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  1. Veronica Lack says:

    My Husband Gary and my son Adam were tortured and killed to cover up Proud Boy Republican politicians (Branstad/Kleckner/Grassley/others) on-going Point Source Contamination of 1/2 million Iowans Tap Water or drinking water.

  2. Tammy says:

    Have they ever looked in the homeless shelters cause he may have stade in one

  3. Stay Strong! says:

    Brian’s mother has now passed to be reunited with Brian and Arnie. Like Arnie, it’s fortunate that Laura lived long enough to learn who tragically killed her son.

  4. Chris says:

    I don’t quite understand though. He took a shotgun to the lounge but then was shot with a shotgun? Was he shot with his own gun? Or did the shooter already have a gun and shot John and John’s gun is the one they found?

  5. Alan R Henry says:

    Just learned about this case today. What a horrible end for such a promising young woman. I tend to believe that Arthur Charles Scott Jr. had something to do with her death.

    • Michelle Sjolin says:

      There was a lot that everyone does not know about. There was family dysfunction and so much more to the story than anyone knows. I have questioned my elders and investigated the entire family for proof of the stories, by each person’s behavior and demeanors, and patterns, as well as consistency in the stories. I know, for a fact, that there are things said that are not true, for my Aunt Mickey’s events, as well as what is. They dysfunctional patterns from Mickey’s life to the patterns of my life are incredibly parallel. I don’t believe Arthur Scott had as much to do with the situation as everyone thinks. Not sure how well he knew my Uncle Ray, Mickey’s brother, but I do know he didn’t murder her.

  6. Alan R Henry says:

    I just found out about Marlene’s story, through a YouTube video, from “Fascinating Graveyard”, posted yesterday. The more I’ve been reading about this Arthur Charles Scott Jr. person, he sounds like the likeliest suspect. The video is well presented, and very respectful. These old cases fascinate me, especially when they’re solved. And hopefully, this one will be solved as well. And then, this case, which I still find infuriating.
    When I was about 17 months old, Dr. Edward C. Branson, of Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC, was treating me for my club feet and pigeon toes. He and a friend, T.E. Drach, drove to Jacksonville, FL for a vacation, late May, 1955. Dr. Branson encountered an 18 year old Navy man, Robert Owen Emmett, in a Jacksonville bar, and the two went for a ride. Long story short, after falling asleep/passing out in a Green Cove Springs woods, Dr. apparently made “improper advances” to Emmett, who proceeded to club Dr. to death with a hickory branch, robbed him of his wallet, stole his car, and confessed quickly. He got virtually no punishment, since it was a “g@y panic” murder, which was a thing for years. Robert Emmett died at age 80, Dr. Branson was only 31.

  7. unknown says:

    I litteraly heard her tell me with her own voice her two lips they were at a get togather in a back yard got to argueing she hit nhim with a gallon glass alchol container then that’s when she stopped talking and would talk about it to me ever again

  8. Jane Ray says:

    RIP Precious baby. You are too good for this horrible world.

  9. Cody says:

    So did he also work at Lowe’s?? Or nearby? What was the motive according to the State? Seems like we are missing key information here.

    • Lindsey Molloy says:

      She was murdered. Hit-and-run hired by gee husband. That’s my theory as my mother dated her nasty husband after she passed away.. . He is a very violent and abusive evil man…. started dating my mother not even a month after his wife passed away.

  10. marlene buss says:

    My son Dayton Matlock was murdered may 15 2021 in waterloo iowa and nothing done or said about him

  11. Christina m cribbs says:

    Sweet grave….

  12. christy connor says:

    yo thats my father

  13. Brian Wolfe says:

    first id check any waterways on route from albia to avery 2nd id find out what cop stopped harry the 17th to give him ticket seems shady but this case and albia iowa are seeming shady the more i look into it someone has to know something.god will judge them in the end 3rd id interogates the two men who last seen him alive they would be 1 suspect.

  14. […] Harry Milligan – Iowa Cold Cases Harry Dennis Milligan – NamUS Harry Dennis Milligan Still Missing – Facebook […]

  15. Michelle Goff says:

    Jerry Goff is my father

  16. Amber N Weik says:

    Wondering if this has ever been solved?
    A friend of my father’s came by our place the night after this happened. Said He knew who it was and had been with them at some point before she was murdered,or right after. I always wondered if He was being truthful.

  17. Shyanne Desirae Derry says:

    This was a very close friend of the family. Today is her birthday. Her children are now my siblings. Brianne’s children now all have children. She’d be a grandmother of three. All boys. We miss you Brianne.

  18. anonymous tip says:

    It was Felix Baccam, he also participated in the murder of Anthony Anania

  19. Christina m cribbs says:

    Never understood how people could live in the same town With people that murdered your family without some kind of Vigilanti justice smh

  20. Gene Williamson says:

    It’s was a Hit and my Brother took a Hit and the the plane crashed.

  21. Ida says:

    I don’t want to say these things on here.

  22. Sabrina Cohen says:

    Lonnie Bell is now residing at the Heritage Specialty Care center in Cedar Rapids 200 Clive Dr SW….was once the Heritage Nursing and Rehab Center…he is well know for his derogatory and racist comments he will call all black person whether employees or residents “N…..” and other names and continually tries to get them fired by telling lies.
    He is pure evil and hateful and very vindicative towards anyone.

  23. X38 says:

    They should get Tim McKnight’s DNA cross reference it with evidence. He is hiding out west somewhere in Oregon…

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      X38, it would be nice if you elaborate on why we should get his DNA, in connection with this homicide. The first question would be does he know the victim. Secondly is he from the area. Does he have a criminal record related to what happened to her. Also, has he made any comments that suggests that he was connected to this case.

      I am sure the police would appreciate some more details such as his description to include his age, date of birth, height, weight, hair and eye color as a start. Plus answers to the questions, I posed above, as a minimum.

  24. Shanda says:

    The Cops, facts, Dateline got it right. The fantasies and admissions of Annette Cahill’s were quite Delousional of what & who she was & meant to a bartender. It so Clear she was trying to catch & trap someone for a financial future. She wasn’t at home with her kids, but trying to trap & catch someone who was 7 yrs younger, by often getting drunk & asking for a ride. Realistic Annette was just a convenient side piece and that’s all. Annette’s claims of love was lust, and her claim they were going to go look for bars and start a life!? What a fantasy! Annette is a coward, liar, a murderer. And unfortunately She wasn’t nailed & arrested & jailed 25 years sooner.

  25. Cheryl says:

    I lived in MC in 2006. I can’t remember the guys name…he worked at Best Buy and had a French name.
    He lived in the same apartments as Jodi Huisentruet and he knew her. He was obsessed with the story and told me that they would never find her. That she had been thrown into mill. He creeped me out and I never went out with him again. 😬

  26. Laurel Walsh says:

    As I remember he was released. Saw him at a country bonfire party. I believe it was 1975.

  27. Rick Hilmer says:

    Around 1966, I spent three days in the San Francisco Children’s Hospital for a tonsillectomy (yes, that was a three day thing back then). Wilma’s sister Mona was there at the same time. I was totally transfixed by her just sitting there in a wheelchair, just staring off into space most of the time. The nurses told me that she “lived” at the hospital and I tried to talk my parents into adopting her. I never forgot her and was shocked when I heard Wilma’s story on “The Trail Went Cold.” I reached out to Robin Warder about this and he told me that Mona ended up living in a group home in Southern California for her adult life. What a sad story.

  28. anon says:

    It truly is despicable that the Des Moines police claimed that they could do nothing until he had been gone for 48 hours. Too bad the cops involved can’t be named and shamed. Even today certain Des Moines cops lie to people and pretend that the law is something other than what the statutes actually say when doing their job becomes too complex for them. For example, my disabled sister was recently the victim of theft by bailee (among other types of crimes) and despite what the Iowa statutes unambiguously state, the officer involved falsely claimed that it was a civil matter, rather than applying the facts to the lesser-known subsections of the theft statute. Iowa has a far smaller proportion of its citizens incarcerated than does Wisconsin, but having strong ties to both places, it’s clear to me that Iowa simply allows more of its citizens to be victimized without holding the perps accountable. Iowa doesn’t have less crime; it doesn’t have fewer criminals; it doesn’t do a better job with rehabilitation.

  29. Shelly Ann Read says:

    Prayers . Better investigation in this field. We suffer enough on these crimes. Bring Jacob from Minnesota

  30. A says:

    What bar was he leaving when this happened? to many things tying together with a little research about this.

  31. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    It am frustrated, with the comments by Col. Stuelke, from 2010. Well, the pathologist supposedly could not determine the cause of death, and they are waiting for the right piece of evidence to mysteriously sprout legs and walk in the door. Well, what,have they done to push the envelope to generate tips.such as the one provided by the girl she babysat.

    The LAPD, solved a cold case from the 1950’s. They periodically had it reviwee. Then a female detective was assigned to the unit. As the new York kid on the block, she was given the case. She dug and started taking notes and solved the case. Although the offender was deceased, since the 1950’s, as he had committed suicide.

    I guess other police departments don’t wait for someone to slip an envelope under the door, or over the transom. Maybe they can call NCIS, who was the first and get some guidance on investigating Cold cases. Since, they kind of established the book on it after getting with authorities.

    How about getting a medical examiner to review the autopsy report originally done. I would assume that what wasn’t understood then, should be better known. If that does not help, then exhume the body, and do another autopsy, based on today’s standards. I would ask that a forensic anthropologist be asked to review the initial one and a second one if needed.

    Most cold case units start with reviewing the case report. Then they look to see if there was any physical evidence recovered. The forensic tools available are incredible.

    So, the county sheriff needs to take the 1st step. If not then the State of Iowa should walk in and take everything. Then they get the credit, and not the county.

    Look at the recent arrest of a suspect in Long Island. It involved investigators from a mix of agencies.

  32. Tai Torres says:

    My daughter had a dream where Daniel came to her in a dream! I looked up everything she said & it matches this case perfectly! Who do i contact about this???

  33. Paul Deason says:

    They should have looked harder at Ed. I still think it was him

  34. Johnny Gosch says:

    The truth is very different than the Government Abduction Coverup’s narrative that we are expertly given by the likes of Noreen and the M.S.M. so much so that the truth is difficult to understand even if told by the abductee.
    Suppressed facts.
    Ted Gunderson found me in South Texas where I was being used to further the New World Orders agenda and Ted was made to work with the cover up by pointing at another person in Washington DC in order to draw the attention away.
    Noreen told the news and it aired locally before the coverup regained control of the narrative.
    Noreen and I were used as monarch slaves using trauma based mind control. T started awakening from my enslavement 15 years ago.
    I was made to visit Noreen with a 2 person mind control programming team to hypnotically access Noreen in order to manipulate her memories of Ted finding me.
    25% of the hundreds of people I’ve spoken with about this in the Des Moines area remember when it was on the local news here.
    This is just one of thousands of memories that Adam has become Consciously aware of. We are in the process of integrating my Johnny and Adam personalities as we become aware of each others memories.
    The technology used in these secret government programs are advanced and often extremely abusive.

  35. Sylvia Brown says:


  36. Unknown says:

    Before my Grandfather passed away he couldn’t let go without telling my mom that he knew what happened to her. He said he was afraid to come forward because he didn’t want them to come after him and his family. He said that a local biker gang took her and murdered her and put her in a one of those drums. He didn’t say what they did with the drum.

  37. Ron Murphy says:

    The question is, who benefited the most financially from the alleged abduction?

  38. Elle says:

    After watching the People’s airing of this case, Tammy, why don’t they pursue the genealogy route w that DNA they finally lifted off her clothing? Many murders are solved now by hiring a Genealogist to track a family start then begin narrowing it down. Just a thought. They family deserves closure.

  39. Alexandra says:

    I’m curious why Bob and Bonnie Swanson aren’t on this list. My (step)grandfather was Bonnie’s father. He was also the sheriff of Des Moines county during that time.. Merritt quick. They were murdered in 1969 and it’s never been solved. Me and my grandpa spent a lot of time looking into it, he’s since passed. I’ve just started getting back into it and if anyone knew the couple or anything about the case that might not be public knowledge I’d really appreciate you reaching out to me!

    My email address is please don’t hesitate to email!

    • Steph M says:

      This article says they were killed in Missouri.

      Robert and his wife was murdered during their honeymoon 1969.

      From the newspaper September 1969: MISSING IOWA COUPLE FOUND SLAIN IN WOODS, Jackson, Mo. September 1, The bodies of a missing Iowa newlywed couple were found yesterday in thick woods in southeast Missouri. Authorities said they were murdered and dragged to the spot. James W. Kinder, chief deputy sheriff, identified the victims as Bonnie Quick Swanson, 19, daughter of Sheriff Merritt Quick of Des Moines county, Ia, and her husband Robert Conrad Swanson, 19. Kinder said the couple were en route to New Orleans in late March when they were reported missing by their families. The couple had been married in February and were last seen in Burlington, Ia., about March 20 in their blue and white Oldsmobile which had Iowa license plate number 29-19347. Kinder said Mrs. Swanson had been shot in the right temple and that her husband´s skull had been fractured. There bodies were found by a timber buyer who was checking the woods.

      SLAIN COUPLES CAR FOUND AT TRAIN STATION Fort Madison, Ia., september 3. The car in which Bonnie and Robert Swanson, both 19, left for their honeymoon last March was found yesterday at the Santa Fe depot, four days after their bodies has been discovered in the wooded area of southeast Missouri. The slain newlyweds were daughter and son-in-law of Des Moines county Sheriff Merritt Quick. Charley Huck, a reserve Des Moines county officer, was driving to the depot on business when he spotted their abandoned car about 200 yards east of the depot. Local authorities said fishing equipment belonging to Quick, clothing for a man and woman, and a 22-caliber bullet were found in the car, which apparently had been abandoned on the depot parking lot sometimes between May 1 and May 15. The bodies of the newlyweds were discovered Friday in the thick woods four miles north of Oak Ridge, Mo. Mrs. Swanson had been shot in the head and her husband had been beaten about the head, police said. The couple had been killed somewhere else and dragged to the wooded area.

  40. Marcella Hatcher-Akison says:

    Tammy…I don’t understand why you keep professing that Rose was your best friend when I understand that you and Rose had a falling out over a guy and hadn’t spoke to each other for a year or more before she died. Isn’t that true?

  41. Kevin Barrett says:

    Our family ran this motel from 1959 to 1964.

  42. Marcella Hatcher-Atkison says:

    I am the widow of Roger Atkison. I just published my book on his murder. It can be found on The title: AXED! The 1980 Amana, Iowa, Ax Murders by Marcella Hatcher-Atkison.

  43. Anon says:

    This looks like Sharla Mcahren. There is only one Sharla Mcahren in the state of Iowa according to data aggregators so she appears to be alive and posting on Facebook.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Anon, I attempted to pull up that Facebook page. It seem to show her as having some connection to Scripos Memorial Hospital. However she seems to list Waterloo. Iowa as her home town.

      I assume this is the one that is posting to her page. However, there is very little detail on her disappearance. I was looking for something that suggested she worked in the medical field, especially with the reference to a hospital in the Dan Diego metro area.

      Do you any further details on her background. I get frustrated that with the limited details on many missing persons cases. In this day and age there should be more details that law enforcement should develop and provide to us who like to help find them.

      Also, I don’t have access to Facebook. I had a page on there many years ago, but stopped off. Too many strangers wanted to be friends, but no enemies.

    • Jalysa says:

      I think this is the missing Sharla Mcahren on fb:

  44. Shawn says:

    They need to make a new law that in cold cases, the amount of years that they get to just go on with their lives, is automatically tacked on to the sentence, and can’t be plea dealed down.

    • JdF says:

      From to the Cinemaholic Apr 16, 2022 :
      “…According to Pilcher’s criminal records, he was in prison till 2017 and served probation till 2020. Since then, Pilcher has preferred to stay below the radar and prefers privacy. However, as things currently stand, it appears as if he is still residing in the state of Iowa.”
      The guy is 77 and undoubtably living on social security now and I highly doubt he has accumulated much of that. Personally, I don’t want to pay for his 3 meal and a cot with medical, dental and YMCA lifestyle thrown in for good measure. He will find it MUCH more difficult on the outside unless he is getting assistance.

  45. Berwick says:

    So Sweet .

  46. Berwick says:

    My Nigga.

  47. V. Downing says:

    He was my husband’s great grandfather.

  48. Tammy says:

    Maybe if one person does one state asking questions and another person asks in another and talks back and forth to each other Maybe we can find him if we get a lot of people asking questions Maybe it would help to find him that would work too so then you can narrow down the search

  49. NLM says:

    I’m slightly confused as there is an upcoming burial for her. I don’t see any arrests or anything to that degree. Did MPD release her remains just now, or is there something that has changed in the case? Prayers to the family.

  50. Tammy says:

    Yes they need to do that too ask these places where he could of been at to become famous if was to and ask around for information to find him too

  51. Anon says:

    Could she be the Vernon County Jane Doe?

  52. Norah says:

    What’s bizaare, which absolutely no one has explained, is why on a 9-1-1 call, the son, who is not a medical examiner or coroner, puts his mom’s death at 2 hours ago. That right there is so incredibly bizarre that I am surprised that the police didn’t interrogate Jason on it. And why did he call others before calling 9-1-1?? Another thing is that the propensity to start “crying” almost on queue. Also, the female-like screeching that Jason does, such as on the 9-1-1 call. I could understand anger and yelling, but the screeching voice at 3 raised octaves is waaaay over the top, a bit dramatic for a grown man, especially a man who thinks he’s got big enough balls that he can have an extramarital affair.

  53. Chris says:

    I have tried to tell people, there are these things in the woods. They are a cross between a dog and a monkey. They are invisible to the naked eye, until you hit them with direct light and the moment it hits them they will move away. I know how crazy it sounds. But someone actually caught one on video recently in England. You can find the video on search Demon Dog.
    Act accordingly.

  54. Teresa Hammond says:

    He was shot twice in the head . Contact me if you need to know anything else I am his daughter!

  55. Buster Bratamus says:

    My theory. He saw something upstream. a person, a dog etc,, he went over to investigate and was grabbed. or followed whatever it was..

  56. George Cossio says:

    This sounds like a textbook missing 411 case , David Politis is a investigator who has researched thousands of missing people who just vanished out of thin air. This is definitely a missing 411 case that David investigates

  57. atombudd says:

    Any details?

  58. Joseph Fournet says:

    So sad. We pray for Ackerman family today and far into the future. I believe this is a missing 411 case that fits Dave Pilaides profile points. These disappearances cannot be explained and we can only hope and pray these mysterious disappearances will one day be solved, so the pain and suffering will cease. God Bless you All!!!

  59. Spencer Hendron says:

    Anybody know the disposition of the death of one Kenneth J. Krakow ca 1970 or 1980?

  60. Sharon Lane says:

    He was a class mate it was a sad day. Can’t believe it is still unsolved.

  61. Angela F Johnston says:

    I’m sadden by this…….I’m the step granddaughter of this. I came looking for answers……..not slander.

  62. Angie says:

    I’m Jeff’s Youngest sister I think they need to do a DNA test on the towel or washcloth. I was just told two names that are involved in his death.

  63. Moon says:

    Another name for that style of dress was sizzle dress or sizzler dress. They had a matching brief of the same color and pattern as a dress so it blended in and didn’t show your underwear to the whole United States. My sisters had some and I wore a kid’s version (without the built in bra) in the early ’70s

  64. e says:

    why is she not on namus?

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Normally, it’s up to the investigative agency to enter the missing person into NamUs. However, many law enforcement agencies don’t use it, for whatever reason. A number of states have laws that require law enforcement agencies to enter all missing persons cases into NamUs.

      I look at NamUs, as another tool to spread the word that a person is missing. The other issue is that many agencies are not aware of the different websites related to Missing Persons, such as Iowa Cold Cases, The Charley Project, Websleuths and The Doe Network.

      Also, the number of people who are into True Cime, Cold Cases and Missing Persons is extremely high. In fact an early PR guy for NamUs, was involved in identifying a young woman found murdered by his then future father’in-law. When the internet came along it helped him figure out who she was.

      Also, a number of missing persons cases have been solved by people connected to The Doe Network.

      I even found a missing woman to apparently ran away from Camden, New Jersey. I searched her online about five years ago. I came across an entry for her on LinkedIn. Everything seemed to match up. I called the Camden Police and spoke with a female in investigator. She was upset that I did not have the full case report number. Plus, she seemed bothered that I was a complete stranger and had basically did their job.

      Also, I almost wanted to tell her to get off her posterior and dig through the records and find the original case,report. I was a former detective with a federal agency, and would gave soebtctge time to dig through are records especially if it was from a previous computer era case file.

      I should have offered to fly into Philadelphia, wrote up a follow-up and then borrowed one of their marked cars and driven to where this,young woman was,living and working.

      Plus, it would given me a chance to visit my former partner, who lives in Philadelphia. I figured out that they did the work, when the missing woman’s entry on NamUs, was restricted. I did not fetxa thank you from them. Nut a free tour of the USS New Jersey, a retired U.S. Nsvy battleship would have been nice.

  65. John P Adams III says:

    Would be amazing to find out who killed my father. Almost 41 years of wondering why someone would do such a thing.

  66. s says:

    where is her namus profile?

  67. Pengus Khan says:

    My family isn’t from this town originally but I grew up there. My mom knows the story to a degree and from what she’s heard from locals she knows who probably did it. He’s still alive and still lives in town. I won’t name is name because if I’m wrong it’s a terrible thing to accuse them of. But I think she’s right.

  68. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I just checked my records, Shirley Magee disappeared on her way to Harlan High School on July 23, 1973. However. I get frustrated with the number of missing person Cases, with no further details.

    I assume that she may have been attending summer school. But this is only a guess. Because of her age, she would still be in grammar school, unless she was going there for something else.

    Also, a Kelly Juanita Staples (8), disappeared on January 8, 1980, whilexwalking to school again on the Southeast side of Chicago, about 73rd & Merrill. Again few details.

    Then in April 1984, a 10 year old was kidnapped while walking home at noon. The offender was identified as Thomas Sykes (29) at the time. He was also arrested on April 13, 1984, for kidnapping another girl, he abducted on her way to school. He attempted to bring her to a building where he once lived. The landlord denied him entry to the building and she was recovered. At his trial the judge allowed the prosecution to mention the previous kidnapping.

    There is another case of Betty Ann Moore (12), who was staying with her foster grandfather’s house in Robbins, Illinois, while her mother was in the hospital. She was last seen at on June 3, 1986, when she went to bed. It was assumed she left the house voluntarily in the morning and went school. However, her naked and beaten body was found in the Calumet-Sag Channel

    Her clothes were found alongside her body. Her father had died a,few months before her. She did not interact with other kids. The other interesting part, was that she wrote an fictional murder story for her Englush class, where an adult victim with her name. She supposedly read it in class. It was found in a,photo album.

  69. shawn says:

    its simple,fairfield police did not do thier job sufficiently.lots of evidence points directly to the culprit.a little kid could solve this case.shame on you.jefferson county p.d..JUSTICE FOR D.J. NEEDS TO BE GIVEN.

  70. shawn says:

    is it me or do we have the worst police in the history of police.if someone didnt even report the situation for two hours and had others come help (clean up) and neighbor saw crystal and other men carrying his body upstairs with blood coming out his ears ,i think the answer is there was no clothes found.i think a 5 year old could solve this case.the fairfield police dept. dropped the ball big time on this.i myself have recently contacted the internal affairs and a lawyer to make sure justice is served and the police and crystal knight answer for thier actions.pam and doug deserve better than that and so do we d.j.s family members.i love you d.j. and misss you so much.

  71. Laura L Westergard says:

    Sadly, no resolution as to why…very sad for his loved ones.

  72. MikeD says:

    Josh’s mother posted something interesting in the facebook group recently. She said that the detective working on this case is Matt Denlinger, who is the one who worked on the Michelle Martinko case. He recently took cadaver dogs to a Palo, IA property and also drained a septic tank to look through the contents and that it wasn’t the first time this has been done. She mentioned that Denlinger said he is very optimistic about the future of this case. Since she mentioned septic I’m guessing it was rural Palo.

  73. Shannon M Wilson says:

    Was this oitside of a bar?

  74. Judy says:

    Veronica, I am deeply sorry that your family has suffered so much by trying to do the right thing. I am appalled and saddened to see just how corrupt our system is. I applaud you for continuing the fight and doing what is right. I am glad you keeping bringing attention to this, especially for not giving up. You have lost so much to give up now and let these people win, or let other people suffer. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  75. Katina says:

    Hello. Just moments ago at the time of me typing this , ( April 25 , 2023) I came across a picture of Kimberly Sue Doss on a random missing persons website . ( It could have been Fandom, but I don’t want to back out of this post to check ) . Whenever I see photos of a young female that might fit the description of Vidor, TX Jane Doe, I stop scrolling and look at their missing dates. I looked at Kim’s age and height and hair and so I searched further and found myself on this Iowas Missing Person page. It’s very eerie to tonland on this page and find out that Kim had ties to Texas . The Vidor, TX Jane Doe’s remains were found on January 1, 1984 not far from Interstate 10. They believed that the person had passed within the three preceding months ,but most likely in December 1983 according to the reports. So If this can help her family , please look into the case of the Vidor, TX Jane Doe.

  76. Tammy says:

    Why doesn’t anyone answer anyone’s questions about this matter

  77. Tammy says:

    Sorry about repeating myself just didn’t realize you were the same website I commented on earlier in the week

  78. Tammy says:

    Sorry about repeating what I asked 2 times just didn’t know if you got my questions

  79. Tammy says:

    So did the police ever check parents phone records to check where he was last at so then you can g from there where he may be at and ask around Florida California New York City just saying you gotta start from where he was last at to find out if anyone has ever seen him since 1990 you gotta check things out

  80. Stay Strong! says:

    Wow, John Rose did some nice work in his 35 short years. Not too many can say that he actually killed his father and then was killed, presumably, by ex-cons that he looked.

  81. Tammy says:

    I would like to know if the police asked for the parents phone records to see where he last called from to go from there where he might be at cause you could ask people from that last area that he was at if they knew where he was at Did they ever ask around in Florida California and New York City if he was ever even really there plus that would also narrow your search for him

  82. Kim says:

    I found an article from 2022 that said they were investigating a man named Algene Vossen for Emma’s murder and for the 1978 murder of Anna Miller. I can’t find any follow-up articles, other than Vossen was declared incompetent to stand trial after he was charged with murdering Mae Herman in Minnesota in 1974. Recent DNA testing found his blood on her sweater. I just thought I’d pass on what I’d found, even though authorities aren’t saying if he was the killer of Anna and Emma.

  83. Veronica M. Lack says:

    Read my, 2019 Iowa Supreme Appeal #17-1933 of my case CVCV046761 it is a public record at Iowa’s Supreme Court. Branstad and Kleckner’s on-going Point Source Pollution Plume mapped out by IDNR’s Russ Tell in 2008 has taken out at least 3 public wells for Cedar Falls, at least one for Waterloo and 100’s of private wells in Russ Tell’s mapped out “Plume” in the Cedar Valley Group Aquifers. The State of Iowa and the Iowa DNR continue to cover-up their profiting from their on-going 30-year former Republican governors’ and former Head of Farm Bureau’s profiting from their promoting on-going PFAS Nitrite AG chemical point source contamination of the Tap Water of our “left” side or “Bloom” side of Iowa Source Water our drinking water. Branstad’s 2017 staff attorney C. Smith agreed in 2017 the illegal channeling of 50,000 acres of Flood Water from parts of Worth, Cerro Gordo, and Mitchell Counties Flood water to be illegally drained down the Aquifer Recharge Area Sinkholes in Cedar (W) Township, Mitchell County Iowa’s 1991 Designated National Wetland’s Aquifer Recharge Area (Sinkholes). Branstad’s profits included the damage or costs to 1/2 million Iowans health in at least parts of 8 Iowa counties.

    IDNR’s Russ Tell had mapped out the growing on-going contaminated “Plume” in the Cedar Valley Group Aquifers from Mitchell County Iowa’s 1991 Designated National Wetland’s Aquifer Recharge Area in Cedar (W) Township in 2008.

  84. Jennifer Leonard says:

    I had always heard “rumors” that the perpetrator was one of her male high school teachers or mentors. So sad! Hope they find him some day, and that he suffers a worse demise!

  85. Tom says:

    I was watching today program and was worry why no body try looking firmy camera of Tammy should be exoensive and maybe killer try selling

  86. Anthony H Zuchowski says:

    Has any one looked into the brothers drug store. Could a customer family member have a beff with the family. What was career path. We’re there any connections between the families finical dealings. Did the husband have a lady in the side

  87. Isabel says:

    Forever holding on to HOPE. ❤️ Missing you a little more today. Happy Birthday Blacky.

  88. Renée Elizabeth Lemke says:

    It is amazing how no one has mentioned or made a distinction that the victims are surviving families of WW2 and the allied American forces. I mean really Ronald Lee Nowack. The Davis’ , Sanders, Searcy, Meadows, Martin, Olsen, and I can personally tell you I’m relative to maybe %100 of the victims or they have relative or friends names. Murdered Roma murdered Auschwitz survivor name. It never stopped. Even my grandma has a nephew named Donald John Duitsman that got hit by a semi in 1983 in Harris IA. The dates case numbers everything mean something personal to me and my personal history. I think that I should leave my phone number here in case anyone wants to contact me for family tree information. (515)410-5160.

  89. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    It bothers me that there is no mention of the caliber of the weapon used in his murder. Also, were there any shell cases recovered. If there were shell casings, they could provide a fingerprint and maybe even DNA

  90. Darren Hieber says:

    My gma said a law enforcement officer from Mapleton was gonna testify who it was he was found shot and dead in in cop car and the way guns were in placed and how he was shot he did not kill himself…

  91. T.w says:

    The night she was last seen, I was in the back seat of my dad’s car waiting for my step mom to get off of work at airlight. It sticks in my head very vividly, she usually would walk out the building talking to her step brother or would often wait right out side the doors until he would come out before walking to the parking lot. However she came out and didn’t even look back and quickly shuffled out to her car she was alone when she drove past. Normally a wave to me and my dad but not even a glance that night. Moments after she left her brother rushed out and looked around then came up to the driver’s side window and asked if we seen her come out yet. My dad said yeah why what’s going on. And my dad even tried to start a conversation but Matt walked away looking all around the parking lot even walked towards the building several times but not back inside. Before he jogged to a vehicle that pulled up along the side of the building. There were two men in that vehicle. Not positive if they worked there since they had been parked a little while before everyone else was dismissed. Although my dad was sure that one man was waiting in the car prior to dismissal and the second man got into the car and it pulled off then returned for Matt all within 10-15 minutes of the second guy exiting the building however Kim was already gone. She was the fourth person to exit that night. But no officers seem to have questioned my dad. I was a minor at the time. But it was a strange behavior from Kim and Matt.

  92. Ms. Woodruff says:

    I’d look into everyone who has commented on public media with insensitive rude remarks or even comments that seem to mock the incident, poking light onto details of the case ,see if there are connections between those people and suvs as well as living proximities. I wouldn’t put it past a killer who is sick and twisted enough to do this to children, to be some way want to still be connected to them one way or another.

