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News Reports and other Videos Concerning Earl Thelander Copper Theft Death

Earl Thelander
80 YOA
Home Residence: 710 1st Street, Onawa, IA
Crime Location: 20877 Gum Ave., Onawa, IA, Monona County
Date of Crime: August 28, 2007
Date of Death: September 1, 2007

Earl Thelander of Onawa, IA, died from second- and third-degree burns sustained over 80% of his body in an August 28, 2007 explosion after copper thieves stripped propane gas lines from a country home he was renovating and let the home fill with propane gas.

With Earl’s death came the nation’s first — and only known to date — innocent fatality resulting from the growing copper theft epidemic.

The estimated value of the copper stolen and exchanged for a good man’s life: less than $20.

WHO-TV (Des Moines) Channel 13’s Aaron Brilbeck reports on the
Iowa Cold Cases website and Earl Thelander’s unsolved death. July 29, 2010


KTIV-TV Channel 4 reports on the Iowa Cold Cases website
and Earl Thelander’s unsolved death – June 9, 2008


Remembering Earl Thelander
KTIV Channel 4 News — May 10, 2008


Copper Thieves Steal Lives
A home where three generations once lived, laughed and loved. Made by Jody Ewing
and sent to the IA Legislature to encourage support of Iowa House Study Bill 660.


Family of Copper Theft Victim Offers $5,000 Reward
News Report from KTIV-TV Channel 4 — Jan. 6, 2008


I’ll Remember You, Dad Earl
Video footage compiled from a February 2007 family
birthday event, six months before Earl’s death.


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