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  1. Phil W says:

    I heard many stories about Matt Kennedy and the family growing up. So sad. Happy
    to hear justice will be served.

    • Phil W's ex wife says:

      uh huh, I’ve heard many stories about you too Phil W. Your family really isn’t too fond of you buddy.

  2. cheri says:

    i am erin’s aunt and fully believe curtis padgett did abduct erin and i believe he knows exactly where she is.

  3. CowLover69;) says:

    Trivia Comment: How many cows does everyone think is in Montana? I guaranty you are wrong!

  4. Harry Potter Fan 980 says:

    Plot twist: Volemort did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WILL RISE SOON!!!!!!! BEWARE OF MORE DEATH, MORE WILL COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. MikeD says:

    Did Rita have a vehicle that is also missing? If so, what are the details of that vehicle? If she didn’t, how did she normally get around? News reports say she was last seen at the casino and other says she went missing after leaving the casino. Casinos have a lot of cameras, even the parking lots. Was she last seen leaving alone or with someone else? Did she get in a car?

  6. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I have a problem, with the fact that the cause of death has not been released
    She was murdered over 30 years ago, what are they waiting for. Did they expect that someone was going to walk in and confess to a crime they did not committ.

    We have other cases involving homicides, where we know the cause of death. Many agencies do hold back some tidbit of information kn these Cases. But again after 20, 30 or 40 years, and the case is unsolved, what good has it done.

    Also, many departments are remiss in keeping in contact with victims families. They have no clue, that this causes the victim’s families. So, it appears to the family that the death of their loved one, is not big deal, and that the police don’t care.

    The one investigator mentions that most of their homicides were drug related. So, he is okay with that. So, it was the victim’s fault that she was murdered.

  7. carolkean says:

    A new book about Paula is coming in June:
    What Happened to Paula: On the Death of an American Girl
    Hardcover – June 15, 2021
    by Katherine Dykstra

    > In July 1970, eighteen-year-old Paula Oberbroeckling left her house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and never returned. A cold case for fifty years, Paula’s story had been largely forgotten when Katherine Dykstra began looking for answers. A woman was dead. Why had no one been held responsible? How could a community give up and move on? Could there ever be justice for Paula?

    > Tracing the knowns and unknowns, Dykstra discovers a girl who was hemmed in by the culture of the late 1960s, when women’s rights had been brought to the fore but had little practical bearing on actual lives. The more she learns about Paula, the more parallels Dykstra finds in the lives of the women who knew Paula, the lives of the women in her own family, and even in her own life…What Happened to Paula is a timely, powerful look at gender, autonomy, and the cost of being a woman.

    Hardcover or ebook:

  8. […] instances of Helen Kelly, Thomas Doughtery and Dale Robinson all have been open for a long time and they all have a person concept in frequent. Not only is the […]

  9. Jimmy james says:

    ….. I’ll tell you.. the certain sacrifices got to be made in life. If that was my family that nurse would be dead and a whole bunch of other people would be gone
    because honestly nothing’s work so far trying to do the honest way

  10. Bill Coleman says:

    There has been misconduct issues with law enforcement, county attorneys and court appointed attorneys. If you of low social status, you get no justice.

  11. JdF says:

    Could someone please clarify what specific years Les worked in law enforcement?

  12. Bernard Fife says:

    Didn’t it state that Hanni brought back a guy with him from the Jet where the two had been drinking? How does anyone know this. Who else was at the home that night that can positively identify or state that the 2 men showed up at the home together or maybe hanni came home alone and this other guy could have tailed him to the home and shot them all stole their dope and took off in the dead of the night. Or wait his new girlfriend was there and how ironic she decides to up and leave in the dead of the night after 1am to drive back to where she’s from? Now how long was she here in sioux city with him? Why she leave so abruptly and at that time. How was she going to get back home drive? What made her decide to go back home. Or did she leave with the other man that came home with hanni? Talk about a lucky gal. And what about the wild bunch that the cops said were known to use drugs that came home with them and trashed the house or left it in a mess? And what about the little rat who goes and tells the cops ” oh by the way I swiped some weed from one of the guys earlier in the night at the house. Who does that?? Only an idiot who wants to implicates himself in the home the night of the murder and now as a thief and possibly something more. What was his follow up interviews like? The 3 were no good that’s for sure. Hanni eats out a big dope dealer in Denver’s prolly because he couldn’t pay his weed bill and was most likely told he’d pay with his A$$ so he decides to be a SNITCH. WHAT HAPPENS TO A SNITCH IN JAIL. YEP HE DON’T LIVE TO SEE TOMORROW. Now anti union views wouldn’t of gone over well back in the 70’s either. Ibp had some bad strikes where houses were blown up back in 70’z and 80’s n animals were even killed hung up on clotheslines they said?? Now the old ladies or mother n friend entered the home they see the pregnant girlfriend first, as she was shot dead and her leg is stuck in the small swinging doors they used to separate rooms back then. Where was she going? Now Hanni was all dressed and still in his winter coat out in another room or the room where the pregnant gal lay and he was face down shot execution style in the back of the head behind the ear and in the back. And lastly the woman find her son Billy in another room he shared with his pregnant g/f, and he’s naked prolly because him n his girl were what done having sex and she went out to get him a beer or her something to eat or drink, and now let’s figure out who’s shot first? Billy is in their makeshift bedroom where the mattress was and he’s naked, she’s in her robe barely made out of the bedroom, and Hanni is fully dressed laying face down fully clothed. I’d say the wild bunch who came over and trashed house and drank with them and they were known to be bad news on dope, probably made hanni think he could ride along with them so he got popped 1st, she come running out and she got popped 2nd, and Billy awakes to all this noise and standing there naked one of the no good bunch slips behind him puts gun to his head and says good night sorry to wake you but you just laid on us so bang your dead but you were still moving so a couple more for good measure , they steal their dope and leave and collect the ransom money from the colorado dope dealer that hanni ratted on and anyone who talks will be next. I seriously doubt it had anything to do with anti union b/s. They came here to hide and work not sit out on an upcoming picket line. They never stayed in one place long enough. So naturally when asked if they will honor the strike they prolly said hell with the union I came here to work. Sure that didnt go over well them being new guys. I’m sure it didn’t garner and murder scheme over it. They carried guns in lunch boxes cause they were snitches, petty thieves and credit card buyers prolly purse snatchers too. But when you owe the dope dealer money and rat him out to avoid paying him and he gets jail time he’s gonna tell the boys you find those little bitches and snitches and see to it they don’t have the chance to snitch again. I’m surprised their tongues weren’t cut out. That was mafia style for a snitch in the 70’s. They came up here because mom n dad hot the hell out a dodge where they were from so g/f is knocked up cant just leave her let’s go to iowa see mom n dad for a bit then leave. Problem was they stayed too long and talked too much because I bet hanni was a talker. Prolly talked all kinds of crap like they were big time criminals, thieves, pot smokers and dope dealers themselves, so they had to get a job because they couldn’t all 4 stay with Billy’s mom n dad. So Hanni’s girl prolly says ” you guys said we were only going to iowa to visit and go back to her hometown but they lied to her so she says I need to go take care of a couple things and I’ll be back. Well she had no plans to come back. She was gonna rat out their butts soon as she got home but someone already beat her to it and in the dope world a bounty on a snitch’s head travels fast and back then those biker rough crowd that did them in prolly was getting their weed from colorado or California and bikers transported that stuff back then. So word of mouth travels like wildfire and they got wind of the bounty on these 2 clowns and they collected. If they’d a visited mom n dad and left they might a lived another week a month. But I still bet Hanni talked too much or to the wrong guys and someone found out about the hit the dope dealer in colorado prolly put on them and they couldnt pass it up. Cruel fricken world. But anytime you get involved in drugs and snitch out a guy instead of paying him and this is back in the 70’s. Mafia killings were going on, mafia was in the labor unions then too, Hoffa style but that didn’t cause these deaths. Snitching on a dope dealer did. That’s my opinion only. I played detective and I like my theory. Can’t stay in one place too long fellas. You knew that. A gun in the lunchbox in the car can’t do much for ya now can it. Remember when grandma or grandpa said watch the company you keep. When your new in town, you keep your mouth shut, you don’t tell where your really from ever. And never bring strangers into your home. And don’t go in there’s remember. Nope you forgot. Bang your dead, and so us she and so is he. It was coming soon anyway because you guys lied to hanni’s new girl so she bailed on you and by the skin of her teeth did she make it home in the nick of time and able to to tell about it to her grandkids. She would of been your snitch just someone beat her to it.

  13. Jonas Roy Helme says:

    It seems fairly likely that Reed is actively omitting parts of the story like Zirtzman’s involevement in the rescue, could she be trying to distance herself from him? Could she have been trying to avoid anyone suspecting her involevement in Zirtzman’s testimony?

    The terrible condition of Jaymie points to possible child abuse, this is backed up by the scalding-like burn marks on her body causing the burnmarks on 33% of her body, yet not causing any singeing of the hair. Could Jaymie have been trying to ease pain from scalding by submerging herself in the bathtub?

    I theorize that Zirtzman had been exploited to take the blame, this could be done by promising him that he would also be hailed as a hero after giving the testimony that someone else prepared for him. Could Reed have been the one to design the testimony?

    Reed possibly caused the fire to cover up the abuse of Jaymie, afterall if she died in a fire thsi would cover up the scalding wounds and make the bacteria in Jaymie significantly harder to detect.

  14. Russ Heiser says:

    ORIGINNALY “Perked” my Interest. Still Does. Hpwever taken Up enouhj Comment SPACE.

    I’m Gone for NOW. Think Mark Milligan Mentioned LE has Opened “CI”Case.

    Plenty County, State , City Investigators.


  15. Russ Heiser says:

    Painting(Sketch) Time Board Albua Iowa

    July st 1984 Albia Iowa Poipulation1984?

    Sunrise 543AM Didnt GiveHARRY Long Prior to SUNRISE if Left üptown 5-530

    Weather Conditions? read

    `977 Pontiac Grand Prix average 15mpg at 16 gallons

    Gasoline stations?

    AVERY approx 7Miles Away..

    In Portrait WHO Standing inin Business District with Harry

    1977 Pontiac Grand Prix Average 60 MPH Country Backroad

    On Full Tank Can Plot Where “Harry” Could JAVE been VARIOUS Roads EVERY 10 Miles or 10 MINUTES

    Avery(House 10 Miles or 10 Minutes?.

    Daylighr CLOSE

    Ticket Issued for Headlamps What Day? ANY OTHER Tickrts By that COP Near Time Frame? The Lag Newspaper DATE Published and Written,

    Small Town “Harry turn Your Headlights ON”!(Warning per say) Wasnt LIKE Midnight

    Imagine Festive DAYS Picking Uo. Small TOWN with 4th July Activities CLOSE

    Anyone ASK if “Harry”had Part 4th? Should BEEN Returned

    1977 Grand Prix 240 Miles Full Tank Gas(Most Daylight Driving)

    Imagine MONTHLY Marine Reservist CHECK? If Active. When did Harry Cash Last Military Check or ANY Deposit. EVEN if BANK No RECORD Military Finances?

    Clothes or Suitcase Obvious in CAR Preplanned Trip.

    “Harrys” Civilian Job?

    ect ect ect The Picture Will Fill In with more Colors.

    Put TimeLINE in Perspective and Not GARBBLED or Haywired

  16. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Sue, I have found that a lot of records from Iowa are not on Ancestry for some unknow9reason. If anything there should have been a Social Security Death Index entry. But then he died in 1960.

    The other surprising thing is there is no mention of him having a family, unless he was estranged from his family.

    The other problem is how can the public help with the investigation when we have no information to work with. We don’t know how he died, where he died, or any other detail related to him being murdered.

    It is sad that the police department decided to keep most of anything from the public. Yet, it appears the present leadership has not made an effort to release more details. b

  17. LakeLife says:

    Praying that God brings justice for you Micheal & your father family!
    My heart breaks for you & your sisters as well as his bride to be!!

  18. LakeLife says:

    We’re their any signs of a struggle?
    She was beaten to death so I’m sure she would have struggled with her attacker.
    I wonder if she has his/her blood under her finger nails?!
    Praying the killer is brought to justice!

  19. LakeLife says:

    The fingerprints they have need to be run through Codis.
    They need to exhume her body & get DNA OR test that DNA they do have.
    Something needs to be done.
    This is sick & it needs to be solved.
    So disturbing.
    My heart breaks for all involved as well as that many police officers who investigated this case.
    Praying this gets solved & that the offender gets caught!

  20. Michael D Rogers says:


  21. God Bless the Bentley Family says:

    Some situations just seem to stay with people their whole lives. Linda’s situation is one such situation that has stayed with me. I didn’t know Linda, or her family members, but I very clearly remember the case. I was a High School Sophomore living in Sgt. Bluff at the time, and I was bothered that her murder was unsolved and that her family had never received the justice that they deserved. A few years after her death (1987, I think) an older step brother of mine told me that one of his friends told him that he had killed Linda. I wasn’t told to the entire conversation, only that he said he did it, which was horribly vague. I was living in Kansas City at the time that my brother told me this, and I contacted the Sioux City Police in an attempt to pass the information to someone. I knew at the time it was a stretch, hearsay, whatever, but I was compelled to bring the information forward in hopes that someone would follow the lead. I was told by the person on the phone that information from someone who heard something from someone who heard another person wasn’t the sort of lead that would be helpful in the case. I was thanked for my call and that was that. To this day, I believe that Loren Brown killed Linda Bentley. Not just because my older step brother said he confessed to it, but because Loren Brown was one of the creepiest people I have ever met, and I believe him capable of killing someone without remorse.

  22. Russ Heiser says:

    To Mark Milligan

    My Apptoach from INVESTIGATIVE Stanfpoint


    Things Should have been looked INTO even on “Suspious” Disapperance

    For whatever ‘reason(s) were NOT

    Haven’t Seen Mention Military “Dog Tags” 1984 WERE Popular as your aware FORMER Marine. Do you RECALL if “Harry” wore Regular? 21 at time Missing LOT young guys WORE even if NOT Active Status. VITAL in itself ïf” did. Lotta Open Country Iowa Understood. Lot of things GONE by now. Dpg Tags still around Somewhere UNLESS removed from “Harry” Even if removed. Maybe Metal Detector on ANY UNIDENTIFIED Suspect Sites may provide clue(s).

    * Former Military Police Investigator (Army)

    SAW LE has OPENED as CI Case. The Military Jacket “Harrys” last KNOWN timeline on Base. Medical, Dental and or ACTIVITIES on File?

    Reason mention Hospital CHECK and Marine VA? Any Visits that time Frame.

    Likely had Reservist ID possibly SSN “Printed” on front, Another “Door” Cracked.

    Someone had ACCESS even 1984 to SSN Nip in BUD May still be PAPER Trail( electronic) Now if Financials Tampered with.

    The Credit “Bureau” Giants Emerging in 80s

    Know mentioned POSSIBLE $ around $1800 “Poker” Lot Money 1984. IF taken from “Harry” Spent SOMEWHERE or SOMEONE else. New Car Show up in Neighborhood?

    I’m approaching as COLD Case with EMBERS still Burning.

  23. Jim says:

    I am in my 70s and grew up in the area. I am well aware of the gambling in K-town. The 400 Club was owned by Jay Hickey and was one of the oldest gambling establishments in town. Yes, it had a 2nd floor. Jay was a well like man and I know of no trouble at the club. It was said he ran an honest game.

  24. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I guess Judge Glanton we, missed the fact that Mr. Holt is dead at the hands of both individuals, that he released. Did, Judge Glanton, think that Mr. Holt, shot himself, or that the bullet came from ourtspace.

    Also, there was bad blood, between the three of them, Mr. Holt did pull not pull a weapon of any kind. So, I hope that Judge Glanton, took the time to explain to Mr. Holt’s family, why he let two guys get away with causing his death.

    I like that a witness claimed that Wilson had a good record in the community. I guess because of his dispute with Mr. Mure, another person iui s dead. I hope he or Mr. Mure went on to lead a good life and another family lost a loved one.

  25. veronica a hayes says:

    Through DNA, I have found that Jerry Lee Huff is my birth father. I know he was not a good person, and running around the area at this time. If you need any DNA for cold cases….I’m willing to offer it. Good Luck on your case, very sad story.

  26. Kristin says:

    What about this little boy? Boone Denton died Feb. 1, 2018, in Creston of complications from blunt force trauma to the abdomen, according to the state medical examiner’s office. So far, there have been no arrests in the case.

  27. Rita Heideman says:

    Pat Heideman contacted Dateline last year (2019). Dateline had contacted him yesterday and they are doing a show including this story. Hopefully this will get solved in 2021.

    • Michael D Rogers says:

      Hello, I’m Michael David Rogers Jimmy’s son. Thank you for taking and interest and keeping this tragic story alive! Means alot to me.

  28. Rhonda Clark says:

    Under what circumstances could someone legally adopt a 28 year old at the time this happened?

  29. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    All these years later Les finally gets arrested for stuff that he allegedly has been doing for years, according to comments on this forum. The other question, is the involvement of Kim’s mother Joyce. She, appears to have allowed her husband Les, to do a lot of bad stuff over the years.

    I think that she has some explaining to do. She moved in and married this man. She appears to be okay, with his actions and abuse. I wonder if covered up other abuse by her living husband.

  30. LakeLife says:

    Praying this gets solved!

  31. Brad says:

    What was he doing alone on a gravel road at night? How did he get there? Where was he going?

  32. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I don’t understand why the Davenport Police did not complete a report. This is the basic part of their job. Even though someone claimed that it was a suicide. The coroner or medical examiner makes the final decision on cause of death.

    There should be an investigation by an outside agency to determine who is at fault. If necessary they should be charged with obstruction of justice. This reflects the trust the community has that their police department conducting any investigation.

    This starts at the chief and goes down hill. It reflects on his leadership that he allowed this to happen.

    • Stay Strong! Seek Justice! says:

      Most excellent!

      There’s a special place in hell for child abusers. Throw in the mothers of Ricky Morehouse & Keara Coshow into the deep recesses of hell as well.

  33. Brad says:

    Why so little interest in this tragic incident??

  34. Stephanie Myers says:

    My heart hurts for her sister and what happened to Mrs. Reimann, It takes a special kind of low life coward to harm anyone but especially elderly, handicap, children and of course animals. I pray for justice.

  35. Russ Heiser says:

    May be of Interest How a Car Can Change

    Inspection 1970 Chevelle AUTHENTICATION on You Tube

    I’v had Fun with CARS thru the Years. 1969 Challenger 1969 Mustang and 1976 Ford Stepside.

    How a CAR can Change. Nothing wrong with THAT. NOTED. May “Perk”Intrest.

    Not VISIBLE except Close INSPECTION. Car Collector. “Gives 1970 Chevelle Once Over “per Say (No Spell Check obvious)

    The Original Car “Somewhat”Vanished. Owner(s) FIXED to Personal Liking.

  36. Russ Heiser says:

    John. Got a Chuckle if Anything.

    Speculation? Listen What you just said.

    If you Jump in the Pond and Find Car. You wont be Speculating.

    If YOU don’t FIND Car guess What?

    Think they Welcome Comments. Someones “kid” Reads this May have Idea

    or Speculation meant in Sincerity.

    FACT: Harry is Missing and has Not Returned. No Video Survveillance has SHOWED Up(yet) Tho even 1984 would seem Video Poker Room.

    Winner might wanna Keep Hidden……for Later Laugh

    yet. No Conversation with “Harry” revealed of What he said to indicate What or Where

    other than SPECULATED Headed *(yet)* 36 Year Old Cold Case’. Did Not Know

    Personally. Have Not Spoke to Neighbors or Friends.(or Harry) So I Even Speculate

    What was “Harrys”” Hobbies, Hang Outs, Best Friends, Cop Issues 1984 (dtugs ect not to SAY Involved.

    Someone OTHER than “Magecian” Make Car Vanish. Most Magecians work on Illusions.

    Fence? Strip? Water?

    This Case be Nice Harry showed up, been in Mexico. Might Slug him then ask “Want Beer”?

    Was YOU Wondering if I WAS Still Around. Lurking in Background?

    More of Question to Draw Out ANY Responsw

    Water issue SOMEWHAT Searched. (Similiar to Recent Find of Man in Car) Arrest Made believe.

    LE Advised believed Dived Twice. Then Found Car

    • John Collins says:

      Sorry if I rained on your speculation spoltight Russ! Judging by your amount of posts you feel your answers are the most correct even if not really probable. My suggestion was based on likely probability and not speculation. Many times (several) when some one and their vehicle disappears as well, it quite often went in the water somewhere near. You obviously feel there is a major conspiracy like Jimmy Hoffa disappearing and are enjoying the spotlight for your conspiracy theories!
      Enjoy your limelight Russ!

  37. John Collins says:

    Looking at the comments they appear to be a lot of hearsay, rumor, and speculation and few if any real facts. If you look closely at Google earth at the road from Albia to Avery, you’ll see a fair sized pond right next to the road on the outside of a curve along the way. If some one were to doze off or pass out going into that curve, they’d obviously end up in that pond with little to no evidence of it even happening.
    Instead weaving a bunch of speculation, you should do something factual and positive and seriously check that pond out!

  38. Russ Heiser says:


    Hyden Harris over VEHICLE Cpl US Army

    December 2020

    Indicates Heated Exchange Meet Over Vegicle

  39. Russ Heiser says:

    Example *See Article* Nov 2020

    missing SOILDER Cpl Hayden Harris

    See Article

    How Fast Went DOWN Over VEHICLE

    Found Dead New York 2ps Age

  40. Missing Person cases with Nikki says:

    I’m definitely going to cover this on my youtube channel hope he comes home or gets justice

  41. LakeLife says:

    I also think it’s odd that his gun went missing & then he’s shot with the same type of gun just weeks later?

  42. LakeLife says:

    I think it was his wife!
    You don’t sell the guys company a couple months after he dies like that.
    Plus she has motive because she was addicted to gambling.
    I pray justice will be done some day!

  43. Enus says:

    Are you a troll? Sure seems like it! Hogging up the threads with some nonsense.

  44. Russ Heiser says:


    Wanted Running or NOT. 1977 Pontiac (Example) Reward Offered. Send Photo and VIN#

    Check Your Barn Under Tarp ect

    Should Stop ANY Unpaid REWARDS Offered

  45. Russ Heiser says:



    National Car Recovery REWARD Club. Flyers Sent Out.

    Suprised FBI or LE as MANY Divers Not REQUIRED to Conduct ONE EXERCISE AT LEAST fot Training.

    Marines Army Navy Air Force Coast Guard. Training Exercise REAL TIME “If Happen” Recover Suspious ITEMS Should NOT be Violation Posse Com a tatous(No Spell Check) Approched as Training with Coordnated Data Base.

    Fun and Interesting.

    Would Put to REST “We ALL live in a Yellow Submerinr”(Song) Cute tho……Pun Intended Beattles.

  46. Russ Heiser says:


    Yes Few Drails “Off” from PUBLISHED Info. RePubed here.

    I Am only “Glancing” Information. As if MYSTERY Novel

    I am NOT Investigating. MANY Aves Open or UNCHECKED

    Suspious Missing SHOULD Have WARRANTED “Full Investigation!

    No CONNECTION to St Louis Car Dealership.

    As with Ponds and LAKES. FLYERS of 77 Gtand PRE to AUTO Dealerships?

    Different “Twist” to Msgnet Fishing Per say.

    Even Song Private Malone. What Xoulf Happrn to Car.

  47. LakeLife says:

    Praying that the truth comes to light!

  48. LakeLife says:

    My grandma lived in Coralville & we lived in Hills in 1992 that was the year before my parent divorce.
    Hills is such a small town.
    Scary to think it might have been someone we had known in that town or someone we had known in the town my grandma lives in.
    Why can’t they just do a DNA test?!
    This poor babies life mattered!!

  49. LakeLife says:

    Praying the truth comes out!

  50. LakwLife says:

    Praying that the truth comes out!

  51. LakeLife says:

    All three men just happened to be able to provide alibis for eachother the night she goes missing & Melvin admitted that he had hired these guys to follow her?!
    It was obviously him!!

  52. Russ Heiser says:


    JustLlisten to Song Pvt Malone by David Ball You Tube

    Saw 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix Sold by Dealer Same Cplpr body and Seats
    Two Different Vins Indicated One Dealer TYPED 2nd Photo BUT have to Scroll.

    Only 10K Miles. Had to Sit SOMEWHERE that few Miles?

    Dealer in Buisness 50 YEARS Could be Simple MISTAKE

    Daniel Schmitt Dealership St Louis Mo

    Simple Phonr Call Should Clear Up IF Intrest

  53. Russ Heiser says:


    Said Im OFF this. I get started and,,,,,,,,,,,,Puzzle?

    To Avery . Already was KNOWN to MOST . and Albia also LE and Mark Milligan “Off Duty”

    Ks and Ms CONNECTION?

    Consider 1984 Mo Drink Age 18 Kansas City other side Line Downtown 21 (or other way around. Read Harry Drank at LEAST BEER.

    Consider 1981 1982 1983 Age 18 to 20 Made LOT “Beer Runs” Kansas City. Not Harry Particular. Tho MARK May Know.
    Large Flea Market Lil Fun Shopping?.
    3hrs Out 3 Back. Full Day “FUN”

    1984 Drinking Age Kansas City Changed Both Sides State Line to 21

    KSB(Kansas City Butcher) Operating 1984 Did NOT Have to Visit TOWN or send Recruiter per say(only read~Video thought had one)

    Bar(s) Open Longer Kansas City want Party Contibue

    More “Options “FENCE” or Strip Nicr CAR

    Any FLYERS of Harry SENT to Kansas City? “IF” Harry KNOWN to VISIT Occassionally? Ages 18 to 20 This “COULD be something DUE to KSB Victims ALL KNOWN(op Word) 18 to 21, Tho Another Video Believe LOT MORE Victims.

    MAY have NOTHING To DO With KSB(deceased)

    A Flyer Might PERK Intrest that would NEED Factual Verificaton Simple PHONE Call.

    If NO KSB Connection, Fence Car? Favorite Bar? ect ect

    Your Ball.

    Im Gone for NOW

  54. Russ Heiser says:


    Rope or light Chain from Shore attached to Magnet. Videos HOW on YOU TUBE.

    Even FROM Shore BUDDY SYSTEM any ISSUES. DRONES on SUNNY CLEAR Day with Camera. IF IF IF Car DRIVEN In probally CLOSE Shore UNLESS Lake or River has Current(maqy have DRIFTED by NOW)

  55. Russ Heiser says:

    Recall COLUMBO Detective Series?

    Im Not HIm

    However ONE MORE THING!

    Anyone TRY “Magnet Fishing? The Dive Researchers Would be Cooll.

    Your Generally NOT Gonna Pull Car OUT, HOWEVER Magnet VERY STRONG)

    ) May Warrent further Research STRONG(VERY) May Also Find Gun or Knife Metal Pipes Ect.

  56. Amazonnnfpj says:

    reproduced by hand, in contrast

  57. Russ Heiser says:


    Yes FACTS the Best. Someone Calls with a Tip. But Needs Verification on Factual Basis Unless YOU Prtsonally KNOW Tipster.

    This is Considered COLD. Other words Not much ACTIVITY. Call still could Come

    Spmetimes Discussions May Develop Lead Which Lead to Tips Investgated to Facts

    SEEMS Money at Poker Table 1984 WARRENTED sucjh Investugation

    Murphy in Knoxville wound Up Missing 20 July 1984 Body Found Nov 1984 by Hunters. REPORTED as Missing. The Murder Investigation dif not began till body Discovered

    I’v Worked with FBI Secret Service DEA Local SD Task Force as IO (Independent Operator) and Military

    Usually did not ask me to sit around wait fot Phone to Ring. Perp say “I did it” without Developing Lead or Hunch and Speculation ar Times Ferreted Out. Tho Drank lot Coffee.

    These Comments Pointed Towards LE

    Yes Easy way solve Mystery. Start back book Read Foward 2nd Read If POINTS nissed 1st READ.

    Ill Respect Your 1st POST and LEAVE at rhat. Phone or Visit May Happen Still with FACTS and Closure

    Im Outside “Looking In, Perked my Intrest from FACTS you Do Have

    Like Im Reading Mystery Novel Front to Back tothe Conclusion.

    Ill Respect Not Interested.

    Something Not “sitting” quite Right. Chapter Missing.


    • Darlene says:

      The word fact us very important here and I disagree with you on if you know the person. From personal experience I believe if you read the letter above. which I can not say for sure but believe his information came Steve .This letter has caused me alot of anger know how many false statements he made.Jeff did corporated but mark didn’t know this at the time.Steve however was confused on the car parking and it was no big deal but it was wrong. We have learn alot this past few months I understand why a 3rd person was with them and his car was park there. They have been coroporating with law enforcement however they don’t have a friendly relatelationship with Mark I don’t know what happens to Harry he was my friend to I was who his mom called that morning to go looking I asked questions first. Mark never called me.or reply to my tex in 2016 I miss Harry I don’t recall ever being so upset when he didn’t come .but I don’t ever want to excuse of knowing something or or having my words turned around. I would love to have the facts and Harry home but it the facts not just what someone says or here.

  58. Russ Heiser says:

    In Cosieng

    Any Witness or Suspect Connection to Kansas City?KSB has Lots Photos again deceased, Found No Photo of “Recruiter” per Say. Small TOWN may Reconize KSB Visiting Bar or Poker Room LE may be Worth Showing KSB Photo SINCE DECEASED since 1992 oe so

  59. Russ Heiser says:


    KSB Called Cops on a MO-Ks Victim so NO Misunderstanding NOT Murphy, But PERKED Intrest Similarities “Hospital” Since KSB Deceased might be worth Check 1984 Hospital Logs.Also again Interesting Only Victims Murphy and “Harry Similiar age LOOKS. NO DOT Connection
    Google dearcj Avert and Slbia Iowa Only approx 7 Mile Drive. Knoxville 35. Kansas City 3hrs Out. Tho KSB again had Trained “Recruiter

  60. Russ Heiser says:

    Find LOTS of “Circles” Per Say No LINES to Connect

    Interesting Murder Victim Murphy Mussising From Knoxville Iowa Hospital GENERAL INFO ONLY 20 July 20 1984 Body Found Nov 1984 Rapid Decomp what gathered

    Intrest Kansas City Butcher(KSB) actually Called Police and went to HOSPITAL as Victim BIT his Penis. No Charges FILED. Murphy was at or NEAR Knoxville Hospital before Missing. May be Ave to Connect “Dots” if ANY. KSB Operating IOWA 1984?

    Saw Mulligan(Mark) Mention Paper Published Ticket to Harry 17 July 1984 HO Specifics. News Probally had LAG between Issue and Printing Such incigence.

    Would be Sleiths LOTS Vids on KSB(Deceased)

    KSB also had “Recruiter for VICTIMS. Doesnt Mention SO FAR his Recruitment Area(s)
    MO Drinks and Drug Victims “Haul Away” Lots Digging by LE Co Op KS MS and Iowa.

    Its There for LE to Check

    Apparently Being “Gay” was NOT a Requirement of KSB Victims. But could have Increased % of Target.

  61. IDChannelSlueth says:

    Looking from the outside. I would investigate and question the husband and the Police again. This doesn’t seem right. I moved away from Iowa going on 34 years ago. To read about all of these unsolved cases really hurts that they are not solved. Please get some closure for all of these families. For my friend JoJo and his family too. RIP JoJo

  62. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    A terrible story and all these people kept their mouth’s shut. But, then I would expect the authorities to conduct a death investigation, until a competent medical examiner determined there was no foul play in his death.

    Then we have his son committ suicide because these gutless individuals stood by and never came forward

    I would sue them, for obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, and throw on pain and suffering. Hit them in the pocket books. That include the campground.

  63. Mark says:

    So why hasn’t the female driver been identified?

  64. Russ Heiser says:

    “Murphy” same Age te Knoxvillr Iowa Missing 29 July 1984 Body Found Nov 84 by Hunters 35 Miles approx from AVery Iowa

    Murphy it says Hospital’ last KNOWN Interest did “KSB” Visit Hospital?

    Once again SURE Iowa LE Working. Some Areas if Havent Corrlated SIMILARITIES

  65. Riss Heiser says:

    Note ONLY

    REASON “Perked” my INTREST this CASE

    KNOWN as OPERATIVE Word ALL KNOWN VICTIMS Kansas City Butcher bwlive 18-21 Age

    “Howell” 1sr KNOWN Similiar Apperance “Harry” Same TIME Frame in “Striking Distance” General Sense

    The Butcher Died Heart Attack

    Did not MENTION any YOUNG TEEN Victims age range Newsboys

    informative videos kansas city butcher You Tube

    From General INVESTIGATIVE POINT “Only Suggestive” this POINT. Lot Leg Wprk per SAY

    Nip in BUD? (Maybe) ANY UNIDENTIFIED DNA LEFT “KSB” House or Vehicle?

