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Thank you for taking time to visit Iowa Cold Cases, the state’s first and foremost repository of Iowa’s unsolved murders and persons missing under mysterious circumstances.

Founded in 2005, our goal is to provide case summaries for each victim while encouraging those with information to contact appropriate law enforcement officials with any known details about the crime.

villisca-review-6-13-1912Courtesy photo The Villisca Review
This Villisca Review article published June 13, 1912, told the story of what eventually became Iowa’s most notorious unsolved murder case.

Here you’ll find victims’ stories and summaries compiled by data from police departments, county sheriffs’ offices, Crime Stoppers, newspaper archives, victims’ family members and friends, and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation’s former Cold Case Unit. Cases are cross-referenced by name, year, decade, city, and county to make them more easily accessible to fellow writers and researchers or those who wish to learn more about a specific case.

Case summaries for decades-old cases would not exist if not for the countless journalists who doggedly pursued investigators for details, tracked down public records by shoe-leather reporting, and published their findings in newspapers long preceding today’s Internet search engines.

Though no statewide database summarizing all Iowa’s known unsolved murders existed online before ICC, we would be remiss in not thanking the hundreds of journalists and law enforcement officials whose dedication to profiling yesteryear’s victims made it possible to provide solid source information for the very cases we feature yet today.

We Remember: Upcoming Cold Case Anniversaries

Listed below are upcoming cold case anniversaries and, where noted, birthdays the victims would have celebrated.

Martha Kistenmacher
74 YOA
1300 blk Main St.
Davenport, IA
Scott County
November 2, 1978
Adrian Reuwsaat
69 YOA
Missing From:
Sioux City, IA
Missing Since:
November 3, 2002
Leroy Gordon III
21 YOA
2104 Forest Ave.
Des Moines, IA
Polk County
November 7, 2013

Henry W. Chavis
55 YOA
Highway 69
Ames, IA
Story County
November 8, 1948

Carl A. Brunen
81 YOA
Ryan, IA
Delaware County
Case # 72-00427
November 8, 1972

Floyd W. Alborn
76 YOA
Panora, IA
Guthrie County
Case # 74-00550
November 8, 1974

Steven W. Graves
19 YOA
1600 Blk 16th
Des Moines, IA
Case # 1994-46422
November 8, 1994
Mildred Clemenson
81 YOA
3926 Ironwood Ave.
Kensett, IA
Case # 98-12891
November 9, 1998

Edward J. Kriz
43 YOA
Hamburg Inn No. 2
214 N. Linn St.
Iowa City, IA
November 10, 1962

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