Kerry Connolly

Kerry Connolly

Kerry Connolly

Iowa Cold Cases Co-Administrator

Kerry Anderson Connolly grew up in a law enforcement household and learned firsthand that solving crimes isn’t always as easy as it appears. Her father spent 30 years as a police officer, retiring as Bloomfield, Iowa’s Chief of Police in 2004.

Her interest in cold cases started as a child, watching her father’s black and white roll through the streets looking for residents who’d wandered away from nursing homes or teenagers who’d run away or gone missing. He’d sometimes come home beaten or bloody — even  bitten by a few while trying to make an arrest.

“He was patient and kind with the public, and fine-tuned the art of serving and protecting the public even after years in a dangerous line of work,” Kerry says of her father.

Kerry worked in radio broadcasting for 10 years, writing Associated Press style newscasts. She joined Iowa Cold Cases as a team member in October 2012, and in December 2012 accepted the position of Co-Administrator.

Her background and experience serves as an incredible asset to Iowa Cold Cases, where Kerry conducts research and interviews, serves as a liaison with law enforcement officials, writes case summaries, and helps administrate our sister ICC Facebook page.

Kerry is the mother of one daughter, Candace, and lives in Johnston, Iowa with her husband, Kevin.

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