    • MikeD says:

      With the nature of the internet this would be a needle in the haystack method of solving the case. Unfortunately anonymity + public forum = insensitive and rude comments. Internet 101.

  93. Alice Sheehan says:

    I am familiar with this case because I was a dance student whose recital was at Hoyt Sherman close to when this happened. I was a junior in high school and moved away from Des Moines during the summer of 1962. Now that I find relatives for family members and adoptees through DNA research, I hope that the Des Moines or state police crime labs can find grant money to pay from analyzing the DNA with an Investigative Genetic Genealogist…I would even help if I could. I have never forgotten this case as it was so horrific that people around the apartment heard her screams and no one took action immediately. I know if there is enough DNA available, the killer will be found. Every day now cold cases are being solved and the group of IGG is growing to fill this need for both victims families and also Jane/John Doe cases. God Bless her family and the cold case investigators who have continued to work this case.

  94. LuAnn says:

    No DNA Or Physical Evidence Connecting Theresa To The Crime That Is Why She Was Aquitted Of The Double Murder…
    I Have Always Had My Suspicions That This Was A Murder For Hire

  95. gay a appelhans says:

    well sweet little man 22 years ago you were brutally robbed and you life stolen from your precious heart my thoughts always turn you this time of year I will never forget that cold cold morning when you gained your angel wings,my heart aches that no one was ever held accountable for your murder you never got the chance to become a young man get married start your adult life you were robbed of that!!!what a sweet little baby you were I knew you would grow up and do good things im so sorry that was stolen from you!!!! I’m also ashamed as tax payer in iowa and union county that they haven’t held anyone accountable and just brushed it under the rug!!!!!you were a human and should have had the chance to live your life!!!!I think of you often and visist your resting place but know you arent there you are flying with the angels!!!!

  96. Tri State Girl says:

    I saw this case was covered on an episode of a podcast called Missing In America: The First 24 Hours. In the episode “Into the Darkness” Marc Allen’s brother is interviewed. According to this podcast interview Marc did have a paper route. In this article on Iowa Cold Cases it says reports first said he did have a paper route, but then it was said he didn’t. I understand he wasn’t on his route like the other two boys, but there seems to be a pattern here. This is my educated guess, but the Register really wanted to hide something. It’s been decades now, and the employees from that time might not be around anymore. So there might be some cover ups that are very hard to expose. I know it also could have been a random person who took Marc as well. There’s just so much information we don’t have, and so much time has passed.

  97. Abbey eslinger says:

    I have tried to reach out to who I can. I feel maybe nothing had been done since I was never contacted for more info/leads. When I first got my info, not too long after this horrific night, I immediately called the police. Still nothing. Less than 6mo ago I gave info to I believe a grand daughter, but no one contacted me still. I’m not sure what’s going on. The mouth I heard it from was supposedly there that night and witnessed/contributed to this crime.
    Abbey Eslinger

    • Brandi Weber says:

      Contact Melonie, patty, or I, we will take your info and give/ask detectives. And I say ask because we tell them info and give them contact information to contact source, but unfortunately because it is an ope. Case we don’t always get an answer on the tip….but I know we want this solved, we want to have justice for William and Grandma, and we want to be able to bring her home!

    • Patty Shaw says:

      Abbey, my email is you can contact me there or work phone is 847-777-2647

  98. Kim says:

    Padgett was arrested today and charged with Dennis First’s murder:

  99. Mark says:

    There was never much information exposed about this case. DNA or confession may be the only hope to solving this case. The person who did this needs to pay.

  100. Alisia Myers says:

    29 year’s now still not solved, God please take the wheel and solve this for them since no one cares to do anything else or bother to at least follow up with us the family shouldn’t be our job to do their job to communicate with them they’re the ones that supposed to be reaching out to families that they have not forgotten about my mother or others unsolved!!

    • Alisia Myers says:

      Love my mother and pray this is solved before my time comes , I will see her again and then I will know and they will not be coming to heaven because I’ll kick the door shut the devil is waiting for whoever did this to my beautiful mother she wasn’t just nobody she was somebody so let that sink in.

    • Kat Wallaze says:

      Still holding out hope that the killer will be brought to justice! Although he has to live with it in his head everyday it isn’t enough. Justice for Kathy <3

  101. arlan says:


  102. Chapulín says:

    Blacky where are youuuu

  103. CMarie says:

    could she be the Barstow Jane Doe? BJD was a female hispanic head found in a back pack Feb 10, 2010 and TOD was determined to be approx 3 days prior to discovery

  104. Tricia says:

    Are there no pictures or no other facts about this missing girl that can be posted?

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Tricia, the police should have requested a photograph. It begs the question, was she active on social media. Which many of these young people are.

      What frustrates me in many missing person’s cases, is the lack of details. Quite often investigators,hold back some details especially with certain crimes such as homicides. However, this is a missing juvenile, and the more information they obtain, can help them find her.

      So, the question is that they just assumed she ran away, and did make the effort to obtain as much information as possible.

      We don’t what she was doing, when she was last seen. When she was last seen. Did she have a job, a boyfriend, was she in school.

  105. LRN says:


  106. DC says: go to the comments section. His own Mother? Wow! 3 days before a court appearance! Just like Gerald Best court case! DCI has their fingers over this also. Doug Book’s fall down the stairs also was investigated by DCI, who was threatened by Johnson. DCI involvement in the majority of Ryerson’s cases is suspect after allegations of a cover up. A career criminal that also likes on Facebook the Iowa Department Of Public Safety page? Things that make you go hmm!

  107. DC says:

    From Erdahls appeal/ Erdahl INEFFECTIVE ASSISTANCE OF TRIAL COUNSEL,#4 failing to investigate harassing phone calls and the identity of the owner of a white pickup truck (both of which were happening to Jodi Huisentruit!)

  108. DC says:

    Another link for you. Maybe it will help!

  109. Kendra Wessels says:

    What about Kia lorez, Indian Joe, Jake Davidson, Thompson’s, Police negligence.And all in connection with Lori Alexander’s homicide??? SOLVED, m, my ass… What about the appeal, not mentioned??? Another appeal, who shot my son Shane Wessels??? And the others who helped kill my son, and never received no charges??? Guilty as shooter. Police need to be investigated here, and I can’t wait until BIRD visits here.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      I understand your frustration, with authorities in Fort Dodge in charging others in relation to your son’s death. takes evidence, such as witnesses to come forward, and physical evidence.

      These forensics programs such as CSI Las Vegas and Miami, have juries looking for forensic evidence that may not been recoverable, such as maybe trying to match up a mark one body, to a punch thrown or body part grabbed.

      Plus the authorities may have certain evidence to support their beliefs. However, the prosecutor has to say yes there is enough to go to trial, or he or she wants more to put before a jury.

      The prosecutor has to approve all felony charges, at least here in Illinois. We hear of a number of cases where people were wrongly accused of serious crimes and sentenced to jail for crimes they did not committ.

      One of them involves the disappearance, rape and murder of Theresa Fusco. 16. In Lynbrook, New York in the early 1980’s. Three men served almost 20 some years. Then DNA cleared them. However, the DA wantedcto retry one of them, based on his confession.

      However, the confession was basically written orxrewritten several times by the lead detective on the case. Also, he got wiretaps on their phones, claiming her blood was found in one of the offenders van. However, no blood was ever found in the van,. Plus he claimed that her hair was found in the van. However, the hairs he claimed were found in the van, had signs of banding. According to forensic experts this banding occurs several hours after death.

      It appears the drtective had unfettered access to the crime lab. He also never reported to any other detectives working the case or the states attorney, about a car stolen, when Theresa disappeared. The vehicle was recovered and her pants were found under the front passenger seat. However, another police agency took the evidence found, but never had it processed, andvit disappeared.

  110. Holman says:

    There is a whole lot of unsolved murders that are not even listed…I want their families to have closure and these “supposed to be a cop” have taken no time in arrest people who do drugs without a hint of searching for facts but they can’t even be honest with our community that they don’t have the guts to say there is murders that are not listed and it’s awfully funny that they want to help the community then why are they hideing behind their badges and be on the take and labeled everything as drug related and has SNITCHES that are guilty and let them get away with being involved in the murders because of being a SNITCH, I have never seen cops like Fort Dodge cops in any other town…..all I can say is Good Bless to the families that are still suffering

  111. My phone says:

    They were probably using drugs and that is why they were cleaning the scene . They did not want anyone to no they was getting messed up with a pregnant woman..

  112. cadenW says:

    Hey Mathew Ratliff I see you are decently active here and I was wondering if you and your sister are in any way related to the Jim Ratliff who was recently sent to prison for human trafficking and soliciting sex from minors?

  113. Aimee says:

    Also I believe “BRYCE PETERSON” was involved with the murder of “MOLLIE TIBBITS”, also, Bryce has “co conspirators, Megan Walford Baustian, and Ben Ardvinson” from Brooklyn, Iowa whom Bryce brought from Brooklyn Iowa after meeting her on a dating app, whom I caught in my apartment together, they were having sex, and smoking crack, when I came home to this, they shoved me in my bedroom and held the door closed so I could not get out for sometime, for 2 years they were covertededly in a relationship in my face, hone, bed etc, they are part of what “Bryce calls his perfect circle”, after I caught on Megan Walford Baustian and Ben Ardvinson went back to Brooklyn Iowa thinking they were going to “escape criminal investigation and prosecution”, to this day that’s exactly what is happening even after I have reported a multiple of times to the Iowa City Police Department, Johnson County Attorneys, and the Judges” THIS IS BEYOND CRITICAL AND SERIOUS”!!! I had previously just commented on Kenny Joe Johnsons “murder”, A concerned person!

  114. A very concerned person! says:

    I have been reporting “Bryce Laurence Peterson”, for the last 2 years now, absolutely NOTHING” My uncle is an “unsolved murder ” in Des Moines Iowa, and when I showed Bryce my uncle’s story, he brought up Kenny Johnson, I had not known about his murder until than, I grew up in Des Moines, Bryce Peterson wanted to take me to his hometown and take me to MAUS PARK, Bryce has an obsession with “males, knives, and strangulation during sex”, Bryce is a “COVERTEDED, MALIGNANT GASLIGHTING PSYCHOTIC SOCIOPATH, WITH BPD, WHO WAS EMOTIONALLY ABUSED BY INCEST, AND WAS SEXUALLY INCESTED BY 1 OR MORE FAMILY MEMBERS “! Bryce will tell you for “no apparent reason” his “adopted mom and dad” Lyle, and Jean Peterson made him leave the house as soon as he graduated from Dubuque High School, Bryce “pulled knives on me multiple times, stuck knives in my neck threatening to kill me, cut up my furniture, physically and sexually abused me with a multitude of people in 2 years and less, he was in jail over a year of the two years”, Bryce is now in PRISON NO ONE WILL INVESTIGATE HIM, FOR Kenny Joe Johnson, his family and all affected, and “All VICTIMS VICTIMIZED BY BRYCE PETERSON AND HIS PERFECT CIRCLE” SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! Thank You and God bless all of us in Jesus name! SWIFT JUSTICE!

  115. Greta says:

    Another body part was found in Keosauqua, IA (only about an hour from Burlington) from an unidentified male victim in February 2022. Just in case this may be connected.

    • DC says:

      Stop saying if you know something say something Its been said don’t ignore it. Police and DCI aren’t acting on the info given to them. That is why I’m on here to bring attention to what I’ve found out. Research the info it won’t be a waste of your time!

    • Cody says:

      Has it ever occurred to you that some of these shady characters may have reason to try and “claim responsibility” for Jodi’s disappearance? Has happened frequently with other high profile cases.

  116. Renée says:

    My thoughts are that it doesn’t take a genius or rocket science to link or connect these murdered to either WW2 or my family from WW2 I mean quite many of them are on my family tree.

  117. Carrie Larson says:

    Rhonda’s brother Bob attends the same church that I do. It would be really nice for Bob and his family to finally get some closure by finding their loved-one’s killer.

  118. B says:

    What I find odd is that the B-I-L, Anthony Jackson, has no headstone. Jodi and their two kids share a headstone, but Anthony Sr;s name is nowhere to be found. There’s no separate headstone listed for him anywhere else either. It seems pretty obvious that he’s the one that killed Traci, but sadly hasn’t been proven.

  119. Duane Kruse says:

    Harold Kempf cheated justice. He died in 2021.

  120. Katie says:

    Has there been any up dates? why don’t we put this on 48hrs or cold case !! we know the truth. What ever happened at the trailer was not good!! Craig was kill by his brother because he wanted to tell the truth!! So Jeff and Kevin got away with murder

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Katie, I agree that the members of the Petersen family and Jeff Daly are responsible for the death of Kim. He borrows a car and pesters her to ride with him to pick up another girl for the party. Instead he takes her to a trailer and she ends up dead. He makes no effort to call 911 to get immediate medical attention for her.

      Then the authorities sort of hide the fill extent of her injuries, Then they appear not to conduct a full investigation. Then the police identify Kim, as Jeff’s girlfriend. I assume they never interviewed Kim’s family, since they told them the full extent of her injuries.

      Then one of the Petersen brothers died after an argument with his brother. Their mother appears to be non-chalant about the death of her son, possibly at the hands of another son, and their possible involvement in the death of of Kim.

      These are adults whose actions resulted in the death of a minor, and the authorities take action or hold anyone responsible. I guess the residents of this community are okay with this.

      A good lawyer, would look at filing wrongful death lawsuits at Jeff and the Petersens. Then we can get to the truth.

    • Julie Rose Loose says:

      No I have not heard anything.

    • Julie Rose Loose says:

      No updates. Thank you for asking.

  121. Cody says:

    Poor guy survived WWII only to have some gutless punk shoot him for nothing.

  122. Upoppatorra says:

    Most likely became intoxicated the night of new years eve and was abducted. She was last seen out around a large area of apartments so it is possible one of the residents of these apartments at the time might have something to do with it

  123. LakeLife says:

    She’s 7 months pregnant, gets into a fight with her bf & he says she gets out & chooses to walk the rest of the way at 7 months pregnant?
    I have a hard time buying this.
    I feel like he didn’t want the responsibility & that’s what they were fighting about.
    I feel like it gout out of hand & she ended up dead.
    Praying this is resolved.

  124. LakeLife says:

    Praying the truth comes out

  125. LakeLife says:

    Praying they are able to find his wife!

    • Patty says:

      Here we are almost to the 12 year mark. I can honestly say I was hoping this would all be over by now. Why we can’t get this case solved is frustrating as hell. Someone knows what happened and who did this…please step up and help get us answers to why…….

  126. LakeLife says:

    Praying she is found!

  127. Kyla says:

    Are these old cold case is still being worked on? I want to help solve a cold case. Is there a place we can find out more information? For example was their DNA put in CODIS? It would be beneficial if some of these cases were opened up to the public to try to solve, especially old cold cases like this.

  128. Russ Heiser says:

    Feathers Plucked per say Turkey. SEEMS reveals a HAM per say? More SO than a TURKEY. I had both this year.

  129. Shaneice Santiago says:

    Very unfortunate she was beautiful

  130. Liz says:

    I do not have any first-hand information about this case, but found my way to this webpage as I grew up in the area.

    In reading the case description, one thing I noticed that was unique physically about Ben was that he had been in an accident and sustained a skull fracture. Given the length of time between when he went missing and today, I suspect that Ben is likely deceased, but wondered if his remains may have been found but not properly identified as his. So I went to and started searching for any unidentified remains that might match his physical description. I did find one record I thought might be worth following up on. Here is the summary of the information with a link:

    White male, between 20-50 years old. Estimated height of 5’9. No estimated date of death. Found on December 3, 2012, when a hunter discovered skeletal remains in an area of wooded brush, several yards from any roadway in Sauget, Illinois.

    Distinctive Physical Features – The decedent sustained a blunt force head injury resulting in a skull fracture during life. It is likely that medical records and imaging exist for the decedent as a result of this trauma. The decedent also sustained a broken nose during life.


    Again, I have no first-hand knowledge of this case, and there is a lot that doesn’t match up here, such as the remains being found in Sauget, Illinois, which is a 4 ½ hour drive from Clinton. The description of clothing and coins found near the remains also doesn’t seem to match what Ben was wearing/had in his possession when he disappeared. However, the injuries to these remains were similar to injuries Ben sustained in life, and while the Iowa Cold Case description does not mention a broken nose, in reviewing his pictures, it appears he sustained a broken nose in the same area depicted in the FBI’s facial approximation image for these remains.

    I hope the sharing of this information does not cause any of Ben’s loved ones additional heartache. I am sincerely sorry if it does. However, as several family and friends seem to monitor this page, I figured it was worth sharing on the off chance its a lead that has not already been investigated.

    • M. Kathleen says:

      He is still alive, as of last summer and I believe he’s still alive now.

      If someone can help me get in contact with someone who might be looking for him, other than the police or anyone in the public sector who would be intimidating. Preferably a person who he’s been close with in the past or someone that has a history in missing persons cases: I would like to meet with you and discuss this further.

      My email address is or

      I have a lot more information about a lot more missing persons and it’s been very difficult to find the right person to talk about this with.

  131. Jodie says:

    Any new leads or updates on the case just read about it on reddit

    • LakeLife says:

      Is he even still alive?

      • John S says:

        Yes, he is still alive. I still find it hard to see him doing this. He was my 6th grade teacher, I’ve known him for most of my life. A lot of people pointing fingers at him without even knowing him.

  132. James Knapp says:

    I am surprised that the information given regarding Ms Christopher now Mrs. Slaughter has not been looked into.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Mr. Knapp, thanks for the information you submitted. However, the names you provided are nice, but law enforcement needs further information on these two individuals. Thus would include a date of birth, also what information that you might know that connects them to the crime. Besides having a criminal history, for this type of crime.

      One of the other problems in this case, is that the original murder took place in 1966. Then the letter naming the woman, came in 1976. We don’t know if the original case reports still exist. Also, do they still have any physical evidence, such as fingerprints, shell cases, etc.

      Also, a district attorney has to look at the evidence and say yes or no to approving charges.

  133. Don Hanson says:

    I am Patty’s first cousin, her father and my mother are brother and sister. I just learned about this today, decided to do some research. Don’t know anything about who is who either. Have never heard any talk of any kind, Patty died in 2014

  134. Ron (Henkins) Iverson was adopted not by choice says:

    Maybe some day there will be someone with a decent soul to help solve this case for my Dad and Debbie, god rest their souls. Ray had one Child me and that is it to the person above that does not no what they are talking about.

  135. Cheri Frye (Cheryl Marie Wells) says:

    I’m Larry’s little sister.. I’m still waiting for justice for my brother and cousin’s brutal murders. Please don’t give up.

  136. DC says:

    Look into Aaron P Ryerson

    • batman says:

      Why are you suggesting this guy for multiple cases? i.e. Elaine Doris, Roberta Crawford, etc ???

      • DC says:

        Elaine Doris I’ve never heard of her. It might of came up in your search wrong. Because I’m looking at him as a serial killer. Murder for hire type that killed for Dustin Honken. Paid with meth and cash just like Dennis Putzier was promised in Woodbury county jail. He was attending Western Iowa Tech somewhat close to Ida Grove and he should be checked on. I’ve went to authorities 3 yrs ago and nothing has been done. Connie’s jawbone is similar to a case in Mason City ( Jane I. Schreur) which is Aaron’s stomping grounds. I’m hoping this will jog some memories and light a fire under some feet.

        • batman says:

          I see…do you have any information on him? I can’t seem to find anything and I’m interested in him in relation to another case.

  137. Roberta says:

    Is John Wakefield still alive ? And why have they not work to get closure ?

    • Megan M says:

      I did some searching and I think he still is. In his 70s and is living in South Dakota. Wish they would reopen this and test those bone fragments with todays technology. It’s very clear what happened here.

  138. glenn kresge says:

    You be good to call the State! Iowa has DCI criminal Investigation.

  139. Kyle says:

    I’ve always had my own theory. People ask how no one woke up? I have always believed. They invited someone they knew over for dinner. Or they were hiding in the attic. Thus the uneaten food. And they had some how drugged everyone in the house. Through their food. Therefore they never woke during the attacks. This happened way before forensic science. So who knows.

  140. Amber says:

    If any of the family of Colleen reads this you may want to follow the Donal Studey investigation in Thurman Iowa. Lucy Studey Mckiddy his daughter claims he killed multiple people and was witness to it. One of the people she claims was a 15 year old which is close to Colleen’s age. You may want to follow this case if they are able to excavate and find remains.

  141. Amber says:

    Long shot but Donald Studey investigation in Thurman Iowa. Lucy Studey McKiddy claims one of the murdered victims was 15 and Colleen was 14. I just felt like I should mention this in case they find remains. I’ve continuously thought of this girl since I moved to Bedford. In case someone is reading this who’s family you may want to follow that case.

  142. Ligma Balls says:

    John Hossack an L for this

  143. Neighbor says:

    I lived right around the corner and walked down to Hyvee the same night and time as he went missing. I would have walked down the same block he did. Always wondered if I missed something, If I would have seen something if I was looking around.

  144. Marcie Feather says:

    Was there an investigation done at the time or during the time she was identified? Cause of death? Any issues in her personal life at the time? Cold cases are solved everyday with news fresh eyes and attention.

  145. Marcie says:

    Here we are in 2022. Has there been any DNA evidence processed? Even though hard to process but if DNA was not collected at the time, there is an option for exhuming the sweet baby and with advances in ancestral DNA and the popularity it might be worth a chance at finally getting justice for him.

  146. Chris says:

    Why would there be a Boy Scout camp-out in February? It’s the second coldest month of the year, on average, in Iowa. Were they actually sleeping in tents outside or would they have been in a building? I find it kind of bizarre to be camping outside in the winter. Most campgrounds in Iowa are closed that time of year.

    • Jim Farrell says:

      I found that alarming too but apparently it was the norm.
      I never fell in with extra curricular activites so I’m no one to judge.
      It does appear strange though that not only was it cold February but they were also playing outdoors AT NIGHT.
      That poor family.

  147. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    This case is frustrating. Mr. Anderson is found injured on November 30, 1987, and dies the next day. There are no details, on how he was injured. I guess he purposely walked real fast into a brick wall, and the medical examiner could not figure out how he died.

    So, the police department keeps it a secret to protect the investigation. So But wants the public’s help to them figure out how he was injured. So, I guess providing a few tidbits, such as was he shot, stabbed, beaten, thrown off a tall building.

    So, he has been dead over 30 some years and the Davenport Police are still protecting the investigation. Maybe they don’t want the public to know that they mishandled something in the investigation.

    Here in Chicago, two girls ages 17cand 13 were found murdered in September 1972, in Washington Park. They were shot with a .32 caliber firearm, also their bodies were positioned in the shape of the letter VEE. Their murder has not been solved, but we know the cause of death and the caliber of firearm used.

    I later learned from someone, that the 17 year old girl, worked at the restaurant and motel for truckers. However, the place was owned by a member of the Chicago Mob, who worked for some senior mob leaders in the Bridgeport section of Chicago.

    I recently came across a book about unsolved murder in Canaryvill section of Chicago. Canaryville borders Bridgeport. A high school senior was shot in a drive by in the same time frame. The shooting was witnessed and they went to the police. However, the offender was the son of a local mob guy, so he was protected by his dear old dad, and the senior leadership of the Chicago Police Department, and the mayor.

    The offender later shot and killed his girlfriend with a .32 caliber firearm. Again he was protected by fear old dad.

    But, at least we have some details to work with. So, maybe someday the Davenport Police will admit to some details before a certain place freezes over.

  148. Lincoln says:

    Who exactly reported that she was planning to hitchhike to Iowa City, and also who exactly reported seeing her hitchhiking around 6pm the evening of the 18th? Also, why could the firearm used never be identified? From what I understand 4 rounds were discharged and the caliber or make, model or the gun was never revealed.

  149. Russ Heiser says:

    Another “Turkey Day” or “Ham”?
    Anything to Add? The DIVERS and probally “Cavers”!

  150. Matt Drury says:

    I have been told twice,
    that jeffrey bond was the killer via his daughter and friend, Bond died last year. I dont believe anyone jokes about stuff like that.

  151. LuAnn says:

    Happy Heavenly 30th Birthday John Jr….You Have Touched So Many Lives & & Will Always Be Loved ..

    Remembering You Today & Always
    Forever In Our Hearts ❤🎈🍦🎂

    Thinking Of The Snyder Family Today ❤🙏
    God Bless

    • John Snyder says:

      Thank you LuAnn — as his killer sits in a Wisconsin prison only to be released in July 2024 we can only imagine what madness grows. This person, IMO, is a classic example of a sociopath with no feelings or remorse whatsoever. The most dangerous of the dangerous. The DCI guys commented that, “he’s something” when I asked about the conversations with him. He did try to kill his girlfriend, but got the attempted murder charge dropped. I guess he had threatened to kill her whole family too. Yeah, he’s a real gem. Good luck Wisconsin.

  152. C says:

    “At the time, Matlock was dressed in a white Denver Broncos ‘Terrell Owens’ jersey, blue jeans and black Nike tennis shoes.”

    Terrell Owens never played for the Denver Broncos. This is misleading. I would guess he was wearing a Terrell Davis jersey.

    Not a big deal and most likely not enough to make a difference but thought it should be pointed out.

  153. Debbie Poyer says:

    Why have they not done reverse DNA? I heard they had a person of interest and this may have been a murder for hire. She was a good person and did not deserve this.

  154. no says:

    Extreme negligence on the part of police department. I’d sue the hell out of them.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      I find it really incredible, that if the local agencies had no one properly trained to process the crime scene. This did not take place in the 1950’s, 60’s or 1970’s, but in 2007.

      They should had an agreement, with the DCI, another law enforcement agency, FBI or whoever to someone process the crime scene.

      Also, they should have also had the building restricted and posted no entry until the fire department of state fire marshal could certify that it was safe for entry.

      The FBI has mobile crime scene teams that are trained, and could have been requested.

  155. DC says:

    There is a tie to him and other cold cases like Jodi Huisentruit, Bobbi Crawford, Ashley Okland, Brian Blachut and possibly Connie Ruddy. Also two cases not cold yet.

    • Beau A Smith says:

      Why tied to all these other people?

      • DC says:

        The media has dropped hints on who it is for awhile now. I’ve just been able to string them together with the information given. So they know who it is because he is working as an informant with a little side job as a serial killer! This is huge! DCI MCPD CGSO all are covering this up.

  156. Merlyn Sanchez says:

    Sounds like one of DeBardeleben’s crimes. I wonder if he’s been looked into.

  157. Joseph Rolland Wilmot says:

    I believed what my family said at the time and still believe to this day. A Dubuque Police officer committed this crime. It was known as a police restaurant and officers were known to be there at all hours. There is a reason no progress was ever made in this case and the only reason is because an officer was involved. Back then the Dubuque police was known to ” protect the badge ” at all cost. I was raised in that town in an area known then as the “flats” and I can attest to just how crocked the PD was back then. 1 honest cop in the bunch and that was “Pig Smitty”. He had a pigs head belt buckle and a tattoo the said “proud to be a pig” with a pigs head on his forearm.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Mr. Wilmot. I would agree with you, but her murder actually look like a rage killing. It appears someone was upset with her, for whatever reason.

      I agree that the crime scene was mishandled, but then that was sort of the way, things were done, back then. How, the crime scene is handled and processed, including taking pictures can provide many answers. It surprises me that she was hidden in a cooler. The other thing, that bugs me is this is a restaurant, yet there is no cook. Did she do everything at this place.

      There have been any number of women killed by being stabbed more than the 30 times that Jackie was. A 18-year-woman, was found murdered in New Jersey. She died on blunt force trauma, to both sides of her head. Then she was stabbed 66 times after she was already dead from a skull fracture. This incident took place in 1965.

      In Wisconsin another young woman, working late to answer the phones at a manufacturing plant, was stabbed to death over 100 times. Her boyfriend was looked at. However, hexwas basic training and laterxshipped out for Vietnam. He was killed in action.

      Plus, the weapon of choice was a pair of scissors, and not a knife. A knife in a restaurant would definitely be a weapon of choice.

      You refer to the area called the flats. I assume that is an area from the A & B bar was down towards the river. I am somewhat familiar with Dubuque. Have not been there in a number of years. I remember the single lane toll bridge going to Wisconsin, and the restaurant there.

  158. DC says:

    Better hurry he is in the CGSO jail!

  159. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I have a few questions. They were last seen at an auction in Stuart. It makes me wonder if they purchased something, that someone wanted really badly and was outbid. Maybe it was something they might have sold at that auction.

    Then we have their truck stolen and then dumped 200 miles away. Which seem a long way to drive a vehicle and dump it. Also, I wonder what route they may have taken to get from Norwalk, to Kansas City. Such as taking Interstate-35 or U.S. Highway 69. It might be that Kay, body was dumped along the way.

    But, why take her along. Was it someone they knew and trusted, and if they truck was seen by driven by a stranger might have attracted attention. But. If she was along for the ride, it would be okay.

    Another question is does the auction house, have any clients in Kansa City, that they might send them a flyer about the auction.

    • Brandi Weber says:

      These are all good questions that we asked back when this all began. Unfortunately we have little to no information. William’s truck did have on star but what they have found from that we do not know. The dci did go to auction house but no information of what came of that has been shared. We have gotten vague timelines as to when they left the auction (sometime around its ending) when the truck arrived at the apartment complex in Missouri. (Late afternoon early evening) and the fire started around 11 pm…….most of what we have are rumours, and not very many answers or updates from the DCI…..William was shot multiple times, whoever did this to them is still out there. They deserve justice and we the family deserve answers….Thank you all who are helping keep this alive with questions, sharing the story or fliers on Facebook etc. And even for the theories and questions I disagree with! (My grandmother did not do this to William she too is a victim) but I understand speculating and wondering and as upsetting as it is to see that too keeps their story out there. So again Thank You!

      • Magicgem says:

        My sincere condolences on the loss of your mother Kay and William. I am just learning of this case. Could you please tell me if your uncle Ross Allen has any relation to Richard Matthew Allen? Thank you.

  160. Adrienne says:

    I don’t understand this at all. An test costs a few hundred bucks – why on earth can’t the DNA be run through a database like that? What am I missing?

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      I am sorry but the testing and the necessary research runs about $5000.00. However, there are organizations that take donations and provide the funds the do the testing

      I have come across an individual who has kicked his own money to find the cost of the tests.