  66. Russ Heiser says:

    Was “Harry” Gay/?

    NO Connecuion FOUND but May Check Out

    FIRST……KNOWN Victim of Kansas City Butcher July 1984 about 3hrs away.

    KSB in Kansas City 3hrs Out

    1st Victom “Howell 19 White Male 6 others Known.

    NO “Dot” to Newspaper Boys. But PERKED My Intrest

    Victims DISAPPEARED “Litterally KNOWN START July 1984

    THIS POINT SIMILIAR Time Frame Occurance

  67. Russ Heiser says:

    Side Note

    Harrys Car Very NICE in Photos

    Probally worth more Couple Hundred $ 1984

    You Mentioned Drugs MAY(may have) NOT KNOWN

    Being COP Someone “JazziN” for Dope CAR may look like Big Baggie. Steal? Pre Planned or KNEW where or Who to FENCE. Strip Down takes KNOWN Time. Farm Country Obvious Many Corn Stalks Park Behind Per Say

    Friends Avoiding? Originally at LEAST Spoke with LE? I Imagine Hammered so MANY TIMES “Tell Us what you Know” Domt want Anymore Unless Interrogated. Most Likely SEEMS would WANT to HELP. I imagine Small Town approached MANY

    TIMES. May USE Approach MAKE STATEMENT ask Paper to Indicate shouldnt be

    Bothered Anymore Unless New Evidence Shows Up to Implicate

    The Car? Looks to NICE to DUMP Unless Heated Spur Moment Even then more $ Signs than Few $ Piker game.

    Curious may ask to SEE Military Jacket Nip that in Bud

    Clpse? Harry INDICATE Dug deal Issues? Other than SO and SI dies This or that?

    Not INTO more Questions than ANSWERS

    Your Cop you have training and background to follow thru Ill LEAVE it ar that.

  68. Russ Heiser says:

    Side Note

    Harrys Car Very NICE in Photos

    Probally worth more Couple Hundred $ 1984

    You Mentioned Drugs MAY(may have) NOT KNOWN

    Being COP Someone “JazziN” for Dope CAR may look like Big Baggie. Steal? Pre Planned or KNEW where or Who to FENCE. Strip Down takes KNOWN Time. Farm Country Obvious Many Corn Stalks Park Behind Per Say

    Friends Avoiding? Originally at LEAST Spoke with LE? I Imagine Hammered so MANY TIMES “Tell Us what you Know” Domt want Anymore Unless Interrogated. Most Likely SEEMS would WANT to HELP. I imagine Small Town approached MANY

    TIMES. May USE Approach MAKE STATEMENT ask Paper to Indicate shouldnt be

    Bothered Anymore Unless New Evidence Shows Up to Implicate

    The Car? Looks to NICE to DUMP Unless Heated Spur Moment Even then more $ Signs than Few $ Piker game.

    Curious may ask to SEE Military Jacket Nip that in Bud

    Clpse? Harry INDICATE Dug deal Issues? Other than SO and SI dies This or that?

    Not INTO more Questions than ANSWERS
    Your Cop you have training and background to follow thru Ill LEAVE it ar that.

  69. Russ Heiser says:

    Former Military Police Investigative Supervisor Atmy Former PI Agency Manager Offices Miami New Orleans and Wash DC

    What “Grabbed” My Attention……..Very Close to Brother. No Calls or Hangups Even time Diapperance?. Unlless Wanted to Disappear. Hang Ups could be Indication Wanted to Reach Out……No Contact may Indicate didnt want FAMILY in Trouble WOULD Seem have rto be BIG Issue this Many YEARS.

    2nd What was MOS and Rank.

    Military SOMETMES Don’t Willingly REVEAL actual “Duties” own Reasons UNLESS
    Nudged. Shipped to Timbuck Too Per Say.

    1984 Dog Tags were Big Issue Still. So if harry Found?(without) Indication Pre Planned
    Someone knew had monies to “play”

    Foul Play Car Obvious Bigger harder average person ri HIDE Spur Moment Most KNOW Lakes FAST. Pre Planned READ Cases not ONLY Grave Pre Dug but Car Burried especially FARM Country

    Same Farmers in area Many YEARS ago but may REPORTED Farm Tractor Founf MOVED or Stolen

    I Could Go On, Originally intended Simple Comment.

    My You Tube is NOT MONOTISED nor LOOKING to.

    You SEE Harry WEARING Regular? If HARRY Found should be ONSIGHT. Local Metal Detecting Ckub? Or Even National Up to Challenge?

    If Found with Dog Tags. Indicate Possiable “Heat of Moment” Incident, Other words. Grab Money and Run.

    Use to Operate FBI NCIC on CASES Stolen Property. Shoulf have been Entered.

    Would ALSO say MANY People as Previous Comments indicate have RAN into Lakes Drinking or NOT. If Not Driven ino Such.

    Again Dog Tags Missing Usually Worn. Possiable FOUL Play.

    Money Flowing at Table Suspected Wow. Seems LOCAL LE wpold have mote INTENSE Investgation ar Time REPORTED

    Some Cases “Perk” my Intrest from READING. Use to have PI License 7 States Civil and Criminal. No Longer.

  70. Lee-Anne says:

    Is there a possibility that this is Harry Milligan from Albia, Iowa missing since 1984.

  71. Larry Brim says:

    Your information is not entirely correct. Lose enough that it doesn’t matter.. If only someone had any information, maybe they don’t feel its relevant but anything helps.
    Our family is still in pain although we have tried to move on with our lives as she would have wanted. There is still a $30000 car reward to info leading to conviction. We have tried to keep our name out of the news for the younger members of family but contact sheriff. Thank You to whoever posted this, it is much kinder than the last person with all the false info.

  72. Colton Reed says:

    I’m his youngest half brother I miss my big brother dearly I would give my life to bring him back if I could just to heal the pain that other family members have from losing him tears fall from my face time to time when I see his picture remembering all the great times we had as kids growing up together until he left us in 98′ I was only 8 and a half years old this leaves me post dramatically stressed for the rest of my life I pray to see my big brother again some day in heaven to the rest of the family I love you all I’m lost for words! 😭

  73. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    In regards to checking the VIN on his vehicle, a Carfax report might show something. The other option is for a law enforcement agency to contact the National Insurance Crime Bureau. They might have more detailed information in their databases, that might shed some light on the vehicles history.

  74. Mark says:

    There is alot more information and comments on there recent face book page for Harry Milligan. Just if anyone has not had questions answered as some of them are answered there.

  75. MikeD says:

    I wish there was more information available about this one. Story county is where Iowa State University is located and this infant was found right around the time that would have been spring break. You don’t have to drive very far outside of Ames to be in a rural area. It reminds of Unidentified Baby John Doe 1992 that was found during the holiday break near where the University of Iowa is.

    I also wonder if they happen to have a DNA sample and if not was the infant buried or cremated. More unidentified infants should be run through familial DNA databases.

  76. Bridgette Suzanne Ebersohl says:

    Come on there so much technology today why are they not working on these cold case I know his daughter stacy personally I was hanging around stacy at about the same time he went missing … Now mind you I know at least two of the people involved the 3rd person I’ve heard he’s really bad news I’m a person that believes in a eye for an eye I so hope they all get caught and they get what’s coming to them MAY U REST IN PEACE TERRY

  77. Bridgette Suzanne Ebersohl says:

    With the new technology they have using to solve murders …. Also the didn’t report if that precious baby was male or female and if it was found alive

  78. Anonymous555 says:

    the black and white pic of the older guy above looks like Charlie Kerr (google “Charlie Kerr Iowa” for mor pics)

  79. MikeD says:

    All states have Safe Haven laws now, but none of them did in 1992. Iowa didn’t have its Safe Haven law until 2002 so it wasn’t an option for the mother in this situation, unfortunately.

    • Q says:

      She had other options like giving the baby up for adoption.
      There is NO reason to Murder a baby but I’m sure you were not trying to make excuses for her.
      So sad that a child had to loose his life because of a women’s selfishness!
      I hope she hears his cry’s for the rest of her life!

  80. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Just recently the Cook County Sheriff’s Police identified the mother of two babies born at her residence in 2003. She had placed them in a bag to take to the hospital. Then she dumped them in a garbage can, where they were dead.

    Most states have the Safe Haven laws, but how many of them don’t know about them. They are advertised when these situations occur, but if you don’t hear about them in certain media, then it is not an option.

  81. Travis White says:

    Does anyone know if they ever ruled out her being the skeletal remains found in Des Moines in 1980? Seems like the timeframe and location is pretty close.

  82. Janis Dyson says:

    There was a safe Haven Law passed so that if a baby was taken to a hospital, church, etc. and left there the baby wouldn’t be considered abandoned. Why not give the child up for adoption? There is no reason for a baby to die if the parents don’t want the baby. Forget about all your theories about the mother, that is just plain stupid. Run the DNA and see where it leads this to.

  83. Janis Dyson says:

    There was a safe Haven Law passed so that if a baby was taken to a hospital, church, etc. and left there the baby wouldn’t be considered abandoned. Why not give the child up for adoption? There is no reason for a baby to die if the parents don’t want the baby.

  84. Lori D Evans says:

    car/body have been found, front windshiel missing, body in back seat, car not discovered in 2013 by the dive teams but visible on google earth satellite view. has there been any further reports put out from the medical examiner about cause of death? i can’t find any search results on that.### was he trying to get out of the car and broke the window then fell into the back seat? was he not alone, passed out in the back seat and someone else was driving and broke the window out to escape after driving into the pond? was he unconscious in the car and it was driven into the pond by someone else? Has anything been discovered about “HOW” the car got into the pond in that location based on where the party was on the property?

    • Ash says:

      I had read that the car being visible from google earth was false. It’d be crazy if it was true though!

    • Scott Peaker says:

      It has been a year since the car and remains were discovered. Is there any news regarding cause of death?

      • Ash says:

        His car and remains were just discovered 3 months ago. As far as I know they have not released a cause of death yet. I check every so often so and haven’t in the last few weeks so that very well could have changed.

        • MikeD says:

          I’m curious to know, but I’ve seen similar cases where we never hear anything probably because it was determined to be a suicide and the family decides to remain silent about it. I don’t think we’ll hear much unless there was foul play.

  85. Wanda says:

    Sgt. Mark Milligan: After reading your entire post & seeing that you have uncovered a “Vehicle Ticket” of your brother’s Harry’s car 17 days after his disappearance, tells me that someone had his car, probably even his ID, maybe his wallet. If you had known about the ticket early on, I’m sure the Officer could’ve contributed more. As far as some of his buddy’s not speaking to you, speaks volumes. Those are the ones who need to be pulled in & questioned! As far as the rumors, made up stories, etc., welcome to the world of murdered loved ones with worthless weirdos trying to insert themselves into cases. Someone had your brothers vehicle, possibly even his body & was caught with the headlamps not turned on & got pulled over. Is there a data base where you can put in the VIN # to that car from the old Title or registration papers?

    • John says:

      Looks later that he was pulled over around 9pm that night and may have gotten thr tickect then. It takes the 2 or 3 weeks for it to hit the newspaper is where they got the later date and not the ticket. Could still have been the same night as never found the ticket for time of day.

  86. Otis Driftwood says:

    Lee Andre died this past Friday. Unfortunately, he likely took the truth about Alice with him.

    • Hieronymous Bosch says:

      I won’t say that I knew Lee Andre, but I ran into him from time to time. I used to encounter him regularly at the grocery store, he would be using a scooter and have his dog with him, and would engage people in lengthy conversations about all manner of topics, from which it was very difficult to extricate oneself.

      I assumed he was a harmless old guy, probably lonely, with plenty of life experiences to share. And perhaps he was harmless, but discovering the story of Alice Van Alstine was an eye-opener. I used to imagine the next time I would run into him, I would ask if he wanted to get together to talk about his life, and see if the conversation would land on this topic.

      • Patrick Kerrigan says:

        Harry, nice of you to join the investigation. Maybe you get a few other retired LAPD detectives to assist on this case
        Maybe Chief Irving is available.

      • Otis Driftwood says:

        I also had occasion to talk with Lee numerous times over the years. Hours of conversation. You description of him is spot on. The dog you mentioned was named Princess Patti. It was very tough to ascertain where the truth ended and the fantasy began with Lee’s stories. He did, on a couple of occasions, tell me that Alice had been “an FBI informant” who had run off with her handler, and was still alive under an assumed name. Of course, I don’t believe that. My suspicion is that Lee took Alice that night, either over child custody, her having been interviewed by law enforcement, or both. As for what Lee did with her, I doubt we’ll ever know. What I found very interesting, is the fantasy Lee built around Alice’s disappearance. In my experience, only guilty people concoct such stories.

        • Jody Ewing says:

          Otis, I tend to agree with you regarding those who concoct such stories. The “she ran off with another man” narrative is a timeworn pretense. We’ve got several of them on this website.

          I also agree that he took his secret to the grave. Victims’ family members — the ones who usually know who killed their loved one — always hope and pray the offender will make a deathbed confession, and that’s rarely the case. I’ve yet to see that happen with any of our cases where everyone knew who was responsible. Thanks so much for the alert on Andre’s death.

  87. KK says:

    I would be interested to hear more information about what happened to Eugene Behrend of Millville. He died of a single gunshot wound to the chest in 1994 and going through Clayton County Register Archives, it appears there were suits between immediate family members that talked about threatening each other and other harmful behavior. It had been rumored in the area that a close family member (or person hired by a family member) had shot him over some sort of disagreement, which by the looks of it may have been related to land or a family farm. A grand jury met in 1995 and did not indict anyone on the murder charge.

  88. Christina says:

    Crpd did not do their job… I witnessed this shooting and still have ptsd and have NEVER been interviewed despite my effort to talk to the police the day it happened.

  89. Dick Jugel says:

    Here is an undated article, probably from the Omaha World Herald, that I found being used as a bookmark while browsing through a 1902 printing of an 1898 copyrighted book entitled “The Traction Engine” by James. H. Maggard, revised and enlarged by an expert engineer:

    Council Bluffs Bureau

    Authorities have learned the identity of a man whose body was found in a railroad car in Carter Lake in June.

    The dead man was Humberto Cortez, 31, a Mexican transient, according to Bob Henderson, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent in charge.

    Henderson said Tuesday that the identification was made by the California Justice Department, one of the many agencies that was sent fingerprints taken from the body.

    “He had a rather extensive criminal record and had been returned to Mexico by our authorities more than once — the last time being last March,” Henderson said.

    He said the man’s record included minor crimes such as trespassing and petty theft. There were no arrests on drug or alcohol charges, Henderson said.

    The body was found June 21 in an open steel-carrying rail car in the Pasxton & Vierling Steel Co. yard.

  90. Mujahed says:


  91. UrMOm69 says:

    This wouldn’t have happened to me. I’m built different.

  92. Tyler Gardner says:

    I did it. Cold blooded.

  93. Mr. Dubbie says:

    He got 360 noscoped. Cheeks clapped kid

  94. Caylene says:

    Harry Milligan’s search actually has a Facebook group now. A lot of people in the Albia/Monroe County area want to bring him home.

  95. Dan Morgan says:

    The Scene of the Crime podcasts on this case are very informative – thank you for this Mike!

  96. MikeD says:

    I’m on board with the theory that he had an accident and since he had been drinking he got spooked and abandoned the vehicle in order to try to avoid a drunk driving charge. If he died of hyperthermia within a 4 to 5 mile radius of the vehicle you’d think he would have been found. Chances are he had warm clothes and experience with surviving in the cold, so maybe he was prepared for the walk home. Since he was already 2 miles outside of Scarville it was only around a 6 mile walk to Lake Mills.

    I’m pretty sure bar closing times were 2 am in Iowa back in 1993, so maybe it’s possible someone else from the bar driving home saw him and picked him up and something happened after that. I’m leaning more towards the possibility that he was hit and killed by a vehicle while attempting to walk home and the person covered it up and never came forward.

  97. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I wonder if the police ever recovered any fingerprints from the crime scene. It would be interesting to check the case report and see if they found prints.

    The offender most likely is deceased. But, if he committed other crimes, his prints might be in the system. Also, his place is sort off the beaten track in a way, but on a U.S Highwsy.

    It would be a long shot. Also, there is mo mention of the caliber of the firearm that he was shot with. I assume the offenders weapon, was most likely a revolver, since there is no mention of a shell casing.

  98. W anon says:

    The homeless clan claims yet another victim

  99. Don Eveland says:

    I’m interested in possible connections in the Eckels family, as my great Grandmother was a Eckels from Lenox.

  100. MikeD says:

    I know a lot of people focus on Lyric’s mother and father because of their drug history, but some people were focused more on where the girls were found: Seven Bridges Wildlife Area. It’s a niche sort of area that only has locals going to it for hunting, fishing, and seasonal morel mushroom hunting. It’s not the kind of place that many people even know about. Morel Mushroom season ends around the end of May. The girls went missing on July 13. Hardly anyone would be walking around that area much until the start of the deer hunting season. When does deer hunting usually start? December 5th. What day were the girls found? December 5th. Either it was someone who was naive to the idea that hunters would be in the area and would probably find the girls or it was someone who knew and wanted the girls to be found during hunting season.

  101. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I came across a posting on Redditt, in regards to Joyce’s murder. It appears the grandson of the individual, who supposedly found her about 3,000 yards from their family home.

    This individual was seeking more information on her case. If anyone is on that site can ask him or her that her case is posted on Iowa Cold Cases. I don’t think he or she can add more information. But they could mention what they heard from their family member.

  102. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Nothing like following up on my comments of sorts. But, I checked a road atlas see where Grimes, Iowa was. It caught my eye that it was near Camp Dodge.

    I seem to remember either a case or comment on a case related to Camp Dodge. So, if anyone can remember please share it.

    I still come back to the bonds, as a possible motive for her disappearance. Someone locally knew about the bonds and most likely kidnapped her to get access to the money. Then she was of no use, so kill her and dump the body in the reservoir, that was still under construction.

    So, there is someone she might have confided in, that all of a sudden left the area. They might have moved to another part of the state , country and said that they came into some money.

    Possibly through an inheritance.

    A number of years ago, an Aldrich Ames, who worked the Russian Section of the CIA, gave them all the names of the sources in Russia.

    Mr. Ames, was living beyond his means for years and the CIA somehow never noticed. Until a Russian defector provided his name. Then all of a sudden the CIA, did some checking and was surprised.

  103. Bothered By This says:

    First off, apologies that anyone would ever have to deal with this, truly sad and undeserving. There is info out there, but it’s completely unsafe to share and believed that this was not the ‘only one’ committed by this group and or man of the group. A possible reason that no subjects have ever been brought up is that it was covered up by another county and so random that they knew they could get away with it. In the late 70’s through the mid 80’s there was LE working for the ‘bad guys’ and vice versa. Also believed that this was definitely not the only crime committed by these guys. Drug & violence fueled wannabe hitman, debt collector types and afraid that Michael was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Have tried reaching out ‘netwise’ to different types of LE over the years, with little interest shown and really can’t trust any of them that are still around from that era, it’s sad and bothersome.

    It’s probably difficult to link some of these unsolved crimes being how different they can be, but that’s the hidden twist, and possibly done all over Iowa and the Southern part of another state. Can give no clues due to safety. I respect this site and what it has done, but it can feel a little public and seen some unsafe info shared before. Some of these crime committing guys from those decades have tucked away and lived life like nothing happened, but still are dangerous and or who they know. Very unsafe feeling world at times and wish that it didn’t exist, bothersome. This young man and his family did not deserve this, nobody does!

    Bless the Carr family, R.I.P. young man, sir.

  104. craig says:

    hey its Sara’s friend here and she is alive and well not dead

  105. SEAN says:

    I think his brother is probably on to the reasons he went missing however is it possible nothing nefarious happened and he accidently drove into a lake and submerged? Looking at the route to his house I see a small pond on a curve near 165th St and 67 2nd Ave. Is the pond deep enough to hide a car?

  106. Deb says:

    Whatever happened to Pastor Kelly! My mother was raised in Villisca and her brother-i-law was a private detective from the railroad on the case. My mother is no longer living nor any of her family that I can inquire with.

    I heard that dogs had tracked the murderer to the river and lost the scent!

  107. linda says:

    I believe the lady that owned the home to Dan Heiber had something to do with this.

  108. Ash says:

    Are they going to be investigating his death or do they know pretty well what happened?

  109. Laura Heinisch says:

    looking for information on a cold case involving the name Hollingsworth. Supposedly the neighbor was a suspect. Happened a long time ago, the people would be over 100 years old today.

  110. Melanie W says:

    This is a very strange case. I believe that “Munchausen Syndrome” was passed down rather than Helen killing her siblings. Or she was traumatized by her siblings natural deaths. But that many doesn’t seem natural to me. And it doesn’t seem like the grandmother raised any alarm bells for her grandchildren’s deaths. So tragic and evil. Just think. Helen’s daughters would be in their 40’s now. One would have been turning 51 in a few days. So strange all the girls died, But one son survived.

  111. Carole Ann Kelderman says:

    I remember when this happened as I worked in Albia at the time. I often wondered about water. I have recently been binge watching a YouTube channel called Adventures With Purpose. I am not tech savvy, but I wonder if someone here can bring this to their attention? They specialize in underwater vehicle recovery, and recently brought up the car and remains of Ethan K. in Hampton, Iowa, bringing some resolution to a tragic case that had remained unsolved for decades. If there is any reason to believe the car is in water, we need to talk with them. They refer to “open source investigations” where we can share ideas, but I am not sure what that means or where to find it. I am asking if anyone here can help hook AWP up with this case if you believe it is a possibility Harry may be in the water somewhere. Thank you. I am so sorry for the loss this family has had to deal with.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Carol, that is a great idea, since the car is missing also. Their are a large number of missing person cases where the vehicle they owned or were driving is missing. Also, a number of these cases have been resolved by finding the vehicle in a body of water.

      About a year or two ago, a surveyor was looking at a Google Earth image of an area of Florida. On the image he saw what CV looked like a yellow in color vehicle in a man made Lake. Ne notified authorities and they recovered the car and closed a missing persons case.

    • Michael says:

      I think a simple answer would be a drunk driving accident?,how messed up was he that night?,did he simply drive into a lake or pond and drown?,maybe that’s why nobody knows anything? new to this site and just throwing it out there,I mean c’mon someone should have talked by now?

    • Darlene says:

      Carol Mark has them involved they have searched a few places of interest. Will continue until we have answers.

  112. Pamela S Scott says:

    19 Years later Douglas brother Joshua Meth has turned up dead. They have ruled a sueside . Nothing adds ups. None of the paper matches and this is my second who has died in this town. I have reason to believe that there is more. No one would let me see Josh’s body.

  113. Meaghan Pike says:

    The Auction company should be a place to really scope out. I used to date the owner’s son who is in prison now, and would work for his Dad when we dated to help set up auctions and help them run and pack up. At that point in time, I was a drug addict and all the help he hired to help at auctions were troubled people that were paid under the table. I also live in Stuart and have of course heard the gossip and the names people suspected. Since gossip is always a mixed bag of credible and not credible, you listen but don’t believe everything you hear. But all the names mentioned around town were people that had worked for the auction house, and their acquaintances. I hope they find Kay, and the killer/killers and give the family a small measure of justice.

  114. After reading the article and comments, the only thing that stood out was ” he didn’t take his dog with him, because his dog would probably have ended up shot too, because that dog wouldn’t let nothing happen to him.” Hathaway basically let the cat out of the bag with that comment. He’s the one doing all the talking, was a good friend of Kenny, and was going to a trade school to become a motorcycle mechanic. In 3 very short weeks after going to AZ, he gets a call that Kenny is missing. Hathaway is very quick to point the finger at different people and accuse of knowing what happened: Mikey Bush, his ex-wife and Hammerhead. For being a good friend of Kenny, I would think he’d have more to say about him versus everyone else he seems to know everything about. If it weren’t for Hathaway talking, there would be no article as shown above. Occum’s razor.

  115. Andrew says:

    Were there any water searches done at the time? Searching around the various Missouri River boat ramps in Sioux City for her Honda Accord would probably be a good start. Google Maps shows one less than 12 minutes away from the home, but there are others. She might have left earlier than her husband thinks. Considering she left without her purse, she might have planned to end her life by driving into the river. She may have driven down a boat ramp while it was still dark out, turned off the car lights, and drove into the water without being noticed. This would be a good one for the Adventures with Purpose guys to check out. I know they did some work in the Missouri River before.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Andrew, it appears a search was done at the.boat ramp. However, there might be other ways a vehicle could have entered the river or another body of water. However, the fact that her SS Death Index, is the day before she disappeared is odd. It could be a typo by whoever’s entered it.

      The mention of an unknown medical condition also plays a part in her disappearance. We don’t know if she had any mental health issues.

      Also, we have the young man, who sees the ghost of a older woman in the kitchen, is weird. I guess the family has learned to love with her.

      • Andrew says:

        A friend of mine had a similar thing happen in her family. It turned out her grandma received a brain cancer diagnosis a couple of days prior to her disappearance. She was found in a lake near her childhood home and no notes were left. Maybe it’s possible that Helen had some sort of medical condition that worsened and she decided to not let it win.

        A lot of times these underwater searches that were done previously weren’t successful because the technology wasn’t as good. Very similar to how old DNA testing techniques weren’t as good. It would be good to check again.

    • Laura Benson says:

      Andrew, Adventures with Purpose is planning to be in Sioux City mid January to look into this and two other cold cases!

  116. Tim says:

    I think Jason Carter killed his mother he needs to be in prison for the rest of his life

  117. SB Hurst says:

    So does Adventures with a Purpose get the reward since they found car and remains. They deserve it

    • Paul says:

      They should but somehow the reward disappeared

      Someone is a welcher

    • SH says:

      Our official response at this time…

      We would be honored to accept the $100,000 Reward so we can further our efforts in helping other families like Ethan’s.

      However, the $100,000 Reward which has been renewed annually every September at the anniversary of Ethan missing, and extended yearly beyond its original 2015 effective date, is suddenly no longer available from the anonymous donors claiming the reward expired in 2015 even though it has been confirmed by multiple News Stations as late as September 2020 that the reward was still in effect.

      In full transparency, Ethan’s family was kind in making a smaller donation of their own. We appreciate their gratitude for our efforts in bringing Ethan home.

      Donations and rewards are how we are able to fund our operations in helping families such as Ethan’s.

      We do hope that those donors involved will honor their commitment so that we can use the $100,000 reward to purchase additional gear and continue our efforts in helping other families in locating their lost loved ones.

      Thank you to each and every one of you for your support.

      • CSJ says:

        HAMPTON, Iowa —
        The Hampton Police Department wants to remind Iowans that it has been nearly seven years since Ethan Kazmerzak went missing, and a reward for his safe return still stands.

        Kazmerzak would now be 29 years old. He went missing sometime in the early morning hours on Sept. 15, 2013.

        Police said at the time Ethan went missing, he had dark blond hair, had a beard, wears glasses, and has a Grateful Dead tattoo on his upper left arm. He was last seen wearing peach/orange colored shorts and a white/teal printed shirt. He was driving a silver 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI with Iowa license plate AUZ382. The car and Ethan still are missing.

        There is still a $100,000 reward offered for any relevant and useful information that leads to the current location and/or safe return of Ethan Kazmerzak. Police said the reward has been pooled together by a group of anonymous donors.

        Anyone with information is asked to call North Iowa Crime Stoppers at 1-800-383-0088or the Hampton Police Department at 1-641-456-2529.

  118. M Palmer says:

    Interestingly detectives are hoping advances in DNA technology will solve her case. They think there’s a small amount of degraded DNA from her killer under her fingernails. However, they’re concerned this will be the last opportunity as they fear it’ll be used up if they do it now.

  119. Mike Morford says:

    The Scene of the Crime podcast, S2 EP 3 ‘The Investigation Continues’ is out now diving further into the murders of Roger & Rose! This episode covers the extensive investigation that extended into multiple states as detectives tracked down everyone at the hotel that night. We look at a mysterious phone call that came in for the room registered to “Burkert.” Investigators begin to retrace Roger and Rose’s steps in the days leading up to the murders.…/scene-of-the-crime-season-2…

  120. Ashley says:

    What is the person name the vehicle was owned by that vanished? Im sure they may have resurfaced?

    • MIkeD says:

      Some articles are saying they believe it to be his car and some flat out say that it is his car that was found. No word yet if there are remains inside of it, but I imagine the chances are pretty high.

    • Kris says:

      Confirmed there are human remains in the car

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      It would be interesting if this is the same pond, he was last seen. He would have been right under everyone’s nose. However, there have been a number of missing people who have been found in their vehicles in various bodies of water around the country.

      The problem is the cost of using side scanning sonar, or dive teams to search all the bodies of water. If we were able to repurpose the various tools we used to search for submarines would be useful.

      I served on a submarine, and know what we had as search tools.

  121. Wanda says:

    Yes, it was Stevie’s foot, absolutely.

  122. Downs says:

    Here are some random questions I have on this case.

    1. Were there any bonuses or commissions Marketing Coordinators at Mediacom could receive at the time? I’ve seen situations where someone was killed because another person in the company felt like they stole their commission.

    2. How many friends did he have in Iowa? Were they mostly work friends?

    3. Was he seeing anyone romantically or any evidence that he was? If so, maybe someone else was unhappy about that.

    4. What was his personality like? Was he the type of guy who picked on people in high school? The pictures make him look like a stereotypical “bro” at the time. I’m wondering if he could have just maybe bothered the wrong person.

    5. Did he have an active social life? Was he going out to bars and clubs in Des Moines?

    6. What club did he work at in Las Vegas? What was his reason for leaving that job and moving to Minneapolis? What did he do in Minneapolis? How did he get the Mediacom position in Iowa? Did he move because of the job or did he move first and then find work? I’m just wondering if he burned some bridges along the way.

  123. James Farrell says:

    I wonder if the original people that reserved the room might have been the intended targets?

  124. I am a retired police officer and SVU detective, investigating a cold case homicide in Nashville, Tennessee, from 1969. I am following all leads in my case and have a person-of-interest in-common with my case and Janice’s case. I am not able to release the suspect’s name, but he was in Des Moines at the time of Janice’s disappearance.

    I am seeking information on Janice, and would like to talk to anyone willing to talk to me.

    My website is and my email is

    Thank you in advance.

  125. John Nieto says:

    I honestly read Trifles before i read the article. It was more gruesome than i had anticipated in regards to how Hossack and his analog were murdered. Both are awful ways to die but the way trifles was written had an air of suspense to it.

  126. Mike Morford says:

    S2 EP2 of Scene of the Crime is out now. In ‘Crime Scene Investigation’ we take a look at the hotel room crime scene, and the evidence that was found in Room 260. We address some theories of how the killer, or killers, accessed the room, and retrace the steps of the investigators as they notify Roger and Rose’s next of kin.…/scene-of-the-crime-season-2…

  127. Lisa Baber says:

    Married to Rose, not made to Rose.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Lisa, thanks for the information on his family. I would assume that maybe his being crazy, might have been related to his military service. If it is correct that he served in the Marines during WW Ii, he definitely was exposed to combat.

      Many men who served in combat suffered what used to be called combat fatigue. Also, they refer to many Marines, who served on some of the islands of having the thousand yard stare.

      My late father spent 18 months in combat, was wounded once, knocked unconscious at least three times fighting in Italy and Southern France.

      He got a disability for his mental injuries. He later volunteered at the VA, along with my mother. I volunteered at the same VA which led to a job.

      It was the same VA he spent time for cancer in the late 1950’s.

  128. Lisa Baber says:

    The John Johnson that you have pictured was crazy for many years he had many children he was made to my aunt rose Thomas. His children’s names were Johnny Johnson Chrissy Johnson Roseanne Johnson David Johnson and Jerome Johnson. He and rose also had a little girl named Christina before all of those kids. Rosen John joined the pentacostal church and they did not believe in doctors so they let four-year-old Christina die. I think all of the remaining children turned out to use drugs such as LSD and heroin.They constantly commit crimes got arrested moved and changed sexual partners weekly. John and rose raised their children in such a filthy trash filled house that it should have been condemned. Rose had one sister that would still be young enough to answer your questions. Her name is TrudyThomas she married David Goodman who killed himself and I don’t know who she married after that Rose has one more sister still alive named Bonnie Viola Garland who lives in Altoona Iowa. I cannot leave any information if you want me to be respectful because Johnnie Johnson was not a respectful person however he did have The Bible memorised backwards and forwards. John and Rose never worked. They were the opitame of lazy, crazy.

