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  1. Investigative Journalist Darren M. Meade says:

    I may or may not win the Pulitzer Prize for reporting, I may not be a lawyer and I may be wrong about many things, but there were good reason for anyone to be concerned about this trial. I had a right and duty to say something:
    (see more here) https://youtu.be/s6c9EMwAbwY?t=1m51s

    If no one listened or if County Attorney Ben Smith trashes me personally, so be it, but to use his power to punish me and shut me down and ruin my life is unwarranted, offensive and illegal. I may wrong on my broader concerns about a conspiracy with Tracey Richter (then Roberts) ex-husband and Ben Smith, but when Ben Smith went that far to punish not just me but others, it makes me unable to shake that I am right about that as well.

    I might not be a genius reporter, but why was I threatened with arrest for interfering with a murder investigation if I set foot in Iowa? Why didn’t County Attorney Ben Smith disclose he was dating his star witnesses daughter?

    County Attorney Ben Smith, testifying as a witness for Michael Roberts, stated my article was a lie when I published Michael Roberts failed police polygraph.

    I’m not a genius reporter but when I called the tip line about Michael Roberts prior to Tracey ever being arrested, but never had a returned call. He did criminally charge me, and I was facing 25 years in prison unless I retracted my articles. I think that should make others in Iowa, ask why?


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