      • doofy says:

        id say lets do it regardless of cost. its amazing how much our local and federal government will waste on endless wars and funding ukraine but will not even blink an eye to figure out whose child this was

  161. Cathy Neumann says:

    I have been reading through all of the comments regarding William and Kay Wood. I am the oldest child of Kay. She has six children three live in Iowa and three live in Maine. I live in Maine and I can tell you it is very difficult for us to believe that we still have no information regarding the disappearance of our mother. I see lot of posting regarding William. He was a wonderful man and so good to my mother. They visited me in Maine once a year and would have been making the annual trip after William’s birthday. Although sad William’s family has some closure as they have their father’s body. We have nothing, we have no closure. All we are asking at this time is to find out where our mother is so that we can have some closure. Find her and worry about who did it later. I have started letter writing to Warren County Sheriff Dept. regarding the case as they are handling the case. It is very confusing as to who is doing what sometimes I don’t know if the right hand knows what the left is doing, but I keep hoping that they come up with something. Don’t want this to be a cold case. If you know anything about where to find our mother please, please let someone know

    • Melonie L. Wood says:

      I believe you are right. Although we all would love closure as to who and why. Knowing what happened to To Kay should be top of the list. We both lost the people we loved that night. But we only know what happened to my father and were able to lay him to rest. I’ve never stopped thinking about Kay or wondering if it may be possible to lay her to rest also. We all need answers. Please believe me when I say my heart feels your pain and your loss. This case needs to be re opened.

  162. James Knapp says:

    The couple were Catherine Christopher Slaughter and Rodney Layne Johnson. Both were U of I students.

  163. Arthur Capriotti says:

    I knew Steve when he lived in New Jersey. He worked for me for a couple of years. He would often talk about his two sisters and his grandmother back in Iowa. I hope they find out what happened to him.
    Art Capriotti

  164. Ken Whitehead II says:

    I was 4 years old when this happened, and I lived right next door. My mom, who is now deceased, always said she believed that Darleen was buried under the basement floor. She believed this because she said she was awakened in the middle of the night to the sounds of loud banging coming from the corner house. She didn’t remember for sure what the date was, but she felt it coincided with the date that this woman disappeared. My mom and Darleen were neighborly friends and were only a year apart in age. I’m sure my parents were probably interviewed by the police at some point during the investigation due to their bedroom being directly next to the Fitchett home. I sincerely hope that at some point, if her remains are really buried at 717 Franklin, someone will find them so she can have a proper burial…

    • Janette Fitchett Stutsman says:

      Ken Whitehead II, thank you for stopping by Mother’s Cold Case site. Mother’s body was not found in the basement during the DMPD dig there. I can only imagine what plans Father had to dispose of her body. Like the “Bog Man” what is left of her will be found someday. Remember to honor Jodi who keeps my Mother in our memory. I must say I am mortified that your Mum and Dad had to hear the disturbing things going on in that house that night.

      • Julia Day Torres says:

        Jeanette Stutsman, I would love to talk you. [Edited by Admin]

        • Janette Fitchett Stutsman says:

          Julia Day Torres, As I explained to my high school sweetheart, Mother’s Cold case site is the incorrect forum for anyone to be discussed except Mother and her murder. Respect for Jody and her work is a sacred thing to my Family. My reclusive life is of no interest to you. Please move forward with your life, not back.

      • Cindy Haffner says:

        Dear Janette Stutsman! I hope you remember me! [Edited by Admin]

        • Janette Fitchett Stutsman says:

          Cindy Haffner, thank you for visiting Mother’s cold case site.I am happy that you are blessed and healthy .Please remember this site is not Facebook. It is a serious work to forward the investigation of the unsolved murder of Darleen Fitchett. Unless you have new information pertaining to this case please don’t post on this site.

  165. DC says:

    Look into Aaron Ryerson

    • Justice says:

      Why do you think it’s him?

      • DC says:

        He’s on my radar for other Iowa Cold Cases. Moved to W Des Moines 2 weeks prior to her death and 5 miles from the murder scene. Looks to be the muscle for the late Dustin Honken and Angela Johnson’s drug ring. I would say this was a murder for hire on a drug debt by someone close to Ashley.

  166. DC says:

    Look into Aaron Ryerson

    • DC says:

      Looks like he is a murder for hire type person. Blunt force trauma like Mildred Clemenson and Terry DeGeus.

      • DC says:

        Post on eve of murder Nov. 16 2012 between these two went like this.

        “hey whats up
        Miguel Angel Zapata
        Q then
        See Original (Spanish)
        Aaron Ryerson
        If no problems here and you?
        See Original (Spanish)
        Miguel Angel Zapata
        Nothing all right
        See Original (Spanish)
        Something that should be checked out!

  167. DC says:

    Look into Aaron Ryerson

  168. DC says:

    Look into Aaron P Ryerson

    • DC says:

      It will tie everything together with Jodi Huisentruit, Gerald Best, Bobbi Crawford, Brian Blachut, Mildred Clemenson, Ashley Okland.

  169. DC says:

    Look into Aaron P Ryerson

  170. DC says:

    Look into Aaron P Ryerson

  171. DC says:

    Look into Aaron P Ryerson

    • MikeD says:

      I’m sure they have, if I recall his name is all over Dustin Honken trial. Mason City PD has clearly shown us who they suspect with these GPS warrant years ago,.

      • DC says:

        And it didn’t pan out to charges against JV! The police have accusations of being involved. May I remind you of the years that have gone by in control of MCPD? Did you see the part where he was using the meth without paying for it? That was his payment for being the muscle of the drug ring. Honken offered drugs and money to an inmate to kill for him! Much more can be said about other cases he is involved in but this is a start.

        • DC says:

          Mike you can’t ignore that he lived 3 months with a murder victim the exact amount of time that the victim was under a drug investigation. A career criminal who is never in jail when these Iowa Cold Cases happen. Honken never planning to kill a person using his drugs for free? He lived 1 block from Vansice house in Mason City, 1.5 miles from Key appts. 3/4 of a mile from Bobbi Crawford, moved to West Des Moines 2 weeks before and 5 miles away from Ashley Okland!

          • DC says:

            Or that a man came into the Colony Inn in Ventura Iowa saying he was involved with the disappearance of Jodi. Who was murdered 3 weeks later (Jackie Folkerts)! Description and license plate given to police! Now if the description matched Vansice or Jackson that would’ve been investigated right? Who is this mysterious person?

            • DC says:

              deaths I believe are associated with Aaron Ryerson

              Greg Nicholson
              Lori Duncan, and her two daughters, Kandi and Amber
              Terry DeGeus
              Brian Richard Blachut
              Billy Pruin
              Jodi Sue Huisentruit
              Connie Ruddy
              Mildred Adaline “Millie” Clemenson
              Jackie Folkerts
              Cristopher Axiotis
              Bobbi Crawford
              Gerald E. Best
              Doug Book
              Francine A. Ryerson
              Ashley Okland
              Ethan Kazmerzak
              Jane Schreur
              Daniel Belt
              Melissa Jo Olson

              • Kim says:

                The murder of Jackie Folkerts in 1999 was committed by Brad Erdahl. DNA from the scene was matched to him and he admitted to killing her. Doesn’t look like anyone else was ever involved in her death.
                Billy Pruin’s death is considered an accident by his family, as per their own investigation into it. He was carrying the gun and somehow it went off (theory is he tripped) and killed him. I think his daughters would like people to stop thinking his death was a murder or somehow connected to Jodi Huisentruit’s disappearance.

                • DC says:

                  Brad Erdahl had a passenger in his car the night of the murder. 3 weeks after she had someone come in to her work and say they had something to do with Jodi’s disappearance. I’m thinking it was Ryerson who put him up to it if not helped. As for Billy I don’t believe that theory. Bednar has said that Billy went on some of Vansice boat outings.

                  • DC says:

                    before she had someone come in to her work and say they had something to do with Jodi’s disappearance.

                  • Cody says:

                    I think you clearly are off on your own “island” with some of your theories. Billy Pruin very clearly and obviously died in a terrible accident. Haven’t you studied the evidence? And JV is 100% responsible for what happened to Jodi. Look at the timeline. The events leading up to. He lied about her being over at his place the night before. Why do you suppose he did that? Look at the birthday party video. Him picking her up and holding her like she is his in his mind. Classic case of “if I can’t have you no one ever will” by a man with a very aggressive, hair-trigger temper.

                    • DC says:

                      There was no gun residue found on his body. And from the forum on he had been pointing out dealers to Jodi. Nothing is wrong with that. I would protect a friend the same way. As I posted earlier Aaron lived 1 block from Vansice’s house. Vansice and Ryerson know what happened to Jodi and Billy.

                    • Kim says:

                      I’d like to know what proof there is that Pruin was on the Vansice boat outings. He was never mentioned as being on the trips in any of the documentaries or books or interviews about Jodi’s case.

                      I also read over Brad Erdahl’s case and there was no mention in any of the articles that were available or even in his appeals that there was a passenger in his car the night he killed Jackie. I think if there’d been someone else with him, he would’ve thrown that person under the bus and said they were the killer.

                      Angela Johnson and Dustin Honken were the killers of DeGeus, Nicholson, Duncan and her daughters. Again, no other person was mentioned as being involved in those murders besides those two. And they were both cagey enough to have thrown another person under the bus in a hot minute in order to save their own evil skins.

                      I just don’t think this Ryerson is the criminal mastermind who is behind a bunch of the unsolved cases in northern Iowa. The MO’s are different, the victims are different, the case situations are different. Even the investigating agencies are different, so even if one agency missed evidence in one of the crimes, surely another agency would’ve found evidence in the crime they were investigating. So if he’s behind all of them, why hasn’t there been any evidence to link him to them? If he’s cocky enough to pull off that many crimes, you’d think he’d get sloppy somewhere and leave DNA or trace evidence behind.

              • Beau Smith says:

                Hey do you know why he could be tied to Melissa Jo Olson’s death? Wasnt hers a accidental death?

  172. YODA says:

    I made a comment, and checked spelling twice, yet comment appears with spelling errors! GRRRR!

  173. YODA says:

    Common denominators; The boys were paper boys, they all were abducted
    In the Des Moines area, they were all the same age group,. Look for what is there that belongs there,Molokai for what belongs there but is missing, look for what is there tha should not be, and ask who stands to gain from the actions taken. Ask who was in the area, and left the area after the crime/s.
    Ask who acts “that way” and check if they bought handcuffs, rope, condoms

    • Anji says:

      Maybe the 2 year gap was because the perp was incarcerated or assigned to work out of the area.

      • Tri State Girl says:

        Here’s my theories:

        -Maybe a lot of kids were sexually attacked, but only a few were killed. Millhouse had other victims, as did other pedophiles from the Des Moines Register, like Frank Sykora and his older brother. Those kids weren’t killed. Other pedophiles in that area had victims who weren’t killed.

        -Maybe the sicko that did this gave a sick treat to themselves, and killed a kid every few years on a holiday.

        -Maybe there were attempts that we don’t know about. After the last boy, Marc, went missing the kidnappings stopped. This conveniently happened after Millhouse was arrested. There were also other pedophiles in Des Moines busted around that time. However, there were kidnapping attempts until 1989. Then it all stops. I don’t know what happens in 1989 that finally ends it all.

        -Maybe the kidnapper moved around to different states and towns. To avoid being caught.

  174. Carol Gottberg says:

    Could the young man be the missing paperboy Johnny Gosch. He bears a resemblance?

  175. Adam M. says:

    “Sheriff Burt Muir says he thinks the case will be solved quickly.”

    “I believe this is going to get solved. How quick I’m not sure, but it’s going to get solved,” the sheriff said.\

    Yet still cold case? Wonder what fell through?

    • Aaron Miner says:

      There are people who believe I had something to do with Ryan’s death and to be truthful I don’t understand how someone would even mention My name unless that same someone had something to hide.
      I also want to include that there once was a female officer of Leon by the name of Blake Kofoid who once told Me something I will never forget. She was in tears when She told Me She believed Me and that She knew I had no part in His death. She stated that there was a female who was not in uniform in decatur County who had the authority to discontinue DCI’s investigation with the case. Something about lack of evidence and I believe some political BS concerning jurisdiction or the length in timing of the investigation. Furthermore I do understand now and am led to have determined and in My own belief that the woman She didn’t know who but the woman She had spoke to Me about is Lisa Jeanes whom is also known as the decatur County district attorney. Lisa Jeanes has a nephew who is named Nick Phelps whom I am led to believe is one individual behind Ryan’s death. I pray that Ryan’s family and others as well as Myself will one day see the justice that is deserved! I wish I knew more that I could say however I must leave that to Ryans family. More specifically His Mother Tammy. I am so sorry that I was not there to help Ryan when He needed it the most and if He is watching I just gotta say that I Love Him like a brother and I will never stop piecing the facts. Fact is Belinda Reed You are guilty of knowing some critical information in regards to this. Also why was Ryan’s FBT never spoken of when found and pulled out the ditch next day on h45 north of leon. Also what about this gun that Ben Grove had spoken of seeing when interacting with either Ryan’s babies momma or Nick Phelps or the two individuals altogether. May We solve this one day and place all corrupt officials on the stand and out of office. Lisa Jeanes You are protecting either Your nephew or You are protecting Your interests. I’m confused because I thought all people had to follow by the same rules and laws which are supposed to be applied to US all but I guess just as Angela Hill gets special treatment from the prosecution so does Lisa Jean’s and all other corrupt officials or non officials working amongst Us with legal authority in the Decatur County iowa and other surrounding areas!!! Try to prove Me wrong and U may just solve this case!

  176. Michelle Christie says:

    Just watched Accused, I believe the ‘evidence’ doesn’t prove or disprove John. The whole time I was leaning towards the father Bill’s involvement but I don’t think that was clear cut either. I think the whole investigation was conducted with tunnel vision and Ludwick/Ludwig (whatever his name) was embarrassing and proved he never followed up because he went with his own judgement! Not facts! I personally don’t believe Jason committed this crime.

    • Paula Jones says:

      I agree fully. Sadly once tunnel vision becomes the direction of any case the evidence does not take the investigator/s in the right direction. This case may never truly be solved because Ludwig’s tunnel vision meant that many issues were not followed up on and quite possibly evidence was ignored that didn’t fit his theory.
      As someone who studied Criminology, I struggle to understand his thinking and his processes. Whether a Cold Case Team could solve this case is something that without all the complete facts is doubtful
      So many lives have been ruined completely because of this very sad case. Not only did they loose a wife, mother, daughter, sister etc but false accusations hang over all involved as long as the true culprit is not caught, send to trial and found guilty. My prayer is that the Police finally do their job right and start from scratch with open hearts and minds and follow only the evidence to it rightful conclusion.

  177. Tina L McAninch says:

    Hi Betsy. Wanted to ask if there has been any updates to your Dad? Your Dad had dated my mom. Your Dad was always very sweet towards me. Always had a smile on his face and was so welcoming when I would see him at my moms. I pray there will be a day your family receives resolution for your Dad.

    • Lindsey Thomas says:

      Hey there will be because I will never give up to finding him. So bill jr better know that!! Because we are fighting for Douglas. I have video of of grandpa loyal there and it’s great to hear his voice and see him. Even though I never met him before!! I’m loyal s grand daughter, and I am the one who will solve this case I promise u that!!

  178. anon says:

    This is the newest video on his Youtube account that has had the name changed.

    Anyway, if you go in to 57 seconds, there is a written statement:
    “Jesse Nimaja y Abel Efebo unidos por siempre tiene un relacion.” This means Jesse Nimaja and Abel Efebo are united forever and have a relationship.

    Seems to me like Jesse might be a child predator.

  179. anon says:

    One of his aliases is “Juan Carlos Simay Nimaja.” The “Simay” is likely “Simaj.” Here is a facebook for someone with that purported name:

    If you save his photo and do a google image search, it’s actually a photo of a Spanish rapper named Porta.

  180. Raychel says:

    Jeff Gannon is Johnny.. changed his name few times but always keeps the initials the poor soul here thinking he’s Jonny needs help .. noreen has personally met jeff now and they’re keeping that private . You must understand that Jeff is in a very special situation and only those privy to that information know. Noreen and Jeff are in contact and that is all I will say so please respect their privacy and to that man who thinks he’s Johnny . It’s very sad that you are experiencing this . Please get help and for the missing memories in you’re life please don’t add other people’s memories to suit you I’m sure you will find the truth eventually. I’d like to add this even though it’s all very sad , noreen is full welll in the knowledge regarding what happened to Johnny and has some sort of peace of mind now and will not be looking further on the quest to find Johnny as she doesn’t have to now . Make if it what you will but please like we asked leave the family alone and Thankyou fir all of you’re concern over the years .

  181. Gramma says:

    My memory isn’t great, but I seem to remember a mcdonald ave having a 50313 zip code. If that’s correct, the address would be a north and south street, just north of Euclid.

  182. Katherine Clark says:

    Soon will be 7 years and still not a lead or nothing while my son was taken just a cold case. With no answer

  183. C says:

    I am a life long resident of Des Moines. Born and raised. I am not familiar with McDonald Ave. Even when I google it, nothing comes up. Is it possible the street name has changed since this awful murder? Just trying to find out where this took place. I haven’t heard of Frank’s place either but I’m sure it’s a different business now.

    • Kat Clark says:

      McDonald is at the intersection of Dixon and Euclid Ave. McDonald is north of Euclid while Dixon is on the south side of Euclid. If you go north, Franks Place was on the west side of the street on the corner of McDonald and Madison Ave. It has a chain link fence surrounding the building and is now a detail shop I believe. The gun man shot dad from across the street on top of the hill. Dad worked at Ford Implement factory that was at the end of McDonald Ave where it T’s into Aurora Ave. Frank, the owner lived just behind the bar in a brick house at 1707 Madison Ave. Hopefully this helps with you finding the place.

      • Patrick Kerrigan says:

        Kat, it seems your information points to the gunman, being in a different location, then what is posted on this forum. So, it could point to someone specifically targeting your father and not for the money and beer stolen.

        Also, there is no information on the caliber of firearm identified. That is something missing in the public information on many shootings and murders

        Sometimes, the authorities identify the caliber, sometimes they don’t. In one cold case in Chicago, from the early 1970’s, the girls were shot in the head, with a .42ccaliber firearm. In another cold case in Elgin, Illinois, a young girl was taken from her farm home and shot with a small caliber firearm. Which makes me wonder, why that information was withheld.

        So, it could be that someone had a grudge, either a fellow employee from where he worked or possibly blamed him for some slight.

        We periodically hear of gang bangers shooting someone because he disrespected the shooter. We routinely hear of rap artists who get shot or murdered around the country.

  184. Fiona says:

    Who wrote this article

  185. norma black says:

    See my post on facebook.

  186. […] was adopted at 18. Harry was adopted by Mark&apos;s grandparents when he was just a few months old. Iowa Cold Cases reports that Mark told Dateline, "That&apos;s how me and Harry became brothers. We don&apos;t […]

  187. Omaha PaperBoy says:

    Three person of interest that should be looked at.

    #1: Jerry Wintz: Jerry was part of the 5 guys that went to prison for the child sex ring. He was Chatsworth The Reindeer at Merle Hay May and lived at 6114 Rollins Avenue ( 8 minutes from where Johnny was kidnapped ). What interesting about Jerry is if you look at the profile of the Omaha Paperboys the FBI said the killer would be a loner and would take jobs that would interact with children and most likely be a soccer coach or scoutmaster which John J. Joubert was a scout leader. Jerry is involved in the Boy Scouts Sexual Cases. He doesn’t look like the person in the sketch and was 235lbs, but depending on his sex ring he may be involved in some way. Jerry worked at the Iowa State Fair – I find it odd that Johnny left for his paper route without his dad because he was going to go to the Iowa State Fair and Eugene article mentioned the Iowa State Fair – IS there a connection to the Iowa State Fair back in those days like Peony Park’s Sprite Night was in Omaha?

    #2: Sam Soda: Sam was the private investigator who involved himself in the case and supposedly told Noreen that an “informant” told they knew when the next paperboy would go missing. Sam ran for City Council in which he was caught in a lie stating he received some war medals. In the article that mentions Sam running for city Council it list his home address as 14th and Emma. Marc Allen went missing from 10th & Emma and Eugene went missing from SW 14th & Highview. Both of these locations are roughly like 5 minutes apart of each other. Sam also lived in Martindale, Iowa at some point would would put him in the Warren County area ( The license plate was warren county ). Sam wewnt to Dowling High School and would be familiar with the location Johnny went missing. Sam also travelled lived in Buffalo, NY and Kansas City and travelled a lot when he worked for Robert Bosch company – It’s mentioned that Sam as a private investigator would drive around at night and possible he may have shown the boys some type of badge to make them feel comfortable in talking with him. Sam was also a Polk County Deputy according in one of the articles and Noreen said Johnny was talking to some type of cop under the bleachers at her other son’s. Sam is also a dead ringer for the sketch that was taken and his family came from Italy that might make him look more latin as the description indicates. Does Noreen seem more crazy in here theories because of Sam’s involvement?

    #3: John J. Joubert: The Omaha paperboy killer actually killed an 11 year old boy 14 days before Johnny Gosch went missing in Maine. The thing is in the 14 days there is no real information on the whereabouts of John J. Joubert. He at some point had to report to Bellvue, Nebraska Offuett Air Force Base. John Joubert fits the weight and height of the sketch and in most of his pictures he really looks like three different types of people. John Joubert was driving a tan Nova Sedan which looks similiar to the Ford Fairmont. The main difference with John Joubert is all his victims were found and Johnny has never been discoved and he was arrested before Eugene Martin and Marc Allen went missing.

    Wilbur Millhouse would be another potential player, but yellowbag who says he was approached by someone knew who Wilbur was, but did see they guy who approached him with Wilbur at a some type of Des Moines Register event. Wilbur had 2200 peoples names in a book and said he was trying to recruit paperboys. Was Johnny and Eugene’s name in this book?

    • Tri State Girl says:

      Jerry was busted with the other men mentioned in the article. Maybe they look like the sketch?

    • Yellow Bag says:

      The man who tried to abduct me in 1982 was driving a Ford Fairmont, not a Chevy Nova. I remember the two rectangular headlights, which was I see online was standard for the Fairmont Futura that came out in 1978. The car was covered with snow, but I remember it as white, or maybe two-tone white and grey. Funny thing–I went out East for college in 1986, and had a girlfriend who drove an old Fairmont. It creeped me out every time I saw her car coming because I remembered the evil dude who tried to get me into that same kind of car four years earlier.

      It’s hard to remember a lot of details 40 years after the fact, but I don’t think Joubert would have been old enough to be the man who tried to abduct me. I’m guessing the abductor was at least 25 years old. The thing I remember the most is his orange and blue reflective jacket, and the way he kept looking in his rearview mirror to see if anyone saw him talking to me. He did not look like the photo of Wintz at all, or John Rossi’s sketch of the guy at 42nd and Ashworth the morning Johnny was kidnapped. Dark hair, angry dark eyes, well-trimmed mustache, Caucasian, and accent like he was from somewhere out East.

      I actually met Sam Soda through the Faded Out podcast and had lunch with him. Anyone who thinks Sam was involved is barking up the wrong tree. Yes, Sam could brag and tell some stories, but he came across to me as a guy with a big heart. Sam thought the kidnapper was a total lone wolf (if he partnered with anyone someone would have ratted him out for reward).

      • Dave says:

        Yellow Bag,
        I’ve been following your story through this post, and I find your story regarding the Gosch disappearance to be the most truthful, and logical.
        Are you at liberty to expound on your conversation with Sam Soda?
        You have made prior mention to Wilbur Mihouse, and his strange behavior and comments regarding Johnny, do you feel that Milhouse was physically present on the morning of 9/5/1982? If, yes? Did someone assist Milhouse?
        Or, do you believe that another party is responsible?
        Thank you Yellow Bag for your honesty, and candor.

        • Yellow Bag says:

          Sam talked to criminals, pedophiles, and even Mafia types. He came up with exactly nothing. His final thoughts were that only one man kidnapped Johnny, not a group of men. If it were a group, someone would have talked by now. Sam also believed the man was probably connected with the Des Moines Register.
          I do not know if Millhouse was physically present. He was, though, repeatedly claiming to know who took Johnny and why from the day Johnny was kidnapped. Millhouse became angry and visibly agitated every time he talked about Johnny. I have no doubt he was involved, but I have never figured out to what extent. Millhouse probably had dozens of victims (he received a 30 year sentence for sexually abusing 6 teens), and I still think the key to solving Johnny’s disappearance is for one of those victims to reveal the identity of the Fairmont man. Someone who knew Millhouse knows who that man is.

          • Cody says:

            Yellow Bag, don’t you have a photo of the man who tried to get you into his Fairmont?

          • Dave says:

            Yellow Bag, thank you for sharing this valuable piece of information. Did Sam have any thoughts about the Martin and/or Allen abductions? Sam made a comment in an interview that the Gosch and Martin abductions were slightly different. Did he make any comments as to how or why the abductions may have differed? Sam also made mention about how both Martin and Allen were taken within a short radius of Sam’s home.

          • Tri State Girl says:

            The victims of Frank Sykora, and his brother James Sykora, might also know something. Those kids would be men in their 50’s and 60’s now. At least some of them must still be alive. All three men worked at the paper. They could have been in the same pedophile circle together.

  188. Katie T says:

    While searching, I found his name to be associated with an AKA Linn, Allen Snyder that goes by Linn, Allen. The same source showed a current address of 2221 S Indiana Ave., Joplin, MO. since March 2016. It also showed a past address and AKA matching Snyder, Linn Allen – 21950 Green Valley Ave., Council Bluffs, IA.

    Associated persons listed on the site (also listing Linn’s former Council Bluffs address) were a Snyder, Jimmie Wayne and Snyder, Amy Neomi (married) belonging to the same address 2221 S Indiana Ave., Joplin, MO. since 2008, which I verified on the Jasper County Missouri Beacon site.

    I completed a search of Snyder, Amy N on Spokeo which returned to a female in her 70s living in Joplin, MO. Under the “Family Members” section read “Amy resides in a single family home in Joplin, Missouri with Jimmie.” as well as “Amy and Linn Snyder reside together in a single family home in Joplin, Missouri.”

    I guess I don’t know the source is just associating Linn with the address in Missouri, but I found it odd that Jimmie and Amy belonged to the address starting in 2008, while Linn starting in 2016 – and maybe something to look further into.

  189. Tom Lee says:

    Deb Barringer ever get married or name change?

  190. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I love that the police department could not take the time to provide us the public.on how Mr. Wright was murdered. I assume an autopsy was conducted by a coroner or medical examiner. The cause of death. should at least be provided to back up their claim, that he was murdered. I guess it wasn’t important.

    Recently county authorities in Pennsylvania, are reinvestigating the death of a young women. She was found stabbed to death, and it was determined that she committed suicide although she was stabbed in the back and her neck.

    Authorities did not find any signs of forced entry, so she stabbed herself to death. I guess it was not worth it to determine that she might have let her killer into her residence, possibly someone she knew.

  191. William B Brown says:

    The gun used to kill Stump maybe in kensett Iowa now

  192. Justice says:

    Has anyone ever looked into Reza Kargarzadeh? He is a wealthy business man in West Des Moines with a private jet. He has plastic manufacturing plants throughout the country and family ties to Colorado. He looks like the suspect composite.

    • Rattus says:

      If he is that wealthy, he probably would not have been driving a cheap Ford Fairmont.

      • Justice says:

        He wasn’t wealthy only middle class the year Johnny was abducted. In Persian and Afgan culture it is common for a thing called boy play where its a status symbol to have boys for sex slaves and pleasure. “Straight” men do this as part of the Islamic culture all the time and as disgusting as it is even the women accept it.

      • Justice says:

        I know that he has been involved in lots of illegal activity including recording sex tapes to pass around. He is known for providing favors, jobs, etc. He is a master at grooming young moms with children. The locations of his plastic plants should be aligned with other cases as he is known to frequently travel using a private jet to his business location where I am sure he does other activities.

        • Justice says:

          Here are the locations of his manufacturing. Interestingly one is in Mexico. He has family ties in Colorado, California and Florida. He has also been known to travel internationally to places like Iran.

          EPC plastic manufacturing is the name of the business. EPC, Inc. plants span across the following US locations:
          Alabama: Bessemer and Leeds
          Indiana: Scottsburg
          Iowa: Corporate Office, Grinnell and Kalona
          Kentucky: Lebanon
          Mexico: Reynosa
          Michigan: Saint Clair (Christian Haas Dr. and Range Rd.)
          Missouri: Columbia North Carolina: Siler City
          Ohio: Bellevue and Lebanon
          South Carolina: Anderson
          Wisconsin: East Troy and Osceola

          As well as our Mexico location: Reynosa

  193. justicebaby says:

    Has anyone ever looked into Reza Kargarzadeh? Is is a wealthy business man in West Des Moines known to be above the law and excellent at grooming women with children. He looks like the photo and fits the description only he is not latin but Persian.

    He has a private jet with manufacturing plants all over the country. He has signifcant family ties to Colorado. Strangely although in different neighborhoods (still very close by) he lives on the same street as Johnny Gosch. I have more information that I would love to share but it would reveal my identity.

    He is no doubt in operation with human trafficking even if he is not part of this abduction. I have more details but I cannot share here or would reveal my identity.

    • Brad says:

      Justice- is there any way you can provide more detail as to how you know these things without revealing your identity? Have you had an encounter with him before?

  194. Georgiamariestrableschofield says:

    He mi brother and I’m going to find who kill u I love u bro always
    I want u to be able to rest in peace
    I miss u so much it hurts to mi soul
    Your sis Georgia

  195. Brittany Marie says:

    I have so many questions. The only reason I came upon this was because u googled unsolved murders in Appanoose County. It brought up this woman and the Deteach man murdered at his home. I don’t know how often this page is updated but there is nothing about the Ty Husted case. And I find it very disturbing is agencies say she’ll never be found, she’s either in a well or buried in Missouri…very odd, a friend of mine said someone had said the same thing about Ty. I find it absurd that Appanoose County law enforcement has so many cop cars sitting in their parking lot but do not have funds to even attempt to find missing people, whuch don’t mind the new jail being built here. I understand with Crystal happened in Wayne County but counties don’t work together nor was the Ty case ever brought to public attention. I feel Appanoose County should shift their focus on important matters other than “drug busts” that never change. Same people in and out of jail. But what do I know….

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      If these departments don’t have the resources, then the Iowa DCI should take it over. They have the resources to work this case.

    • Don Hanson says:

      I am sure like most cases if if was one of their own it would have been solved by now, just saying,

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      I searched Sebastian Husted’s case again. One thing that bothers me is that he disappeared from a hog farm, where he had been working for a few weeks. I assume this hog farm has a formal name, unless it’s a unauthorized farm.

      Also, I assume that Sebastian was an employee of this hog farm.
      So, it bothers me, that they should have been concerned about one of their employees who disappeared.

      Yet, we hear nothing from them. Their should be some comment from them, showing their concern, oroffering a reward. This sort of makes me wonder, about some suspicious activity going on there.

      Also, could he been seriously injured, and did not want OSHA, coming in and finding out they violated federal safety regulations. In my time enforcing federal pollution regulations with the U.S. Coast Guard, many facilities had issues with OSHA inspector’s, who assume you are guilty, and not innocent until proven innocent.

      Also, his brother gets some text’s supposedly from Sebastian. The text’s asked him to come and get him. Yet, his family has no clue where he is working at. Also, the text’s seem to claim that his co-worker, also unidentified is supposedly getting aggressive. I wonder if this text was actually sent by him. Yet, his family is unaware of any previous problems with any co-workers.