  129. Tabby says:

    I remember this night and have followed the case through the years. He wasn’t much younger than me. My ex called me that night he was a truck driver, he wanted to know what was going on why the interstate was blocked off and they weren’t moving; obviously at the time I couldn’t give him info because they hadn’t even put anything out on the news . I don’t want to speculate about anything I’ve just always thought the girlfriend had to have known more. I feel for his parents to this day and I hope they get closure. It can’t bring him back, but some one paying for what they did would be some closure. I pray for you and that some one will come forward with more information. People are still out here thinking about that night and about your family. Don’t ever give up.

  130. Jim says:

    Kimberly’s father, Jacque T Ratliff died on Jan 2, 2020. I’m surprised this info was missed here.

    Perhaps that’s why they arrested his son Matthew today for her murder. These two seemed to be the ones going after Les most vehemently.

    • matthew c ratliff says:

      they did not arrest me they arrested less’s son matt dont talk what you dont know

      • Jody Ewing says:

        Matthew, I was unaware that your father passed earlier this year, and am so very sorry for your loss. Your dad was so passionate about seeing Kim’s case solved, and it breaks my heart that he’s not here to see what is happening. Please give my best to Paula and your brother Jeff, and I wish all of you strength as more of this story unfolds. Take care, and God bless. Jody at ICC

        • matthew c ratliff says:

          They extradited Matt back To Council Bluffs And booked him onto jail on a $1.000,000 bond i am glad that they had the leads to get him

    • Cabe lan says:

      Jim you fuckin idiot try a reading comprehension course

      • jim says:

        You are absolutely correct, Cabe. I got the names confused and for that I am offering my humblest apologies to Matt. I often get stories confused when many pronouns are used. Compound that with the fact there are two “Matt’s ” involved and you can imagine how my error rate can increase.

        As to Matt’s other message involving “Jim Ratliff’s” arrest, I posted that to see if there was any relation (which there was not) and because a “Jim Ratcliffe” posted comments angering Matt. Jacque in French is our English pronunciation of Jim and I couldn’t understand why Matt’s father would have been arrested??? I promise to be more vigilant with my future commenting.

        Finally THANK YOU to Jody for this site and which I believe were/are instrumental in forcing this case to its hopeful conclusion. Well done.

        • Jody Ewing says:

          Jim, thank you for your thoughtful comment, and I also must apologize for some of the confusion here. This case summary has grown over the years (though is still a very condensed version), and now, with the arrests of Matt Kennedy and then Les Kennedy (and those who may have been unaware of the “two Matts”), I can certainly understand how the pronouns could get confusing.

          I’ve gone back through and tried to clarify any misconceptions by adding more first names. Still, even with an arrest in this case (it was one of the top two cases on this website that I felt could have been solved/prosecuted years ago) I don’t yet feel any sense of relief or closure. There are just so many victims tied to this one case, including both Matts. (Yes, the accused can also be a victim.) So many lives ruined. Forever altered. Lives that continued to be scarred after Kim’s murder.

          “Jake” asked in April 2019 why we couldn’t just post the “who, what, when, where and why?” on here, but we cannot do that even when we know the answers. It compromises cases, and there’s always the possibility that the info we received simply isn’t true. Jake was correct, however, when he said maybe we (ICC) had the resources to get in touch with someone who could help solve this case. I may have passed along info to investigators, but will never take credit for solving this (or any other) case b/c LE officials almost always know who is responsible and they’re the ones knocking on doors and questioning suspects and submitting the DNA and spending years and/or decades piecing together every puzzle piece. And, what they always say remains timelessly true: “Knowing who did it and being able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law are two very different things.”

          They only get that one shot at charging a suspect, so, despite “everybody knowing who did it,” they are wise to wait until they have solid proof. Until that happens, I just try to ensure the victim’s story is told and kept alive so they’re not forgotten, and to remind the public it’s never too late to share any kind of knowledge about the case with the investigating agency. There’s often more — as the late radio pioneer Paul Harvey used to say — to “the rest of the story.”

          Thanks again for your kind words. Jody @ ICC

    • matthew c ratliff says:

      is this the same Jim from before that keeps trying to slander me from down below in the comments if so you need to get questioned for spreading lies

    • Matthew Charles Ratliff says:

      Im sorry for getting angry with you but i took it hard my sister and my kids mean everything to me this has bean realy hard right now im trying to get my kids back i lost my wife to cancer in September of 2020 things have bean rough
      im in this fight alone anymore but all i can do is keep my promise and just keep fighting for my kids and the truth

      • Jody Ewing says:

        Matthew, you had every right to be angry then and be angry now. The people you have loved most were unlawfully taken away from you, and I’m sure you know how much time I spent talking to your dad on the phone about Kim’s case in particular. He sent me scanned colored photos of your children (your daughter has such a beautiful smile!), and he died still fighting to get your kids back to you. Both you and I know there’s so much that’s not been addressed on this (Kim’s) page, but we know how and why and where Les did what he did, and we know the names of those who enabled him.

        Your father sent me so many newspaper articles about Kim’s murder (the ones from the early days and years, which I’ve not yet posted here on her page), and I’ve lost track how many times Les Kennedy contradicted himself as he coveted more and more media attention all whilst spilling out and spinning more and more lies. Every time I read the words of what he told Aaron Brilbeck, about this alleged “intervention” with Kim, I want to vomit. We know what he did in the No Frills parking lot time and again (before Kim’s death), and know what went on inside that Tostevin St. House of Hell.

        I’m so very sorry for your recent losses as well…your father in January (Jacques “Jack” Ratliff for those reading this comment), and then your wife in September. And, inexcusably, your children taken against your will (through lies) by a rapist/madman who fed drugs to his children & stepchildren the same way he fed lies/twisted information to lawyers and judges. I still can’t grasp how he got away with it for sooooo long.

        Keep fighting the good fight. It is yours to win. (And I think you know I applauded Jim for having the courage to step up and apologize to you because he’d been confused about the names.) Good men (people in general) apologize when they’re wrong.

        As for “actions,” I doubt any of us will ever see the day when L.K. (or your bio mother, for that matter) apologizes for the monstrous atrocities committed upon untold children inside that Council Bluffs home.

  131. Diane Garofalo says:

    You are my beautiful, funny, loving big cousin. You have never been forgotten by your very large family back here in MA. We miss you today and have for every day since that horrible moment when we learned that you had disappeared. Your parents were never the same – and your three loving little sisters missed the big sister they adored.
    PLEASE, someone, find a way to solve this crime. This has been our prayer for almost 50 years.

    • Lisa says:

      Hopefully the family will be able to finally get closure and this evil monster will get what’s coming to him!

    • MikeD says:

      I wonder what took him to Fairfield, Montana. That’s one of those really small cities in the middle of nowhere in Montana where you’re really away from it all. Less than an hour drive from where Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber was living. A good place to go if you were running from something.

      • tobin caldwell says:

        Actually Fairfield Mt, is in a somewhat populated area of Montana. Which would happen to be my hometown.PoP 700. An on top of it. Matt kennedy had a job in a different dept. than me, where I worked in Great Falls. An because of it, other co-workers and I conversed with him. An also had one co-worker tell me about what Matt had told him in previous conversations. One of which, where matt told the co-worker, that his father (les) had shot him. Cause he hadn’t done a chore fast enough. An also, showed the scar from the wound that was inflicted. However, matt was rather odd, and behaved weirdly at times. Obviously, he wasn’t right. an also was dyslexic. or very educated. An not too mention. He resembled the aqua teen hunger force character, Happy Time Harry. So we refered to him as happy time. Also, after I left that job, I ran across-d him in public in Fairfield. An I’d say something to him. An he’d just give me this wide open eyed, and open mouth look and not say anything. Will be interesting to see how his trial goes

        • Gary Summers says:

          @tobin caldwell, Hey man, I’ve been looking for you all over! You told me you’d call me after leaving the gay stripe club once we did “stuff”. We had a really good time and were planning on having a round 2, but I lost your number at some point. Please call me! I don’t care if you have a wife or a girlfriend, I think I might be in love with you man. XOXO Love, Gary

      • Liam Debolt says:

        Mike, Thank you so much for commenting, I think the police finally have a lead on my stolen car. Based on the name on your drivers license you dropped in my driveway before boosting my car and running out of town, the police are pretty sure it’s you on here. It’s only a matter of time Mike you D.

    • Stay Strong! says:

      Excellent news! Always great to see justice done.

      As the article alludes to, it must have been advances in DNA that inextricably linked Kennedy to the murder scene.

      It will be interesting to follow the trial & conviction (presumably) from here on out.

  132. Mike Morford says:

    There is a brand new in depth podcast about this case out right now. You’ll hear from friends and family of the victims, investigators, and hotel staff at the scene

  133. Alec Binnie says:

    Looking for information about Carol Donnelly, killed in Des Moines late 1979, body discovered early 1980. This case once appeared on your site. Has it been solved?

  134. Stay Strong! says:

    Delbert sounds like a real quality guy.

    May he rot in hell.

  135. PJ says:

    Do you know who your half twin sisters are from your father’s fiancee Gloria?? Just curious if you would want to know that information?? I am so very sorry that this case has never been solved. It sounds like you have experienced a lot of heartbreak in your life. Prayers for you as you continue this journey.

  136. MikeD says:

    I’m curious as to how much planning went into this Florida trip. Was it planned well in advance or was it on the spur of the moment? What as the reason to go? Just to see her family or was there more to it? What arrangments were made for her children in Iowa? Do we know what day she originally left Iowa and what day she first see family in Florida? When she was last seen on September 6, 1983 was she leaving for Iowa soon?

    Maybe the person she was traveling with was the one who had specific things to do in Flordia and Viola found out and asked if she could come because she had family in the area she would like to see.

  137. Jj says:

    Running the family DNA to familial matches to known offenders in CODIS may produce a male offender match (any of her former relations who may have been the kids father). This match if any may produce a suspect or potential names of friends and associates of the mother and her traveling companion.

  138. MikeD says:

    I know the obvious first thought is that the wife must have been having an affair. The theory that she was busted by Tom while she was naked and in the act with the other man.

    My thought is that she was naked when she went to the other farmhouse because she did run right away. If Tom was killed while she was there she probably would have taken the time to get dressed. She would have been able to tell the same story about the naked intruder without her being naked as well and would have looked a lot less suspicious.

    I can believe that she wasn’t there when he was shot, but I don’t beleive her story about what lead up to it. I’m sure she knows exactly who did it. Chances are that Tom knew him too.

  139. Darlene Olshansky says:

    Well the girlfriend obviously knows something. She is either directly involved or covering for someone. How many friends were there that night? Female? Male? Were they questioned? Something is missing from the above information because it is too black and white.

  140. Ryan says:

    It looks like Robin Clark Latham is currently incarcerated in Iowa because of a probation violation in March of 2020.

    It’s a shame that things were handled so improperly during the investigation and by the mortician. Maybe I missed it, but what was the official cause of death? The blunt force trauma to the head or did she drown in the water?

  141. Phil says:

    I am very sorry First and foremost to The Children and loved ones of Denease Latham. I am also sorry for my use of wording but to be honest :Why isn’t this Mother of 3 had justice yet? it is so very obvious that not only was she murdered but her death is a cover up. Why wasn’t the mortician ever questioned and convicted with the husband? The evidence is so overwhelming. Just plainly sad…

  142. Ryan says:

    I joined the Justice for Josh group on FB but there isn’t anyone sharing any theories about what happened. I would like to know what the family thinks happened. Looking around some of the posts and comments I saw that people think he was killed and buried just like Christopher Bagley because of links Joshua has to some of the people involved in that case. The family wants someone to talk, but they won’t talk either, at least not publically.

  143. Snakelady says:

    I have watched CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc & started wondering. What if his car was still operational & there was a 2 or more team that attacked him, could they take him & his car outa state somewhere, sell his car on the black market or chop shop & then take him somewhere after that. That would be why his car’s not found yet in the waters where he was. If so, have the detectives tried combing the filling stations & restaurants the next towns over from where he was last seen. Maybe he broke down & a trucker picked him up & someone else stole his car & drove off. Maybe he’s in witness protection somewhere, wonder if the detectives checked there. I hope he’s found soon & GOD be with his family & friends.

  144. he dose not have a medical issues.

  145. Gwen Harrison Boggess says:

    I was friends with Greg since grade school and always liked him. I pray for him and his family that he is found so his family will get some relief. Jehovah, please help his family, I know he will be resurrected (John 5: 28, 29). God will bring him back and he will have another chance to live a good life. Then Jehovah will judge all of us.

  146. Dustin Dawson says:

    I bet Mike ozwald did it. His brother Brian ozwald ran out front door pointing at Mike saying he did he is the one that shot Randy. Rip dad I bet it’s because waterloo police should not allow confidential informants get away with anything literally let Mike go Christmas day without even a gun powder residue test. Some friend you were to my dad. Wait till it comes the day you answer to heavily father. Should the police be held partially responsible I don’t think Mike would have done it not knowing someone downtown to help him. Jeff tyler waterloo police investigator wouldn’t take my version of that day. How does one get away with that with capital murder. I bet he would shit if someone from a higher rank took his job as pointless and a waste or taxpayers money. All bums

  147. Norma-Jean Sorrell says:

    Dr.OZ: I watched a man (Detective) share details about a 30+ year old Cold Case (double homicide, male & female) in a room, which had previously been “reserved” for a Mortician & canceled at the last moment.
    I listened for him to describe the investigation of that Mortician and never heard anything about that. My intuition is the murder was intended for him & clandestine associate.
    If interested contact me & I had more imagined details
    Please leave a message if I’m unable to answer the phone
    901-832-1496 Norma-Jean (Jeanie) Sorrell

  148. MikeD says:

    A possible theory could be that the mother was a University of Iowa student that was hiding her pregnancy and had an easier time doing it because she was from another state. That would probably mean her family didn’t see her since August. She could have given birth, abandoned the baby, and went home for the holidays. I hope they have some DNA. With this theory, the mother would be between the ages of 45 and 50 now. He would be turning 28 this year.

  149. ramzy Noel says:

    I agree that it was definitely the ax that killed him. What a horrible way to die considering the circumstances. In your opinion, did he really deserved to die? Could this situation be handed differently? Just a few thoughts that crossed my mind as I was reading the story.

  150. W. Morales says:

    I hope with new DNA advancement one day the evil mother will be brought to justice.

  151. Deb Galloway says:

    I was reading the Cold Case Files on your
    brother Harry and I read your letter, I hope
    and pray you will find him. The people that
    know what happened have kept silent this
    long so they will never tell it’s up to someone
    else or to the police to find him.
    I will keep Harry and you in my prayers.
    God bless you both.

  152. Chris Parmenter says:

    Was it ever mentioned how the local man whose truck was seen at the house came upon a good amount of money shortly after? Was he ever ruled out, or as a suspect?

  153. MarGurita Hammond says:


  154. Jennifer L Wilkinson says:

    I wanted to say one more thing it’s your birthday you got a granddaughter about the one your son is about to be home and Darius was promoted but 2020 has been okay but a horrible year in the making just continue to keep us safe… no matter the things I’ve done for the places I go or have been you’ve always been number one no matter what people have to say thank you for two of my biggest blessing love always

  155. Jennifer L Wilkinson says:

    Hey it’s me again I wanted to wish you a happy birthday until you seasoning sir David will be home soon his daughter your granddaughter is about to be one and your son Darius was promoted to a sergeant thank you for blessing them and watching over them we miss you will always miss you until we meet again

  156. Linda Kay Lanphier says:

    It is encouraging to see the comments and how many people are interested in seeing this mystery resolved. Has any DNA testing been done? Is evidence still being stored that could be tested and evaluated? I know there are more current cases and obviously, detectives are spending their valuable time on those. But Ed Schmidt’s case is still waiting….. waiting for justice. It is 2020 and time is running out.

  157. Scot says:

    Any chance an exhumation could be conducted to collect some DNA from this young child?

  158. Curious One says:

    I am confused about a thing: Jaymie was found in the bathtub, but, no one ever says whether there was water in the tub.

    The unique pattern of burns on her front side may be because she was floating in water and only got burned where her skin was above the water line?

    At any rate, It seems pretty obvious that Ms. Reed has some explaining to do regarding the months leading up to the fire and the bizarre collection of pathologies found during Jaymie’s autopsy. The girl would have been greatly suffering having ALL of those things wrong with her at the same time! How does that even happen? She had E-coli poisoning (which is typically transmitted through ingestion of feces from an infected animal or person which was then transferred to a food item). She had cirrhosis, pneumonia, and anoxic encephalopathy.

    Regarding anoxic encephalopathy: “Anoxic encephalopathy, or hypoxic-ischemic brain injury, is a process that begins with the cessation of cerebral blood flow to brain tissue, which most commonly results from poisoning (for example carbon monoxide or drug overdose), vascular injury or insult, or cardiac arrest.”

    Jaymie was being abused or, at the very LEAST, she was neglected. I am wondering if Vicki Reed suffers from Munchausen by Proxy – she was poisoning, or making Jamie sick in an attempt to gain attention for herself as the loving parent.

    I think Jaymie became critically ill (or as Jody theorizes was scalded) and rather than seek medical attention, Vicki decided to setup the house fire in the hopes that Jaymie would be burned to death and Vicki’s crimes would be gone with her.

  159. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    So a classmate of Jeffrey supposefly saw him alive at the apartment of Judy Davis. She lived at the Seneca Apartments. So, the question is, did he have a relationship with her or just hanging out with a co- worker.

    Also, where was the Seneca Apartments in relation to the Jefferson Apartments. Also, what did she do at the hospital.

    • Cindy Huseby says:

      Hi Patrick, who was the classmate? Also do you know the who this Judy Davis is? I have tried to search for her without any luck. This was a horrible tragedy, the unsolved murder is always in the back of your mind wondering who and why?

  160. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Larry, I would think the police, might prefer a bit more information on wbich to look at Henry Claytor.

    Was a student at the school, or maybe someone who had a thing for Penny, and she turned him down. Maybe he believed her essay implicated him in something she was aware of.

  161. Stay Strong says:

    In case anyone is interested, Dateline produced an hour long segment on the Michelle Martinko case.

    You should be able to go to and identify your cable / streaming service provider and view the show. It’s called “And then there were three”.

  162. Linda S Jones says:

    Update: From a granddaughter of Robert Lee Ruby –
    In regards to our Grandfather, Robert Lee Ruby, I can only go by stories my mother told me. She always told me that he “fell” down a “Well” and broke every bone in his body. My mother insists she was with him at the time and knew that he didn’t fall but he was pushed. My mother was only 13 at the time so to her the mine shaft was a “well”. She also told me that she saw who did it (they didn’t see her) and I was never to ask who it was. I asked her if I knew the person and she told me with a firm voice that she would never reveal that information and would take it to her grave; which she did. I asked her why she thought the incident happened and she stated that it was over money and probably the fact that our grandfather had more than most. Many people were jealous that he was able to continue to bring money in during the depression. He was also able to rebuild his finances after spending all he had for our grandmother, Mary Ellen Ruby, during her illness. He had the reputation of helping those in need and always provided food and a place to sleep for people who were traveling or just needed help along the way. My mother remembers a post on the fence that the people would put marks on to let others know that their farm was a place where they could be helped. The only rule……Grandpa took all of their matches and cigarettes before they went into the barn to sleep. What does concern me about the statements she made about grandfather’s death was the distress she felt when she told the story. If I didn’t know the person or know about the person she would have told me what she knew about them without giving me his/her name. This is why I have always thought I either knew the person or knew about them. It was never discussed again and I never mentioned it or asked. I do feel that it was NOT an accident but a murder. I don’t believe the story that the horse could have moved the wagon and caused grandfather to fall. He was also a farmer and knew about equipment and animals plus the fact that since my mother WAS with him he would have not taken any unnecessary risks etc. This added with my mother’s statements indicates to me it wasn’t an accident. I don’t have any proof other than what she told me which was all hearsay. However, my mother was always quiet about her father and didn’t speak of him much unless I asked questions. When my mother told me what she knew about the “accident” she was not ill nor on any medications that would cause her to tell outlandish stories. My mother and I were very close so I think she confided in me as much as she could just to release the burden of knowing more than what was told.

  163. M. Peters says:

    Ok so I just started doing some research on this case from old newspaper articles so hopefully some of you who have been researching this longer can help.( I will also point out I am in no way trying to blame the crime on the family or neighbors.) I have soooo many questions? I went back to reports from the day Donna Sue went missing before her body was found and initial reports state Mr. Davis didn’t see his daughter missing until 10pm. So it is unclear to me how the timeline changed from 10pm to 9:40, unless initial reports were wrong or further interviews with Mr. Davis and the family gave a different time frame. Next is that if the suspicious man seen was carrying Donna Sue then why wouldn’t she have awoken during the ordeal, unless she was incapacitated in some way. A man carrying her right after falling asleep when he is being described as hunched over, hiding in spots, running, jumped a fence, a barking dog, and nearby neighbors yelling at him, it doesn’t make sense how she would have slept through all of that. If she was incapacitated then it would be clear it was not a crime of opportunity. But planned. Someone who knew that window was going to be open, what time she went to bed, and where she slept. Next is the interaction with Mr. and Mrs. Fjeldos and the suspicious man. I cannot wrap my head around why Mr. Fjeldos would leave his wife alone outside with a suspicious man while he phoned police. I asked my husband the same question and he told me he would immediately send me inside to safety. Am I reading too much into this? Not sure but it is something that stood out to me right away. I still have more questions but I will stop there for now and hopefully get some clarification.


  165. MEGAN says:

    While doing some research I found an old newspaper article that stated sioux city pd got some good fingerprints off the chest, crib, and window. Did those turn out to be fingerprints of the immediate family. I never see anything discussed about them?

  166. Antonio Burks says:

    Tony and I were classmates in elementary school. We would play almost daily in the summer time. He has the spirit and energy, always willing to help you when you were down, always the life in the room. I remember the day I came over and knocked on the door, I hadn’t seen him in awhile—that’s when I had learned of his passing. As I get older, I frequently think about my friend and where he would be in life. It deeply saddens me to realize he is no longer here, but my friend I want you to know you haven’t been forgotten; I remember you, and so do a many of others. I am now 26 years old and the world is in a crazy state filled with political and racial agendas. When I think of Tony, I think of a human that did not see color and saw me as his friend and the goodness of others. Rest easy Tony, I miss ya ❤️

  167. Moon says:

    I remember hearing about this, on the Chicago news, when it happened.

    Was there any chance that the person or persons who abducted her were in the apartment with her and made her say that she overslept when her colleague called?

  168. Big Anon says:

    Yo yo boys, is this the city with the homeless clan out killing people?

  169. Joshua says:

    RIP Goldie Belle…. Much love from your great grandson

  170. Ashley says:

    Are you the same Teresa that commented quite a while ago about a man that was born in 1960 that told you about a crime that now lives in Russellville,AR

  171. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I searched for some address information on two websites, but found nothing. I wonder if Anon could check their resources. It might help if we knew his medical issues.

  172. Teresa says:

    did you see if this may be The following people, Darlene Fitchett, Alice mae Van Alstine , it would probably help if knew an estimate how long she been gone, not sure if u can do that, here also I found some girls/ young ladies who this could be, some ot from Iowa but who knows someone could of brought the girls to Iowa, Kristy Lynn Booth – Cheryl Ann Scherer, 19, – Scott City, Missouri

    • Ashley says:

      Are you the same Teresa that commented quite a while ago about a man that was born in 1960 that told you about a crime that now lives in Russellville,AR

  173. MarionFuela says:


  174. Jessica Celeste Rowe says:

    I know where he is.

  175. Teresa Handy says:

    prayers with family, I hope they get some resolution of what happen to Mervin

  176. Teresa says:

    I think both cases, are mexician decent and went back to mexico, I hope they find out who did this

  177. Tri State Girl says:

    I’ve seen it reported that Marc lived with a Grandmother in Connecticut for his first few years. I know this detail may be lost in time, but does anyone know where? I’m from Connecticut, so I’ve just always wondered where Mark and his Grandma lived. It’s weird to think I have probably been through areas he once went to, before moving to Iowa.

  178. Sarah Rushton says:

    Leslie Rule, daughter of the late true-crime writer Ann Rule, has published a book about this case called “A Tangled Web.” Very good book, and a terrifying story!

  179. Lisa says:

    This is a very odd statement to make!

  180. Stay Strong, Fight For Justice says:

    I thought some may be interested that On The Case With Paula Zahn on Investigation Discovery (ID) network premiered a segment yesterday on the Michelle Martinko case.

    The ID network is carried by most television providers or directly on the ID Network website (will need to input your television provider). The segment called “”A Test of Patience” should be searchable and viewable at any point here.

    Upcoming segments will be produced and aired by 48 Hours and Dateline in a yet to be announced date and time.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Anonymous. I wonder if the details were ever shared with the VA Office of Inspector General, They OIG conducts audits of the various operations to check fro fruad, waste and abuse. They also have criminal investigators, who are special agents. So, this would be something that they should have been involved with.

      I worked with a number of their people in my time in the VA many years ago. Off course, it might take many hours to check old records to see when Arnold, was in the VA.

      Also, checking the system for veterans with the date of birth of 1948, might take some time.Also, seeing if any6 veteran was getting a disability to a flamethrower accident, might take some time.

  181. Mike K says:

    I clearly remember when Gene disappeared. I was 15 at the time. Gene was 2 years younger than I, he lived with his mother on the east side during the school year, and visited his dad during the summer, so I didn’t know him, but this happened in my south side neighborhood, and it hit me pry hard.

    As someone who grew up about a mile from where Gene’s paper bundles were dropped, and about a 1/4 mile from where his bag was found, who also spent a few weeks in Iowa August beating the bushes all over the south side of Des Moines with the organized search crews, I’d like to point some things out to the internet sleuths here.

    First. From where his paper bundles were dropped, the city limits are approximately 1 mile straight south, and also about a mile and a quarter west on a state highway that ran straight to Interstate 35. The map today doesn’t represent the area as it was because the airport bought out my entire neighborhood to expand and rerouted the highway a bit to the south. But if you look at the intersection of SW 14th and Army Post Rd. on the current map, then track a straight line west to I-35, through the airport, that is how the highway ran. Near the end of the last building shown on the airport on Google maps today is where the city limit sign used to be, and if memory serves me correctly 36 years later, Gene’s bag was found on the side of the road not too far past the sign (and not far from my driveway) by his RM, who saw it because it was on his path from where he was to Gene’s bundle drop. You could never miss those bright yellow bags playing on the ground anywhere.

    I didn’t know Gene because he was 2 years younger than me, but this was my neighborhood.

    The biggest reason that there is more information about the investigation out in the public view about Johnny Gosch than Gene is because Noreen could not stay away from microphones, and often times said things on air that compromised the police investigation. Don Martin didn’t do this.

    I can tell you that in the weeks after Gene’s disappearance there wasn’t a field, barn, ditch, culvert, property, creek bed, river bank, railroad trestle, abandoned piece of farm equipment, or park inside of a 7 mile radius that wasn’t walked and checked by our group, which often times was accompanied by Gene’s uncle. No property owner, to my knowledge, told us no, you can’t look here. That’s just the way we were back then. I also remember that neighborhood was literally crawling with police canvassing, checking, looking, etc… For at least a week. They were never denied access anywhere they wanted to look because us south siders were upset, and actually wanted to help. Nobody in Gene’s family hurt him, or buried him in the basement under his own house. Those things were extensively checked.

    Detective Rowley followed every lead and idea that came his way. You can take that to the bank. I will say that in the interest of keeping investigation details under wraps to keep the cranks from wasting his time, he wouldn’t, or couldn’t let people know what was or wasn’t found. That’s just standard investigative procedure. I see names called out here that I remember hearing back then, so I can only assume they were thoroughly investigated as well.

    Yes, the Register had a few pedophiles working in the delivery department at the time, but I recall every single one of them was checked thoroughly, as well as the RM, the DM, and anyone else with the Register that might have had a slight passing knowledge. DMPD didn’t want to miss a trick, and I don’t recall hearing of anyone stonewalling them.

    Someone mentioned that when Gene disappeared, the fair was in town. This is incorrect. When Gene disappeared, Balloon Fest was happening in Indianola, and the fair was still over a week away (August 15-25). It was someone from the neighborhood headed for Indianola to watch the morning mass ascension who witnessed Gene speaking with the adult. Although Gene’s mom lived a few blocks from the fairgrounds, Gene was at his dad’s, which was a good 20 minute drive from the fairgrounds, so the possibility of it being one of the carnies was extremely slim as that show wouldn’t have even been in the state of Iowa at that time.

    36 years later I still recall these things clearly. I remember coming home every night absolutely exhausted from all the walking and climbing over fences and obstacles, but ready to go again the next morning because I wanted him back home with his family. I remember how sad I felt when the searches were called off because we hadn’t been successful.

    Gene would be 50 this year, and we still don’t know where he is.

    • R&T says:

      Are you saying the newspaper bag was found on Army Post Road? Wasn’t there a church there before the airport expanded? If someone was headed that way with Gene, they might have been returning to WDM, which makes sense if it was the same person who kidnapped Johnny Gosch.That seems more likely than some random stranger from the balloon festival 15 miles away.

      • Mike K says:

        It was never stated, but from where we began, and focused the searches, yes, it appeared the bag was found on Army Post. Yes, there was a church out there. (Airport Baptist Church, the lot still remains and can be seen on Google maps) and the house I grew up in was right next door to the church. The city limits was about 1/2 mile father west from my house.

        Heading that watt would take you to Interstate 35, which can take you anywhere from there.

    • Clay says:

      Mike K.. I grew up just a few blocks from the abduction site and by the sound of it you and I are only 2 years apart in age. We may have met long ago. I also carried papers on SW15th St. The thing you need to remember is that south Des Moines and West Des Moines were very connectible then. Army Post (Hwy 5) shot straight west to 35 or 63rd Street that takes you into Johnny Gosch area.. but you could do most of the route then by skirting the city. At 6 am on a Sunday it would be a fast route. My point.. I think the Johnny and Eugene abductor was between or in those areas. I do not think it was a guy from North Des Moines trolling the southwest side. But at that time there was a lot of wooded or rural stretches on western Army Post Road.

  182. Debbie fuhrman says:

    I just want to find her. She is a great lady. She would have never left her daughter.

  183. I just that we could find her. And let her rest in peace

  184. Kim Ineichen says:

    Hey asshole, you don’t know the true story, so shut the fuck up.

  185. Scot says:

    Any chance there’s enough DNA from the skeleton found in order to do a genealogy aeaech?

    • Teresa says:

      that would be great if they did, I see so many cold cases who crimes were solved due to dna, I hope this is one!!

  186. Lisa says:

    I wished my memory was better! But I can say that I KNOW this girl! I have tried so hard to remember exactly when i met her…
    I know I spoke with her about her adopted family and she spoke of her children..and how she wanted a relationship with them.
    I emailed the police above in regards to the information i know… Hope and pray Brianne will get justice ❤🙏

  187. Lu Eggers says:

    The Key To All Of This Is Curtis Padgett…I’m Sorry.But To Me His Story Doesn’t Sound Credible……It Sounds Made Up….

  188. Jamal says:

    This man was a criminal.
    Who gives a damn about his murder?
    May he NOT rest in peace

  189. Brenda says:

    Why are there two different missing dates, two years apart? What is the real story here? And from what I understand, Kimberly was in Texas and took a Greyhound bus to Davenport Iowa to visit her father, but never arrived at her father’s house. So who verified that she actually made it to Davenport?

  190. 1026 says:

    Check out the Knight families’ court records..they are criminals

    Isaac Knight, Donald Knight, Benjamin Knight, Sarah Bergman

  191. 1026 says:

    Check out the Knight families’ court records..they are criminals

    Isaac Knight Donald Knight, Benjamin Knight

  192. 1026 says:

    Trust me the Knights can sleep at night. They have no regard for the law and what is right and wrong. They have no conscience. They have not pushed LE to try to solve Laura’s murder, they just sit back and laugh and hide. They did not care about Laura, they wanted her out of their lives and they succeeded.

  193. 1026 says:

    Laura and her mother fought over her fraternizing with the Knights. Her mother did not feel they were people who were law abiding citizens and respectful of law enforcement and authority.

  194. Dee says:

    This person of interest looks like Nick wood!

  195. Tri State Girl says:

    Were there other missing kids before Johnny in the 80’s or even the late 70’s? I know Eugene Martin and Marc Allen were kidnapped after Johnny, and that from ’86 to ’89 there were other attempts, that thankfully failed. Were there possibly other attempts back around 1982 that people ignored? Or maybe kids felt they couldn’t report them?

  196. Jeremiah says:

    In my opinion, Charles Ray Hatch should be a suspect in the murders of Donald Hebert, Roger Atkison, Rose Burkert, and Sandra Jo Pittman.

