Iowa map showing Monona County

Monona County in Iowa

Cold Cases in Monona County, Iowa


George Earl Dean
55 YOA
Mapleton, IA
Monona County
Case # 66-00722
June 29, 1966

On Wednesday evening, June 29, 1966, George Earl Dean was found deceased in the street in front of his Mapleton, Iowa home. Dean had suffered fractured facial bones and fractured ribs on the left side, leading officials to first believe he had been struck by a car.


Hope and Earl Thelander

Hope and Earl Thelander of Onawa, IA

Earl Thelander
80 YOA
Crime Location: 20877 Gum Ave.
Onawa, Iowa (Monona County)
Case # 07-SO0855
Date of Crime: August 28, 2007
Date of Death: Sept. 1, 2007

Earl Thelander of Onawa, IA, died September 1, 2007 from burns sustained in an August 28 house explosion caused by copper thieves who’d stripped propane gas lines from the home and let it fill with gas.

Earl and his wife Hope had purchased the rural property from Hope’s mother and recently deceased father, and had been readying the home for a new renter.


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