      There is no explanation of what the co-worker was doing. Also, pictures of Sebastian mention his tattoos, which gave me the impression that he was a gang banger. Which might explain his disappearance, as revenge for possibly leaving the gang, or his refusal to do something illegal.

  196. Johnny Gosch says:

    I have new recovered memeries involving this satanic political cult manipulating this web site to delete my testimony from this web site about 5 to 10 years ago I had put several post on this site that contained most of the results of my investagation at that time. Shortly thereafter
    Mdybe 5 to 10 years ago all my post on this site were caused to be removed by the satanic political cult. I assume Jody Ewing would have a record of this. And be a honest witness. She has not responded to my email. Can somebody find when why how and what evedince was retained to prove this act of the cover-up?

    • Johnny Gosch says:

      My mistake, they were not deleted but are under the Johnny Gosch photos.
      This recovered memory still needs corroborated. It’s a memory of me being subjected to one of programming hypnotism sections , always by force and unable to remember afterwards, where the perpitrators were trying to sirpress my testimony. There was a phone call made to this website and the conversation involved the removal of the post. The person s[oken to was a lady IDK who and they s[oke to me briefly and to the lead programmer who was working for the CIA. He spoke for some time explaining other actions he wou;d take to have the post removed. This memory is most likely not fully emerged and has other memory fragments that will further emerge. I do not try and force them but each time I think of them there’s a chance that they have expanded where others disassociated memory fragments have reconnected to there original memory. I have decided to include this to help the reader have a better understand of how my memories have been e, erhing these past 14 years and how I have always tried to be open about them. My memory of this conversation between this web site and the perpitrrater still needs to be looked into. And should demonstrate the danger that me continuing to be outspoken about this is effecting me and how my creditabilty is damaged each time they make me forget or attempt to alter mine or Noreen’s memories.

    • Brad says:

      Johnny; it was 40 years ago yesterday that you disappeared. You have not been forgotten.

  197. Lewis Cassill says:

    I am glad they keep these cases open. They identified the guy that was found in lake Meade. I bought A small farm near tiffin thirty years ago. After buying it I bought a bulldozer. The guy I bought the farm from said not dig any holes on the place. He told me he buried some farm machinery. Then a a few years later I told him I was going to dig up that junk and haul it to the wilton shredder. He told me something’s are best left buried. . I often wondered what was really buried there. I know he had a barrel of agent orange and figur Ed maybe it was something like that. Then an elderly neighbor told me that whole place was buried with construction waste. I notified the DNR that the place may have toxic wastes buried on it. Never heard anything back. Then due to a chain of unfortunate circumstances including major illness I lost my little farm. Somebody should follow up on this. Lewis Cassill the address of the place is 4018 Ivy Ave SW Oxford Iowa. The burial of this stuff was in the seventies and eighties

  198. Johnny Gosch says:

    The Government Cover-up narritive is primarily promoted by members of “THIS” Satanic political cult. Most members are NOT consciously aware that they are in the cult, like Noreen and most of our related families. The people I refer to as perpitrators are the conscious member who starting at about puberty consciously aware they are in the cult and are further trained to become monarch programmers in a 30 year menter protosai relationship who work in together. They drug and hypnotis us monarchs to control our actions. They alter our memories and place post hyp otic suggestion that we have been further programed using trauma, to create amnesic barriers and binding that I’ve been told changes a [pst hypnotic suggestion I to a personality traits. The government uses monarchs as school shooter and many other thing. They are used by most of the large organization to gather Intelligence because thier memries can be downloaded easily and they can’t keep secrets from thier handlers. This is a widely known secret and is vibable in the midea around us. TV Programming edigecational programming monarch programming that was even tattooed on many of is children which is the rocking X tattoo, which is the image on the top side of a monarch butterfly’s wings.
    The act of awakening is directly tied to this.
    It is the power of the human mind to believe something just because it was told to them. And the human ability to not consciously process our decision before taking action. That makes this technology so dangerous. And therefore valuable to the leadership and power.
    This technology is information based and it is access to this information that can trigger the awakening process to begain in somebody . Even just by reading what I just wrote. This more complex than just this but it is the ba of the hidden knowledge that is house at the Vatican. And many old books. Spells = hypnotism & pottions = drugs the government’s have just taken this to the point where they want a NWO. It is this underling features of the control system that is being changed now. Earth entering the information age triggered the great awakening cause the masses to awaken fast than TPTB can do the maintenance on thier amnesic barrier’s allowing people to awaken from a state of sleep similar to an mild hypnotic trance that further allow control of people subconscious.
    I am no expert but I nut know how it has effected me. My research is in complete and I’m about 80% correct so don’t through it out just because you find a mistake, this is just the nature of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I have tried to be completely honest and why I have chosen to not candy coat my testimony. I further want to express that I have no memories that point to ether one of my moms being perpitrators. And you need to leave my family’s alone, you will just cause some to be hurt or killed for something they know nothing about.

    • Rattus says:

      Both of Johnny’s parents have confirmed that you are NOT their son. Your delusions may seem real to you, but you have to accept they are just delusions. You can’t remember being Johnny Gosch because you are NOT Johnny Gosch. There is plenty of evil in the world, but your stories of CIA mind control, satanic murders, a million people singing Johnny Gosch songs…it’s all in your sick mind. Take your medications and leave Johnny’s family alone.

  199. Dawna Lindsey says:

    Is there any new news regarding Willie Mae Rucker disapears?

  200. MW says:

    They found a female jawbone and other remains in the Iowa River a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if it could possibly be her?

  201. None says:

    Isn’t it funny how everyone who is all aboard the “Faded Out”
    podcast starts to not believe the factual evidence gathered in the Netflix
    Johnny Gosch story, which involved America’s
    Most Wanted and Paul Bonnacci? Or Conspiracy of Silence? Then start viciously attacking Noreen, in particular “Tri State Girl”? Sounds quite personal for them so assume some of their family or locality may have been implicated. Somehow they “all know” he is dead…

    • Tri State Girl says:

      I’m not attacking anyone. I just follow facts. I feel bad for Noreen, and the families of the other boys. No one should lose their child this way. I just can’t believe how many people ignored obvious suspects, and then made up the current more well known story. A lot of people who “helped” Noreen ended up being weirdos. Faded Out is the only serious source to cover local suspects. There had been discussions on this site before about local people, and a little bit on Reddit, but nothing solid. There’s been coverage on other podcasts and YouTube after Faded Out, and it’s all the same old stuff again. The Netflix documentary showed a lack of investigation, and has been proven wrong. You have your beliefs though, and I have mine.

      • None says:

        I think you didn’t realize you got played by interviewing and perhaps taking the side of Johnny’s father who is definitelu
        not up to snuff. A lot of midwestern people
        might come off as unassuming and innocent, but doesn’t mean they don’t have some sick secrets. Look at JonBenet’s mother… she took her secret to the grave and how did that end up helping her other child? Would have been better to clear the air when confronted, then to face the afterlife with a guilty conscience hidden away.

        • Tri State Girl says:

          I didn’t interview anyone. Faded Out isn’t my podcast. I’m just a fan. I don’t understand why so many people don’t want to believe it was someone local. Faded Out isn’t perfect, but at least it looked into a realistic timeline.

          • Johnny Gosch says:

            There were 2 possibly 3 locals and more from a few other states that I can identify. I am begining to think about half of the people or AI BOT that frequent this page are here to prevent justice from accuring. If you can protect me from our government so I don’t end up like Edward Showden or worse like Julian Assange. Everybody needs to wake up, this is not the republic that was originally created in the late 1700’s. This new government is trying to legalize what they have already been doing. Crimes against children are unforgivable. Why are so many people refusing to accept the fact that the government did it and are continuing to do the same to other children.
            Look at the PHYCHICAL EVEDINCE that surports my finding. And don’t let these cult members influence you to not look at ALL possibilities.

  202. John says:

    I think there was a married police officer that didn’t want his infidelity found out or fell in love with Jodi . I think he was with her at her apartment when she overslept and while she was getting ready for work pulled that white police van up and snapped her neck or killed her in parking lot as he was putting her in van . Conscience at that time he was building a machine shed on his property. 27 years of covering up his affair.

  203. Anon says:

    In 1974, Frank Sykora had a 10YO boy staying overnight at his house to help him with his paper route the next day. Frank’s brother James S. Sykora molested the child and was arrested the next day. Another potential suspect.

  204. Sarah J Van Bruggen says:

    Did this happen on the Mississippi River?

  205. Rnickel says:

    Jason’s attorneys solved the case on A&E in 2021 where is the updated case information 😩

  206. Mallory Schloss says:

    My aunt Alice is a missing person. Wondering if this skeleton is missing the lateral incisors

  207. Johnny Gosch says:

    My brother Adam and I were born as conjoined twins who were both drafted into the CI*’s monarch program. The phychic research branch of thier phycological (mind control) research MK-U;tra.
    Because of the extensive use of hypnotism used to, manipulate my memories, my narritive needs nongovernmential investagative resources to help with the finel draft.
    Conjoined twin are known to be born with a phychic ability that allows them to know what each other is thinking. This This telepathic connectedness was the target of thier phychic research. The truth will be known.

    • Rattus says:

      Definition of delusion: “an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.”

      • Johnny Gosch says:

        That black and white photo of the guy Noreen says partisapated in the abduction is my other dad. The lower part of his ear lobe has been amputated, he’s blowing his cheeks out, there’s a 3.5oz gold Cuban link chain around his neck. The photo was taken by members of the, anti pedo alliance who kednapped him to exact information and evedince from him. The photos delivered to Noreen were his personal collection of political blackmail photos that have links to other child rape photos. The photos and thier agreement to allow me to fully awaken were exchanged for his freedom. They were partially photo shoped by the lead programmer responsible for my programming and then left on Noreen’s porch for my use and protection aftered I was allowed to fully awaken.
        Attacking my creditability and egnoring the evedince is not going to keep the current cover-up narritive in place.
        They have repeated that narritive so many times that it has become a false truth.
        My nongovernment and evedince based investagation is continuing on my site where we can prevent the large satanic political cult who operate in the shadows of our government from manipulating us with there many tactics like Rattus and others are using against me.
        Just because it sounds crazy, doesn’t mean its not true.

    • Phil says:

      You are Sick! How can you actually come on this page under Johnny Gosch and protray and present yourself as something you’re not.
      Please Stop. Johnny’s Family and Friends visit here.

  208. So in the sixties many girls went missing in The same mason city so could it be the same person twenty years later yes. Yes yes

  209. Julia says:

    Why did you never see your mom if you are really Johnny Gosch?

    I am very interested, can you please tell me information about your childhood that the public does not know about, that only your parents would know about?

    Do you see a therapist to talk about what happened to you?

  210. […] at 18. Harry was adopted by Mark’s grandparents when he was only a few months outdated. Iowa Chilly Instances experiences that Mark instructed Dateline, “That is how me and Harry turned brothers. We do […]

  211. […] was adopted at 18. Harry was adopted by Mark&apos;s grandparents when he was just a few months old. Iowa Cold Cases reports that Mark told Dateline, "That&apos;s how me and Harry became brothers. We don&apos;t […]

  212. Kasandra Elizabeth Ortiz says:

    I might be his daughter so if y’all find him please make him contact me 651-463-2190 is the landline

  213. Jay Smith says:

    I have over all these,many different theories, and most are all the same…Ethan owed a drug dealer money for drugs…????cocaine,meth.most likely meth.maybe they were cooking meth out there and other illegal activities, that’s why no one has spoken a word this entire time???they would al be in trouble for accessory to the fact,ormaybe they just didn’t like eathan,or someone accidentally killed him,or he overdosed,or alcohol posioning,and everyone was to afraid of getting in trouble them selfish selves …..

    • Mike D says:

      From what people who know him have said on Facebook over the years he wasn’t that kind of person. People paint a picture of kind of a band geek who was also into drama and theater. People said he attended the University of Iowa and was part of the marching band there, but didn’t graduate. He appears to maybe be at kind of a lost stage of his life not sure what he wanted to do and there were also rumors about his sexuality. I have the feeling this is one of those cases where we will never know the why and the family are under no obligation to say anything.

  214. MikeD says:

    I see her grave says Connie Jo Choate. Was that her legal name when she died or did the family just not want to have Bodensteiner on it? I can understand if they did it, but would be nice to know what her legal name was at the time of her death. Old DM Register archives seem to just call her Connie Bodensteiner. I’m guessing that was her legal name at the time.

  215. Zach R says:

    These cases remind me of a very creepy occurrence. Back around 2000-2003 a guy that worked on my construction crew would get very jittery everytime we drove over this bridge. The creepy part is when he said “there had been a young girl found choked to death down there years ago”. While telling me this he was rocking back and forth on the truck seat rubbing his hands together. If these are still unsolved I think I need to contact DMPD. I’ve long forgotten this guy’s last name, I’m sure work records are still available…

  216. Bruce seifert says:

    Why isnt chuck flint listed?

  217. Gary D Eggers says:

    These dirty Sheriffs Dept Set me Up Dumped Tires in My Noryh Field Prosucted me Huge fire Jail time I. 66 Tears old with Health Problems Had a Stroke inside Jail denied Hospital. Starved Me in Kail yet No one will listen We Called Iowa Civil Rights No Help denied. No Justice. I’m forced to leave my Home. Sherriff Yelling at Me telling me to shut my mouth stop talking to FBI They won’t do anything any how.i hate The State of Iowa CORRUPTION right down through their Courts system Police Judges They came stole our children Waz Terrible. When doctors te me I’m dying I’m going after a few. That did this too me. Left out was Beatened Up by Mitchall County Seriiffs Office Told to get out of Iowa Your not wanted Here. Deputy Jackson Beat me while I was Handcuffed Denied Attorney for Court too. Judge says You don’t need a Attorney. I was in a wheel chair Sick Couldn’t walk. Went from jail when I was released to Austin Medical Center I Life saving surgery I was minutes from death had lost 85 lbs. Too. Yet I had no health Issues.oh Sherrif Denoed me My Heart meds 7 days too.

  218. BOZO THE PIG HATER says:


  219. Jd says:

    I was celled with this man in federal prison and I hope the family seeks justice for what he and two other was involved in.

  220. Elizabth Raife says:

    I asked Urbandale police in 2016/17 to consider my mother’s death a cold case, with possible autopsy and cremation despite Roman Catholic affiliation. Urbandale is also DSM in zip codes. They looked at me as if I were a public nuisance. I think technology and housing killed her – she had mercury fillings, not Alzheimer’s.

  221. Jerry Chaffee says:

    I am an Iowan by birth but lived elsewhere for many years. We returned to Iowa during the era when the Dennis Chaffee murder occured and because I am a Chaffee, I have been interested in this unsolved case. I encourage Marie and Adam to pursue a solution.

  222. Barbara A Boorman says:

    No Steve wasn’t a veteran.

  223. Vicki mccuddin says:

    It’s still so sad to me that there are people that were her so called friends know who pulled the trigger and took this beautiful life. She was love just plain love and she lived these people that are suppose to be her friends. For God’s sake someone who knows needs to come forward. They need closure the kids need closure. Someone who knows find the strength to come forward. Have the courage to say it’s been to long. Lisa deserves this. We all do. If you truly loved her say something be strong it’s time.

  224. Joseph Luna says:

    All you people think it’s a walk through the park during a house fire. It happens so fast that you don’t realize how fast the fire spreads. My wife didn’t do anything wrong and blames herself for not grabbing the baby first. She thought she had time. It’s pretty sad that people want to lay blame on someone when they don’t even realize how hard it was on us to lose our son. People also want to post how I went to Federal Prison and guess what I paid my dues and have been drug free now for 25 years. Fucking hypocrites need to clean their own porch off before they judge anybody else

  225. J.J. Scott says:

    Has anyone submitted a public records request on this case? Does anyone know if Marie is still with us?

    I see on a few other sites he’s listed as deceased. Have they found something or has me been declared dead?

    It sounds to me like Hathaway feels guilty for encouraging him to get the motorcycle parts back rather than him feeling guilty as if he hurt Kenneth himself. It is absolutely not his fault if this is the case but I know it’s human nature to blame yourself.

  226. Jim says:

    Word on the street was she overdosed, and her body was put into a 55 gallon drum of lye and built into the house of someone out in the Durango area supposedly.

  227. Tom Lee says:

    Who did she hang around with? Who was the person finding her jawbone?

  228. Matt L says:

    Has Kenneth Scholz ever come up as a suspect? He murdered my uncle (who was also 13) in Crete, IL in 1951. He moved to Des Moines to be with his mother, Elsie Scholz, after he got out of jail in the 70s I think, and they are in the Des Moines phone book in 82. Kenneth would have been 49 in 82. How many people living in Des Moines at that time had that kind of backstory? Here are some articles about my uncle and the trial.

    • Jenni says:

      That is a name that I haven’t heard before. Thank you for sharing this story. I’m sorry about your uncle.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Matt, thanks for sharing that information. It introduces a new name of a possible person of interest into the disappearance of Johnny. However, the body of Billy was found. A big if in relation to Kenneth Scholz, would be if he kidnapped Johnny, where he hidden him or his remains all these years.

      Also, one of the articles refers to Kenneth as a Iowa youth. But, it did not mention where in Iowa he was from. Also, you have him moving to Des Moines, after his release from prison.

      • Matt L says:

        I have Elsie Scholz’s address in an old Des Moines phone book from 1985. 1079 22nd St, Des Moines, IA. He lived 5 to 7 miles from each abduction site. That house is still there. Is there a way to find out if he or his mom owned a Ford Fairmont?

      • Jenni says:

        Kenneth Sholz was born in Crete, IL. He moved to Des Moines to be with his mother after he got out of jail. He died in 2004.

        • Tri State Girl says:

          I see they have a photo of when he was caught. He was young then and wearing glasses. Does anyone know what he looked like in the 80’s? Maybe he looked like the sketch of the man in the car in Johnny’s case, or the man Eugene was seen talking to. Maybe someone who grew up with Marc might recognize him from just walking around or something. Maybe he was at Des Moines Register parties with Wilbur Millhouse or Frank Sykora. Maybe he went around the mall where Fred Sayre went after kids. Most of the adults are gone, but maybe a former paper boy from that time would remember.

    • Tri State Girl says:

      There’s a podcast called Faded Out that follows the theory of someone at the Register doing it. Maybe Kenneth was friends with Millhouse. What kind of job did Kenneth have in Des Moines? Did he work for the Register? Did he work at the mall? Did he work at the bookstore?

      Maybe Millhouse took Johnny, and Kenneth took Eugene and Marc. Or any other kind of combination of that scenario. I know the towns are close, but it’s definitely a possibility that different men took each kid. Or maybe Kenneth worked with local pedophiles, Millhouse included. There was a pedophile ring with other pedophiles busted in 1986. If Kenneth was left behind that would explain why there were kidnapping attempts from 1986 to 1989. Then it all stops. Maybe the group fell apart and Kenneth wasn’t as good.

      This post also shows us just how many bad people can be around you at any time. This is why children can’t be out alone.

      • Matt L says:

        If Kenneth did this I bet he did it alone. I don’t think the theories about a ring in Who Took Johnny added up to much.

        • Tri State Girl says:

          I don’t believe the documentary either. The people I listed were covered in Faded Out. Local pedophiles who could have come in contact with Johnny. Millhouse specifically.

          In Faded Out, and on this site, Yellow Bag talks about how Millhouse said Johnny was taken because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. The Paper really messed up. Letting two pedophiles work with kids.

          Millhouse had already been charged, while working at the paper in the 70’s. Sykora had been in the same home his brother molested kids in during the 70’s as well. Then Sykora was busted in the 80’s as a pedophile himself.

          There was also a pedophile ring in Des Moines that was busted in the 80’s. Other men, that as far as I know, weren’t attached to the Register, but maybe they knew Kenneth.

          There were also the attempted kidnappings from 1986 until 1989. I don’t know what to make of those because Millhouse, a prime suspect, was already in jail. Maybe Kenneth was having his go at it. A lot of this is lost in time since all of these men are dead now.

    • Johnny Gosch says:

      Nobody has ever asked me what happened. Never. My truth can not overcome the false truth created by repeating the narrative above. It was not a physical kidnapping. It was an inslavement of the mind using trauma based mind control.

      • Tri State Girl says:

        You are not Johnny, and you have a lot of nerve. I really don’t get how some people can be this heartless. His family misses him everyday, and a lot of people know he is dead. Get help.

        • Johnny Gosch says:

          The way TRI State Girl attacks the truth because it doesn’t fit with the cover up narritive shows everybody here that she is working to keep the cover up in place. Using tactics taken out of the government\ CI*’s play book.
          Don’t address the evedince only attack the creditability of the truth speaker. The evedince so overwhelmingly supports my truth that nobody is even allowed to think outside that narritive.
          I’m here after the truth and this conversation involves me.
          I was there. I have the answers to many questions that the people have a right to know. I refuse to candy coat what happened to me. They manipulated my memories because memory control is mind control. But the evedince is physical. 100’s of physical prices of evedince.
          I will answer some questions if three of you are able to maintain an open mind and are willing to learn about the tactics used that made this possible. The truth is so different than the current narritive and that the cover up is so compartialmentialized that few of the individual parts can stand alone but become more understandable as it relates to each other parts. I’m telling you that
          This was done by the people who also operated the MK ultra programs and other government mind control programs.

          • Brad Grindle says:

            Johnny; if this is you, please know there are others out there that know your pain. I was a victim of a sexual predator when I was very young. I did not go through what you did, but I can understand the pain it leaves you with. I wish I could help you.

          • Intrigued says:

            Prove it

            • Intrigued says:

              Sorry not you

            • Johnny Gosch says:

              I have the evedince. I want everybody to help Protect me from our government who has been manipulating me since birth. I realize how crazy this sounds but I refuse to candy coat what happened which would only hurt my creditability more. To also understand that the CIA never does anything without taking a detour through the land of deniability or crazy land. That’s just how they do thing. I know because they trained my subconscious using trauma based mind control that allowed them to control my subconscious mind which had overwhelmingly influence of my conscious mind. Basically they compartialmentialized my mind into different personalities and personality parts who were completely unaware of each other. Although my individual programming dramatically Changed after Anton killed my formerly conjoined twin brother. Which caused the fake kednapping so I could be moved to Adam’s family. when I was I had already spent about half my life, 6 years living as Adam who was one of my well established personalities. Think of it like there were two Adam’s and two Johnmys but never activated at the same time who switched places with each other every 6 months in order to keep us as identical as possible. Both mom’s wrteneber aware of the experiment but victems of memory manipulation as I was. Memory control is mind control. This was done as part of thier mind control research that was also researching the connectedness that allowes conjoined twin to know what thier siblings are thinking, a telepathic ability used in prayer but much stronger which also gave Adam and I a strong connection to the sprit world which is the source of the power that is used by the elites to dominate the masses. The reason for the cover up of the research projects is it classified as hidden knowledge. The same knowledge that has been systematically hidden from the masses for thousands of years that is hidden the Vatican. This powers makes it possible for the, elites to dominate the masses. Allowing them amunity from prosecution so many became addicted to sex with children creating the elite pedo problem. I am God’s Messenger and I want everybody to know about this knowledge to eliminate the unfare advantage and the abuse of the children.

              • Intrigued says:

                What is hard to wrap my brain around is ..If you have an identical twin Adam one ever saw him in all those years …? Where is He now ? Where is this other family?

                • Johnny Gosch says:

                  I have one recovered memory of being on the kednappers bed where they say “Adam died why don’t we ,ale him Adam ” and when the who done it question came up the answer was always Anton.

          • Intrigued says:

            If you are really who you say you are prove it

      • Julia says:

        Why did you never see your mom if you are really Johnny Gosch?

        I am very interested, can you please tell me information about your childhood that the public does not know about, that only your parents would know about?

      • Julia says:

        What happened to you? I would love to hear what you have to say! I have a very open mind!

        • Johnny Gosch says:

          Contact me on my website where we can arrange to speak by phone

          • Julia says:

            My apologies, I do not feel comfortable sharing my phone-number with you because I am 13 years old. I cannot help you. I am sorry about this.

            • Julia says:

              This was just supposed to be for an extra credit assignment for summer school because I got a bad grade in Social Studies last year. I was only going to put information from you that I got on this forum.

              • Tri State Girl says:

                There’s a podcast called Faded Out that covers this case. I think their more realistic approach would help you with your project. It’s on various platforms.

                Episode 13 of season 1 is when it starts to get really good. Season 1 covers Johnny’s case. Season 2 is about an unrelated case in Connecticut.

                Also, I’m glad you didn’t give out your personal information to that weirdo. This guy pretending to be Johnny is clearly very disturbed.

              • George K says:

                If you listen to Faded Out as Tri State Girl recommends, I would be very cautious. The podcast has a very flagrant agenda to discredit Noreen Gosch and Paul Bonacci no matter what the evidence actually says. It uncritically accepted anti-Noreen and anti-Bonacci statements from the likes of Chris Birge, Johnny’s father, and Sam Soda, even though all three witnesses’ statements had seriously credibility issues. Chris’s witness statements of that morning were contradicted by all other witnesses; I’ve written about it before here: Johnny’s dad Leonard John Gosch repeatedly contradicted his own prior statements along with other verifiable evidence; I’ve written about that before here: Soda was a prime suspect of the Gosches who lied on the podcast about many things, including a claim that the Gosches hired him when in fact he tried soliciting them. He also tried to dissuade the podcast host from believing that Johnny’s abduction was premeditated and tried to convince her that Eugene Martin (whose abduction Sam knew about before it happened, according to Noreen) was unconnected to Johnny’s. Gee, I sure wonder why this prime suspect would do that.

                Faded Out is so egregious that even when they receive evidence contradicting their star witnesses, they either ignore the evidence or somehow claim that the evidence actually proves their witnesses are truthful. At one point, Sam claimed that while he was interviewing Des Moines Register pedophile Frank Sykora, another journalist named Mary Bock was in the room with him the whole time. He used this to guard against claims that he had in any way coerced Sykora during the interview as there would have been an independent witness. Faded Out interviewed Mary Bock, who stated that she may have been in the adjacent room (i.e. not the same room as Sam) but she was actually pretty sure she wasn’t with Sam at all that night and only got his tape of the interview the next day. Somehow, even though Bock entirely contradicted Sam’s account, Faded Out presented it as if she had confirmed it.

                There probably isn’t anyone out there with a truly objective view of the Johnny Gosch case. What you should do is read the arguments for and against various theories, then dive into the evidence to see how closely the different theories match it. I have my own website with the page which is a summary of the case that has extensive footnotes to sources that can be checked. Whether someone agrees or disagrees with my presentation of the case facts, they all follow from specific pieces of evidence that you can verify.

                • Jason Kramer says:

                  Your information is interesting. I have one question. If Johnny went alone to deliver newspapers, why didn’t at least one of his parents hear him pull the wagon out of the garage and/or hear the dog bark? The garage is right below the master bedroom. Both parents got up routinely at dawn for work and family responsibilities. Yet, supposedly, both parnets didn’t wake up until more than an hour after Johnny allegedly left the house.

      • Julia says:

        I think if you are really Johnny, you should see your mom. She will be open to hearing you. She loves you very much.

        • Rattus says:

          This is not Johnny Gosch. Everyone fake Johnny has taken his story to (including a friend of mine) has come to the conclusion he is a sick young man with serious mental issues. He looks absolutely nothing like the real Johnny Gosch.

    • Brad Grindle says:

      Hey, does anybody know if ‘YELLOBAG’ is still around?

      • Tri State Girl says:

        He is still alive, but I don’t know if he still goes on this site. If he wanted to add something I think he would. I don’t know if there is anything else to add though.

    • Steve J says:


      Let me know if you would be willing to discuss more about Ken Scholz.I can figure out a way to get my contact info to you. Thank you.

      • Matt L. says:

        Just saw this, how do I send you a private message?

        • WDMNative says:

          Also let me know if you need or want to share more information about Ken Scholz. He may have been in Pontiac prison at the same as John David Norman. He also lived right behind another Cold Case victim, Diane Schofield.

          • Patrick Kerrigan says:

            You bring up an interesting name John David Norman, who along with a Paul R Paske ran a major pedophile ring out of Chicago in the 1970’s.

            They were supposedly sending childten around the United States and the wotld. Supposedly John Wayne Gacy claimed that Paske was dangerous.

            Paske supposedly murdered three boys in vfc 1977. One of them was supposed to testify against Norman.

  229. Monica Speaks says:

    Happy birthday dad

  230. anonymous says:

    this one really gets to me

  231. Farrah Rogers says:

    I am visiting Shenandoah at the moment and i’m trying to figure something out about the Tall Corn Inn, we found a photograph of an overview of the Hotel from what appears to be the 1960s. The photograph shows a woman being dragged by a man, she’s wrapped in a bedsheet or something else but she is clearly alive in the image. If anyone knows anything, please let me know.

  232. Christiaan Barrera says:

    I’m a former investigator and have some tips. Can someone contact me, I have an idea.

  233. Bryguy says:

    Is anyone aware of why Michael Klutner has been cleared for these murders? The timing of things couldn’t be more suspicious. Im concerned the white van is a red hearing.

    • MikeD says:

      I remember reading that they had a dedicated team to heavily investigate Michael Klunder in relation to this case. They were able to confirm a bunch of things that show he wasn’t in the Evansdale area at the time. He wasn’t even familiar with the area, and where the girls were found at Seven Bridges Wildlife Area is the kind of place where only locals who grew up in the area go to. Michael Klunder did his crimes in places he lived and worked. My thought is that it was a local man who one of the girls knew. Probably a family friend who grew up in the area and had a hunting or fishing license at one point.

      • Megan says:

        From my understanding, Michael Klunders first crimes did in fact happen in the Waverly area. Which would mean he was somewhat familiar with the area. And the crimes he committed there and in Dayton seem to be somewhat similar. I also often wonder how they were able to rule him out.

  234. Kim says:

    All this week KCRG is airing stories about Elizabeth and Lyric’s abductions and murders.
    Fingers crossed that their case gets solved soon!

  235. anon says:

    A commenter has said that the molesting uncle Roy Beach had an adopted son named Paul. Although the Beach family was cleared by DNA, was Paul cleared?

  236. John says:

    I’m sure this has been brought up over the years, but has Brown’s Woods or Racoon River woods ever been checked thoroughly? Seems like a good place to dump a body. Browns woods is basically a middle point with easy access from where Eugene went missing, with conjunction to where Johnny went missing in WDM. Browns especially. It couldn’t be more in the middle of the two areas the kids went missing. Did any of the suspects frequent those areas for any reason?

  237. Duane Kruse says:

    Please don’t forget that on 4 Feb 1984 Tim Earney also from Albia was murdered in his home. The case is still unsolved.

  238. Eddie says:

    “Dachshunds were bred to be hunting dogs, and like all hunting dogs, they tend to bark. Their bark can be loud, especially considering their small size. Many Dachshunds are sensitive to changes in their environments, which increases the likelihood of excessive barking.”