    Charles Ray Hatch was Roger Atkison’s uncle I believe. He escaped from a facility in Nebraska on September 6th, 1980. September 8th, 1980, Donald Hebert is seen leaving a local tavern with an unknown male. He is found shot just above the left eye. Based on known information, it appears the unknown male subject killed Hebert for money. The homicide took place in Des Moines, Iowa.

    Four days later, on September 12th, 1980, Roger Atkison and Rose Burkert are murdered at the Holiday Inn in Amana, Iowa. Amana is straight east of Des Moines. They are brutally killed with an ax/hatchet like object. The two had met up at the hotel, which is about 270 miles from home in Missouri. Why meet up there of all places? Atkison was married and they were having an affair, but why so far away? With his Uncle escaping just 6 days prior, one has to wonder if he had contacted Roger looking for help.

    On September 17th, 1980, Sandra Jo Pittman is murdered by blunt force trauma to the head, near Clarence, Iowa. This location is further straight east of Amana and Des Moines. I find no description of the weapon used other than “claw hammer of crow bar type object” was used to kill her by blows to the head. She was reported to be staying at the Catholic Shelter in Davenport when she went missing.

    This is interesting since Charles Ray Hatcher, who was picked up on the escape charge in Lincoln, NE on October 9th, 1980, would later be released to the Salvation Army Shelter in Davenport, Iowa after being released from Des Moines on April 10th, 1981. He had been held just prior for a knife fight, but was held under an alias.

    That’s all I’ve looked into so far, but Charles Ray Hatcher should be a very strong suspect in all these cases.

  197. Constance Combs says:

    If Johnny Gosch was alive as Noreen Gosch has suggested, perhaps he now has children or grandchildren. Although it is a long shot, I think Johnny’s parents should submit DNA tests to and 23 and Me with law enforcement serving as administrator of the dna results. When the results come back, the raw data should be uploaded for free to gedmatch, my heritage, and family tree. Then if there are close family matches with cms in the range of a parent child, grandparent to grandchild, or great grandparent to great grandchild relationship this would indicate he is alive. If no such results come in then he probably is not alive. This should be done before the death of Johnny’s parents. The cm relationships can be determined by using the free online DNA Painter and typing in the cm number of a dna match and tgen scrolling down to see the possible relationships.

  198. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Anon, I agree with you that something is rotten in Denmark on this case. Then supposedly a woman claiming to be mom,tells us after 19 years, that she was found within days of her disappearance and she never got around to telling the police for some 19 years. But she feels she needs to let us know.

    Also, would not a neighbor, the local police,someone, would have come across her in their normal daily routine. Unless this family lives miles from anyone, and their phones were knocked out 19 years ago.

  199. Maria Steward says:

    Hello I am Crystal’s mother and she has been found days after she went missing. I never corresponded with the police of her being found. Thank you for your concerns.

    • anon says:

      I can find no evidence of a Crystal Leann Steward who would now be age 31 in Texas, Iowa, or anywhere else. I can tell from public records that someone named Maria Steward from Burlington is now named Maria Gonzalez and lives in Texas, but I, for one, am unable to find any evidence that Crystal is alive and well today.

      • Crystal Lerma says:

        You would not find me under my maiden name because I’ve been married now for 15 yrs. I was not 11 years old when my mother Maria reported me missing, they have the wrong year of birth for me, I was 15 during this time. I have already talked with a sheriff deputy from Des Moines County after they went to my sisters house looking for me 19 years later. I appreciate everyone’s concern for my safety though.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Maria, this is Jody, the admin for the Iowa Cold Cases website. Do you have a photo of Crystal from 2001 that you could share with me, along with a current photo of her? As her mother, I’m sure you would have many. You may send them to jody at or use the contact form button on this page to reach me.

      Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Jody @ ICC

  200. Philinise Hamlin says:

    JusticeFor Kaiden! Contuined prayers for the family as they try to get through each day after his murderer is finally caught! You can rest ,Kaiden. Rest In Peace.

  201. Rick Doerring says:

    He was my favorite Uncle , he was very depressed for many years and had 2 sucide attempts a few years before his disappearance. His truck was not stolen and we guessed that he went in the river but could not swim. I miss him still. Rick Doerring

  202. Teresa Ann Bannister Handy says:

    my dad was neighbor to the one found on 8th street, only thing could tell them they wee mexician and never heard them speak english

  203. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Justin, I agree. When I forced heard about the two girls in Chicago, the use of .32 caliber firearm seemed odd. However, they were popular for a time. Also, a 15 year old boy from Zion, Illinois, disappeared possibly in December 1970. He was found shot to death in a ditch in Racine County, Wisconsin. He was shot in the head three times with a .32 caliber firearm. This is similar to the murder of the two girls.

    However, some Chicago Mob hitman, also used .22 caliber firearms. However, two of them used a .22 caliber firearm on a Ken Eto, who ran a gambling operation for the Mob. Well, he survived, and rolled over to the Feds. The two hitman, were found murdered in the trunk of a stolen car.

    So, I wonder about the use of small caliber firearms in a few unsolved murders.

  204. bob irrumatio says:

    IIRC, at the time of the murder, a black escalade had been seen in the area, an older associate of hers drove a similar vehicle and was cleared with all the speed of someone with a connected employer, he later committed suicide, can’t recall the details, but I believe they were good friends, I wondered if the wife was a little nuts, saw an affair and shot her, and the husband covered it up and finally couldn’t deal with it and killed himself.

  205. Teddy Ryley says:

    I don’t suppose they kept the blood samples. DNA doesn’t lie. Wasn’t much of thing back then but if they still have the clothing in evidence they should be able to pull dna. Just a thought.

  206. Dena Gray-Fisher says:

    Corrections to “About Lloyd Patrick” section: Lloyd and Jeannette had two children; Betty Francine Patrick DeBruin (1927-2011) and Glenn Lloyd Patrick (1934-2014). Lloyd was born at Beacon, Mahaska county, Iowa.

  207. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Cindy, I appreciate the details that you provided since you were with Valerie when she left. The frustrating part to me, is that she spent most of Sunday, with LuAnn Hicks. Then she meets with you to go swimming and then stay overnight. Then she leaves you at the pool, she stops again at LuAnn’s. However, she was not home. It makes me wonder if she wanted LuAnn, to be with her when she met whoever later. I wonder what details she could provide. I agree, that the offender is someone in plain sight at the time, and may have left the area.

  208. Teresa says:

    I posted this post a year ago. Bring that I have watched many crime and investigation show, the way this child was found, was personal. Did they ever look at the immediate family members? I just hope and pray they can give this little girl justice and that she may rest in peace 🙏😔

  209. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    In regards to the cold weather, I remember my late father used to put an old army blanket on the engine, in the cold weather. I remember doing that myself while working at the VA, especially working nights. The only problem is that I would forget to remove the blanket, until about have way home. At least the engine stayed warm.

    So, it appears that these two friends decided to not warm up earlier their cars until they were going to visit the victim.

  210. deb gatewood says:

    did his girl friends car always have problems or just on that day ..just wondering

  211. Andrea says:

    Arthur Charles Scott is now on facebook

  212. Andrea says:

    Here is the current contact info for Arthur Charles Scott.

  213. Andrea says:

    As I asked above, Why isn’t her body exhumed to see if there is DNA under her nails? Arthur Charles Scott was admittedly the last person to see her alive. He gave different stories to law enforcement, and then refused to take a polygraph. His face was covered in scratches the day after her disappearance and he claimed he got them from “falling down at home.” His parents hired a spendy lawyer and then hustled him out of state. Now he is age 73 and lives in Illinois. Gary McHugh was cleared and was willing to take a polygraph.

    • LakeLife says:

      They need to exhume her body!
      His DNA could be under her fingernails!
      Maybe the date didn’t go the way he wanted it to & he got mad…
      Her body was was partially nude.

  214. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    The more I read about Valerie’s case, it becomes confusing. She supposedly hung out with LuAnn Hicks. Then she meets up with Cindy, to go the swimming pool for the evening program. She then bails out on Cindy, to meet up with someone.

    But, she then stops by LuAnn’s house to see if she was home. LuAnn was not home at the time. So, she stands up Cindy at the swimming pool, and is last seen at a street corner at about 8:30 p.m. Was this where she was supposed to meet the other person.

    I wonder if Valerie while on her way to her meeting with her unidentified friend, decided to kill some time at LuAnn’s house. We need to know her story if any.

    Also, what if anything she may have shared with her sisters and other school friends. The only one we hear from is Cindy, who provides the correct details on what happened at the swimming pool.

    We need more details, that may be in the police reports. Quite often cold case investigators come across references to people, who were never interviewed or evidence that was never tested, or could be retested.

  215. Nygil says:

    has anybody found him .. i’m his son

  216. Brian says:

    I can’t believe the sheriff never pursued Arthur Scott Jr especially when some of her clothes were found on the street he lived on. I wonder if they ever searched his car or checked out if it was a two-toned Mercury. I’m guessing because he was the son of a businessman they didn’t go after him.

  217. Jennifer Kugel says:

    I heard someone was arrested is this true?

  218. Yoda says:

    First, the cops don’t let anybody go on bond or bail. Judges do that. The cops do not decide who to prosecute. The county attorney does that. If some commenters think it is easy being a cop, then apply for a job doing it. Oh, wait, you can’t you say because you have a record? Any idiot can blame cops in a uniform and a marked police car. They are an easy target. Try spreading the blame to the “suits” that make decisions over which the cops have no control. That also means juries, and the people that try anything to get out of jury duty. Law enforcement is a reflection of the community they serve. If you want change, stop letting the media fail to print the names of judges in cases they hear, and vote no on them on being retained in office on your election ballot if you don’ like their decisions and sentencing habits. Too many of these people think they do not have a door on their chambers, but instead a stone that rolls away. The difference between too many of them and Jesus Christ is Christ does not walk down the street thinking he is a judge.

  219. Tom says:

    The Boy Scouts could have closed this one. Obviously the husband.

  220. andreadole2 says:

    Someone at least claiming to be him has a new youtube channel and has recently posted a bunch of new videos.
    This is different than his old youtube channel.

  221. andreadole2 says:

    Look at the middle boy in this photo from the facebook page of the guy named Mario Nimaja who lives in Denison. Is this a younger version of the boy that Jesse has in various photos on the internet? I’m not so good with faces, or aging between years.

  222. K says:

    Mr. McIntyre, your claims have been fully investigated and completely debunked by law enforcement. Not a single thing you’ve said in the above statement or in any other statements you blanket on the true crime sites are in any way true. By making false claims (and ego boosting yourself to boot), you’re hurting the families and friends of the victims. Please stop.

  223. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I find M. McIntyre’s comments a mess. He throws out stuff about Keith DeWayne Nelson, who was convicted in the Pamela Butler case. Yes he is federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. Also he is on a list of federal inmates to be executed.

    But, Mr. McIntyre comments are a jumble of other incidents that may be connected to Mr. Nelson. But, he does not provide any facts, as Sgt. Joe Friday would say. His material is all over the place and not organized.

    He could have shown proof that Mr. Nelson was in living, working, or visiting in these places, especially Mason City, Iowa. Mr. Nelson, might fit a profile if we had found Jodi murdered, and she was killed in the same way as Pamela Butler.

    But, all he does he is throw Mr. Keith Nelson at the wall, expects him to stick as being involved in Jodi’s case. I would expect more from an alleged criminal profiler.

  224. Alexandria Marie says:

    Hey mom, its me again. Been thinking of you a lot. Grandpa (on dads side) isn’t doing the best lately.. so been trying to think positive but it gets hard at times.
    I am getting married in a few months :) youd absolutely love him. We are flying out to iowa next month to see everyone, its been about a year. So that will be really nice.
    I love and miss you very much and I wish so much that you could be here to watch me walk down the isle and watch my family grow, but i know you’re watching over me ♡

  225. andreadole2 says:

    This person is another “nimaja” from Denison…

  226. andreadole2 says:

    It gets weirder. Check this out. He definitely seems somehow related to that Pedro Nimaja Pol who is the sex offender.

  227. andreadole2 says:

    Please look at this LinkedIn Profile for Adexe Nau Giovanni Nimaja Pol located here:

    It says: “soy niño mis padres me mantiene en ninguna y canté y bailarín” which I believe means “I’m a child; my parents don’t support me, and I sing and dance.”

  228. Michael Stevens says:

    Even though the girls died at different ages in different years they were all basically the same age probably in the same class being born in either 56 or 57 which would probably put them in the class of 75. I would start by looking at boys in that same class or a year either way a year forward or back most likely a local who knew all three woman at least casually. Being that age myself I know that a lot of years have passed since then, I’d start by seeing who went down an obviously bent path and start there…

  229. David XLEO says:

    After retiring with 35 years behind a badge, I know there are only two reasons for murder. Love and hate. Love of money, hate for the person killed, or love of killing, using some person even random, as a hate object, or even hate of ones self, projecting it onto someone else. Folks like to say the killer is crazy, or sick. Sometimes, but rarely. Most are just evil. Lots of love or hate reasons.
    First, ask, who stands to gain. Second, look at the evidence at the scene. What is there that does not fit, and what should be there that is missing.
    Third, what is the nature of the big picture of the offense.
    I recall when this Dyersville case happened. Knowing both DCI agents mentioned above,
    It is fair to assume they were as thorough as was possible. There are lots of things not made public to protect the investigation.
    What caliber bullet was found in the body. Was an empty ammo casing found at the scene. Was there a bullet missing from an otherwise full box in the house.
    Was a gun normally in the house missing. We’re gunshot residue tests taken. Were
    clothes of those present in the house seized. We’re there polygraph exams taken.
    Did anyone in the house at the time contact an attorney in a short amount of time
    after the murder.
    Was there life insurance on the deceased. Was it recently changed, or purchased.
    Who collected on the policy.
    Did someone suspected fairly soon move or leave the area.
    We do not know all of these things, but investigators may.
    But knowing and proving are two different things.
    Sometimes justice and the law are third cousins, at best.

  230. Michael D Rogers says:

    I’m Michael David Rogers. Son of Melvin Gallagher. Sad to report,still no good leads.At this point, I have come to grips knowing I will leave this earth when the Lord calls me and will never know who killed my biological Father until I get to the Glory Land.Thank you so much for everyone who cared and still does, Much love. Michael David Rogers

    • Ash says:

      Hi Michael, I hope and pray you get the answer you are looking for. You sound like an amazing person and I bet you father is with you every day. Much love to you!!

      • Michael David Rogers says:

        thank you so much means a lot!!!

        • PJ says:

          Do you know who your half twin sisters are from your father’s fiancee Gloria?? Just curious if you would want to know that information?? I am so very sorry that this case has never been solved. It sounds like you have experienced a lot of heartbreak in your life. Prayers for you as you continue this journey.

        • PJ says:

          I left a comment for you on Melvin Gallaghers’s page.

    • PJ says:

      Do you know your half twin sisters from your father’s fiancee Gloria?? Just curious if you would want to know that information?? I am so very sorry that this case has never been solved. It sounds like you have experienced a lot of heartbreak in your life. Prayers for you as you continue this journey.

    • A.M. says:

      Have you ever contacted this Gloria or your half twin sisters to see if they had any info?

  231. Debbie says:

    I have watched this case in the past and watched again tonight. I think that Jason Carter killed his mother. I watch cases all the time. I find that infidelity is a common denominator in a lot of cases like this. If his mother had learned of his affair and his knowing that his inheritance could be in jeopardy, I think he could definitely kill her before she told his father. But, a statement he made in passing was a key for me. He said that when his brother left home, his dad forced him to do all the chores his brother left behind even though he felt he was too young to carry the load. I think he resented that, and he felt he was entitled to the land and money he would inherit. He would have gone on cheating and living his life had his mother not gotten in his way. He wasn’t going to take the chance of his father finding out and taking him out of the will. I think he knew too much when he called 911. I don’t think the judge told the jury to find him innocent. I do think the police did a lousy job of investigating the crime. If they had done their job, the truth probably would have come out.

  232. Ravin Jessop says:

    I think the father did it why would he try and commit suicide not once but twice come on now

    • Cindy says:

      I totaly agree. He was the last person to see her before the son found her.

      • Linnette says:

        Cindy, Ravin, Tracy, and whomever else is implying the father, he’d husband was the last to see/hear/talk to/know she was alive. You need to know 2 things about the father/husband/Bill Sr. When he left the house after getting coffee with her, he inadvertently pulled out in front of his neighbor at 7:41AM. (Neighbor testified to being looking at the time on his car click, and further more, he continues to drive behind Bill Sr. to the gravel and then highway, North and East (where Bill Sr. picks up his semi, at a farm in Pleasantville, approx. 15 miles from home).
        So give or take we are now at about 7:55-8:00AM.
        Bill checked his semi tires as always is his practice with a hammer. (To some, this may sound different, but if you’re old school, or even taught by an old schooler on semi grain hauling, this is common. You hit each of the “18 wheels” with a hammer to see they are solid, check lights and note any fluid leaks, safety for transport. Basically it is a quick walk around. He says his semi is loaded from the day before with corn, ready to go to Cargill, about 50-60 minutes away to deliver grain. He states he waited a few moments for the diesel to run, not a long time, because it is was a sunny day, warm, 6/19/15. He then pulls out, and heads to Cargill with his own set goal of 9:00 AM arrival. The camera at Cargill shows him pulling in the gates at 9:01AM.
        Meanwhile, Shirley (wife, mom) has filled out a voting ballot for the Iowa Corn Board voting for Donny Hunerdose. Why? Because they’d seen Donny at Casey’s when they got coffee, prior to Bill Sr. taking Shirley back home. Donny tells them he hopes he doesn’t mind that he sent them a ballot and would appreciate their vote. They tell him no problem, and Shirley tells Donny she will fill it out right when she gets home.
        Then, she apparently notices there’s a number to call the vote in. She removes the stamp from the already filled out envelope (the stamp is on the desk, the ballot and envelope are found in the kitchen trash by her daughter and turned over to DCi/Sherriff’s.).
        KEY **Between 8:44AM, and 8:47AM, Shirley makes FIVE calls to two phone numbers from their HOME phone and submits their vote on the phone (records and testimony in criminal trial by the Corn Board Rep of the received vote and copy of the Corn board’s records. Also, the Home phone company records 5 dialed calls to the 2 numbers for that time period. Short calls. She was alive. Bill Sr. Was about 50 minutes away from the home. So he did NOT leave her shot with two high powered rifle shots through her lungs and heart. He did not kill her. I hope this clears some things up. I understand it is difficult to make sense if the timeline if you’re not looking through everything very thoroughly and if you don’t listen to testimony that is crucial, yet was not spelled out and summarized by the prosecutor..unfortunately. I am their niece. My cousin is Jason. If you want clarification like this and it is not sealed, I am willing to offer any answers I can.

  233. David says:

    Hi Jody,
    Do you think Kevin Petersen is possibly connected to the house fires in 2017? The Loose family house burned Christmas day killing four people. Four days earlier, a relatives house burned killing four people. Both fires are listed as cause undetermined.
    Maybe he set these fires in an attempt to silence anyone bringing attention to the Kim Loose case. Maybe it was an attempt to destroy the records and transcripts obtained by Julie Loose. The case had been receiving an increase in media attention in the few years prior to the fires.

  234. Anonymous says:

    I think I might know about the last two murders in 2019….. Information was brought my way and I’m scared really to pass it on

  235. Alison Hicks says:

    Just FYI, I went to Harrison School in Council Bluffs in K through 2nd grade with Steve Lybarger (we were in the class of 1970). We were friends in 1st grade but not as much after that. I moved to another school for 3rd grade and later. I was surprised when I heard about the charges against him back then.

  236. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Jen, I agree with your comments about a long haul trucker possibly being a suspect. The FBI has has a database of these guys for a number of years. However, it makes. There is no mention of when she died. Also, it appears he may have kept her under her under wraps for at least almost 8 days.

    Also, we don’t know how she got to the concert or was getting home. So. I assume she went there alone, and that no one else she knew went to the concert.

  237. Jen says:

    Given the long distance, a long-haul truck driver could be the culprit. They should look at Clark Perry Baldwin, given the location.

  238. C. Combs says:

    Now that CeCe Moore has been able to solve multiple cases through dna from crime scenes, we have new methods and connections beyond codis. If the FBI lost tge dna, they can still submit the blanket she was wrapped in to get dna from the killer. Contact Ce Ce Moore. The dna can be pulled from the blanket and then uploaded to Gedmatch to identify the killer’s relatives and narrow it down to the one.

  239. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Jen, thanks for the information you provided. I rebooked at those childhood images and afree with Moon’s comment, that they are disturbing. It makes me wonder, if he was being abused.

  240. Jen says:

    The videos all over the internet with this young man’s name attached are extremely disturbing.There is another man of the same last name in Texas whose resemblance is too striking for this to not be a relative, possibly father or older brother, and this man was arrested for uploading child porn to the internet.
    Unfortunately, I am afraid that there may be some very sad history associated with this young missing man.

  241. Staci Page says:

    I am also curious why Ben Steffe – Sioux City – is not a cold case?

  242. Taylor Conley says:

    I think this case needs to be reopened. There are other women in the area who were being stalked by Davis at the time of this abduction.

  243. Tracy Wilson says:

    I think if Jason was found not guilty I believe his father needs to be looked at. Because i watched the case and believe hes the one that killed her and pointed the finger at his son.

  244. Renee Fleming ( Bauer ) says:

    Wow I remember that. And sadly to say , I know one of the guys that were mentioned who owed John money I’m not at all positive , but he , himself couldn’t shoot anyone , but I’m sure he knows exactly who did.
    I kinda knew John , thought he was a descent man. Definitely didn’t deserve getting killed.
    For John’s n Pam’s daughter , you are a very strong young lady n I’m sure ur daddy is very proud of you.
    So sorry yours was taken away from you at a young age. Mine was too , I had just turned 14 the day before mine was taken away.

  245. tryright says:

    I just watched the Guilty or Innocent and have 2 questions. Who and what is the Joe person mentioned by the reporting person as admitting he did it? Why would he be going to the Carter home for drugs, wouldn’t anyone who knew them know that Shirley would more than likely be at home in the morning and or Bill?

  246. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I read the comments on this case. I noticed that several of them mention the name of an individual, who they hear or suspect was involved in his death. What, I don’t see is any mention of a reason for this Ivan character to kill him.

    We normally expect there to be a reason. We have Jared, hanging with his girlfriend and leaving for whatever reason. He then is found dead on a interstate highway. So, this Ivan is a bad guy, but what is his connection to Jared.

    Also, I would drop a dime with the feds, if they had information that he is selling. Let them run and see what they come up with. They have investigative task forces like the U.S. Marshal’s Fugutive Strike Teams. They combine federal agents from various agencies, local law enforcement.

  247. Judy Brunow says:

    I think I went to school with Steve Lybarger he would have graduated 70-71 maybe not from AL

  248. R Michelle Kennard says:

    Was Kim’s body checked for signs of rape? From what I have read it sounds like it wasn’t. If not, Could an exhumed body still have evidence such as semen, vaginal bruising, etc.? She had injuries inconsistent with falling out of a car, but she was a young pretty girl that had been alone with three, maybe four young guys, alcohol was involved and she had been to the home of the brothers who lived near the driver of the Camaro. She had bruising on both knees. If rape had been committed while on her knees her head and neck could have been jerked and pulled harshly, and her chest wounds could have been from being held down (while on her back potentially) with too much force such as one or two guys holding her down or her chest could have been repeatedly thrust against something (while on her knees). It sounds like the deceased brother knew what happened, he was there after all, and was highly upset about it which is likely the reason he was killed. I’m so sorry about this for the family. RIP Kim.

    • tim says:

      I doubt after 34 years even with excellent embalming there would be any viable evidence then again I hope there would be. shame what happened to this girl.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      R Michelle, thank you for this question. The answer is as strange as this whole case. The autopsy report makes no reference to rape or sexual assault. Nothing. It doesn’t even state whether or not she was examined for signs of either incident. This is highly unusual.

      We have on the ICC site a case of a 6-year-old who allegedly died from burns suffered in a house fire, and her autopsy report does make mention that she was examined and that there were no signs of sexual assault or abuse. Yes, the subject is covered for a 6-year-old. I have autopsy reports for some elderly women (in 80s), who were beaten to death, and sexual assault is addressed in those autopsies, too.

      I don’t have autopsy reports on all of ICC’s female victims, but in the cases where a victim’s family member sent me a copy, sexual assault and/or rape is always addressed in the medical examiner’s report. Yet, here we have the case of a 16-year-old who died under extremely suspicious circumstances, but no mention of whether the M.E. even checked? The possible scenarios you posed are not without merit, but I wonder if any of us will ever know the full truth about what happened that night. Sometimes, what’s “not” in a report speaks volumes.

  249. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Mr. Brown, I was reading up on Ted Bundy, last night. It appears most of his victims were in major cities. He fled east and was Ann Arbor, Michigan. He stole a car there and drove to Atlanta. Georgia. In Atlanta, he took a bus to Florida. He grabbed a 12 year old, and killed her.

    He entered a Florida State Iniversity dorm and atrackedcseveral victims there. I did not see material that he spent any time in Iowa. I was looking at some cases to see if there was any other cases around the country involving a red on color Volkwagen. There were five girls who were abducted in Jacksonville. Florida over a three month period, in 1974. In one case there was a reference to Ted Bundy and a Volkswagen, however his was either tan or brown.

    I also came across a case out of Springfield, Missouri. A young girl disappeared and may have been seen by a blue in color Chevrolet. I seem to remember another case involving that color vehicle.

    Maybe the new comments by Amanda., can provide some details that she may know.

  250. coltsfan1961 says:

    He must have worked for cash all the while or his social security number activity would have alerted authorities.

  251. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Mr. Elledge, hopefully with the recent cold case arrests, this might the DCI to rebook at this case. If the cases are connected as it would seem and it involves two different jurisdictions, then it would seem that the DCI should take the lead on this case. It should be somewhat easy for them to put together.

    It has been my idea that the Attorney Generals of our 50 states should create a Statewide Cold Case Unit. These units would have the staff, to tell at these cases especially in those jurisdictions which don’t have the staff and resources to investigate.

  252. Thomas Ryan says:

    I’m a genealogy nut working on Iowa family links when I came across Patricia’s “Find-A-Grave” posting and a link to the case. Wonder if with all the advances in DNA profilling, whether the police have any viable crime scene DNA that could be tested. The “” site in Canada can and has been used in a number of cold cases over the last few years to solve cases that have gone cold for many years. Either of Gene’s sons could have their DNA tested so that it could be used to screen out Gene’s DNA from the crime samples. That might identify a DNA of a possible suspect.

    I’ve used the sight to validate whether a possible ancester is or is not a long lost relative.

  253. Bill says:

    It would seem Curtis Padgett has been significantly slandered here…very one-sided. Surly Padgett was thoroughly investigated. Why a section was titled Bullied becomes the Bully is ridiculous…the article is about one student’s recollection of a bullied student easily angered or agitated…that doesn’t equate to being a bully. Shame on this website for including that information is such a way.

  254. MikeD says:

    Trucker Clark Perry Baldwin of Waterloo, IA who was recently arrested for 4 more unsolved homicides is being investigated for this one as well as Tammy Zywicki’s. Very interesting.

    • Matt P. says:

      Do a side by side comparison of the composite sketch from 1991 to a picture of Clark Perry Baldwin today. It’s literally a dead ringer.

      • Jody Ewing says:

        Matt, yes, the original composite sketch is literally a dead ringer to Clark Perry Baldwin. By the way, I’d noticed that under the Cedar Rapids Gazette clipping, I’d inadvertently written the year 1991 when it should have been 1992. I’ve corrected the date, and also added the flyer that officials mailed out to over 1,500 news bulletins shortly after the crime. Thanks for your input!

  255. Bill Green says:

    Clark Perry Baldwin just arrested for 1991 and 1992 murders in Wyoming and Tennessee. A long-haul trucker from Iowa. Any chance he’s the man?

    • Ash says:

      I think there is a possibility! The timing is right and everything. The only issue I saw with it was the manner of death between Tammy and the women Dennis killed.

    • MikeD says:

      Illinois police have since stated that he isn’t a suspect in the Tammy Zywicki case. Considering how many details are similar to other cases that Clark Perry Baldwin is a suspect in you would think they wouldn’t dismiss the idea so easy. They must have some evidence that clearly points to someone else.

  256. Veronica Lack says:

    Please support the Reinstatement of Adam Lack’s “RUSLE3” in 2020, Adam’s work was his gift to the US in 2008, before he was Lynched, in Mitchell County, IA. You could give Adam a 45th year Birthday gift by voting very BLUE in 2020. Obama era USDA-NRCS and EPA and Secretary of AG – DC employees had installed Adam’s Revised Universal Soil Loss Equations that limited contamination of US Source Waters and Soils with AG fertilizers (Big Oil’s -KOCH’s) and (the 597 Chemical Corps in Trump’s Combined BAYER, CHEMCHINA, CORTIVA AGRISCIENCE, & LIMAGRAIN/VILMORIN-MIKADO) Chemical Conglomerates’ products.

    Quid Pro Quo

    Trump’s Republican Administration REDACTED access to the EPA and NRCS Data utilized by Adam’s “RUSLE3” in February of 2017, when Trump started removing “SCIENCE” from our federal government agencies. This covered-up/hid Big Oil and AG Chemical Conglomerates products’ test results of their contamination of US Water and Soils. The hidden test data included Anhydrous Ammonia and Inorganic Arsenic Herbicides and Pesticide and Insecticide DATA, now these tests are at higher levels in US Tap Water in 2020. It may be to late for some American’s/Iowan’s health as some of these long-lasting, inorganic, non-biological chemicals are building up and testing over the MCL’s for these nitrite chemicals in more of US Source Waters/well’s water and even Des Moines, Urbandale, and Waukee’s Iowa’s Tap Water as even the best Water Plants are not as able to safely treat or filter these NITRITES from our drinking water.

  257. Skyler Gallup says:

    I know I was probably only 4 and I don’t remember you but I grew up knowing your story grandma I love you and they got him! I hope you can lay peacefully now much love

  258. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    The Oxygen Network is looking at Jodi case on an episode of Up & Vanished. So, hopefully it will generate some new leads. We all the new forensic tools, and cold case units that more cases would be solved.

    In my personal opinion the State of Iowa should establish a Cold Case Unit. It could be staffed by active and retired investigators, under the State Attorney General. My thoughts behind it are based on testing novels by J.A. Janice. One of her characters re tut fires from Seattle homicide and gets a job with the State of Washington Attorney General’s Special Homicide Investigative Team. Everyone can figure the shortened version of the name is.

    But, the idea of having state wide jurisdiction gives them a lot of clout is we say here in Chicago. The feds have used joint task forces for a number of years. A prime example are the Federal Fugutive Task Forces that the U.S. Marshal’s in regions around the country

    The mix of people bring all kinds of knowledge, experience, etc to these groups. Also, it would take a burden off the locals, especially ones, where the local agency has some ghosts in their closet that might not want exposed. This is where I would like the federal agents to step in. But, the FBI has been busy investigating some disinformation they got from Val’s old friends in the KGB, or whatever name they use.

  259. Tenley says:

    Hi Patrick, (previous commenter) thanks for the reply and the background information. Yes, I believe the daughter as well. Her comment sounded very credible, and your added information further backs that up. I looked her up on Facebook shortly after she left that comment, but it looked like she hadn’t been active in a few years and I was hesitant to reach out regardless.

    I really want more information on this guy. Too bad Jody isn’t responding either. At least we have more information than before.

    • Patrick says:

      The question I would like to ask the daughter is this. What tie might Barnes have had to the Davis family. I know he was living in Chicago, but was apparently in Sioux City the week of the crime. Where would he have stayed. According to the 1955 Directory, there was another Barnes who lived about 5 blocks from the crime scene. Even if he was staying there, he would’ve had to have had a connection to the Davis family. The timeline on the crime is just too short (less than 10 minutes). He would’ve had to have known what time she was put to bed, and had to almost be already by the window at that time. I’m not yet ready to name Barnes as the killer, but coming back to Sioux City and living in the same exact home? It sounds like the criminal returning to the scene of the crime.

      • Tenley says:

        Well she wrote in her comment that her father was visiting his brother and driving his brother’s car during the time he was in town. Apparently his brother was away serving in the military. And as far as how he knew what room Donna Sue would be in? I would not doubt that he was a Peeping Tom, and was well aware she had a crib in that room.

        • Patrick says:

          I know the Barnes 5 blocks from the scene was not a brother. I have read the obit for Charles. Thought he might have been staying there, and borrowed the car of the brother who was away in the Navy. I don’t think this guy was a Peeping Tom. Those kind of people rarely act out. Not sure how much research you have done, but you most certainly have interest. Let me know if you would like to discuss in depth some time. My interest in the case came as a result of growing up about 4 blocks away, and my mom bringing it up from time to time. I have many different theories. A classic “who dun it”, and I would love to see the case solved.

