Shawna Johnson

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Polk County in Iowa   Des Moines in Polk County Shawna Marie Johnson Homicide Shawna Marie Johnson 2 years old (24 mos.) 1336 18th St. Des Moines, IA Polk County Case # 1972-2562 January 4, 1972   Two-year-old Shawna Marie Johnson died in Des Moines on Tuesday, January 4, 1972. Other details of her death […]

John Snyder Jr.

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John Joseph Snyder Jr.   HOMICIDE: Suspect Acquitted at Trial   VICTIM: John J. Snyder Jr. AGE: 20 months old THE CRIME: First-degree Murder WHEN: July 20, 1994 WHERE: Taken from 10 S. Adams Ave., Apt. 1, Mason City in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa — child found dead in nearby Willow Creek the following day […]


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Cold Cases in Floyd, Iowa         Homicide – SOLVED Evelyn Miller 5 YOA Floyd, Iowa Floyd County July 1, 2005 Five-year-old Evelyn Miller was reported missing on July 1, 2005, from the Floyd, Iowa apartment her mother, Noel Miller, shared with her fiancé, Casey Frederiksen. Evelyn’s body was found in the Cedar River five […]


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Cold Cases in Kent, Iowa         Homicide Ricky Neal Morehouse, III 2 YOA 165 Cherry Street Kent, IA (Union County) March 3, 2001 On Saturday, March 3, 2001, 2-year-old Ricky Neal Morehouse, III, was burned to death in the bathroom of his mother’s home at 155 Cherry Street in Kent, Iowa. His […]


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Cold Cases in Villisca, Iowa         Mass Murders Villisca Axe Murders Josiah B. “Joe” Moore, 43 Sarah (Montgomery) Moore, 39 Herman Moore, 11 Katherine Moore, 10 Boyd Moore, 7 Paul Moore, 5 Lena Gertrude Stillinger, 12 Ina May Stillinger, 8 508 E. 2nd St., Villisca, IA (Montgomery County) June 10, 1912 Sometime […]

Breaking Through Walls of Silence and Shame

On May 6, 2010, in Anniversaries, The Families, by Eileen Meier

My only sister, Valerie Peterson, was killed 39 years ago today on a Thursday afternoon.  She was just 8 years old. We had been late that morning — in a rush out of the car for school with no foreshadowing of the terrible events that would happen that afternoon. No goodbyes or looks backward. The […]