    So, the first mute daschund in history miraculously finds its way back to the Gosch household without waking up the neighbors with an incessant bark. This breed is known for barking, and barking loudly. Yet, the daschund Johnny supposedly took on his route the morning of September 5, 1982, did not make a sound.

    Must have been heavily sedated or the entire story is BS.

    This case is all about Gretchen, the daschund, that never barked on its way home to sit outside for more than an hour at the Gosch home without barking.

    And there is a Santa Claus.

  239. Tara says:

    What about Jasons wife? My theory is they planned it and it was all about money. She killed mom, staged it, crossed arms and legs and left. Then Jason shows up to call it in 2 hours later with an alibi.

    • Tara says:

      In addition that is why Shelly was so opposed to Jason taking the plea deal, because she was worried he would end up breaking his silence about who really pulled the trigger. The affair didn’t matter at that point.

    • Minnie Mouse says:


  240. LakeLife says:

    Praying for justice for this man!

  241. Chris workman says:

    Freddy it’s your brother Chris and u are still missing it’s been obver 9 years just wanted to let you know I’m a dad I have three kids and three step kids all girls hopefully u will be able to meet them someday I really miss u and I am hurting all the time because I miss u so much and love u so much I can’t wait to find u brother please contact me 6415755609 please call me Freddy I miss u and need u around u are my brother and my closest friend there will always be a hole in my heart a spot only u can fill so please call I really need u it is killing me inside not knowing where or what happened to u please come home I love u always and forever ur brother Chris

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Chris, thanks so much for sharing this on your brother’s page, and I’m so sorry you and your family are still without answers after 9 long years. I can’t begin to imagine not knowing what happened to one of my siblings. It’s true that somebody out there always knows something, and I hope that person will one day soon slip up or follow his or her conscience and come forward with details that will provide some type of resolution. All my very best to you and your family. Jody @ ICC

  242. Russ Heiser says:

    Mark Millihan did Interesting PODCAST “UNFOUNFD” Harry and Car, I.ll Check bsck or “routte” to CONTACT remain “Jim for NOW.

  243. Russ Heiser says:

    Jim(per say)

    July 1? Turkey Day obvious passed as MANYbhave since 1984
    Davis Brother or (s) you had mentioned Richard would be 80s in PRISON if Still ALIVE. Did you get Chance to Speak with or ANYTHING to ADD?

  244. Night Sonny Jim says:

    My wife and I have seen literally thousands of true crime docs and this one ranks up there in the top 3 of weakest cases ever! The other 2 were Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. One girl has the memory, the other girl does not remember it – they cancel each other out. Was it a planted memory by a mother with a vendetta? A dream? And I’ve never heard of someone committing a perfect murder with the exception that they went home and started confessing out loud to the victim. Makes no sense. The drug addict’s story makes no sense. Why would a murderer take the bloody clothes out of the bag in plain site of others and then burn them? Wouldn’t she just throw the paper bag with the clothes still in it into the fire and burn everything at once? And why didn’t he say this 25 years earlier when questioned? He can’t be trusted. Why weren’t the hairs tested? And the judge should have allowed this to be a hung jury. It’s obvious there was no evidence. This was a guilty until proven innocent case. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but it sounds like this guy’s suspect list could have been longer than the Nile. This is one of those cases that leaves you thinking if she could be convicted of murder with no evidence, then anybody could.

    • Mike Z says:

      The DATELINE episode should bring about another look at this case. Why are her appeals being denied? Unfortunately Cahill had a weak lawyer and that should be a consideration for a re-trial. The judge should be recalled. I intend to keep following this case.

  245. Mike Z says:

    I just saw Dateline on 6/18/2022 and was stunned at the conviction. When Cahill said at her arrest “you don’t know how wrong you are” something rang true to me. I looked at the facts and there was no case for a conviction. A questionable 25-year-old memory from a 9 year old girl and a drug addict saying he saw the defendant burning bloody clothes – how are these considered evidence? And neither of those testimonies were offered during the 1992 investigation. Worst of all is the second judge not accepting a hung jury for the second time, and instructing the jury to come back the next day with a different verdict. I am blown away how this guilty verdict was railroaded by the judge, the detectives and the Weineke family’s desire for a conviction. It’s possible Cahill is guilty, but this trial certainly didn’t prove that.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I also watched the Dateline episode and read everything I could on the alleged “evidence.” I normally don’t question law enforcement’s decision to indict, but this case left me with a “you’ve got to be kidding me sick feeling deep in my gut.

      There are cases on this site that contain — in my opinion — more than ample evidence to charge a suspect and ensure a conviction, and yet years go by with no arrests. If someone wrote up this story as a novel, any agent would find it ludicrous and tell them not to quit the day job. Mike Z. is correct in that the possibility exists that Cahill is guilty, but I saw no credible evidence whatsoever to support even an indictment, let alone a guilty verdict at trial.

      If anything, the Dateline episode illuminated the nonsensical rationale for Cahill’s arrest.

  246. Diane McIntyre says:

    Can you say…”Salem witch trial?” Watch out Justice. And the softball bat, how many ounces was it – because to swing a bat and make perfect contact to cause unconsciousness you need skill and strength- try it out on a tree- frickin impossible unless you’re built like a weightlifter and play for the MLB- Any male suspects or just a mother of 2 kids that has the time to kill during a weekday? Oh no- somebody of this 8 billion person world, who might have a repressed memory slightly askew, and you’re going to jail for 50 years!!

  247. Pat says:

    DM Register 04/30/1962: “police alerted hospitals and taxi cabs, officers combed dozens of blocks”.
    The initial description was somewhat misleading.
    From 14th Place the murderer had a straight line (due) north trajectory to reach neighborhoods with relatives and friends.
    About 1.5 miles to traverse.
    There was no freeway to deal with.
    His biggest exposure would be crossing Keosauqua.
    If he stuck to alley ways, his exposure was minimal.
    Assuming a pace of 12 minutes/mile, that is 18 minutes travel time.
    He was probably indoors before Clark and I returned to Clark’s apartment.

  248. Pat says:

    What I misunderstood, as many people do, is that trailing is highly problematic.
    According to trailing expert, Jeff Schettler: “… most trailing-dog deployments rarely find what they are looking for.” [K9 Trailing The Straighest Path (p. 62). Kindle Edition.]

    What likely happened on 04/29/1962 was:

    The bloodhound(s) got started with the right scent article.
    Contamination of the scent article occurred before exposure to bloodhound(s).
    The bloodhound(s) did NOT get started with the right scent.
    The handler was handicapped by arriving at the scene after other investigators. He never got control of the situation.
    The murderer-rapist’s scent was not the freshest or strongest on the scene, and the bloodhound(s) didn’t “select” it.
    Inner city environment contributes to odor confusion.

    Trailing failure did not detect that the murderer-rapist fled the crime scene on-foot.
    After he jumped from the window of the house at 1526 Woodland, he ran south to the alley, east to 15th Street, north to Woodland, east to 14th Place, north on 14th Place.

  249. Stay Strong! says:

    Interesting article highlighting the unfortunate occurrences of tragedies impacting Native American Iowans including this case…

    ‘Where is she?’ Iowa Indigenous communities grapple with missing and murder cold cases
    (Via The Gazette)

  250. Stay Strong! says:

    Interesting article highlighting the unfortunate occurrences of tragedies impacting Native American Iowans including this case…

    ‘Where is she?’ Iowa Indigenous communities grapple with missing and murder cold cases
    (Via The Gazette)

  251. Jim F says:

    At one point this entry mentioned a fare Mr. Massouris was to have picked up at a rough old honky tonk bar that was under the viaduct. I believe a waitress was wating for it and you alluded to the fact she had something to do with it. Now all that is deleted. I wish I could remember the name of that bar because my mother told me how rough it was. I think it was called Ranchero or something similar.

  252. Duane Kruse says:

    Tim is my cousin. In 2019, I sent letters to the newspapers in Ottumwa and Albia and have not gotten any responses. Please help by writting more letters.

  253. cassandra l Johnson says:

    I worked with her at Wendy’s. When I seen this I had no idea she was murdered like this. Sad asf. She was nice and didn’t deserve this

  254. Anonymous says:

    Jeff Smith did this. Run the DNA

  255. Larry Teig says:

    I would like to hear from any of you and give you my thoughts. Janet was my aunt. I had spoken with Frank’s sister, Mary a few years back. She died in 2007 or so. She had lived in Des Moines and had spoken the truth to the 2 children. Frank married a woman named jean who told the two kids a lie that Janet had committed suicide. Glad she had kept in touch with P.J. and Chris.

  256. Larry Teig says:

    My name is Larry Teig. Janet was my aunt. My mom was Marjorie and we were stunned when Janet died. As time passed, we all (cousins) have concluded that Frank, her husband had her murdered. This was confirmed by Franks sister, Mary La Fratte later years. She was a wonderful mother to her two children P.J. and Chris. I believe they both live in Des Moines. Someday, all will be revealed.

  257. Kevin Jauron says:

    I still love you and miss you everyday Mom!!!!

  258. Helen Burk Clark says:

    Janet was my aunt, her husband Frank was my mom’s brother. The day Janet died, she had dropped off her children at Grandma’s just up the road. She told grandma that Frank needed her to help him in the field. Later that day she was found drowned in the pond. Interesting that the next day, we were all told by Frank that it was a suicide when in fact that was never the case!!!! Jean the woman he married 6 months later also told Frank’s children that Janet died by suicide. There were facts at the scene that without a doubt ruled out suicide.

    • Larry Teig says:

      Hello Helen, My name is Larry Teig. Janet was my aunt. My mother was her older sister, Marjorie from Jewell, Iowa. I had kept in touch with Frank’s sister Mary who lived in Des Moines. She too believed Frank was responsible. Mary had kept in touch with the two Children, P.J. and Chris. She told them the truth. I have been trying to contact P.J. Tony’s son told me he found an address for him in Des Moines. He wanted to contact him as his cousin and although I never got a hold of P.J. I would love to show reconnect with him as his cousin. I understand Chris is married and lives in Des Moines as well. You can contact me at

  259. Adrian says:

    Just came across this case. I was rightfully suspicious as to why such a paucity of pictures of this rapist and murderer. Another Killer Koon. Just how many even live in Iowa??

  260. Gary C Sobie says:

    If your looking Mark Edward Handlon. You should stake out his exwifes residence at 4903 28th Avenue, Moline, IL. Because if he’s not there. She will definitely know how to get a hold of him. And definitely knows where he’s at for sure. Because she is constantly calling him. She is probably hiding him at her house. Or at one of her relatives houses that live around her house. That’s probably for sure where you will find him. Don’t stop looking for him at all. And when you find him. You need to arrest him immediately along with his exwife. Marilee Handlon at 4903 28th Ave, Moline, IL.

  261. Richard Clements says:

    How does one go about getting in touch with Lt. Frank Stearns, or Lt. Ron Vande Weerde, or a Bill Basler?

  262. Christina says:

    Hey jade! I miss you and think about you often. I don’t know where you are but we used to be best friends in school. I have picture’s of us. Your family have been in my heart and prayers. I hope they continue this case.

  263. Sandra says:

    Cesus show norma swope born 1925 and died at 15. No records found if her death why?

    • doofy says:

      record keeping in the 1920’s probably wasnt done thoroughly, been a hundred years so might of been lost somehow

  264. Mary I would like to know where you get your information from ?this was my grandpa And I don’t know who you are so I will see you in around our family I don’t see how this helps find my grandpa!

    • Mary Johnson says:

      He’s my grandpa. I know this information because my mom was married to his son John Jr. And no you won’t see me around don’t threaten me. There’s a reason my mom left because you and your mom are fuddy duds. Total trailer trash. I don’t care if you’re my cousin. You’re gnarly. 🤢🤮 My mom and siblings moved far away from your families crazy AZZ. Good thing because I might have ended up as trash like you 😂 are you saying that you want to fight me? Ok tubs.

    • Mary says:

      Also how do you know he’s dead? Are you subconsciously admitting that your family has something to do with his disappearance? Because I hear y’all do. 🤔🤔 Wondering if it has something to do with drugs…..

  265. I’m just curious while everybody’s saying all this stuff about the dead and it doesn’t even pertain to Anything about their disappearance Thought this was supposed to help find them not to bash upon the dead and missing

  266. William Holder says:

    The staging of the scene to resemble a “robbery” where nothing was missing save the murder weapon and that the body was also staged strongly suggests to me the killer was a family member, either the husband or one of the two sons. The killer didn’t bring a weapon but knew there was a gun safe in the basement and retrieved the murder weapon from there. It seems clear Jason was not the killer since video places him far away at the time of the murder. Comment from family member above indicates husband was also far away at the time of the murder. That leaves Billy Dean Carter. Where was he that morning – why was he never a suspect? Can any other family members be implicated or have motive? And Jason’s wife, she seems 100% convinced from the beginning that Jason wasn’t involved – not the slightest doubt. Is there a reason she is so sure? It’s baffling to me that this remains a cold case and that not a shred of physical evidence was ever found.

    • doofy says:

      im sure the police have thought about this as many others have also. maybe there isnt quite enough evidence to move forward……yet

    • William Holder says:

      I just watched the A&E Accused Guilty or Innocent series episode about this case. Presented from the defendents point of view. It elaborates on a very generous plea deal offered by the state and statements by others implicating the Followill brothers. At this point I am convinced that not only is Jason not culpable it is likely neither are any family members. It is upsetting that his life has been greatly impacted and that he is being held responsible with no further appeal possible for a 10.2M civil judgement against him.

      • Jay says:

        Billy was at work. I worked with him, and remember the day he found out about his Mom being killed. He was devastated. Hi alibi was checked a million times, and verified by several people who interacted with him at work the days leading up to the crime, and the day of.

      • Paula Jones says:

        I am in agreement with William Hilder, Jason is innocent. The last person to see Shirley alive and m concern here is why would he do everything to blame his son. I am not blaming anyone because to jump to conclusions is exact what has damaged so many lives.
        Without doubt I do believe that the Police made three crucial mistakes
        1. They told the Billy they had someone they were looking at and would be laying charges within weeks. Of course the famiily were going to get frustrated. How Jason got a fair trial is testament to the wonderful jury.
        2. The Police did not follow the evidence. They made an assumption and without doubt attempted to make the evidence fit their conclusion.
        3. There were a number of clues that the Police didn’t follow to their conclusions. They were so harassed by Jason’s and I think the Civil Judgement left them looking inadequate So they jumped on that banned wagon, a case that leaves a loving parent wondering why he would deliberately push to blame his own son.
        Personally as a Criminologist I would love to see all the evidence as heart breaks for Jason and his family, he has been found innocent by a court of Law, yet his own self righteous family have found his guilty….why, because he had an affair. Something that had nothing to do with his parents. There is far more to this story and all parties, especially Shirley deserve someone to investigate this from an open mind.

    • Retha says:

      As I was looking up information on the case, I came across testimonies of those involved in the case. Billy Carter was supposedly at work when his mother was killed, but I have no clue if his alibi checked out. From the follow up episode, the rumors of others being involved was investigated by Jason’s attorneys. They found a truck that was possibly seen in the area, plus the phone belonging to someone of interest pinged off the closest tower to the Carter farm at 9:23am (or very close to that time, as I don’t recall the exact time they said). Sounds to me like the police have some work to do. I truly find it difficult to believe that Jason or his wife were involved. His brother is extremely weird though, but weirdness doesn’t indicate guilt.

  267. alyssa thiessen says:

    ok so how hard would it be to solve the case bc my dad knew her in high school and i would like to bring her family to peace about what happened to there child

  268. Sarah says: has a story about him from 2000, in the Des Moines Register.

  269. Robert Lucht says:

    They had a little museum at knotts berry farm when I was a kid in the 1970s they had the axe from this crime at there museum it was shut down years ago wonder what happend to the axe!

  270. Murder Mystery Readers Comments says:

    Maureen Farley did not know that she moved to Cedar Rapids and moved next door to a murder who was trying to hide his murder by killing more people, or hiring a person to kill possibly the only person who saw him commit the murder. Maureen Farley moved right in next door to the possibly murderer of Paula Oberbroeckling. Maureen Farley’s next door neighbor in Cedar Rapids was Doctor Thomas Sturgeon (a chiropractor). Paula Oberbroeckling was murdered at a prostitute’s house. The pimp at that prostitute’s house was Ernest Jordan . Doctor Thomas Sturgeon bought the gun and paid Perry Harris to murder Ernest Jordan, the pimp who most likely saw Doctor Thomas Sturgeon murder Paula Oberbroeckling when he was trying to rape Paula Oberbroeckling.

  271. Pat says:

    Today marks 60 years since the murder-rape of Ramona Jean Cox. This case has been of lasting interest to me because I was walking within 150 feet of 1526 Woodland, WHILE THE CRIME WAS IN-PROGRESS.

    My friend and I went to Foodland (630 14th Place) to buy cigarettes. The clerk had to face east as he pulled the cigarettes from the shelf, and that is when he mentioned a black guy running shirtless past the store window. I couldn’t see from inside the store, so I stepped out of the store door, and looked north on 14th Place. He had a white shirt gripped in his left hand. It enabled me to see him in the dark, on an overcast night (no moonlight). He glanced back, and saw me, but kept slow trotting north.

    When the first squad car arrived, my friend and I walked back to the corner of 15th and Woodland. After the police informed the three people in the yard at 1530, that they found the dead body of their neighbor at 1526, the women started yelling and crying. That would be Sharen C and Jackie P. Charles R, the boyfriend of Sharen C, tried to console her, but she wouldn’t be consoled. From 150 feet away, my friend and I, interpreted it as a boyfriend-girlfriend spat that had gotten out of hand. When the vehicle with the bloodhounds arrived, our theory didn’t seem to fit. Why were the bloodhounds on the scene?

    Charles, Sharen, and Jackie identified the man who jumped from the window as white. Later, the FBI analysis of hair fibers, indicated a black-white mix. The guy I saw slow trotting on 14th Place was black. He was in the neighborhood, at the right time, and had about the same stature (5’9”, 160 lbs) as reported in the newspaper, so why don’t I think he was the murderer? The bloodhounds arrived on the scene in less than an hour. If the guy I saw was the murderer, the bloodhounds would have been on that trail in a heartbeat. Instead, the newspaper indicated the bloodhounds only tracked to the back alley. This indicates to me that the murderer fled the scene in a vehicle parked behind 1526 Woodland.

    • Cody says:

      Reading your previous entries regarding this case, you indicated that you didn’t see anything. Now you are saying you did indeed see “a black man jogging”? Please explain.

      • Pat says:

        You are probably referring to when the officer asked us “boys” if we had seen anyone in the neighborhood, and I said no.
        Keep in mind, my friend Clark and I, didn’t know until the next morning what had happened, and how serious the situation was. That night, we thought it looked like a boyfriend-girlfriend spat that had gotten out of hand.
        We actually hadn’t seen anyone in the neighborhood on our walk to Foodland, at 630 14th Place. The streets were desolate. We were the only ones out and about. Not unusual considering people were getting ready for the start of the work week, and were headed to bed or already in bed.
        The only activity we saw was the guys screech off the stop sign at the south segment of 15th at Woodland. We were positioned right in front of them, if they had came up over the curb onto the sidewalk, they would have hit us. But, the driver cut hard left and sped west on Woodland. I figured out the next day after reading the paper, that this was Charles Russell, and his friend who was driving him back to 1530 Woodland.
        We had run out of cigarettes, and that was why we went to Foodland. We were underage, but Clark was 6’0″ and about 200 lbs. I was 5’10” and 98 lbs. He looked old enough if the clerk didn’t check id.
        We spent a few minutes looking around getting some candy, then when Clark asked for the cigarettes, I lingered in the store doorway, getting ready to run if the clerk questioned our age. I just realized last night, in a flashback, that I actually saw that jogger come up the south segment of 15th, headed for Woodland. I went back into the store, and chatted with Clark and the Clerk. When the clerk faced east to grab the cigarettes, he said he saw a black guy, shirtless, jog by the window. I stepped back out of the store doorway, and could see him jogging north on 14th Place. He had a light colored shirt in his left hand, wadded up. Since it was an overcast night (no moon, no stars), I probably wouldn’t have seen him without that light shirt.
        I believe he had the shirt on when I first saw him, and must have taken it off when I went back into the store.
        Clark was in the store the whole time, and wouldn’t have seen the guy. I never mentioned anything about the jogger to him. The clerk only got a poor glimpse as he jogged by. I say poor glimpse, because the store window had cardboard signs and a neon sign that would have prevented him from getting a good look. The best view I had was when he was jogging north on the south segment of 15th toward Woodland. The view I had of him as he jogged north on 14th Place was inferior, because there was no close by streetlight, his back was to me, although I saw him glance back over his shoulder.
        I’ve been trying to refine that memory image, but it is from 60 years ago.

  272. Miss congeniality says:

    Wasant Mike Flowers a suspect in the hill murder didn’t they find him wearing the Mr hills ring?

  273. John doe says:

    Jose Canas Is the true killer of Amber Hayes!!!

  274. Jim says:

    I always pull up google maps when reviewing these cases. I don’t know why but it tends to give be a better perspective of what happened and how.
    The girls’ bikes were found on the trail in the South East corner of the park. This is the most obscure area in the park and is next to I-350. It is obvious why everyone jumped to the conclusion it might have been a trucker.
    What I want to know it the address the grandmother lived at when this occured. I would like to try and track the path they took TO the park as I feel someone watched them and followed them in there, waiting til they got to this remoter area.

    • MikeD says:

      People jumped on to the idea that it might have been a trucker, but there is a large fence between the park and the interstate. I don’t want to give the exact address, but the grandma’s house was on Brovan Blvd Evansdale, Iowa. It’s a small street and if you look at street view from 2012 you can’t miss it. The park where the girls were found is very remote and only the kind of place locals who grew up in the area ever visit. Not the kind of place and random trucker would know about or be able to drive their truck easily into.

  275. Angelina says:

    I pray my sister gets the justice she so desperately deserves. I hope the person or persons that were involved in taking her from us pay the ultimate price. There is a special place in hell for people like that! I miss her so much. Sh was an amazing person with the most peaceful mind anyone could possess. She helped anyone when they needed it and never asked for anything in return. Such a beautiful soul and I know she’s watching over me everyday.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Kim was the only person who showed me kindness when i was being bullied at LC and we became school buddies. I never forgot that.

  276. Theresa says:

    I am wondering how much it would cost to get the DNA testing done to close these cases.

    • doofy says:

      probably quite pricey so you know the state of iowa wont do it unless it is absolutely necessary. youre right though leaning towards DNA because i believe most of these cases could be closed if they would approach it that way

  277. Kim Giannetti says:

    I didn’t read anything about “Goose” or Therese Miller in this particular artical, where can I learn more about Ron Novak’s case? Please send me any link(s) with more details @ Please & Thank you ahead of time.

  278. Kim says:

    Travis Jamieson, the Monticello man who was arrested and acquitted at trial in Cathy-Jo’s murder, has recently passed away. I’m not finding a case page other than this one for Cathy-Jo on the ICC site (I may not be looking in the right spot), but I wanted to share that information. Here is a link to an older story about the case:…-a060756653

  279. Angel Devers says:

    My grandparents lived next-door to the Brûlé for years. I basically grew up with them. I never realized that it was not suicide until a few years ago. I hope and pray that whoever is responsible is caught and prosecuted.

  280. Kim says:

    Evidently the authorities charged Patrie with killing Kenneth Gallmeyer back in January of 2022. Did not see this on the news back then, but here’s a short piece about it from KCRG:

  281. Hannah says:

    Did anyone ever check with the friends family to confirm that they weren’t home?

    • Jill says:

      Yes…on a crime show they did on erin..they said that the family just ran out for some snacks maybe?

  282. Amanda Harlan says:

    So the Murder for Lee Rotatori was solved just this February. Maybe Thomas Freeman also killed Linda?

  283. Andrew says:

    The guy looks like Harry Edward Greenwell who was just identified as the I-65 Killer/Days Inn Killer in Indiana he died in Iowa in 2013

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Andrew, yes, there’s definitely a very close resemblance to the third sketch from the Chickasaw County Sheriff sketch. I’ll be watching closing to see if answers are forthcoming in Rhonda’s case.

    • Cody says:

      But the I-65 killer had a specific M.O. that doesn’t appear to match this case, right?

  284. Kelly Severado says:

    Lisa was one of my best friends Jerri was my cousin. I lost a lot of people that year including my grandmother. We were teenagers we were kinda wild. Evidently she had a whole life I knew nothing of. The most we did when I was with her was drink cheap wine in a graveyard lol She was a good person and an even better friend! Definitely was murdered! Rest in heaven all of you and I think of you often I hope one day this all gets solved but unfortunately I doubt it 😭🙏🏼

  285. Katie Hopkins says:

    Her house was actually 705 3rd Ave, not 703. Census document from 1925 has house number listed as 705. So it is the red house right next to 703 3rd Ave.

  286. Steph says:

    Would like to talk about Bobby Crawford murder.

  287. Nanette Verrips says:

    Why would the father wait 3 days to report his daughter missing??
    She was not a Hooker, she wasn’t old enough to be anything but a child!! I wish someone would solve this case, but I bet the killers are dead! Still would be nice to understand, after all I wasn’t feeling to safe myself after lisa died! We were In school together. She was so shy, never saw her talk to anyone!!

  288. Pam says:

    Type of truck displayed in 1971?

  289. Christopher Rogers says:

    Hi you can contact me at 3152758084 and thank you

  290. Christine says:

    There is a tictok about Lindsay Buziak from British Columbia Canda with many similarities, down to thier hairstyle and blonde streaks and similar facial features, being described as vibrant, successful and cheerful, age, jobs, etc. There was a cell phone purchased and used only to call Lindsay once, registered to a man’s name, Paulo Rodriguez. But a blonde woman was with a man and Lindsay was found stabbed multiple times in the master bedroom of the home she was showing them, she also had no defensive wounds. I can’t help but wonder if they are connected. They have so many similarities in personality and physically that it seems like a serial killer. Just wanted to put this out there for investigators to check if there’s a connection. The tictok mentions Ashley Oakland’s case. 😟 my condolences to both families.

    • Cody says:

      They aren’t at all connected. Lindsay’s murder (most probable theory) had a personal motive involved which wouldn’t at all include Ms.Okland.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Abby, that story was updated May 4, 2016 (two days after Jade Colvin went missing). She went missing again June 10, 2016, as reported by the Iowa Missing Person Information Clearinghouse and NamUs.

      • Patrick Kerrigan says:

        Jody, that was nice of her to runaway again. Maybe the authorities should have handed her a statement of the costs of searching for her. Plus, a booklet listing all the runaways who were murdered. Plus the unidentified bodies around the country.

        But, then she has more important stuff to do. But not at home.

  291. Summer says:

    Happy 20th my love! I hope so much you had a good one. Autumn and I think of you everyday and we need you.. No matter what . We will do anything to get you back in our life and keep you safe . No matter what it is, we will go thru anything and anyone to find you. You are our world .. we love you so much Jade. -summer </3

  292. Michelle Sidhu says:

    Is the evidence for this case still available? Anything that could be tested for dna, even after all this time? Although, from the articles with numerous photos, it looks like the crime scene was grand central station within a short time. Even that the evidence was flown out of state. No telling whose dna is mixed up with it now.

    The Quad City newspapers reported a blood covered hat was found. If it’s still around blood could be matched to the Bachers, maybe skin or hair from the person who wore it.

  293. Emily says:

    I am Literally watching AWP right now while I was looking through this list. Those guys are seriously AMAZING

  294. S. Davis says:

    “We encourage thoughtful discussion here but ask that comments remain civilized and constructive … i.e. without personal attacks or name-calling. Be respectful of others and remember that victims’ family members visit these pages, too.”

    Literally every comment on this page is a willful violation of your impotent policy. Maybe try harder? Or, even better idea, get rid of the comments altogether. There is absolutely nothing that anyone can, or should, contribute to these complex and difficult topics via an internet comment. All they engender are wild speculation, open prejudice, bitter resentment, and the further erosion of the already deeply scarred state of civil discourse among Americans.

  295. MikeD says:

    Considering all the foot traffic that park gets, especially during morel mushroom hunting season, I’m thinking he isn’t there otherwise someone would have found something. I too would be interested in his internet history. Ledges, especially the parking lot isn’t an uncommon place for people to meet up. In the early 2000s I was a student at Iowa State and my roommate went there alone one day to meet a girl he was talking to on the internet. He is an outdoors type so he didn’t think anything of it. It was a bad idea in retrospect because it’s rural and nobody really around that time of year.

    • MikeD says:

      After doing more research and hearing his dad on a podcast, it sounds like things were meth related. It’s really unfortunate that his dad made the mistake of touching, getting into the vehicle and driving it home.

  296. MikeD says:

    I remember hearing Erin’s stepmom say in a podcast that police wanted to search CP’s truck, but he had sold it not too long after Erin went missing. Shouldn’t there be a paper trail for that? At least a title transfer? I guess I want to rule out that the truck wasn’t just abandoned in a forrest or Cedar River etc.

  297. Dakota willson says:

    I’d start by looking for the description of these cars at junk yards.. they have some old cars piled up from years ago..

  298. X says:

    There are only 2 ways to get to the house. You have to know exactly where you are going. Back in the 70’s it was all farmers, and you could literally count on both hands the number of farmers who had land around Churchville for a few miles in any direction.
    In mid June, farmers should of been out in the fields. If you drive the route from the east or the south to their property, you see the road. You would notice a strange car, and definitely recognize a vehicle owned by anyone who lived around there. It was 1973, the DCI probably didn’t exactly canvas farmers. The other thing that’s never been brough up is where were the kids, and why. Janet was not the type to ever leave her children. Her family and church were the center of her life. Someone saw something strange, and has never come forward. There is no way a person could die as horribly as she did without someone seeing something, and the person responsible having some kind of connection to the family. It was not a random act. It had to have been planned, and whoever did it knew exactly what to do and when. I’m not a conspriacy nut, I don’t need a tin foil hat, Janet didn’t deserve to have someone take her life, and those kids never deserved the life they were stuck with after her death. Fifty years later, everyone who lived around there is dead, and sadly so is this case. As with all of these cold cases, someone got away with murder.

    • doofy says:

      I agree with you and as for the dozens of other cases like this someone had to see something but never spoke up and like you said they are gone and dead and got away with an awful crime

      • X says:

        Thank you.
        I’m pretty sure no one in that area even knows this ever happened,
        I’m not even sure if there are any of the original family descendants in the area anymore. To see a few people have commented over the years Is nice. I used to live around there, over the years one person came to mind, but is also long deceased. It’s pure speculation.
        Hopefully they are in a special section of Hell wether connected to this tragedy or not.

        • Helen Burk Clark says:

          I am a niece of Janet’s and was in high school at the time. Janet’s husband was my mom’s brother. We all believed as a family that he was the one responsible for her death. He was disowned from the family after her murder until the day he died. I remember the next day being told that she had committed suicide which was what Uncle Frank had told us!!!!!

