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  1. Veronica Lack says:

    Iowa’s White more Powerful Proud Boys, have killed, tortured, and lynched, to cover-up their on-going contamination of 1/2 million Iowans’ Source Water. According to the State of Iowa and IDNR’s Russ Tell’s 2008 mapped out on-going “Plume of contamination” in the Cedar Valley Group Aquifers, this contamination continues to spread throughout 8 Iowa Counties, on the “LEFT” side of Iowa.
    According to then Governor Branstad’s Attorney, Colon Smith, on about 2/2/2017 this Plume only affected the Bloom or Left side of Iowa, as if we were not important, or our water quality was of no value. Governor Branstad sent for two more Iowa Highway Patrolmen to escort me out of his office in our State Capital.
    This “Plume” of Point Source contamination starts in Cedar (W) Township Mitchell County Iowa’s Designated National Wetland’s Aquifer Recharge Area of Sinkholes. Kleckner/Branstad’s Flood drainage channels were built to channel run-off over roads and through farms, homes, small towns, and bigger cities by the Worth and Mitchell County Engineer, James Hyde, to drain 50,000 agricultural acres faster in parts of Worth, Cerro Gordo, and Mitchell Counties.
    Draining Ag nitrogen fertilizers, and long-lasting in-organic Arsenic chemicals (herbicides/pesticides) and E-Coli, Coliform, and Cyanobacteria and their deadly Cyanotoxins, along with heavy metals in Climate Changes increased floods, washing ponding water down into the drinking water source of Mitchell, Floyd, Butler, Bremer, Benton, Black Hawk, Lynn, and Johnson County Iowa unsuspecting residents.
    Support the Biden/Harris Administration’s reinstatement of access to EPA and NRCS data, so my son, Adam M. Lack’s “RUSLE3” equations can again limit Point Source contamination of our US groundwater or Aquifers. Veronica M. Lack

    • Veronica Lack says:

      Harris/Booker’s Anti-Lynching bill, would have made “Lynching a Federal Crime”.

      Their Bill should have been passed long ago, maybe there would not have been a need for George Floyd’s Minneapolis Memorial Service, or my son’s too.

      Republican’s senator’s waited until Harris/Booker were to fly to attend George Floyd’s MN Memorial. Our Republican controlled Senate, pulled this bill out of his pile of about 400 good House passed Bills, and Republican Senators smeared and bad mouthed this bill with lies, as both Harris and Booker hurried to come back from the airport to speak in its defense. Republican’s Speaker Mitch McConnell had held it in the pile backlogged, until he knew they were going to be attending George Floyd’s Service. In a blink of Republican lies, Republican Senator’s voted it down.

      I’m just one of the 1,000 of mothers, still alive, waiting for JUSTICE, for our sons and daughters lives. Adam was tortured, killed or lynched and his death is still used to threaten others less powerful than the White, Powerful, Proud Boy, Legislators, Governors, and Conglomerate Corporations that still benefit/profit from Adam’s death. There has been no investigation of Adam’s lynching yet 13 years after Judge Bryan H. McKinley and Dean Kleckner’s Contractors are pictured controlling the Scene, while Adam is being tortured and killed.

  2. Veronica M. Lack says:

    Iowa Highway Patrolman, Graham Palas’ photo’s still haunt me as Judge Bryan H. McKinley and Dean Kleckner’s Mayer’s Digging Company contractors stand by joking about 8-9 hours after Adam had chased away Bradley Johnson and Brody Mitchell from my farm home on the night of 7/12/2008. Judge Bryan H. McKinley looks to be directing the scene and Kleckner’s contractors look like they are celebrating the fact that they are refusing aide to Adam still trapped. Adam’s Mom, Veronica Lack

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