          • Patrick Kerrigan says:

            I agree with the comments in the last couple of days. We have been dealing with the comments from Mr. Barnes daughter about his involvement in the kidnapping and murder if the baby. He is from Sioux City, and was visiting family when the baby was taken. He supposedly was using a car belonging to his brother in the Navy. However, we have no information on his brothers car. We also don’t have any registration information on the vehicle mentioned in the known details.

            So, all we have to go on is the information provided by his daughter. However, there are some situations where the offender, will return to the scene, or visit the place where the victim is buried. Some of them have even kept an article of clothing from the victim, to keep the memory of the crime.

            Many years ago, I was involved in the use of video surveillance for law enforcement. The scenario was to video tape a fictional burial of the victim, with the chance that the offender would show up. We actually travelled to a Catholic Cemetery in the Westrrn suburbs of Chicago. The area for are mock burial was where members if the Capone family were buried. The other interesting part, was that several of his competitors are also buried in the same cemetery.

            So, we have more unanswered questions. But, purchasing the home points is suspicious enough to warrant more research to fill in the blanks. But how do we or investigators determine that the car that supposedly belonged to his brother matches the description of the possible vehicle used. Also, why target this baby. He comes home to visit, and supposedly decides to kidnap some baby. How does he know the baby even exists and where she was sleeping. Also, what do we know about his time in Chicago. Where did they live, work, or even why he or the family move from Sioux City. He could have connections to some unsolved cases in the Chicago area.

            • Patrick says:

              Barnes was a foreman with the Schwann Bike company in Chicago. If Barnes was in fact questioned by the FBI, and was given a polygraph 3 times as his daughter has stated, then he surely had some connection to the Davis family. The question remains, what was the connection? Something lead them to question him in Chicago. The one thing that completely puzzles me right now is that Jody Ewing has not entered this conversation. This is her Web Site, and she has spent many hours pursuing answers. I personally don’t think Jody believes it was Barnes who did the crime, although she believes she knows who did. My only question for Jody Ewing right now would be to ask if she has interviewed Barne’s daughter.

              • Tenley says:

                Ok, you have obviously done significant research on this case. I too am wondering why Jody isn’t involved anymore. I think it’s Barnes. I read his obituary too. It’s the only information I could find on him. Granted, I only think it’s him based on his daughter’s comment and his link to Sioux City.

                I think he can be a Peeping Tom AND a pedophile. Maybe he saw the child out with the family and followed them home, then waited to find out where Donna Sue slept? He doesn’t have to have a prior link to the family.

                Of course it could be someone else. I too would like to have a conversation with the daughter.

                • Patrick says:

                  Tenley ….. I hope you continue your interest in this case, and continue to pursue answers. I don’t want to speak for Jody, but I believe her involvement waned once she figured she had it solved. I will continue to investigate until I have an answer that I am comfortable with. Might be next week, next year, or maybe never. In my mind, the case is still unsolved, so I’ll keep digging. Best of luck to you!🍀

                  • Jody Ewing says:

                    Patrick, I really enjoyed speaking with you today on the phone! After our conversation, I’m sure you’ll agree that my interest in the Donna Sue Davis case has never waned. Quite the opposite, in fact. :-)

                    And I apologize for not actively participating in this conversation over the past several days; things are moving quickly on some other cases and I’ve needed to stay focused.

              • AC says:

                Barnes was a close relative and was a very sick man. His obit leaves out a long history of him.

                • Tenley says:

                  AC, please continue with your comment that Barnes was a very sick man. I’m very interested in learning more. Thank you.

                  • Aac says:

                    I am his granddaughter.

                  • aac says:

                    I’d be happy to connect off this forum. I lived with him until his death. I would do anything to help solve this if it was Charles. Also keep in mind, there have been three generations of Charles Barnes that have passed. My grandfather died in 1994.

                  • aac says:

                    Apologies, four generations. I forget one that passed before my birth.

                    • Tenley says:

                      AAC, thanks for replying. So what are your thoughts on him perpetrating this crime? The rest of your family? What did/do they think?

  260. leiking says:

    it is sad short story .may the eldly one rest in peace without any worries of overcharge of sth else

  261. Debra says:

    I was just watching Dr.Oz and seen a story about a beautiful young girl in Ohio Siera that was murderd in 2016 they found the serial killer to me he looks as if he could fit the description of the guy on the tracks with these two little girls that one of the girls filmed. Please take a look at this Doctoroz.crimeHunters. It’s better to say something than nothing at all. Prayers for these families.

  262. MikeD says:

    The article title says David Leon Redowl Sr, which is correct. The last paragraph says David Leon Redowl Jr. It looks like his son David Leon Redowl Jr was born on May 17, 1994 and died on November 21, 2015. He he had his own son as well who is David Red Owl III.

  263. keith wolf says:


  264. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I was rereading all the comments posted here especially the one from Jodyin 2016. I have been reading more this child & human trafficking recently. This includes material posted on a blog on NCMEC website. Also, some articles on recent arrests by the FBI of a individual from Indiana.

    He was running a non-profit organization for Orphansbin Ukraine. The Dept of Homeland Security, and ICE assisted. They searched him upon his return f rut pm Ukraine and found computer devices with child pornography on them. He also sent a note to his son, that was intercepted, telling him to check above the ceiling of the laundry room, for another computer drive that had more images on them.

    The newest thing is Sexploiation. In which young kids are threatened to keep posting sexually explicit images or videos or else. One teenage male victim committed suicide. Another offenders threat forced police in Plainfield, Indiana to shut down schools and stores there.

    So, it’s still a problem, and it’s getting worse. So, we need to protect children, by being aware of what they are doing online. More information is available from the FBI and NCEMC. Make sure your local schools are alert of this. At my local Catholic church a FBI Special Agent, and three investigators from the Chicago Police Dept., DC did a program for the students, and then a program for parents. The attendance was small, and I was the only man, with t hff e exception of the church pastor. I don’t have kids.

    I am a former detective with the federal government, and try to keep up with what is going on in law enforcement, forensics. One of my duties, was giving crime prevention talks at a VA Hospital. So, I am big on reading and researching. It’s also important, because I have some beautiful great grandkids, that I want to protect. So be on alert and aware.

  265. Meme says:

    With all the info the was verified on the Johnny Gosch case, it is hard to believe that more info on Eugene’s case is not made available. Sam Soda actually told Noreen Gosch in June 1984 that another paperboy was going to turn up missing in the 2nd week of August 1984. This was relayed to local and federal authorities who did nothing at all. This info was verified by so many people and documented by the same. After Eugene went missing, it is clear that this was an organized kidnapping that was planned for months. This is no conspiracy theory, just do the research for yourselves and make your own conclusion. I hope they find this poor boy and give some closure to his family.

  266. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    in regards to the last comment on this case. It could be a number of reasons why they have not done anything. We talk about forensics, however how we preserve evidence compared to the early 1950’s, could be a factor. Is there any useable material for DNA testing, maybe not.

    We have the statement from Mr. Barnes daughter, which too me sounds very good, and makes think he most likely did it. However, investigators need to check and see if they can match what she said with the known details. This means checking records to verify that he was from Sioux City. So is their records to back up her claims. Is their DMV records to show that the vehicle he was supposedly registered to a family member. I don’t what the requirements are in regards to records in Ioea. Is there property records that show him buying the building.

    So all this has to be put together and then presented to a prosecutor. He or she has to review them and decide yes this meet the standards that they would require to prosecute the case in court if the kidnapping took place recently and not over 60 some years ago.

    In regards to records, the federal government has records that are stored in the National Archives. They have regional document centers.

    • Patrick says:

      I have verified through Sioux City directories from the early ‘60’s that Charles Barnes did in fact reside at the 715 Isabella address. This seems very suspect to me, and gives credibility to his daughters story. I have researched this horrific case for years, but have no concrete evidence. I would love to sit down and talk with his daughter. Also, I have reached out to Jody Ewing several times via email, but have yet to received a reply. I still believe someone out there knows for certain who did this.

      • Patrick Kerrigan says:

        Patrick, I would to hear her story also. The problem is that law enforcement and definitely a prosecutor should be doing the interview. However, it appears that a number of law enforcement agencies don’t to spend the time or money to deal a case this old. Some of them may have replaced or lost the original case file, and may not even have the evidence.

        In Chicago, there is the case of the Grimes sisters who disappeared after leaving a Southside movie theater in the 1950,’s. A number if years ago, a retired investigator held a talk in a park near where they lived. A woman came forward that was with them the night they disappeared. She never said anything to anyone about it. Her mother would have killed her. So he referred her to Chicago Police Cold Case detectives. We heard nothing since.

        However, we had a wealthy older woman, connected to the Brach Candy company. She disappeared after visiting the Mayo Clinic. A number of years later an informant for an ATF agent called him and gave him a tip that lead to an arrest in the disappearance and murder of three boys The Peterson and Schuesller. That led to an arrest and conviction over 40 years later.

        In McLennan County, Texas, they established a Cold Caae Unit, they recently announced that a deceased man, was responsible fir6the kidnapping and murder of a teenager walking home from a party. The victim’s mother came up with motto “Answering the Unanswered Questions”. Some agencies have used the new forensic tools and investigative resources to finally close they cold cases.

        Here in Chicago they have not spent the resources to determine who killed a number of women of color, who were found deceased. Most of the victims appear to have been working the street to support a drug habit. They were waiting on DNA to identify a suspect. But, there are other things they could be doing.

        The FBI has a program called VICAP. It’s a computerized program to analyze unsolved violent crimes. However, its optional to agencies to enter their cases. It will look at certain information and see that an unsolved violent crime committed in Las Vegas, might be connected to a similar violent crime in Miami, Florida. However, I have heard it’s a very hard program to use especially entering data.

        In Canada, the RCMP has a similar program. However, every law enforcement agency is required to enter their cases. So, there is a lot of issues in solving some of these cold cases. Many of them financial and others are political. We have the example of media reporting on missing people, especially for white people, but less attention to persons of color. I don’t understand that at all. Yet, the major media will rant about racism, and ignore this serious issue of their racism, and alerting their viewers.

      • Jody Ewing says:


        You stated in your message above that you had “researched this horrific case for years,” and alleged you’d “reached out to [me] several times via email” but had yet to receive a reply. I don’t know where you sent these alleged emails about Donna Sue Davis, but I can say with 100% certainty you did not send them to me.

        I have kept every single email I’ve sent or received concerning any Iowa cold case since 2004, and, aside from the recent comments you’ve publicly made here on Donna Sue’s case summary page (and one public comment left on this page on Feb. 25, 2015), you have never contacted me personally about her case. Your last email to me was dated Jan. 13, 2020, and concerned the death of a young woman found murdered in Downers Grove, Illinois, in the 1970s. Prior to that, you’d sent an email Jan. 6, 2020, re the death of the man who raped and strangled 11-year-old Julie Fuller in Fort Worth, TX. No references were made to Donna Sue in either of those emails.

        If you have copies of the emails you say you sent to me (I’m assuming you save yours, too), I would ask that you please resend to me because, for whatever reason, I did not receive them.

        As far as you having researched this case for years, may I ask: Have you spoken with Capt. Lisa Claeys at the Sioux City Police Dept.? Or the chief of police, Rex Mueller? Have you spoken with former police chief Joe Frisbie? Any of the other past/present investigators with the SCPD’s investigative division? Anyone who has done so would know why they can’t just release the name of the (now deceased) primary suspect (nor can I). It would be entirely different if they were able to clear/close the case by exceptional means. Were that to happen, the SCPD would then be able to publicly identify the perpetrator.

        I’m aware of your experience working as a detective for the Veteran’s Administration where you investigated incidents of patients’ missing personal property or government property (and sometimes when a patient would leave the facility and be reported as missing), and you’ve also told readers multiple times (through comments on other victims’ pages) that you served with the Coast Guard Reserve during Desert Shield/Storm in the Persian Gulf and on a US Navy attack submarine during the Cold War and Vietnam era, and for that, I sincerely thank you for your service. I also think you would have made a helluva good homicide detective had you chosen that route.

        There will always be more questions than answers in any murder case (solved or unsolved), but right now, I’m hoping you can find those emails you said you sent and forward them to me with the header info intact that would verify the times and dates sent. You do have my correct email address b/c I did receive those two from January (on the out-of-state cases) and had responded Jan. 12. All best, Jody @ ICC

        • Patrick says:

          Hi Jody …. There is no intent on my part to get off on the wrong foot here. I think you have me confused with someone else for some of the post. The only emails I have ever sent to you were concerning the Davis case. There were no others. Perhaps you have me mixed up with Mr. Kerrigan, whose first name is also Patrick. I did not serve in the Coast Guard, but rather the Marine Corps back in the early ‘70’s. I did send 2 or 3 emails regarding the Davis case, and if I can find them I will resend. If I remember correctly, I was only asking if I could sit down with you some time to discuss the case. I tried recently to get in touch with Lisa, but she is out on an extended leave. She was the only officer I wanted to speak with as I knew she had followed the case so closely. I apologize if there was a misunderstanding, and I would look forward to meeting you if you would choose to do so. I live in Dakota Dunes, SD, so not that far away from you. I realize at the present time, no one really wants to meet anyone due to the virus. I for one really appreciate what you do, as well as your website. My most sincere regards …. Patrick Enright

          • Jody Ewing says:

            Yes, I did indeed mix up the comments between you and the other Patrick. The career and military background I provided was for Patrick Kerrigan. At any rate, there are no hard feelings whatsoever and I fully support and encourage the ongoing conversation here! Many thanks to all of you!

        • Patrick Kerrigan says:

          I have not sent a bunch of emails on this case. I have been commenting on what the other Patrick and others have made in regards to this case. My comments are more in line if suggesting possible reasons why they may not be able to act on the information provided by Mr. Barnes daughter.

          I would be interested in the time frame that Mr. Barnes and family lived in Chicago. Also, where they lived. We had a couple of cases of young boys, the Peterson and Schuesler that were found murdered in a Cook County Forest Preserve. Over 40 years later an arrest was made, and the alleged offender was convicted. However, we also the Grimes sisters from December 28, 1956, who disappeared after seeing a Elvis movie. They were found dead, in a ditch along a road in suburban DuPage County.

          I would think that investigators would love to be able to close this case. However, can they independently verify the information provided by Mr. Barnes daughter. This is important, when they decide to provide it to a prosecutor. Are their any DMV records stored somewhere that would show that his brother had a car, that matches the vehicle described.

          Also for the other Patrick. I also served in the U.S. Navy, Navy Reserve, Army Reserve, prior to the Coast Guard Reserve. I want thank him for his service in the U.S.M.C.

          • Patrick says:

            I think it’s all good now Patrick. Jody just got confused seeing 2 Patrick’s posting, and thinking it was one, and we both got lumped together. No big deal. Thank you for your service as well.👍

            • Patrick Kerrigan says:

              That’s the problem, we look alike and use the 1st name. Also, some commentors sort of seem to think that it is Jody’s job is to take some of are comments, assumptions on these cases and go to the investigative agency and pass along what we think is the bad guy or gal.

              One of the things about Mr. Barnes, that threw me for a loop, was a genealogy website indicated that he had two brothers, both now deceased. Well, I found an obituary for his mother in the Sioux City newspaper. It mentions she was survived by five sons and one daughter. The two known brothers Jerry and Darrell Barnes, were born in 1941 and 1943 respectively making them too young to have been in the Navy, when Donna was abducted and murdered.

              What, I would like to know is where he lived in Chicago. However, he was back in Sioux City, by the time his mother died in February 1983. I was looking at a couple of other unsolved disappearances and murders in Chicago, in the 1950’s and 1960’s. I found that the Schwinn Factory was located on the 1700 block of North Kildare. This is on the near northwest side of the city. Also, when did they move to Chicago.

              The other question is what supposedly led to him to start molesting children. I don’t know if it is learned behavior.

              • Patrick says:

                I’m not a psychiatrist, but as far as everything I’ve read over time, pedophiles just are what they are. Some of the other questions regarding Barnes could most likely be answered by his daughter. You should be able to access Chicago directories through the Chicago library system. I believe the family moved back to Sioux City around 1962.

                • Patrick Kerrigan says:

                  Patrick, the libraries are closed down. I am used to digging through various databases in my south suburban community. They have some interesting databases to play with. My only problem is they got rid of some I used. But, they had no way to track if they were being used, or advertising that they had these various databases. I stumbled upon a link to a Chicago Genealogy Group, from there was a link to various stories on the Chicago Mob, during Capone’s time. One article was about a coroner’s panel investigating the Valentines Day Massacre. It went to show that a couple of wealthy businessmen spent money to bring in a Dr. Goddard, to review the crime scene. He determined that two Thompson machines guns, one with a straight 20 round magazine and a 50 round drum magazine were used. This Dr. Goddard is sort of considered the Father of Ballistics. He established a crime lab and conducted training in Chicago. One of his attendees came from the FBI and he pushed J Edgar Hoover to establish their crime lab.

        • Tenley says:

          Jody, Could you please state the reason the name cannot be
          released? The wording is a bit off, I understand you will not
          release a name, but perhaps tell us why? Thank you.

  267. A. Haverkamp says:

    This case came to my attention as I was reading about Corrine Perry’s and Colleen Simpson’s cases. It is appalling to me that Robert A Rolfe, past Union County Attorney and attorney in Lamoni, Iowa, has an active law license, but it appears he has failed to come forth on this case. In addition, it appears that Jule A Sturzenegger Loy Gray continues to reside in the Des Moines/Ankeny area. Apparently Imogene Loy Ransier Kelly passed away November 2018? Was an obituary every found for her? Is this case being actively worked by the DCI or a cold case unit? It has been 5 years since the 2015 push on this case, the parties to the case are entering their elderly years with two being deceased, and it has been 47 years since Ms. Konecne was allegedly murdered. What can be done to push this case forward so that the truth can be brought to light? Ms. Konecne’s parents and brother are deceased but she has nieces and nephews that deserve the truth as to her demise. Thank you.

  268. Tenley says:

    Ok, so a commenter tells us a suspect, then that suspects daughter comments that yes, she believes her father Charles K. Barnes did indeed do this horrific crime. My question is why hasn’t Jody come back to verify or deny? She knows who it is. The police know who it is, or have a very strong case. Reading the daughters comment, I believe her.

  269. Adam Kimball 2 says:

    I’m still on the case. -Adam Kimball 2

    • Stay Strong, Fight For Justice says:

      I’m very sorry for you loss. She seemed like a great young lady with a bright future.

      If you feel comfortable answering, do you have any reason to believe this was anything beyond a tragic accident?

    • Sam says:

      And you better never give up either. If you want to reach out, send me an email I’m a death investigator.

  270. Danelle Pleas says:

    Lybarger was living with his mother in Council Bluffs in 1985/1986 time frame. Some family members still believe he’s guilty of the crime.

  271. Laura says:

    Do you have any updates on him?

    • Neil says:

      I have one. After I watched a YouTube video about someone going inside an abandoned party house, I looked at the calendar in the house that said March 1999, with the day 16 circled. So, I believe he might have planned to leave that day if he lived in that house/location.

  272. MikeD says:

    Today is Erin’s 34th birthday. I’m another person who knew Curtis Padgett from school and I don’t really have anything good to say about him. I don’t really remember seeing him around in high school so I think he dropped out or transferred to Metro High School. He wasn’t a good student. I’m not saying he did anything to Erin, but I wouldn’t trust his story.

  273. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Kimber, I have lived in Chicago and now in one of the suburbs. I never heard of her case. At the time she disappeared I was in the U.S. Navy home ported in Connecticut. I have researched missing persons on the Chicago Tribune archives, but don’t remember seeing her name.

    If it is her dumping her body in the Mississippi River, is along way from Chicagi. Also, I wonder what was going on at Harlan High School, in July 1973. I would assume that the schools were closed for summer vacation. Also, she would have been still in grammar school at 12 years old.

    The other problem is that missing kids at that time normally did not get a lot of attention. However, certain street gangs were prevalent at the time. However, they did not get a lot of attention in the media, until a number of years later.

  274. chad lynch norfolk va says:

    HINRICHS/LEONARD CASES Same guy Both bars late at night Less than a mile apart Less than 10 months apart Both robbery/homicide I think guy was patron at both bars Maybe somebody knows these questions 1 Why does he shoot LEONARD but not the witness he confronts 2 no witness composite sketch 3 Why does HINRICHS mother think she knew her killer ?

  275. MikeD says:

    “Some of the older deputies who were around then said maybe somebody out of Chicago or Milwaukee had a pregnant girlfriend and got rid of her. We might never know,”

    That just rubs me the wrong way. It’s still kind of the same situation in Eastern Iowa. If a crime happens and someone black is involved, the authorities just assume it’s Chicago related. It’s not just the authorities, a lot of the public thinks that too.

    That being said, Kimber’s mention of Shirley Magee is still very interesting.

  276. Kimber says:

    I believe the female was Shirley Magee from Chicago, IL. I do not know if the authorities ruled her out but she matches, height, weight description, and although decomp made age difficult, she does does fall within the range given by the examiner. She went missing in 1973, but in the 70’s it wouldn’t have been hard to leave a possible bad environment with a guy that showed interest in a young lady.

  277. Sarah says:

    I’m a medium. I get a lot of clairaudient messages. I don’t know Jesse. For some reason I keep getting the message that the answer is in his phone and that he was there to meet someone he was talking to on an app., a woman I think. She was not there for what he thought she was and someone else took him out of the truck. This is just the message that I’m getting. I felt a strong need to share it with you. I hope this does not offend anyone. I hope that he is found safe.

  278. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Andrea, thanks for the information. It then begs the question of his ethnic background. Also, might that led to his disappearance.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Patrick and andreadole2, I have updated what other little information I could find for this missing person. The Iowa Department of Public Safety’s “Missing Person Information Clearinghouse” page lists the basic known facts about each individual’s disappearance, and slightly more information is shared with for the listing on that respective website.

      Here at the Iowa Cold Cases website (an Iowa nonprofit organization), our goal is to provide names of homicide victims whose cases have not yet been solved, as well as provide information about persons who went missing under suspicious or mysterious circumstances. The data we provide in each case summary is based on a number of factors, including that which law enforcement agencies have chosen to make public, information shared with us by victims’ family members via emails or phone conversations, and any other additional details we find through published news stories and/or news archives.

      We find comments like those from andreadole2 quite helpful, and are appreciative that they took the time to help us add to the person’s story. We want our readers to get to know the person behind the name because people care about those with whom they can identify. It’s a fluid process and it takes time. Information comes from unexpected places at unexpected times, and it’s far more productive when it focuses on the victim’s background and/or the reader’s knowledge or shared experiences with them.

      So often, we’re asked questions we can’t possibly answer. There is often a reason investigators “must” hold specific and/or critical details close to the vest; seasoned detectives fully understand this concept and how it might compromise an ongoing investigation. Other times, they simply don’t know b/c witnesses fear retaliation if they speak out. It’s an unfortunate but ongoing conundrum.

      We do the best we can with whatever information is provided to us, and we never purposely write case summaries to include as little info as possible.

      Jody at ICC

  279. andreadole2 says:

    Also, his real name is Adexe, not Jesse.

  280. andreadole2 says:

    The police and state don’t take good notes and seem to be unable to reason. This man’s surname is Nimaja Pol, not Nimagajapol.

  281. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Steven, I agree that matchbook might have been connected to a business in Ohio. I would think that if his remains had been found closer to Interstate 80, then maybe I might agree that he was heading towards California. But, he was way north of 80, unless he liked taking a round about to California.

    I wonder if something else not released might have led them to assume he was headed to California.

    • Teresa says:

      what business in ohio, it does not state, he looks alot like Leon Moncer to me and he looks like this clay model

  282. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Mike, it appears that maybe some piece of clothing or maybe the matchbook, could have provided them to assume that he might be headed to California from Ohio
    The use of the term may, to means they assumed something
    Since, we don’t have the case report to see what gave them the idea he was headed to California.

    I might agree with the assumption, if he was found close to or near Interstate 80. He was off the beaten track. What bugs me that he appears not to have been reported missing. But then I was thinking about “The Buckskin Girl, that was found in Ohio, a number of years ago. She was finally identified through DNA Genealogy. Her mother never reported her missing.

    However, I was a police officer and detective, we would use the term, appears, especially describing an item. I worked on a number of reports in a VA hospital involving missing patient’s property. A patient would say they had a gold watch. I would check the inventory sheets from his E.R. admission and what the nurses wrote up on a form, when the patient got to the ward. It used to bug me that the nurses would use the words gold or whatever color watch or ring it was.

    That was one of my pet peeves. I had more issues on how they handled patient property when the patient went to surgery or was transferred to another unit. I was big on digging through medical records looking for answers to the questions I had.

    I have a few stories from two different VA hospitals that I worked at.

  283. Eddie Hickman says:

    I contacted the police about someone that I believe to be missing and they only called the person. I believe she is being held against her will and the people holding her has her phone what should I do now

    • Barb says:

      Call in a welfare check- I believe the usual is for them to physically check on the person. Wouldn’t hurt.

  284. Allie says:

    I know this sounds awful, but if the baby was sleeping in the room with the mom… she saw the fire started there, she left the baby and alerted the others…

    At 15 days, she’s probably feeling the baby blues or early onset of post-partum depression. I would look into her.

  285. Jim F. says:

    April 2, 2020. A local restaurant owner was arrested on sex abuse charges Wednesday.

    Hershal James “Jim” Ratliff, 69, of Council Bluffs, is charged with four counts of sexual abuse in the third degree, one count of lascivious acts with a minor, one count of soliciting commercial sexual activity and one count indecent exposure, according to a press release from the Council Bluffs Police Department.

    Ratliff is the owner of Jimmy’s All-American Malt Shop & Grill in Council Bluffs.

  286. JAKE says:

    It’s almost April 2020 and no leads; no arrests; no justice; no nothing!
    I remember hearing about this and thinking it must have been someone out of state. I couldn’t remember any other robberies / home invasions / murders that happened before or after this incident. The person or persons who done it had to be watching them for a while. I bet he even made, at least, 1 visit to the home to scope it out. I don’t know, but now it’s been 8-9 years later — does the DCI have any better possibilities?
    I remember the video of the guy getting out of the stolen truck in Kansas City. Ok, did they check for ANY DNA? Did they find anything?? This makes me think there was more than 1 person involved. How did the guy get to their house? If they met at this Stuart Auction – any close surveillance cameras? Showing video of Bill & Kay’s vehicle with the same vehicle (suspicious) behind them?
    It’s just so hard for me to believe that the DCI has no leads or any new news in the past several years.
    I feel sorry for that family. I can’t even imagine. I hope the DCI is speaking with them every once in a while — even just to say they have no new leads; does anyone have anything new to share that they remember; or simply how are you guys doing? Would be a nice gesture that they care and are still actively pursuing this case.
    I hope to turn on the news one day, and this mystery is found to be solved.

    • Tornado_Jay_Tee07 says:

      I am sure this case is listed everywhere – but I am going to make sure it’s listed everywhere! My goodness…The DCI….. **SIGH**

      Tornado_Jay_Tee07 or JAKE

    • Cheryl says:

      Just saw 48 hours and the case of Isreal Reyes. Someone like this would explain why there have been no leads. This murderer committed suicide before they could identify all the people he killed. He had no pattern.

  287. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I took another look at the disappearance of Mr. Doerring. I mentions that he was depressed over the death of his son Peter. It did not mention how depressed he was. It made me think of another missing person case out of New Jersey from sometime in 1994.

    A Renee LaManna, 35, fled from her sisters place in Ocean City. It appears she had a serious mental health breakdown, that her sister called ‘Dissociative Fugue Disorder’. As usual my reaction was the heck is that. It’s a sub type of amnesia, where a person under severe depression, PTSD, marital discord, or a death in the family may trigger this condition.

    It appears that this condition causes the person to completely forget, their personal history, to include name, age, and other identifying information and flee the source of pain of sorts. Some of people have many miles away from their home. The first documented case in the U.S. was an Ansel Bourne in 1880,’s. The last name Bourne my seem familiar from some books and movies. They quite often assume a new name.

    The condition is considered rare, but some medical research papers written seem to believe there are more cases then they are aware of. There are two individuals I came across where the missing person has had two or more episodes of this condition. One of them was a Hannah Upp.

    A journalist from Tacoma, Washington disappeared a number of years ago. She was found in a shopping mall in Aurora, Colorado, confused and disoriented. She was admitted for treatment and was discharged using a new name. She took some college classes, and then moved to Alaska. She got married to a fisherman, and had two kids.

    About 12 years after she disappeared the Tacoma, classified her disappearance as a Homicide. When, the story appeared on the news, someone in As Alaska suggested that tut ge Tacoma Police check out this woman. Well, they went to Alaska, and took pictures and confirmed it was her. They should the pictures to her parents. They asked who the guy and the kids were. They now had a son-in-law, and two grandkids. They came to a family reunion and she did not recognize her family.

    I have wondered if one of the experts in this could develop a profile of some of these missing persons might have developed this condition. I have come across a few cases where people, with some recent deaths in the family, or there are reports that the missing person was acting strangely or made bizarre comments on social media, might have developed this condition.

    I commented previously, that there was no mention of any property in his vehicle. I would assume that his residence was checked. But, it’s not mentioned in was is available.

    P.S. I am not an expert on this condition, but have come across some interesting articles especially one on Hannah Upp. The last time she disappeared on a Caribbean Island, she has not been found.

  288. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Mike, your comments are spot on, in regards to the DNA. However, the cost is a factor. I would assume that they would get a court order to exhume the remains. Then if approved the cost to dig him up and take the necessary samples.

    The other thing is that they could have sent the remains to the FBI lab in Washington. Where they would be logged in to their evidence system. Then they would taken across the street to the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History. There a forensic anthropologist would do a sort of autopsy, and possibly make some determinations.

    I came across an excellent book from 1992, about this by one of their people who trsined6under the guy who established the Body Farm. They have been doing this since the1930,s.

    However, it goes back to the financial costs.

    • Steven says:

      Unless the Iowa State Medical Examiner took DNA at the autopsy, there is no way to identify this person. Per the funeral home, the body was cremated and the remains were returned to Decorah for burial. The county provided a lot for the ashes, the funeral home placed a temporary marker: “Unknown” for the name, and “XXX-1986”. The autopsy determined he had been dead about a year when he was discovered, but since he was discovered in 1986 they used that date.

  289. MikeD says:

    Almost 35 years since this man’s estimated date of death. I wonder if there is any DNA available from his remains that could be added to a genealogy database just to see if there are any hits.

    I’ve always wondered what evidence there was that indicated to investigators that he may have been traveling from Ohio to California. How could that hurt the investigation if their reason was made public? Winneshiek county is pretty far from any major interstates where one would have attempted to hitchhike from if they were traveling across the country. Between hay bales would have been a good place to hide or sort of have shelter during the cold. I wish there was an address or GPS coordinates of the area where he was found. I’m wonder how far way from a highway he was. There are only a handful of highways in that county. Looking at weather in that area in April of 1985 I can see there were a number of days where it would have been below freezing. He may have succumbed to the elements.

    • Steven says:

      The pole barn he was found in is still on the farm. It is less than 100 yards off the west side of the Locust Road (W38), approximately 13 miles north of Decorah. On a related note, while doing family research photography in the Freeport Cemetery just outside Decorah today, I came across his grave. It has no marker other than the place keeper provided by the funeral home.

      • MIkeD says:

        He was found between hay bales inside a barn? I just always assumed he was found between hay bales left outside. You commonly see hay bales lined up on properties or on the edge of fields. Again, it’s just so out of the way for anyone bumming or hitchhiking to across the country. There also doesn’t seem to be any rails really in the area. That kind of rules out the common situation where it was someone who was riding the rails and decided to get off in that area to get supplies. I think many years ago when Iowa had a dedicated page for the unidentified they have more pictures available for this man. I think he had an old-school shaving kit and maybe the matchbook was what gave them the Ohio clue.

        • Steven says:

          It was an open pole barn, not a traditional enclosed 4 sided barn. Think of a really large carport, with round bales instead of vehicles.

  290. anon says:

    This link is to a civil complaint (lawsuit pleadings) filed by her former husband.
    Fascinating read and gives some idea of who his cronies were and waht they were capable of.

  291. Angela says:

    Kimberly is my cousin and her mother and the rest of the family think about her every day we have thought of and tried so me different theories of wat could have happened to her so if u people have any suggestions we r open to hear them

  292. Katelyn Baker says:

    I think its all bullshit if someone dies they died for a good reason. some people are lucky to die when they can to get out of the shitty place call life.

  293. Paul Anderson says:

    The police probably know to a certainty who committed the homicide of Tom Mathers but they don’t have the proof to take to the prosecutor they’re probably afraid it’ll get thrown out on a technicality or aquitted by a jury. The police like everyone else probably to a certainty don’t believe her story but like I said don’t have the proof and Hope they solve it someday.