    • Helen Burk Clark says:

      The day Janet died she had taken her children up the road to grandma’s house. She told grandma that Frank needed her to help in the field. She was found dead later that day.

  299. JimS says:

    His family lived in KS where he returned to. His younger brother died just a few years back, I knew him fairly well, they were generally good people. His dad just died three days ago. I have pictures of the incident as it took place here in Coffey County leading to his suicide. They have searched around here but I doubt he carried her here. If he did they were countless places to put her that would not have been on the property.

  300. Anne says:

    When was the gate put in place? The one the dive team had to drive around?? And why was one installed? Didn’t look like much back there that you need to gate it. Also, I think it is really odd that IF that is where the party Was then why hasn’t anybody from the party come forward?? I have been to plenty coal mine stripping cut parties in my day and nobody would have left like that and not be unnoticed no matter how loud the music was.

  301. MikeD says:

    I read the news that familial DNA just cleared this case. Thomas O. Freeman of West Frankfort, Illinois was the source of the suspect DNA. Not sure what the source of the DNA was. Thomas O. Freeman decomposing body was found in October of 1982 in Cobden, Illinois.

    • Kim says:

      Here’s a link to one of the stories about Freeman’s murder of Lee and his own subsequent murder as well:

      • Stay Strong! says:

        Very interesting read. I love this got solved.

        It’s pretty clear that authorities believe her husband, Nemke, killed the Freeman. The most likely scenario it seems to me is that Freeman foolishly talked about the crime and Nemke heard about it since he evidently lived in the area.

        That’s the only plausible scenario I can think of since the authorities were unable to come up with a suspect all those years and Nemke would have no other way of identifying Freeman.

        Interesting stuff!

        • Jim F says:

          That’s a far stretch based soley on a murder/rapist bragging about their crime. Hardly plausible. I am more inclined to believe he followed her from the truck stop area. That truck stop was very busy then and the area was not nearly as populated as it is now. The casinos were not there then. Being on the I-80 & I-29 corridor it attracted a lot of traffic and criminals.
          All these years and I couldn’t help but think it was connected to the Mayfield murder that happened a couple of months earlier.

          • Stay Strong! says:

            I either didn’t make myself very clear or you misunderstood my comments.

            I was referring to the fact that Nemke (her ex-husband) allegedly killed Freeman (the recently identified killer of his ex-wife Ratori). The article is pretty clear that law enforcement believes that Nemke killed Freeman and that they both lived in the same area in Southern IL. I don’t know how Nemke would have otherwise would have known Freeman did it unless he foolishly talked. Clearly Nemke wasn’t at the scene and LE didn’t know who killed him until just recently, long after Nemke passed and Freeman was killed.

            I don’t doubt the fact that Freeman, a trucker, and the fact that the hotel Ratori was killed and the truck stop were very close in proximity is likely linked.

            • Jim F says:

              I suppose what’s needed is confirmation that these three actually KNEW each other as opposed to being from the same area.

            • Patrick Kerrigan says:

              The husband was a person of interest in the murder of three women, at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. He was arrested in a stolen car on the Northside of Chicago.

              Someone suggested that his connection to Illinois makes him a suspect. Well I live in Illinois, which makes me a suspect also. We can add all the residents and former residents of Illinois, as possible suspects.

              Also John Wayne Gacy was a resident of Illinois, makes him a suspect. But then I seem to remember that he worked in Iowa.

              I prefer that we come up with some links that shows thst the husband had previous contact or knew Freeman.

              To quote Sgt. Joe Friday, “just the facts”, and not assumptions.

              • Stay Strong! says:

                It’s speculation, not assumption; the former of which is in part what this message board is for – as long as it’s qualified as such. Heck, I’ve seen you make similar speculation often on this very board.

                As for the basis of said speculation, I suggest you read these specific quoted comments from LE Officer Weddum – the officer working the case…

                “I’m not a real big believer in coincidences,” Weddum told the Nonpareil, explaining that Rotatori’s husband, Nemke, who died in 2019, is considered a person of interest in Freeman’s murder.

                “With his known history of being in the area of where our suspect lived and where our suspect died, it raises suspicions of his involvement. That he possibly could’ve been involved,” Weddum said.

                Quite a stretch extending the specific, quoted, on-point comments from the LE officer above to you and Gacy’s residency.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Cobden, Illinois is located in Union County, which is northeast of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Not exactly close to Council Bluffs. Also West Frankfort. Illinois is in Williamson County, close to Interstate -57.

      I wonder how her husband would be able to identify him as the offender in a short period of time, when the police had no clue.

      The other question is Freeman connected to the murder of Linda Mayfield, F/B, in the Starlite Motel, also in Council Bluffs on April 9, 1982. She appears was stabbed multiple times in the face, chest and stomach.

      • Stay Strong! says:

        Yes, I wondered how her husband identified the killer too (see my posts above if you’re so inclined).

        Since Nemke spent a lot of time in Southern IL, I speculate that Freeman talked and Freeman heard about.

        Now that I think about it, a couple of other possibilities: 1) Freeman returned home with stab wound injuries, some people knew he was in the Council Bluffs area, people connected the dots, and that got around to Nemke. 2) Nemke hired Freeman and then killed him to silence him.

        • Anita Martin says:

          I also wonder whether it is possible that Freeman knew Nemke years ago when they were younger. Nemke was 39 when Lee was killed, if my math is correct. Freeman was 35. Could they have served time together in juvenile corrections? Could Freeman have had anything to do with the suspicious fire which killed the female juror (serving on the jury for Nemke’s murder trial in the 1960s) and the juror’s teenaged daughter when Nemke was in custody? In one of the articles I read, it said when Freeman was found dead, no one had reported him missing for at least 3 months. That raises other questions as well. My gut feeling is that yes, they knew each other.

  302. Phyllis McGowan says:

    Sweet heart I pray you get the answers you are looking for there’s Way to many lost.out there God be with you

  303. Pam Heintzleman says:

    Can’t they check dna through teeth Etc now?

    • Jenni says:

      They have to use a combination of DNA and genetic genealogy. The DNA gives them the genetic profile of the deceased individual. But they have to have something to compare that to. Yes, they could compare the DNA of the unidentified individual to that of Matthew’s family members. Otherwise, if they don’t have a potential match to compare to, they have to use genetic genealogy to trace the family of the deceased. Usually at best, they get a hit on a distant relative in a database of people whose DNA profiles have been voluntarily submitted.

  304. Alisia Myers says:

    28 years now still unsolved ,but we have a new cold case team in Des Moines Iowa , I hope and pray they open my mom’s case and re review it.

  305. Karmen Alvarez says:

    Rip tio Nelson u were and always will b in our hearts

  306. Rae Brady Elson says:

    I agree 🙄just wondered where is this Boy Scout camp , or Kiwanis cabins ? Exactly 🙄in toddville or Palo ?

  307. Anne Doll says:

    I wish the Dallas County Sheriff’s department would look into this “suspicious death”. There were witnesses there that need to be talked to. This was a murder!

  308. anon says:

    And now I see that former Des Moines register staff writer Frank Santiago passed away last year. So any institutional memory that he might have is long gone also.

  309. Sbbig ynohtna says:

    I must’ve struck a cord because I have a lot of people reacting negatively to what I said but I have one question for them I will I’m not going to stop preaching what I know because I know what I saw and you’re not gonna stop me from voicing what I saw unless you plan on killing me too like you did Eric and you know who you are and I know who you are too and I guess if you think I’m a danger to you then you’ll have to do something about it won’t you but let’s be real I wouldn’t be a danger to you only a danger to your freedom because of what I know so come and get me!

  310. Tony says:

    This was not an accident Eric was my friend and I know for a fact he was murdered, his father absolutely hated the fact that Eric thought he might be gay and he killed him for it when he found out about it this was all a really huge issue when does homicide happened and I was not surprised that Eric ended up dead he was always afraid of his father. I never thought his father was serious when he told Eric if you ever become gay or try to be gay I will kill you boy I thought he was just saying it I never realize how serious he was!

    The funny thing is the parents said they were at home that evening and that’s an out right lie because I heard the shotgun go off from my bedroom door I remember standing there with my back to my bedroom window in the doorway and I heard the loudest sound I’ve ever heard in my life. I turned around and looked out the window and I saw Eric‘s dad‘s truck and his moms car both in the driveway and a short time later Eric‘s dad came out of the house threw something in the garbage can got in his truck and left by this time Eric‘s mom had already left the house. I know he killed him!

  311. Sherry Sheets says:

    I am not sure how Lisa’s comments is helping this case? are you serious with your slander and lies? Stop telling lies for the truth cuz you definitely was not around the family or I would know you.

    • Mary Johnson says:

      I am John Thomas Jr Johnson daughter. My grandpa is John Thomas Johnson sr. I am trying to find all of my family. Please contact me at 4022496613

  312. doofy says:

    my thought is that if the officer thinks it will never be solved then give us a name and some more details of the crime if there is any.

  313. Mary e, oneill says:

    I’m the great
    Great granddaughter of James Nicoll and the same thought came to me Linda, maybe he was having an affair! M.O.

  314. Nicole Giles says:

    Father died in 2016

  315. Nicole Giles says:

    Are there more photos of Rodney John Olsen? Here it says he was out visiting someone but i found another site that said he went back to Britt to visit the son.

  316. Autumn M Ruddy says:

    Hi mom, it’s me again. Today is a very hard day for all of us. 25 years and still no answers… I still hope for the day we have some closure and justice.
    I talked with a news reporter today, in hopes to get things out there..
    I love you mom, to the moon and beyond…not a day goes by where I don’t think about you.
    Love always, Autumn ❤

  317. Maria says:

    I’m guessing the waterbed had bullet holes in it?

  318. Summer says:

    I think of you everyday. I love you forever, Im waiting for the day to hear your voice again. Autumn and my heart is broken for every second that goes by missing you. Love you always – Summer

  319. Constance Combs says:

    Have the police rocated and re-interviewed all of the people who were at the camp? Both leaders and former children attendees should be interviewed again. If children targetted him as a joke, they may not have desired the outcome and then didn’t want to admit it once he was in the river. Now someone might be more willing to tell if they were only an observer. Secondly I belueve that all family members of missing lived ones should take an Ancestry DNA and 23 and Me dna test and upload the results for free to Famiky Tree, My Heritage, abd especially Ged. If a body is ever located it can then be identified through the dna. If a person ran away or was kidnapped and they eventually grow up and do a dna test. they will find out who they are and locate relatives. Also save a stamped envelope or toothbrush of the lived one because soon these items will be able to be tested to match someone’s dna.

  320. David Oathout says:

    I’m the eldest son of Gene Oathout, who owned Oathout Funeral Home at the time of the 4/2/1962 fire. I’m surprised to find this arson in the “cold cases” file, as my clear memory is of a firebug who was apprehended after a string of arsons. He was accused of torching 3 churches in addition to the Funeral Home. I don’t know if he was convicted.

  321. Dave Doyle says:

    Has anything more been done here? Are people still local? I would be interested to dig into this and find out what happened to people after the event.

  322. Gwen Kubberness says:

    John Rude was electrician

  323. Gwen Kubberness says:

    In searching newspaper articles I notice a pattern of killings from 1970- 1974 this could very well be a serial killer in that area, I will need to look further before I am 100% sure.

  324. Gwen Kubberness says:

    His Social Security states he was living in Iowa when he retained his Social Security Number, I am still search for addresses and places her was after he returned from service.

    Name: Alexander Sauceda
    Social Security Number: 483-66-7724
    Birth Date: 17 Jul 1950
    Issue Year: 1966
    Issue State: Iowa
    Death Date: Oct 1973

  325. I found him in a article for a traffic fine he got for $10 in Colorado Springs Newspaper in 1971.

    Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    04 May 1971, Tue • Page 25

  326. Paul Andrew Anderson says:

    People need to watch the 20/20 episode January 29, 2022 with Bill Pruins 2 daughters about the Jodi Huisentruit case with Krystal and Scarlett and their setting the record straight saying there is no connection between their dad’s death and Jodi’s disappearance. They want to people to stop with the rumors they are hurtful to both of them. The police, both of them Krystal and Scarlett and the private investigator are saying their dad Bill Pruins was not murdered but was an accidental shooting and there was no indication of foul play but an accident! They want the rumors stopped period and let their dad rest in peace and whatever his legacy will be so I agree with them let this go their dad wasn’t murdered but an accident.

  327. Kim says:

    I don’t know if anyone watched the 20/20 episode about Jody Huisentruit’s case, but Billy’s case was discussed as well during the episode. There were rumors that his case was linked with Jodi’s, but according to the private investigator that Billy’s daughters hired, the shooting was accidental. According to the episode, Billy had been carrying the gun and somehow tripped and fell on it, causing it to discharge. If that’s true, then his case isn’t linked to Jodi’s disappearance and his death was a tragic accident. The 20/20 episode is entitled “Gone at Dawn” and just aired on 1/28/22.

  328. Paul says:

    Bill Pruins daughters did an interview with 20/20 and say there is no connection between his death and Jodi’s case and they wan the rumors to stop. His daughter’s, the Police, and private investigator all agree his death was an unfortunate accident and they want his legacy to be what it may be so again they want the rumors to stop.

  329. Fefe says:

    Have you guys got any updates or it’s still unsolved

  330. Gina Rowley says:

    I used to live in that apartment building, in her apartment. She didn’t live upstairs, it was the downstairs apartment she lived in. My landlord told me that, that’s how I know that .

  331. Anon says:

    The Dubuque PD knows that Arnsdorf is dead. The brothers she was seen with had their car compacted at a friend’s junkyard in central IL a few days after her disappearance, police couldn’t get a warrant. She’s in the trunk of that car.

  332. John Platter says:

    Hi Kelli and those who new Judy,

    I was a 6th grade student at Madison Elementary where Judy volunteered as sort of a playground director. A classmate Robert Graves used to walk to school with Judy at times and as i recall he broke the news that something was up the Monday after her murder.

    Judy was beloved by all of us but especially the rowdy mischievous bunch, which I was part of. They played Bridge Over Troubled Waters at the funeral at St. Paul Lutheran. I was sitting in maybe the 3rd row slightly behind and to the left of my good friend Leroy Williams in the row in front of me.

    Leroy had a scar beneath his left eye and I remember vividly the tears streaming from his eyes as a kind middle aged woman offered him a tissue.

    When my kids were young we were driving back from a ski vacation in California when Bridge came on the radio. I had to explain to my wife and 2 sons why I was balling as I always do when I hear that song.

    I check up on Judy’s case from time to time hoping that you and the rest of her family, and the many, like me who’s life she touched can find closure. She was a fun and wonderful person and we are all lucky to have known her.

    Please pass on my prayers and condolences to her family and friends.

    Best wishes,
    John Platter

  333. Tri State Girl says:

    I know this answer might be lost in time, but does anyone know if David Morris was related to the Tommy Morris who was killed in 1972? It would be crazy if they were brothers or something.

  334. karen jean tanner says:

    This guy looks like a man that stalked me in 1974, he followed me to Mason City, Iowa and forced me to go to OKC and then to Danville, Virginia. The perp used the name, James B. Sizemore of Moore, Oklahoma. Could be they switched identities or something because the Danville PD claims they have no record of the incident although I was at the PD and escorted out of Virginia by an undercover agent. The couple who told me to go to Iowa were a white man with one leg and a black female. They had to have notified the perp because he found out I was there. There are stories of criminals switching identities.

  335. karen jean tanner says:

    I’m noticing so many disappearances in Iowa of disabled people from even the 1970s, unbelievable, seems like the State or some agency may be involved with so many of them. I also find it unusual that the more recent missing persons have no photo, most everyone has photos nowadays with cellphones and facebook, seems suspicious they have no photos, more like deliberate.

  336. Tom Pohlmeier says:

    I don’t think Owen did that. I never heard of back door bill, she never mentioned him.I hope the truth comes out before I die.

  337. Loretta Haslup says:

    Does anyone have a picture of this dude Curtis Padgett

  338. Schelly (Doss) Koch says:

    Could this be Kimberly sue Doss? She came up missing in 1980 not 1982.

  339. Tony Gunnz says:

    Dashawn Smith who killed him? I want to know for I can do my job as the Equalizer

  340. bluelights says:

    There is only one male in the doe network that fits the timeline of this one, and they lived about 90 minutes away at the time and on the date, but the physical statistics are too far apart. I’m guessing that since the clothes could be described, the body wasn’t burned far enough to reduce it this much. Looks like the one was found on the morning the other went missing, so, mech, that doesn’t match up either unfortunatly.

  341. bluelights says:

    Probably too many months between this woman from the doe project going missing and this woman being found, but i wonder if anyone looked to see if the two were related, since this woman was pregnant and the other lady had two kids by a guy who dumped them off with their grandparents and never saw them again after his wife went missing. Fort Campbell, Christian County, Kentucky is directly south of clinton county iowa where the body was found. I wonder if anyone ever tried to compare the two and see if it might have been her.

  342. Tonya Lafarr says:

    I don’t know if anyone has heard or not but Diane’s sister Twyla passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with them both.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Tonya, thank you so much for letting us know about Twyla’s passing. She so diligently pressed for justice in her sister’s case, and she will be greatly missed. My heartfelt condolences to the family. Jody @ ICC

  343. Joseph W Teske says:

    Madonna robbins was dating Terry brian was her ex he was meeting her at walkers …

  344. Joseph W Teske says:

    Brian rose….hance and Joseph robbins sr killers…..joseph jr tainted car

  345. Katie says:

    I always thought this case was fishies!! I didn’t know Kim but I know the the boys.
    As for the house fire the fire chief and the investigator should of found the cause of the fire because I know when we had our house fire they found the cause of the fire !!

  346. Constance Combs says:

    So surely law enforcement has asked for cell phone pings at the Lake when the girls were there and then tracked those pings to actual owners of those cell phones. Then did they also look to see if any of those cell phones also ping in the 7 Bridges area between tge time tge girls were mussed and the time the bidies were found. Secondly, there are commercial satelites that periodically cover the area where the girl’s bodies were discovered. If the lication where the bodies were discovered, couldn’t law enforcement pinpoint when the bodies first appeared in that location. Then couldn’t cameras on private property identify vehicles en route to the seven bridges area pror to the time the bodies appeared?

    • Sean Weston says:

      very good questions.I believe that the site where they were found was a known meth lab dump site.In the heart of the park.definitely someone local!!!

  347. Jim Farrell says:

    Malinger says: “It was unfair to accuse just the Clinton Police,” he said. “We weren’t the only investigating authorities.” But you WERE the first ones called, the first ones on the scene, and the first ones to investigate. You went through the trouble to find the car, check the registration, check the doors but you couldn’t make ONE PHONE CALL to this business? I wouldn’t think twice about calling anyone on my street if I saw their car running that long. A business would practically expect it.
    Sorry if this sounds mean spirited but this show up and do the minimum type of response is inexcusable. And nothing has changed from what I can see.
    I respect the police and pay good money for their services. But don’t EVER expect blind allegiance to them, or anyone, from me.

  348. doofy says:

    he is probably in Mexico

  349. Harding alum says:

    I was in the same Harding Middle School gym class that Adam S. described and remember Curtis Padgett’s 20+ minute mile. He laid down near some bushes along Collins Road near the northeastern-most softball/baseball diamond while all the rest of the students were closer to the school waiting for Curtis to finish his mile “run”. It’s like he didn’t even want to try. I remember thinking he could have just slowly walked the mile in a faster time than what he ended up getting.

    I also remember his occasional sudden angry outbursts if someone tried messing around with him. Some students definitely tried to provoke a response from him on purpose just because the response was often so outrageous.

    I think he only made it through 1 year at Kennedy High School before dropping out or going to Metro Alternative High School. His freshman picture in the 1995-1996 Kennedy yearbook is the same as the one on this webpage and there were no other pictures of him in future yearbooks.

    I’d guess Curtis’ home life growing up couldn’t have been very good, seeing the way he turned out.

    I’m surprised any girl would have ever been remotely associated with him, unless one were to use him to buy cigarettes or to get a ride somewhere. Even then, you’d think they’d find someone other than Curtis.

  350. h says:

    There is a guy online that looks so much like Eugene’s age transgression photo. His name is Troy Lund and he happens to be an actor/director, etc. He has the same eyes and facial features. There is not much info on his past. Could this be Eugene?

    • Tri State Girl says:

      No. Johnny, Eugene, and Marc were probably abducted and killed by either someone from the Des Moines Register, one of the men from the Des Moines pedophile ring that was busted in the 80’s, or another local pedophile who was never caught. I’m not from the area at all, but the case has pulled at my heartstrings. It’s unfortunate that obvious suspects were allowed near children. I don’t like when people push ideas that honestly don’t make any sense. Johnny’s case has had the worst of it, but the other two cases suffered as well. Not to mention the attempted abductions from 1986 to 1989. Someone local clearly took the kids.

    • Denielle Kelly says:

      Absolutely it could be him.

  351. Stay Strong! says:

    Brian’s father, Arnie, recently passed away.

    I trust he’s reunited with his son Brian now in heaven.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Thank you for sharing the info about Brian’s father. I’ve since added it to Brian’s page, and am glad his father lived long enough to see his son’s case closed. Have a Happy New Year!

      • Stay Strong! says:

        You’re welcome Jody. I’m happy to help in some small measure.

        I enjoy this site. Keep up the good an important work!

  352. Stay Strong! says:

    Brian’s father, Arnie, recently passed away.

    I trust he is reunited with Brian

  353. kaelyn says:

    i most deff think that this is the weirdest crimes iv heard it kinda makes no sense to me,what did he have agianst them? what was his motive where would he have hid if you can hear every tiny thing like a sneeze it blows my mind the things people do to others

  354. LakeLife says:

    DNA can still be collected but they would need to exhume the body.
    Praying for the truth to come out!

  355. Jen says:

    Another alias to add: Junior Giovanni Pol
    Beware, this site has actual child porn pictures on it. Someone should report this one and get it taken down:

  356. Debbie says:

    Dear sweet Aunt Martha, my Mom (Elaine) is with you (and my Grandpa Arnold) in heaven now :( I was just a girl when this robbery/assault happened. We are from the Chicago area. My Mom, Aunt Jackie, Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Lou and Grandma Helen were devastated by the news of Martha’s murder! I pray the offender has somehow served justice and has remorse. I see a comment by Karen. I’m wondering how we are related?

  357. Muscatine County History Enthusiast says:

    I believe that Annette Cahill was wrongly convicted and that Robert Morrison commited the Cory Weineke murder.

  358. Anna says:

    Maybe Kayla should think about the person she’s trying to defend. The reason he is a registered sex offender is because he sent inappropriate pictures to her underage sister “on accident”! I’ve known him since we were kids and he admitted to me that was why he has to register.

  359. Sam Kime says:

    The comment about it being over drugs is ridiculous…that is not what happened at all I personally think the Fayette Co police are lazy and flat out don’t want to ever deal with anything because when first reported they wanted to write it off as a vehicle incident…but not until backlash did they go oh well ok and point out allll the obvious staging it was 100% wade lenth and it was over wades still girlfriend and im sure she knows about it as well i have not lived in the area since I was little but all my family lives there and I know alot of people …did they check laynes phone?? Maybe look at the texts he was sent from wade saying things like how he’s going to kill him for talking to his girl and crap like that or how about laynes roommate (and maybe this is hear say) but wasn’t it his roommates pickup that layne was found in….wasn’t the crime scene in the house poorly cleaned up by someone who probably had access to the house?? Wasn’t his roommate good friends with wade? The crime is practically solving itself but….wade walks free smiling in his Facebook pictures…meanwhile laynes family still has to suffer.. seems fair huh?

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      I may not know all about the girlfriend issue. However, Layne is beaten up and then dumped in his roommate’s pickup truck. I guess the roommate was not home, but left the keys to his truck for anyone to use.

      It appears that some agencies in the criminal justice field, try to claim that some cases are not criminal. This involves them less work, and it fits in with their claim, that crime is down

      In Pennsylvania a woman was found stabbed to death, almost 8 years ago.There was no signs of forced entry. The pathologist based on that information, claimed that she committed suicide. Although, some of the stab wounds were in her back and neck.

      A real medical examiner disputed his findings. So, now her death is classified as a homicide. So, now the police have to investigate it although they never did, because it, she committed suicide.

      On top of it, the woman was engaged to be married.

  360. Blaster28 says:

    Has anyone thought maybe the suspect got entertainment from strangling people?? I’ve been reading another case, Sandra Dee “Sandy” Kinney was also strangled and thrown in the river. She was also found nude.. maybe this killer, Jerry Lee Huff, had a sexual desire’s before strangling and dumping the bodies into the river. He cannot be tried for the murder of Sandra Dee Kinney but maybe we can get him for the killing of Roger Warren. Also sounds like Jerry is still living in the Davenport area. Both murders happened in the downtown area of Davenport.

  361. AnitaJohnson says:

    Leon Sr.
    Yes, I noticed these two babies. The towel on the first baby had two tea towels, one with numerals “49” on a corner. Could that towel be trom a hospital? Hotel/bar/tea room/restaurant? I think that ordinary people like us are giving hope to cold cases.
    Could the towel be from a??? What do you think?

  362. Karen Reno (Baldwin) says:

    I was a classmate of Guys. I remember talking to my mom after his disappearance. I remember missing him from my class the rest of the school year.

    • SD says:

      This Harry Lyle Meader III has a criminal history a mile long. His outstanding fines and court costs are well into the 6 figure range. Looking at public records it looks like he was out of jail at the time Josh was last see, although he did have a failure to appear warrant set on October 15th of that year. He wasn’t taken into custody on November 22nd in Benton County. If I’m reading the records correctly there was certainly a window of time where he could have been involved. Both this man and Joshua Wellman have meth related convictions. Interesting stuff.

      • Jet Drie says:

        Harry might be a criminal but a killer he is not! He doesn’t even like to fight! His extensive criminal history is non violent mostly drug charges an eluding law enforcement! Why don’t people understand the effects of serious accusations such as these. Calling someone a murderer is something you’d better have a lot of evidence to support otherwise you throw the police into their life for no reason at all! Sharing misinformation is just as bad as being the person doing the original misinforming if not worse! Your minimal theory as to his involvement includes….oh well he was out of jail during that time is pure BS using that theory anyone who came up missing or dead during those couple months was Harry’s fault!? C’mon now that is just asinine! On a serious note … condolences to his family for having to live with constant belief he is probably deceased. I prefer to believe he’s just fine an had to go cause he was adamant about not going back to prison!!! Good luck I hope y’all get the closure your seeking!

        • SD says:

          Jet Drie, since you are replying to me, let me take a moment to correct you. I didn’t call anyone a murderer, I only did the research to see he has an extensive criminal history and was free during the time Josh went missing. I came at this from the opinion that you are innocent until proven guilty. I am looking for every reason to rule him out as a person of interest. Saying he was out at the time doesn’t mean he is guilty, it just means that he isn’t necessarily in a position to be cleared. He ran from a custody/treatment program that Linn County had him in recently so as of the moment of this comment he currently has a warrant for his arrest and is on the run from authorities. He is only making the future worse for himself regardless of this case.

    • Cody says:

      Sheriff Howe said he is now more optimistic. Is that because they just now obtained the phone? It seems there are two mysteries involving this case. 1, the murder, & 2, the investigation! We are definitely in the dark here. I understand why, but it just seems like they are being extra extra vague with evidence and details. How was this story leaked, & what prompted it? The phone? We still don’t know when they “found” the phone. I sure hope the FBI and/or NSA are working on that phone. Seems to me that a likely scenario was that whatever these people were doing in that car, Alicia wasn’t supposed to see (possible rape?) & poor Alicia was killed for it. Purse found with cash still in it tells me they were in a big hurry, & that timeline sure is narrow! I’ve never seen these snap chat photos. Such a peaceful looking day yet such a dark cloud of evilness…

    • Cody says:

      Something else seems troubling. There was a 15 minute window between the time she sent her last text, and her body being discovered? Seems to me that the Game Fish & Parks officer would have had to see the vehicle in question! Wasn’t there just the one road leading to and from Myron Grove? Seems like he had to see something.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      I am glad they admitted to having the cellphone. I am frustrated with the various little tidbits they have not released. We have to many cold cases with agencies holding back little details to supposedly protect the investigation. This includes cause of death, weapon used, caliber of firearms used, etc. We have too many cold cases that have not been solved for over 20, 30, 40 years. Yet, the agencies are still holding back these basic details, that might have jogged someone memories.

      Alicia was murdered 6 years ago. Yet, we know that she purchased a fishing license at a Walmart. Also, that a couple was making whoopee in a car. So, no one else was at the fishing spot. Yet, she was murdered within 15 minutes of her sending her last text. Now, we hear that they have her cellphone. They won’t tell us if they had it since day one or just found it.

      Maybe, someone overheard where she was going fishing at the Walmart, and followed her there.

      In Chicago, Illinois in 1972, we had two teenage girls murdered. They were shot in the head with a .32 caliber firearm, and they were posed with their legs in a shape of the letter V, in Washington Park. The park is located on the south east side of Chicago. There was no sexual assault of the victims.

      Their murder is a cold case. An individual claims that their murder may have been ordered by Chicago Mob figures from the Bridgeport Section of Chicago. It appears the older girl (17), worked at a waitress at a restaurant connected to a motel for truckers on the Southwest side of Chicago.

      The motel was operated by Chicago Mob connected individuals. Supposedly senior mob guys hung out there and the older girl may have overheard something she should not have heard. The senior leadership of the Chicago Mob, should have educated them about keeping their mouth shut.

      However, we have all those details from a 1972 murder. Plus where they were last seen. We even know the older girl attended Gage Park High School, until she dropped out of school.

      Also, just for general information a Frederick R. Burke, aka “Killer Burke”, who was part of the Rat Pack out of St. Louis, Missouri. He also was involved in the St. Valentine Massacre in Chicago.. He was captured based on suspicions by a civilian, who was into True Crime. He even wrote to the Justice Department in Washington, for a description of Killer Burke.

      Killer Burke was taken into custody, and transferred back to St. Joseph, Michigan, where he faced charges for the murder of a policeman.

  363. MikeD says:

    Anyone who takes an advanced interest in this cold case eventually comes to realize that one of the loudest voices has a history of spreading disinformation and fabricated stories in an attempt to keep Johnny’s name out there. If you publicly discuss the case in any form of media, and don’t follow this person’s narrative, they will attempt to discredit you. It has to be exhausting maintain their narrative, and I wish this person would clear the air. It’s probably the best thing they could do for the cold case at this point.

    • John W says:

      This is confusing and disturbing at the same time. I wish the known evidence and facts were the focus on this “documentary” and not the conspiracy theories. Do not get me wrong, I believe in some conspiracies and I think like everything else; there is a time and a place for such but not here.

      The photos that were left at Noreen’s door in 2006 look to be Johnny and some other boys, just by looking at the photos they appear to have been taken not too long after he was abducted.
      I am not sure what to make of him “visiting her in 1997”, that does not make any sense. We do not know if he is even alive after all these years and if he is alive, where is he?

