Ringgold County in Iowa

Cold Cases in Ringgold County, Iowa


Pansy May Turnbull
17 YOA
Street Fair
Clearfield, Iowa
Ringgold and Taylor counties
August 26, 1926

On Thursday afternoon, August 26, 1926, Pansy May Turnbull, the 17-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Turnbull of Diagonal, Iowa, was found drugged and beaten after attending a Street Fair in Clearfield, Iowa. She died a short time later at her Diagonal, Iowa home. While five young men were arrested and charged with her murder, none were ever convicted and the murder remains unsolved.

5 Responses to Ringgold County

  1. Bubba Gesseppi says:

    Lyle Leonard would be the guy you are talking about Stacy.

  2. Stacy Miller says:

    What about the man they found dead between Kellerton & Mount Ayr on Hwy 2? Pretty sure that was not an accident.

  3. david bolles says:

    there was a young man found shot in the head laying in a farm field east of town in 2008, noone has never confessed or been convicted of murder

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