Marshall County, Iowa

Marshall County in Iowa

Cold Cases in Marshall County, Iowa

*Please Note: The cases listed below are within Marshall County but may fall under a city police department’s jurisdiction. They are included here for cross-reference purposes. More specific information may be found on each victim’s individual page.


Anna Wiese

Anna Wiese

Anna “Annie Wiese
20 YOA
Green Mountain, IA
Marshall County
August 26, 1893

Anna “Annie” Wiese, 20, was clubbed in the head, stabbed repeatedly in the breast and back, and her throat cut from ear to ear on Saturday night, Aug. 26, 1893, as she walked home on a bright moonlit night after visiting with a friend.

Foul Play Suspected
Helen Mae Bown
61 YOA
Iowa River in Tama County
Marshalltown/Le Grand, IA
Marshall and Tama Counties
Last Seen Alive: October 2, 1973
Reported Missing: October 7, 1973
Body Found: October 31, 1973

Mrs. Helen Mae Bown — a 61-year-old widow who resided in Marshalltown, Iowa — was last seen alive in her Marshalltown, Iowa, home on Monday, Oct. 2, 1973, and reported missing on Sunday, Oct. 7. Three weeks later on Wednesday afternoon, October 31, state agents discovered her body in the Iowa River in Tama County about seven miles east of Marshalltown and two miles northeast of Le Grand.

Peggy Cottrell

Peggy Cottrell

Missing Person:
Peggy Ann Cottrell
Age at Report: 66
Missing From: Marshalltown, IA (Marshall County)
Missing Since: May 26, 2001

Peggy Ann Cottrell resided at the Southridge Nursing Home in Marshalltown, Iowa. A relative dropped her off at the facility at approximately 6:30 p.m. on May 26, 2001, and Cottrell was last seen running away from the home only minutes later. A fisherman discovered Cottrell’s purse along the banks of the Iowa River several weeks after she was reported missing. Her ID and cash were inside the handbag.

Ila Mae Clark

Ila Mae Clark
73 YOA
116 Iowa Ave. W.
Marshalltown, IA
August 29, 2001

A few days shy of her 74th birthday, Ila Mae Clark was found on the floor of her Marshalltown, Iowa home, lying in a pool of blood. The active senior had been brutally beaten to death.

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  1. Steve says:

    What’s happened to the Hardy family mass murders please? July 1910, on farm 4 miles South East of Melbourne ( the old train station before Melbourne was as big as it is now) where only the son Raymond Hardy survived the dusk killings of his entire family.

  2. Laura Heinisch says:

    looking for information on a cold case involving the name Hollingsworth. Supposedly the neighbor was a suspect. Happened a long time ago, the people would be over 100 years old today.

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