  294. JP Miller says:

    I hope just commenting, here or anywhere, can trigger a new look. Stabbing sounds too personal to be just a robber. Mary was still a student. I think her husband was working at a UPS shipping center but part time. 24xx University is generally low cost housing for students. I don’t think I buy the robber hypothesis. I don’t think they had much to steal. What tool was used to cut the line? Why bother to cut it? Was it a line outside the house and the perpetrator wanted to prevent her from calling for help? Was the line inside the house and the perpetrator had some other purpose? If robbery was suspected were any things taken? If not was the perpetrator scared off? Then why take the time to cut the line? If something was taken what steps were taken to find or recover items? In a complex of so many duplexes was no one home who might have seen or heard someone or something? A lot of questions were asked about possible extra marital relationships on Mary’s part. Were those thoroughly explored? I heard the husband’s alibi checked out. But did he have some untoward relationship that led to a jealous girlfriend? If I can think up these kinds of questions can the police assure us they have chased down all the answers?

    If I saw the evidence I am sure I could think up a hundred more questions some of which may not be answered yet. I’d like to keep this going.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      JP, I agree with your comments. I have come across cold cases, that were solved many years later, because fresh eyes came names of people who were never interviewed or something not followed up on. In the last couple of months, a recent newpaper aticle about the kidnapping of Teekah Lewis from a bowling alley in the State of Washington. A new detective came across two different witnesses, one who ran into the guy, who took Teekah, while.beading for the washroom. The.second saw the same a few nights later, when they recreated the situation, to.generate some leads.

      Two different witnesses both described a M/W, with a pock marked face. Also, there is description of the vehicle he used. It appears that some of this information may not have been released to the public to identify the kidnapper. Here, it is twenty some years later that the authorities dropped the ball.

  295. sue says:

    back then face book had a app to track friends . did he share this app with friends family ?

  296. Mallory Kay Schloss says:

    Hey. I’m Alice’s great-niece. This was my Grandmas best friend and the case was never closed. I believe she deserves some sort of justice. Whether if we can bury her or not. We got the day she went missing out on her headstone some amount of years ago. I want to see my grandmother have some type of closure over her sister. Who can help me??

  297. nelsonzon says:

    Please take notice of the following Facebook post. They look so similar.

    • Stay Strong, Fight for Justce says:

      There is a resemblance however Kimberly Doss was alive and last seen approximately two years (per info above) after the poor girl was found in Texas that you linked.

      Nice thought though (being sincere).

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      The Jane Doe, was found in 1980. Kimberly disappeared in September 1982. Thanks for your research. The problem I have is the lack of details on many of these cases. What do we know about her family situation.

    • Sadie Belle says:

      There are discrepancies with the date she actually disappeared. She is reported to have been missing as early as March 24, 1980, by family members. The 1980’s were a different time and missing children cases were handled far differently than they are today. Her mother lived in Texas at the time and her father in Davenport. I don’t think the Walker County Doe can be ruled out so easily. There is a possibility and without a DNA comparison to the family members to say one way or the other, it’s important she be considered

  298. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    The questions was weather the bonds were ever cashed. Also, who knew about the bonds? Maybe her ex-husband, his or her attorney. Maybe even family members. The other question is weather the Postal Inspectors were ever involved in her case. They could have provided extra help in the investigation. They have been involved in the disappearance of a mail carrier here in Chicago, along with the Chicago Police Department.

    • Mary says:

      The bonds were bearer bonds and were transferred two months after she was found none of the family was involved in her death including her ex

      • Patrick Kerrigan says:

        Mary, I noticed that the bonds were missing from a safety deposit box. So, there should have been records of who was authorized to enter the box at the bank. I would assume the bank, required whoever’s removed them would possess the keys and have to register in a logbook of sorts.

        Also, who knew about these bonds. It would be a motive for her murder. I would assume there were serial numbers. Also, where were they purchased.

  299. Bonnie Cleveland says:

    Please contact me. I am Dennis’s cousin. Betty and Harlon were my great Aunt and Uncle.

  300. tina M carroll says:

    The story about how Reed killed him, where did that come from? Why was Reed not convicted?

  301. Gay appelhans says:

    Thinking of you today sweet boy praying for justice

  302. Virginia Terrien says:

    Still missing you, always missing you.

  303. Karen says:

    Article said mental and physical disabilities. Specifically what were his disabilities. Would he have been capable of planning his own disappearance?

  304. Al Karalius says:

    This isn’t a cold case any longer. A year to two years after his disappearance, a farmer’s dog brought a bone home. The farmer thought it looked human and called the Winnebago county sheriff. The sheriff had the bone examined and it turned out to be human. The sheriff’s deputies followed the farmer’s dog, that lead them to a skeleton along part of the Winnebago River bank. Dental remains came back as the missing man Brian Blachut

  305. Jerris Davis Sr says:

    My mfn dawg aww man cuzzz this shit just made me cry man Rest Up 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  306. Jennifer marie Needham says:

    a lot of people think his wife had something to do with it. he had a pretty hefty insurance policy and right after he passed she was out getting her nails done im sorry but if someone just loses a spouse theyre supposed to love like they said they shouldnt have been out doing that they should have been greieving. and it was awful suspicious that she got remarried not too long after his death to the man she was seeing behind Kevin’s back. its so sad that his son was on the crew that answered the call to the river that day. i could not imagine the feelings or thoughts going thru his sons head when he realized it was his dad.RIP Kevin

    • Mike Pauzed says:

      Before you post you should know your facts !
      Yes it is a great loss .
      Never believe what you hear . As i know the family rather well and I believe if you know them you wouldn’t say things like this on social media.

    • Stay Strong says:

      The articles regarding her fraudulent criminal activity linked below certainly lends credence to your claim that widow Mary was morally compromised and may have been involved Jennifer.

    • Daniel Morse says:

      As his son, I can tell you not only are you so off base with your comments,you should be ashamed of yourself. Your insensitive, baseless comment that is only meant to take a cheap shot behind your little computer screen. Glad that when my children, who never got to meet there grandfather look this up some day they can see how horrible and nasty internet trolls are.

      • Renee Harmon says:


        I am so sorry you lost your father and also sorry that years later you are exposed to reading about his passing and what other’s suspect happened. From an outsider’s perspective, it is always “interesting” to consider all the angles of a story, however, I think we often forget that there are many loved ones who are still impacted and feel the hurt of the loss. I wish you peace and love and hope your father’s case will be solved. From what I read, he sounds like an amazing man who was a positive light in this world. Take care.

  307. Gail Lewis says:

    I lived on the next street over she was always sun bathing and her little brother would play outside:/. I was very young about 10 years old:(

  308. Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

    GUILTY!!! – of premeditated murder in the first degree. Mandatory life in prison without the possibility of parole. Held without bond until formal sentencing in 6 weeks. He’ll never see the light of day again.

    Jury was out only 3-4 hours.

    • MikeD says:

      I’m happy her family finally has closure. His attack appears to have been random, or at least he had a type. With his mention of Jodi Huisentruit during questioning I think it would be worth it for Jodi’s investigators to look into Jerry Burns a little. Did he own a white van in 1995? Did his work ever take him to Mason City? Manchester where he lived is only a 2 hour drive to Mason City where Jodi was abducted. Jodi did work for KGAN prior to moving to Mason City and that station has Manchester in it’s viewing area. Just something to think about.

      • Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

        Agreed, definitely worth looking into. I think he mentioned her twice – initial interview and in the transport video but I may not be remembering that correctly.

        I too am very happy for her sister especially, the only of the immediate family left.

  309. Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

    At the risk of being totally obnoxious posting about this trial; the prosecution rested this morning. The defense offered the customary request to acquit / dismiss the case based on the prosecution did not prove their case. The judge of course denied that request.

    The prosecution has done a masterful job of establishing the type of person Michelle was, the integrity of the chain of evidence custody, the pathology of the fatal wounds, the DNA content/process/integrity/results, and the integrity of the arrest and suspicious comments & behavior of Jerry Burns during questioning/arrest/transport to the jail/jail cell activity.

    1 in 100 billion (22.7 times the world population in 1979, the time of the crime) were the DNA results matching Jerry Burns to blood on Michelle’s dress.

    He’s toast.

    • MikeD says:

      I understand the defense’s strategy, but I don’t like it. They have focused on evidence potentially being damaged during the flood of 2008, even though the the DNA was tested and profiled multiple times prior to the flood. Also they have focused on the idea of secondary DNA transfer as being something that can happen. They leave out the parts that point out that secondary DNA transfer is usually from someone else at the scene or by an investigator. It’s not likely that some random guy from Manchester Iowa, with a clean record, is going to have this DNA available in labs or the evidence storage room in order to contaminate not one, but two separate pieces of evidence. Jerry Burns wasn’t one of the investigators. Side note: It’s even more obvious now why the defense didn’t want Jerry’s search engine history as evidence. For those who don’t know, the computer from Jerry’s office had searches for internet porn showing blonde women sexually assaulted and killed. It’s as if he had an itch to scratch right? That being said, I understand why it wasn’t allowed as evidence because apparently on occasion other employees would use his office computer. There was no 100% proof it was him doing the searches even though it connects the dots really well. Anyway, blood DNA on the gear shift and DNA on the dress that matches Jerry Burns. I hope this jury is smart.

      • Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

        I presume Prosecutor Maybanks (who coincidentally went to the same high school as me) will cut through the irrelevant noise that the defense has raised in his closing arguments tomorrow.

        I’m optimistic the jury will do the right thing.

  310. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I would think that someone would have followed up on his comments. However, maybe someone they thought he was trying to bargain for a lower sentence. But, the reference to the theft of M-16 rifles from the Rock Island Arsenal, would be jumped on by the FBI, since it is a federal property. So, they would have ran with that and possibly solved some other crimes.

  311. Robin Henderson says:

    Hopefully Jerry will get at least life without parole and he will decide he has nothing more to lose and spill his guts to someone!

  312. Margaret says:

    Shortly after Brian disappeared Jerry poured a new concrete slab on his farm. Hmm… coincidence…? Now that we know the truth about Jerry I sure hope they look there.

  313. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    In regards to the comments that a possible lead to the family was ignored. Well, all leads need to passed along to law enforcement. They then have to investigate and determine whether it amounts to anything useful.

    There are many cases where law enforcement get hundreds of bits and pieces of information. They all have to be investigated and determined whether its useful or not. Because what happens if they make an arrest and get to court. A good defense attorney, will look at the case files and ask them if they followed up this lead or that lead.

    I used to like watching the Perry Mason programs, because he had his own investigator and would have him out there investigating, versus trying to destroy the prosecutions case, by questioning their investigation. I however used to feel sorry for Hamilton Burger, for the several cases he thought were slam dunks.

  314. keith L. Whitlatch says:

    THis case was solved, but the jury found the killer not guilty.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Keith, thanks so much for your comment. Though it was noted on Sandra Jo’s page that the case was solved, I’ve added the details about Dean Ray Tumey’s acquittal on this page as well as the Cedar County page.

      In instances where cases had been cold for some time before being solved, I keep the case information on the website because readers (as well as researchers) are often interested in how they eventually came to be solved.

      Thank you for your service in law enforcement!

  315. Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

    For those unaware; the trial of Jerry Burns, as the accused in the viscous assault and murder of Michelle Martinko, began with judge, attorneys, and court administration calibration on Mon 2.10.20, jury selection on Tue 2.11.20, and opening remarks and testimony occurring on Wed 2.12.20.

    Testimony began with friends and acquaintances who saw Michelle that night who saw her at a HS school banquet at Sheraton Hotel & Westdale Mall (in close proximity of each other) in Cedar Rapids. Testimony involved establishing Michelle’s high quality character as a person and timeline of her movements that night – especially when she left the mall and later would have met ultimately her demise.

    The second day of testimony established the investigation and evidence collection process & procedures involving accounts from the investigating officers and detectives from the Cedar Rapids Police Department as well as the autopsy results.

    The third day of testimony involved the integrity of the chain of custody and explanation of the DNA processes and findings in this case – including the 1 in 100 billion (there were about 4.4 billion people on the entire planet of earth in 1979, the year of the offense) unique DNA identification of the accused, Jerry Burns.

    Testimony resumes on Mon 2.18.20.

    • MikeD says:

      It’s been interesting to see the defense start to try to push the idea that maybe the evidence had been contaminated with Jerry Burns DNA sometime since 1979, even though there doesn’t seem to have been any mishandling of the evidence. No evidence of mishandling so far, and no evidence of any situation where Jerry Burns’s blood would have been in a position to contaminate specific pieces of evidence like the gear shift.

      • Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

        Indeed it has. It’s about the defense’s only play – argue contamination of the DNA evidence as the prosecutors have & will further establish that the DNA is definitively Jerry Burns. They scored a couple of minor points but nothing material from what i can tell.

        To your point, the prosecution has done a great job linking the integrity of the chain of custody for the dress and gear shift selector from collection to check in / out of the CRPD secured evidence room to hand off / receipt from the DCI lab for analysis and back to the CRPD.

        I really thought the two DCI analysts in particular – Mike Peterson & Linda Sawer were very effective in explaining the DNA content, processes & findings in layman’s terms that the jury can understand.

        • MikeD says:

          Linda Sawer in particular did amazingly well. One interesting observation I noticed is that on Day 2 the defense made it a point to get Dr Richard Fiester to mention that the vaginal swabs taken during the autopsy had no signs of sperm or seminal fluid. Then on Day 3 Linda Sawer mentioned there was microscopic amounts of sperm and seminal fluid present on Michelle’s panties, but not enough for analysis unfortunately. I’ve always had the theory that it was sexually motivated, but location, time, and the way the situation played out may have spooked the murder. Many men precum / “get wet” in excitement so maybe its possible that he exposed her panties and stopped. If not, I guess its possible she was wearing those panties previously for some sort of sexual encounter and they weren’t 100% clean? I guess it’s really only relevant if there was enough to do DNA analysis on. You said “Testimony resumes on Mon 2.18.20” but Monday is the 17th. Do they resume on Tuesday?

          • Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

            Sorry I just picked this up. I typed the date incorrectly. The trial resumed on Mon 2.17.20 at 9:00am. Apologies for the confusion.

            Linda Sawer was indeed awesome. I could see where your theory regarding the sperm is possible.

            I’ve always had an interest in this case in particular as I grew up on the SW side of Cedar Rapids near Westdale Mall & the Sheraton Hotel. Been to both places many times – in particular the Westdale Mall.

            Anybody can watch the trial on Law and Crime network stream either live or archived via You Tube incidentally,

  316. Frances allsup says:


  317. Frances allsup says:

    Link lade&hook murders in ottumwa ia

  318. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    It would be nice to run the fingerprints through the FBI system today. They have added a number of fingerprints to the system over a number of years. However, with are luck the offender is most likely deceased. But, we never know.

  319. Lisa Smith says:

    Where did this man reside in Davenport Iowa? Any way somebody could find out?

  320. Gramma says:

    I don’t remember how long Dave’s fooze and booze was open but it didn’t seem that long. I heard a girl named robon Keeney used to work there. She might be an interesting person for the family to talk to if only to ask what she was hearing at the time

  321. Phil says:

    This literally breaks my heart! who takes the life of a Mother! Come on,please somebody knows something! Realize that if it were you, you would want closure and peace! please help out Autumn and her family. Connie deserves justice and didnt deserve this!!!

    • Autumn says:

      Thank you Phil it is much appreciated. People say it will get easier but honestly it doesnt. All the questions keep running through my head like a movie… I wish she was here to see me get married and watch her granddaughter grow… but someone took that away… one day we will find closure…

      • Jaremy lee says:

        I’ve been sitting here reading all these comments not knowing what to say, I’m very sorry for your loss, when we were in school we dated for a long time and it’s been so hard to find the right words to express my heart felt sympathy for you all! The person or persons responsible for this will receive 10 fold of the torture and pain they have caused you all! My deepest condolences! Jaremy

  322. Yuukie says:

    Is/Was it customary for exotic dance places in IA to be BYOB?

  323. Robin McCue says:

    God bless this Angel 👼. May she RIP🙏

  324. gramma says:

    I don’t know why people think it would be hard to take two little girls. All someone would have to do is threaten them with a gun. I’m not from that area and wonder if the park is viewable from a passing thoroughfare road. My thinking is maybe someone saw them from a road and it was a crime of opportunity.

  325. Keira says:

    I was just in storm lake this evening so it’s really weird timing to me. I’m just now hearing (well, reading) of this and a couple theories came to mind: the mother was in a compromising situation such as trafficking, drugs (anyone from the area knows storm lake has a major drug problem), an incest scenario, and/or an abusive relationship. With the safe haven boxes, I’m not sure if there was one available in storm lake at the time or not, but if there was, there could be fears that someone would be watching and make some connection, even though it is fairly anonymous. If she was being trafficked someone could possibly link her to her pimp and any other victims and I’m sure that could have some really bad repercussions. If it’s a drug situation, it could lead to her being arrested. If it’s an abusive relationship it could get her partner caught and I’m sure we’re all aware of how difficult and dangerous it is getting out of an abusive situation. Similarly, if it was an incest situation it could possibly be linked to the family member and that would place a lot of burden on her as well. I’m not saying it justifies it, but I do think they’re possibilities that should be explored. Worst case scenario it’s wrong and the case continues to be cold.

    My other theory is that it’s another teenage mom who likely hid her pregnancy and delivered outside of a hospital setting, like the girl from eastern Iowa that was mentioned in the article.

  326. Mary says:

    Had anyone looked to see if Samuel Little was in Iowa ?

  327. Jim Chambers says:

    I was only 11 when this took place and at the time my great uncle Mike Racobs was the sheriff. I still remember hearing him tell my mother and father the story and for an 11 year 0ld it was disturbing

  328. Scott says:

    This was my aunt, and we were close. I hate knowing this has never been solved.

  329. Kris says:

    I just saw an episode of Dateline about this case. It was mentioned that there were hair samples found in the victim’s hand and they were never tested with current technology..why not?

  330. Dave Doyle says:

    Has anything else happened with this case? Are the men who were involved still in the area? Has anyone approached them? With this being a popular podcast topic has anyone reached out?

  331. Eugene Noah says:

    It seems that with technology and memories of someone who might recall something or someone, someone should be brought to justice. We are talking about someones’ daughter,mother,sister,or friend whom was taken from their loved ones suddenly.

  332. MRF says:

    Annette Cahill never mentioned the bat before public knowledge. That was a misstatement by investigators that was later recanted. She was convicted on the testimony of a girl who was 9 when she claims to have overheard this confession. There was NO physical evidence linking her to the crime. This is a miscarriage of justice.

  333. Alesia Stone says:

    Does anyone know the bedroom ceiling height?

  334. MikeD says:

    One thing I would like to know is if Richard Forsyth has any family around and still living. There hasn’t been any outcry and any family effort to locate him as far as I can tell. The dates are kind of confusing, why wasn’t he reported missing until 1994?

  335. The one and only BRANDON Page says:


  336. Carl says:

    Why, because I can read and do my own research based on the facts that are given? I read the State of Iowa Nursing Board filing against the nurse. Nowhere in that document does it show or even mentions most of the claims on this website. As quoted from the document “On January 14, 2004 the Respondent dispensed a topical medication to a hospice client (client A). Although the medication could be administered per physician standing orders the Respondent had obtained the medication from another hospice client’s (client B) home where she had visited prior to her arrival at the home of client A.” The nursing board does not mention stolen medications from a pharmacy, nor does it even reference the medication given as being stolen from client B. That document makes no mention of five people’s deaths, stolen medications, improper care by any family other than this family, or the claims that the nurse admitted to any other charge than the one listed in this report. It does state he was prescribed the medication given. That is the whole summary of the document of wrongdoing found by the State of Iowa nursing board that warranted disciplining the nurse. This website also says that Medicare compiled a 25-page report worth of wrongdoings, nowhere in that document that was done over a year later does it reference or mention a Medicare report listing wrongdoings. As noted from Medicare’s own website “To file a complaint about improper care or unsafe conditions in a hospital, home health agency, hospice, or nursing home, contact your State Survey Agency. The State Survey Agency is usually part of your State’s department of health services.” Medicare refers to different state agencies to investigate claims. So, it is hard to believe the State of Iowa Nursing board would not know of an investigation that was done by other state agencies over this matter.
    A second problem with these claims was that he was on temporary hospice. Google temporary hospice it does not come up anywhere in general or even listed in the four levels of hospice care as listed by Respecting Lack’s wishes, Dr. Peethambaram called Mercy Hospice in Charles City, Iowa, to set up an afternoon appointment to begin temporary hospice care for the period of the trial and as needed. A problem with claiming that Mayo would put him on temporary hospice is its not allowed, participation in experimental treatments or clinical trials is not allowed because they are considered life-prolonging which goes against the purpose of hospice. From “Of course, should there be signs of improvement, hospice care can be suspended, and active cancer treatment can be re-started. We keep our patients’ doctors involved in the process all the way through.” “In rare cases chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can be used to relieve pain or other symptoms while receiving hospice care. However, in order to receive these high risk treatments for purposes other than comfort, the individual must stop hospice care “ Third problem with this story is if the patient’s family had thought he had been drug overdosed not once but twice, why didn’t they call 911 and have them taken to an emergency room. From “While hospice should be notified before going to the hospital, a patient can seek other care at any time.” Again, if there was such improper care given and malpractice as claimed in the three days, why didn’t the family seek medical care as stated as above. Since there was nothing stopping him from being seen at any local hospital or even Mayo. Finally, I checked Iowa Courts to see if any malpractice had been filed by the estate of the family or spouse for this outrageous misconduct of care. What did I find nothing, if even a fraction of these claims would have been remotely true it would be any easy malpractice lawsuit yet for some reason I didn’t see any filed.
    So, unless you can provide factual evidence which I haven’t seen yet I find this to be outlandish and absurd in its claims. Unless you now think that the Iowa Board of Nursing was also in on his murder since there was no factual evidence to support these claims as referenced in CASE N0 05-365.

    • Veronica Lack says:

      In the investigation for the 25 pages of Citations against Nurse Linda D. and Hospice of North Iowa there is medical records documenting the charges of Linda withholding, “stealing” patients’ drugs, withholding Ray Powers drugs before his death, and administering or not resuscitating patients who had orders to be resuscitated, removing drugs from one patient’s home and administering to others without prescriptions for them, (like Ray’s drugs she was Cited for taking from Ray and had dabbed Ray’s DBR gel in the back of Gary’s throat) when I called the Charles City Hospital again to try to get an ambulance on 1/14/2004 as recorded in my notes given to the Iowa Inspection and Appeals Office, Linda refused an ambulance. After the investigation Iowa State Inspection and Appeals issued those 25 pages of Citations against Linda and Hospice of North Iowa for having broken many laws including theft and regarding the portability of Prescription drugs part of those citations involved the citations for the deaths of 5 patients that died during the two days of Linda’s so-called care starting on late 1/12/2004 and ending at Gary’s not even being seen by a doctor or pronounced dead just Linda having his body bagged and Directed to the Mason City Crematorium, without my or our family’s permission. We had been told by Linda, that Gary was dead and he was to be taken at my request to the Champion funeral Home, instead she had gotten Dr. Royer, who had never seen Gary alive or dead to order Gary’s cremation and write up Gary’s death certificate without ever knowing Gary just Linda’s covering up her drug thefts of oxycodone, etc. I had nightmares that Gary was still alive yet when they burned Gary, within a couple hours, right after he was driven to Mason City on 1/14/2004. Linda’s “two days of care”, lack of care, or illegal drug administration, and even the mixing up of the powder she called “kayexalate (in about a cup of water) or the generic version of Sodium Poly-sulfonate in Sorbitol solution” and made Gary drink in our home on the evening of 1/12/2004 in our home and administered to Gary made him so weak and turned Gary’s stools to a gold/yellow then dark coffee grounds on 1/14/2004 and he joked he was a true “Hawkeye”. Burned to cover-up the profiting of illegal drainage and on-going pollution of 1/2 million Iowans drinking water. “Powerful Tea Party Good Ole White Boys that own the 50,000 acres” being illegally drained into the Cedar Valley Group Aquifers by Worth and Mitchell County Engineer, Jim Hyde’s magic marker drawn plans that used to hang up on his Office wall.

  337. Roberta Kost says:

    So sad that it still isn’t solved,

  338. Thoughts says:

    The lack of awareness about this case leads me to suspect the family. It is the family’s efforts that typically get press coverage to the missing

  339. Tom says:

    I think it somebody on the bootleggers list

  340. Thoughts says:

    The body found in no frills was Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada, another profile on this page. Could this man have gone back to Africa?

  341. Thoughts says:

    This family seems to have been fully denied justice. There has historically been a great deal of discrimination in how cases are treated based on personal and law enforcement biases, including how the victim is portrayed by the press and potentally even people involved in the disappearance.

  342. Anonymous says:

    With all due respect to the family members, it appears that the siblings have been “vulnerable-adults,” in retrospect. It is very common for abused children to grow up to be vulnerable to other abusive personalities. They fail to see the red flags as having parent(s) with them “normalizes” behaviors others would find alarming.

  343. Missing says:

    It’s far from unheard of for a young kidnap victim to be corrupted, and as a result, behave in ways that make them complicit in their own disappearance at that point.

  344. Anonymous says:

    Geez, 17 years old married 8 months to a 21 year old?

  345. Reader says:

    Sounds like a minor who was impregnated by her murderer. Can’t DNA be used to identify her/and her babies father?

  346. Penny Jean says:

    Would it be possible for the mother Helen to have killed her siblings? If not, could Munchausen Syndrome have been passed from mother to daughter? Does any pattern of infant death extend to other relatives of the mothers family? This is a lot of deaths, with no conclusive evidence. You’d think a family member would insist on resolution.

  347. Penny Jeamln says:

    Infant deaths always seem to be either due to SIDS or a parent. If the family doesn’t push for resolution, no one does it seems.

  348. Anna says:


  349. Dawn says:

    After reading the case evidence and the comments, I think it is the responsibility of the Cedar Rapids Police and Iowa State Patrol to solve these cases, when it is obvious to most what should be looked at. All of the evidence is there but needs a fresh set of eyes to see what others have missed. My curiousity lies with Jaymie’s autopsy. This child was 6 years old and not only had Ecoli but cirrhosis of the liver? I am so curious as to why a child of this age would have the ailments described by the medical examiner and secondly, when was the last time she had been to the doctor? Too many grey areas that need brought back into the light! The family needs closure and it is time to talk to Vicki again, because I think there is waaaaay more to this story than what she had told!

    • Curious One says:

      I agree. It needs to be explained why Jaymie had all of those pathologies at the time of her death. She SHOULD have been showing symptoms. The anoxic encephalopathy is caused by complete loss of blood flow to the brain and is typically found in coma patients who have suffered cardiac arrest, or drug overdose, or other SERIOUS incidents. She had cirrhosis, pneumonia and e-coli poisoning. She would have not seemed healthy – she probably would have been underweight and lethargic, possibly coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

      Are there any reports about what she was like before her death?

  350. Phil says:

    Les Kennedy is GUILTY as sin. He is also a retired shriff. go figure. I am really sorry to the family and friends of Kimberly. He will pay don’t You worry in this life or the afterlife.

  351. Gregory A Williams says:

    Are there any siblings of Matt still around in Cedar Rapids? I went to Washington HS with him. He was my friend. We had gym class together and he was my partner in the weight lifting part of that gym class. I have a story to tell them that I’ve never told anyone before. It was when we played football in gym class. It was the jocks against the lesser persons. Something we did during that one game that I need to tell a sibling or it will be lost forever. It’s a great story. Please contact me. At

  352. Jim john says:

    Sad no life story on him he was my uncle’s friend

  353. Linda Sigmund says:

    If peope have problems with people stay away from them killing them is not the answer and there is people who would take them babies and give them a.loving home I know I would have you peope will answer to our Lord for what you’ve done

  354. Larry Roberts says:

    Psychological Analysis
    Trauma From “Shotgun wedding” using sonic attack weapon – hearing voices
    He was probably dumped by his (assumed) Catholic bait-and-switch girlfriend and he failed to marry the other unbeknowst girl. The reason that he went to work when he didn’t have to was he mistakenly thought the other girl was work, reasoning work and pregnancy (what pregnancy?) were synonymous. Thus, he was hypnotically induced to walk barefoot via sonic device to punish his “cold feet” for marriage. As further punishment he was induced to hide behind the coolers to be with the only labor he could conceive. The “other girl” was a total enigma to him and the real girl wanted to hide her relationship even though it was over. He would not find the other women even though his life depended upon it. Loose ends were left for the real girl which apparently was a desperate situation for her. She couldn’t get relationships tidied up quickly enough. Something hidden, but what?

    Possible relevance, merely a hunch: Pottawattomie Tribe Casino (Gun Lake Casino) near Grand Rapids, MI. (Names and places, work, loves are scrambled to hide something.)

  355. John Pickering says:

    There is no reason why the young unidentified lady shouldn’t have been identified by now. Forensic technology has progressed to such a point where skeletons provide usable DNA and a more specific age of the victim. That being true, why has she been left forgotten in an unmarked grave?

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      John, I agree with your comment. However, it costs money to have those tests. Also, I wonder if they took any samples that could be sent. If not they may have exhume her remains. That normally requires a court order and money.

  356. Jennifer Wilkinson says:

    December 26th 2019 wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas let you know how much you’re missed I will keep you relevant till the day I die I love you with the depth of my soul I wanted to introduce you to our new granddaughter her name is Evie Jo Lynn she is Sir David’s daughter and she is absolutely beautiful I want you to wrap your hands around Darius for he leaves January 2nd for the Middle East keep your hands around us protect us as you have done all this time ..

  357. Chris Parmenter says:

    I would like to know what the evidence was that the county attorneys withheld.

  358. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I wonder if they ran their truck driver information through the FBI. They created a database on over the road truckers involved in various crimes. If not they also ask them to add their description information to the system.

  359. Veronica Lack says:

    In the 2020 Democratic Caucus’, please consider supporting Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders. I have vetted them well, and Cory and Elizabeth are the best at listening to me, Adam’s Mom, who was elected in 2018, as a Dallas County Soil and Water Conservation Commissioner to protect US Soils and Water Quality by promoting the reinstallation of Adam’s USDA-NRCS Revised Universal Soil Loss Equations Version Three. Which limited Point Source Contamination of US Soils and Source Waters with large Foreign and Domestic Conglomerates’ AG Chemicals.

  360. Jim john says:

    I’m sorry but the guy you’re looking for has been long dead since 1997 I won’t go into details because he was a distant relative but I’m pretty sure if you look in the police file your notice that her panties were stolen from her

  361. Corey says:

    I hate seeing negative comments about my cousin do y’all ever stop to think her kids gets on here and reads this!!!! Long live my cousin Johnita aka Boss Lady

  362. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I wonder if the woman involved in the crime might have worked at the brothel, and may have thought that would have been a large sum of money on the premises. So, she gets her boyfriend or someone else to help steal the money. It seems to appear that the victims may have known one or both offenders. I find it interesting that a large sum of money, was actually found in the trunk of Woodring’s car.

    The other thought as that it was someone that had been involved in any of Woodring’s previous criminal activities, and felt he was owed some money.

  363. Jim john says:

    Poor dog 😢

  364. Jim john says:

    So ….. 🤔 46000 n they only took 200 hmmmm

  365. Jim john says:

    Smh why would a young guy with his own house date a old fart who’s married 🤦‍♂️

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Maybe she was not an old fart by his standards. I am involved with a woman is about 6 years older me. She was a good looking woman then and now. I also love my grandkids and great grandkids.

      Also, her husband sounds like he was abusive and felt safe with the victim. This is at a time that domestic violence was not exactly dealt with by law enforcement and the courts.

      This would have been true in a small town.

  366. Klaiten Kathy English says:

    This guy sometimes stayed in a camper right behind my trailer. Basically, the cops came and asked “Are you Lee Allan Rolfe?” He said “Sure am!” and then they said “Are you from Iowa?” He said “Sure am!” Then they said “do you know why we’re here?” He said “Sure do!”, turned around, put his hands behind his back.

  367. MikeD says:

    It seems like the family has their ideas already, but there has always been this weird drug scene between Cedar Rapids, Center Point, Urbana, Palo, Shellsburg, and Vinton that has claimed lives. He might have just been involved with the wrong people and that’s it. Just because he made some poor life choices it doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve justice though.

  368. This morning a photo tip and information was submitted via email to the detective listed above, Det. Brian Mathis, with the Des Moines, IA Police Department. This information was shared with admins from the FB page dedicated to helping move this investigation forward through help from the public, as well as another FB group working to give exposure to the many missing persons in northwest Missouri and surrounding areas.
    We hope Detective Mathis will give this information review and investigation if it has not been previously submitted.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      I hope this information pans out. I am surprised that no lawyer would take on the State of Iowa, and their handling of his case and care.