      • Truth Bomb
        I was a totally controlled Monarch slave when I wäs made to visit her in 97. The purpose of the visit was to hypnotically access her and erase her memories of Ted Gunderson finding me in S. Texas as carried by most
        of the local news. And to make her react favorablly to the other guy who Ted pointed to in DC after Ted started working with the cover up. Many of you probably remember when they found me. I live in Lamoni, Iowa now and will continue pursuing the political cult who harmed me and continues to harm other children as you read this. And FYI I’m not a pedo as she says Paul says

    • Tom J. says:

      Mike, why don’t you just man up and say what you really think. Rather, you are just an annoying troll adding nothing to this conversation. Please just go away.

      • Eddie says:

        You added nothing as well. Do the same and go away, troll.

        You and I know Mike is referring to Noreen, and he is 100% correct.

      • MikeD says:

        I did though. I think the person that I’m talking about has been spreading harmful disinformation for the right reasons. I don’t think they are a bad person, but I think they’ll do anything to keep Johnny’s name out there. Unfortunately opportunistic people, pranksters, cons, and trolls take advantage of that person. This person backed themselves into a corner where I think they face legal action if they change their story.

        Anyway… just look at all the comments here. It’s sad how many people pretend to be Johnny or know exactly what happened to him. One of those people pretending I think is the person I’m talking about. Sad.

        • None says:

          The FBI refused to answer some simple questions in the documentary Who Took Johnny, and seeing how unhinged they are now, it isn’t hard to imagine how badly they have used their powers to destroy many lived and refuse to prosecute the guilty- or worse, if they were useful idiots to advancing an agenda.
          Johnny’s father was super weird in the documentary. the fact that he backs this faded out podcast tells me all i need to know about any “facts” presented in it.
          this Johnny guy was probably a victim of similar trauma and he probably believes he is Johnny because the real one also had severe trauma. If Jeff Gannon or Jeff Guckert wasnt the real JG then he too came off as very weird and controlled and the correct age. If the guy who claimed he was JG who died in Iowa a few years back, he too probably was screwed up. There was some sick stuff in the 70s and 80s going on because blackmail was even easier to do without the Internet and supposed deep fakes to deflect.
          I don’t know if JG is still alive, but he was alive for a long time after imo. Too many sightings with handlers to deny they wanted to use him. Paul Bonacci took AMW producers to the house of the prison guard. The children’s names were written under the house where they kept them.
          And a detective in Florida thinks some old dude taking bondage pics of young boys is just a joke? What bc the boys went along with it? In Conspiracy of Silence some producers had interviewed teenage boy prostitutes in Texas from the 80s. They didn’t think to help that boy? Just interview him? And, oh by the way, he was killed before the show was published as the interviewers casually states.
          This stuff was even stuff people watched and considered it entertainment. Think about The Sopranoes… so it’s okay a girl who is barely an adult is being used and hit on the show?

  364. LakeLife says:

    Praying this man gets justice!
    What a beautiful soul & it breaks my heart that he was killed let along so young & then just left there to die!!

  365. Russ Heiser says:


    Listen To Vanushed Episode 283 Harry Milligan(By the way Very Well done)

    “thar day” you mentuined

    Vickie(mom) Hot ob the Trail by 730 pm LE Stopd ny Missing REPORT

    Initially Indicates Lenard and Vickir Home unless had Left and Returned

    ok Plausiable leaning more towards not Probable

    Riual Farm AREA Quiet(Very) hear Cricket Chitp Block away.

    You outsude? Saw heard Harrys Car Driven across Street to Shed?

    1984 Vickie and Lenard imagine 30s to 40s? No mention Deaf mutes

    2 to 3 guys did something Harry, No NOISE.

    Heard LOT Names ie last known Harry with Jeff and Doug.

    Never HEARD ANYWHERE POCAST any DAVIS Mentuined? Person Interest or OTHERWISE.

    Jim you have Audiance. me Included. (Reaches for POPCORN per say

    Reported weather FOG. I dont know how THICK.

    I’m Interested who “jim” is now?

    You Blame me? You told me(audiance).

    Note” Last FARM gig Security I did SO Dark. so DARK placed Light senors motion Dwtecrors know if something MOVED and what. Had 12 gauge on my shoullder.

    cone on jim
    37 years?

    recall saying s*** or get OFF thr Pot(maybe both types) 37 years?

    listen Vanished

    Tho now Im Interedted hearing from Jeff and Doig Disscussion basis or simple what happened rgeir version “thar day”


    • Russ Heiser says:


      :Power, drtunk or Dugged induced.

      Don’t wanna wake Up Next Day. Gal or Guy Friend like Harry his “Buddies” and ASK “Did we have Nuce Time”?

      Harry apparently did not at point to Missing.

      • Jim says:

        Here is my Theory to that all three of them were inside the trailer harry was thought to be sleeping for what they may have thought passed out drunk but harry didn’t drink as much as they thought and tryed to take his winnings while he was sleeping but harry woke up and harry got into it with them made to the front porch the porch faced tords the field away from the road only possibilites up to the point moving forward

        • Russ Heiser says:


          recommend VideomAbott and Costello “whos on Firsr”

          Tho Cute, himrtous. Not thid CASE to some. I am NOT Monotised and dont NEED to Draw Large Audiance to You.

          My Offer 3 days 2 Nights, meals, LE or Mark Milligan in “Safe” Enviroment,

          Ypi can Purchase Cheap Throw Away Phone $20 WalMart, Walgreens ect

          I Would NEED substancial Answers First, as LE or Mark Milligan.

          “SAFE ENVIROMENT “ALL Concerned.

          I do NOT wanna Play “Whos on First”

          Consider ONCE at Fla 7 Elven going in.

          Street Guy got $5 for Bus fair?

          Both walkrf out same Time,

          Street guy Bottle Wine, Me less $5 Bicks for the purpose.

          Like Trailer? Have to REVIEW, thought you mentioned Hattys House.

          REVIWED You dsid Harrys Property.

          My understanding Milligans haf HOUSE.Lived with Vickie and Leonard.

          Wont write OFF Utailrt on Property. Till Researched



          • Russ Heiser says:


            Matk as Town Albia and Avery want HRRY and maybe VEHICLE RCOVERED.

            37 years? Come on Jim.

            Iv Put Out to ANY Mine Shaft Explores Interested wanna Drop Cameras or repel contact info Monroe County
            already posted.

            Text into Mr Beast possiable Funding. Already has Millions in Donations.
            Sometimes may take interest.
            Liked Jimmys last VideoLast take Hand OFF LAMBO keeps it.
            Jimmy I mentioned 1sr Put Hands on 21977 Pontac may be Cool Challenge.

            Endining to Half Century(close) Cold CASE

            Batter Up? [er say


        • Russ Heiser says:


          Will Continue Interest in CHAT as long as can VERIFY as we go.

          I this Point you said Harrys Property. I dont Know if TRAILER pn PROPERTY 1984

          YOU indicated SO. HARRYS Property you said.

          Facing away from Street.

          REFRESHING Uou said in THEORY what YOU Did not SEE.

          However mentionrf YOU did SEE car Driven to SHED across Street and 2 to 3 GUYS(no names) Did SOMETHING to HARRY.

          Oh excuse ME you did MENTION Ricjhard Davis.

          Very limited Cell Phones 1984 tho I had Bulky pne
          Were YOU at Albia know someone Used Pay Phone?

          Richard waiting Trailer? Brings mote Questions. SEE

          Understand Richard IOWA Prison IF hasnt PASSED. Maybe Charles(?) pther brother knows.

          IF YOU wanna Fill in Blanks go ahead.Would recommend make Contact Mark Milligan as he requested.

          I will listen to POINT

          Answer PREVIOUS make Lomg STORY Short

          Keep ME INTERESTED

          DO YOU KNOW or SEE what happened HARRY or WHERE he is?

          Then Fill in the Blanks.

          Go fot it,

    • Russ Heiser says:

      Avery and Albia. ANYONE care to Provide VISUAL “Mikkigan” Property and House 1984?

  366. Russ Heiser says:


    Today I’m finding, a Turkey Plate~ Shouldnt be to difficult lol

    My Mind races in Wonder place like Albia or Avery this time year.

    Snow, XMas Lights, Enjoyment Holiday Season.

    Ok Cities do also. One my Favoritr Xnas Trees about 12″ tall delivered,

    Sleds, horses and walking about, tho extra Eye passing Drug Stores or Large Dept Stores, Albia imagine few small stores.

    Ill be Lurking Background. Info Checkrd OUT you Threw ln Revelent

    Harry Made it Home(checks out, seperated from car9do not know how long)

    Any 3 Giys Mentioned Harrys House Disappear few days recalled revelent.

    Imagine cute quaint Resrarauint Albia, Enjoy

    Might catch you later

    You mention them and I(you) imagine said what wanted

    see anything INTEREST May pop IN now and then

    gone for now

  367. Russ Heiser says:

    Leathal Weapon Christmas Opening Scene (1987)

    Gret Start,, kinda Bummed me Out, The Drug Scene Drug Induced

  368. Russ Heiser says:


    Jibgle Bell Rock

    Non Repeting

    Once is Fine(maybe twice)

  369. Russ Heiser says:


    Not Playing Patty Cakes

    other things to do.

    Romper Room came to Mind. Lady with Spy Glass. “I See” “I See Jim, I See Richarf,, I SEE Harry ect.


    thanks for initial reply

    Factual” Harry moves into Avery out of Albia per say.

    YOU Obvious have REASON Needing to REVEAL 37 years Later.

    Right Now actuall Wanna find some Turkey, and NONE repetitive version Jingle Bells

    • Jim says:

      Sometimes you just want to forget and then one day a drunk old man desides to run off and make comments about the situation people would not believe how dangerous one person may be but if you would go as far as your own brother says a lot just saying

      • Russ Heiser says:


        Mentioned Me Former Military Police Jnvestigator Plain Clothes
        . Arrive. Intial Interview. No Indication Drugs.
        Wgat happened to Mother? Spoke well not errational
        No drugs, no beating, calm woman ecr ect

        Turned case Over to CID complete

  370. Russ Heiser says:

    Mark Milligan

    OBVIOUS LE will Vet(quaify or discard)

    “jim” siaid that day” Me lot more Questions

    Matter Discussion ONLY

    Seems refering to

    Sunrise 543am. July 1sr `1984 “that day”

    Didnt check Visibility, ie tain, fog distance Sighting or hearing factors, sure Avery and Albia on it.

    or Jim still peekin in?

    Obvious ypur leisure care to.

    Color Shed
    Metal or wood
    Big enough Car?
    barn doors or open ended
    How far sighted, clos
    neighbors recall
    close enoigh hear
    rain. fog rhat day?
    Trees 1984 impair sight, bushes ect
    colot clothes All contrasting car, maybe Harry Stoog OUT
    Obvious Who Drove Car across Street
    1984 Description Housings, Scenery ect for Visual
    Cell Phone? I started using 83 – 84
    Dusturbance wake you or headed out

    Iowa NEXT Chapter us Yours.

    Other Issues for me tho will Look IN now then


  371. Charles Barber says:

    If you went to Tech High between 1983-85, and you never heard about Penny Watson death then you most of not been in school. There is NO WAY you could have missed her death in school.

  372. Russ Heiser says:

    Mark Milligan


    Recall Harry `1sr Reported Missing Hoq Handled 1984

    Yoir FORMWR LE.

    Plenty of Qualified LE to Resolve Incliding NONE LE can RESOLVE.

  373. Russ Heiser says:

    Mark Milligan

    Saw News HAVE Harrys DNA obtained. Would ask LE Examine Helmet. Confirm,
    according to where stored.

    If Matches Sourse, Not Criminal Case but should be BEYOND Reasonable DOUBT.

    This “Point” have what belived Harrys DNA from “sourse”? Sibblong or Bio Parent?

    Thats THEIR DNA believed part HARRY.

    Harrys DNA is Harrys and ONLY when TAKEN from Harry and match, maybe personal items Secured or Stoted.

    May have something USED with Harrys DNA Im NOT Privy to.


    Not Red Herring, a Fact.

    Then “Harrys ” DNA matched to Sourse for comparrison Match.

    If LE did HOMEWORK Cool.

    Reason MENTIONED Helmet.

    Which LOTTA People may Tried On thru years Inless Stored.

    Not just Courthoise Paperwork for bio mother . Tho accepted by LE as bio Mother or Sibling.

    Point “if yuo HAVE Harrys DNA from Persobal ITEMSa snd Matched with RECORDED BIO Mother, You have Part Harry and a BIO Mother. FACT

    RECALL Dragnet? Only the FACTS Mam during questioning?

    All with a REASONING ONLY Why Jphn or Jane Doe NO DNA DATA Bases NO MATCH,

    Babies Bought Sold, given away r, kidnapped from Hospital, financial reasons ect

    RUNNING DNA from accepted SOURSE why John or JAne Doe still Mystery. to % pSTILL some Missing.

    Take to Next Level Unless Satisfied and USED Harrys DNA for for search


    Harrys DNA ran or Recorded Bio Sibling or Parebt Data Base?

    Mark would ASK LE “Harrys DNA or Outside Sourse recorded as Part of Harry?

  374. Russ Heiser says:

    Mark Milligan

    Facebook was Public gander Overer for Info. I do not Facebook so locked OUT has changes. Ok

    DNA seems like your Dad did All Legal for adoption ‘ so Bio Parents KNOWN,

    If Not KNOWN ? Nice PHOTO “Harry” with Marine Helmet if you Kept Gear, My Army Helmet liked to keep few Hairs and LOT sweat ect. Stick in Closet>?

  375. Russ Heiser says:


    Suppose if yoir in Toich LE may not want Info Divulged LE reasoning

    however Mark Milligans whole Senerio Changes at END if VERIFIED dates and times

    Ibstead Harry riding off to Sunrise, NOw Trouble House believed Headed to?

    come on Jim?

    At least date” Shouldnt be Issue with LE

    New Chapter or not?

    Ill reapect LE asked. ypu only said “them and I” keep beyween

  376. Russ Heiser says:


    Mentioned 2 to3 men fid”something to Harry?

    Van at LEAST say DATE Harry went Missing?


    Someone may wanna do Reasonable Metal Detecror Search Dog Tags or Glasses ect if Tossed could still be around.

    I posted time Sun Rose Harrys Day. Can mention if Harrys Date early Morning?

    Ill stay away to many questions

  377. Russ Heiser says:

    Suggestion Only

    Move Up Few Years

    Harry may assumed Unwanted NEW NAME “John Doe”

    Would Conder if HAVEN’T

    LE or Mark would Understand You know or Located Biological Parents for Harrys DNA to bust OUT the Data Bases? John Does Found ect

  378. Russ Heiser says:

    Ember to Fire Up ir out OUT

    Anypne ASK FBI or Matines CID to Run Harrys Prints SEE Any Activity, on FILE

    Marines should or at Least Maybe have on File. Even change name Lot Jpbs require Prinra

  379. Russ Heiser says:

    Important Side Note

    Notice Harry with Big Glasses?

    Latenr Prints research Indicate have been Raised (llifted) ip to 40 Years. Research Indicates No Scientific Evidence How Long will last.

    Tho Avery or Albia May wind up with the Answer..

    Harry was Young Marine. As “Jim” Mentioned 2 to 3 Giys on “point to subdue no Knife Gun. Would probally Knock off Harry Struggle. Example ONLY Jim only said “Did something” with Harry.

    Both Towns Probally Full tems sitting atound 60 to 80 years

    Wonder LE Interest on Fingerprint training? Might be Fun find some Old Furnitire

    If was Atruggle can determine may picked up glassea TOSSED 20 30 yards or into Car.

    Avery and Albia Hot on TRAIL per say Handle with care. Even Locate car CONSIDER Fragile to this day.

  380. Cody says:

    One would think that considering all of the available resources to state & federal agencies they could figure this out. All of the Spyware & surveillance technology they use for other things could be used in these unsolved MURDER CASES.

  381. LakeLife says:

    Praying for justice for this man!
    Everyone describes him as sweet & it breaks my heart to think that such a kind soul was taken like this!

  382. Phillip says:

    Ethan was on mushrooms at the party that night.

  383. Russ Heiser says:

    self orrected

    Marines Semper fi

    Army? (me) More like “Get it Done)

  384. Russ Heiser says:



  385. Russ Heiser says:


    Cool. Thanks Return Post Reply. Me? Former PI Manager Miami New Orleans and DC

    Independent Operator NOT for HIRE tho what involved with since 70s
    l do not “hang shingle” in buisness per say

    personal interest? To Long . Lots embers ect Put um out or Fire them Up

    Like reading Nancy Drew Mystery cept has LIVE Brother Waiting.

    Harrys case caught my attention. Anything Important? May be willing Meet and apay Expenses, room, travel, meals. Short Window tho but will pass oN as needed.

    Never in News, except NO Name Case resolved; Nor No Intention

    YOU? Most Direct to issue. pointed, no BS. Somewhat REFRESHING. I will be Shadow bpxing in Background per say”

    my Interest Resolved Not Headlines Except “Harrys been Found like to SEE

    Army to Marine this case “Simpi fi”


  386. Russ Heiser says:

    Mark Milligan

    Jim BEST Clue ir Person lnterest Iv SEEN Comment Yet “jim”

    Factual Obvious Revelent. They Did Something to Harry? Jim said

    Time Date Large Factor for Fpllpw UP ie Hatty Missing Date ect

    Car Driven Off?

    Even IF Red Herring Revelrnt

    Jim Why TOSS in 37 Years Later on Missing Person is Question?

    Small Roewn Albia got some Interesting Cases

    • Jim says:

      Russ I would love to answer each and every question you have but at this time I can’t irs not that I don’t have an answer but the people that need the information at this time needs to only stay between them and me however there are a few things I can point I grew up around the Davis family most of my life and the question about gary Richard and jb gary did not want any part of Richard and JBs doings Gary did not use his practice in any way to benefit the other two

      • Russ Heiser says:

        Russ looks into Cyber Space. Knock knock, Jim you in their?
        Not like Zach 2 Words gone. Figure Supernowl NEWS Chasing
        Never heard reporter tell someone “Shit Up” Scratches Head

        Lil Off Subject

        Hey Zach srill around? May SEE Superbowl. Told Ford Think Once Look Twice “Futurlitically. Optimized. . Reliably, Driven, FORD

        Excuse me Harry. Sjort Pause for the CAUSE

  387. Russ Heiser says:


    Mentioned 2 Eaglea Fighting Earlier 2 Birds of Feather Flock Together earlier Posting

    37 yeares later Saw Harry argue, 2 men, “the car Driven OFF?

    Red Hetting keeps popping up to me.

    A Davis, maybe Brother who Murfered Brother their. I don’t know if same Davis Btothers

    This is getting endless


    Raises eyebrow.

    Lets Talk. Ill buy if using factual bassed internet address

  388. Russ Heiser says:



    the day observed Harry argue and Car “The Car” Driven ACTOSS stteet, Was SAME Date Harry went Missing with :The Car:?.
    Jim Im an IO. Anything IMPORTANT to say? Ill buy YOU Ticket Weekend Dinner meet YOU, Know few LE mighr have Interesr, or arrange meet with LE,

    Not doing Much today my end.

    The Poker Room Ill throw in $100 biuy i
    chew the the Steak.(Fat per say) ight Ruffle FEW FEATHERS

  389. Russ Heiser says:


    Is Richard Davis same wo killed Dtr Brother 2011 Driveway?.

    ome on Jim.

    Could Google address wpould prefer 1984 Visual on recall.
    Why would someone Drive Car across Street? Bacck dirt road exit another roadway behinnd a Jouse?

    If Davis Brother Connection Id Check who RECEIVING Presctiption Drugs. Then and NOW.
    1984 Prescription Drugs Showing Up. Popular 84 still today.

    IF Doctor Davis Brothers(killing)

    recent video post 2 Eagles Locked together by Talons Tussling on Ground

    2 birds same feather flock together. To me expressing Focal Point of Interest

  390. Russ Heiser says:

    l found interesting
    richard davis killed gary davis his brother doctor 2011 in driveway 2011(convicted)

    lim WHP are YOI? How connrected?

    what was the shed? you mentioned, tools ect?

    any OVERJEARD Argument?

    You POSTED PUBLIC left us Waiting Part 2

  391. KA says:

    Can someone tell me why they wont release how he passed? This whole thing just doesn’t add up- at all. Like is there a reason they are holding the cause of death back?

    • Stay Strong! says:

      Probably to validate the veracity of a tip or confession if either materializes.

      Seems solvable but only if someone talks.

      This is another act of violence that is tough to swallow. A young man, just starting out. Seemed like an impressive and good guy.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      KA, it seems some law enforcement agencies hold back some details, on homicides. I have seen where some police agency, claim they are holding back the cause of death to protect the investigation.

      Yet, we have a number of agencies that released that the person was strangled, shot, stabbed, blunt force trauma, etc. was the cause of death. So, there is nothing uniform about it. If I remember right there are three cases on this forum, where the victim was murdered, but how they were murdered is not stated.

      It bothers me that holding back the cause of death, on a cold case that has not been solved for more then 20 or more years, just bugs the heck out of me. Some agencies will hold back some other detail such as a ring was missing from a victim.

      They will use the excuse that they don’t want someone wandering in and confessing to a crime, that they did not commit. So, holding back some details is a way of preventing it.

  392. tim says:

    did anyone read that murderers obituary, should not of even been linked. dont want to give a killer any type of recognition thats anyway positive. hope he rots in hell

  393. Sherri says:

    I had one of Julie’s sons in my Sunday school class. My heart breaks for this family and I was shocked at the time at how little media coverage this story got. Still so sad the case hasn’t been solved!

  394. Carolyn Braastad says:

    My father Franz Curtis worked as a butcher at Federal Fruit Market when I was young. I remember going to their house when I was young and knew both Connie and Maria. They were all great people!

  395. Tonya M LaFarr says:

    I was wondering why my cousin Ameisha Heard’s homicide hasn’t been listed here, She was shot and killed in May 2014. There was a person of interest in her case but because witnesses back out he was let go from jail. I never got to meet Ameisha because at the time of her death I was living in Texas. It’s been 7 years for our family and no justice for Ameisha.

  396. Susan Brown says:

    The only person with keys took witnesses with him to find the body?? Interesting

  397. Susan Brown says:

    I am wondering about siblings; the article states he had 11 siblings, yet only identifies 8. Also, all the links only repeat the same information found in this article.

  398. MikeD says:

    Who was the friend he spent the evening with at the Filling Station? Did that friend also walk home or did they have a vehicle? Had he done this walk home from Filling Station any other time? I assume he was walking back to his parent’s home.

  399. says:

    That boy Anthony know what happened if he knew where the body was….period

  400. Chris says:

    It’s about TIME this case is solved.

  401. Linda Carr says:

    With so many mysterious deaths and searches for someone to question, makes me wonder who are those that would be questioned in Mike’s death??? Seems like no one ever mentioned a thing about this then 1975! So much time has passed by …. It would be such a relief to get some answers. I pray that we could get some answers! Thanks to everyone who works to help families of victims get some help to help healing of these deaths.

  402. LeeRay says:

    I’m telling you the killer is from this area!! I followed Lyric and Elizabeth’s murders and told a lady on the phone they would be found by a body of water in a park.. this person has been killing people for a long time and I get the vibe that hes an older man now that EVERYONE KNOWS and wouldnt expect! I see and older truck with a camper and he has the nicest smile and vary polite! May even of owed a business in the area.. He also owns several properties in the area!

  403. Jenni says:

    Another possible match; I just submitted to the Doe Network: Victim found 3/7/1991 and matches Matthew’s height/weight.

    • MikeD says:

      Great find. That one looks really promising.

      • Jenni says:

        Doe Network says that the match has actually been submitted before, and that they forwarded the information to Law Enforcement. Clearly there was no follow up by LE, because Matthew is not in the list of exclusions for that unidentified person. A different organization (The DNA Doe Project) working on that case through genetic genealogy is checking into whether he could be a match for Matthew now.

        • Jody Ewing says:

          Thanks for the update, Jenni. So many things match in this case, and the physical similarities are remarkable. I look forward to hearing whether there’s a match to Matthew. The “list of exclusions” you referenced is invaluable; it saves both researchers and investigators from running out the same lead and hitting the same dead end.

    • Jenni says:

      FYI, this individual was determined to be a missing person from St. Louis. One less John Doe out there now.

  404. Cody says:

    It almost seems like a case of her seeing something she shouldn’t have and getting murdered for it. Evidence could be on the phone. Could be why no one has come forward, because their the perp & why phone is gone. This case has always bothered me. Such a tragedy..Evilness is everywhere

  405. Euphemia says:

    What if Millhouse was the one late night calling the Gosch residents hoping Johnny would pick up the phone?

  406. Randall Bertrand says:

    Cecil DuBois was my great uncle. Not sure who see this? Was there any forensic Evidence? Maybe someone could look into this? My name is Randall Bertrand

  407. Randall Bertrand says:

    Cicil was my great uncle. Not really sure who see this? When was the last time someone has looked at this case. Was there Forensic left that my could help? Phone 520 808 2720

  408. Paul Andrew Anderson says:

    Maureen Brubaker Farley’s murder was solved and the suspect George M. Smith of Cedar Rapids was identified through dna but he will not be brought to justice because he died back in 2013.

  409. fred dorfman says:

    Um…..*scratching head*

  410. Kim says:

    CRPD announced today that they’ve closed this case. The man who murdered Maureen died in 2013 but he’d been one of their main suspects from the start. He knew her from the diner. It was solved with DNA technology.

    • MIkeD says:

      I saw this news too. Luckily the Farley family has a little bit of closure. I can’t help but wonder how George M. Smith’s family feels and if they knew he was a suspect all those years.

      • Patrick Kerrigan says:

        He knew her from the diner. I would be nice if we knew more about his background. It might provide a possible motive for her murder. He was in his early 50’s, when she was murdered.

        • MikeD says:

          From what I read he was a known suspect, whether or not his family and friends knew that is unknown. I’m just kind of curious if the family of George M. Smith are nodding in agreement or if they are more defensive and thinking he is innocent until proven guilty? When a police department closes a case like this is there any 3rd party review of their evidence?

  411. Sarah says:

    According to the new this case was finally solved thanks to DNA.
    Investigators linked and confirmed one suspect, George M. Smith, that had died in 2013 at the age of 94.

    Smith had been identified as an acquaintance of Brubaker-Farley’s from the diner she worked at, had gone to police multiple times to inquire about the progress of the investigation, and worked at a liquor store near her apartment.

    He was interviewed in 1971 and declined a polygraph test but never charged.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Sarah, your comment about him going to the police and inquiring about the investigation, reminded me of something in the book ‘Mindhunter’, by FBI Special Agent John Douglas. He was one of the leading FBI criminal profilers.

      He mentioned consulting on various cases, and that the offender might be the one who interjects himself into the investigation. So, a criminal profiler might have been able to take notice of that. Mr. Smith might have have caught sooner if this had been brought up.

      • Kim says:

        It also makes you wonder if Maureen’s murder was the only one he committed or were there others? He sexually assaulted her and then must’ve redressed her and washed her feet before placing her body on the car trunk. She was not wearing shoes when she was found, so did he keep the shoes as a trophy? I’d definitely be looking into other unsolved cases in the areas where he lived, see if any of them have similar M.O.’s.

        • MikeD says:

          Kind of makes me wonder about the Paula Jean Oberbroeckling case from a year prior to Maureen’s.

          • Murder Mystery Readers Comments says:

            Paula Oberbroeckling was murdered at 810 5th Street S.E. on July 11, 1970. This was a prostitute’s place of residence. If you ask the question……why were Paula’s hands tied together? I would quess that Paul’s hands were tied together to prevent Paula from leaving the prostitutes’s house at 810 5th Street S.E.
            Paula’s autopsy shows that her toes could have been broken. I would quess that Paula broke her toes by kicking a person who was trying to rape her. This person then killed Paula by smothering her to death with a pillow.

            • Kim says:

              Was that the place they called Big Lulu’s? Wasn’t it somehow connected to the murder of US Marshal Dick McKinney in 1972?

  412. Jason Beardsley says:

    Case solved through DNA and
    George Smith did it. News will break soon.

  413. Stay Strong says:

    This is another one that irritates me to no end.

    I can hardly believe after all these years Kevin Petersen and Jeff Daily hasn’t been brought to justice is a total injustice.

  414. Lisa Hagen Saucier Carlson says:

    Your birthday was a couple days ago and you have been on my mind a lot. I am older now then the age you were when that man took your life. Your grandson that you wanted born on your birthday, however he couldn’t wait an extra day is 25 now, just celebrated his birthday the day before yours. I wish he could have gotten to know you, I have the one picture of you & him that I treasure. Your youngest daughter has grown into a beautiful woman and she is the best mother to your 2 youngest grandchildren. I wish you could have met them, they are so stinking cute! Your sons on the other hand could really use you to watch over them. I wish I could say they are doing as well. Help them as much as you can.

    Love you

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Lisa, what a beautiful tribute to your mom for what would have been her 68th birthday. It’s always so nice to hear from a victim’s family member and learn how his or her children and grandchildren went on to build lives while never forgetting the one who set them on that path. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and our readers. Your mom would be so proud.

      Jody @ ICC

  415. sue rose says:

    The woman who was murdered in Boone by the name of Penny did they find out who murdered her and left her son in the house. The house is or was on old highway 30

  416. Shelly Ann Read says:

    Waterloo Iowa, near a convince store, kum & Go, near a park, on a motel poperty, this could be a possibility, look into.

  417. Sariah Williams says:

    You remind me of my little brother. You both have similar features, and your case hits really close to home. I hope we are able to find you alive buddy, as I can barely stand this, and I am sure your family can barely either. My heart breaks for you as the months keep going and no closure to this yet. I wish someone would speak up because I know someone knows something out there. Your smile is infectious little man, all prayers towards you.

  418. Cecilia Eichenberger says:

    what happened with the psychic who was hired? or didn’t that happen?

  419. MIkeD says:

    It’s too bad more information isn’t available. I wonder if a FOIA request to the Webster County Sheriff’s Office could result in any information that isn’t already publicly available.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      Mike D, I assume that the agency will not release any more information, since the case is still open. However, it bugs me that we have all these cold cases, and especially with homicides they quite often hold back some detail, so that a person who did not commit the crime, will not come in and confess to the crime.

      Many agencies, usually hold back some details, on the murder. What bugs me, is that in some cold cases we know the caliber of the firearm used in a murder. In other cases that information is not released. Some agencies will release the cause of death information, other don’t claiming to want to protect the investigation.

      I don’t know what they are protecting it from, besides they being beyond their expertise. But, then many agencies never reached out to bigger agencies for help.

      We have cases that have not been solved for 10, 20, 30, 40 years or more, and yet they won’t release these small details, that might help solve a case.

      if they are still holding back some small detail, it has not helped find her. But, then many agencies really never put the effort forth to investigate missing adults. Adults who disappear have not broken any laws.

      But, then they should pull the case file and see if they can develop some new information, or fill in the blanks they never answered.

