source close to the family said one of the men still lives in Fort Dodge and owns a local business. Foy’s family members come in contact with him on a regular basis, and the question is always there, lingering and unanswered: Was he responsible for her death?

bertha-foy-gravestoneCourtesy photo Leta Koll, findagrave.com
Bertha Mae Foy is buried in Oakland Cemetery in Fort Dodge.

They still await answers in Bertha’s unsolved murder.

Bertha Mae Foy was born in 1969 and was buried at the Oakland Cemetery in Fort Dodge.

Information Needed

If you have any information concerning Bertha Mae Foy’s unsolved murder, please contact the Fort Dodge Police Department at (515) 573-1426.



7 Responses to Bertha Mae Foy

  1. Dirty Dodge says:

    Anyone ever question Sessions Harper? I know he was in on a law suit with Bertha. He has a history of violence and murder. Any connection between Angela Altman’s murder and hers? I know the Foy family has a history of murder and violence so could it be connected to illegal activity? She clearly had run in’s with the law since she was involved with the juvenile court system.

  2. Veronica Robertson says:

    I miss my sister. Gone but never forgotten, love you sister.

  3. Otis Charles Foy says:

    I was told my cousin murder was covered up n 1000.00 $ was paid out to a family member. I miss my cousin so much n if opportunity presents itself i will take my revenger.

  4. I pray for closure to her friends and family.

  5. I pray you find who did this. God bless these children and family

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