      Here in Cook County, we have a Public Guardian, one of the toughest one finally became a judge. But, he and the current one did not hesitate to take on local and private facilities for their improper care and treatment.

      In fact the Public Guardian recently filed suit in federal court against a facility in the Chicago area. So it can be done.

  369. Paul Pate says:

    In Dec 1904..a very pregnant Ella Fox Barrett with the homeowner and wife were killed before house set ablaze…the two ladies were beaten to death and laid very respectfully on a bed while the man of the house was beheaded and axe was left on the floor next to his body…axe was always left in out house…so killer retrieved it from there…this happened in Monticello Arkansas. Today that site remains one of the most haunted places in America.

  370. Shane says:

    I was just recently living with someone named william halterman here in knoxville iowa and while staying with him i was getting bad vibes and sketched out by some of the things he was doing so i looked him up and found this about Beth Ricketts. Pryor to finding this while at wal-mart with him he’d made a comment about how he lost a significant other when she was out shopping and i didn’t think much of it til finding this. Ive asked “Bill” william halterman about this incident and with a stutter and look in his face denied it but from his facial expressions, body language i truly felt and still believe it was him. Bill currently left Knoxville and told people he was moving to mississippi but i dont feel he did cause his life is a lie and honestly think hes down in chariton iowa cuz i didn’t and believe it and actually he was seen in knoxville and stayed at red carpet motel. I honestly feel and put it on all i love i believe it was the “Bill” William Halterman i know.

    • Paul Parizek says:

      Shane, would you send me an email where I could contact you? I’d like to talk a little more about your experience. Thanks!

      Sgt Paul Parizek

      • Shane says:

        Mr. Sgt Paul Parizek

        I just wamna respond to your email and let you know im more than willing to talk to you about my experience with “Bill” William Halterman. My contact # 515-468-5291 feel free to call me at any time when you have the time and ill give you evey lil bit of information i possibly can in regards to this case and be more than happy to put this case to an end and curious minds to rest. Thank you

        • Paul Parizek says:

          Thanks, Shane….

          I just saw that I didn’t leave my contact info. Apologies for that!

          I’ll call you tomorrow. Thank you for doing what you can to help Beth’s family.


    • Shanda Colon says:

      Shane, I’m Beth’s daughter. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to come forward on here to tell us your experiences with that man. I truly believe what you’re saying is real due to what I knew of him as a child. I’m offering you my email in case you have any questions or would like to tell me anything you didn’t feel comfortable putting on here. Paul is a detective currently working on my moms case and has held true to every promise he has made to my family. It’s been very refreshing. If you don’t want to speak to me maybe reach out to him. Of course no one will ever know who gave any information; we are just trying to close this case and move on finally with our lives. My email is I would love to hear more about your experience and see if just your small time with him could help solve this case. You could honestly be the key and I’m so grateful for you. You have no idea!!! It’s been so hard especially since we are about to come on another death date without any answers. Again whatever you decide I just really appreciate you! I look forward to hearing back from you!

      • Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

        These recent exchanges from Shane, Sgt. Parizek, and Shanda illustrate the positive outcome that can be realized when the community (i.e. the people who know something about a particular case; even if it seems trivial, it may make a difference), law enforcement, and family members work together.

        I commend all three of you (sincere condolences Shanda & family).

        I hope something positive comes out of this. Keep us posted if something comes of this (to the degree it is appropriate) if you don’t mind.

        Good luck!

        • Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

          I would also add that the other entity in this positive equation is online message forums such as Iowa Cold Cases that, in this case, brings the community, law enforcement, and family members and friends together.

          I think it’s pretty cool that law enforcement monitors this site for potential leads.

        • Shanda says:

          Thank you. We certainly will.

  371. Linda Faye Paris says:

    I am the granddaughter of Cecil Earl Paris I’m the daughter of his son Cecil pearl Paris or Cecil Paul Paris As my dad changed his name later I’m the second of six children. My name is Linda Faye Paris My birth name is Linda Fae Paris and my mothers name was Ruby Fae Dollar my siblings names are Donna Kay Paris me Linda Faye Paris my sister Kathy Lee Paris my brother Daviid Michael Paris and our little sister Michelle Renee Paris I was told all my life that my grandfather Cecil was a train robber. So that shows that no one really ever talked about what really happened. I don’t think he was gambling that night he was a good man doing his job to take care of his wife and five children. God knows what happened and he is our vindicator. Any family that would like to talk to me you may Email me at We send things to all who helped with this article. I wish I could’ve gotten to know him. It’s also very sad especially that he was maligned by saying he was a robber of trains. It’s so very sad but I’m glad we know the truth now.

    • tapati says:

      Cecil was never involved with any criminal activity that I’m aware of. The only connection the family has to robbers involved an in-law marrying into the Dalton Gang. Nothing involving Cecil at all.

  372. Autumn says:

    Hey mom it’s me again writing on your birthday… adriana will be 5 next month! I got out of Iowa, now living in Oregon with the love of my life. Things are going well :)
    I hope you have a happy heavenly birthday. Miss and love you dearly ♡ GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN

  373. Brenda A Carney says:

    Jesse missing date and last seen should be the same you have it listed 1 year apart. What do you do for these missing people?

  374. RSC says:

    My son was her son Andrew’s best friend. It was just fate that my son did not go to that house after school that day as was the norm.
    This always seemed like a domestic situation and the perp was someone she knew. There was no forced entry and the house was uncustomarily locked.

    • Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

      Your comments certainly imply the husband was involved. What a shame.

      • Patrick Kerrigan says:

        I agree that it suggests the husband was involved. There is no mention of husband in the original investigation of her death. He is only mentioned in the obituary.

        • Just Saying says:

          As I had known her parents (now deceased) since youth, as I recall the husband had an indisputable alibi. The family had recently had new flooring installed in the house. Her parents always felt those individuals played some part in it as they had been supplied a key. As I recall at the time she was a stay at home mom.

          • Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

            That’s good info. If you know & feel comfortable sharing, did her parents convey the motive?

  375. Lisa says:

    Frank was my grandfather and I am praying someone will finally come forward with information since all the people we assume are involved are deceased. It would be a miracle to finally give my family some closure.

  376. John Doe says:

    Anthony Lee Evans, I grew up in the neighborhood where he was killed in a hit in run. My best friends dad drove a white dodge pickup. My friends and I always wondered if he was the one that hit Anthony. I was only 12 at the time so we never really thought it was possible someone we knew could have done this. He was also a friend of law enforcement and medical personnel. He could have done it on accident and gotten away with it. He died in an accident himself shortly after so I believe this may be why this mystery has gone unsolved. I have absolutely know sure facts or proof so that is why I am leaving all names and addresses out. I always found it suspicious that this killing was not investigated or reported on further. Maybe him having friends in law enforcement helped keep this quite. But if you drive down St. Joe hill you can still see that little boys memorial and picture by the side of the road as far as I know. Very sad

  377. Linda says:

    What became of her husband and marriage?

  378. Michelle Vest says:

    This is my Grandmother and my Grandfather did not kill her. I was very young but I remember the love of both of them.

    • Vern says:

      Yes he did kill her. It’s 1000% obvious.

      • gina corelis says:

        This woman was my aunt, her brother was my dad. My dad always said over the years that she was killed by either Frank Sr. or Frank Jr. My father was instrumental in getting her body returned to Moline, IL.and having a proper funeral and burial in Riverside Cemetary, Moline, IL. This was a very devastating event for him. He remained adamant until he passed away that she was murdered by her family. I was only a child when this happened but I remember that she was a sweet lady. It was a very sad thing for my father and it bothered him terribly that no one was either brought to justice for taking her life.

  379. Jeffrey Roaden says:

    May you never C forgotten Randy O! People still to this day have Love N Respect for you!

  380. Melody Nees says:

    I was in grade school with Dorothy Miller’s grandson at Black Hawk Elementary School. I remember it very well as we all were marched outside the school ‘single file’ and Tony was taken away. We didn’t understand the disruption and one of our classmates being taken home mid-day. Scary and eerie, still. Of course parents talked and made it all more mysterious as it was hush-hush. I’m curious as to whether her daughter and grandson are still in the area or even alive.
    Melody N.

  381. Kennedy says:

    Hey everyone, after talking to my dad who lived about an hour away from the Des Moines area from 1971-1989 (around the same age as Eugene at the time of his disappearance) I recently learned about a possible suspect: a well-known teacher that around the area named Mark Glascock. Overall an extremely creepy guy that my dad and the kids his age stayed away and was infamous for the pedophilic rumors that surrounded him. Might want to take a look.

  382. Diana Miler says:

    If you truly do encourage thoughtful discussions that are respective of others please take the rantings of anon on Jeffrey Rose down! My children and grandchildren do not deserve to have to relive any of this hatefulness!

    • anon says:

      Diana, how are these “hateful”? How are they “rantings”? These are factual newspaper accounts from the beating death of your son. These are factual newspaper accounts from the trial, which report your own sworn testimony.

      You sound like someone who either wants to re-write history and deny reality, or who wants to cover up a crime.

      Your son was beaten to death. Let’s hear an admission to this undeniable truth from your mouth (or your keyboard). And since you appear to be the only living person who knows exactly what happened, perhaps you can enlighten us now as to who was responsible, and exactly what they did.

    • anon says:

      Also Diana, don’t you think that your children and grandchildren deserve to know the truth so that they can make *informed* decisions regarding who to allow their own children to have unsupervised contact with?

      • Jan says:

        This isn’t an unsolved murder. Someone was brought to trial for it and found not guilty. Law enforcement likely believes they arrested the correct person and there isn’t any more investigation to be done. If you have information to the contrary please share it with the appropriate authorities.

        • anon says:


          There were clearly two people involved, as is demonstrated by Diana’s own testimony. Only one (the man) was brought to trial.

          • A concerned citizen says:

            I pray that you never experience what we did! People just like you are why details are misconstrued in the media! You need to find something in your life that gives you joy and try to focus on that rather than trying to destroy someone else! A judge ruled there was no evidence to charge anything! Why would you think that is?

            • anon says:

              @Concerned Citizen, child abuse medicine was in its infancy back then, and our judiciary was in denial. Someone tortured baby Jeffery to death, either William or Diana, or both of them. Please specifically identify what you audaciously claim was “misconstrued in the media.” On a related note, the murdered boy’s nieces, who are now old enough to be parents themselves, or almost old enough to be parents themselves, need to be able to make an INFORMED decision as to whether or not to allow their children (if they have any) to have contact with Diana. The family structure appears to be built on lies, denial, and cover-up, which is unsafe, dangerous, unhealthy, and perpetuates dysfunction from generation to generation

  383. Spoof says:

    Murders like like this piss me off because here you have a young man making an honest living and gets killed for a few dollars in change by lazy people who should get a job

    • Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Infuriates me to no end. Worthless piece of crap takes the life an honest, hard working guy in the early stages of his life.

      I actually knew of his family (not directly) as I too grew up in the SW side of CR. He and his family attended the same church & school as I.

  384. Spoof says:

    Bad parenting by the mother leaving the kid with a drug dealing junkie she is as much to blame for this crime

  385. Paulette Borstad says:

    Did they ever exhume the body of the supposed killer? (Series 1 E 1)? It’s driving me nuts, they leave without a word!!!! What happened?

  386. says:

    Please call me if you have any information to who did this , and you will have a big reward if leads to the killer at large and still free !

  387. Jocelyn says:

    I hope they interviewed people at the auction. Seems to me someone may be going to specific auctions, watching buyers and later stalking and robbing people who are vulnerable. Very sorry for the family.

  388. Jaymis Hoffmann says:

    They don’t even have her husband’s name right. He was my father and his name is James Robert Shireman not James L Shireman.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Jaymis, I was wondering, where in the case summary (or the Telegraph Herald story) did it mention that your father’s name was James L Shireman? I’ve looked but cannot find it. (BTW, if this comment disappears within a day or so it’s because ICC is currently migrating to a new server and the backup zip file has already been saved and being transferred.) If your father’s middle name and/or initial were printed incorrectly in an archived newspaper article, I (obviously) would have no way of changing that, but do realize the importance of having correct names cited.

      All best,
      Jody @ ICC

  389. Jennifer Wilkinson says:

    Hey David you’re so miss I wanted to stop and tell you your first grandchild a girl has made her grand entrance into this world it’s so crazy how much she looks like greedy it’s even much more crazy how much I think that you and I are both part of this child because of our child people watching over all of them for I know you have blessed your children and are watching them always Darius will be leaving soon please keep an eye on him wrap your arms tightly around then and keep you safe your one and only I love you forever and ever

  390. Luke says:

    Many people around Clinton are saying he owed alot of money to drug dealers and that he ran into someone he owed that night and got taken. I honestly think that is highly unlikely because from what I’ve read from people who knew him very well said he never got into much trouble and didn’t do drugs.

  391. Jason Chisholm says:

    The Washta access would be located along a more or less direct route to Storm Lake, which does have a large Asian population. I wonder if that area was ever focused on?

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Jason, thanks for that information. But, then it appears from Jack’s comments, she may have had any links to the area, except the boyfriend.

      It would be nice to know why she went to the casino. Also, how she got there. It makes me wonder how she got to Omaha.

  392. Leif says:

    On a bus trip to visit his parents, Des Moines resident Robert McCullough was shot in the head sometime after 23 February 1947. His remains were discovered near half a year later in rural Johnson County. No suspect was ever identified.

  393. Leif says:

    Henry Christensen was shot dead in Council Bluffs in 1941. His ex-wife was acquitted, and no one else was ever deemed a strong suspect.

  394. Leif says:

    The remains of John Zauhar were discovered in Boone in 1947. The coroner determined the man had died by “felonious means.” His killer was never identified.

  395. Leif says:

    A life sentence was imposed but later overturned in the 1950 Lillian Chapman strangulation murder in Clinton. No subsequent conviction was made.

  396. Leif says:

    Although the 1950 slashing death of Neva Andrews of Cherokee was never positively determined a homicide, there seems ample reason to infer E.M. Lyman was involved.

  397. Leif says:

    Katherine DeKora died of a beating either 14 December 1964 or 14 February 1965. It appears her killing remains unsolved.

  398. Leif says:

    There does not seem to be a page detailing this victim.

  399. Leif says:

    Seems to be a dearth of unsolved murders in DSM between the years of 1922 and 1951. Was there ever any resolution to the strangulation of schoolgirl Evelyn Lee in 1930, Floyd Alloway’s shooting in 1937, or Anne McGrevey’s arson death in 1948?

  400. Leif says:

    Not much detail here. Any relation of the victim to David Morris, 67, whose 23 February 1973 gunshot murder, barely a mile away, went unsolved less than a year later?

  401. anon says:

    Scenny Tate and Omon Watson have long-standing fostercare cases. There has been a lot of activity in both cases since they were reported missing. Looks like Scenny Tate’s mom is Scenny Pleas and dad’s name is Tyrone Tate and that Omon Watson’s mom is Scenny Pleas and Cyris Watson is Omon Watson’s dad. In May of 2018, both Scenny Tate and Omon Watson were “PLACED IN TEMPORARY CARE & CUSTODY OF TAKIYRAH DYE PENDING FURTHER ORDER OF THE COURT.”

  402. Pamela says:

    Since the aggressor Was comfortable with dead bodies and was reported to take the time comfortably to go through the Wallet – has anyone collected the DNA of all the undertakers that were at the conference?

    • Jack says:

      They just can’t “collect” their DNA. The police can ask for the convention members for permission but lacking that permission there is no way that the visitors can be compelled to give up their DNA. And after forty years how do they find out who attended?

  403. Kimberly Ann Kelly Lehman says:

    Recently another investigator took on the case. It looks like a Serial Killer and heroin addict drifter killed in 1970 and 1984 so far also. All three have male victims face down, bludgeoned in the back of the head, chairs pulled up with wallet contents emptied, and toothpaste squirted out (which a sex ejaculation simulation for heroin addicts). The suspect died in 1984 but they are trying to get his body exhumed to see if it matches male DNA they have from 2 of the 3 murder scenes so far.

  404. jerry young says:

    I am wondering if this is the same Dennis Moore that I knew @ Kirkwood Com College in Cedar Rapids back in 1970 he lived at a trailer park in Marion . Any info would add some closure to those who knew Dennis .Thank You

  405. Mike Morford says:

    So glad that suspicion can be shifted away from Roger’s widow, Marcella. I’ve never once thought she was involved, and have always leaned towards it being a stranger attack, and after watching the DNA of Murder with Paul Holes on Oxgen, I am even more convinced

  406. Misty says:

    It was a serial killer just watched an episode where similar things like hatched wallet and chair and toothpaste was found at 2 other hotel off interstates one 10weeks before this happened and another in 1970

  407. Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

    John (Eberly) Flanscha, the youngest son / sibling, passed away on 10/6/19. I think the fact he & his family recognizes LeRoy as his biological father yet is silent on Ruth as his biological mother speaks volumes.

  408. Tarre Calloway says:

    Did you use a psychic or did the same happen around that area?

  409. Clarissa says:

    I feel like someone followed the woman. Not necessarily her spouse even. She may or may not have known she was being stalked. Someone she rebuffed even. Because whoever committed the crime knew her and her info. That is why they didn’t bother with her wallet. I would look for a connection with the guys widow. I think someone from Rose’s area went to Rogers widow’s area and made contact. Maybe even relocated to the area.

  410. Hayley says:

    I watched “A Secret Affair” on October 8th, 2019. The Detective had mentioned that the killer started to write something on the door; the killer left one word…..”THIS”.

    My Takeaway:
    Right away, I thought that the word “THIS” could be an acronym because; the four letters were ALL capitalized……these letters could possibly stand for “Four Words”…..

    Bless the families of these 2 victims…..for their loss. Bless the 2 victims for the horrendous acts of violence that they endured.


    • Roger says:

      Hayley – Was “A Secret Affair” a television episode regarding the case? I couldn’t find anything. Thanks

  411. KCH says:

    what was the reason they picked Iowa for a romantic get away? Iowa is totally not romantic. I think there is something behind the location they picked. or the affair was discovered by the wife of Roger or the father of Rose’s child. I can see where the father of Rose’s child might think ‘cha ching’ no child support i i fix the problem, just create an alibi while i head to IA for a few hours. Was anyone they knew tied with the undertakers conference held at the time? So many unanswered questions.

    • Beaver says:

      They wanted to go someplace where no one knew them because he was married and this particular hotel has a water park, which would have been a unique attraction at the time.

  412. KCH says:

    I watched Dr Oz today and saw this case with Rose and Roger, there is conflicting information, the show said that Rose was turned over and covered up, but i did research, and this website shows where i saw it, that she in fact was also face down when found: (Both Burkert and Atkison lay face down on the bed, the back of their skulls slashed and caved in by repeated blows from either an ax or hatchet.) I remember hearing on the Dr Oz show that she was turned over and covered up stating that the perpetrator possibly knew her and had remorse. So the article is very conflicting. My in-laws live in St Joe and I so badly want to be a forensic scientist but not always is the evidence accurately reported. Back in high school we had this assignment to whisper in our neighbors ear a certain comment, but only aloud to say it that one time, then it would to around the room until the last person heard it. The last person would say it out loud. It was never what it started out to be. Unfortunately we do not always get the accurate information to help cases that are unsolved. I love Dr Oz though and will still research research research. I don’t know either party involved but since it is close to home, i am interested in closure.

    • Tammy Burkman says:

      I was Rose’s best friend and I know it was said they were both found face down, but I believe that Paul Holes knows what he is talking about. Maybe the fact that Rose was moved after her murder and covered up is just something the detectives wanted to keep to themselves. So, if they ever had someone come to them it would be something only the detectives and the killer would know.

      • KCH says:

        It is important to know exactly how they were found. A lot says about placement.

        • KCH says:

          also if the fact that she was moved after the murder and detectives wanted to keep it to themselves it is now out there. Given that it is important that we know as much as possible to figure it out. Nice to meet you Tammy, and sorry for your loss.

      • KCH says:

        Tammy- what are your thoughts on Roses ‘child’s father? was there a hefty child support payment? Did he know her plans that weekend?

        • Tammy Burkman says:

          No there was no child support being paid and they hadn’t had contact in quite awhile. He had never seen the child. And thank you for caring. I have a good idea and everything I hear about the show is that Paul Holes came up with quite a bit of stuff and I think we will get lots of answers. He says he won’t give up till the case is solved.

      • Hayley says:

        Sorry for your loss Tammy…

      • Clarissa says:

        Did someone who knew or associated with rose leave the area at this time or really soon thereafter??

    • KCH says:

      another point to consider is on the Oz show the word ‘This’ s on the door, but the articles state it was on the ‘Mirror’ in the bathroom. Just trying to find out why the inconsistencies to get to the real facts. It may seem like nothing but can be a HUGE difference in solving the case. so what is it?

  413. Ann says:

    I think the toothpaste was going to be used as a writing tool to finish the note on door after “this”, but killer changed his/her mind.

  414. Damien says:

    This seems like a Zodiac case

  415. Suzanne Hayden says:

    Who was booked for room 260 and then canceled? Also who booked room 260 and never returned a key to front desk. Sounds like someone had a key to that room.

  416. Tammy Stark says:

    Could “THIS” be intended as an acronym for something? Like, “The Heathen Inherit Suffering” or something like that? If he was religious maybe someone in his family was outraged about the affair.

  417. Loretta says:

    I think that the word THIS is someone initials…. Ex. Tom Henry Irving Senior. I don’t know why but it just makes sense that it initials. I think it probably was for the money in those days men probably wouldn’t search women or believe women kept money. Probably felt disappointment when the cards were being flicked on the floor. A remorse for killing women maybe is reason he covered Rose. I am thinking serial killer

  418. wendy says:

    First of all, how good was her ex,s alibie? People have been know to pass polygraphs. If he can do that to a dog and she needed protection from him, he would be my focus! Also is it possible that he spit in the tub or something and covered it up with the toothpaste, did they test the toothpaste for dna. They found male dna, did they re test some of the suspects dna?

    • Tammy Burkman says:

      I can answer some of your questions, the ex had an alibi in his job. Timecard showed he was there and people claim to have seen him that night at work, I believe. Also, yes the DNA has been run against many suspects and if they are deceased, then their families DNA was tested. I’m not sure it has been tested against every single possible suspect yet though.

      • Clarissa says:

        I think Rose had a stalker …woukd explain going so far away. Would explain why the did not feel the need to check her wallet . They knew her info also I think he most likely then went to his widows area next

  419. Kelsey Kerrigan says:

    I think the wife found out and hired someone to kill them.

  420. Trish says:

    It was obvious it was Ed Edwards who did it,that man should of been drowned at birth, he was a most discussing individual.

  421. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I wonder Sandra was living in Fort Dodge. The authorities should have that information. The other question is did she belong to any specific tribe. There are a number of Indian reservations in other parts of the country. The other problem is missing Native-American women don’t get the attention they should.

  422. tina carroll says:

    Was Kevin ever investigated about his brothers death… he have something to do with it

  423. John says:

    Here’s the one thing I find strange about this case. Why was her work bag taken, with her computer, and stuff in it? Was it taken for the value? The fact that all her belongings were found on the ground, with the exception of her work bag, has puzzled me for the simple fact that this had to be a quick kidnapping, with no time to asses her belongings in the dark. Either this was a crime of opportunity, or someone staged it to be that way. You would think if it was someone who was watching her work schedule, they would have driven away that day seeing that her car was still sitting there, when she usually leaves at that time thinking maybe she was sick that day. They knew that going into that apartment and raising a commotion would be a problem with others that lived there, and would have to make as little noise as possible. So they checked off going in. They needed her in that parking lot, to make a quick transition of getting her into a vehicle. Either someone knew she was running late, or they were waiting for a woman to leave that apartment in the dark, at 4:00 in the morning. I wonder if they have a list of everyone that was in that campground that week.

  424. Gabrielle says:

    would absolutely love to know more about this.

  425. Jennifer wilkinson says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE….Hey just want you to know you have a granddaughter coming and Darius is leaving for the middle east please wrap your arms around Darius a little tighter and keep an extra eye on him please…I love and miss you and things have never been the same….Love you always and forever

  426. MarGurita Hammond says:

    Happy Birthday bro I love you and miss you dearly!!

  427. sweet teresa says:

    now where are the photos of indivuals of perhaps suspects, I would like to see them, and share them if someone knows them they can get in touch with the police, I hope they find the person or persons who did this

  428. Cody R says:

    Smells like a coverup someone higher up gave a thug a break and now is covering. Mafia crap needs to stop!

  429. Jim says:

    Ummmm 😐….. Why was his pants down?

  430. John says:

    Soooo… why did she agree to drive further wait I’m confused I thought they were going down the street just to pick up the girl why they go to some other place

  431. Jen says:

    If you look at, there have been quite a few infant deaths in Iowa with the last name Ritcher. Assuming they are related somehow, it makes you wonder if there is a congenital issue.

  432. Pennee Lynn Tracey says:

    All I know is my brother has been missing. Bryan Ashley Howser. Someone knows something and has seen something,As far as Anne yes they did have an age difference but I do not think that she had anything to do with this. I know he jumped off the Scott avenue Bridge. His body was not recovered.

  433. Schelly says:

    I have been trying to get Kimberly sue Doss date changed to 1980 not 1982, but Davenport Ia will not help.

  434. Heath says:

    “The convenience store where Brian Schappert was killed is now a tattoo parlor.” It’s not relevant really, but that isn’t accurate since about 2016. I think it’s a great clips now.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Heath, thanks so much for the info regarding the location where Brian Schappert was killed. I’ve updated his case summary to reflect those details. The summaries are written contemporaneously to include whatever information is on file at the time, and though the crime details remain the same, homes and buildings go on to be sold, converted to other businesses, and sold yet again. With so many cases to track, we’re ever so thankful when readers bring to our attention the subsequent changes in the business ownership. There’s nothing better than when astute readers point out the transformations of these historical properties. It matters a great deal, and keeps the general public informed of the historical timeline of these real estate transactions. Thanks for taking the time to share these details with us!

  435. tina carroll says:

    why is his case not in the solved section

  436. Debrah Rochon says:

    Our families are still praying for answers.

  437. Devon Hotchkiss says:

    She was affiliated with the KKK, who cares about bring justice for her

  438. Aimee Leeann Hill says:

    This is my mom is very much alive!!

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Aimee, have you contacted the Des Moines Police Department to ask why her case is listed as an unsolved homicide or confirm this is the same Becky Palmer? You’d want to reference case number 1990-40843. (The info we have listed above came directly from the DMPD, though it is all the info we have on file for the case. I’ve searched archives, but was unable to come up with any additional material on the case.)

  439. Marily says:

    I remember I was 11 years old and I was at a family friend’s birthday party up the street across from the bakery when this happened. I remembered the police not letting anyone get near the accident some kept saying it was a little boy. I than saw him on the news and every time we drove by this area I would see his picture on a marker next to the sidewalk and I would ask god to please help his family to please help us find who did this. To this day I remember his name and wonder how can anyone be so cruel!! and not stop.

  440. Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

    Cedar Rapids Police officially closing this case. Per the article, they are confident they know the two men who are responsible for the robbery but not sure which of the two, if not both, actually committed the murder. Regardless, both are culpable. Both are now deceased (may they rot in hell).

    They have disclosed the names and other pertinent information to the family, I presume that brings the family some measure of comfort.

    Seems like he was a good man with a bright future gone too soon. Thoughts & Prayers to the family for this senseless act.

  441. Alice Followill says:

    Couldnt they test her bones today where we now have DNA

  442. Philinise Y Martin says:

    What a Stunningly beatiful Girl she was. I know she is with the Creator. Prayers for her family and I hope that whomever did this will come forward!

  443. Amanda Samson says:

    Mike and Denny did some time but not much

  444. Carrie Khaddour says:

    Becomes cause for concern,when personal vendetta.s whether real or imagined matters by individuals making statements known and proven False, yet lay false claims by social media and talk among themselves leading us the readers to see there are individuals determined to to see the woman accused be prosecuted and judged for a crime that of which she suffers for apparently no more reason than simply knowing the deceased.
    As I read this Case let me say this You can call everyone among the deceased family .school mates community .work place just as suspect because they also knew the deceased,find record of high school students that he had altercation with accuse them as well,I read he worked at a Bar/Grill,Those who frequented Well Knew him too. Murder is a tragedy ,to accuse someone for nothing more than knowing the deceased is a grave matter,i read that false statements submitted to authorities have been stricken from admissible in this case due to being proven false shall we say[a.k.a lie?] and other statements with nothing to support them apart from hearsay or persons that likely have clouded judgement because of their proximity to the deceased_I can understand these people wanting Justice for a deceased relative ,but I am left questioning why would these be so adamant in wanting the defendant Cahill be convicted _that they lay proven false statements to her guilty yet NO EVIDENCE Supports their claims what-so-ever except that she knew Weineke. as a former girlfriend however I read a fiance is listed ,obviously also knowing him,As a former Bartender myself I can tell you very few bartenders ever can say they are without some enemies and grudges held against them, after Bartending,nor can they say they did not witness some things in their careers that have throughout time, been the very same things that that got persons killed,In these environments you have all manner of things possible contributing to alter peoples minds thoughts and cloud their perspectives whether you know it for a fact or not _it is not pleasant to hear but threats fly at bartenders who any other day may call these same friends_Threats are common For reasons often unbeknownst to any one other than the barred patrons or jealous wives husbands who feel the bartender is aiding and abetting .known or suspected cheating spouses even accusing bartenders of contributing to the destruction of their relatives by merely serving them, or adding to the problems they experience in the home because of an alcoholic patron who becomes inebriated then goes home and abuses his or her family ,then there are passers thru unknown to locals who are treated hostile or become hostile.even local altercations where threats to life and limb are frequently overheard or encountered and sworn to be carried out by hostility for a 100 different reasons in any given event..Every Bartender has known of fights that cost injury that may or may not be life threatening to the parties involved, When the Bartender must break up these or phone local law enforcement and it is not un common to result in Jail time or Charges filed on the party or parties involved-fights break out and threats fly its relatively normal that these can and do happen guns are pulled -fights and threats over money owed You name it, can and will continually be a given in this environment ,any bartender can recount of deaths either by murder ,injury or accidental and involve violence by beating -stabbing and shootings which can occur beginning in the bar and later outside or follow up to individual homes at a later time-Bars have Drive gunfire resulting in bullets put into them or property vehicles its all happened and every bartender knows of a time/times or multiple events that could be attributed to bar life and frequenting or working in these places.where you know the parties or knew of the ones involved as well as those who died _measures are taken to minimize these occasions but they still happen! If one could be accused tried and convicted of homicide for simply having known a person even dated or hated a person and then prosecuted with nothing more to prove guilt by having known that person or persons_Well I do not need to say further how empty the streets would be today!
    I am more than a little Questioning how one can find someone guilty with NO HARD EVIDENCE Much less NO EVIDENCE to PROVE GUILT.I also read that the matter rests heavily on a childs testimony obviously confused by the divorce of her parents -her dads questionable habits .her moms grief and unhappiness and the entrants of other women into her life .What Kid would not wish to blame all of these parties for what she is living amidst as a result of all this,But that is not grounds to prosecute them of Murder!
    Fact is Murder happens in these scenarios more frequently than most of us care to think.
    It cause me considerable thought that the deceased persons family would single out Cahill and want her charged when it just as obvious that their was happenings going on that would implicate a fair amount of other likely suspects with considerably more motive and these are not tried for the same due to lack of evidence -I also Find it hard to comprehend cahill able to bludgeon a man Weinekes size as he appears in the photo and he put up no resistance that likely would have left visible signs of the incident on the perpetrator and certainly fingerprints and other evidence at the scene_This Case Bothers me From reading what is known _I cannot find anything in the facts surrounding the case that indicates any thing other than the deceased families obvious determination to blame cahill for their relatives death It even shows necessity and revenge In these scenarios it is easy to speculate what all is not being said and that’s where the hidden Truth Lies in my opinion of course a persons relatives would omit other known occasions .we know by reading they happened given what is presented,another thing that fails to surface in this is Weinekes daughter if such despite is still held against cahill -Why? even More what was the Child witnessing in her fathers behavior what was she hearing in her mothers distress over an affair and what was she hearing at her grandmothers house ,That so clearly shows a families need to cast the entire distress of the family by the events occurring Yet Not even Remotely lays blame to the childs Father for causing nor contributing to their grief -the Mother understandable favors her son but he clearly was a Large part of his familys distress -What was he telling his family that was fueling their animosity upon her to leave consideration of other suspects out of the Question. Makes me wonder who is being left out of this equation that carried out a threat- I find it hard to believe given the Known facts surrounding Mr Weinekes death that his behavior was not making quite a few enemies ,and I believe the parties who would file erroneous statements and claims that would later be determined false was hearing the same in a ongoing way We Know in a childs mind would not be discriminating as to discerning the whole truth what she was hearing,but would be accepting as fact what her relatives were saying among themselves ,We Know memories Change and given the Stress and grief of her dads death would we be hearing her family discuss and blame ,this same childwould not have reason to question what she was hearing in a judicial way -causing her memories to be more based on her understanding of what other members of her family were saying_We cannot come to a time where courts can Execute the tenets of Law on this Clearly obvious Bias-which then becomes the sole element by which to sentence a person to life with out parole and call this JUSTICE! I am Seeing Some Similarities in other cases that should be cause for everyones concern , not to mention what appears on social media to seed the public in a way we can best coin Covert manipulation,knowing full well the desired effect one who does this would be wanting to attain by using this method of poisoning the pot shall we say detracting from the Integrity of the defense in a way that clearly shows the similarity between the submission of statements that were proven false in an earlier hearing, Our Hopes and Prayers are Solely For Justice & Truth Based upon what we know so far _ Any Court that could hand down a judgement with no EVIDENCE Whatsoever to Substantiate the GUILT of the defendant in this case with the added erroneous statements made to the court -in lieu of their proven falseness! Should be cause for EVERYONES CONCERN! Personally I do understand the Deceased.s family their need for closure and they wish to see their relatives killer or killer’s brought to Justice !The Fact is 2 wrongs do not make a right nor does that in anyway resemble JUSTICE_to even consider that the lack of EVIDENCE is not COINCIDENTAL when you are accusing the wrong individual is it_IF the COURT hears the Evidence that likely still remains if the Guilty party was being tried -this also would most Likely bring new Evidence to light with guilty parties known associates. I only Pray That A grief does not cause a serious INJUSTICE before the Eyes of GOD Closure can never happen in this way And it by no means can be called JUST!

