Edward Leeney

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Patrolman Edward M. Leeney Homicide Patrolman Edward M. Leeney 32 YOA Iowa City Police Department Iowa City, IA Johnson County April 29, 1926 Case Summary compiled by Jody Ewing   Around 10 p.m. on Thursday, April 29, 1926, a speeding Ford coupe raced through the Iowa City, Iowa streets, Motorcycle Officer Edward M. Leeney hot […]

Lance DeWoody

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Lance Lee DeWoody Homicide ARREST MADE –- CHARGES DROPPED NAME: Lance Lee DeWoody AGE: 22 RESIDENCE: North Liberty, IA CRIME LOCATION: Oakdale Campus CITY: Coralville, IA COUNTY: Johnson County DCI CASE NO. 85-04249 DATE OF CRIME: August 12, 1985 ARREST MADE: March 24, 2016 OBSTRUCTION OF PROSECUTION PLEA: January 31, 2017 MURDER CHARGES DROPPED: January […]

Susan Kersten

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Susan Pearl Kersten Homicide   ARREST MADE IN 20-YEAR-OLD HOMICIDE Suspect Enters Alford Plea         The Victim: Susan Pearl (Bollinger) Kersten 38 YOA Iowa City, Iowa Johnson County Case Number: 95-11388 September 24, 1995   LATEST UPDATES “A twisted form of justice” with Alford Plea Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 — Steven J. […]

Charles Elmquist

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Charles R. Elmquist Missing Person Name: Charles R. Elmquist DOB: 05/03/1945 Age at Report: 34 Missing From: Iowa City, Iowa Johnson County Race: White Height: 5’10” Weight: 125 lbs. Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Incident Type: Disability – physical/mental NamUs MP Number: 27722 NCIC Number: M-141847944 Missing Since: November 16, 1979   Charles Elmquist, […]

Jane Wakefield

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Jane Ellen Wakefield Missing Person, Presumed Homicide Name: Jane Ellen Wakefield Age at Report: 26 Date of Birth: Nov. 19, 1948 Maiden Name: Hallberg Missing From: 213 Bon Aire Mobile Home Park Iowa City, IA Johnson County Height: 5′ 2″ Weight: 112 Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Dental: Missing Tooth #14 NCIC Number: M-703329643 NamUs MP […]

Karen Christensen and Larry Wells

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Double Homicide Karen Ann Christensen, 27 Larry Gordon Wells, 25 Near Coralville Reservoir Coralville, IA Johnson County August 26, 1975 Case summary by Jody Ewing On Labor Day, September 1, 1975, two young motorcyclists discovered the charred bodies of two persons inside a scorched pickup truck near the Coralville Reservoir in Johnson County, Iowa. The […]

Edward Kriz

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Courtesy The Gazette Edward J. Kriz Edward J. Kriz Homicide Edward J. Kriz 43 YOA Hamburg Inn No. 2 214 North Linn Street Iowa City, IA Johnson County November 10, 1962   Edward Kriz, 43 — a World War II veteran who served in the U.S. Army — was shot outside the Hamburg Inn No. […]

Donna Marshall

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Donna Lee Marshall Homicide Donna Lee Marshall 37 YOA 2801 Highway 6 East Bon-Aire Mobile Home Lodge, No. 99 Iowa City, Iowa Johnson County DCI Case # 96-00444 Shot: Monday, January 8, 1996 Died: Tuesday, January 9, 1996     On Monday, January 8, 1996, Donna Lee Marshall, 37, was found by her fiancé and […]

Unidentified Baby John Doe 1992

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Johnson County in Iowa   Iowa City in Johnson County Unidentified Baby John Doe Homicide Unidentified Baby John Doe Newborn Found in Iowa City Landfill Iowa City, IA Johnson County December 21, 1992 Case Summary by Jody Ewing Four days before Christmas in 1992, a worker from a Kalona, Iowa sanitation firm found a naked, […]

Frances Bloomfield

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Frances Bloomfield Homicide — ARREST MADE, SUSPECT DIES BEFORE TRIAL Frances Bloomfield 57 YOA 38 Wakefield Court Iowa City, IA Johnson County Reported Missing: Sept. 22, 1997 Est. Date of Death: Sept. 20, 1997     LATEST UPDATE Bloomfield murder charge dismissed after November death Dec. 10, 2014 — Prosecutors have formally closed the case […]