      There was a young woman, in Texas, who disappeared over 25 or more years ago. Her father mentioned it to a constable with Harris County. He never filed a report. The missing woman’s sister, filed a report with another agency. After 22 years she asked them what they did on the report. She found that considered it a well being check, and never completed a report.

      I believe the missing woman and her car were found in a body of water, a year or two ago.

      There was a case in Omaha, Nebraska, where a young boy was lured away after getting off a bus. The family reported him missing to the Omaha Police Department. They never made a report or conducted an investigation.

      So the family hired a private detective, who traced the boy and his kidnapper to a cabin in Idaho. So the FBI and the local sheriff officers rescued him.

      So, how we handled missing persons is mess. We make a bog deal out of the disappearance of Gabby, but others never get the necessary attention, except being added to the “The Charley Project”, Redditt, Websleuths, and the Doe Network.

  420. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I wonder if Mr. Handlon is such a wanted person, why the service of the warrant was not turned over to the U.S. Marshals Service. They should be able to track him down. I wonder if he was in the scrap metal business, he may have disposed of Mr. Delaney at some facility.

    • Gary C Sobie says:

      Mark Handlon is definitely a felon. He stole money from me. And he was cheating scrap metal recyclers in the Quad-Cities area. He stole two trucks from lady that I live with. And he he lived there. And stole $1,000.00 plus more money from the lady & me awhile lot.

  421. Devin says:

    Maybe the serial killer Samuel Little? I know he was a serial killer during this time frame who murdered tons of African American women. Not sure if he was ever in Iowa but he apparently killed 90+ people.

  422. Gary C Sobie says:

    I know Mark Edward Handlon is a felon & a thief. He stole money from me & tried to kill me in the Motel 6 motel in Moline, IL. He had such a terrible & threatening anger. And it was worse when I worked with him. Doing scrap metal business. He always said, he would watch out for me(Gary Sobie). And give me money from the work that we did. But he(Mark)always was carrying lots of money with him. But he would always keep most of it for himself & exwife(Marilee Handlon). Her address is: 4903 28th Ave, Moline, IL. And if any police department is looking for Mark. Look at his exwifes house for sure. And watch her house, because she is a co-conspirator with Mark.

  423. Alice says:

    I have questions. What was the name of the judge who chronicled the domestic abuse and at least partially concluded that Dave was lying? It couldn’t have been the juvenile court judge who gave custody to Dave. Or was it? Because if domestic abuse evidence, that much of it, was testified to, the juvenile court judge was incompetent to award Dave custody. And what court papers are available to the public? I don’t know if it’s progress that someone can be convicted of murder without a body found, because circumstantial evidence is a tricky and slippery slope to try a case on. But I’m surprised, given the evidence outlined here, that the county attorney didn’t bring a case. Terribly surprised. Who was the county prosecutor at that time?
    All these people commenting. Where is your evidence? Especially the story of hip bone and a spine being found in the river. I guarandamntee you I would harass the cops until they told me what THAT was about. C’mon.
    Also-they reunite on Labor Day because the wife wants to reconcile? Did he? Surely she confided in her friends. Sounds like they were a fairly popular couple and drug users always know alot of people.
    Intetesting that Dave claimed sobriety at one point. Isn’t he in jail this very moment for drunk driving? (Monday, September 13, 2021) I bet he went to AA. I went to meetings somewhere else with a man who murdered his wife. AA is such a hide out for predators. Silly cult.
    Why didn’t the family pursue a civil case against him? And at least get a verdict of damages, because they would have. And my point is not the amount they would receive. That doesn’t matter. It’s the moral victory of winning the case that shows the perpetrator and the community that he’s never going to really get away with anything.
    I’m surprised the dude had the stones to stay in Cedar Rapids. And that anybody in the area would avail themselves of his services.
    The 2nd wife died of cancer in 2015? At 55? Very young. That’s terrible.
    My heart is with the daughter. And, no, a baby’story would never be enough to convict someone of murder. It breaks my heart that the girl was kept from her mom’s family. But I’m glad it gave them joy to finally have contact with her.
    I hope Dave Fraley will at least tell his daughter the truth before he dies. Unless she had a lover, it’s pretty inconceivable to me that he didn’t kill her.

  424. says:

    I miss you big bro and wish you was here…A to Birthday is in a couple of weeks I know your going to turn up ❤but continue to watch over us‼️LOVE YOU 🖤

  425. andrea says:

    It appears that Chantal Steeg has been active on facebook since the missing persons report was made.

    • Patrick Kerrigan says:

      An online directory shows her supposedly living in South Sioux City. Nebraska.

      • Jody Ewing says:

        The Iowa Missing Person Information Clearinghouse (MPIC) is usually the first to delete a report once the individual has been located. As of today, they still show Chantal Steeg as missing.

        For the longest time, Facebook also showed Cari Farver as alive and posting. We now know Shanna Golyar impersonated Cari on Facebook after she killed her. The posts on Chantal’s page (primarily new profile pictures, one after the other, with an occasional link to an offsite article) strike a familiar chord.

        As long as MPIC lists Chantal Steeg as still missing (and physically endangered at that), she remains on our Missing Persons page.

  426. Alicia M says:

    My good friend Billy worthen was wrongfully accused and treated so poorly sorry for barb and her family but also sorry for the wrongfully accused as well

  427. JdF says:

    I think the key here is the wallet.
    Either he didn’t think he would need it for a short drive, or more probably, he forgot it when he decided to go to a specific place.
    Then there is the 3rd consideration of kidnapping/robbery.
    From the limited information provided I would speculate that he went for gas. The realization of forgetting his wallet is what set whatever scenario in motion. I would have first questioned the nearest gas stations.
    I picture him asking for cash from someone and getting rolled or taken advantage of.
    It would help if we knew what time of day he left and if his home was locked up.

  428. Catherine Furlich says:

    I knew Patty in the early 1970s. She was so much fun and a good person. When I went to college, we lost touch. I had no idea she had been murdered until my sister shared this post on her FB. I was devastated to find out that she had been murdered and murdered so brutally.
    I don’t know whether law enforcement has viable DNA that can be tested, but there are several labs that are now doing Genetic Genealogy and using DNA matches to identify one or more suspects. The first case solved using this method was the infamous Golden State Killer case.
    One lab, Parabon Nanolabs has solved well over 100 cold cases in the last few years. There is a cost for their services and the investigating LE agency has to contact Parabon to start the process. I imagine the other labs offering this service operate the same way.
    The most important question is whether there is DNA that was collected at the crime scene and whether the DNA has been properly stored for for 25 years.

  429. Catherine says:

    I hope that they give Janice her own article. There might be someone that is out there that may know something.. I live in her home currently and finding out about her tragic death I feel so connected to this home and her. I wish her soul peace. We go to her grave and give her flowers that her father planted many years ago that still pop up..

  430. Kim says:

    Oh no, I didn’t realize that! Prayers that she is found safe!

  431. JRM says:

    Does anyone believe Noreen’s account of Johnny visiting her in 1997?

  432. Bonnie says:

    I just reading article dated 4/16/2021 by Leslie Thompson of the Argus Observer which is the daily newspaper of Ontario, Oregon. It talks about a bag of bones recovered and Keith Schuller was called to examine them to determine what they were. He said he used the coroner’s book to identify them as deer. Also last year another bag of bones found were determined to be a cow. Since Keith examined them could they have really been Lynn’s bones and not animal? They should have had a second opinion because of Keith’s background. What an opportunity to finally get rid of the bones if they were really Lynn’s.

  433. Anonymous says:

    His killer is dead !!!!

  434. Jim F says:

    I find it very suspicious that LDS would block access to a TRAILER for their film on this website. A trailer is nothing more than an advertisement. In this case, FREE advertising for their product. So why block a potential sale? Somethings not right here.

    • Tri State Girl says:

      The film is a joke. It’s horrible journalism. They simply looked into conspiracy theories that sound fake anyways. When the film was made the Faded Out podcast didn’t exist, and Yellow Bag hadn’t made his comments on here yet. However, there were still articles from the 80’s about Millhouse, Sykora, that guy at the mall, and the pedophile ring in Des Moines that was busted. A real journalist would have followed those leads.

  435. Steve C. says:

    Tow words and one name… Genetic Genealogy and Cee Cee Moore.
    Case solved and closed.

  436. Erin Turner says:

    put kenzie lyons on here she needs to be brought home…

  437. Theresa says:

    When I see a child missing with no pictures, no information as to details where they went missing. Just their name, location date they went missing i don’t understand why there is no picture, no information. How do they expect the public to help. Very disturbing to say the least.

    • Jody Ewing says:

      Theresa, I’ve often asked myself that same question, but the info put out on many missing persons cases can be quite limited. For example, right now, there are 331 individuals listed as missing on the IDPS’s Missing Person Information Clearinghouse site. Of the 331 missing, 65 have a photo.

      My understanding is that the investigating agency will provide a photo to MPIC “if” the one filing the missing person report provides a picture of the individual to LE officials at the time they file the MP report.

      Missing persons photos may be emailed to, but the photo or photos will have to be verified by the appropriate jurisdiction.

  438. Lindsey Klar says:

    Is there any DNA that can be tested in this case? Curious if the case could be reopened?

  439. Fred Reinfeld says:

    The Huelsenbecks said he had fallen and received bruises several times in the days leading up to his death.

  440. Shane says:

    A lot of these accusations about Babe and 1 or 2 others our stories that aren’t all true.

    👉 Remember this: Once you get caught the big lie you gotta wiggle your way out of the corner your in and kiss ass. They are phony kiss ass ppl, and whenever they get caught in the big lie, they’ll try wiggling there way out kissing ass. Do not let them do that!

    👉 That is true about babe always having a bodyguard but i don’t think he himself was a mobster. He may of had friends who were but i don’t think he ever joined any mafia family. He was a bootlegger at one time way back in the 30’s but who wasn’t. Most everyone was poor back in them days. Once again, a lot of these rumors about babe are stories, right?

    Think For Yourself

  441. Karen says:

    She is my relative and I don’t remember this happening. I pray someone comes forward with the truth. She made my prom dress one year. Heartbroken.

  442. TD says:

    The address of that location he was seen on camera is never given. Which US Cellular building? How far away from ASAC was he? The sister and friends on the family’s facebook group stay tight-lipped, but they could at least share more information like that. They want people to speak up, but they wont speak up. Let us help.

  443. LakeLife says:

    Jodi! My heart breaks for you & your families loss!
    What a senseless & sick thing for a person or people to do!
    They didn’t care that that home filled with gas & would kill people!!
    They just wanted money.
    I’m so so sorry!
    As always praying for justice for him, you & your family & loved ones!
    He is always with you & I’m sure he is so proud of you & who you are & what you have done!

  444. Kim says:

    Charges were dropped against Roberts because he gave a false confession in this case:

  445. LakeLife says:

    This is so sad
    Maybe if the person had stopped he would still be alive.
    Praying this gets solved.

  446. Christine Howard says:

    I knew Sheila well in high school. She was bright, vivacious and fun to be around. That this happened to her is more than terrible and that no one was ever caught is even worse.

  447. Veronica Lack says:

    Iowa’s White more Powerful Proud Boys, have killed, tortured, and lynched, to cover-up their on-going contamination of 1/2 million Iowans’ Source Water. According to the State of Iowa and IDNR’s Russ Tell’s 2008 mapped out on-going “Plume of contamination” in the Cedar Valley Group Aquifers, this contamination continues to spread throughout 8 Iowa Counties, on the “LEFT” side of Iowa.
    According to then Governor Branstad’s Attorney, Colon Smith, on about 2/2/2017 this Plume only affected the Bloom or Left side of Iowa, as if we were not important, or our water quality was of no value. Governor Branstad sent for two more Iowa Highway Patrolmen to escort me out of his office in our State Capital.
    This “Plume” of Point Source contamination starts in Cedar (W) Township Mitchell County Iowa’s Designated National Wetland’s Aquifer Recharge Area of Sinkholes. Kleckner/Branstad’s Flood drainage channels were built to channel run-off over roads and through farms, homes, small towns, and bigger cities by the Worth and Mitchell County Engineer, James Hyde, to drain 50,000 agricultural acres faster in parts of Worth, Cerro Gordo, and Mitchell Counties.
    Draining Ag nitrogen fertilizers, and long-lasting in-organic Arsenic chemicals (herbicides/pesticides) and E-Coli, Coliform, and Cyanobacteria and their deadly Cyanotoxins, along with heavy metals in Climate Changes increased floods, washing ponding water down into the drinking water source of Mitchell, Floyd, Butler, Bremer, Benton, Black Hawk, Lynn, and Johnson County Iowa unsuspecting residents.
    Support the Biden/Harris Administration’s reinstatement of access to EPA and NRCS data, so my son, Adam M. Lack’s “RUSLE3” equations can again limit Point Source contamination of our US groundwater or Aquifers. Veronica M. Lack

    • Veronica Lack says:

      Harris/Booker’s Anti-Lynching bill, would have made “Lynching a Federal Crime”.

      Their Bill should have been passed long ago, maybe there would not have been a need for George Floyd’s Minneapolis Memorial Service, or my son’s too.

      Republican’s senator’s waited until Harris/Booker were to fly to attend George Floyd’s MN Memorial. Our Republican controlled Senate, pulled this bill out of his pile of about 400 good House passed Bills, and Republican Senators smeared and bad mouthed this bill with lies, as both Harris and Booker hurried to come back from the airport to speak in its defense. Republican’s Speaker Mitch McConnell had held it in the pile backlogged, until he knew they were going to be attending George Floyd’s Service. In a blink of Republican lies, Republican Senator’s voted it down.

      I’m just one of the 1,000 of mothers, still alive, waiting for JUSTICE, for our sons and daughters lives. Adam was tortured, killed or lynched and his death is still used to threaten others less powerful than the White, Powerful, Proud Boy, Legislators, Governors, and Conglomerate Corporations that still benefit/profit from Adam’s death. There has been no investigation of Adam’s lynching yet 13 years after Judge Bryan H. McKinley and Dean Kleckner’s Contractors are pictured controlling the Scene, while Adam is being tortured and killed.

  448. Veronica M. Lack says:

    Iowa Highway Patrolman, Graham Palas’ photo’s still haunt me as Judge Bryan H. McKinley and Dean Kleckner’s Mayer’s Digging Company contractors stand by joking about 8-9 hours after Adam had chased away Bradley Johnson and Brody Mitchell from my farm home on the night of 7/12/2008. Judge Bryan H. McKinley looks to be directing the scene and Kleckner’s contractors look like they are celebrating the fact that they are refusing aide to Adam still trapped. Adam’s Mom, Veronica Lack

  449. Vincent Oelkers says:

    Better picture?

  450. Ron Dobroth says:

    The “neighbor and his child” shown in the photo above with Ashley, is my Grandfather, Albert Dumpman, holding my Mom.

  451. Trevor says:

    This case keeps me up at night. So many things don’t add up.

  452. Susy Ketchum says:

    Has anyone ever checked the Doe Network for Johnny Gosch or Jody Huisentruitt? I saw a man from Oregon that looked a lot like an older Johnny.

  453. 1026 says:

    Please see ChampionforLaura website and facebook. New $10K reward for information. True information from Law Enforcement.

  454. Rowdy Bolinger says:

    I had no idea we have unsolved murders in Creston, Iowa.

  455. CA says:

    The brothers have grown to be the finest young men I know. I am extremely proud of both of them.

  456. thedeathstormer says:

    My condolences to the family. I hope that you will find closure soon

  457. Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I searched Mr. William Lee Halterman, born in 1959, on I found that he had connections to two different residences in Vicksburg, Mississippi. One of them is 430 Roy Young Road, which lists a Bonita Halterman, William L. Halterman (61) as homeowners and a Vernon Halterman.

    Also, an address at 380 Roy Young Road, which appears to be a manufactured mobile home of some sort, which was built in 1997.

    Also, he had an address of 1533 Iowa Avenue, in Chariton, Iowa. It is identified as a two bedroom house, with a detached garage. I noticed that there is West Lake in Chariton. A nice place to dump a car.

    It seems that he may have lived in Waterloo, Iowa.

    It also appears that he was born in L.A. County.

    • Jessica says:

      I am fairly certain Lee is not William’s middle name.

      • Lashanda J Colon-Martinez says:

        Lee is his middle name. This is Bethann’s daughter I can confirm some things.

        • Jessica says:

          Lashanda…. is your email address still the same as mentioned below? I would love for his middle name to be Lee as you stated; sadly, I am certain it is not.

          • Lashanda Martinez says:

            Yes my email is still the same

          • Lashanda J Colon-Martinez says:

            That is his middle name. Now I’m not saying the man that Patrick researched is the guy but Lee is his middle name. I know this for a fact. It’s not even an argument point. I know the name of the man that was intimately in my life. However with that being said why are you so convinced that it’s not? What has you believing that it isn’t even though the victim’s child is confirming that it is in fact Lee.

    • Jessica says:

      All of the information you posted is incorrect Patrick. He’s born and raised in Warren County, Iowa. Her car was never dumped (in a lake), it’s my understanding it was traded in. But I assure you Patrick, that is the wrong William.

      • Patrick Kerrigan says:

        Jessica, If you check Shane brought up a reference to Mississippi. Also, the guy I searched had connections to Iowa.

        Also, the fact that I mentioned the lake, was an observation
        There are a number of missing persons who have been found along with their vehicles have been found in lakes, ponds and other bodies of water.

        • Jessica says:

          I completely understand how you connected the dots; however, after a podcast done in Des Moines that has Beth’s daughter, Shanda, as well as Sgt Paul Parizek giving details of Bill, where they both were employed, what happened to her Prism, etc. I can tell you with 100% certainty that William Lee Halterman, isn’t the correct William.

  458. Elishia Ebel-Reese says:

    Would like to know the name of the person that reported it. why that during their Gathering of evidence and going over that they were able to determine that he was only hit once but so incompetent that they couldn’t even take multiple swabs for comparison. So was it incompetence or evidence tampering that caused the swabs to be useless? And if it was evidence tampering was it before or after police got there

  459. anon says:

    And Alvernia Beets died this year, also. Her obit mentions that James Junior Browning (her son) predeceased her. All of the likely psychopathic perps are now dead, except for Wendell’s psychopathic, homicidal, sex offending, son Tony.

    • anon says:

      I meant that Tony was Colbert’s son, not Wendell’s son.

    • To whom it may concern says:

      You don’t know what you are talking about because for 1 Alvernia Franklin was a great woman that had no involvement in anything any lived a full blessed life! Unlike your scary self hiding to be anonymous thinking you know something you don’t know anything about! Since you so about trying to put false allegations out here be bold and put that name out here as well!

      • anon says:

        I’ll not put my name out here because although the psychopaths of that generation are gone, there are still certain psychopath descendants and I don’t want to be the next missing person murdered by a member of the Beets clan.

        So just what is a false allegation on here?

        Alvernia’s son was James Junior Browning. That is indisputable. He was clearly a psychopath based upon the number, versatility, and violence of his criminal convictions. Are you saying that the newspapers made these things up? Did the police, the courts, the juries, the newspapers, and everyone collude? Of course not. James Junior Browning committed these acts. James Junior Browning — Alvernia’s son — sexually violated a number of girls in the 1960’s. Alvernia’s son also was a convicted thief, extortionist, batterer, and forger. Purse-snatching, car theft, theft of marble chips, you name it, are the diverse types of theft alone that Alvernia’s son James Junior Browning perpetrated. Alvernia’s son threatened to kill a woman he had beaten. James Junior Browning was a one-man crime wave.

        And just like Alvernia’s son James Junior Browning committed the crimes that have been reported in newspaper articles over the years that have been reproduced here, various of Alvernia’s siblings have committed terrible crimes, such as Alvernia’s brother sex offender Wendell Beets committing a sex offense against a young lady who was a member of his congregation, or Alvernia’s brother Alvin Roland Beets committing murder and other crimes. Both Wendell’s and Alvin’s criminal convictions are part of the reported jurisprudence of this nation. Their criminal appeals have been published in state law reporters. Those convictions, and the facts behind them, are undeniable.

        Various of the children, and grandchildren, of Alvernia’s siblings have committed terrible crimes as have been partially detailed in this page.There criminal records, as detailed in the newspapers of this state, speak for themselves. Heck, Tony Lee Beets, the son of Colbert L. Beets, and Alvernia’s nephew, attempted to rape a woman at knife-point.

        Moving on, the former Cedar Rapids police chief publicly stated that Alvernia knew exactly what happened to Paula Oberbroeckling. How can you possibly deny this?

        Yet you have the audacity to claim that these are false allegations and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. What a hoot! I have spent hundreds of hours of my life looking into the Beets family, mostly because of this case, but also because it is a very interesting study into a case of presumptive genetic psychopathy.

        We know that psychopathy is largely genetic. Certainly, it is necessary for childhood abuse and/or neglect to really set it off and create violent people. But we know that it is largely genetic.

        Given the number of crimes that the siblings, nieces and nephews, and grandnieces and nephews, of Alvernia committed, and given the extreme violent nature of those crimes, including sexual violence, I think that it’s safe to say that there is significant genetic psychopathy in the family, and that many of the children were abused behind closed doors (or, for that matter, in the presence of family members who covered up for the adult perps.).

        Don’t be a gaslighter. Don’t be a false denier. Don’t be a liar. Don’t be an apologist. Don’t be an enabler.

        Instead, embrace truth, science, and reason.

  460. anon says:

    Wendell Beets has now died. Now the only brother left is Colbert.!/Obituary

    • anon says:

      Also, that obituary is misleading, and contains at least one serious outright lie. The family continues to enable.

  461. Mary Maki says:

    Can they get DNA off her clothes the sheriff said he kept?

  462. LakeLife says:

    They should test the DNA of these two children.
    If they match then it had to be someone who had access to the shredder at the facility & could access it without anyone really seeing them.
    What kind of evil monster would out a baby through a shredder?!
    I hope they catch this evil person one day!
    I pray they do!!

  463. LakeLife says:

    Praying this gets solved!
    He was just walking down the street!!

  464. Jean says:

    The Des Moines Register reported in Feb. 2021 that foul play was not suspected. I can say as a resident of Franklin County that Ethan was brought hime after being identified and his family quietly interred his remains and not a peep has been heard since. I think he was either high or drunk or both and accidentally drove into the water and everyone is too ashamed to admit it.

    • Daren says:

      Respect the deceased please ! No one knows what happened, so to say he was drunk or high is just hear say. Less there is concrete evidence then
      no point guessing.

      • Dee says:

        I honestly think that there were underage drinking kids and someone did see something and no one had the guts to try and save him or say anything because they were all parting to much and did not want to get caught and go to jail, and by it sitting in water for 7 years all evidence will be gone, BESIDES they said his body was in the back seat hmmm does that not ring suspicion here. and yes I am respecting Ethan because in really why has this not been thought of by someone it’s the only logical explanation of why was he in the backseat and all windows were up…

        • Jim says:

          Bodies are found in the back seat most often because the heaviest part of your car is the engine and most waterways have an incline to their depth. It’s only logical the engine would sink furthest due to weight and be in deeper than the rear because that would be the direction the car would normally be going.
          Now since the car is pointing down at this incline the body wil float to the highest point (the rear roof) until all the gasses are realeased and it gradually floats down.
          Of course if they are strapped in and/or going backwards this wouldn’t apply.

    • George says:

      I’m telling you after putting some pieces together, actions of police, and investigators. I really think they didn’t want the evidence or the victim to be found. I feel that this is a real cover up. He was working on computers and data. Can you imagine the information he may have had access to. Something very fishy here. It could have been an individual foul play or a conspiracy piece of the pie. In today’s political war and things going on right now that are getting crazy, I seriously would consider a conspiracy plot. The body language of the police chief and others was not favorable. Actions speak louder than words. Someone or some people didn’t want Ethan to be found .

      • Scott says:

        The car was intact with a full windshield when the Adventures with Purpose crew found it. After being forced off the property for a day, they were allowed back onto the property just as it was being pulled out of the water. The windshield somehow was mysteriously missing when it emerged from the water, leading me to believe that it had been popped to remove evidence (of an inside job I assume). The body was located in the back seat which rules out the theory of Ethan accidentally driving into the pond. I also think this may have been a cover up, considering that the sheriff told Adventures with Purpose that the pond had already been searched by the county and basically inferred that it would be a waste of time to search again. All of the secrecy and suspicious activity by the authorities in this case has me wondering what really happened. Something doesn’t seem right. Then, after his body was found and identified, there was a quick declaration of ‘no foul play suspected’ and then silence. How can foul play not be suspected when he was found in the back seat?

        • Belinda L says:

          True .. why else would he be in the back seat and if he was leaving to go home First instinct when you’re leaving to go somewhere you start your car put your seatbelt on in the net seatbelt I may be wrong but I’m not the only one thinking it

          • doofy says:

            according to the people who found him, most people who are not wearing seat belts tend to end up in the back of the car. i dont know if their body floats back there or he tried to get out as the car was filling and went to the back seat. its just sad though it took that long to find him

        • Andre says:

          In their video you can see that the windshield was broken when they found the car under water. They just didnt show it. So it’s not correct that it was mysteriously missing.

        • Jo moran says:

          The crew of AWP said that sometimes bodies are found in the back when they don’t have a seat belt on.

        • Dee says:

          That is exactly what I am saying I watched Jared clear that car all windows were in tack none broken not one than they refused to let AWP back there and the front window is out Ethan in the backseat maybe one of the cops kids murdered him that night and now he is being protected. its bull crap besides the police were crappy to AWP because they did the job better then their own county 7 years ago.. I just wished I knew if this was ever completely solved after everything was done or is this an still ongoing investigation. I know how these things go with them hiding evidence.

          • Dan says:

            Watch it again. As soon as they swim up on the car you can see for a brief second that the windshield was missing when they found it.

      • Dee says:

        Something is up for sure George.

  465. Dan 24:00 says:

    Try OR plates 035 GGY

  466. Glenda Gottstine says:

    I have seen Johnny’s photo so many time and now to know the circumstances, I’m very interested in him being found.
    Please do not say hurtful things about his mom. No one can imagine what she’s been through unless you were in her shoes.
    For her sake, I will pray for answers.

    • Truth says:

      Noreen has viciously and falsely accused people of kidnapping Johnny just because they made her mad. That includes her ex, the police chief, a journalist, and even a private eye who all tried to help find Johnny. Sorry, but her victim card is wearing thin after all the crazy nastiness she has shown to others.

      • George K says:

        Pretty much all of those people who you mention made themselves a suspect in the kidnapping by their own actions:

        * Noreen’s ex-husband Leonard John Gosch lied about numerous aspects of the case and his own involvement, and was accused by several witnesses of involvement in the Franklin network:

        * The police chief Orval Cooney supervised an abysmal investigation that failed to even acknowledge Johnny had been kidnapped, was involved in prior misconduct such as police brutality and fixing an investigation for his son (, and shoplifted “blank videotapes” and “screw hooks” (why?) from a Target store after his resignation as chief (

        * The “private eye” Sam Soda lied about the Gosches hiring him when he actually inserted himself into the investigation without their prompting. He had connections to the Mafia, and was able to both acquire and show child pornography in public yet face no consequences; Ron Wheeler, the first assistant Polk County attorney who let Sam off the hook, later went into private practice and defended Sam on charges of beating his teenage stepson ( Sam told several lies on Faded Out, including the aforementioned falsehood about the Gosches hiring him and claiming Mary Bock was in the room with him during his Frank Sykora interrogation despite Bock herself telling Faded Out that she wasn’t; he also rather suspiciously tried to get Sarah to stop looking into Yellow Bag’s theory of Johnny being targeted by pedophiles at the Des Moines Register. And the Gosch family’s own suspicion of Sam was shared by both Noreen and LJG at the time (, despite what LJG tries to claim now.

        Not sure what “journalist” you’re referring to, but given that everyone else you mentioned was justifiably suspect in Noreen’s eyes, I have a feeling that they were as well.

      • None says:

        Another Des Moines good ol’ boys club member? It’s no wonder crimes of this nature go unsolved in those places- no one has the guts or open mind to see the plain truth because it is too scary for them to believe evil walks among us as mild mannered plain looking folks. Or they know the truth and don’t want it coming out.

    • Dan says:

      Well said. I dont know what i believe but i’d never say anything about a missing kid’s parent.

  467. Kelly S. says:

    Any way these could be the work of Ted Bundy? His victims were often around college campuses.

  468. Jan Farley says:

    This case should be investigated…. ! It’s a cover up for sure!

  469. RIP Kimmie my sister Kim I miss you soo much Happy bday in heaven today.Tell Mom,Dad,Steven,Michael,and little Larry the second we miss you guys every second! Love your sister,Terrie(nickname) I wish you would have met your niece Natalia,and my husband Monte I love you 😘 Love Always and forever your sister Teresa

  470. LakeLife says:

    It’s clearly the wife. He caught her naked in bed with the guy & was shot & killed.
    Probably by the guy but she clearly wasn’t “scared” of him because she was seen talking to him in that shirt the police found in her apartment.
    She was ALL about that money when he died too so clearly it was all about the money & being with another guy for her.

  471. Sherri Harvell says:

    He was given 10+5 for rape and murder and he’ll probably only serve part of it,why? they had him cold,DNA last person with her,I’m so sickened,a habitual criminal with very little job history, just watch,he will kill someone else,her little girl has no mother.

  472. Outlandish D'amour says:

    The FBI and my local PD have been given all the info placed on this site and more. has been contacted as well. Cybercrimes?

  473. Michael David Rogers says:

    Mr.Body,I’ve turned your info over to the local police and the Iowa cold case folks. I’m hoping your tracked down aand prosecuted, you will be caught, your actions are psychopathic and will be looked @. You are traceable, have a great day, and if I were you, better lawyer up, your going to need one. We don’t say this BULLSHIT here in the great state of Texas, ol and the FBI is informed as well

  474. seth says:

    you should contact adventures with purpose for the missing people they could help you search the rivers

  475. LakeLife says:

    Two of the perpetrators died, where is the third one?
    We’re is daily??
    Is he still alive?!

  476. L says:

    This whole situation sounds sooo shady!
    It sounds like a cover up.
    This poor girl was kidnapped & possibly raped.
    Then they murdered her by beating her to death, then claimed she “died” in a random car accident…that never happened.
    THEN her parents who were trying to get justice for their daughter end up “mysteriously” dead in a fire, however no one can explain how the fire got started.

  477. LakeLife says:

    Praying this gets solved.
    He was just trying to work for his family & provide & his life is cut short for what?!
    What did they even get?!
    God will judge them.

  478. LakeLife says:

    He didn’t do anything to anyone & still someone must have thought there was money in that apartment to be breaking in left & right.
    I pray that the murderer is caught & if he isn’t punished in this life time he will be in the next!

  479. LakeLife says:

    It doesn’t seem that there’s a lot of info on this case.
    It breaks my heart when it doesn’t list family.
    My heart goes out to this man.
    I feel like he was lone in the world.
    I wonder if he was an orphan.
    Praying they solve this one!

  480. LakeLife says:

    Praying they catch the person or persons who did this!
    I think the person or people who did this prepared for it since they got a rug & other items to try to conceal the body.

  481. LakeLife