  445. Gay Appelhans says:

    happy birthday in heaven corrine I so wish you would have been able to live you life and I pray they find the demonic evil person who took you to soon from your loved ones …

  446. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I wonder if someone did not care for her free spirit. She served her country, and someone decided she deserved to suffer maybe for some thing that she may have said or done. I like that the authorities have not released even basic details such if there were any signs of a forced entry, any signs of a struggle.

    I wonder if she had any connection to the beating of Mr. Hieber. Since the incident took place in the same jurisdiction. I wonder why the landlord claimed he fell after getting out of the shower. Did she witness him falling down, was the floor wet leading to where he allegedly fell.

  447. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Amanda, I like that his brother Dennis and a friend Michael Followill, were also involved in the robbery. But Jerry killed Mr. Horner. I guess stealing $5.25, was not enough. It sounds like something he might be connected to the murder of George Keller. I wonder if they ever followed up and interviewed him.

    The other question is what happened to his brother Dennis and Mr. Followill. Did they ever do anytime for their involvement in the crime, which led to the death of Mr. Horner.

  448. Amanda Samson says:

    I believe it was Jerry Broughton who committed this crime but cant be proven

  449. Adam says:

    Is there anything official that is documented publicly that shows that authorities mishandled the DNA or have a poor unusable sample? I see comments mentioning it, but nothing to back it up. I guess it’s possible they don’t have any DNA from Bierbodt to compare it to. Maybe this will be yet another one of those cases solved when a family member does one of those ancestry DNA tests, inadvertently connecting the dots.

  450. Nathan Hoffman says:

    I lived in Adel

  451. Nathan Hoffman says:

    I was born in 1974, this scared my parents and all my friends

  452. Naturlich says:

    What kind of photo is that? What the hell… O____o

  453. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Chief, thanks for willingness to help with this case. Maybe, you can provide some insight into her case that can help the Meskwakie Police find her. The other question, is there any video of her at this casino. I wonder if she normally hung out there. Did she have a routine of going to the casino, on certain days of the week.

  454. Kristi says:

    Sheriff Mike Kubik….a good man. May God Bless all who have been directly effected. RIP Angela Buck.

  455. Chief Taina Amayi Rivera says:

    I am an Apache woman, and also am an intertribal investigator/profiler. I will not comment on my observations of the tribal chairman, or the Meskwakie Police Department. However, if I can assist Rita’s family in any way, keep the money! I don’t want it. My sister, Rita, is missing now four years, and I actually care. Ahe’he…

  456. says:

    He looks like someone that works at the joslin Tyson’s with a small cross scar in the middle of his head goes by juif I think that’s how they spell it

  457. Anonymous says:

    I vaguely remember her, for I was only 6 years old when the murder occurred. She lived with my brother, and it seems like she used to babysit me but I can’t clearly recall. I clearly remember talk within my family and I honestly believe that DNA testing should be done on any evidence that is still around from the scene of the crime.
    There’s an old adage that goes…
    “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”

  458. Dee says:

    I grew up in Dubuque Iowa and it’s said to say we have a lot of great history here. Some of these murders have to be solved I’m friends with 1 of the victims this is injustice for the families. Let them have some closure

  459. Jeanne Mcelroy says:

    Geez.. You never know who you work for. I worked at Certified Pest Control for Donna & Dave Fraley like 23 years ago. I worked out of their home prior to them even buying the building on 16th Ave; they actually had bought the building while I work for them. Haley would of been 15-16 at the time. She was a happy kid. Donna was a great Mom to her. I remember Donna saying she was Haley’s step Mom, but I don’t think she ever mentioned anything else about Haley’s Mom. She just said she’d raised Haley since she was a toddler. It’s been a long time ago and I only worked there about a year. I know at the time I worked for them they attended church and Dave did not drink anymore. I do remember Dave saying he had been an alcoholic and almost lost the business when he was younger. Never thought to much about it. I hope that the family finds peace and am glad that they were able to reconnect with Haley.

    • Debbie fuhrman says:

      good for him. I hope that he feels better after talking care of his frist wife.she would have nevet left her daughter with him. OPEN THE CASE BACK UP. IT’S BRING HER HOME

  460. Anon says:

    Some sort of an official timeline would be useful. I get this from the articles and comments:

    11/12/15 11:00 AM Cedar Rapids – Josh is dropped off by his mother and sister at the ASAC office. A comment said there are multiple locations and that’s true. I looked and there are 4, so an address would be useful.

    11/12/15 – Time Unknown, but presumably after Josh was done at ASAC, he went to a store and purchased a stuffed animal for his daughter. His mother finds it and assumes it was purchased at Walmart. How certain is she that he bought it that day?

    11/12/15 – Time Unknown, but later in the day Josh was last seen alive on a surveillance camera at the US Cellular Building in Cedar Rapids. Exact location is unknown.

    11/13/15 – 11/16/15 – What happened these 3 days? At what point did family become concerned?

    11/16/15 – Josh is reported missing to the Cedar Rapids Police.

    12/3/15 – Pretrial for 3 pending charges he had for a controlled substance violation, a possession of controlled substance – 3rd offense, and possession of drug paraphernalia. A Failure To Appear Warrant is issued for his arrest.

    Better location and times are needed. I hope someone can improve on this.

    • Nikki says:

      16th ave sw asac and i dont know for sure just looking for closure i know that but some say theyve been told the cops know hes gone just not where but idk anything for sure just what it seems like

      • MikeD says:

        I wonder what his cell phone records or app / social media showed. Since he was dropped off I imagine he either didn’t have a vehicle, or didn’t have a valid drivers license. He must have had some people that were his go-to for ride requests that he called, texted, or messaged online. I can only assume that the police have that information and it points to the last person he was in communication with. That information made public would jeopardize things. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would just take off and leave everything behind to avoid treatment and jail time.

        • Nik says:

          Theyres been comments on his fb page justice for josh id go there and just search the page for last place i saw him and itll fill u in thats what i ended up doing

  461. M Boyle says:

    I myself being the cousin that Found David after taking his own life would like to know why we can not find out more going on. Everything says to continue 2018. We are over half way through the 2019 Year. What is the hang up that they are holding back for is my only question. Is it so he can stay at a federal vacation joint and not have to sit where he belongs or somewhere that is not a vacation for him? SMH on this so called Justice system….

  462. felis says:

    I read the article on two different sitea and no one mentions anything about the fact that.dead body smells like hell itself. How is it possible that no one noticed that something smelled terribly off in that place?

  463. Leon K says:

    There seems to be a lot of speculation or finger pointing. Most people want or hope for the person or persons believed to be the perpetrator to go away. Sometimes things aren’t always what it seems . I wasn’t born yet when this took place. If it were me and I knew for certain a person was guilty, I want to make sure that individual has zero chance of walking free. So that being said I suggest considering ( area, time line, manner of death, demographics and what law enforcement agencies were working the case at the time. Evidence is always going to trump motive. This young woman was stabbed and tied up. April 12 1965, Janice Snow 16 was tied up and stabbed to death. Another female Judy Corbin stabbed just months before Leota Camp. Romona Cox also stabbed to death three years before Janice. All but one murder had taken place in or within a 3 mile radius of downtown. All but one was seen with a white male age 21 to 30. I don’t want to make assumptions out of respect for the victims family and loved ones pursing justice or very least closure. I’m somewhat convinced Leota (may) have been an unintended target. There (may) have been someone in her area into illegal activity and the killer or a shady neighborhood mistaken her description for the intended target. In those days there was no internet, or smart phones. Very limited police force and no advanced forensics. The only hope was observant neighbors. Even then they had lives too. I’m not saying there was a serial killer. Likely criminal activity, wrong place, wrong time or all three. Just my perspective

  464. Linda Rivers says:

    Who do you need to talk to in order to have someone else checked for committing this crime? My sister told me about this case this evening and she told me who she thought might have done it and I agree it is a possibility.

  465. Sarah says:

    I dont know this family but i pray for them. I pray they find out the truth. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed to get the truth.. the truth will show one day. Just look at that case where the body was in no frills FOR 10 YEARS…
    I strongly believe that things that happen in the dark comes to light sooner or later!!
    God bless

  466. Amy says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Larry, very sad, and I am praying for his family to be able to cope with their tragic loss. Actually it’s a loss for all of us. “No man is an island…”
    I too, am surprised that the store management and employees, and especially the detectives didn’t search there while looking for him, especially since it was an area employees used. Really odd actually – not a great job, we must do better to help people in distress! Were they too tired or too busy to look everywhere on the property? And the spot described was such a safety hazard, why did store management not fix it? OSHA should have been notified and slapped them with safety violations. I wonder if the family has any recourse for a negligence or other claim. Until money is involved, no changes will come or they will be made very slowly. There are so many young people like this that are suffering with mental health issues, and we still are not doing enough to help them before these tragedies occur.
    RIP Larry, you won’t be forgotten by us:)

    Houston, TX

  467. Shanna says:

    You ever to go. Back and look at some of your old cases you’ll realize they can solve alot of newer ones

  468. Money says:

    If he was shot in self defense who shot him? Idk maybe it’s just me but that makes no sense.

  469. Tommy Shaw says:


  470. Tommy Shaw says:

    Such a handsome young man. Tragic

  471. Tommy Shaw says:

    Outrageous! All of this time has passed. A photo of the quilt may be of some help. How absolutely horrific for this young man to die in such a way!

  472. Tommy Shaw says:

    Sad. The driver should’ve stopped.

  473. Tommy Shaw says:

    Has anyone ever found out if this lady is still alive?

  474. Donald Trump Sr. says:

    Throw his bones over the wall. Make America Great Again.

    • Ajanja says:

      America is a shithole. Ain’t nothing making it great given it never was. If anything white gold need to get the chuck out as it’s the natives that owned it alll

    • Iris cortez says:

      Throw your bones back to Europe with your ancestors came from and make our America great again

  475. Shurlock Holmes says:

    Just got done paroozing the site. Well done. This is a very sad case. Check out my blog if youre so inclined.

  476. Christina Bolton says:

    The article is out now and has confirmed his identity. Such a sad story!

    • Amy says:

      I didn’t know this family but am just so saddened by all of this. I hope his family is able to find peace now and they can finally properly lay him to rest. :(

  477. Tom says:

    This happened back when the state of Iowa was a baby. Not much more on this case can be done.

  478. Philinise Yvonne Hamlin says:

    My heart goes out to Monica. I am sorry that somebody knows what truly happened with your father. I feel like the whole police thing is just a cover protect the coppers. I pray that there is a loophole where they could possibly help you out. You deserve answers.
    Rest in Peace to Your Father

  479. URKA says:

    Poor little girl…shame on Iowa police. They didn’t do anything to solve this case…☹

  480. Calabros says:

    “If you have any information about Myrtle Cook’s unsolved murder…” come on guys…are you kidding me? Do you really think somebody could have any information about a murder that took place in 1925?
    That’s absolutely impossible! 😶

  481. Tom says:

    Just a update on this case Eileen is now deceased she died in 2015.

  482. Julie Alexander (Jordon) says:

    Has this Jason person ever came forward with what he may know about my Uncle murder? Jason if you are seeing this please contact me or the agency listed. You can contact me at (608)-632-5871 Please if anyone has any information contact me or better yet the agency you never know even a little detail could open this case wide open and my dad and the rest of the family can finally put this to rest and my uncle can finally rest in peace.

  483. Debrs says:

    41 years and we his family still have no answers and my dad has no justice

  484. Margaret says:

    Has anybody acknowledged Paul Rayer’s relative, Tina F.? It seems like she has something to talk about. Even if it pans out to nothing, she has been affected by this too. My condolences to both families.

  485. Lori C Feltner says:

    My grandparents were from Mapleton. What was Mr. and Mrs. Carley’s first names??

  486. Carole Kelderman says:

    I follow everything, in fact my sister taught at your elementary school. I can’t put all my thoughts here, they would fill a book. But I have cried for you and Paul and the others many times. I met your mother and of course read WJCC. This is a bit of something that has always bothered me. Where can I add a photo of a car?

  487. Steve Moberg says:

    I’d also be curious about the identity of the mysterious Denver drug kingpin. How come nobody can tell us a name?? If one of the victims had rolled over on this guy—- well he’d be looking at a long prison sentence and that’s definitely a motive

  488. erica says:

    Its so incredibly said that there is such little information on a baby whose life was cut so short. I know its not this websites fault but if it was due to just a disease alone it wouldn’t of been ruled a homicide, maybe negligent homicide from the sounds of it.

  489. Constance L Combs says:

    According to this account in 2011, the DNA found at the crime scene excluded the Veach family. However, DNA testing advances could actually identify the killer of this horrific crime using the new techniques of comparing crime scene dna to public dna websites. Cold cases are being solved every day with this new approach. Law enforcement needs to use this dna to find the killer.

  490. Roberta Kost says:

    Wondering didn’t anyone see somebody ? Mother or Aunt ? Very Sad for these little ones. Praying for Justices.

  491. David says:

    She was my girlfriend back in grade school. Used to hold her hand on the school bus. She went to the same junior high school I did but was too shy to reintroduce myself to her. Big regret on my part. Maybe we could have reconnected.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this with us, David! These personal remembrances serve as great reminders that those included here on the website are so much more than just names and case numbers!

  492. Jennifer Wilkinson says:

    I am missing you everyday praying and wishing that they would solve your murderer or somebody would come forward I hear now our son sir David is having a daughter in October the first of your grandchildren Darius is about to leave to the Middle East for the Marines I pray every day that he comes home safely we miss you so much and wish somebody would come forward

  493. Kim says:

    Even when it happened, after a certain number of months it gets classified as a cold case due to the fact that unless it’s solved within the first 48 hours, the likelihood that it will get solved diminishes greatly, thus the term “cold case”. This term in no way should be construed to mean that they will stop following up on leads etc. It does mean that the likelihood of attaining things such as physical evidence drops considerably after even just 48 hours.

  494. Patty says:

    Still looking for answers

  495. Roberta Kost says:

    How sad !! Over stupid drugs your taking life. Praying for all . No matter how old the case is.

  496. LeaAnn Thompson says:

    What does YOA stand for ?

  497. April Yarrington says:

    I don’t appreciate some people making fun at a family friend who was murdered thanks. I want it solved as much as his family does, I still have issues sleeping around that time of year and it breaks my heart to know his killer is still around living and free. Chad was like a part of the family and I saw how it affected Dixie. That’s so unfair.

  498. Michael Leonard says:

    Love you Dad, Been missing you every day for years.

  499. Stay Strong, Keep Fighting For Justice! says:

    This is a heart breaking case. Justice will prevail ultimately. Thoughts and Prayers to the family.

  500. Veronica N Allen-Guzman says:

    I think about this case often. The house where this happened still stands unfortunately. It is in disrepair and the windows are painted over. After 50+ years the likelihood of solving this murder are slim to none. Let karma take care of the perpetrator and may Patricia rest in peace.

  501. Veronica N Allen-Guzman says:

    No DNA was collected from Radio City Mobile Home park across the street from her apartment. No description of the blanket either. I pray for justice.

  502. Patrick says:

    I really enjoyed reading all of these comments, scenarios, and opinions.
    Thank you all.

  503. Jen says:

    We watched the Dateline episode. We are of the opinion that Jason did murder his mom. He shows no tears or emotion, only steadfast adamant behaviour to convince the authorities that he is innocent. He is an adultery plus a murderer. His wife stays……she is nuts! Get yourself a divorce. If the tables were turned, Jason would be long gone!

    • Frank says:

      I think they need to investigate the 3 people that one of the neighbors had told the officer about like the man who told her that he had did the murder the man named joe and the 2 other guys that had helped him why haven’t they been questioned and checked into there had to have been finger prints or something and how can they charge a man for murder when they have no murder weapon just wondering I still think Jason carter is a innocent man and they should do a little more investigation on the joe guy and his 2 buddy’s prayers that the family will realize that the son did not murder his mother and maybe by the grace of the good lord above the father and the rest of the family will maybe just maybe have a heart and realize that the mother wouldn’t want the family to fall apart when wrongly accused of something that wasn’t true I’m sure that the mother would be very very sad to know that the father was treating his own flesh and blood the way he is without any evidence to prove what actually happened to her that day other then what the detectives lead them to believe prayers and love from my family to there’s hopefully someday they can put there family back together

    • Cindy says:

      The husband was the last one to see her before the son found her. And when the husband got to the house he said aw Shirley and kissed her. I find that a little bizaar. The son was extremly emotional. The husband got all the money when the wife died. Husband planned it.

  504. Donald Mackie says:

    Love you Trish I know it mean so much for you to be able to get some closure 💔💔

  505. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    A Vicki Lynn Harrell (26) was found naked and strangled on Monday, August 14, 1972, two days after leaving work at a Bloomington, Indiana K-Mart on Saturday, August 12, 1972. Also, her body was found in a water filled ditch. Supposedly the initials (KN) had been carved into her body.

    Also, supposedly an investigator with the Indiana State Police believes that the offender in her case, was transient and may be connected to similar murders in Pennsylvania & Maryland. All the other victims , were from college towns, and had initials carved into their bodies. The initials are different. I have been unable to find any information on these other cases. The is no mention of initials being carved in to Sheila body.

  506. steve ho says:

    Im interested as a Hossack from Cromarty Rosshire
    does anyone know where Margaret was born?

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Steve, the book Midnight Assassin states that Margaret (Murchison) Hossack was a native of Ross Shire, Scotland, born Nov. 19, 1843, and that at the age of five, she traveled with her family to North America. Not sure if that helps, but thought I’d put it out there.

  507. Jamie Dalton says:

    This is my beautiful aunt in law. My husband grew up hearing about his aunt but never got to meet her. One day I pray they finally have enough evidence to get the guy we think did this.

  508. Jamie Dalton says:

    This breaks my heart. He was 100% killed by his friends and they are ridiculous for not looking for foul play when the evidence was still there. Forever praying.

  509. Robert Daniels says:

    I am a cyclist from Fairfield and often ride to small rural towns just to check them out for fun. In about 2015 I visited Mystic and after simply riding up and down the main drag a few times a local gent came roaring up in his pickup and asked me what I was doing, sort of gruffly. It surprised me being greeted with suspicion but after conversing the chat was cordial enough. I kind of understand now….years later after reading this. I’d be suspicious of a stranger in town too. Blessings to Mystic.

  510. Yuma's Missing AZ says:

    Let’s all post Brian’s missing persons flyer in all Missing persons groups to bring awareness to his demise..I’m shocked he didnt have I had one made

    • Penelope S Lillie says:

      Briand Burns is missing Jerry burns in not let’s keep moving forward to find Brian M.Burns..dint ket Jerry Burns oblvershadow Brian this isnt right imo

  511. Barb Boorman says:

    Any updates? ,this is his 1st wife

  512. Charles Bailey says:

    Here’s an AP story that ran in 1986:

    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) _ The mother of missing paperboy Johnny Gosch said Tuesday that both she and police know who abducted her son four years ago and that police are ″doing everything within their legal boundaries″ to arrest them.

    Noreen Gosch said she has known the identities of three Des Moines men and a pedophile ″contact″ in Houston for six months, and that her knowledge has caused numerous threats against members of her family.

    She declined to identify the men. Lt. Lyle McKinney of the West Des Moines police, who has worked on the Gosch disappearance, said he was aware of Mrs. Gosch’s statements but would have no comment.

    ″The Johnny Gosch disappearance case is an active investigation,″ he said. ″We will act on any information furnished to us.″ He would not say if police know the identities of the abductors.

    Mrs. Gosch had vague answers to several questions, saying her news release had ″hidden messages″ that the abductors would understand. She said there was a risk that the kidnappers would try to flee but ″that would be revealing, too, wouldn’t it?″

    Gosch disappeared while preparing to deliver Sunday newspapers near his West Des Moines home Sept. 5, 1982.

    ″We now have evidence providing the identity (of the abductors),″ Mrs. Gosch said. ″The crime was organized. We know who these people are and where they are located. We have received very serious threats to members of the family concerning this aspect of the investigation. It is in our best interest to bring this information out to the public.″

    She said that the abductors know she knows who they are but may not know that she has also told police.

    The family, she said, has cancelled its offer of a $200,000 reward for information leading to Johnny’s whereabouts. Rewards from other sources still are available, she said.

    Mrs. Gosch has been strongly critical of police efforts to find her son in the past, but she said police are now cooperating. ″Police have been apprised of every development,″ she said.

    She wouldn’t say what is being done to apprehend the men, however. ″At this time, they are doing everything within their legal boundaries. We know who they are. I can’t comment on what’s happening legally.

    ″There’s a lot I can’t tell you,″ she said.

    • anon says:

      Holy buckets! In Houston? Houston is where Roger Matice lived before he went to prison. Roger Matice is the guy accused of assaulting the paper boy in Cedar Rapids.

      • Jeebz12 says:

        You guys stop with the whole Roger Dean Mattice thing. Good Lord!!!! Yes he was a pedo in the area but so were tons of other people in the area at the time probably thousands. Go listen to Sarah Dimeo’s Faded Out podcast to understand what happened in the case. Yellowbag thank you for all the work you have done with Sarah on the case.

  513. Kelly Stith says:

    It’s shame that this has gone on this long without any closure for the family, me included. I just hope that one day soon it will be over. Kathy was first married to my brother back in the early ’60’s and I knew her and her family pretty well and she was the mother to my niece and nephew who are both in their mid 50’s, I know that it would be of some comfort to put this case to bed and find justice for Kathy… praying for closure

    • Kathryn L Wallace says:

      I understand . I shutter everyday I walk by the suspect’s house. I even planted a large bush near my windows that face his upstairs bedroom window so I don’t have to see it when I open my drapes. It’s a constant daily reminder. Kathy talked of her relationship with your brother. I knew the story. She really cared about him even though they broke up. The funeral was disturbing when they chased the suspect out of Hamilton’s. Without his late fathers alibi ..I think he would have been charged. Sad .

    • says:

      Thank you Kelly for your support and hope to find the killer that did this to our mom 🙏 God bless you for your kind words .

  514. escapedgoat13 says:

    Not sure how they say no connection between this man and the woman who was also found at the bottom of her stairs, had no connection? It’s easy with only a cursory look on the web on a bored evening to find it. .. But not my job. I’m not going to be the next one found at the bottom of stairs in Mapleton.

  515. Charles Bailey says:

    I have numerous questions regarding this case. Here are two: Did the eyewitnesses at Ashworth and 42nd see the Birge’s car make a left turn from Marcourt onto 42nd. What kind of car was Chris’ father driving that morning?

  516. AnonymousScientist says:

    Throughout this whole ordeal locals have known two things:

    A – Shirley & Bill’s son Jason has a very negative reputation and it wouldn’t be aberrant for him to kill his mother for something he believed was rightly his. This is greatly in line with his reputed personality.

    B – Law enforcement, particularly Sheriff Sandholt, mishandled a great deal of this case that gifted the defense with more than reasonable doubt and allowed Mr. J Carter to be freed of any criminal charges.

    This case will likely never be solved because of double jeopardy laws.

    • Linnette Worthington says:

      It is heartbreaking to know it will go on as “”unsolved”. It is frightening to know we are not safe. I found out the jury didn’t have a choice on the guilty or not guilty given the fact the investigation was awful, including the sheriff tipping off the main dishevt of a search warrant, evidence not collected, lack of following frivolous leads resulted in the jurors as instructed to by the judge, to come back with a not guilty verdict due to a lack of a full investigation.

      None of this so-called expatory evidence was new to the defendant, extended family, his friends, nor his attorneys. As a matter of fact a few of his friends helped create the scenario, whether or not he knew before or after..he knew by December 2015. I am unable to share those publicly as I was not a part of the conversations. It would be illegal for me to do so. It wouldn’t be like getting away with murder, but I’m confident I’d be charged immediately, sued, convicted, and imprisoned. I wish so much I could share all I know.

      My Aunt’s birthday would be June 10th. She was murdered June 19th, 2015, so
      It is a rough time right now for her family.

  517. carolkean says:

    Jody Ewing should be cited as author of this case summary. I had started it, but she added so much to it and put on all the finishing touches. Thank you, Jody, for taking time to do that. I want you to have full credit for your work.
    I’m so sorry that one year later, this case is still unsolved, and so sad for the loss of this young man, so loved and treasured, so missed, so senselessly taken from this world.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Carol, you know neither of us are in this for the credit. I just added his obit and used your blog post to include Tyrese on a case summary page. It really is haunting that his case remains unsolved. We have so many senseless murders on here, but these young kids with such bright futures always hit particularly hard. You did a fantastic job of tracking down the articles and getting the photos, and your blog post introduced us right away to this amazing young man. Thank you for getting his name out there and letting the family know he’s not been forgotten.

  518. Terry says:

    I just want to get the word out there Tyrese aka Willy kill still is running free I am going to go through the day I will never forget ok so i was woke up by my daughter saying willy was in trouble and needed help at first i thought she was lying cause they did it before but when i got up and seen she was not playing i jumped in my car my daughter shyere Anthony and shyere older brother jumped in too his other brother stayed back at my house i was yelling for them to tell me where he was than shyere told Anthony come on tell her or something like that than Anthony took me rite to where he was there was a man in the drive way when I pulled up he just asked me if I know him as I am jumping out my car that I forgot to put in park so had to jump back in and I am saying did you call 911 he never answered me but he didn’t when I got over to this boy that is like one of my own I seen he was gone and had been gone for a long time I was screaming for someone to get me a phone as I left mine cause I just jumped out of bed didn’t even have shoes on I got a phone yelling trying to get the address felt like forever there was only one lady that came out to help me cause I am trying to get 911 the address and console my daughter who is his bestfriend and she is puking and screaming for me to help him got her to call his step mom cause that’s the only number she had to have her get his dad there his glasses and phone was taking off him before he got help that now has been found they was with one of the boys that was with him no one is talking and I know ppl know what happened and if any of you really love him and are holding stuff from the police you dont really love him he was left laying on that sidewalk for hours before he got any help and ppl knew where he was and didn’t get help for hours I cant keep my mouth shut anymore it’s almost been a year and nothing is done sorry if this makes anyone mad but this is what happened that day when i woke up now someone needs to speak on what happened before he got help

  519. Roberta Duncan says:

    He was the Love of my sister Marie’s life at one time, many many many years ago.

  520. Clarice M. Glidden says:

    Why oh why would someone do this? I pray that the person responsible will be found.

  521. Robert Dye says:

    This is a cold-case from Pittsburg County, OK, from 1995. The young man in the facial reconstruction is thought to have been in his early 20’s, which is the right age.

    Am I the only one who think this looks both like Johnny Gosch and also a bit like his father?

    • j r kennedy says:

      The Gosches also submitted dental and genetic records for johnny. Maybe OK couldnt do gene tests in 1995. They could do so now with the cadaver. Can you check? I have no background onOK case.

  522. Melissa Briney says:

    Great man crazy funny but great man

  523. Stacy H. says:

    CEDAR RAPIDS — Two men, already serving prison terms, and one woman were charged Wednesday in federal court for the robbery and death of a Marion man who went missing May 31, 2014.

    Federal prosecutors wouldn’t say what new evidence law enforcement may have received to result in filing charges nearly five years after James Booher, 51, was reported missing by his sister June 3. His truck was found abandoned June 9.

    Marion police in 2015 considered Booher a homicide victim but no charges for his death have been filed until Wednesday.

    Matthew Robbins of 44, of Ely, William L. Yancey and Danielle Busch, 29, of Cedar Rapids, are charged in U.S. District Court with robbery affecting interstate commerce, conspiracy to commit robbery affecting interstate commerce and using, carrying and brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence resulting in murder, according to an indictment.

    Busch pleaded not guilty Wednesday during an arraignment. Robbins and Yancey are already serving prison time for drug and firearm convictions. Robbins had been linked to Booher’s disappearance but he was only charged with firearms and drugs.

    Robbins and Yancey, also serving time for drug offenses, haven’t been arraigned yet.

    All three defendants are accused of robbing “J.B.” — Booher — of methamphetamine and money from the sales of drugs by force, violence and fear of injury, immediate and future to Booher on May 31, 2014, according to the indictment.

    They are also accused of having a firearm during the robbery and fatally shooting Booher, according to the indictment. It doesn’t detail if there was more than one gun involved or if only one of them killed Booher but all are accused of participating in the crime.

    The firearms charge is a “death constituting murder” charge under federal law, the indictment shows.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisa Williams, during Busch’s hearing, said this case was “capital death” eligible. In order to pursue the death penalty, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions would have to approve it and Williams said they haven’t heard back from his office at this time.

    Robbins was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2016 for being a felon and unlawful drug user in possession of a firearm. Evidence from Robbins first trial, that ended in a hung jury, showed Robbins knew Booher and had purchased meth from him.

    Robbins and another man robbed Booher about June 1, 2014 — the day after police say he was last seen alive, according to court documents in Robbins’ firearms case. Robbins and a friend identified as “D.B.” — Danielle Busch — purchased meth from Booher on May 31, 2014.

    Booher and Busch used the meth and later contacted Booher to set up time to buy a larger quantity, according to court documents.

    Booher went to Robbins’ home later that night and wasn’t seen after that visit, according to court documents. Another person went to Robbins home a day or two later, looking for Booher and Robbins greeted him at the door holding a .45 caliber handgun, the document showed.

    In May 2015, during the investigation on Robbins, a forensics team that specializes in identifying human remains set up a dig site at a rural Ely farmhouse, where Robbins once lived, to search for evidence in Booher’s death, at the request of the Marion Police Department.

    At that time, former Chief Harry Daugherty said he couldn’t provide details, only that it involved a federal drug-related homicide investigation.

  524. Nick Schaefer says:

    Hello, this case should be listed as closed now Council Bluffs Police located this party deceased inside a closed grocery store he used to work at. He went into the freezer and climbed into an area and died of possible hypothermia.

  525. MikeD says:

    I’m wondering if they checked the vehicles of the friends and family that were visiting the camping site(s)? It could have been someone he knew just trying to mess with him and hit him on accident and panicked. You see that kind of hijinx all the time in rural Iowa on gravel roads. Someone will swerve near you and try to kick up gravel or dust or just generally play chicken. Something like that could easily go wrong. Who left in a vehicle after him? Was there anyone that the people camping anticipated showing up to the campsite but never did? I find it odd that friends and family would just let him take off walking, but I know sometimes people just don’t want to be a bother and just slip away without saying goodbye.

  526. Becky says:

    I really don’t have anything to contribute to this but I did want to say that headstone is stunning!!!

  527. Anita Johnson says:

    If anyone is interested she’s married. Her name is Dawn M Marcotte from Farmington Minnesota.

  528. Anita Johnson says:

    This is what I find perplexing, How does a naked person running around especially in a rural area not draw attention of somebody. I grew up in a small town and Iowa and anything even remotely out of the ordinary and people are calling the cops. Why did she want the insurance money so badly? I think she had something to do with his murder. Not saying she pulled the trigger, but I think she definitely knows more than she’s letting on…

  529. LaDonna Pafford says: